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The other day I was taking a walk when I saw this old guy trapped under a cart. People were trying to help him but it was too heavy so I stepped forward and lifted it off of him (I work out a lot). Then, this old police inspector told me I had to be a convict because of how strong I was. I looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘It’s 1815. Anyone can be strong, including non felons, women and gay people. The only person who’s weak here is you.’ He started crying and gave me 50 crowns while everyone clapped, even the nuns.
—  APH Prussia

It’s funny how our memories work, how we forget many things while some small details stay with us and form us into the person that we are.

(I remember how she stopped remembering me. I remember how her voice trembled of fear when she asked for my name)

I remember the excitement in her voice every day when she asked me if I wanted to listen to a goodnight story.

(I remember how she told me one day that she was left with only one god to pray to and that god was death)

Every night I told her yes and every night she would read the same stories again and again to me. I’ve heard them a thousand times and still, I don’t remember any of them. I only remember the frailty in her voice 

(Some days I remember too much of her but when I close my eyes, I can’t see her face anymore)

and it makes me afraid of what else I will forget.
I know I am a bit late, but on September 21st there was World Alzheimer’s Day. Please consider to donate to a charity organisation or research foundation and most importantly, show the elderly people in your live the love and respect they deserve. Alzheimer is an inherently evil disease and you can never know if and when it gets to the people you love.

anonymous asked:

Can I just say that whenever I am depressed or in a bad mood I come to your tumblr or read your stories and it helps me so much.

I think this might actually be the message that touched me the most. I know how hard a life in depression can be so if my works help you out it is the greatest compliment you could ever give me dear anon ♥

So uhhhh I should be more active on tumblr now lmao. Circumstances suck but… what can you do lol.
With a Pinch of Sugar - Erushi - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: With a Pinch of Sugar

(Yuri on Ice | Victor x Yuuri |  6k words)

Author: Erushi

Rating: PG-13


A college AU, in which Victor feels Very Strongly about the cakes that are appearing mysteriously in the common kitchen of his dorm.

And possibly about the cute student in his TA class, too.

For the Catfish Prompt Party on Tumblr: “How about a prompt that has to do with cake :)" 

AO3 link: 

Dear anonymous prompter, 

I’m so sorry it’s taken me almost three months. m(>_<)m 

I hope you like all the cakes!

Falari submitted: (This is my first tumblr post so sorry if I mess up)

This is my latest and best drawing, I usually draw dragons so I’m worried that I did something wrong with the drawing, I didn’t add shading as I couldn’t get a colour that might work without it looking too similar to the other colours used. Also I feel I did the anatomy wrong, the tail looks odd to me so if you guys could give me tips on how to fix it I would appreciate it!

Lineart: The only problem here that the lineart is too light, making it hard to distinguish the details.

Coloring: The colors are way too similar, this is probably the major problem and why you can’t find a color to put shadows in. We suggest to not be afraid to shift hues while choosing colors! You can add contrast to the drawing while still keep the main color as such. Here’s an edit by Mod Rosa as an example: 

Anatomy: The anatomy doesn’t look wrong! However, the pose might be the problem: it looks static, like it’s floating while the purpose seems like was making it pounce.
Here’s another edit by Mod Rosa with a suggestion for the pose!

Keep drawing!

technopathicartist  asked:

So how does the whole demon system work in your world? Like, how is the society structured, what kind of cultural norms are there, how do they form/develop their powers and what kind of powers are available to different demons?

It depends on the circle. Powers also depend on the demon.

My initial idea was to play on the 7 circles of hell, and create kingdoms from them. has the order and a bit about the rulers.

Sloth is very true to the nature of it’s sin. Everyone’s lazy as fuck, Iners is the only royal who really hasn’t had to fight for her crown because no one can be bothered to try and take it. Everything’s pretty laid back, really. Sloth demons don’t usually display their powers, their main ‘thing’ is being able to put people to sleep or make them not want to do anything.

Lust is the circle closest to Earth in nature. They have stores and cities and towns and things like that. Other than most circles, no one here really cares what sin you’re from, it’s the most accepting circle. The powers range from demon to demon, but most Lust demons are able to influence their prey/partners in some way.

Pride is absolutely the hardest circle to live in, you’re either a full pride demon or you’re exiled. There is no in-between. Orion (pre-Superbia/Vanitas) was a real POS. Everyone in exile was basically treated lower than dirt on shoes. Little food, little shelter, little protection, while the pure demons all lived within the walls of the castle- which really is like a giant city with a monster of a castle in the middle. Children, however, no matter what, were always secretly protected. Orion’s biggest weakness. Post Superbia/Vanitas? Things are a little more tolerant, and the slums outside the castle walls are a lot nicer- still really shitty but hey there are makeshift homes now, and some markets and stuff- but “racism” (or really “sinism” if you want to be technical I guess) is still a big thing. Powers again differ from demon to demon, but most Pride demons are able to use elemental powers. It’s rumored that Orion himself can bloodbend.

Gluttony is by far the happiest and nicest circle, but the demons who live there are fucking nightmares to look at. (unless you’re into that kind of thing like some people are *COUGH MONSTERFUCKERS COUGH*) This is probably the one circle where no one wants to try and steal the crown, everyone’s too nice. Even when Belfast fled to Earth for a long while and learned he’s trans with the help of some lovely humans, no one tried anything. It’s not a very modern circle, the only really modern part is Belfast’s home, since he spent so much time on Earth. Gluttony demons, no matter what other powers they have, always have at least one extra mouth somewhere, and can eat without ever feeling full.

Greed is a shitshow as of late. Ever since Cassiopeia fell (was captured by Asmodeus and replaced by Kryd - @bluemysterybabe / @meganebabe‘s muse- things here have been the MOST CHAOTIC. No one’s following rules, there are riots, no one fucking cares- it’s a free-for-all. Once Kryd gets a better handle on things, (I’msosorryKrydIloveyou) things will be much better, but as of now, it’s a fucking mess, no thanks to Cass. Greed demons here don’t usually display their powers unless threatened, but the most common ability here is shapeshifting.

Envy is very futuristic by human standards. Everyone here basically stays in their own lane unless really bothered. There are many, if not most, who would love to have the crown since Percy spends all his time ignoring and running from royal duties, but no one can fucking find him, the slippery fucker. Society here is structured on class and power, influence. (part of the reason Percy keeps running) It’s all a fucking scam. Everyone cheats and climbs and rigs the system. Most Envy demons have mastered the power of possession. 

Wrath is the last circle, and the smallest. Ira, long story short, tried to kill Asmodeus and his family for land and power. She got both Cassiopeia and Percy involved (which always fucking kills me because way back when Percy had tHE BIGGEsT crush on Asmo but anyway-) Wrath is also kind of a mess right now. Ira was killed by Bane- @ghostlygardenercorbin / @memeinduced‘s muse- Who is also the new King, and one of Jinx’s mates. (Jinx being Asmo’s daughter) Everyone is scared shitless of Bane, and things have calmed down based on that fear alone. Most Wrath demons can utilize fire, but some can utilize ice, it depends on what side of the circle you were born on.


Can’t we be seventeen

Heathers!Klance with Keith as your 7-Eleven emo boy and Lance as your society changing fave. I based their sketch/doodle page on Seventeen and how life would be for them if they were normal 


anyone else like the ‘mutual pining ship have to pretend to be a couple’ trope bc I sure do

idk maybe I’ll try to write an actual comic to go with this one day after all the others I still have to do

long mornings and longer thoughts


pull me like a ripcord, break me down and build me up x

Tabi being tickled 😂
🔗 dynotabi

And last before the winner’s prices, here’s Ruby Daly cause I just wanted to redraw her so bad!

Things Sanders Sides Never Said #15

Roman: So just because something’s illegal, that makes it wrong?

Logan: YES!