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(・◇・) What are your headcanons and thoughts about how the chocobros hug someone?

I did the audio here: Listen to me read this aloud, and extra things too. :D

Written copy and gifs for those who don’t want to listen to me.

Noctis: Noctis is a awkward hugger for sure. He doesn’t know how long to hug or if it’s okay to hug closely with a female. Noctis doesn’t want to be hugged too tightly as his back injury flares up easily. If he’s close to them he’ll do a full body hug, he likes to snuggle with his s/o in a deep embrace often falling asleep that way. He loves to bury his face in their neck falling asleep quickly. Most people want to hug him as he’s the Prince, it’s like should they?? So when someone does he get really shy and nervous about it, a lot of blushing.

Prompto: I see Prompto being a emotional hugger, like all day everyday hugger.He likes to hug for any occasion would rather hug than shake hands. He feels he can understand a persons true meaning by hugging versus the traditional hand shake. He know how long to properly hug someone without it being weird. Prompto likes to bury his face in the crook of their neck bringing that extra sense of closeness to each other. He may be small but he can handle bear hugs.

Gladio: Gladio well I think he’s not knowingly gives bear hugs but it happens. Gotta blame those muscles. Most people get buried in his chest (oh the torture) as he’s so tall. He’s big on the side hugs for friends. Since he knows it’s uncomfortable to be hugged like that for some. But a s/o gets the whole smooshed in the chest hug, knowing that they feel safe in his arms. He loves hugging his s/o when they are resting on his chest, laying in bed, they are so small on his chest, it’s just too cute he needs to hug them.

Ignis: He’s a if the mood calls for it hug. As for Ignis they are intimate actions. So if you get one means you are really close to him. This means most of the time the person he’s hugging is in distress, so it’s a shoulder to cry on hug. He is fine with hugging the person as long as they want to. Ignis is fond of rubbing soft patterns on their backs as a way to help relax them. He’ll whisper soft reassuring things in their ears.

Ravus: The boy is a awkward hugger too, Luna is the only one that has hugged him beyond his mother. So if approached for a hug Ravus keeps his main body fair as possible, not wanting to actually touch them. He’s wary of his magitek arm wrapping around them, what if part of it got tangled in the hair? Or he squeezes too tightly? So hugs with him are very quick and barely there. You would have to attack him in a hug and if you weren’t a s/o (or Luna) you might not make it out of alive from that attack hug. A s/o could get away with it but doesn’t mean he’ll give them a full hug, just means he won’t freak out about it.

Nyx: He just wants to hug everyone. More people at a time makes it even better. Nyx knowingly gives bear hugs, squeezing people tightly calling them pansies if they can’t handle “The Hero Hug”. Nyx doesn’t care what sex you are or if it’s a appropriate time to hug, he’s going to squeeze tightly body pressed against yours holding tightly. In his line of work sometimes you might not see that person for a next time so expressing his feelings for them with a hug is important.

Cor: He rather not hug, like if he did he would be admitting “feelings” and such. He doesn’t feel them professional at all. But when he does hug they are fantastic hugs! They are body melding hugs, like the two of you just became one person. He’ll stay hugging that person for a while but definitely knows when to stop hugging that it “is weird now lets stop or otherwise I might say something about you”. He loves to snuggle and hold his s/o tight while reading paper work, but will never admit it or ask for it, they need to initiate.

there are so many things i love about raven’s arc this season, not least of all the new relationship she’s established with quite a few characters that i didn’t expect, but the one thing that really sends me into a transport of delight - despite the fact that she’s someone who’s been manhandled by an AI and has seen through increasingly traumatic experiences (emotionally and physically) - is that she has never lost the touch that can heal the people around her and herself - the kind of human connection that promises things like friendship.

i went and flipped through my last few posts to see how hysterical I’ve gotten over raven and murphy’s dynamic specifically in the past couple weeks, and i seriously have no leg to stand on anymore, because these two are really putting themselves out there in s4, but can i just say how mind-blowing the contrast between 4x06 where they fight and 4x09 where they hug is? and how both scenes are so intimate? one on a very brutal, violent level and the other on a complete emotional one in which they finally find their middle ground?

it’s such an idle observation but so rewarding nonetheless, because we see their relationship evolve into the kind of dynamism that is not only comprehensive, but it literally smoothens itself out over these two characters in a way that each of their outlooks on what they are looking at changes:

there is such a great shift in focus, not from a camera angle but a character point of view, because these two really get each other on a completely new level (their understanding was always existent, but it didn’t come into full circle until the moment in 4x09). just look at the changing emphasis of their faces alone. it’s not just about how they look at one another, but also how they feel.

so, the vulnerability and change in perception is amazing, because they come to fully recognize something that they didn’t consider before. physical contact wherein they were once hurting one another, turns into the kind of touch that avoids pain. that’s one of many realizations for them. that’s why it’s incredibly resonant that it’s raven who goes in for that hug first, because learning how to use a sense of touch with murphy (not with fists) shows that she has truly forgiven him, and murphy responding with words that none other than raven can understand creates the continuation of that, since raven is not just a friend that he can hug, but she is a friend that he can talk to.

who knew these two would take over, haha.

He would immediately get angry and pull you away from your brother, his anger not really showing on the outside. But trust me, he would be fuming on the inside. He would drag you away from the scene and stare you down, with a pained look. 

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“Wtf (Y/N), who is that??” he would whisper, trying to control himself, trying to keep calm in the situation. You would end up telling him that was your brother, he would shut up right after that and look away sheepishly. Already starting to beat himself up over it.
“Sorry I should’ve thought first, I probably made a bad impression huh?..”

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He would walk in one you hugging your brother and pull you apart. Probably look your brother up and down in disgust and pull you away with him. You could tell he was seething with the look in his eyes and his downcast eyebrows but more than that he was hurt.

“I can’t believe you were hugging someone else like that so intimately” he would say right away and wait for your excuse. You would shake your head and quickly tell him it was your brother. He’d be completely dumbfounded and extremely ashamed at his behavior. 
“Sorry (Y/N), maybe I should go apologize…”
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He wouldn’t be one to go straight for you and pull you away from your brother. He’d probably stare off from the side sadly, questioning where he went wrong and why you didn’t want him anymore. 

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Back at home he would question you, “(Y/N)…who was that?” his voice low and questioning. Your heart would break slightly due to his crestfallen face as you explained that it was only your brother. 
“Oh…” would be the only words he would utter, feeling completely foolish.
“I just didn’t want to lose you…”

The biggest, saddest frown would emerge on his gorgeous face as he tries to figure out exactly why the girl he loved was in another mans arms. Tears would slowly start to form as his face became red. He’d walk over to you and ask you right then and there, “(Y/N) why would you do this?…”, his teary eyes would search yours as he gripped your shoulders tightly. Pleading you for an answer. Pleading for you not to break his heart.

You’d hug him tightly right then and there and tell him that he was your brother and nothing more. He’d feel more relieved than anything else and just hug you tightly. Gradually he’d go back to his normal self and greet your brother and apologize profusely. 
“I feel like an idiot (Y/N) but I just love you too much…”

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He would overreact immediately, march his way over to you and break you apart from your brother. His face already beet red with anger, his lips in a disapproving frown. He’d cross his arm and shake his head and wait for you to speak.

You’d then grab his hand gently and introduce him to your brother. Jin would lose his shit for sure doing the ultimate apology and becoming extremely flustered over the situation he created.
“I’m so sorry (Y/N)…wow this is embarrassing…”

Jimin would see you in your brothers arms and his blood would boil. He would stride into the room, a manly sort of vibe would exude from him as he approached you. He’d slightly push the guy he didn’t know was your brother off of you and put you to his side. “Don’t touch her” he would say under his breath.

You’d get a little ticked off and explain that he was your brother. Manly Jimin would then revert back to smol baby and avert his eyes.
“I just became so jealous (Y/N)…”

He probably wouldn’t notice for a bit and he couldn’t tell you were hugging someone when he walked up to you asking your opinion on something. Once he realized what was going on he’d go blank and just stare at you and then at your brother and back at you “Um Jagi, what’s happening?” he ask in a confused tone. His eyebrows set low on his head as he slowly became angry.

You knew how stubborn Tae could be so you were quick with explaining that this was your brother. Like a switch he would go back to neutral and look at your brother confused.
“Jagi, I thought you were leaving me, my heart started to hurt…”

Mine // Spencer Reid

Summary: Scared to lose her in favor of a fitter guy, Spencer interiorizes himself and can only hope that Reader loves him enough to stay with him..

By the time I finished hitting the punching bag, I was covered in sweat. My moves were actually basic, I had very little knowledge of boxing from a few years ago and also my knuckles started to hurt, so I moved on to the treadmill. After running a mile and a half, it was time for a little break.

I chose not to have a personal trainer because I didn’t want to have an actual schedule, but I still needed going to the gym. My office job is not so challenging and I also need to gain some strength and put on some muscles as I consider myself pretty skinny.

Plus, my boyfriend, Spencer, a handsome genius who is working for the FBI, simply motivates me. I never saw him in the field, but I’m convinced he’s a badass. Or he looks like one when he’s holding his gun. Oh, and that fine ass and strong arms. Hmmm. I can’t wait for him to come and pick me up from the gym.

I started smiling while I stared into space. He’s not the sportive type, though, but I think he has gained some muscles during the last few years.

“Dreaming about the perfect body?” somebody approached me.

I turned around and there was this tall, strong man. Black hair, black eyes with a mysterious look. Typical macho. He was so muscular, though, I guess he could easily pick up a car from the street with his bare hands. He smiled at me and I stood up.

“Not really, just having a small break” I responded.

“Yeah, I saw that. I’ve been watching you today. You look pretty motivated, by the way. You know, I’m a trainer here and right now I have some time to spare so I can help you if you’d like.”

“That would be really nice.” I smiled.

In the next hour, I had one hell of a training. From the lat pull down machine to the leg extension one, Benjamin (that was the guy’s name, although I could swear it was Adonis or something) had me try every single equipment which was there. My whole body was shaking and, by the way, I don’t think I will ever use again the dipping bars. I guess I would have died if I started from the beginning with a personal trainer.

I thanked Benjamin and then I went to the locker room to change. I was in a rush because Spencer would be here in any moment and I also need to get home to have a shower.

As I reached the exit, I heard my name and I turned around.

“I… I just wanted to say that it was nice today” smirked Benjamin.

“Yeah, it really was” I answered politely.

“So… uhm… would you like to hang out sometime?” he whispered.

I was pretty shocked. Like, really?

“I’m sorry” I sighed. “I have a boyfriend. And I really love him.” I then beamed.

He mumbled something like an apologize but then I spotted my babe and I ran to him. After hugging and kissing him gently, I waved to Benjamin while smiling and saying that I’ll see him around there. Spencer stared at him for a few seconds and it was kind of weird because he had that ambiguous glare, clearly because he didn’t know who was Benjamin, but I’m going to tell him as soon as we get home.

I grabbed his hand and went to his car. The drive was too quiet and we barely had some small talk.

When I entered the house, I put my sports bag next to the washing machine so I can wash my equipment after I’ll have a shower. When I got back into the living room, Spencer was laying on the couch, reading a book. He stopped and stared at me while I wanted to lay next to him. But then he stood up and put the book on the table.

“The fuck is wrong with you? We barely even talked since we’ve left the gym and now you try to avoid me? Are you even an adult?” I contended.

“Who was that massive guy?” he demanded.

Oh, so this shall be the issue. I started laughing and took a step closer to him.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this” I jeered him, but he was serious so I guess it was important to him. “Benjamin is a trainer at the gym and he helped me today because he didn’t have anything else to do.” I explained.

“Yeaaah, it didn’t seem that way.” he snorted.

“Okay, maybe he invited me to go out sometime.” I teased him.

“HE DID WHAT” he yelled.

“Babe, calm down. I told him that it can’t happen. I told him that I have a boyfriend. And that I love him. Much more than he can ever imagine, might I add.” I pleaded as I was getting closer to him and finally putting my hands on his shoulders, then uniting our foreheads.

How could he ever believe that I will leave him only because I saw a pretty face? He is so much more. He means so much more to me.

I forced him to look into my eyes just to see how much I appreciate him. I don’t think he ever sees himself the way he really is, a very handsome, gentle, brilliant, amazing man. We haven’t been for so long together, yet I already feel like I could be with him from now on.

He hugged me and kissed me softly, our lips barely touching. It was so intimate that I could feel his need to feel loved. I brushed his hair with my fingers and started kissing his jaw line. He moaned a little and after I stopped he cupped my face with his hands and kissed me on my forehead, nose and a cheek.

“You’re mine, right?” he asked insecurely.

“For as long as you love me. Maybe even longer.” I concluded. “Would you like me to show that to you?” I said while we entwined our fingers and went to the bedroom.

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It’s done it’s finally done after like a month now
These are all romantic/platonic. …mostly
1. Dally lets johnny stay with him at bucks or where ever hes at when its cold out and he cant go home 
2. They go on day long car rides literally anywheres, sometimes with company like steve or pony
3. When no ones looking johnny locks his arm around dallys.
4. Dally lets out angry murmurs and acts tough until he realizes no ones looking.
5. Johnny can tell when dallys in a bad almost immediately when he comes into a room, he doesn’t even have to look at him. just the sound of the way he’s walking or his voice tone.
6. Sometimes when they’re out (or even at the curtis’s kitchen table) dally will put his hand on johnny’s leg. not in a sexual way almost to make sure like he’s there. 
7. When they don’t have to do anything or are just being lazy johnny will lay on top of dally and the two will stay like that for as long as possible.
8. Dally CRAVES being kissed when they’re not in public.
9. Johnny wears dallys jacket when there out really late at night or when he cant find his shirt in the morning.
10. Dally says he doesn’t care that much but does.he highkey does.
11. Dally holds johnny really close at night but doesn’t refuses to admit to it when johnny mentions it.
12. Whenever dally wont wake up, the gang usual send johnny off to fall on him because they know johnny will be the one that dally gets the least mad at.
13. Darry once woke up to find johnny and dally sprawled out on their couch asleep.
14. Johnny and two-bit talk a lot about dally.
15. Johnny lowkey dances in the car and dally makes fun of him.
16. Dally sings in the shower. Johnny sits outside the door giggling his ass off.
17. Dally will quietly share his food with johnny but snap at anyone who calls him out on it.
18. Pony saw johnny and dally kiss, told darry, soda overheard and told steve, steve told two-bit, two-bit already knew.
19. Whenever johnny and dally do kiss, dally really really enjoys it and freaks out a little.
20. You can also tell when they kiss because dally becomes a smidge nicer.
21. Sometimes they flirt with girls and see who can get the most numbers.
22. they rough house A LOT
23. Dallys father was friends with a guy who dally really took to and when he thinks about johnny kinda looks like him.
24. Johnny stays up with dally after brawls or just to listen to his drunk rambling.
25. Dally once called johnny “babe” in front of the gang and everyone went BALLISTIC from dally showing any lovey dovey emotion.
26. Johnny likes to talk dally at night when there laying in bed. He doesn’t think dallys listening but he is.
27. Johnny thinks dallys tattoo is hot as all hell
28. Dally ruffles johnnys hair to piss him off.
29. Dally once thought he lost johnny walking down the street but it turns out he was at the end of the block playing with a dog that was tied on. 
30. They make out on a regular basis. Specifically in a car.
31. Johnny dies a little on the inside whenever dally says he hates kids and everyone notices except dally. 
32. Dally and johnnys dad got into a big physical  fight and the only thing that stopped him from stabbing him was small ol johnny clinging to his arm trying to stop him while wailing not to “kill him”.
33. Whenever dally gets put in jail johnny stresses out a little but doesn’t tell anyone.
34. Skyrim!AU: Johnny and dally met because someone had a contract on dally. Dally almost beat the shit out of johnny.
35. They both take care of what started out as a puppy but became a huge rottweiler.
36. They like to scare the shit out of socs at night.
37. When they were younger dally and johnny used to babysit pony together with two-bit
38. When two-bit was drunk and pony was bored they banded together to make shitty fanart of johnny and dally
39.Myth!AU: whenever winter rolls around johnny gets kinda anxious around dally because he scared he might actually eat him, no matter how many times dally reassures him he wont 
40. Dally and johnny share cigarettes and when i mean share i dont mean individual cigarettes i mean dally will smoke one half then pass the rest of the cigarette to johnny to finish.
41. They both make fun of pony whenever he has a crush on someone.
42. They back talk each other on a daily basis but it never really turns into a full fledge fight  
43. Johnnys favourite position when it comes to ‘cuddling’ with dally and with head in the crook of dallys neck and half hugging him.
44. Dallys not so great at being being intimate in a non sexual way but he is trying his best.
45. After johnny got beat up dally would hold him at night and tell him how much he loved him.
46. Johnny tries to spoon dally and ends up looking like a backpack.
47. Johnny gets frequent nightmare and when he has one, (if he doesnt wake up) it usually wakes up dally who just runs his hand through his hair until it passes.
48. Dally constantly feels bad because he doesnt know how to be ‘nice’ .
49.Dally tugs on johnnys bottom lip when they kiss. 
50. Dally surprisingly gives good hugs. 
51. Whenever he walks past dally slaps Johnnys ass.
52. One time he didnt realize how far away he was and tried to get his ass and ended up falling out of a barstool
53. They both make a tag team when theyre in a fight. 
54. Johnny swears in spanish and it drives dally up the wall.
55. When they first slept in the same bed, dally woke up before johnny and forgot that johnny was there so he almost crushed him.
56. Johnny loves the smell of dallys jacket.
57. Even though dally could have a black eye,smell like alcohol and cigarette smoke, being bleeding all over the place and have the meanest expression johnny usually feels safest with him.
58. Johnny screamed dallys name while being beat up.
59. Johnny gets scared at horror movies but trys to play it off, dally can usually tell and sneaks an arm around his back.
60. Dally gets sick a lot and johnny has no clue what to do so he just takes him to darry.
61. When he’s hungover dally gives really sloppy kisses.
62 . someone thought Johnny was dallys son.
63. They once helped pony ask a girl out.
64. Soda teases the shit out of dally and asks him probing question about weird personal topics.
65. Dally will lick Johnny’s cheek to get him riled up and pissy.
66. Johnnys become almost numb to when dally yells because he’s that used to it.
67. When before he used to flinch everytime dally raised his voice. Now he only does when it’s specifically directed at him.
68. When dally gets in a dangerous mood Johnny will say some stuff in his ear and it eases him up a bit. The gangs been mystified by this for a while.
69. They both know they’re boundaries with each other even though dally likes to push his.
70. When dally was with tim and some of his gang they noticed that his jacket smelled like Johnny. After the relentless snarky comments dally got Johnny his own jacket.
71. Dally met Johnny because he was being picked on by some socs.
72. They both lay next to each other while dally talks about new York.
73. Myth AU!: Johnny likes to feel dallys scales. Dally finds it annoying.
74. Everyone knows somethings up when dally calls Johnny 'johnnycakes’ all day whether it be because they were in a disagreement earlier or that he was getting laid no one really knows.
75. Johnny can actually be very dominant depending on the situation.
76. MythAU!: Johnny lays on dallys tail and let’s him just drag him around. Dally finds this more annoying then the scale touching.
77. When dally first tried to flirt with johnny he had no idea what was happening and why dally was being nicer then usual. Two-bit had to explain it.
78. Dallas is a huge jerk but can be really faithful.
79. dally once said “nah johnnys to innocent for that.” While Johnny was sitting next to him thinking about the most kinky things.
80.dally once thought of leaving and going back to new York. He asked Johnny if he wanted to come but he said he didn’t want to leave the gang or his parents. Dally ended up staying put.
81. Johnny helps Dallas around when he’s staggering it could be from a fight or from drinking to much.
82. Dallas puts on the most dopey grin whenever johnny laughs.
83. Johnny once sat in the car for 4 hours driving around and listening to dally ranting.
84. After they died they just spent most of their time around the burned down church waiting for the rest of the gang to show up.
85. Johnny was always super jealous of Sylvia but they actually got along great. Even when she and dally broke up.
86.  Johnny actually made the first move because he got really frustrated.
87. SkyrimAU!: Johnny and dally hated each other’s guts until two-bit and soda stepped in and got them to actually talk to each other, other then spitting insults back and forward.
88. At the time when dally met Johnny he was usually with tim and his gang but after johnny he got attached to the gang.
89. Johnny has scars on his back from his father and whenever dally sees them he gets a pit in his stomach.
90. Dally hates himself for not being able to protect Johnny when he got beat up.
91. Buck started getting suspicious about them because dally kept bringing  Johnny over to sleep with him.
92. Once Johnny broke down and dally got so stressed out because he didn’t know what to do so they ended up being two sobbing messes holding each other sitting on the curb.
93. Dally still puts up a tough act but one look from Johnny and he has to keep himself from melting.
94. Johnnys a lot shorter then dally so he likes of pat his head.
95. He also picks him up from the underarms and carrys him around (Johnny has punched/kicked people while this was happening).
96. When they rough house it usually gets really intense and either goes a really good nice way if ya catch my drift or someone loses a tooth….it doesn’t have to be either of their teeth just..anyone’s.
97. Johnny fondles with dallys necklace to help sleep.
98. When it gets really loud at bucks and they can’t sleep they either hike it over to the Curtis’s or sleep in a car.
99. They try to sit close to each other but not to close when they go out with pony to movies. The best position they got is dally sitting behind Johnny and him being up against legs or chest. Sometimes dally sneaks an arm around Johnnys waist.
100. Johnnys a power bottom byee

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Notice how Daryl doesn't hug other women? He only hugged women who aren't available. Like Michonne who's with Rick and Tara who's a lesbian and even that hug was hugely different. He actually only really hugs and intimately touches Carol. Daryl's already so faithful!

I think it’s different in general with Carol than with others. Obviously with Maggie and Beth he didn’t really hug them in return and with others its more of a friendly hug in many ways.

With Carol there is just a different level of emotion and intimacy there that he doesn’t have with others. Its just so obvious I don’t know how anyone can’t see it. Other than the hug with Rick he doesn’t hug anyone with that kind of emotion and, sort of fierceness.

You look at all the hugs with Carol they are full body and the arms are way lower, at least one of the arms. There is usually one at waist level I men just look here and tell me if he’s hugged anyone else like this..

Arm position is extremely important in showing the closeness and intimacy level felt here. In all 3 of these cases his elbow his elbow is close to if not on her waist, meaning his arm is under her shoulder, which allows him to pull her closer to him and hold her tighter (I didn’t included the 4th hug cause that was clearly about comfort and you can’t see his other arm anyways). That combined with the face in the shoulder shows the difference in the relationship with her as opposed to others.

In the other hugs (the ones he participated in) his arms are  higher, around the neck. much more of a friendly, still close, but not as intimate if you get my drift.

Its not as much about ‘faithful’ (although he would be I have no doubt) but more about just HOW close he is to Carol in THAT way. It belies more of the nature of their relationship on a subconscious level is portrayed on onscreen.

And my God its beautiful isn’t it? :)

gifs by @oohhshiny​ and @hypernovadust​ (I keep forgetting to do this *smacks self*)

Barney & Robin hugs!

I find it really sweet the way Barney and Robin hug it feels so intimate. Like, their hugs are so much more private, personal and intimate they are much more intimate than sex imo and I truly believe that anytime they hug they are telling each other how they really feel about each other. At, times they are really close in the way of just sitting closely together at the booth but whenever they had a private moment together like telling each other something personal, there is always this feel of how much they really care and love one another.

Barney and Robin were always very closed off, didn’t like being close and sharing things that are personal and private with someone. They were always very private people and their personalities seemed to connect in this way with only each other.

I had been thinking for a bit now that they were much closer than what the show thinks of them as being. In earlier seasons, especially season 1 they cared about each other right away. They, became such quick best friends and were getting along so well. But, as the show went on you can see/tell that they formed a very personal bond with each other. Anytime, they shared something private and personal or hugged each other in a supporting kind of way it always feels as though they are telling each other exactly how they feel about each other.

When, Barney hugs her after she gets the job he tried to get for her and succeeded in doing so. The, way he holds her here is just so sweet, yes but it’s always very comforting, because they are comfortable with each other that their hugs never seem forced or awkward, but are comforting, caring, private, personal, intimate. Whenever they hug they aren’t doing it to get something out of it. They are doing it because they care. I love that they can be so comfortable as friends as well as a couple. And, I think they are a couple even more so when they are just friends because you can tell that it’s something more there between them. Their, hugs seemed more loving than they should be. Barney and Robin may be private people when it comes to their feelings but you can see just how much they care about each other and love each other through the intimacy of just a comforting and supporting hug. It’s really a beautiful thing that they can be like this with each other and support each other in anything they do. They, really care and you can see their friendship as well as their feelings for each other in the more romantic way. It’s just so personal, sweet, loving and intimate and Ithink this shows how much they love each other and that this love is for REAL.

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Hello! Can I request a scenario where Todoroki is comforting his fem/so because she's scared of thunder? Btw I luv ur blog ❤️

Oh gosh anon this is so Ouran XD are you a fan? Cause I am

I hope you enjoy my attempt of a scenario, thanks for requesting darling. And I’m SOSOOSOS SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG I’m taking my mid-term exams and having quite a stressful time D:

Todoroki couldn’t sleep. No, it wasn’t because of lingering worries. No, neither because of the loud storm outside. It was just the fact he wasn’t used to being away from his own house, his own bed. Ever since the whole class had moved into UA about a week ago, sleeping had become quite a task for him. He had tried to make the new bedroom look as similar as his own but apparently it wasn’t enough. He still couldn’t properly sleep.

He stood up from his bed, rubbing his eyes, tired of worthlessly changing positions and turning around his pillow. Maybe he could try to get a glass of milk or something, perhaps there was some at the common room’s fridge. It was worth a shot, right? After all, he had nothing better to do, and there was nothing to lose.

However, as he reached the hall, he heard quite a weird noise that almost made him lose his breath.

“Just the wind” he convinced himself, trying to be rational “We are still at UA, we are safe”

He couldn’t see where he was going, the room was pitch black, since he was afraid turning on the lights would wake up his classmates. So he basically bumped onto every piece of furniture in the room until he tried to reach the fridge. There was no milk. Great.

But just as disappointment was about to win over boredom, he heard a desperate, panicked shriek coming from the mere darkness.

He almost let out a shriek himself.

Almost by instinct, his first reaction was to run, either away from the danger or towards it to fight. He didn’t even know where the noise had came from, so he didn’t know where he was heading really. He asked who’s there multiple times before he started to consider it may had been his imagination. But as he was about to believe his own lies, he bumped into a new something across the hallway.

Or, rather than a something, a someone

“Who’s this??” he grabbed the mysterious someone by the shoulders, trying to guess their identity and failing, since he really couldn’t see. But not even the loud rain and thunders from outside, could make him not recognize that voice:


He deadpanned, relief not being enough to soothe the shock.

“[name]??” he asked, trying to let his eyes get used to darkness, but getting little to no result “is that you??”

“Y-yes” why did your voice tremble so much? “sorry to d-disturb you” he realized it wasn’t just your voice trembling, but your whole body.

“Are you ok?” he asked, letting go of your shoulders in case you felt uncomfortable “what are you doing here?”

If there was a secret buried deep inside Todoroki’s chest, it was his feelings for you. He knew he was just a good friend in your eyes, no more, no else. But he couldn’t help the butterflies in his stomach whenever you were together. And right then, in the middle of the gloomy darkness, it was no exception.

That’s why he couldn’t take seeing you in distress, and that’s why he almost freaked out as soon as he realized you were crying.

“I…I know this sounds weird b-but…could you p-please stay with me?”

And, being it a curse or a miracle, you tightly hugged him, burying your face onto his chest.

“But, [name]” he tried to comfort you, awkwardly stroking your back, not exactly knowing what to do “what happened? what’s wro…”

A loud, deafening thunder interrupted him, and you immediately sunk your face deeper onto his body. Todoroki deadpanned, his eyes widening as realization suddenly hit him.

You were scared of thunder.

“Please don’t leave!” you cried, terrified “please!”

He hugged you tighter, embracing you so that your ears were protected from such hazardous noises, and fondly pressing his lips onto your hair.

“Don’t worry” he whispered “I wasn’t planning on leaving you”

You stayed like that for a while, waiting for your breathing to ease and your heartbeat to calm. But, as yours began to get slower, Todoroki’s began to get faster! He couldn’t believe he was so close to you. Of course, you two had hugged multiple times before, but somehow it felt so intimate right then, with the rain humming in the background and the darkness hiding you from the world.

Hearing you cry was unbelievably painful, he kind of thanked the dark from hiding your tears from him since he knew that image would destroy his heart. But now, since you were calmer, he really wished he could see your lovely face.

“[name]?” he called your name, tugging some of your messy hair strands behind your ear as he pulled away “are you feeling better?”

You nodded, but the flash of a sudden lighting illuminated you for a second, and he could clearly see you were still distressed.

“Yeah, I’m sorry for bothering you” you mumbled, taking his hand so that you wouldn’t lose him in the dark “I came here to see if I found someone to spend some time with me…and I’m really glad it was you”

This time, he had to thank the darkness for hiding the blush on his cheeks.

“I’m glad to help” of course he was, he was a hero, after all. A hero, and a rather love-struck teenager “do you want to return to your room? It’s late, tomorrow we have gym class and…”

“I don’t want to go back alone, I’m still scared” you begged, quite embarrassed “I know we aren’t aloud to go to other’s rooms at night, but…”

“Do you want me to stay here with you?” His bluntness, and the gentle patience in his voice surprised you. You nodded. “Well, then I’ll stay”

As he tangled his fingers with yours and guided you towards the sofa, you wouldn’t stop voicing complaints about not wanting to bother him. To which he just answered he really didn’t mind (not to mention he was actually ecstatic). He sat down, thinking you would sit besides him and try to sleep. Wrong. You sat ON TOP of him, and hid your FACE under his SHIRT.

He almost dies.

“[name], get out of there” he said, as less awkwardly as he possibly could “there’s no need to be afraid”

“I’m sorry” you whispered, peeking at him, your eyes finally getting used to the darkness and being able to differ the silhouette of his face. He looked worried “I’m such a cry baby”

“No, you are not” he said, laying down on the sofa, and gathering the courage to pull you down against him “we are all scared of something”

“But-” again, a thunder interrupted you and you almost let out a shout… if Todoroki hadn’t covered your mouth with his hand.

“Shhh, calm down, it’s alright” he moved his body so that you were resting side by side, facing, with way to little space between your faces “I’m here”

And then, very gently, he proceeded to cover your ears with both of his hands, caressing your cheeks with his thumbs, and still trusting darkness to cover the redness of his face. It didn’t. You could totally see him now, as well as he could see you. You were staring into each other’s eyes deeply with the excuse of blinding darkness, pretending it was a mere coincidence when it really wasn’t.

When the next thunder echoed and brought to your throat yet another scream, this time Todoroki didn’t had free hands to cover your mouth. So he unthinkingly did what his instincts insisted: he shut you up with his own lips.

It wasn’t really a kiss, since the moment he realized what he was doing, he chickened and stopped any motion. He just stood there, frozen, pressing his lips onto yours with his eyes wide open, staring at your shocked reaction. Apparently, improvisation worked: you were miraculously beginning to calm down.

How you fell asleep after that, he doesn’t quite remember. Since, apparently now that you were there with him it was easier for him to doze off too…

The next morning, when class A entered the common room to have some breakfast, they were very much surprised by what they found lying on the sofa. Giggles and whispers were heard, and by the time Todoroki woke up to find you between his arms, it was already too late….let’s just say he had to untag himself from lots of pictures on social media….

12x23 CODA

This is actually the first half of the first chapter of a new fic I’m writing, but I thought it made really good coda so I decided to cross-post it as such here. Link to the longer fic can be found here.

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They weren’t sure what to do with an angel’s vessel once the angel had been killed; honestly, it hadn’t really mattered before now. Or maybe they just hadn’t cared. Sam suggested they give him a hunter’s funeral, so that’s what they did. It felt like the right thing to do, that’s what Sam told himself, because there really wasn’t anything else they could do.

It took them over an hour to gather enough wood to encircle the platform that was seven feet long and six feet wide; they’d had to make it bigger than usual because tonight, they had two bodies to burn.

As the pire went up in flames, the whole thing felt unusually morbid. Not that a funeral was ever a joyous occasion for them, but this…this was different. Maybe it was the fact that it was two people up there burning; maybe it was who those people were. Castiel had been their friend, and although Sam had had to forgive the angel for many many transgressions over the years, Sam knew that if held grudges—no matter how deserving—he wouldn’t have any friends.

So he forgave and forgave, even when it was almost physically painful, he forgave. And yet, here he stood…and their friend was gone anyways.

Kelly laid next to Cas, and in some ways this broke Sam’s heart even more. She was never supposed to be a part of this; she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And no, she wasn’t the first (nor would she be the last), but is was more than bad luck; it was bad advice and bad decisions and bad timing on Sam and Dean’s part. She was up there because she had put her faith in Lucifer’s child, her child; she had put her faith in Castiel.

So maybe the morbidity of the situation was because an angel laid there burning next to the mother of Lucifer’s spawn.

Maybe it was because they were wrapped tightly in sheets that Dean had pulled from Kelly’s bed, the bed that she’d given birth and then died in less than two hours ago.

Maybe it was because there was someone missing that deserved to be there.

Sam bit his lip raw before leaning into Dean, speaking quietly like he was a little unsure of how his brother would react to what he was about to say.

“I wish that…that we could have given Crowley this sendoff, too.”

Dean chuckled, the sound raw and painful, the only thing he could offer in place of tears. Sam knew Dean only really cried for one reason, and since that reason was still standing warm and alive next to Dean, his green eyes would stay dry tonight.

“Stupid bastard,” Dean muttered, but his voice held no condemnation, just gratefulness and regret.

“He cared about us,” Sam whispered. He’d fought so hard against any positive feelings he had towards the king, but he realized—too late—that really, Crowley hadn’t done any worse than many of the people they’d called friends, including the one that was currently wrapped up in flames.

“Yeah, he cared,” Dean said, “and look what happened.”

“What always happens,” Sam finished, his head bowed to let his hair fall over his face and mask his tears.

“I don’t—is it us, Sam?” Dean asked desperately. “Are they dead because of us?”

Logically, Sam knew the answer was no. Any of them could have died at any point for any reason, whether they had been friends with the brothers or not. And frankly, Sam thought that some of their friends that had died over the years actually lived longer because the Winchesters were in their lives. But Dean didn’t want to hear that, not right now.

“I don’t know,” Sam said instead. “Maybe, maybe not. But Dean…they chose to be here. Even if they died because they jumped in front of a bullet for us, we weren’t the ones firing the gun.”

They stood in silence, time ticking by uncounted, the heat of the flame too warm against their skin.

“We still gotta deal with Lucifer’s kid,” Sam said with a sigh. “Damn idiot, what was he thinking, letting it live?” Sam kept talking then, his brain-to-mouth filter suddenly gone, unable to stop the words coming out of his mouth.

“But…and I know this sounds bad, but maybe it’ll be easier to take care of this crap ourselves. Sometimes all the ‘help’ just makes everything worse.” Sam’s eyes widened in fear. “Sorry! Fuck, Dean, I didn’t mean I’m glad he’s gone, I just—”

“No, Sam, you’re right. We’ve apologized for him too many times, we’ve cleaned up his messes too many times. And I’m not saying I’m glad he’s dead. It’s just…at the end there, y’know…I think about that angel—that person—who, seven years ago, walked into that cemetery, knowing that it meant certain death, just to help me. To help you. And it’s like I haven’t seen that guy in-in years.

“I’m sad, really, I am. But…I don’t know if I’m sad because I’m sad or sad because I’m supposed to be.”

Sam’s heart broke at the look of guilt on Dean’s face, and he couldn’t stay silent. His overwhelming and all-encompassing need to keep Dean away from the ever-present guilt and dark thoughts that plagued him immediately took control, and Sam started to speak.

“Dean, everybody changes, everybody grows up. People grow apart. Even angels and hunters. It’s just life.” Dean shrugged but didn’t argue.

“And C-Crowley…” Sam’s voice shook with his own guilt. “Everything kind of went in reverse with him.”

“Enemies to uneasy allies to person that pretended to barely tolerate us to friend that would—that did—die for us?” This time it was Sam’s turn to stay silent.

Sam felt Dean’s hand wrap around his bicep; Dean’s fingers were shaking, and Sam automatically brought a hand up to blanket Dean’s. The unconscious movement felt strangely intimate, even more so than the hug they’d shared back at the bunker with their mother, but Dean didn’t mention it, and he didn’t pull away.

“Can we go home?” Dean’s voice sounded small and brittle, and the fact that he’d asked instead of told Sam made Sam turn to look at him with worry. Dean looked small, exhausted, defeated; Sam was sure he didn’t look any better.

“Yeah,” Sam breathed out. “Yeah, let’s get out of here.”

Something To Believe In

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count:  2,517
Warnings: Post season 11, so spoilers. I think Lucifer gets so fluffy though. I tried to stop it but it kept happening and I gave up and let it.  
Challenge:  This was written for Bev’s Song Challenge by  @chaos-and-the-calm67.  My song was “Something To Believe In” by Poison.

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I have that headcanon that it is not a problem for the russian rink fam to interrupt Victor and Yuuri when they kiss, or flirt. Georgi and Yurio probably even ran in on them making out at some point. But no one dares to interrupt them when they hug. Like Victor’s and Yuuri’s hugs are always special and intimate and warm and so full of love that no one dares to call them out for blocking the rink with their shit. So sometimes they just stand in the middle of the ice, holding each other and everyone around them is uncomfotable because their hugs feel like something they really shouldn’t see.

Monsta X Hugging Styles


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Shownu: Twirling hugger. He would grab you at the waist and spin you around, using his defined muscles. 

Wonho: Bear Hugger. His hugs would feel like you’ve been enveloped by a bubble. You’d definitely feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Minhyuk: Arm around the shoulder hugger. He wouldn’t want to cross any of your boundaries so he would probably hug you in the least intimate way he could.

Kihyun: Snuggle hugger. He would enjoy the long hugs where your head is resting on his shoulder, arms wrapped around your waist.

Hyungwon: sleepy hugger. He would be resting his head on your head or shoulder. Wrapping his arms around you for quite a while *probably falling asleep right there*

Jooheon: Hip hugger. He would be the most grabby out of them. His hug would probably leave you wanting more. *If you know what I mean ;)*

I.M: Choking hugger. He would squeeze you so tightly you would question if he might suffocate you. It is extremely sweet (in moderation).


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Dating Theo would include: 

• not liking him at first
• him winning you over with that damn smirk and baby face
• being that hot, badass couple of beacon hills
• not being part of his original plan
• but he can’t seem to stay away from you
• Theo always touching you (arm around you waist or shoulders, sliding his hand into you back pocket or outright touching your ass)
• Theo opening up to you
• marking you up
• showing everyone you’re his
• public sex - school, on dates, in his truck just whenever and wherever
• teasing
• trying to make Theo lose control when he finally slams you against the lockers with his eyes glowing golden and dilated pupils
daddy or pain kink
• Theo protecting you from the dread doctors
• telling you that he’s working with them
• being conflicted about what to do and not talking to Theo for a few days
• realising you’re in love with him
• going to his house and as soon as he opens the door wrapping an arm around his neck and kissing him
• muttering “I love you” against his lips
• slow, passionate and intense make-up sex
• nicknames such as “princess” and “babygirl”
• laying down the in back of his truck, watching the stars and holding his hand
• incredibly hot and rough sex
“how badly do you want me babygirl?”
• spanking
“scream for me, daddy wants to know how good he’s making his princess feel”
• simply curled up against Theo as he kisses your head when you want a break from the supernatural
• Theo sliding his hand up your thigh in public
• midnight drives
• constantly being asked by Stiles why you’re dating the recantation of Satan
• a n g r y   s e x
• playing with his fingers
• finding excuses to walk in the gym when he’s working out
• getting extremely jealous after Theo’s interactions with Malia and Tracy
• until he shows you how much he loves you, and only you
• taking you to the bridge and talking about his sister
• having arguments when he does stupid shit like try to kill Scott
• always making up as you can’t stand to be away from each other
• long talks till dawn
• trusting Theo whole heartedly
• seeing his soft side
• always wanting to please you and keep you from the dangers of beacon hills
• not hugging often but when you do they’re so intimate
• just wrapped in each other’s embrace, Theo resting his head on or against yours as he buries his nose in your hair inhaling your intoxicating scent, while one arm’s gripping your waist and the other in your hair, caressing your head wondering how the hell did he get so lucky
• being Theo’s weakness

The hug Yuuri gives Victor before the performance is so emotional, spontaneous and intimate that I just want to cry forever. It’s not the casual hug you give a friend, you can see he pushes really close and tightens his arms around Victor’s neck as if he just wanted to connect, to convey something words alone couldn’t. It was such a perfect and surprsing moment I just

okay but can we talk about the entire “Are you with me?” scene, like the way it was set up? the lighting on their faces, it’s so soft and darkness kind of hugs the light on them and it makes it so intimate–that’s what every single braven scene has ever been. intimate. bellamy is always in her space, focusing on her EVEN FROM THE MOMENT THEY FIRST MET every time he speaks to her he’s in her bubble and at first it was intimidation but now its INTIMACY. that’s the thing about bellamy and raven, everything they do to each other is for each other. i really loved that entire scene. it’s like bellamy and raven were the only two people in the entire world having this conversation. 

Aro-Ace Noctis

- Noctis, who is so beyond tired of listening to Prompto hit on and pine for every girl he meets (and not understanding the mindset at all, tbh).

- Noctis who is so damn disgusted by getting hit on by Gladio’s younger sister. Not just the fact that she’s young but that she’s so blatant about her desire for him. The desire part is what he’s most uncomfortable with; being thought of that way.

- Noctis making himself sick with anxiety about the wedding and being expected to kiss his childhood friend and have sex with her.

- Noctis thinking kissing is disgusting in general. And cuddling is too intimate. But friendly hugs are okay tho.

- Noctis being so damn uncomfortable from the constant ribbing from Gladio about “loverboy” this and “wedding” that.

- Noctis appreciating Ignis’ complete lack of talk about anything remotely romantic or sexual. (But then that has the adverse effect of leaving Noctis blindsided on the occasions where Ignis does or says something to remind him that, oh yeah, “normal” people have a desire to pair up with someone and touch each other while naked) (Also, Ignis turns into a romantic sap in Altissia)

- Noctis not liking massages because it’s WAY TOO INTIMATE, OKAY??? (And Gladio won’t stop cracking jokes about “happy endings” and awkward boners and, ugh. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if Noctis could stand to be intimate with literally anyone; maybe it’s not so bad for people who are intimate regularly. But Noctis NOPES right out the second he feels that guy’s hands on his lower back/hips).

Just…. aro-ace Noctis.

mariaasofiaa  asked:

"#but that moment after when allura was looking at them looked like they were kissing sdjfhlaksdf" I THINK I WAS THE ONLY ONE

when this appeared I almost spat out my water because i said HOLY SHIT ARE THEY FRICKING KISSING THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR MY HEART.

and Allura was eying them and I noticed they were the only ones who hugged SO INTIMATELY AND FOR SUCH A LONGER TIME. Like oh my god. GUYS PLEASE NOT HERE GET A ROOM it looked so private djhkfljhasdfasdf