this hug is everything

Here is her sisters!
Name: Angela the Pure Angel
Age: 15
Height: Way more taller than bendy
Likes: She likes everything but these are hers favorite, strawberry milkshake, hugs, flovers, stars, clouds and other big winged angels.
Dislikes: Nothing but being violent
Relationship: With everyone nice and kind can be her friend.
Crush:Kinda likes Bendy but since she is taller she thinks that it won’t go well.

Name: Lucy the Undead Demon
Age: 16
Height: a little bit taller than her sister.
Likes: trolling, violence, joking around, chocolate, her katana and her wings
Dislikes: Doesn’t like peoples what are too nice (except for her sisters), doesn’t like to be touched from her wings, KISSING.
Relationship: Some bad people like cup and her sisters.
Crush: she likes Cuphead

Some facts: Lucy even she is the older one she is the most who gets in trouble, Angela likes everyone and sometimes she can get a little bit overboard, they love their little sister soo much and if something happens to her they will go insane.
Hope you like it!

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do you have any tips for anxiety???

When I get really bad anxiety I try to think about someone I really care for. I create a situation in my head where I’m with them and they’re giving me a hug/telling me everything will be alright. I find that when someone I trust and care about tells me I’ll be okay, I really start believing it.

I also do the stupidest things to make myself laugh. There’s a few good friends of mine that I have fairly close to me, and most times if I call them or send them a text they’re either coming over to my house and comforting me, or we’re skyping and cracking jokes.

If you can’t do either of these things, or you just don’t want to, just find someone to talk to. I feel like whenever I say this I get brushed off, but my inbox is always open. Always. So if you’re finding yourself in need of someone to talk to about anything that’s happening to you, come find me and I’ll help you feel better. (:


I shouldn’t have lost it with her.
                                     You were upset.
                                                              I was like him.


Sweet dreams with ✧ | Victuuri |
Happy Birthday to my awesome king Minji! ( @vvictor ) ♥  º\(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

i cannot wait to rediscover characters i’ve already grown to love by watching them from sana’s point of view this season. because sana sees, truly sees people. she pays so much attention, she is truly so wise, and she notices things which aren’t so obvious to the common eye. she truly sees people’s worth, and their potential, and their essence. and i cannot wait to see her shine this season, and i cannot for everyone else on the show to shine as we see them through her eyes 



Wow! I’m so happy these four wonderful ladies have made it this far. They’ve worked so damn hard to be where they are today, and I’m overjoyed to see them standing tall and getting the recognition they deserve. The beginning was rough, but they didn’t let that, or the fact they come from small company, stop them from getting somewhere. Their bond and their friendship is something you could never fault, and it’s incredibly heart warming to see them supporting one another, even outside of group activities. Seven years have flown by, and I seriously hope we get to see them for another seven, and even more. I’m always thankful these four beautiful women came into my life, making me smile, laugh, cry, and even scream with excitement every time they comeback, and just generally be themselves. I’m extremely proud to be a Dai5y. Thank you, and congratulations ladies. ♡