this hug is like an epic okay



- Nice reintroduction of a character that you’ve either a) completely hated or b) have come to pity.

- Mikasa desperately trying to protect Eren. :3

- Hannes stepping in to protect them both. ;-;

- The scene where Ymir saves Erwin like damn, save danchou for us all.

- Historia basically confessing her love for Ymir before they both, along with Sasha and Connie, TURN INTO A BADASS TITAN SLAYING QUARTET.

- The Jearmin. Jearmin. Jearmin. :D




- Yui Ishikawa did a phenomenal job on the confession scene. The way her voice went soft, it broke me in so many ways.






- Okay, the scene with RBY on the wall was really pretty. Like, especially knowing Ymir’s backstory at this point, it makes what she says a lot more depressing.


- God, the anime keeps making Levi look hotter every episode. What is this witchcraft?

-Shots of the Squad, ahhhHHH!! SO EPIC



So I’m seeing that some people aren’t completely happy with the reunion scene, but like…that was beautiful?? The way they comfort each other and they’re just together and don’t need to say anything and Jemma showing Fitz that she still loves him and him thinking he doesn’t deserve even though he ONLY HAS ROOM IN HIS HEART FOR JEMMA BECAUSE SHE OWNS IT AND ALWAYS HAS and just… Like yeah, okay, in my hopes and dreams there were hugs and epic kisses but really, this was so much more realistic after everything they’ve been through. They need to heal, and this is them taking that first step toward that together, despite everything they’ve been through and I just… I dunno, I just really loved it okay? 

Also can we talk about how freaking amazing Iain and Liz are in scenes when there aren’t even words like??? Honestly I’m in awe of them (like always).

4x05 - The Tinder Box (The 100)

All right. So, I lied.

I’m busy this evening, and tomorrow evening, and all weekend, and next week…soooooooo I’m gonna whizz through a quick-cap of 4x05.

Ultimately, my feelings are mixed, as they were post 4x04. There was good, there was bad. None of the bad was so bad to make me fully angry, but it was frustrating enough that I’m just like whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.



-          I get it. This season only has 13 eps and it’s a fast paced ep, but the way they have handled Octavia’s death and Bellamy’s grief is an actual tragedy. FUN FACT: I hated the prison scene from last week. And while none of the Blake related moments in this episode are inherently bad, the fact that Bellamy finds out the truth almost immediately is SUCH a wasted opportunity. Yes, I appreciate that Bell was smart enough to figure it out. But what was the point? It ends up having literally NO effect on his relationship with Echo. We don’t get to see what Bellamy without Octavia would be. We don’t even get to see him see O alive as the big reveal. WASTED. And they could have done better. They could have shown Bellamy have his lightbulb ‘O must have warned them moment’ but then Kane could have talked him down, in an attempt to correct him in case they were wrong (ie. In case Octavia had made it back in time to warn them, but then died from her wounds – which, PLAUSIBLE). Then Bellamy could have made the decision to rise up and lead despite not knowing if O was dead or alive, which would have lent so much more weight to the decision. It also would have made his interactions with Echo more poignant. Personally, I take issue with Bell being so chill around her even when he knows O is alive. But seeing him trying to reason with her, and putting the needs of all above the death of his sister? HOLY GUACAMOLE GUYS. Admittedly, I can’t figure out any viable reason for Clarke to not immediately clue him in once they were reunited…so the finding out she’s alive when he sees her moment was definitely out, but this alone would have been so much better! UGH

-          As touched upon, I’m struggling with the Bellamy/Echo stuff. I see what they’re doing, and I like it as a concept but the execution is shaky. Bellamy is being used to prop up Echo, and he’s a main character. I see shades of Clarke/Lexa, but also Clarke/Roan here (and I think we are meant to see both) but sadly the writers don’t seem to have learned from their mistake last season with Clarke’s 3A arc. Bellamy’s heavy handed speech to Riley was just UGH. A) We KNOW by now that Bellamy has regrets. Good lord. B) Riley. C) The entire scene is framed around Echo and I just. I just.

-          I think this is the most irritated I have ever been at the writers usage of Bellamy Blake, and yes – I include all of S3 in that statement (I stan S3). And he had some GREAT STUFF, truly. Bob is a superstar. But, UGH.

-          Riley is the actual worst, and I hate the writers for treating us like idiots. If they had just pulled out a random Arkadian for this ep it would have been better. Having all our main characters act like Riley is suddenly relevant is insulting. I hate.

-          I think that is all the stuff I outright hated??? There were some other little bits that bugged…I’ll do a separate section…

Bits that bugged…

-          The last time we saw Niylah and Clarke, Niylah was pissed at her. Ultimately, I loved all of Niylah’s moments with everyone, but the affection was jarring at first.

-          Roan and Clarke’s conversation was ultimately pretty pointless. It wasn’t even that tense. Buuuut I’m glad they are friends again at least.

-          Ilian blowing up the tech was so obvious to me that the moment when they leave him alone to tend to O, I just kind of rolled my eyes. THAT SAID, I buy that the characters were all pretty distracted. So, fine.


-          Everything Raven continues to be great. I mean, it’s HORRIBLE, and IDK how the hell my girl is gonna survive this. BUT YOU GUYS….Raven essentially saying she’ll happily sacrifice herself for the others? Ajhsdbajsbdajhas

-          RAVEN AND ABBY HAVE BEEN SUPER IMPORTANT TO ME SINCE WAY BACK IN 1X02 AND THIS WAS LIKE…THEIR BEST EPISODE SINCE THEN. Did Abby call her baby at one point? AM I MAKING THAT UP? The cute little bit where Raven is all IT’S A TWO SEATER. Abby trying to get her to chill and then Raven echoing Clarke in 3x16 ‘You’ve got to let me go’. ABBY’S DAUGHTERS.

-          NIYTAVIA

Originally posted by evilbjork

-          Ilian continues to be a compelling new character (fuck off Riley). I love the complexity of him blowing Arkadia up, but then helping both the girls. I continue to be intrigued.

-          MONTY THE MVP.

-          Marper are also growing on me, on a truly emotional level.


-          It is utterly ridiculous to me that Octavia was even attempting to walk, and that she apparently has zero broken limbs…HOWEVER, I feel like I need to point out that I have loved everything Octavia this season so there’s that.


-          BELLAMY AND OCTAVIA. GOOD LORD AT THE END. AT THE END. And yeah, okay, they’ve still got shit to go through. But in a moment of trauma Bellamy cradles his baby sister, and O hugs him and cries. Fuck me.

-          The whole end sequence with Arkadia blowing up was perfect. I wish this director had directed the prison scene.


-          But not THAT. Don’t worry. THAT gets its own section.



-          What is a Marcus Kane? Clarke does not know a Marcus Kane.

-          I also j’adored Clarke’s reaction to there being no word from Bellamy or Stephens. Such a S2 throwback. I also hope Bellamy told Clarke to sit down before he revealed Stephens fate, because that’s gonna be traumatic (OH ALSO RE. ECHO…she just casually slit the throat of an Arkadian last week. The writers think we won’t care bc it’s just a rando but GUESS WHAT WRITERS, that rando was one of Bellamy’s PEOPLE and I do not BUY THEM BEING BFFS. MAKE ECHO EARN IT YOU MONSTERS)

-          Clarke maintained her composure for the most part, but it was glorious when Roan called her bluff. And I feel like now is a good time to reveal I have re evaluated 3x15. Back then, I argued that Clarke would – ultimately – have let Bellamy die, as she was going to with Abby. I’m not so sure anymore. These moments weren’t entirely comparable, because here Clarke DID have other options. But there is no doubt Roan knew that Bellamy would break Clarke, and she knew it too.

-          The Roan+Clarke/Echo+Bellamy scene seemed perfectly mirrored, so as much as I’m annoyed by the Echo stuff I’m also not concerned about romance.


-          That final shot of the Blake family IS EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING TO ME. I like that Clarke checked on Niylah, but then the writers had her back with the Blakes. It was SUCH a family shot. And I also really liked that Bellamy was the one on the ground cradling O, while Clarke was the one standing. Mah ship loves to subvert all the things. It’s great.

So yeah. It was a mixed bag. Fingers crossed 4x06 gets this season back on track after a couple of annoyingly flawed episodes. A Bellarkoan roadtrip oughta do it!

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But you all are rejoicing that Damon didn't seem excited to see Elena. Why? That wasn't the whole clip and you know he's going to say some sweet romantic stuff. Lmao bamonators are a trip.

Then dont be Peter Pessimist if we rejoice the hugs scene whether it turns out to be Kath or Elmo. well, romantic stuff after 2 whole years absence sure lil bit awkward right? even in the pic of nikki/ian/nina. did you see the scene where damon roll his eyes when Caroline said “ like Elmo?” in epi 14? well, usually, 3 second scene if its fail, means fail. 

My opinion,both brothers knew that’s not Elmo but kath and they surprise she’s comeback for real or she really here and got herself tricked by Salvators. that’s why Stefan looks sooo..”okay, now you’re just walk into our trap” face.

If that girl obviously Elmo, well, again  I just….”is that epic?” and you said they will have a romance speech or maybe kissing (I doubt Ian and Nina will do it, maybe their body double will) all to cover up the “epic hugs” still fail. But I try to stick with that’s Katherine who fall for their trick, If I’m wrong, no hurt feelings.If its really Elena, then they need to fix her wig. 

Wanna beat Bamon hugs in just several second? that Bamon hugs is what we called EPIC. hun. Short scene but meaningful and everyone still remember it as the best scene TVD ever had.

The Angle

The Pause in between to realize the reality or imagination

The calling

The Open arms by the Dominent

The Smile before it hits them its reality

THE KOALA HUGS/ wrapped around each other

The scenery

The bg Song

Last  Smiles and satisfaction.



Hooky & The Beast~

A/N: This is a continuation of my last fic link here: [Link] So, this might be a tad confusing for some.

Warnings: Harry x Ben Fluff/ & Slight Angst

Morning had risen over Auradon casting a bright glow of sun light over the campus and dorms. Sunshine peeked through the blinds and curtains of Ben’s windows that were in his dorm. Ben remained asleep still drained from his adventure on the isle and back. Gil remained asleep in Ben’s bed also curled up and snoring loud. Usually Ben would awaken to the sound of his alarm clock, however, today was different. To his surprise, and also to Gil’s as well, the clock wasn’t the one waking him up. For it was instead Harry Hook. Harry strode down the dorm hall trying to locate Ben’s room. Once he had approached it, he pulled the knob trying to gain entry. Sadly, to his expense, the door wouldn’t budge, it remained locked. Harry grinned at the locked entrance and took a couple steps back. Harry never backed down from a challenge, and a single door wasn’t going to be one of them. Once he stepped back, he ran at full force towards the door and raised his heavy foot to kick it open. The force of his strength and speed caused the door to do just that. The door swung open and slammed hard against the wall behind it. 

The loud slam of it immediately woke both Ben and Gil and up. The two boys darted their eyes towards the entrance to see what had happened only to find Harry grinning like the sly guy he is. “G’mornin’ ye two, sleep well?” Harry asked approaching the bed. Ben rubbed his eyes while panting hard from the shock of the door. Gil just saw Harry and rolled his eyes as he laid back down. “Blimey, don’t die on me, lad” Harry said petting Ben’s shoulder. Ben finally took a couple more deep breaths and finally spoke. “Good morning Harry, did you sleep well?”  “Eh, well I slept in complete silence, so there’s that,” Harry replied toying with his hook. Ben slightly blushed in embarrassment. “Oh, I’m sorry for taking your roommate from you,” Ben said shyly. Harry gave him a slight confused look, “Oh no, don’t get the wrong idea, I enjoyed the silence, it’s completely different from the loud noises of the isle,” Harry chuckled. Ben let out a small laugh at his response. “So,” Harry spoke abruptly, “what’s on the agenda fer today, King?” Ben scratched his head trying to gather his thoughts. “I have no idea, to be honest.” Ben replied. Harry soon went to brainstorming. “Well it’s a nice Saturday mornin’, how ‘bout we go on an adventure?” “Uh, Harry, no offense, but this isn’t like the isle, here in Auradon there are hardly any adventure-worthy places to explore. Everything’s all out in the open and hold hardly any mystery. Harry sighed and went back to brainstorming. 

Suddenly a light bulb popped in Harry’s head. “My sister is here, right?” Harry asked. Ben thought, “You mean C.J.?” Harry nodded. “She’s here if I’m not mistaken, though I don’t know exactly where.” “Well, let’s find ‘er, she’s bound to be packed with knowledge of the best places to adventure!” Harry smirked. Ben squinted. “So you mean we’re going to go on an adventure, to go on an adventure?” Ben asked slightly grinning. Harry nodded again grinning back. “Only for you, Harry, I’ll go,” Ben said getting out of the bed as he ran to get dressed and ready.

“Hey, Gilly-boy, you want in also?” Harry asked. Gil didn’t reply but just threw the cover on his shoulder over his head. “Hm, reckon that means no” Harry said to himself. A moment passed and Ben came running out clothed in a hoodie, sweatpants, and sneakers. Harry eye’d him, “Wow, not feelin’ up to the whole royal attire today, eh?” he asked. Ben shook his head. “That’s fine, ye look better without that formal bullshit on anyways.” Ben blushed some more and scratched the back of his head. Harry laughed at him and ran out of the room, Ben ran right behind him closing his door as he left. The two ran down the hall and skidded down some stair rails. Many heads were turned watching the two. Many faces were shocked to see Ben acting so rebellious and wild. Ben couldn’t care though, ever since the two came to Auradon his life was filled with excitement he had never experienced hardly ever. He truly enjoyed the boys’ company. 

The two boys finally reached the exit of the building and took in the fresh air. “Now, let’s ask around if anyone has seen C.J.” Ben said. Harry nodded and they ran to a small crowd of familiar faces. “Ahoy! Have any of ye seen my sister, anywhere?” Harry asked. Mal turned her head to look at them. “No, the last we saw of her was at the Jewel-bilee when she was working with Zevon to take over Auradon.”  Harry gave her a squinted confused look. “Long story,” Ben said taking noticed to his look. “Yeah, C.J.’s elusive as all hell, she constantly shows up one minute and leaves another.” Carlos added. “Sorry, guys” Jay said. Harry rolled his eyes and groaned. “Come on now, I’m sure we’ll eventually find her.” Ben said patting Harry’s back. Harry looked into at the hope and confidence Ben had his eyes and couldn’t help but smirk. “Fine,” Harry said running off once again. Ben ran after. “Good luck you two, oh and cute ‘lazy-day’ outfit, Ben!” Evie shouted at the two. The other three slightly frowned at her comment. “What? It is a cute outfit.” Evie said with a smile.

Ben and Harry went hours searching for C.J. still no hope for them both. Though not all was unfortunate in their search. While on their quest, the two boys bonded a bit, even to do point of making nicknames for each other. ‘Hooky’ was Ben’s nickname to Harry, and ‘Beast’ was Harry’s nickname for Ben. They kept running in hope of finding C.J. Instead, they found the campus, the location at where they started. As Harry saw this, he stopped running. Ben took noticed to him walked back towards him wiping the sweat from his forehead. “What’s wrong, Hooky?” Harry sighed and sat down on a near by bench. “This was nothin’ more than a waste of time, Beast.” Harry said with his head leading down on his hand. 

“Don’t say that, with a little luck I’m sure we’ll find your sister.” “No we won’t!” Harry said raising his voice a little. Ben was taken back by the risen tone. “Okay, okay, calm down, buddy” Ben said trying to not have another emotional episode as he did with Gil earlier. Harry paused and his angered pale blue eyes soften up. “Sorry,” Harry said, “I shouldn’t go against yer optimism, I mean, it’s one of your cutest traits.” Ben eyes widen. “What? You like my..optimism..?”  “Yeah, I mean, back on the isle all I ever heard was doubt and pessimistic phrases. It’s nice to hear something different.” Harry looked into Ben’s wide eyes and growing blush and smiled. “And like I said, it’s one of cutest traits, other than the obvious fact that yer easy as hell to make wide-eye’d and blush.” Ben’s eyes were still wide. He had never been complimented on his optimistic attitude not even at Auradon. At Auradon, most princes and princesses were spoiled rotten, and hardly optimistic or “princess-sy” at all. It felt nice that his attitude was being noticed and not shunned for once. Ben wanted to simply say thank you, but while his mind said one thing, his body said another. Harry gazed at Ben who was silent during his spiel and after. “Um, are ye okay, Be-” before Harry could finished his lips were greeted with that of Ben’s. 

Granted, Harry was caught off guard, though he didn’t hate the sudden action. The two sat on the bench eyes closed and mouth to mouth in a romantic lip-lock until Ben finally broke it apart slowly. Harry opened his eyes and smirked. “Blimey, but yer interestin’ one, Beast” Harry said with a slight giggle. The words sunk into Ben’s mind and he woke up from his trance. “Oh! Oh my! I’m so sorry, I was intending on just saying thank you. I don’t know what happened to me, I-” Harry raised a finger to Ben’s mouth. “No need to apologize, Beast, I enjoyed it. In fact, that honestly made this whole annoying trip pretty worthwhile.” Harry grinned. Ben grinned back. “Now c’mon, the school is just beyond the horizon, let’s head back.” Harry said slinging an arm around Ben’s shoulder. The two walked back to the dorm in silence as the bright sun was setting in the sky. 

As the two approached the dorm hall they both took noticed to Ben’s door being completely opened. Ben had remembered closing it on way out. Maybe Gil left and forgot to close himself? Though, inside they could both hear chatter one of the voices being Gil’s, so that theory was debunked. As the two wondered in, they were greeted by a golden haired girl in pirate clothing talking to Gil. “Sis!” Harry shouted with a wide grin. The girl turned and smiled. “Ahoy! big bro!” she replied giving him a hug. “Long time no see, oh hey Ben, you dating brother or something?” Ben didn’t reply but just gave an awkward smile that made both Harry and C.J. laugh. “So what did you need me for, bro?” asked C.J. “An adventure, like a really epic one,” Harry replied. “Uh, hate to break it to ya, bro, but Auradon’s not exactly the biggest adventure-worthy place, like the isle was, in fact I’m actually trying to look for an adventure myself.”  “See? I told you, Hooky!” Ben interrupted. 

C.J. cocked an eyebrow and giggled. “Hooky? Your boyfriend calls you Hooky? Aw, that’s so cute!” she said still giggling. Harry smiled. “No, he came up with it while we were out.” C.J. paused. “Wait, so you literally, went out searching for my help to have an epic adventure, when you instead had one all by yourselves without my help..” Harry paused as the realization struct him. “Oh, why, I guess we did, huh?” he said looking at Ben. “Again, just like I told, you, uh..Hooky” Ben said with a slight blush. C.J. and Harry laughed. “Oh, you two are adorable, but sadly this is my time to part.” She said giving her brother one last hug. “You take care of him, okay, trust me, he needs it.” C.J. said patting Ben’s back. “Chow, boys!” she shouted leaving the halls. “So, you two wasted the whole day, for absolutely nothing?” Gil asked. “Eh, not for nothin’ exactly, we had a pretty nice moment on a bench,” Harry said lying down on the bed while at the same time winking at Ben. Ben reciprocated the wink in a chuckle, he sat down next to him and he spoke. “Yup, the wonderful misadventures of Hooky and his Beast.”

My Secret Session Story - October 27th, 2014

It was Tuesday, about an entire week before the album came out that I pulled out my phone in the library to see two missed calls from a NYC area code. I freaked out because there was also a voicemail saying, “Hey Zee, this is Karli from, please call us back when you can!”. Every time I walk past the place in the library where I listened to this voicemail, I die inside of nostalgia.

I tried to stay calm because I was shaking so much and I was so nervous to even speak, so I gave myself a good five minutes before calling back. Taylor Nation confirmed everything and we talked for awhile, and suddenly, I was good to go. I was ready for Monday. I was ready for my life to change.

Flash forward to Monday. So there I am, roaming around NYC after taking an uber taxi from penn station for the first time, which was scary but mega cool, and then I see youvegotasmile like, “HEY! I KNOW YOU!” and I’m like, “I KNOW YOU TOO!” and we remembered each other from sitting near each other at The Giver premiere, so we caught up, and we were like, “Did you.. happen to.. get something?” and we nodded to each other, like yes! Someone I know! So I hung out with her until I realized everyone was meeting inside the Starbucks behind us. 

IT WAS CRAZY. I walk in and there I see all these people from Twitter and Tumblr, people I’ve always adored, like fearlessleigh immabefearless tswiftnz eyesopen ughstory colorsinautumn gettingsweptaways @ MaseratiSwift (twitter) and then I met some new people, like kaileeswift and naomiswift13, who I ended up falling in love with by the end of the day. It was so great seeing and meeting many of these guys for the first time ever, when all you’ve seen them on is social media. 

So, then we walked out and just casually stood as other people joined us, like Caylee, dressuplikehipsterstalldrinkofhappy and her twin sister, Angie, Liz B (twitter), and all these people who got invited from staying up for GMA that morning, AND JUST SO MANY PEOPLE. IT WAS A LOVE FEST. And then Karli came out, and I’m with ughstorycolorsinautumn and gettingsweptaways making jokes and calling ourselves a tumblr clique, and then I see Karli making all these little dance moves as she is walking out of a building, and after telling a group of people to go inside, and recognizing MaseratiSwift and Josh, she sees me and she’s like, “You’re Zee, right?!” and I died inside like “Yes!” and she pulled me into a hug and said, “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP THIS WEEKEND!” (I reported a ton of links, but I never even knew she saw everything I sent her). Then she sent me and my “tumblr clique” inside. So as we are freaking out, we go inside the building, only to be given all these refreshments and then told they’re moving us to another location. Surprise, surprise. So we walk a few blocks and it’s Taylor’s neighborhood, so we go into this building, 17-18 floors up, and get lead out up these stairs, only to discover we are on a ROOFTOP! I was the first group in the elevator, so we all just got there and ended up being in the first row. There was this whole stage in front of us and guys sweeping down the stage getting it ready.

So, flash forward to all of us being there now, with corporate people and other fans who got to come through iHeartRadio, and then there comes Scott, handing out all these guitar picks (I ended up getting two, but I lost them later, funny story, stay tuned), Andrea, Tree, Karli, EVERYONE IS THERE. THE HYPE IS REAL. They started playing all these songs from 1989 and we were just having this huge sing a long with TN trying to memorize the lyrics.. Flash forward, all her band members and back-up singers come out, and I got to high five some of them as they walked up, and then I made eye contact as they were getting ready, like you got this guys!! So they’re getting all hyped up and they’re giddy and happy, and Amos is making funny faces. Then, Taylor finally comes out and meets some people from her management and everyone is screaming, and then, show time, she gets the mic and walks right into the crowd, right in front of me, singing Welcome To New York, and bam the show has started and she is rocking it. I posted a selfie earlier that day on tumblr of me crying on the train to the city listening to Wildest Dreams, and Taylor liked it, knowing the real reason I was crying was because of the secret session, and during Out of the Woods, she looked down and saw me for the first time that night, and she nodded her head back smiling and just kept staring at me while she sung, even when there were hands reaching out for her in front of me, she kept looking down at me like, “I know who you are. I’m glad you made it.” SERIOUSLY IF YOU SEE THE VIDEO, AND YOU SEE HER LOOKING DOWN NEAR THE SECOND VERSE AND NODDING HER HEAD BACK, IT’S ME. Then she sang Style, Blank Space, and Shake it Off, making quick eye contact every now and then, and ALSO TOTALLY ROCKING IT. I WOULD GO INTO DETAIL, BUT YOU CAN JUST WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE PERFORMANCE. 

OKAY SO HERE’S THE AWESOME PART. Right after she was done, she said she is going to go change and meet all of us, and so when she got off the stage, she saw Jordan ( colorsinautumn ) and Josh (ughstory) and screamed, “JORDAN, COME HERE!!” and her bodyguards were telling her to keep going because the crowd was coming onto her, but  she grabbed and pulled Jordan out of the crowd and hugged him hard and then did the same with Josh like “JOSH, I’M SO GLAD YOU MADE IT!!”

Then she left, and we were all chilling again, except Josh and Jordan were totally in shock about what happened, and it was so cute, and then we were told to follow Taylor’s people down the elevator, and that’s when I saw tree-paine passing me, and I told her, “TREE, YOU’RE SO GORGEOUS!” I’ve always wanted to say that, so I took my first opportunity to, and she heard and looked back smiling and said, “Thank you!!” I ran back to go get on the elevator, and that’s when I met Caylee, who Taylor also hugged and told her she had something for her. Caylee is so nice and sweet and humble, asking everyone if they already had a guitar pick or not because she was ready to give away some of hers.

So then we are in this other room, there’s unlimited pizza and these two or three guys behind the bar station, serving drinks (soda or water), and we were told to freshen up and eat and mingle. So we all mingled, and chilled out, and we were like, is this really happening? Then we were told to line up to meet Taylor, and so we all got in line, bUT THEN PLOT TWIST, TAYLOR HAD A CHANGE OF PLANS SHE WOULDN’T SAY, SO WE WERE ALL TOLD TO GET OUT OF LINE AND CONTINUE MINGLING, to which I said, “THERE’S SO MANY SURPRISES” and someone from TN was like, “But that’s what makes it fun!” So then the iHeartRadio livestream was about to start, and we all wanted to watch ourselves on the big screen, so we huddled and sat in this couch to watch, when out comes Scott (Papa Swift) and sits down with us, taking pictures of his daughter on the livestream. Like dude, this guy doesn’t have to do that. HE’S LITERALLY TAKING PICTURES OF THE TV, LIKE YOUR DAUGHTER IS TAYLOR SWIFT, YOU CAN TOTALLY JUST GET HQ PICS LATER. He’s so genuinely proud of her. Then we all screamed take a selfie!! And he was sitting right across from me, and took his first selfie with everyone behind him and next to him. Before anything else could happen, Taylor walked up this walk way next to the TV and saw Caylee and hugged her and was like Happy Birthday!! She had this bag with a card for her, and Caylee was like tearing up and it was so genuine and happy of a moment, and finally, Caylee opened the bag and it was a large bottle of champagne for her 21st birthday! They kept talking, and then Taylor walked Caylee over to the bar station/counter/kitchen haha, and they sat and talked for awhile, and then took polaroids posing with the bottle. It was so cute. 

Then Taylor got up, in her beautiful polka dot dress, and said, “THIS IS A SECRET SESSION. HERE, WE DON’T HAVE LINES. HERE, WE MINGLE AND HAVE FUN!” something like that, and then the true fun began, whenever you were ready to talk to her, you went up to her and talked to her. There was this gay male couple, who were so adorably cute, and their pose made me smile the most because they got down on their hands and knees like puppy dog style and asked Taylor to sit on top of them, almost like a pyramid, and run her fingers through their hair. It was so SO CUTE. I hope it comes out somewhere and goes viral. It was just that adorable. THEN SHE MET ALL OF MY TUMBLR BUDDIES AND IT WAS SO ENCHANTING. SHE KNEW THEM ALL. SO WELL. SHE KNEW LIKE EVERYONE THERE. BY FIRST NAME. She would take some of their hands and lead them in the back somewhere, hence all the really funny photos in random cubicles and what not.

While she was meeting all these other people, I chilled with Andrea and we talked about how Taylor stalks people on tumblr in front of her, and would like nudge her and be like, “Mom, you have to see this!!” and then she told us about how she saw a post about, “That’s my baby, and I’m so proud.” and then she was like, “As soon as I saw that, I was like YEAH YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS MY BABY AND I AM PROUD!!” and that’s why she says it so much herself now. It was hilarious and we kept laughing and joking around until I hugged her. Then I chilled with tree-paine for awhile, talking about how great of a publicist she is, and she tried saying it’s all Taylor, and she just handles the press/media, but like dude, girl, I told her she allows it to happen, she gives it the a-okay by not stopping Taylor to be herself. Then we talked about tumblr and her cat and other cool epicness. Tree is a wonderful woman, and her red hair is so gorgeous, and so radiant, she is just so so so beautiful. 

THEN.. I hung out with everyone again, immabefearless has the cutest facial expressions and every time we would look at each other from across the room, we would just make funny faces and sing 1989 song lyrics that were blasting on the stereo. Then, I hung out with Karli and Tree’s assistant, and Karli introduced me to these people with Taylor and was like, “GUYS! This is Zee! She’s awesome and she’s been such a huge help.” I was melting inside.

Oh by the way, while all this was happening, Taylor would just casually walk past you holding some fan’s hand to go find a place to make a pose. It was SO CHILL LIKE IT DIDN’T EVEN FEEL LIKE THERE WAS A CELEBRITY AT ALL THERE. There were only about 50-60 of us out of the entire crowd who actually ended up meeting her.

KAY FLASH FORWARD NOW TO WHEN I MET TAYLOR. I had a train to catch in an hour and a half, so I decided to finally start breathing and go over the lines I wanted to make sure to tell her so I didn’t forget. I didn’t want to meet her so soon, but I also didn’t have a choice. So, MaseratiSwift is done meeting her, and there I am, and Taylor looks at me, nods back, tilts her head, and smiles while opening her arms wide and saying, “HEYYYYYYYY BUDDDYYY!!!” and I ran up and hugged her and she’s like, “I’M SO GLAD TO MEET YOU!!! HOW ARE YOU?!” and I was like, “I’m good!! You?!!! (I’m so used to working with people, that I’m so used to responding like that without even thinking, like I just freaking asked Taylor Alison Swift how is she)” and she started doing this little dance in front of me like how she does those cute little dances when she’s excited in between her songs on stage, and at the same time, saying, “I’m great, I’m nervous!! My album just came out today and now I’m with you guys and wow there are so many feelings..” and she kept going, and I was like, “SAME! I can’t control my body right now!” and she giggled, I hope she got the joke in what I said, and then she was like, “Yes, right!!” and then I was like, “you know simplysfans on tumblr?” and she replied, “yes that’s you!” and I was like, “wait what, you know?!” and she said, “yes i know!!!” and we kept repeating that conversation like “YOU KNOW” “YES I KNOW” like three times lol because I was in such disbelief and shock and she’s like, “OF COURSE I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, ZEE, I HANDPICKED EVERYONE HERE, DUH.” and then I told her about this deep story I have only told to a few people, about my family and life, and then I told her about how my mom and I resonated with Clean, and how it was the first song we wanted to listen to when the album came out, and Taylor was so happy because she asked me, “Did she (my mom) like it?!!!” and I was like YES!! She kept making side comments when I told her my story, which I won’t say publicly, but it was so sweet of her and she kept staring at me the entire time, she cared so much and she makes you feel like you’re talking to your best friend. It literally felt like that. 

And then I told her the happy stuff. I told her about how a few months ago, I finally found myself and became happy with who I was as a person, and how I know what I want and where I want to be with life, and she smiled and nudged me and said, “Then we are in the same place, girl!” then I told her, “Yeah! And we both live in New York (wink wink)” and then she was like, “Yeah!? What neighborhood?!” and she got so excited, and then I was like, “Well, I live upstate, not in the city!” and then she’s like, “I LOVE UPSTATE!” I asked her if she’s ever been to my city, Albany, and she’s like yes! I love Albany!! I used to go there all the time with radio tours when I was like 16.“ I was like, "wHAT SERIOUSLY?!!” and then she named every upstate city in New York and was like, “I’ve been through it all, that’s what you do when you do radio tours!!” and I was dying inside, and told her how she’s really a true New Yorker now. Then I was like, “well, are you going to come again some time” and she asked how long is the commute, and I told her about 2 hours, and she’s like, “seriously?! that’s not so bad, that’s definitely doable, I’m going to come up again some time.” and then she asked me where is the best place to eat there, and I told her, and then she was like, “You know, I always imagined where you live is like endless farmhouses, countryside, hay, and like windmills against the water and it’s so quiet and so many trees.” and there are actual neighborhoods like that here, so I ecstatically said back, “THERE IS THOUGH!!!!” and she laughed so hard and moved back and then mocked our conversation to Karli and the rest of the TN team, it was so funny when she mocked my, “THERE IS THOUGH!!!” and it made my life. Then we talked about arenas nearby, and what’s fun to do there, and I told her about one arena, but I told her to forget about it when she sounded interested (literally she had her hand on her chin thinking about it) because she would sell it out 37432749274 times and she laughed so hard. 

THENNN we finally started talking about posing for the photos, and I told her that I wanted a best friend one, but thinking about it again, I totally wanted a funny one, and I told her I couldn’t decide on an idea, but because of the story I told her about me, she just instantly said, “We need a sassy one!!” so she pointed to nothing and said, “let’s get under the table there and take a sassy picture together with our hands on our chins” and then people were like what table lololol and then she’s like THERE WAS A TABLE THERE I SWEAR WHERE IS IT and it was actually behind some pillar, so we walked together past people and while this was happening, she’s like “we really need a sassy photo together, yeah, simply s for sass”  and she opened up the tablecloth for me and as she was doing that, I said thanks for liking my selfie earlier today about crying on the train to Wildest Dreams, and she was like, “No problem, I looovee your selfies!” and we both got under and oh my god, that’s when I lost both my guitar picks without noticing because I was so focused on Taylor and then she’s like “you ready? follow me!” after I hit my head a little and then she told Karli to get down for this level of sass because instead of getting on our knees, Taylor wanted me and her to lay flat on our stomachs and I was like so caught up in it all, and Taylor is making this sassy face whereas I’m just there smiling big because I can’t believe this is happening, and Karli snaps the pic and we just wait there until Karli is like, “YOU TWO ARE SO CUTE!!!!” and then we got up together and walked down these steps together and I said told her about the koala selfie, and how my mom got mad at me posting it because I had food in my mouth, and she’s just like, “Why would your mom get mad?!! Welll, I THOUGHT it was endearing.” and then she stepped off to this side so I thought it was over, and then I turned to my left and I was given my polaroid and instructions on how to make it come out good, and then they just stopped talking to me, and said Taylor is trying to hug me, and I’m like, wait what? and turned to my right and Taylor is like in this creepy tyrannosaurus/bear hug (SHE’S LIKE TALL AND LOOKING DOWN AT ME) pose trying to grab me and right before she does, she’s like “gahhh!!!” and we hug really tight and then she’s like, “see you on tumblr!!!” and it was emotional, and I walked away like shaking oh my god.

that about sums some of my night up. i was such an emotional wreck. it took me so long to post this just because i wanted to be sure that I wrote as much as I could remember. Taylor is such an incredible person, and she makes you feel special and when she talks to you, YOU’RE THE ONLY PERSON IN THE ROOM TO HER, AND YOU’RE THE ONLY PERSON WHO MATTERS TO HER. It was so magical. I wish I could re-live it every single night. She’s not your average celebrity, she’s Taylor Swift. 1989 is going to be an incredible era, and also, if you think Taylor doesn’t #taylurk you, you’re very wrong. She #taylurks everybody. So hard. I didn’t even think she knew who I was, but she did. I love you, Taylor. 



LOFT 89 STORY - 06/20 Cologne, Germany

Okay, it’s been 2 days since I met Taylor in Loft 89 with my best friends germanswiftiesofficial aka twopaperairplanes89, taylorswiftakabecky, freshstart1989, no-its-baecky, beyondthehorizonofdreams, outofthewoodsswift1989, screamingcolorswift13 and reneglawion. I just got back from Amsterdam so I can finally write down our story now from my point of view.❤

We got tickets for both Cologne shows and the Amsterdam show in November. Now that weekend of three shows in three days in two countries is over and my biggest dream has come true. It still hasn’t quite sunken in. 

We got to the show on Friday and just had the time of our lives, Jana ( taylorswiftakabecky) and I were close to the sound booth. The rest of our group was sitting a few rows behind us, even closer. We even met Andrea before the show and she hugged us and said nice to meet you and I thanked her for coming here with Taylor. :) She was the sweetest. 

 When Taylor finally came out our chill was completely lost, we freaked out. Suddenly, l look over to to the B-Stage Pit and the rest of our group is in it, talking to Andrea. As it turns out: she came up to them during I Knew You Were Trouble and asked them if they had met Taylor already. Now, they told her the truth and said that we met her at the German Radio Awards but she said that didn’t count. But two of us had been to Club Red so she couldn’t let us in, she did upgrade them to the B-Stage Pit though. She was so moved by our story about meeting each other and how Taylor followed us on Tumblr and how we became best friends and so she was like: “Look guys, tell me your Tumblr and your seats for tomorrow.” She said she would sleep on it and she would come back tomorrow but couldn’t promise us anything because of course nobody would want people to be mad because they let somebody into the meet&greet twice. 

We didn’t really have a lot of hope anymore but the fact that she cared and listened and liked us meant SO much to us, we were just overwhelmed by her kindness. 

So June 20th comes around and we’re in the arena again, all excited for the show, as Andrea comes out, walks up to outofthewoodsswift1989, winked at him and said: “I know where your seats are now.” So we partied HARD during the show and Taylor was so close, I was in HEAVEN. SHE IS PERFECT OMG. Suddenly (again during I Knew You Were Trouble) I turn around to look at the rest of our group and suddenly I see Andrea right next to us and someone else with wristbands. Andrea said: “Would you still like to meet Taylor in Loft 89? Point to the 8 people you’re here with.” AND THEN WE STARTED SCREAMING AND CRYING AND DROPPING TO THE FLOOR. 

Everyone around us was staring and filming us as they gave us the wristbands and I will never ever forget this moment. It was pure happiness. We kept crying for the entire show and immediately ran towards the meeting point afterwards and waited for like 20 minutes until they told us the rules of Loft 89 and they let us into this tiny, tiny room that had couches, pizza, cookies, drinks and it was super cozy. We were around 26 people. Andrea walked up to us again and hugged us, saying that she was so happy we were here and that at first she thought she would have to break our hearts but we really stood out tonight with our costumes and dancing. Also apparently she had talked to Taylor about us (which basically means she told Taylor our Tumblr names, Taylor remembered us and told Andrea to come and get us asgdkfjaslsha) and those were the reasons she let us in. It was unreal, guys. We thanked her a thousand times and took pictures with her.

Suddenly we were told to put our cameras away and Taylor walked in and SHE LOOKED AMAZING. SHE WAS CUTE AND GORGEOUS AND HAPPY, IT WAS EVERYTHING. We were waiting for her to go around and when she came to us she immediately started hugging each and one of us and said: “Hey guys! How are you? Thanks for coming. Aww, you’re my Tumblr buddies! Look at this group! This is such a good group. ” 

She started talking to each one of us and you can read about what the others said to her in their stories. :) But when she got to me I said: “Can I just say… Thank you for the past 6 years, I love you!” and she said “Aww, I love you too!” I told her I was going to move to Dallas as an exchange student this August and she said “That is so fun! You’re gonna have such a good time.” and when I said I might even get to go to her show in Arlington and she said that would be cool and that it would be a huge show, too. She was so nice guys, I still can’t believe it. She asked me for my name again and signed a polaroid and the album for me. Then I asked her if she could write down “Change” for me because it’s been one of my absolute favorite songs for 6 years now (Taylor’s reply: “Aww that’s so sweet!”) and it got me through so much, I might get it as a tattoo!

I then gave her the present we got for her (a “FRIENDS” tote bag with little presents in it - she had liked a picture of me and that bag before) and she loved the bag SO much even though she didn’t remember it. When I said it was hers now she just went: “YAAAAS! This is my new gym bag!”. She kept talking about the bag and when we gave her our other presents she just kept saying “Oh, I’m gonna put this in my bag.” IT WAS SO CUTE. She told us that she was so jetlagged and that she was probably gonna pass out on the way to the hotel and I just wanted to hug her again oh my gosh. We asked her if she had seen the Bad Blood music video we made and she just looked at us with big eyes and said “Noooo!? I haven’t! I want to see it! That’s awesome.” so watch us reblog that video now until she can finally see it. :D She said she saw all of our posters on Friday and told Jana and me “I know, you’re my twins!” when I said we had the “lol I thought that was 2 of me” sign. WE DIED GUYS. OMG SHE REMEMBERED THAT. 

She also told us that she remembered the pictures of our 1989 Launch Party in October, that her mom had told her we were coming to Loft 89 and it just made me so happy. Taylor said she wanted to take an “epic group picture” with us but we were so many so after the first picture she said: “You know what? Let’s do 2 groups.” And I suggested we do a “surprised pose” like in the picture she reblogged of me and Jana and she just went “Yaaas”. When we had our pictures she just said “Okay, let’s do a group hug!” And while were hugging she just said “SQUAD GOALS! Swifties!” and we died once again haha. She asked us if we were going to any more shows and we told her we would see her in Amsterdam tomorrow and she said she would “look out for us.” 

And that was the story of how I met the love of my life and my biggest dream of getting to meet her, to hug her, to talk to her came true. And it came true with my best friends ever. ❤ 

It would’ve been the best weekend ever anyway because I still would’ve seen her three freaking times!!! But this just meant everything to us so thank you to anyone who was sending us sweet messages. Thank you for being excited for us. Thank you Mama Swift, Taylor Nation and thank you Taylor for being who you are and making us the happiest we’ve ever been. ❤

Harry Potter and the half blood prince
  • Dumbledore: severus
  • Me: NO, I WON'T CRY
  • Dumbledore: please
  • Me: *starts sobbing*
  • Snape: avada kedavra!
  • Me: *starts violently sobbing and crying*
  • Dumbledore: *falls epic*
  • Me: *runs out of the room* DUMBLEDORE'S DEEEAAD
  • *Hugs their mother*
  • Mum: whoah, that hurts!
  • Me: *cries even more* HE WAS SO YOUNG, WHY DID HE DIE
  • *Hugs cat*
  • Cat: *jumps away*
  • Me: *sits in a corner and hugst themself*
  • Mum: okay, you've seen this film 10 times now
  • *runs back to the couch to watch the rest*
  • Sis: seriously? You're crying?
  • Me: the 'please' was too much for me!
  • Sis: Dumbledore's live has an end. Like mcr
  • Me: *runs away while sobbing violently*
Okay, but Izzy in Season Two better:

-Have more scenes with Meliorn, Lydia and Jace

-Get Sizzy and Clizzy on (Like, Clace got their epic kiss, Malec got their life-saving, will-go-down-in-history-kiss. Now Sizzy?)

-Have someone who focuses on her completely (we had a little of that at the hearing with Magnus and Alec, but other than that, she was the one who supported Clary and Alec. Now someone needs come on support this cinnamon roll some more because she needs hugs)

-Say “Nothing under seven inches” and “Why waste a perfectly good brick wall when you have someone to throw against it” like in the book

-Have that seen where Clary clicks speed dial and Izzy comes running

(-Also I really wanted a seen where, after ‘growing up’ she decided “Fuck it” and she lets her hair down and pulls on the mini skirt and kicks ass. We didn’t really get that, that plotline sort of just ended, but maybe we can get something similar in season 2.)

Aaaannndddd that’s just some thoughts I’ve had about my fave since the finale

Fic: Glory Days

Anonymous said: I just had the randomest thought. When Blaine gets his first grey hair he’s gonna freak out so much like remember that “time capsule” extra thing that happened where Blaine was talking about injecting himself with stem cells or something and Kurt’s trying to make him feel better and he says something like “oh you’re fine honey, I mean look at your dad he’s aged so gracefully” and Blaine is just like WHAT YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON MY DAD and Kurt’s like what. this is not what I meant. such idiots

A/N: Anon, you can’t just drop something that precious and adorable in my ask box without expecting me to turn it into a fic. Please feel free to have more random thoughts of this nature, I love your brain!

“Blaine, honey, are you ever going to come out of the bathroom? You’ve been in there for an entire episode, we’re never going to get through our Parks and Rec marathon like this!” Kurt leans both palms against the door, listening for any kind of sound on the other side.

It takes a moment, but then he can hear Blaine’s voice, a little strained and a little too high. “Go away, Kurt!”

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Tessa & Scott || Sochi

  • The FD hug

i cant believe how canon bellarke is…

okay maybe they havent kissed yet but come on, all the casual affection, all the casual touches, the way they deeply care about each other, all the heart eyes, all the flirting, how it feels like they can breathe better when they are together, how epic each hug was, how much they trust each other, how far they would go for each other…


It’s midnight here and I’m replaying when I met Taylor in my mind. I’m replaying when I got the call from Sierra. And how genuinely happy she was for me. I’m thinking about how I left my scrapbook full on fan letters on the table and the Security guard took it to her dressing room. I’m thinking about standing in loft trying not to puke because the only thing that was separating me and my everything was a curtain. I’m thinking about how Erica was trying to calm me down and how happy she was that I was there. I’m thinking about Erica opening the curtain and Taylor just…. Completely lighting up. Her screaming “HEYYYYYYYYYY BUDDY!!! I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you ashley!!” I’m thinking about my knees going weak and how she hugged me so tight. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a hug. One so comforting. I remember holding her hands and staring into her eyes. And it felt like in that moment everything was perfect. Like my personal problems just completely vanished into thin air. I’m thinking about how Taylor talked to me like we were best friends. Like we were being reunited. Not like she was a super pop sensation. For that moment… I felt so important. I felt so significant. I can’t even begin to explain it. I remember being on the verge of tears and just wanting to get everything out. I remember asking for my tattoo and she couldn’t say no, she knew how much it meant to me. I remember her writing out and I remember her laugh so vividly it’s crazy. She was so cute. I remember asking her to play starlight and how cute she was when she extremely politely said no. I remember her hugging me close for our picture. I remember her jumping on my back and she literally felt as light as a feather I’m not even kidding. I remember her laugh right in my ear it was the most perfect thing I’ve ever experienced. I remember her hugs so well. And I remember telling her about my depression and anxiety and she’s the reason I’m getting through it and she tilted her head back and the look in her eyes it was like she understood. I told her how much she meant to me and she said ‘you have no idea how much this means to me. You just have to remember one thing. You have to stay Positive and strong for me.’ So that’s what I’m trying to do. Stay positive and strong for her but sometimes it’s so hard. And I remember telling her to look for my posters and when I told her what they said she laughed so hard and was like “okay that’s awesome I will definitely find you” (and then she found me during clean and waved so big) I remember everything so vividly I never want to forget it. It’s almost been three months and oh my god what I would do for one of the millions of hugs she gave me. I remember telling her to come back to Tumblr and I remember her blushing when I told her I love her laugh I remember it all. I remember her telling me I was the most epic meet and greet she had ever done. And I remember holding her hands and shouting ‘I love you so much!’ And her shouting ‘I love you so much!’ As I walked away. I’ll never forget August first. I remember it like yesterday.

anonymous asked:

hey, would you be epic and do a blurb of what they'd be like for your first kiss?

okay omg you didn’t specify who so I’m gonna go with Luke cause I’m feelin strong Luke vibes rn

so like you’d be so ready for your first kiss with Luke like you’d have been out on a few dates already and every time you went to say goodbye it ended with like an awkward hug or kiss on the head and like it was frustrating because Luke is just so sweet and so goddamned gorgeous and you’d totally be head over heels for him so you’d probably be walking up the front porch steps to your house and he’d give you his cute little half smile and you’d just kind of look at him and say something like “why won’t you kiss me?” And he’d just look so stricken and his tongue would slip out quickly to lick his lips nervously like force of habit and he’d start biting his lip ring and look at you and say something along the lines of “do you want me to kiss you?” And you’d just reach out and fist the fabric of his flannel on either side of his front and tug him down and you’d kiss him hard and he’d just be shocked and then he’d realize oh shit I’m kissing her and he’d quick try to kiss back and you’d just tug him closer bc hands on the flannel and he’d stumble a little and you’d unintentionally end up with your back against the front door and Luke wasn’t gonna complain about having you pinned oops

4x24 "A Is For Answers" Reaction Gif Recap [SPOILERS]

Okay here’s the last reaction gif recap of the season! I missed doing this last week!!! I tried to use as many Veronica Mars movie moments as I could because….it was an epic movie and PLL reminds me a lot of it. Anywho…….enjoy!! 

Disclaimer: SPOILERS 
Disclaimer 2: Most gifs were made by me

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The 100 ramble (Ye Who Enter Here)

  Okay, guys that was a wild ride. I think during the hiatus and first two episodes I kind of forgot about the fact, that The 100 is a show that will only bring you pain and misery and kill everyone Bellamy you love. Well they remind me about that now.  This episode was so good I want to curl up in the corner and cry untill I die from dehydration. So let’s get it started.

1. #BellamyVoiceInTheOpeningAppreciation. Good show *pets JRothenberg on the head* good show.

2. This shouldn’t be surprise for anyone, but I’m not a big fan of Clarke and Lexa relationship (no matter in which way you see them) because I just don’t like it when people manipulate each other and they both did it,  so the opening scene between them was really meh for me especially bits like “I went on all that trouble to save you”, “I know you, Clarke it’s just easier to hate me than hate yourself”, “You would have done the same”. No, Lexa just no. At least not season 2 Clarke. Now I kind of hope she will pull something like this. But still better not. I don’t want Clarke to hate herself even more.

Also I’m not sure that throwing that Ice Nation embassadore  from the balcony was really smart desicion. I mean I kind of get that it was “No one mess with heda” message. But wasn’t it also the act of war? Or maybe Lexa and Queen Elsa (sorry, I’m to lazy to google Ice Nation Queen name) just go around killing people just to piss each other, but that’s okay because that’s their thing? Idk. On the one hand that moment get me like “Holly shit, Lexa, you still got it girl, still got it.”, but one the other hand… You see there is this one thing I really like in Lexa desicion in this episode, and let’s put aside all her feelings for Clarke, I know they played I huge role in that, but that’s not my point right now. Queen Elsa wanted kill Wanheda to get her power, Lexa wanted Wanheda to bow before her to show that she can conquer that power, that she had something in her that made even great Wanheda recognise her as a leader. If any of you are Teen Wolf fans you can draw paralells to True Alpha stuff. You know when you can attain the status  by strength of character instead of taking the status by killing another Alpha. Lexa obviously tried to played it that way and that was smart. But killing that dude not so much.

2. All the Kabby in that episode. Just yes. And honestly Kane is such a sweetheart, no wonder Abby is all “heart yeas mothfucker” at him. 

Abby: You should be chacellor this week.

Kane:No, you should be chancellor this week.

Abby [blushes]: I was chancellor last week and the week before, now it’s your turn. You’re so sweet and caring, people should see you as an example, there should be more people like you. Have you consider having kids? You know, so there could be more people like you. I could help you with that. Wanna go make babies?

Kane: Omg yes. But who’s gonna be the chancellor?

Abby: We should make elections, so people could choose.

Kane. Baby, you’re so smart. But no matter who’s gonna win we still gonna rule together, right?

Abby: Of course, power couple high five?

Kane: Power couple high five!

Could they be more ridiculously cute? Also who’s gonna tell them that if they arange real elections other people can take part too and even [gasps] win? What a wild though, right?

3. Indra is smiling, I repeat Indra is smiling! It’s almost like smiling Raven but more rare.

4. I honestly think I’m more into Gina than Bellamy is. Not that any of this even matter anymore. Ginnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Sorry, we’re still not there yet. Let’s be happy for a moment and appreciate that cuteness between Raven and Gina. 

Girls, you are so great together. Why can’t we have them be friends or even more? why can’t Raven have someone nice? Was it necesarry to kill Gina? I really liked her. Why show, why?

5. Crossing fingers for some Clarke/ Roan bonding time. Am I smelling new brotp? Yes, yes I am.  Prince Roan of Azkeda and Princess Clarke from Arc. They could bitch to each other how hard it be royalty with mummy issues.

6. Blake siblings feels strikes again and it’s massive ouch. Can women who Bellamy love stopped leaving him, because they can’t stand to stay with Sky people? “If you need to leave you get that, but you always fit in with me”. 

Just kill me, would you please?

7. “Echo! Hey girl, it’s so nice to see you. Where have you been? What have you been up too? You came here to warn Sky people because you remember how Bellamy helped you and now you want to help too?” that was what I though when that horrible traitor started her act. Ugh, Echo, and I even liked you.

8.Lexa training little kids was really cute. You know, in some nice, paralell universe Bellamy, Lincoln and Lexa can open their own school where they teach kids how to fight and be bros, all three of them. Woudn’t that be nice, guys?

9. It was nice to see Sinclair again and you know what? Every persone who cares about Raven and want her to bee happy deserves world.

10. Honestly I lost it when I realise that dude was in Mount Weather. That was really scary and I wanted to cry from that moment till the end of the episode.

11. Gina my beautiful tropical fish did not deserve that shit. She did not deserve being that horribly stabbed and die suffering and coughing with blood. But you know what? Baby girl died like a hero, trying to save everyone, even knowing she’s already gone. That’s my girl. 

12. Was that the first time Bellamy and Lexa actually talked to each other onscreen? Because that was intense.

13. I wasn’t even hopping for some Bellarke interaction in this episode but here it is and I love it. I mean, obviously everything is horrible and Bellamy is so hurt and Clarke almost lose it when he tell her to come back home for her people (I might be reading way to much from this, because of course I’m biased, but have you seen her face before she said “I’m sorry”? she almost broke her mask and that didn’t even happened when she talked to Abby, only with Bellamy. This ship, I just can’t.) Things gonna hurt, my fellow bellarke shippers, but you now what? The next episode is written by  Dorothy Fortenberry. You might ask me who the hell is  Dorothy Fortenberry? I will tell you. That’s the women who gave us the gift of 2x09 “Remember me”. You know? That episode with “I can’t lose you too”, “I was being weak. Love is weakness.” That episode where they oficially confirmed  that Clarke loves Bellamy and at the same time riped our hearts and destroy them. Remember how fun that was? Yeah, I remember too. What I’m trying to say - next episode gonna hurt like a bitch but with this writer we can hope for some awesome Bellarke build up at the same time. So bring it on, the 100! I’ m ready.

P.S. I also checked and I saw that 3x05 is written by  Charlie Craig, who wrote 2x05  “Human Trials” (with epic Bellarke hug and that scene near fire where they stare at each other eyes and support each other) 2x11 “Coup de Grace” (the one when Calrke were freaking out and losing hope and giving up because Bellamy still didn’t communicate with them on the radio and when he finally did she made this face

and then was like “okay Bellamy is alive, life has meaning again, gonna save your asses, losers, babe have my back ”). and I’m not saying that there have to be some good Bellarke in 3x05 because of this, but there have to be some good Bellarke in 3x05.

Also Kira Snyder the writer of 3x06 has some small but really good and one of our favourite Bellarke moments in her episodes. Like this 

“Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things”

and this Unity Day flirting

and “i’m going by myself” -”you won’t be by yourself”

So I think good shipping things awaits for us in the future. Brace yourself, guys!

Hoping For the Best, But Expecting the Worst

As with many SQ shippers, I am apprehensive about the 2-hr finale this weekend. I want Swan Queen right now (LOL!) but must remind myself to be patient. They need to come together perfectly and they are not ready yet, no matter how much I want them to be.

I am fully expecting the finale to be CS and OQ. It doesn’t mean that SQ is not endgame. And any anti-SQ shipper that says so doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. So expect kisses. Expect Hook and Hood hanging all over our ladies, and vice versa. *insert puking sound effect here*

About Robin and Regina. Regina NEEDS to be with Robin in order for her to realize it is NOT a good fit. I suspect that this will happen though how long it takes her to realize, I don’t know. But she needs to have him fully, in order NOT to choose him. I am fairly certain of this. So we need to suffer through “hell before we get to Heaven” so to speak. Hang in there, everyone.

Hook and Emma, well, I’ll just say that Emma needs to go dark. It makes her an even better fit for the Queen. So she must go through this journey before SQ can happen. I honestly don’t know where Hook falls in all this but they are still bland, boring and dry rough toast. No life, no flair, no developement. I do get concerned sometimes but overall I believe deep down that they aren’t meant for one another either. He just doesn’t seem like a good match.

Anyway, it was great seeing all the SQ pics and with the sneak peek I am looking forward to watching this episode to see how it all plays out but I am not expecting an SQ kiss or hug or anything but I will enjoy seeing them on screen together and hate watching them with their beards and if something epic DOES happen that points in our favor I will squee like a little girl. Otherwise, I’m preparing myself for more of the usual A&E fuckery.

anonymous asked:

I can't get over that we're getting a Stydia marathon, especially one that's not on MTV. What episodes do you think they'll show (besides 3x11, 3x15, 5x05, 5x15, 5x16 because those are THE Stydia episodes)


  1. 1x11 (Formality– the dance.) 
  2. 2x03 (Ice Pick– skating scene)
  3. 2x04 (Abomination– the “I think you look really beautiful when you cry” episode) 
  4. 2x09 (Party Guessed– Her birthday party, Stiles with the giant gift, “I’m in love with a nut job.”) 
  5. 2x11 (Battlefield– Lydia smiles at him on the lacrosse field.) 
  6. 2x12 (Master Plan– “If you die will literally go out of my freaking mind.”
  7. 3x03 (Fireflies– “I’m supposed to call you first when I find a dead body?” “YES!”) 
  8. 3x04 (Unleashed– Lots of detective stuff. Almost the birth of detective Stydia.) 
  9. 3x06 (Motel California– Turning point for Stydia, especially detective Stydia and the way Lydia views Stiles. Also, just a really good episode. They interact a lot.) 
  10. 3x07 (Currents– Ouija board scene, maaaad flirting.) 
  11. 3x13 (Anchors– Stiles wakes up in bed next to Lydia, it’s a dream, I’m still not over it.) 
  12. 3x14 (More Bad Than Good– “Stiles, you’re the one who always figures it out.”
  13. 3x18 (Riddled– “He must like you a lot.” “Put that back.” Also, Lydia hearing Stiles’ MRI and being really over sensitive to it.) 
  14. 3x23 (Insatiable– Random sexy scenes between Dylan and Holland and nobody can figure out why it had to be sexual except for Stydiabait???) 
  15. 3x24 (The Divine Move– She’s like on top of him the whole episode there’s no excuse not to show this episode.) 
  16. 4x01 (The Dark Moon– Epic Stydia banter OPENS UP THE SEASON. Plus jealous Lydia. And more Stydia banter on the hood of the car.) 
  17. 4x02 (117– Okay, you got Stiles refusing to leave Lydia with Derek and Scott literally having to pull him away. Plus you got “You seriously need to find something better than a baseball bat.”) 
  18. 4x06 (Orphaned– First Eichen House episode between Stiles and Lydia. Stydia hug. Meredith screams and Lydia’s ears bleed and Stiles’ thumb brushes her lip.) 
  19. 4x09 (Perishable– Second Eichen episode between Stiles and Lydia) 
  20. 5x04 (Condition Terminal– Stiles sees Lydia stabbed ‘Stiles, go.’ Also Theo spends the whole episode noticing how into Lydia Stiles is– wish that went somewhere– and Stiles tried to visit Lydia during his free period, which is the kind of throwaway line that I LIKE.) 
  21. 5x14 (The Sword and the Spirit– where’s my love episode.)  

Plus the episodes you listed–  3x11, 3x15, 5x05, 5x15, 5x16. And I had to curb myself from putting in some with great Stydia scenes. 

Huh. That’s, like, 26 episodes where Stydia is a huge part or a main theme. It’s almost as if… they’re an important relationship on the show… that’s there for a reason… and matters to the characters and the storyline… huhhhh…


This is so long, so I made “chapters” for the people who only want to read what happened in the loft and stuff :) this story is very long because so much happened and I need to write down everything.

» Background story «

Soooo.. I think its time to tell a little story :).
I went to the tour with my best friends ( germanswiftiesofficial ) and we actually bought tickets for both cologne shows and the one in Amsterdam and first of all: it was the best weekend of my life and it would have been the best weekend of my life even if I didn’t get into the loft! Those shows where AMAZING!!!! we danced so much and so hard, my feet are swollen, I can’t walk properly, my totebag ripped, my shoes have holes.. the list is endless!! We had so much fun and we met so many amazing swifties!!!!

» Friday (the day before the loft) «

Okay so on Friday we went to the show, met Sierra from Taylor Nation ( Who is, btw the most amazing person in the world*!!!!! She is so so so nice and funny!!!!!! I love her! ), talked to some swifties and stuff. We had separate seats for that night, because we couldn’t afford tickets at the same time. Jana ( taylorswiftakabecky ) and Zoe ( ishakeitoff ) were sitting a few rows in front of us and Annabell ( twopaperairplanes89 ) had a B-Stage pit pass. The rest of us ( screamingcolorswift13 , outofthewoodsswift1989 , no-its-baecky , beyondthehorizonofdreams , reneglawion and me) was behind the b stage pit, near the sound booth. Before the show started, Andrea came in and walked by us and we said hi and got hugs and said how amazing she was and she was SO NICE !!!! AND SO PRETTY!!! This woman is AMAZING. As soon as the show started we went INSANE!!!! we danced and screamed and sang ! I cried so much because I got to share this concert with my best friends and when I looked to the left or to the right I could look in their eyes and they were just as happy as me and it made me even more happy.

» when Andrea came to us on Friday night «

Then Taylor sang IKYWT and halfway through the song I looked to the left and then ANDREA STOOD NEXT TO US AND DANCED WITH US !!!!! oh my god we FREAKED out!!! Then she looked at our signs ( We made #TeamConnor signs ) and smiled and went to connor. She then asked us if we ever met Taylor and we already kinda started crying and told her we met her at the German radio awards at the red carpet and she was like : “no that doesn’t count, I’m talking about a meet and greet , club red , t party situation. And PLEASE be honest. Please!!” So Sophia told her she was in club red last year, and that annabell was there too and Andrea then said “what about the others?” And we started crying because we didn’t want to go without them and also, 3 of us didn’t sit with us. So there were just 5 of us left and we were so emotional we couldn’t talk and didn’t know what to say.. so Andrea said she will go now and comes back. So we continued enjoying the show of course because TAYLOR WAS IN FRONT OF US SINGING HER SONGS LIKE WTF IS THIS REAL LIFE ?!
Andrea came back pretty soon and said she could give us B stage pit passes and of course we said yes!!! And of course there was this little disappointment kind of feeling because we were SO CLOSE to meet Taylor . But it disappeared so fast, because TAYLOR WAS IN FRONT OF US SINGING HER SONGS LIKE WTF IS THIS REAL LIFE ?! And the b stage pit was AMAZING!!! we were so close to Taylor and had so much space to dance with each other !
I then noticed that Connor was taking to Andrea again, because she wanted to explain what happened and asked about our signs and stuff. Connor told her about our group and how we met and how we became friends and why we chose the signs and she was SO amazed by that and she kept holding our hands when she talked to us and looked into our eyes. She is SO great. Then she said : “okay guys look, what’s your Tumblr and where are your seats tomorrow?” We told her and she continued: “I can’t promise anything. But I WILL come over to you Guys. I have to figure things out over night but don’t get your hopes up high. We don’t want other swifties to be mad about the fact that people get into the loft who already were in club red.” And of course we understood that. We didn’t want that to happen either. So we kept enjoying the show and had the time of our lives :). (Oh my god I’m sorry this is so long).

» Saturday Night, Getting LOFT 89 «

So the next night, Andrea walked through the arena before the show started and walked by us and said “ahh hi guys, now I know where your seats are !!” And smiled and winked!! And at that point, I did not think we would get into the loft. My hope was gone but it’s not that I was disappointed because the chances are just SO SMALL and there were SO MANY amazing swifties who deserved it just as much. So, the show started (we were all sitting together that night by the way). And we danced and it was AMAZING!! Even more amazing than Friday because we were all together :). When Taylor was on the b stage we had to turn around because our seats were next to the runway. So at IKYWT, I saw Andrea walking towards us, but I didn’t see her before she was right next to connor. and I saw her tapping on his shoulder. (I was sitting in the middle of the row and Connor was at the end so I couldnt hear them talking) I saw Andrea talking to Connor and he just broke down and started freaking our and Andrea smiled and had the red Loft wristbands in her hand and then I realised what just had happened. And we all looked at each other and CRIED. Full on ugly crying. We SCREAMED and hugged each other and CRIED. Later Connor told us that she asked : “so do you guys want to meet Taylor after the show in loft 89? Then show me the 8 people you are going with.” Oh my god that moment was just … Unreal. UNREAL!!!!
We tried to stop crying but it didn’t work until Shake it off. But after that we started crying again.

» In the Loft before Taylor came in «

After they told us the rules for the loft, we got inside and the room was so small!! Which was amazing cause that meant Taylor would be so close the entire time! After some of us ate something (I was only able to drink water) Andrea came to us and we talked a little . She wanted to know all our names :). That was so cute :). Also we took pictures with Andrea and she told us what happened over night . She told us that she had to talk with people and figure out what to do. She said we really stood out with our signs and dancing and she liked us and our story. She also didn’t want to break our hearts by only letting a few of us in the loft because we are friends. We told her we really appreciated her decision and that we are not taking it for granted and we know that it mustve been a hard decision. Then they told us to put our phones away and we knew what would happen next…

»Taylor comes in«

The next 2 minutes felt like 5 hours. Then it happened. Taylor came in !!!!!! She was like “HEEEY GUUUUYSSS” and I almost fainted. Seriously. I felt like I was about to pass out and my knees where shaking and I was like “NO THIS WONT HAPPEN RIGHT NOW” but Mama swift saved me because she came to us and talked to us again. I don’t remember what we were taking about but I remember asking her if this is real life and she PINCHED me !!!! and was like : yep it is.
Then Taylor came to us and said : HI GUUUYSSSSS!!! “ and hugged everyone and then said :” MY TUMBLR BUDDIES!!“ …….. MY TUMBLR BUDDIES!!! WUt??!?!!? Basically everyone got his or her own little moment with Taylor and she signed so much stuff and was so nice and I hope we didn’t overstrain her because she was so tired and jetlegged and we were so many and we talked so much!! But she was soooo polite and nice and patient!! When she turned to me I didn’t know what to say. And I said the first thing I could remember : "my mom said I have to say hi cause she loves you!!” (That was basically it because I was I shock.) And she was like : Tell her ’ heeeeeeeeey ’ and winked ! :D.
Then she asked me if she could sign something and I asked her to write down any lyric from 1989 that comes to her mind and she was a little overstrained I think! It was so cute but I felt a little sorry and was about to say she could also just sign it it’s okay! But then she wrote down “we never go out of style” and I freaked out because that was the lyric she tweeted with my picture during release week!!! And I told her and she was like : yeaaahhh that makes sense!!!
Omg she’s just so perfect I can’t handle all of this. We also gave her a present (a ‘friends’ bag (the tv show friends) ) filled with letters and smaller presents and we couldn’t even tell her what was in there because she was so amazed by the bag !! It was so cute guys.
Then she said “let’s make an epic group picture guys” and we made a picture but she said the light wasn’t okay so she wanted to take another one and then she said “no, lets take 2 pictures , its easier”. I was in the first one and Zoe said “let’s to the pose we did on our post you reblogged!” And Taylor thought it was a great idea so we made the surprise face!! In the end Taylor said “LETS DO A GROUP HUG!!!” and we were like YASSS and so we did an amazing group hug and then she said : SQUAD GOAAAAALS!!! SWIFTIEEEEES
Omg we made the most ridiculous squeaking noises :D.
Then we said goodbye and “see you tomorrow” cause we went to Amsterdam as well :).

This night was more than I could ever imagine. It was beyond perfect and I still don’t realise what happened… Like… What…?

I’m sorry for my bad English and my weird writing but it’s hard to explain all of this because its still so unreal!!!
I will answer any questions you guys have, just ask :)
And I’m sorry this turned out so long.. but all of this happened in 2 days and I had to write down everything so everyone understands what happened. There are a few people in the German fanbase who think we are lying. (Thankfully its just a small group of people) And that we lied to Andrea, that we told her we hadn’t met Taylor. But we told her the whole truth. We told her everything. At least there are also many swifties defending and believing us.
And all that matters is that we know the truth and Andrea does and Taylor does.

Bye guys I love you

Internet Friends are the Realist.

So this morning i was going about my day when i got a package from my friend. I opened it to find a beautiful box.


At first i was really confused cause at first i really didnt know who sent me it, till i saw a pizza card in there.

I was really surprised by this.

Dear Miki,

Im sorry you’ve been having such a hard time lately, i just wanted to cheer you up however i could, So i got Jessie and Holly to help and we put this ‘feel better’ package together. (They included different stuff to include and gave me the address) I put in universally helpful stuff. Plus some things specifically that i hoped would help you. So try to feel better okay? We all really care about you.

                          Your Friend

                                       Venetia <3

This is what the package included.


  • Some cool stickers and tattos (All turtle related)
  • Turtle Pens (All black ink unfortunatly)
  • A Mikey book mark (So he can stare at you aggressivly while you read lol)
  • A Mikey pez dispenser (And the candy for it)
  • Hot Chocolate (Hot coco= Happiness)
  • Gummy candy (It cants all be chocolate)
  • Chocolate bar (Because pretty much all chocolate= Happiness
  • TMNT pillow case (No explination, this is just epic)

And a hug! Well not really, my arms wouldnt have fit in the box. But feel better okay?

P.S. This card smells like pizza

I still cant believe all this. This whole thing was a legit surprise, it really made my week, i literally wanted to cry when i read the card.

I have the greatest friends i could ask for. These people are the reason I stay sane. (And all of you lol)

Everytime im sad now, im going to read this card and smile. Internet Friends, you gotta love them. <3

Thank you guys.

I love you too. vvandtheturdles tmnt-4-life ask-handsome-hothead