this hug is so intimate

I had a dream this morning about series 4 (after being awake for a while and going back to sleep). It was the end of TST and Mary was gone (never specified what exactly happened) and John shows up at 221B with his bags to move back in and Sherlock says “welcome home John” and they hug each other so intimately, both holding each other and running their hands on each other’s backs and shoulders. And then they slowly parted but their eyes were just LOCKED onto each other and their gazes started dropping to each other’s lips and they moved closer to each other and were about to kiss and then suddenly Mrs. Hudson knocks and is like “woo hoo” and so they kinda jump apart and I was screaming. And she’s like “you boys want any tea?” And John goes “I think I need something stronger” and goes to the cupboard and grabs two tumblers and pours a little whiskey in each. And he and Sherlock keep looking at each other with MOLTEN HEAT in their eyes (in my dream I was collapsed on the floor at this point). And Mrs Hudson of course picks up on it and excuses herself and Sherlock and John sit on their chairs and John brings his RIGHT UP to Sherlock’s chair. So they are smiling and obviously nervous and both take a sip of whiskey. And then John clears his throat and says “you know I’m no good at this kind of thing, but….I really missed you.” Sherlock says “me too” all super soft just like on stag night. And John says “I never should’ve gotten married.” And Sherlock looks up, kinda shocked looking and John says “at least not to anyone else.” And he looks up at Sherlock and they both move forward off their chairs to the floor (practically in each other’s laps). And John takes Sherlock’s face in his hands and kisses him (like fully, with tongue) but so fucking slowly and sensually and they are practically melting into each other. And then Sherlock moans and his head drops back and John starts kissing that FUCKING NECK and unties Sherlock’s dressing gown and drops it off his shoulders and there was a literal pre-sex camera slowly panning away while they’re undressing each other and it pans out the door and down the stairs where you could hear Mrs. Hudson’s tv turned up SUPER LOUD and then I woke up. And I’m dead now.

The hug Yuuri gives Victor before the performance is so emotional, spontaneous and intimate that I just want to cry forever. It’s not the casual hug you give a friend, you can see he pushes really close and tightens his arms around Victor’s neck as if he just wanted to connect, to convey something words alone couldn’t. It was such a perfect and surprsing moment I just

Ok, I want to focus on this for a moment ...

Rumbelle don’t just hold hands like regular couples do; their hand holding is more like hand HUGGING. Their hands completely cover each other - it’s so INTIMATE and loving. Belle’s fingers are almost caressing Rumple’s hands…… she is reassuring her husband, her TL, who clearly looks dismayed, distressed and upset.   She’s supporting him - Belle is going to be Rumple’s rock  - and it’s beautiful!

I have so many questions about this season but I think my biggest one right now is:
Are we finally going to see Jake and Amy hug?

Lists make me happy, & I want to revel in this scene forever, so I made a list of all the ways we were blessed by that 2 minute scene.

  • He finally told her about Dani.
  • She comforted him in the way only she could, using the word “we” because they’re both victims, she was his encouragement the way he was hers in season 1.
  • The show finally acknowledged Brandon’s rape for what it was, & through Callie no less.
  • Brandon’s first instinct was to ask & make sure she was okay, the way it’s always been.
  • Callie finally said what we’ve been saying all along, her being with Brandon was a big deal, he was the first person she could truly be with.
  • BOTH of them said they don’t regret having sex!!!!
  • THEY HUGGED. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. THAT HUG WAS SO MUCH MORE INTIMATE THAN THEM KISSING COULD’VE POSSIBLY BEEN. It was so reminiscent of the 1x12 hug that we’ve all been (just in time) crying over again in the last few days. 
  • In all of this together, they had a real, genuine conversation, the way they used to. They were each other’s strength, they opened up to each other in ways that they never have to anyone else. They were the Brandon & Callie we all know & love. 

They love each other. Brallie is endgame. That is all.

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Jason sighed and awkwardly brought his hands up to pat Harley’s back. He’s still not so great at all these ‘hugs’ and intimate things but, eh, whatever. 

He can put up with it for Harley. 

‘So, what brought the sudden onslaught of affection?

Even with all the awesome malec and sizzy we got in “Beyond the shadows”, the thing I can’t get over is this hug.

Because with just this hug, even without Matt and Dom’s explanation about parabatai bond, viewers can clearly see how deeply they care about each other. And what makes me even more excited is that their bond is something that was mostly missing in the books (basically the only heartfelt talk we got in COHF was after Jem’s ‘bitch you should value your parabatai’)
And ok, let me just talk about the hug some more, because it’s so intimate, see?

It’s no bullshit ‘I love you bro, no homo’ hug, where their hips is like 3 miles from each other. It’s full on embrace, and I just love how Jace has to stand on his tip toes, and how Alec closes his eyes losing himself in the moment, and I just really love this hug, ok?  

I know people like to use Bellarke hugs as ‘evidence’ that they are purely platonic and some Bellarke shippers are ready for more than a hug but I want to know is if these are ‘just hugs’ then why are they always grand moments with emotional music and Clarke is either running into Bellamy’s arms or kissing his cheek goodbye because he is the last and one of the only people she tells goodbye. When else do characters hug in this show and have it staged as such a big moment in the show? Pretty much never. These hugs are so intimate and they mean something more than ‘just a hug’ because they are rare and it’s obvious that the show wants us to treasure them. 

Paris, July 2015 - 2 lovely couples who made my heart melt.

The guy with the hat was taking pictures of his girlfriend, while she was asleep. He had the most genuine, tender, and loving look on his face. He was looking at her and touching her like she was art.

and in the background, these two beautiful girls kept hugging and nuzzling each other. The gestures felt so intimate, the whole world around them went blurry whenever you’d focus on them.


-Ali Krieger is world class
-Ashlyn Harris skipped my section except for one girl who took her jersey off and asked her to sign it…
-The Ali/Ash hug after the celebration pics was absolutely incredible, it was so intimate and I was shaking
-Ali was ridiculously cute during the entire ceremony, playing with her medal, looking for confetti. She was giddy.
-The German coach spent a ton of time very enthusiastically talking with Ali.
-Everyone seemed to be thrilled for Ali after how well she played and it made me super emotional.
-Ali and Alyssa had some Penn State brotp moments.
-KlingenAsh is a thing.
-Jill talked to Ali a lot and I assume it’s because she was going to miss getting the up close view of her from the bench :P
-Hinke stood and the next four people after her sat….. until the kind Emily Sonnett came by
-HAO led the charge onto the podium and I love her.
-Kress is a thing and they were absolutely adorable hanging out.
-Ali is very loud on the pitch. Everyone says this, but it was so true.
-Ali runs backwards a lot and her butt jiggles a lot when she runs…. I’m not okay.
-Christen had some really solid moments, I was proud.
-Ali put out her hand and yelled “PLEASE” at a German player who wouldn’t get off her and it was really…. incredible.
-Whitney Engen played a full 90 and rocked it. I’m so proud.
-Ali and Whit and Becky and Hope kept breaking off to chat. Kling was…. doing something.
-The crowd was annoyed with Carli by the end of the game, also had an overwhelming love for Alex.
-There were these super drunk guys a few rows behind me who kept screaming for Alex to take her shirt off.
-I got to meet @kriegs-liebe and @ktscientific which was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t use enough explanation points.
-I took a horrible selfie with Niki Cross because I was super nervous.
-My mom entertained me by asking a series of horrifying questions, such as “who is Ali Lloyd?” and “is that the dugout?” featuring “can the goalkeepers wear gloves?”
-There is definitely more to come but WE SCORED MULTIPLE GOALS AND WE WON.

When I Sleep

SPN Writing Challenge | blissfulcastiel vs. seducing-winchesters
Prompt: Only When I Sleep by The Corrs
Pairings: Destiel, Sam/Jess
Word count: 8.7K
Tags: Major Character Death, AU, domestic!destiel, car accident, some fluff and angst


The butterflies in Dean’s stomach intensify as beautiful blue eyes meet his from across the restaurant. Shit, maybe this is all a mistake. He’s way too nervous for this. Regardless, he lifts a finger to signal the man with a small smile, which is returned, leaving him breathless.

How is he going to make it all through dinner?

He swallows nervously, getting up and extending his hand in greeting. Is that weird? Shaking hands on a first date? They’ve met before under different circumstances but… he can’t just sit there like an idiot and a hug feels too intimate. So handshake it is.

“Castiel, it’s great to see you again,” he says, hoping he doesn’t sound too nervous.

Castiel smiles warmly at him, shaking his hand before they sit across from each other. “Hello Dean,” And damn, Castiel saying his name sends a shiver through Dean’s body, “I’m glad you invited me to have dinner with you.”

“I’m glad you agreed,” Dean laughs softly, more out of nervousness than anything else. He wishes he consumed more alcohol before coming to dinner because it certainly helped him out when they first met at Gabriel’s party. Man, Sam’s friend really knew how to have a good time, although Dean may be a bit biased because that’s when he met Gabriel’s jaw dropping brother. And to think, he almost didn’t let Sam drag him to the party to begin with.

Castiel snickers, opening his menu to gaze over the options. “Did you really think I would say no?”

Dean does the same, shrugging gently. “Well, we’d both had a few drinks. I thought maybe you would’ve changed your mind the next day.” Yes, Dean was certainly drunk because despite priding himself on being able to smooth talk a woman like nobody else, he’s complete jelly when it comes to a cute guy. It’s kind of pathetic, actually.

But there he was- spending his entire night flirting with this incredible guy. They could not stop talking about anything and everything. Sam practically had to pry Dean away from him at the end of the night to go home, but the possibility of not seeing Castiel again was too much for Dean. He needed to know this wasn’t goodbye, so he just blurted it out. If he was sober, he would’ve never asked Castiel out. He’s way out of Dean’s league.

Castiel glances up over his menu at Dean. “Dean, that’s ridiculous. I thoroughly enjoyed your company the other night.”

Dean snorts. “Anyone enjoys anyone’s company when there’s shots involved, Cas.”

Castiel’s lips twitch as the name leaves Dean’s mouth and he starts to panic. Crap, is that too weird? Nicknames are way too intimate at this point, aren’t they? They aren’t even technically dating. Shit, he’s screwing this up. “Ah, sorry… that just kinda came out…”

Castiel bites his lip softly, making the fluttering in Dean’s stomach act up again, and the corner of Cas’ mouth quirks upwards. “I like it.”

Dean breathes out a sigh of relief before going back to studying the menu with his own small smile. “Okay, Cas. So whatcha gonna have?”


Blaring horn. Bright lights. Screeching. A desperate cry before sudden impact.

And then he’s numb.

Is this what the end feels like? It’s strangely peaceful. Wait no, it can’t be. He’s not ready.

He’s not ready.


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