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Hey could you do a headcanon for sweet pea where the reader and him are being all lovey dovey in her bed and her 3 older brothers barge in? Thank you!!!!

Yeah sure!

-> so it’s late, well past midnight, when Sweet Pea calmly hauls himself through your bedroom window like every chic flick cliche
-> really, it should have been cute, you should have been blushing at your boyfriend, you should have ran to him and pulled him into a passionate embrace while the lights magically dimmed
-> but that’s not what happens
-> no, you hurl the turtle plush that you’re hugging way too tightly to your chest at the darkened figure creeping into your room because all you’re thinking of is that scary movie the twins, plus one, made you watch with them only two short hours ago
-> yeah, that’s right, good old family bonding over your older brothers’ favourite thing: horror films
-> you had tried to get out of it, you spend enough time with the three of them as it is, but they had cornered you, the twins blocking the only living room exit and your oldest brother pushing you onto the couch
-> the horror movie was about some serial killer, one who invaded houses in the black of night and killed cute girls such as yourself
-> anyway, Sweet Pea is not expecting that blow to the face but luckily he is anticipating the scream building in your throat and stops it before you can alert the three bears passed out in the den that their *favourite* person is in your room
-> they don’t like him
-> okay, that’s an understatement
-> they REALLY don’t like Sweet Pea
-> not because he’s a serpent
-> not because he carries a switchblade nor fights northsiders like themselves
-> not even because he rides a motorcycle
-> no, your brothers despise Sweet Pea because he is taller than them
-> when you finally realize it’s Sweet Pea and not a murderer you pull him to your bed so you two can cuddle
-> he makes the perfect body pillow ever because he’s so tall and kind of soft if you aren’t lying, the perfect ratio of muscles to squish
-> and like you sort of fall asleep on his chest but then he starts running his fingertips up and down the back of your neck and you sort of just
-> freeze
-> because it feels really good and the moan slips out of your mouth before you know what’s happening and then you’re straddling his waist and his lips are on your jaw
-> his hands slide down your back and then up under your shirt
-> he grips your hips deliciously, flipping you over so he’s hovered over you
-> somehow your shirt ends up in a pile on the ground and he’s kissing down your neck
-> it’s one big blur but apparently it’s a loud blur because before you know it three sets of loud footsteps are pounding up the stairs and your straining to pull an inside out shirt over your head before your three brothers break down the door
-> you push Sweet Pea off the bed and force him to lie very still on the side where he’s hidden from the door
“Y/n, are you okay?”
“Was it the movie?”
“Sorry sis, next time you can pick!”
“It’s fine guys, I’m okay. I swear.”
-> when they finally leave you look over the side of your bed only to see Sweets passed out asleep so you grab your comforter and snuggle into him on the floor

Promise (M)

Originally posted by harunyany

Pairings: Jimin (BTS) x Reader

Genre: Fluffy smut

Warnings: Blindfold-ish lol


You stood in front of your mirror and turned your body around, checking out your curves. Tonight was you and Jimin’s three year anniversary. It seemed like it was day one for you, Jimin was still the shy, sweet, adorable guy he was, but there was an extra spiciness added since you’ve been together for so long. You flattened the skirt of your dress that ended around your mid thigh.

“Are you almost ready?” Jimin’s sweet voice rang through your room as he softly knocked on the door.

“Yeah!” Yeah said loudly, putting in your earrings.

He walked in and smiled brightly at you, he clutched his chest and fell onto the bed, “Stop it! No! You’re too cute! But then you’re hot! How???” He yelled out, as if he was in pain.

You laughed at Jimin and walked over to him and pulled him off the bed and gave him a sweet kiss. He hugged you tightly and gave you another kiss on your cheek. He walked out of the room and grabbed his shoes and things he needed. You put on your heels and pranced to Jimin, who was standing at the door ready to go.

“Ma’Lady.” He bowed and held the door open for you and tapped your butt a little.

You pulled him by his tie and pulled him into another kiss. He shut the door and led you to the car. The ride was sweet, just listening to sweet songs while Jimin sang along to them, with his hand on your thigh. His heavenly voice nearly sent you asleep until he stopped suddenly to get out of the car and into the nice restaurant.

He walked up to the waiter and gave him the reservation name and the man led you and Jimin to a quiet and isolated place. Jimin ordered some wine for both of you as another man played the piano in a corner. After some time looking, you and Jimin ordered your food and waited.

“Remember when we first met?” Jimin said, looking into your eyes.

“How could I forget? It may have been one of the greatest and most embarrassing days of my life.” You said, laughing.


You hummed, “Because, I remember telling all my friends ‘Oh my gosh, look at him isn’t he just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, he looks perfect.’ And we would follow you around because I just couldn’t stop looking at your face.” You laughed again, “And I remember bumping into your chest and falling when my friend pushed me into you and I was so scared you’d judge me and my face turned so red, but you helped me up and then it became the greatest day of my life.” You smiled as he leaned over and gave you a small peck on your nose.

“Y/N.” Jimin said, looking down slightly and seeming a bit nervous.

“Hm?” You quietly said, getting nervous too.

Jimin took your hands into his and looked you straight into the eye, “You know how much I love you…And I would be broken if I ever lost you..” He trailed off and searched your face for any emotion, “And I’m so busy, touring, interviews, and stuff like that and now would be a bad time to get married since you’re busy too…” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small silver ring with some diamonds on, “So I would like to give you this promise ring, at least until we’re not that busy anymore and something to remind you of me whenever I’m away.”

He slipped the ring onto your finger slowly as tears of joy filled your eyes you got up and hugged him around his neck, “I love you so much, Jimin.”

He kissed your cheek sweetly again and whispered, “I love you too.” You sat back down and stared at him in awe. Jimin held your hand loosely and rubbed his thumb over the ring he gave you. The food came and you had to stop laughing at his cute expressions and actually eat.

The car ride back a new tension filled the air, not a sweet one, but a sexual one. Jimin’s hand trailed up and down your thigh, you decided to tease him a bit by lowering your dress a bit, showing a bit of your cleavage. He looked down quickly at you but paid back attention to the road, although it was hard for him. When you got back home he practically jumped out of the car and ran into the house.

As you walked inside Jimin pushed you against the wall and roughly kissed your lips as his hands traveled up your body to grab your breasts. He grabbed the back of your thigh with one hand and you jumped into his arms, wrapping your legs around him. His growing bulge rubbed against you slightly making you moan in pleasure, giving Jimin a gateway for his tongue into your mouth.

His lips moved down to your neck and you moaned loudly, grabbing onto his shoulders tightly. He walked you and him to your shared bedroom, making sure to keep his lips attached to your neck. He laid you on the bed softly and unzipped your dress slowly. You wiggled under him, wanting him to go faster. He did so and in one swift motion your dress was off and lost somewhere on the floor. He looked at you in your black lace and licked his lips seductively.

He took off your bra and panties and licked your nipples, keeping eye contact. Your hand covered your eyes, the sight of him nearly gave you an orgasm, he laughed lowly and pulled off his tie, wrapping it around your head, covering your eyes. Your hands instinctively searched for Jimin but he was off the bed, taking off his clothes. You felt a dip in the bed as he lowered himself in front of you.

He licked a stripe on your wetness, scaring you bit since you had no clue where he was. Your hands pulled his hair and lowered his head back onto you. He licked another stripe and you moaned loudly again. “You taste so good, all for me.” He hummed against you and began eating you out as if he hadn’t tasted you in years. A string of moans and Jimin’s name left your lips as you came undone on his lips. He let you ride out your high as he gave you one last kiss before slipping inside you slowly.

His arms were on either side of your head, holding his self above you. He grunted into your ear and kissed your neck as he slides into you and out slowly, “Faster, Jimin, Please.” You breathed out. He obeyed and went faster, quickening his pace the louder your moans got. Your moans echoed through the room as he ripped the tie off you, letting you see his dazed out face. He looked into your eyes with his half lidded ones. He kissed your lips and admired the marks he left on your neck.

You arms ran down his back, leaving scratches on him as you came again. Feeling your walls clench around him, Jimin pulled out and came onto your stomach. You breathed out slowly as Jimin got up and got a towel, to clean you up. He laid next to you and kissed your temple. He held your hands and kissed your ring and kissed you on the lips.

“I love you, Park Jimin.” You rasped out.

“God, I love you so much, Y/N.”

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Us sans and ut papyrus react to new human coming into the underground and hugging them cuz they think they are adorable

Dude, this is me. Cuties, I love them so much.


Blueberry (Us Sans)

You had managed to get this far without dying, even though you’d run into another monster: a lazy skeleton, who claimed that you could call him what you wish because it was too much effort to give you a name (spoiler, you settled on Stretch because he was so tall). But then, you met HIM. Stretch’s cute brother. Not date-cute. Cute as in he has ACTUAL STARS IN HIS EYES cute! You melted. You tried to control yourself, but it was all over at the first MWEHEHEH! When you ran into Stretch again with the little bean clinging to your back, he waved happily at his brother. LOOK PAPY, I CAUGHT A HUMAN! ‘heh… sure bro.’

Papy (Ut Papyrus)

NYEHEHE! HUMAN! THE GREAT PAPYRUS WILL- WHY ARE YOU HUGGING ME? WHY ARE YOU CRYING?! You had lunged at him during his rant and clung onto him in a hug, sobbing into his chest as you squeezed him gently. He panicked, lifting you up and rushing you back to his house. You two could duel when he made sure you were alright. You and Classic ended up watching TV as Papyrus worked to make you some of his spaghetti to help you feel better. ‘so, got anything to say?’ You sniffled, holding your face in your hands. “He’s too pure for this world…!”


Smol precious skelebeans make me so happy.

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Idk why but for some reason I have a thing for Yoongi/Jackson?? I just imagine him doting on Yoongi whenever the groups get to see each other and the rest of bts get jealous, especially Namjoon sinces hes friends with Jackson, because Yoongi likes the attention and he’s kind of fond of Jackson sinces he’s hot and an amazing rapper, idk it’s weird 😂

I think that’s a really cute ship, I also think it would be cute if yoongi got jealous of namjoon and jacksons friendship sometimes, like they’ll just be really into a conversation and not paying any attention to him. Not that he wants to be jealous, it’s his best friend and his boyfriend after all but he can’t help himself. The little interaction they have between comebacks would be adorable too, like they’ll see each other while one is leaving the stage and the other is going to the stage and you’ll just see them linger into a hug for a little longer than expected.

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Could i request Evan with a trans male reader? But if you're nervous about writing trans stuff its chill and I'd be fine with a male reader!

I hope I did okay! -🎃

-You’re Evan’s lab partner in Chem. And oof, he’s super cute and shy, and whoops now you have a crush.

-He’s really good at making sure you do equal work, but that’s besides the point

- You two quickly become really good friends, but neither of you make a move, worried the other doesn’t like them

- You casually slide it in a conversation that you like him and he turns into a deer in the headlights.

“Y-you like me?” “Yeah…”

- Then he gets this goofy grin and says he likes you too and you hug and it’s great.

- You always walk him to his classes and kiss his cheek before you part ways.

- You also try to ignore the staring.

- Most people don’t say anything, just stare for a moment and keep going.

-You two aren’t the only gay couple, but you’re the best known, because wow you two are so cute

- You hang out at each other’s houses a lot

-One time at his house you shyly mention that you’re transgender and just like when you told him you liked him, he’s wide eye and still.

- And You’re really worried he’s gonna back out of the relationship because of this, but he takes your hand and kisses it.

“You’re perfect, I fell in love with you, and nothing’s gonna change that.”


“How’s my boy doing?” “Look! It’s my handsome boy.”

-On days where you just don’t feel comfortable he’ll shower you with praise and complements. If it’s too bad he’ll insist you and him take the day off and just lay around, try to get your mind off things.

-Evan always corrects people when they misgender you without fail. He’s so quick about it too.

“Is she-“ “He!”

- He loves and supports you so much and will do anything for you.

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Someday I want to make an emoji. It would be a cute ghost which's favorite holiday is Christmas. For Halloween (which is SUPPOSED to be his favorite holiday) he would dress up as a Christmas tree. He would be the one who annoys everyone else by decorating everything WAY too early, but he's the happiest at that time so no one gets mad. (He still believes in Santa shhhh...)-🍪

THIS IS THE CUTEST THING WHY ARE YOU SO PRECIOUS??? I WANNA HUG YOU ? Can this be an actual thing?? Jansjsjshsj I NEED IT

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How would Kimi's girls react to meeting his best friend who is super shy and turns into a blushing mess when they compliment him/her? Maybe they slowly gain a crush on this shy and cute person. :D Love your blog my friend. :)


-Miia just finds you too adorable for words. She’ll shower you in compliments the entire time you’re there, and she’ll giggle at your reaction every time. Too cute!

-Whenever you come over, she tends to get a bit possessive of you. She’ll also start showing you more affection with each visit. She knows you’re shy and delicate, so she’s a lot more careful with you than Kimihito. When she realizes she’s fallen in love with you, she feels so bad about it…But Kimihito tells her that he fully supports it. She hugs him tightly, then she confesses to you.


-She thinks you should be a lot happier. Like her! So she spends time trying to get you to open up. She talks to you, asks you to play with her, says nice things about you, and slowly begins to see you as more than just a friend of Kimihito.

-She soon starts to become more and more affectionate, jumping onto you to give you hugs, preening your hair, snuggling into you, and eventually, she admits that she loves you. Kimihito just gives you a smile that says “You’ve got your work cut out for ya.”


-She understands your shyness. She herself struggles with it at times. So she gives you your space. However, this ends up drawing you to her. Soon enough, you’re both embarrassing each other with your kind words.

-She slowly grows to enjoy your company, but she is conflicted with her loyalty to Kimihito. It takes some encouragement from Kimi to convince her to go for you…and she’s very glad she listens. She loves you, and she doesn’t even have to fight for your affection!


-This girl is actually very pleasant to be around for you. She’s like an affectionate cat: rubbing against you affectionately and not saying much at all, not embarrassing you in any way…She’s nice.

-The girl starts to like you more and more by the second, until eventually, she decides that she wants to be with you instead of Kimihito. He understands and is happy for you to have a girl like Suu.


-You can’t help but feel shy just by being around her. Somehow, she gives off very important vibes, and you just feel like you’re not worthy of being in her presence. She clearly disagrees, however, and she just sits and chats it up with you like you’ve been friends for years. Soon, you warm up to her enough to talk to her as well, and soon, you find you share some common interests.

-When she finds out she’s fallen in love with you, she swoons. She has to break Dear Sir’s heart to be with you! How tragic! She eagerly goes downstairs to break the news to him. He’s…more happy than she expected. “Great! Y/N deserves an amazing girl like you, Mero! Take good care of them, okay?” And so she does.


-At first, she thinks you’re afraid of her and the other girls. But then she notices you act nervous around Kimihito as well, and she realizes you’re just painfully shy. How adorable. She then begins to tease you, wanting to see you blush and squirm. It was just too cute. And you take her words to heart… You spend enough time together to really get to know each other, and you hit it off quite well, even discussing your insecurities with each other.

-When she realizes she’s fallen in love with you, she just hopes honey isn’t too upset. When she tells him, he grins and says “You have NO idea how long I’ve been trying to get y/n a date!” She’s rather delighted at how cool he is with it, and soon enough, you two are an item.


-She’s pretty shy herself. She hides it beneath her darkness master facade, but she’s just as awkward in conversation as you. Your mutual shyness is what causes you two to warm up to each other, ironically enough.

-When she falls in love with you, she doesn’t beat around the bush with Kimihto. She tells him she has found another to share her heart with…And he’s supportive of her and you.

this was the team and before i left i told everyone happy holidays and that i loved them which is. probably not what people expect when hanzo mains end up on their team but they appreciated it nonetheless

also just.. the image of orisa, mei, hana, gabe, and mercy all gathering around hanzo to give him one big kind of uncomfortable but sorely needed hug is just too fuckin cute


voltron: legendary defender - season 2 bloopers and behind the scenes

there it is!! second part of my voltron actor au! i know pidge, allura and coran deserved some love here too but i promise that in the s3 post i’ll give them hugs and kisses - and drawings of course

and the last one with hunk: his laughter was a blooper but it was so cute they decided to leave it in

Honestly though the most unrealistic thing about Ultra Beasts is that there aren’t huge internal debates within the Pokémon scientist community about how to reclassify non-human creatures.

“What the fuck are you guys even talking about there are literally no biological consistencies between Pokémon, we have everything from housecats to molecular jello to fucking sentient keychains, what does it even mean to say Ultra Beasts are a separate category of creature when Pokémon was never a coherent concept to begin with?!”

“You’re overthinking this. "Pokémon” is just our shorthand for “nonhuman.” Of course Ultra Beasts are Pokémon, everything nonhuman is. Therefore, the Ultra Recon Squad are also Pokémon.“

"Excuse you, but for a long time we have been able to make accurate descriptions of creature’s behavior by classifying them as Pokémon. If it fits in a pokeball, eats poffins, learns moves as expected, and even has the same type rules as the creatures on our planet, there is no reason not to call it a Pokémon”

“Bullshit. Ultra Beasts behaviors towards humans and wormholes are completely different than those of Pokémon, so we can define Ultra Beasts as a different set of behavioral traits.”

“You are all wrong. "Ultra Beast” is a term used to describe the origin of the creature. Pokémon live with us while Ultra Beasts came from beyond, there for they are a different thing"

“Wait but there *are* Pokémon from other planets and dimensions now”

“Exactly: we misclassified them. Clefairy, minior, lunatone, solrock, and similar creatures should properly be called Ultra Beasts”

“Fools. "Ultra Beasts” clearly only applies to extradimensional creatures, Pokémon were extraterrestrial from this planet in the first place. No, only Pokémon like Giratina should be reclassified as Ultra Beasts"

“Does the "spirit world” and other similar references count as a separate dimensional plane? Does this mean Ghost-Type is a type solely for Ultra Beasts?“

"Guys look you are missing the very important distinction between the two: aesthetic. Pokémon make you want to hug them with their cuteness, Ultra Beasts look like twisted abominations from someone’s nightmares. Therefore: we need to reclassify creatures based on how cute they are”

“Ultra Beasts are cute too what the hell are you talking about”


This will forever be my favorite Onho gif set because
1.) Look how Onew shyly touches Minho’s back until he notices and moves his arms
2.) Onew’s like “I’ll just put my hands here” and Minho’s like “Nope, bring them ALL the way around me, hyung!”
3.) The way Minho pats Onew’s hands around his stomach
4.) Onew looks so content to be back hugging Minho