this hug is like an epic okay

Okay, but Izzy in Season Two better:

-Have more scenes with Meliorn, Lydia and Jace

-Get Sizzy and Clizzy on (Like, Clace got their epic kiss, Malec got their life-saving, will-go-down-in-history-kiss. Now Sizzy?)

-Have someone who focuses on her completely (we had a little of that at the hearing with Magnus and Alec, but other than that, she was the one who supported Clary and Alec. Now someone needs come on support this cinnamon roll some more because she needs hugs)

-Say “Nothing under seven inches” and “Why waste a perfectly good brick wall when you have someone to throw against it” like in the book

-Have that seen where Clary clicks speed dial and Izzy comes running

(-Also I really wanted a seen where, after ‘growing up’ she decided “Fuck it” and she lets her hair down and pulls on the mini skirt and kicks ass. We didn’t really get that, that plotline sort of just ended, but maybe we can get something similar in season 2.)

Aaaannndddd that’s just some thoughts I’ve had about my fave since the finale

Harry Potter and the half blood prince
  • Dumbledore: severus
  • Me: NO, I WON'T CRY
  • Dumbledore: please
  • Me: *starts sobbing*
  • Snape: avada kedavra!
  • Me: *starts violently sobbing and crying*
  • Dumbledore: *falls epic*
  • Me: *runs out of the room* DUMBLEDORE'S DEEEAAD
  • *Hugs their mother*
  • Mum: whoah, that hurts!
  • Me: *cries even more* HE WAS SO YOUNG, WHY DID HE DIE
  • *Hugs cat*
  • Cat: *jumps away*
  • Me: *sits in a corner and hugst themself*
  • Mum: okay, you've seen this film 10 times now
  • *runs back to the couch to watch the rest*
  • Sis: seriously? You're crying?
  • Me: the 'please' was too much for me!
  • Sis: Dumbledore's live has an end. Like mcr
  • Me: *runs away while sobbing violently*

i cant believe how canon bellarke is…

okay maybe they havent kissed yet but come on, all the casual affection, all the casual touches, the way they deeply care about each other, all the heart eyes, all the flirting, how it feels like they can breathe better when they are together, how epic each hug was, how much they trust each other, how far they would go for each other…