this house is so freaking cool

I am literally so torn between wanting either Dom, Cody, or Cameron back in the house. If Dom came back, the alliance would be
shook and there’d be drama and Dom would have a fire underneath her. If Cody came back, he’d probably target Paul, and he would freak people out because he’s intimidating and good at comps. Plus, he’s just funny. If Cameron came back, the entire dynamic of the game has potential to change, and it would be really cool to see a new player in the house, also #justiceforcameron.
Damn I just don’t know

cocked & loaded [dwayne johnson/vin diesel]

okay, so if i were to write the academy award-winning and world peace-establishing screenplay where Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel slowly fall in love, this is what it would look like:

  • vin and dwayne would be bitter Rival Agents for an intelligence agency. both would be up for a Big Promotion.  they would both be working together (but against each other) on something something black market mafia.  the mafia would be involved.  they would be VERY CLOSE to cracking this case.  
  • whoever cracks the case gets the promotion! because things like this are always very clear-cut in movies.  and whoever gets the promotion is the Better Agent, and it’s settled forever.
  • what they don’t expect is when they finally go in to make the Big Bust on The Family is that the Big Players will still be at large–and there will be a BABY.  
  • the baby will fall into agency custody, and will require surveillance in a remote safehouse.
  • “i need YOU TWO to pretend and be this baby’s GAY DADS to protect the baby and keep The Family off our tail while we close in on them,” says Head Intelligence Captain Lupita Nyong’o.  
  • dwayne and vin and baby are begrudgingly moved to a suburb of provincetown, massachusetts. cut to shot of a FOR SALE sign being pulled down, a ford fusion hybrid pulling up behind a moving van.  dwayne and vin step out.  they are both wearing muscle shirts and mirror-lensed aviators.  dwayne grabs a baby bag, throws it over his shoulder.  vin grabs the car seat out of the back, and both of them walk-slow motion up the side walk to their new 800k beach house.  
  • here’s what they expect: passive aggressive co-existence for a couple of weeks, where they try to be the Better Dad in a bid for the promotion they both want.  dwayne will go jogging with the baby every morning!! vin will wear her in a sling when he goes to the farmer’s market and smiles at the vendors while feeling up avocados and selecting fresh caught filets of fish!! 
  • here’s what they don’t expect: their next door neighbors are going to be Channing Tatum and Idris Elba and their five beautiful, interracial babies.  they are the perfect Gay Family, but “also,” dwayne says, pushing vin inside from where he’s been grilling steaks and drinking MILLER out of a CAN in broad daylight for the Real Gay Family to see and call over from their patio!!! “these guys are the REAL DEAL.  they’re gonna know something’s up!  i know we’ve had our beef, but we gotta step our game up and work together if we’re gonna make this operation work.”  
  • “you’re right,” vin says.  he’s nodding, looking at a ground, but then up and meeting dwayne’s gaze. “you’re RIGHT.” they’re gonna make this partnership work!!! they are going to be the BEST GAY DADS.
    • CUT TO: vin and dwayne staring at the king sized mattress in the master bedroom.  “i can just–” vin says, but dwayne grabs him by the shoulder and shakes it playfully.  “no man,” he says. “it’s all in or nothing.” 
    • CUT TO: them jogging together with baby playfully squealing from her stroller early in the morning.  
    • CUT TO: vin playfully feeding dwayne grapes at the farmer’s market.  “it’s all or nothing,” he repeats, raising his eyebrows (???? eyebrow folds? idk man). dwayne rolls his eyes and TAKES THE BITE.  
  • CUT TO: channing tatum in monogrammed shorts and pink polo and boat shoes on their front door step with one of his many perfect, precious toddlers on his shoulders, asking them to dinner.  “uh yeah,” dwayne says, cool as a cucumber. he’s not freaking out (he’s totally freaking out!!).  “we’ll bring the wine.”
  • “we’ll bring the wine?” vin repeats, in a hushed voice so the neighbors and baby don’t hear them fighting. “do you know anything about wine? they probably have a second house in france!  i haven’t had anything that didn’t come from a box since–since ever! what were you thinking?” “i panicked!  it seemed like the right thing to say!” 
    • TIRES SCREECH as the ford focus hybrid drifts into the whole foods parking lot.  
  • they show up out of breath, foreheads glistening, with baby in her favorite babybjorn, feet kicking from the day’s excitement of wine shopping.  vin, wheezing, passes a bottle of red and a bottle of white.
    • “oh, a chateau coutet barsac,” idris says with a chuckle, showing the label to channing. “remember that time–?” and oh my GOD, they have inside jokes!! 
    • (”we don’t have any inside jokes!!” dwayne whispers when they immediately excuse themselves halfway through a tour of the house. “that’s because you are the least funny person i know!” vin replies. “god, i hate you!!!” they both probably hiss at each other.)
  • the worst and best part of the night is when they’re serving the roast veg salad, and channing says with the best intentions, “so, how did you two meet?”
    • “uh,” vin says.
    • “the gym,” dwayne says. which, actually turns out to be true.  they look at each other, smile soft and genuine for once at each other, REMEMBERING. before they were BITTER RIVALS, they met at the academy gym and were GYM BUDDIES.  they used to have FUN trying to beat each other’s PR on the treadmill, they used to LOVE shit talking each other when they spotted each other bench pressing, they used to snap towels at each other’s asses in the locker room and totally not check each other out or anything!!! and then they were both accepted to the same position at work and they stopped being friendly for whatever reason.  they stop smiling, they look away from each other.  “anyway.”
    • “we met building houses for habitat for humanity,” idris offers, because of COURSE THEY DID.
  • the second worst part of the night is when channing mentions during the dessert course that two weeks from now is the annual May Day Homeowner’s Neighborhood Block Party Crab Cookoff, and maybe dwayne and vin would like to host to get to know everyone else in the neighborhood! 
  • vin has had like, three more glasses of wine than everyone else, and with aid of liquid confidence, shrugs his shoulders and leans back in his chair and says, “yeah, man, we’d love to.”
    • “’yeah, man, we’d love to?’” dwayne repeats when they’re walking home, baby asleep in her bjorn. 
    • “sorry, did you want me to give ourselves away? what happened to being the best? we’re trying to be believable!” 
    • “yeah,” dwayne says, watching vin strip off his shirt and pants and toss them over his shoulder into their spare hamper before crawling into their bed.  it’s routine.  they both have their sides of the bed.  “believable.”
    • the bedroom is quiet as they face away from each other at the edges of the mattress.  eventually dwayne asks, “do you remember why we stopped being friends?”
    • for a second he thinks maybe vin’s gone to sleep.  but he turns over.  “no,” he says.  “or yeah, maybe. as soon as i realized we would both be seeing action, it became too much of a risk.  friendship.  it was easier to lose you as a friend on my terms than lose you as a friend because you got your dumbass killed.”
    • they decide to be friends again.  you know, for the baby.  for work. whatever.  
  • they get so caught up in planning the May Day Homeowner’s Neighborhood Block Party Crab Cookoff, making inside jokes and ignoring the increasing casual physical intimacy between them that they don’t realize they are BEING WATCHED.
  • the mafia is HERE and they want their BABY and they want dwayne and vin DEAD.  
  • the M.D.H.N.B.P.C.C happens and everything is going according to plan, and they are about to have dwayne judge the bisque portion of the competition, but no one has seen dwayne anywhere!!!!
  • are there warehouses in provincetown??? is there a bad part of provincetown??? anyways, that’s probably where the mafia took dwayne.  vin is FREAKING OUT, how does he save dwayne??? how does he protect the baby, who they are using dwayne as ransom for??? who will judge the bisque portion of the crab cookoff???
  • idris puts a hand on his shoulder.  he’s been watching the entire time.  “i’ll take the baby into our panic room–” OF COURSE THEY HAVE A PANIC ROOM, “and channing will judge the bisque portion of the crab cookofff.  you go save your man.”
  • CUT TO: vin getting geared up to go out and kick some mafia ass, entering their walk-in closet and grabbing GUNS and a BULLET PROOF VEST and lacing up his L.L BEAN MEN’S GORETEX LEATHER BOOTS.  
  • vin takes out the entire warehouse-or-whatever of mafia lackeys and comes across dwayne tied up and blindfolded.
  • “who’s there!” dwayne demands, like he’s ready to fight despite himself.  vin takes three strong steps forward and grabs him by the back of the head and pulls him in for a kiss.  “guess who,” he replies.  dwayne smiles.
  • just then the Final Boss shows up as dwayne is being untied and like, something dramatic happens or whatever, but it’s okay.  they die or go to jail or something, it doesn’t really matter, because dwayne and vin are in LOVE and they’re gonna adopt the hell out of that baby.
  • CUT TO: a month later.  Head Intelligence Captain Lupita Nyong’o is disappointed when vin won’t accept his promotion.  
  • “i would,” he says, heavily decorated for saving dwayne in the field and taking down the mafia family.  “but the code of conduct says that it would be a conflict of interest if i was my husband’s supervisor.” BAM! THE END.  THEY’RE MARRIED.  WORLD PEACE UNLOCKED.   DONALD TRUMP IMPEACHED.  EVERYONE LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

capricorn women are my favorite type of people. goddess, i just love them. they have this majestic air of efficiency, maturity, grace, and composure. it’s like they have just walked from a storm with their heels still in tact and their dignity in one piece. they are warm people who watch over me from atop the midheaven star, smiling down and encouraging others from the 10th house throne. they are cool and kind, and there is not so much of the tyrannical control freak they are associated with. princess kate, michelle obama, debbie allen. gush. behind every successful man is a capricorn woman 

NCT as neighbours

Taeyong: They have the most beautiful house on the block. You know the type…sprinkler systems, perfectly manicured lawns, hired landscapers buzzing about. Incredibly attractive and proper neighbor who looks mean but is actually a sweetheart and once invited you in for dinner. Always looking out for the young kids on the block, would protect them with his life.

Taeil: Sits on his front learn at 3am in the morning contemplating his life and having an existential crisis. Once had a deep philosophical talk with him about life and death. Always down to talk.

Mark: The super smiley neighbor who always says ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. Has like 5 dogs that he walks everyday. 

Hansol: That neighbor you only saw a glimpse of one time and you haven’t seen since. Nobody else has seen them either. You some times wonder if you’ll ever see them again. 

Haechan: He spars with you every chance he gets. When you go outside, so does he, just to egg you on. You thought only slow wifi could rile you up until you met your new neighbor.

Johnny: The neighbor that constantly needs to borrow items because they’re too lazy to actually leave their house. Once saw him trip and face plant the pavement and then try and act cool. 

Jaehyun: The overly friendly neighbor who makes your business their business. Always down to help. Once put your bins out for you when you forgot so your rubbish could be collected. Actual angel.

Ten: The party freak who always has friends over and loud music blaring. You’ve never talked but he’s always happy and you often see him dancing around the neighborhood. 

Doyoung: Tried to give you an actual interview when you moved in with a microphone. Often gives backhanded compliments about the plants on your front lawn. 

Yuta: Sporty neighbor that always kicks his ball into your garden. Once broke one of the plant pots in your garden and told you it needed to be done. But he brought you a new one the next day.

Kun: You catch a glimpse of him sometimes but you’ve never interacted before. Has a cute cat.

Winwin: Quiet neighbor who speaks another language but tries their hardest to be friendly and polite. Baked you cookies when you moved in. Never seen him miss the Ice Cream truck.

Renjun: The half asleep kid that is always too tired to actually function. You once saw him passed out on his lawn. Actual zombie. Where are his parents?

Chenle: The cause of the loud cackling that you hear multiple times throughout the day. Once tried to talk to him about it and he denied it saying the stress must be getting to you. Suspicious. 

Jisung: The kid whose parents are never home so all you can ever hear are him and his friends screaming. Once asked him to keep the noise down and he became a soft ball of fluff and apologized. 

Jeno: Rarely see him but when you do he just smiles and waves. He knows he’s cute af and exploits it, once convinced you to let him use your kitchen to bake a cake. 

Jaemin: That guy that always seems to have an ambulance outside his house because he’s a threat to his own life. Once shook your hand and broke his own wrist. That neighbor you constantly fuss over because you don’t want them to be in pain.

What would a open mic night standup in ML Paris look like? Can you even fathom how hilarious that would be? Just a handful of comics cracking jokes about what traveling abroad is like.

Comedian: “The stereotypes against the french are just out of control now. Everyone expects me to be wearing a beret and eating snails and that’s not fair. But you know, you have to hand it to them, there is a pretty sure fire way to know if someone is french now even from a distance. Because if we see a butterfly we will freaking scream.” 

I love the character specific ones, like Nino gets sorta well known in the comedy circuit when he’s a little older and he’s up there, smiling and interrupts his own jokes half the time with laughing, but his timing is impeccable. 

Nino: “So, super villains.” *the crowd waits for him to say more, but he shrugs as if the sentence needs nothing else, and laughter picks up. He’s grinning before he ‘sobers up’.* “Bad news, obviously. Probably. But, I can’t be the only jaded guy out there right? Like, am I not the only one who hears ‘MONSTER!!!’ and asks without looking up from my phone like, ‘Well, where? Like here?’” *crowds starts laughing and Nino pantomimes texting. “’Cause like, if it’s not on this block man, I was gonna order in probably.’” *laughter continues. Nino waits for a second nodding and smiling. “Have I put a pizzaman through hell by ordering two large pizzas in the middle of a warzone?” *nods* “Yes. Yes i have. Those guys are the real heroes.” *crowd laughs and he chuckles, taking his own queue to get back on topic. He readjusts the mic stand, feigning apprehension.* “So yeah. Super villains, bad news. Some more than others, and like, don’t get me wrong! It’s bad, but, come one. Everyone is a little curious what their super villain is. JUST A LITTLE.” *he calls over the laughter of the crowd, making them laugh even harder. He holds up his free hand that isnt dedicated to the microphone like hes placating them.* “I’m not saying that’s cool! I’m saying that’s the way it is. Paris is a weird freaking place now, gotta take those changes in stride. And for some of us, we already know, right? Got any other akumas in the house? *he waits, listening for the three or four cheers from different parts of the room* “Respect! Alright, so I’ve got something to ask, now that we’ve got that out in the open.” *he pauses, gesturing a little and looking around, building the tension* “Be real with me… But, come on. Was anyone else just a little disappointed?” *the crowd freaking explodes. Nino waits and tries to start again but he starts laughing too, and eventually has to raise his voice to be heard over the crowd.* “I mean, come on! You’re already striping me of my free will, now I don’t even get to pretend in the back of my head that maybe I looked super cool? I mean listen, we’ve all had our moments but, please appreciate the fact that I now have to live with the fact that my ‘dark’ alter ego is a bubble wielding super clown. Really, Hawkmoth? I don’t even get that much?” *Nino lets the laughter ride out, shaking his head and pacing the stage, chuckling to himself. In a slightly quieter voice he says* “Paris is weird man.” *slight laughter* “It is, it really is. But I grew up here you know, I remember the ‘pre-butterfly douchebag days. How weird is it? For the people who move here? Like when they pack their bags, hop on a train, get all moved in then BOOM” *Nino makes a large explosion with his hands* “Huge explosion! Shakes the earth! Fire down the side streets, evil cackling in the air, and they are seized with terror only to realize” *he pauses, turning full circle on the stage before shrugging* “No one cares. Everyone looks up, sure, they’re checking where it’s at but the people of Paris have got the calm and orderly exit thing down, it’s been years we are used to it. We’re just like ‘Oh, wow thats a rather big one isn’t it? Huh, anyways-’ Yeah no one cares. Unless it’s Mister Pigeon.” *huge laugh, a few foreign looking people look confused and Nino chuckles* “For those of you with an intact survival instinct and dont live here, it’s worth explaining. That this city has, twice, been taken over by a mad, pigeon wielding bad guy. TWICE. This is some real shit. People respect pigeons now, I will pay you to find one native citizen who still has the balls to kick at a pigeon. ONE.” 

and so on and so forth, with such famous bits as ‘Cat Noir makes a shitty roommate’ ‘Best Man at a superhero wedding doesnt really make you feel like the best man’ and ‘The Bubbler II: Return of the Super Clown (God Damnit)’

First Impressions Gone Bad (Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader Request)

Request: ‘Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader. He’s still with Betty and he takes Y/N to Pop’s Diner to meet his friends and her Betty starts arguing and instead of fighting Y/N gets up to leave but Betty wants to get the last word in and says something terrible about the gang so both Y/N and Jughead leave and get together?’- @andywicked

Notes: This was great practice for my upcoming fiction The Serpent or Me so thank you for such a fab request! I had a lot of fun with it.

Characters/pairings: Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader, Betty x Jughead, Archie x Veronica

Warnings: Dark/Mean Betty (although I’m tempted to write what happens in Pop’s after they leave to show where she was coming from), kissing.

Word Count: 1883

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‘Do you really think this is a good idea Jug?’ I’d never felt so out of place. I peered into the window of Pop’s Diner, it was straight out of the 50s. Not a place I’d expect Jughead to frequent. My leather jacket stuck out like a sore thumb as Jughead practically dragged me in. An old man behind the counter, the famous Pop I presumed, greeted Jughead instantly.

‘Usual order Jughead?’

‘Make it for two tonight Pop.’ He nodded back to me, I gave a little wave. He didn’t seem phased by our Southside appearance unlike the rest of the diner. I could feel daggers on me from every angle as we walked over to a booth. Jughead acted coolly, barely taking in all the passing glances. I drummed on the table anxiously.

‘Y/n, you need to calm down.’ He said, grabbing my hands to set them still on the table.

‘Sorry but I can already hear everyone gossiping in here, who’s to say your friends aren’t gonna do the same?’ I had to be honest with Jug, he was a serpent now and there were no secrets between the serpents. Well maybe one.

‘They’re different, they know I’m a serpent now and they know why I chose this path. If they have a problem, they’ve definitely kept it to themselves. They know the serpents are the only family I’ve got now.’ I twitched at the word ‘family’. You weren’t meant to have romantic feelings for your ‘family’.

The bell of the door rang and in walked Jughead’s other gang. A broad shouldered redhead came first, he wore a blazing letterman jacket and had his arm around a black haired girl, her dress looked expensive and she was even wearing heels. That would be Archie and Veronica, Riverdale’s latest sweethearts, I remembered Jughead mention. Behind them, came the beautiful blonde. Her hair was in her signature high ponytail, her face beaming as she got closer to us. She wore a white summer dress and a pastel yellow cardigan on top. While that outfit would usually make me gag, she made it look flawless. If this is what I was up against, I was screwed.

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Underrated groups as things we can sleep on


You knows those ideas you get when you are questioning the existence of the universe while in bed at 3 am… This was one from those times.

I still find this funny af, so I couldn’t help but put this idea on here. I hope it’s original ahah, if not… Don’t sue me. plz.

Another reason why I’m posting this is to make the whole world realise how stupidly dense they are for neglecting all those underrated yet, amazingly talented beings. Enjoy!


PENTAGON  -  School desk

- You sleep partially on it (#You say you stan Pentagon but you can only differentiate Hui and E’dawn and you don’t even know the others members name you piece of dense shits)

- You deeply hate sleeping on it, but something you just can’t help it.

- Everyone is silently judging you for sleeping there.

- Stop sleeping and listen, lazyhead

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KNK - Tree house (lol)

- IDK honestly, they are so freaking tall

- Tbh, why would you sleep there?

- Everyone tells you it’s stupid sleeping there, but you just don’t listen, do you?

- Lowkey wants to sleep there.

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stan knk, stan weirdos.

ToppDogg - Tent

- Sleeping on it is considered a life pleasure for some. (Demonic people tbh)

- You don’t sleep in it all the time. (Like when a member is on produce 101 you suddenly become a ToppKlass and when a member mention wanting to harm himself you feel worried and all wow)

- You think sleeping in it is cool (#its not)

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the dualty of me watching ToppDogg and being sad for then not being love enough but still feeling extremely proud of my boys.

B.I.G - Lazy boy

- Even your grandpa slept on it.

- Sleeping on this IS NOT COOL AND TRENDY, NEVER BEEN, NEVER WILL, period.

- Comfiest shit ever, apparently

- You wish you could stop sleeping on this, but it’s just impossible

- “old but gold” (2014)

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They litteraly are so cool, cute and perfectasdlkflasdfalsdfhaljhdsf

Blanc7 - I tech bed

- You are probably googling this right now

-Sleep on it once, never waking up again

-You know that your life will be brighter if you stop sleeping on it but, you don’t even want to try


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this is 332842340y2341 times cooler than me (BTW they all have an instagram account, so go on and bless you eyes with those beautiful people)

SF9 - The flowery bed everyone has in their attic

- You are soso close to finally wake up from your neglecting sleep

- Cute on the outside, a mess inside

- You just need a bit more money or time to stop (to buy cds or watch their perfomances)

-Everyone slept on it at least once, and the moment they stopped, they never regretted it.

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The S in sf9 stands for Sexy and the F for Fucking extra


GOT7 Invited To The Cookout

When they arrived, they were automatically lit just like they said they would be. you were surprised, because you thought they that would be scared to show their true colors in front of all these people.

“y/n!” they hopped out of the truck and ran over to you.

they pulled you in the center and group hugged you in front of everyone. “stop embarrassing me!” you shouted.

you backed away from them and fixed your clothes. then, you checked out each of their outfits. they looked good, so you told them which only gassed them up.

a few minutes later, everyone except yugyeom was spread out talking to your people. he was kind of shy so he decided to stick around with you.

“this is my song.” his eyes widened when a Chris brown song started to play.

“then dance. my cousins would love it if you showed their uncoordinated asses how to dance.” you started to call for your cousins to come over.

“no no no no!” he semi whispered to you and when they started to come over, he froze.

“yeah?” they said in unison.

“take him…and dance. he said this is his song and don’t y'all like this song?” you asked them.

“you know we do cuz!” one of them started dancing…off beat.

yugyeom held in his laughter and looked down at you. “you were right.” he said in korean causing the several young kids in front of you to freak.

“what did he just say?”

“he said that you all look cool.” you lied.

“alright tall asian guy, come show us what you got.” they took him away.

“alright…” you said to yourself. you scanned the huge crowd of people in your backyard until you spotted jackson and mark going into your house. you decided to quietly follow behind them and see what they were up to.

once they got to the kitchen, they stopped. “i’m so hungry. you think y/n’s got any snacks?” jackson asked mark.

“you know her fat ass has snacks!” mark nudged him and looked around until he spotted you.

“pstt.” he signaled for jackson to turn around and once he did, his jaw drooped. “you didn’t hear that did you?”

“i did.” you pretended to cry.

“oh noo…! we’re sorry.” mark ran over to you and pulled you into a hug, jackson quickly following.

“fuck off!” you pushed them off of you and covered your laughing face. “and you’re at a cookout! why the hell are y'all looking for snacks?!”

“we haven’t eaten in hours.” jackson pouted.

you shook your head and told them to follow you to your room where you hid your snacks. “don’t tell the others about this or i’ll kill you both.”

“yeah yeah yeah..” mark said with a mouth full of chips.

“i love you y/n. you keep me fed girl.” jackson bit his honey bun and pretended to wipe a fake tear.

“hey i love her to!” mark scoffed at jackson.

“there’s enough of me to go around.” you stuck out your tongue and stood up. “let’s go…the boys must be looking for us by now.”

the three of you exited the house and went back to doing random things with random people in your backyard. that is until, you saw bambam and left them for him. he was being lit with the elder people.

“what’s that? ain’t that thing the dab?” your half drunk uncle asked him.

“yes! can you do it?!” bam asked him, almost falling out of his seat.

he got up just in time to dab when the beat dropped, earning him an audience. mostly everyone except those who were tending to the grills and the women in the kitchen.

“what the hell.” jaebum said while he and jinyoung stood on each side of you.

“i know, now he’s got my whole family dabbing. shit we’re probably gonna take a family picture where everyone has to be dabbing in it now.” you face palmed yourself since what you said wasn’t a joke and most likely a fact.

you walked away from the crowd looked around for youngjae. he had greeted you when he first got here but that was the last time you saw him. you were getting a little worried until you found him.

he was at the cotton candy machine with one of your aunts that went to church everyday of the week even if it wasn’t open, singing along to a gospel song that you had no idea he knew with her.

“y/n why didn’t you tell me you had friends that could sing? his voice…is soulful.” she placed her hand on his shoulder and complimented him a thousand times on his voice. he damn sure needed them, his self esteem was so damn low.

“hello to you to a/n.” you hugged her and took a cotton candy stick from the cart. “i was just checking on you jae.”

“alright thanks for caring about me y/n, i love you.” he hugged you and kissed the top of your head.

“oohh imma tell your momma! you get down like that?” your aunt put her hand on her hip and smirked at youngjae and you.

“it’s not what it looks like..seriously. it’s always like this…with all of them cause i’m like their little sister.” you defended yourself.

“she’s right.” youngjae said while he put his hand on top of your head.

“mhmm.” she said while squinting her eyes, she wasn’t gonna believe you.

then, she pulled her phone out and turned to another gospel song. “you know this one baby?” she put the phone close to youngjae’s ear.

“yes ma'am.” he said right before he started singing the song.

it was your cue to go.

“yugy yummy!” you shouted over at the ‘tall asian guy’ who seemed to be more comfortable around your cousins than he was earlier.

he high fived every single kid which took about two minutes before coming over to you.

“yeah?” he put his hands on his hips and looked down at you.

“you’re having fun?” you asked him.

“yeah, thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone.” he lifted one side of your hair up and let it fall which made you giggle.

“your comfort zone? what comfort zone did i push you out of?” you asked.

“you know…i like being under you.” he swayed from side to side, something he always did when he got tired of standing.

“the food is ready!” someone yelled.

you grabbed yugyeom’s hand and rushed past people to the food. “you’re that hungry?” he asked.

“no but you’ll thank me for this later.” with as many cookouts that you’ve been to, you knew that when the food was ready, you had to go. if you weren’t quick enough, something good would be gone.

after you fixed both yugyeom’s and your plate, you headed to your room where you told the others to meet you.

“y/n there was no more soda.” bambam frowned.

“yeah, seriously those people know how to drink.” jaebum shook his head.

“i’m thirsty!” jackson exclaimed.

“alright i’ll be back, and don’t touch my food.”

you went to the kitchen and took out a kool-aid packet and sugar. you grabbed a pitcher from the cabinet and did what you usually did. you were the one who made the kool-aid at dinner time cause yours was the best. hopefully, the boys would like it.

“y/n..” yugyeom’s shy voice replaced the silence.

“ye-” you paused when he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled himself closer to you. “yugyeom…what are you doing?”

“shh.” he rested his chin on your shoulder and closed his eyes. “just continue doing what you were doing.”

you were froze, still processing what was going on. it took you about a whole minute to realize that you weren’t dreaming and that this was really happening. he wasn’t moving, the only time he moved was when he tightened his grip on you.

“you’re weird yugyeom.” you continued stirring.

“i’m weird for liking you?” he basically confessed.

“what? you like me? is this a joke? are y'all playing truth or dare or something?” you put the cap on the pitcher and wiggled out of his hold.

“no…why would i joke around and say that i like you y/n? i…really like you.” you grabbed eight plastic cups and handed yugyeom the pitcher.

“alright..since when?” you asked.

“i’m not saying all of that until you tell me how you feel about me.” he bit down on his lip, hoping that you would say that you like him too.

you took in a deep breath. now was your turn to confess. it couldn’t be too weird now…since he feels the same way.

“i like you too.” you finally said it.

yugyeom looked down and attempted to hide his broad smile. he must’ve forgotten that you were shorter than him, so you saw all of his blushing when you looked up.

“did you tell her?” you heard jinyoung ‘quietly’ ask yugyeom which made your jaw drop.

“y'all knew?” you pointed between yugyeom and you.

“i mean..y'all are fucking obvious.” mark said.

“yugyeom was literally staring at your ass the other day and you knew it but you didn’t say anything becau-”

“yeah okay anyways i brought something to drink!” you cut jackson off.

you handed everyone a cup and poured them their drinks, including yourself. you sat between yugyeom and youngjae while they chugged their drinks down..well all of them did.

“y/n tell me what this is so i can buy it and drink it for the rest of my life.” jinyoung said while he moaned into his cup.

“this is so sweet and you know i love my sugar y/n what is this?!” bambam added on to jinyoung’s question.

“it’s called kool-aid and i made it.” you said with pride.

“no you didn’t. you can’t even make a sandwich.” jaebum laughed…by himself.

“why are you like this hyung?” yugyeom asked him.

“hmm this’ll be your last time drinking it jaebum. i was gonna bring some to the dorm faithfully but you fucked it up.” you shrugged.

“fuck!” mark cursed and slammed his hand on the floor. everyone else but jaebum followed.

“okay okay im sorry. y/n please bring your sweet juices to dee dorm faithfully.” he apologized and bowed down before you.

“alright peasant.” you giggled.

the eight of you finished up your food and drinks then, headed back outside to enjoy the last hour of the cookout.

in overall the boys had fun and found their new favorite drink thanks to you. you and yugyeom started dating. and bambam is still dabbing.

Okay, but like imagine ten-year old Sam coming home one day in some uniform and being like “Dad, Dean, I joined Boy Scouts at school.” And Dean and John are part amused part bemused like “Why the fuck do you wanna join Boy Scouts, Sammy, you’ve got more survival skills than all of them combined, including the teacher.” And Sam just rolls his eyes and starts packing his bag and is super exasperated like “Duh, that’s exactly why. They’re staying at this camping ground a few miles out and all the older boys are scaring the younger kids and telling them Cabin 13 is haunted n’ that they should go and investigate. Someone’s gotta look out for those dumbass amateurs. Hey, where’s the iron poker?” And John and Dean are this close to telling him the hell he’s going alone and little Sammy marches to the front door and holds up his hand all sassy like “I got this one, guys, I’ll call you when it’s done. Also Dad, I forged your signature on the admissions slip,” and John doesn’t know whether or not to be impressed and Dean’s like “Sammy, you don’t even own a phone!”

And of course they follow him and camp out far enough with binoculars so Sam doesn’t notice them and they’re kinda proud because Sam asks the older kids the serious questions and tries to get as much info about the history of the place and he writes it in a journal just like John’s. Then two nights later Sam follows a bunch of kids to Cabin 13 and Dean and John follow Sam, when the ghost starts attacking the kids and Sam fights it off with the iron poker and tells them to run and John and Dean are freaking out because Sammy’s run inside the cabin with a vengeful spirit. But then five seconds later the doors and this ten-year old hunter is walking out and talking to a ghost kid who’s crying and Sam’s all like “Look, I know you wanna play but kids these days just don’t understand, okay? Also frightening people like that is totally not cool, man. So let’s just get your bones and get you outta that house. No more cabin fever for you. Dean and my dad leave me alone all the time and it drives me crazy so trust me, kid, I know how you feel.”

And then John is mad and afraid like what the fuck, Sammy, don’t talk to it, and Dean has to hold him back and let Sammy finish working the case because he knows how proud of himself Sam is gonna be and that he’ll want to tell them all about it like look, I did this all by myself, so he manages to drag John far away long enough for Sam to salt and burn the bones and wish his new ghost friend goodbye. Then they hightail it back to the motel and pretend like nothing happened and the next day and they’re watching TV and cleaning out their guns when Sam calls Dean using a payphone to tell them “It’s done. Can you pick me up?” and so Dean and John drive all the way back and Sammy hops into the back and they’re both so proud of him when five seconds later he bursts into tears and John nearly swerves off the road when Sam climbs into the front seat and cries because “I was soooo scaaaared! Deeeean!”

And Dean and John just look at each other and smile and Dean just holds Sammy until he passes out and that night they have pizza and soda and pie and celebrate Sam’s first solo hunt.

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hello! what harry potter houses would you place the wanna one members in and what type of students would they be? thanks in advance!

House: hufflepuff 
Patronus: mongoose  
Favorite Class: apparition 
Type of Student: is outgoing and silly, which makes people initially assume he’s a gryffindor, but he has such a humble and selfless nature that he’s become the most popular upperclassman in hufflepuff. is so sociable, he has friends in all four houses. likes apparition because he’ll do the thing where he pops up out of nowhere to scare woojin or daehwi. 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus: sparrow 
Favorite Class: muggle music 
Type of Student: is hardworking and dedicated, but has a strong will to be the best. likes to spend time doing physical magic that involves your body, not a big charms or potions guy. muggle music is his favorite not because of the instruments, but because of the dancing. was recruited by the professors to help teach others to dance for the yule ball. 

House: ravenclaw 
Patronus: mare  
Favorite Class: potions 
Type of Student: super sweet and reliable, but is also into some weird hobbies like tarot card reading and ancient ruin magic. wants to know everything there is too know about potions, overwhelms the teacher just a bit. is really nice and shows care for underclassman, but he’s also competitive and smiles to himself when he sees he placed first in his class. (but also apologizes to the house ghost like everyday for forgetting to greet them in the morning, what an interesting boy) 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus:  chimpanzee 
Favorite Class: defense against the dark arts 
Type of Student: the sorting hat wanted to put him into slytherin because seongwoo is greAT at coming up with good plans and schemes, but his personality just yells gryffindor. is a beater for the quidditch team and keeps trying to get the defense against the dark arts teacher to tell him about forbidden curses. which,,,,,,,is not going to happen.

House: ravenclaw 
Patronus: magpie 
Favorite Class: frog choir 
Type of Student: really intelligent and capable of becoming a great wizard, but he’s much more interested in his musical talent. has learned over 200 different songs, all in different languages, from different wizarding schools and sects from around the world. wants to get the school to fund a band aside from frog choir, keeps trying to bribe seongwoo with food for him to be the bands drummer. 

House: hufflepuff 
Patronus: hammer-head shark 
Favorite Class: care of magical creatures 
Type of Student: is the pride and joy of hufflepuff’s quidditch team because they’ve never had such a good seeker in the history of their house. but amazingly, daniel gets super shy when complimented. has love letters from people in all four houses. people think his favorite subject is flying or dark arts, but he loves animals a lot and owns like three copies of fantastic beasts and where to find them. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: salamander 
Favorite Class: astronomy 
Type of Student: relatively day-dreamy in class, always has something cute pinned to his robes, and is a pretty big deal with the local press that visit hogwarts because,,,,,,visual? visual. he likes astronomy because he thinks the stars and outer space is fascinating and probably reads horoscopes at breakfast even though everyone tells him that stuffs fake. people jokingly say he really doesn’t give off a slytherin vibe but he’s the best kept person on campus, with a resourcefulness that sometimes beats daehwi’s. 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus: brown hare 
Favorite Class: transfiguration 
Type of Student: is actually rather talented at dueling with a wand, he can easily catch on to charms and spells, but for some reason he likes to be a class clown along with jisung. he does have a really high interest in human transfiguration, since he isn’t a metamorphmagus, he studies and practices really hard to get the spell down. jisung asked him once why he wanted to learn it so bad and woojin was like so i can transform into minhyun and see what its like to look like that for a day LOL. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: boomslang snake 
Favorite Class: alchemy 
Type of Student: likes to read and spend time in the library, but his choice of material is always quite odd. he thinks slytherin has the most interesting background and therefore has read almost EVERYTHING there is on its history, his personal favorite wizard is Merlin who was also a slytherin so jinyoung was actually super stocked about being sorted into the same house. he likes alchemy because it’s a close study of the elements of nature which is fundamentally where magic comes from. someone once teased him for it, but ever since it got out that his patronus was a literal venomous snake, people have backed off. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: jaguar 
Favorite Class: charms 
Type of Student: even at such a young age, he’s already become a registered animagus, able to turn into a jaguar which is also his patronus. his love of charms comes from the infinite amounts of ones to learn and perfect, and he dabbles in creating ones of his own. is highly praised by the teachers and people believe he’s going to be on his way to becoming a member of the ministry of magic soon enough. does a lot of flashy charms in the courtyard just because he can. 

Guan Lin
House: slytherin 
Patronus: orca 
Favorite Class: divination 
Type of Student: is a big fan of non-verbal magic and so you’ll never see him actually taking notes. he’ll just wave his wand around and put his head down for a nap while his quill does the rest. is from a pure-blood family who has been a staple of the slytherin house for years but he doesn’t show it off in the least. everyone thinks his patronus is freaking awesome like an orca??? how cool and guan lin is just like “it’s gigantic. i wish it was a gold fish or something.” 

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Can you pretty please write a PJO Hogwarts AU? And can I choose the houses? I'm going to list my house choices but you of course do not have to stick with them. Nico: Slytherin Percy: Gryffindor Jason: Gryffindor Reyna: Slytherin Hazel: Hufflepuff Frank: Hufflepuff Will: Hufflepuff Annabeth: Ravenclaw Piper: (I honestly don't know. You choose) Leo: Gryffindor And solangelo of course. Please? *puppy dog eyes*

Your wish has been granted in the middle of me studying for my exams.

(This will also be posted on my AO3)

“Ugh, this tie sucks,” Nico groaned, looking over at his two roommates, Reyna and Piper. They had, after talking to the headmaster, been allowed to share a room. Nico felt very uncomfortable with the other boys (mainly because they thought he was a freak) and his only friends from the house were Reyna and Piper. So, now, in their fifth year, they got the permission to share a dorm.

Reyna looked up. “It looks good on you, Nico. You’re way better than me at tying them, that’s for sure.”

“You guys, if we don’t get going soon, there’s no chance we’ll be able to eat breakfast before our first class,” Piper said from the door, eyeing her two roommates, one of which was straightening out their tie and the other one looking for their shoes. Her expression changed from a serious one to a wide grin. “And besides, there’s always something you can look at in the Great Hall, isn’t there?”

Nico scoffed, but couldn’t stop the faintest blush to spread over his pale cheeks. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Reyna adopted the same grin as Piper as she pulled on her shoes, having finally found them under her dresser. “Suuure, so there isn’t a certain Hufflepuff you have your eyes on?”

“No. Leave me alone.” And with that, Nico marched out of their room, past Piper and out of the Slytherin Common Room.

As he made his way towards the Great Hall alone, he let his thoughts wander. How dare they assume that he liked anyone in Hufflepuff? Well, of course he liked someone there - his sister Hazel and her boyfriend Frank - but that wasn’t important right now. He did not have a crush on anyone. Not since the admire-crush thing he had on one of his friends in second grade. He was done with romance already. No one would want a freak who happened to think that necromancy was cool. Especially not perfect blond guys with the bluest eyes in the world that helped out in the hosp- no, he was not going there with his thoughts. Not now.

He walked into the Great Hall and started to look for his friends. After each Welcome-back-to-school party, the house tables got switched out with smaller tables so that the students could sit with whoever they wanted to. Nico, with his ‘friend’ group being spread across all the houses, this was definitely an advantage for them.

At one of the tables close to the left wall, he saw Percy sitting with Annabeth and Leo and he started to walk towards them, also minding the tables around them to see who sat there.

“Hey, Nico,” Percy greeted him as he sat down and got a glass of apple juice, not really having much of an appetite like usual.

“Hey,” Nico mumbled. Then he noticed the faint bags under his friend’s eyes. “Wait, you actually stayed up last night and got your homework done? Since when?”

“Since Annabeth forced me to. We stayed in the library until it closed and then we went to her common room. I fell asleep after 11:30.” He ended his explanation with a big yawn. “And I’m not happy about it.”

Reyna and Piper joined them, followed by Hazel, Frank and Jason. “Of course you’re not. You don’t like homework,” Reyna said before focusing his attention on Nico. “You have to eat. Remember the last time you ‘forgot’ to eat both dinner and breakfast in a row?”

Nico grimaced. He had passed out in the hallway and been brought to the hospital wing where he woke up to find a student looking after him rather than Madam Pomfrey. That was an experience he would rather not repeat again, so he helped himself to a small bowl of cereal. “Happy?”

“Very,” a familiar voice said behind him. Nico turned around and almost knocked his goblet over, glaring at the person standing behind him. Of course it was him. Will Solace. The boy who had taken care of him in the hospital wing more times that he liked to admit.

“You really have to eat breakfast Nico, or else you’ll pass out again. You’re already almost too skinny and you really don’t need to drop any more weight,” Will said, looking down at him.

Nico sent a death glare back in return. “I didn’t ask for you to stick your nose into my friend’s conversation.”

Will crossed his arms. “Well, I didn’t ask for you to be such an idiot about your health either, but funnily you are one anyways.”

The Seven and Reyna watched as Will and Nico continued to bicker, eventually drawing the attention of the people sitting at nearby tables as well. They all could feel the thick sexual tension between the boys and a couple girls sitting at almost the other end of the hall yelled, “Can you two just kiss and get over it?”

Nico’s head whipped up to glare at the yeller before stomping out of the Great Hall with a dark blush covering his face and shadows making a small trail behind him.

Will looked after him with an equally dark blush before joining his friends at some other table.

Later, when the Hufflepuffs and Slytherins had Herbology together, Nico avoided Will at all costs. He couldn’t have a crush on the stupid blond. Not after Percy. No. Nope. Nix. Nada. He was done with romance and Will probably couldn’t stand him. He was just a creepy freak that had always been able to manipulate shadows, bones and ghosts to some degree. It was connected to dark magic in people’s minds and many stayed away from him. Not that he minded, people just wasn’t his thing. Period.

Problem was, Will didn’t seem to want to avoid Nico. No, that idiot walked up to where Nico was working with Hazel and asked if they could talk privately after the class was over. Nico reluctantly agreed, even if he knew Will was just going to make fun of him and his sexuality. But deep inside, Nico knew that Will wasn’t the type of person to do that. So why the heck did he want to talk to Nico then?

Luhan Boyfriend Material

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  • so much skinship
  • like hand holding, cuddles, kisses, random makeout sessions, the whole shebang literally all the time
  • sUPER possessive of you
  • becomes jealous very easily
  • “who’s that Y/N”
  • “Literally I have no idea Luhan, he’s just some random guy who passed us in the street.”
  • “He gave us a weird look… he gave you a weird look.”
  • “Luhan….”
  • “I’m pretty sure I saw him wink too”
  • “You know there’s this thing called blinking right?
  • “…….”
  • holding onto your hand tighter or pulling you closer whenever you visited him on set
  • leaving marks on you all the time just to make it known you were taken
  • and for other reasons too… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • he would push you to try new things
  • take you on dates simply to go exploring
  • most of the time you guys would just end up walking around the city lost but…
  • it’d be cool though because he would take the lead… and the blame
  • sometimes you would find some really cool abandoned buildings though
  • and maybe go stargazing
  • lazy dates would be frequent too
  • sometimes he would just randomly show up at your house with movies
  • he might fall asleep on you half way through the movie or if its a sad one tear up a little, but u would be warm from cuddling so it would be ite

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In Bed:

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • sex sex sex sex
  • literally its all he thinks about
  • he may appear calm in public or when he meets your friends or family…. but he is a FREAK in the sheets
  • kinks galore
  • you guys would probs have sex at least once a day usually 2-3 times a day when he didn’t have to travel
  • and boy when he did have to travel…
  • be prepared to not leave the bedroom for a couple days before he leaves and for a couple days after he returns
  • you gotta make up for lost time right?
  • at least 5 out of the 7 days of the week you would be tied up, blindfolded or dressed in an interesting manner or get pounded against the wall or headboard
  • he may seem skinny… but he sure packs a punch
  • when would you neck not be covered in bruises or pink marks
  • you skin around your hip bones would always be covered in scratch marks and bruises
  • he seems like the submissive type right? with his feminine looks and petiteish frame…
  • oh honey… what treat you’ll be in for…

lollllllll so Admin A and I kinda skipped two days posting sorryyyyy. Anyways this is a new thing I’m kinda testing out to see how u guys like it. I’m thinking of possibly doing it for other members and other groups too idk yet tho 

~Admin S

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Richjake where Jake admits his 24/7 loneliness at home

“Jeremy, put down the squeaky chicken or I swear to god-”



Rich and Jake watched the squad run around on stage, something about group bonding that Mr. Reyes had suggested, but Jake had to sit this one out, considering he was still on crutches. Rich had joined him in the front row to keep him company though, and he appreciated it.

“I bet you 15 bucks that they break something.” Rich suggested as Michael jumped on top of a table to escape Christine.

“I’m not taking that bet.” Jake smirked and fiddled with his crutches. They made his arms sore, but it didn’t even come close to the pain when the squip forced him to stand on his legs. “I’d have 911 on dial just in case.”

“Pfff, you’re probably right. That’d be a cramped ride to the hospital.” Rich went on tangent wondering how they’d all fit, but Jake was zoning out. He barely remembered the ride to the hospital, just vague blurs, shouting, a mask being placed on his face, and the screams, oh god the screams. He woke up to nothing, not even a text from his parents. The doctor spoke to him in soft tones, asking if he had another place to stay. When he said no, they had set him up with a hotel room. At least it wasn’t that house. That god awful, cold, empty, lonely, damn nightmare of a-

“Hey, Jake, you okay man?” Rich set his hand down on his arm and he jolted up in his seat. Tears slid down his face and he started to wipe them off, but Rich beat him to it.

“I’m gonna take that as a no.” Rich swiped the tears away, and Jake hiccupped, and snapped his mouth shut. Guys don’t cry what are you doing Jake you’re cool you can’t be sobbing your eyes out in front of everyone what if they hate you what if they leave what if what if what -

“I was so fucking lonely Rich.” He finally got out. “That freaking house drove me mad with no one else in it. The hallways, the kitchen, the family room, it’s like I was a ghost, in my own house.” Rich held him as he shook and vented, and the others slowly stopped moving and made their way to the edge of the stage. When Jake looked up, eyes red, his friends were all around him, concerned.

“I’m fine.” He forced a small smile, which fooled no one. Christine scooted off the stage, the others following suite. They huddled around in a giant hug pile, and the waterworks started again. Rich kissed his forehead and whispered into his hair.

“We’re here. We’re here Jake, we’re here.”

What Are The Odds? - Part 4 (Final)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,308

Summary: Before the reader left for college, she had a one night stand with Dean. Eight years later, Dean learns that he has a daughter in an interesting way.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“I didn’t realize you felt that way. I mean…I knew you liked me because I’m awesome but…” You ramble on.

“I know. I kept it to myself.” Dean chuckles making you blush.  

“Weird how things turn out.” You say quietly.

Dean nods his head and watches you sitting at his kitchen table.

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One Last Onision Post

Let’s talk about the last couple days with Onision. He posted a video about Shane Dawson (Why aren’t we surprised?) And had several melt downs. 

Anyway in the direct messages he had with Joy Sparkle Bs he agreed to do the debate on Youtube Live. Then back tracked and said he would do it on Lainey’s YouNow and made a poll asking everyone which platform was more glitchy in hopes to validate himself in some way. (Everyone said YouNow so that backfired.) He then says he won’t do it on Youtube because he doesn’t want Joy to profit. Joy said repeatedly that she would donate everything to charity. She even said she would donate $200 of her own money right then in good faith and she would later prove that all the money raised was given to charity. Onision says no the only way he will do it is if it’s on Lainey’s YouNow because no one will profit. (Lainey is his wife. Even if they have different bank accounts anything she spent the money on food, bills, anything for the kids, or even make up to use on her Youtube channel he would profit. Because they are married so it’s their bills, their kids, their food, and if she uses the make up in videos and gets paid for those videos he again profits.)

So he’s on YouNow and gets excited to see Jaclyn. (Honestly his reaction was pretty creepy. Like you could tell her was so excited but he was trying to keep his cool. Which he tried to seem chill the whole time but you could tell by the way he spoke and by how hard he was trying to stay calm he was freaking out on the inside. Well he’s pissed because Social Repose is there so he tries to guilt him about his ACTUAL stalker. He said Social Repose should apologize to the girl for what happened because that’s what he would do. Which we all know is complete bullshit. If a fan showed up to Greg’s house uninvited he would freak the fuck out. Make a video about it. And call the girl a retarded bitch or a cunt or many different names. Thats how he handles shit. Lastly he made a comment about Jaclyn’s boobs and again we’re not surprised. 

I can’t remember if Jeff came in before those two or after but Onision refused to actually listen to what he said at first and kept saying shit. And even said “How many times do I have to say this to you?” Which is hilarious because people repeatedly say stuff to him and he literally ignores them. So at this point Jeff is like wtf dude why isn’t this guy listening? You know like when you’re saying something to a kid and you repeat yourself a million times and then you get annoyed because they aren’t listening? That’s what happened and then Jeff went off. I thought it was funny. Onision thought he was some kind of puppet master but literally no one thought that.

So Joy finally comes in. She called him sweetie, or hun and he was like, “My name is Greg. Call me Greg.” And she was like “Sorry I get a little brain fogged due to this illness I have.” And then he kept saying she was mentally ill and trying to invalidate what she was saying by that. Even though he admitted he is mentally ill and so is he wife. But somehow they aren’t invalidated? He then made comments about her hair, called her a bitch a couple times, asked why she wanted to get sued so bad. (She basically wants him to try and sue her to 1. Call his bluff. And 2. Prove that he can’t really sue her because legally she has done nothing wrong.) Really just wouldn’t listen to her, let her finish a point, and kept just trying to over talk her. That’s why she kept having to yell. He then bitches out and leaves.

Lainey comes in and talks. She did cry but it was because of the subject not because of Joy. Joy was actually decent to Lainey. Even if she was being fake she still had the decency to try and treat Lainey like a person. 

Sara later came in and again Joy treated her like a person. She could have been being fake right then too but she still didn’t come in an insult her. Even though Sara called her a bitch in her first message to her. 

Lainey’s sister came in a one point. And she did what Onision did which was try and talk over everyone and be defensive about everything. She was pretty rude. So they muted her and she was butt hurt about that. But Joy said she could talk as long as she was respectful. Which the sister could have made her point had she done that. But instead she rolled her eyes and got off.

Greg then goes and of course tweets about being the victim. (Guess he didn’t make Joy cry like he wanted.) Then makes a video where he openly lies about what happened. He tweets that Sara is being attacked on Youtube Live. Sara literally tweets that’s not whats going on. He then makes Lainey out to be the victim even though Lainey chose to talk to Joy and only cried because they talked about Billie. And then he gets in a fight with Drew (Billie’s new boyfriend) and keeps talking shit about Billie who hasn’t said anything about Greg or Lainey in some time. Maybe she made one comment on a video Drew made. But on the internet she really hasn’t said much about the situation. While Greg has. Then I guess he made a video talking shit about Alex and Johnny. (Because they went on Andy’s podcast that Greg is so desperate to get on.) 

So that takes our list to like 9 or 10 people Greg tried to start shit with in the last like two or three days. I had to comment on this because my mind is honestly blown at how ridiculous this guy is. And how people still seem to follow him and think he truly is a victim of bullying when this shit all started because he said he wanted to make Joy cry and to humiliate her. This is the exact same way Donald Trump handles shit!! 

Oh he also told Joy it was Lainey’s dad that he would be using to sue her. He hates his father-in-law and “cut him out of his life” at some point this month so that was funny. He openly lied right there. And he promised he would sue Joy if they debated. And even though he left the debate if he does not sue her he will be caught in yet another lie. “Most honest Youtuber” my ass. 

Alright I’m done. 

SF9 Reaction ft. PENTAGON: Idol crush being with them on a show for a whole season

A new variety show gathers idols from different groups to stay at a ‘Healing House’, a place for the (mostly) rookie idols get to know each other more for a month. A new show that seems crazy, but is packed with fun and rare interactions.

Inseong: He’d try to play it cool, act like everything would be okay. Really, he’d be such a small bean, being nervous about what to say and what to do in front of his crush. He’d get so worked up but then once he sees her, he’s completely lost it inside. When she greets him, he’ll be a bit flustered and would shyly bow while freaking out inside, not saying anything and just waving a bit. When she leaves, he’ll be dying inside; sulking to Jinho.

“I just made a complete fool of myself~”

Youngbin: He’d be so surprised and would mentally get himself prepared to meet you. He wouldn’t realize how nervous he really was until he actually sees his crush on the set of the show and he’d start mentally breaking down while greeting her, forgetting about his “mental preparation”. When she’s out of earshot, he’ll whisper to Hui.

“How was that?”

“Could’ve done better. She’ll like you, though.”

Jaeyoon: He’d be so thrilled. Seeing his celebrity crush in real life is his dream, and being on a show with his crush for a whole entire season where he and his crush get to know each other more is what makes him so excited. He gets to see his crush every day. When his crush greets him, he happily greets back with a cute smile, making sure she saw it. He’d turn to Hongseok.

“Did you just see that? Did you?”

“Yeah, I saw what happened.” *insert smirk* “But you never know, I could come in and swoop her off of her feet.”


Dawon: He’d be just like Jaeyoon, but even more excited. He’d be so thrilled and would brag about it. On the set, when he finally greets his crush, he’d crack a few jokes to make her laugh. He’d be so so happy to see his crush laughing at his humor. He’d swiftly ask for her number and things continue from there. Then, he’d hold his hand out to Hyojong (E’Dawn), who hands him five dollars.

“Told you I’d get to her first.”

Zuho: It would take a few moments for him to process it all. He seems like he wouldn’t freak out too much, but he’d be a bit nervous on the day it comes to filming. When greeting her, he’d bow and do a formal greeting while his crush insists not to speak like that and to speak casually. He’d just nod and she would smile while saying bye to go and get her make-up touched up. Yuto would look at him. 

(ignore caption) “Wow, even I could have done better.”

“You know what, we have another month, Yuto.”

Rowoon: Rowoon would be so freaking shy and embarrassed just thinking about it, but throughout the time from when he found out to when he finally shoots the show, he would be confident in wooing his crush’s’ heart. He’s on the show with Shinwon, who tells him he’ll woo her heart first. She greets Shinwon first, but when she gets to Rowoon, he smile his charming smile and greets her sweetly, telling her how pretty she looks. She’d become flustered and blush while thanking him and walking away to start filming. He’d look at Shinwon triumphantly. 

“I won her heart~”

“For now.”

Taeyang: Sunshine would be a bright boy. He’d be excited but wouldn’t show it much. When the day came to meet you, he’d try to stay cool. He’d make sure to see where his crush is, admiring her from afar. If she comes over to greet him, he’ll dart his eyes away and mentally prepare himself about what to say, what to do, etc. Once she greets him, he’ll be all smiley and cute unintentionally, and then she would greet YeoOne, then leave. 

“We made eye contact with each other.”

“Nice job, Taeyang.”

Hwiyoung: A cute little fluffball. He’d be so embarrassed, not knowing what to do. He would ask his hyungs for advice, getting teased in turn and getting some hopeful advice from Rowoon, Jaeyoon, Inseong, and Youngbin. When going to shoot the episodes, he’d get shy and aware of his surroundings to see if his crush was around. When she comes to greet him and his show partner, Wooseok, she’ll smile sweetly and Hwiyoung would greet her and tell her how much he admired her. She’d thank him and tell him he was cute, running off to her show partners as Wooseok chuckled.

“I think she likes you.”

“I… I think so, too.”

Chani: Like Hwiyoung, he’d be embarrassed, except he’d be able to handle it a bit better. He’d be fine without advice, but would get it anyways. Youngbin would pester him about how to act. At the filming, Chani would only be a little nervous. He’d take a few glances at her, wondering what she was doing. If he found her looking at him, he’d just innocently smile and wave and she would let out a laugh while waving back. If she came to greet him, he would smile and greet her back. When he looks at Kino, though, he loses it and starts talking about you whenever you’re out of earshot, fanboying like a little boy he is. 


“I saw, I saw.”

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When Lightning Strikes

(2) (3)

Word Count: 1524

Player: Auston Matthews (Toronto Maple Leafs)

feat. Mitchell Marner (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Warning/s: making out

This is a repost of my own work!

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

How did you end up on the couch, leaning into your brother’s best friend? Auston had an arm draped around your shoulders and he was absentmindedly playing with your hair.

“I don’t like storms. But I think they are beautiful.”, you mumbled, watching another bolt of lightning cross the sky.

Mitch was still trapped at the Airport and Auston had refused to leave you alone during the storm, after he came to check up on you. Which he did every day since Mitch had gone to London to visit Steph.

You guessed Mitch had asked him to do it, but Auston didn’t seem to mind. And now he was also trapped. His Apartment might be ten minutes away, but with that weather, he was couldn’t go outside - like everyone else.

“They are.”, Auston approved.

You turned your head to look at him, and you were surprised at how close you actually were. You didn’t say anything, just watched his eyes flicker from the glass slider to your face. When he realized you were looking at him, his gaze locked with yours permanently.

“Why the frown?”

You didn’t even know why you were frowning. Your face softened up and you shrugged. Maybe it was still about the check-ups.

“Dunno.”, you muttered.

You bit your bottom lip lightly and turned back to the window, noticing the tension in the room. You had noticed it before, but never this intense.

“No. Tell me.”, he insisted, still looking at you.

“It’s nothing. It’s just… I was wondering if Mitch set you up to check on me.”, you admitted quietly.

You thought that at the mention of Mitch the tension would disappear. You imagined it to ruin the moment, but nothing happened. Instead, you locked eyes again, your gaze flickering to his lips as Auston opened his mouth to speak.

“No. He didn’t.”, was his simple reply, his voice low.

You wanted to look back to the window, but you couldn’t take your eyes from his. You were captured in the moment. Auston wasn’t breaking eye contact either. He was too busy staring into your beautiful eyes, very aware that he still had his arm around you.

It felt too good to be true. He knew he should probably go, or bring some distance between the two of you. But it felt so good to sit there with you, that he almost forgot that it was wrong.
Another bolt of lightning crossed the sky, lighting up the room for a split second. You could see it reflect in Auston’s eyes, but you didn’t turn to the window to look at it.

“So why did you come over then?”, you asked.

“I wanted to see you.”, he whispered.

Blood was rushing through your ears as your heart was beating twice as fast as it should.
The loud roar of thunder took you by surprise, sending a light shiver through your body. A smile tugged at the corner of Auston’s mouth.
It was time. He should really move away now. You should move away now.
But both of you didn’t.

Next thing you know, Auston is leaning forward. You don’t do anything. You just close your eyes and wait, ready for the tension to be released.
The touch of Auston’s lips on yours was like one of those lightning bolts that were still racing over the city. At first, he only moved his lips slowly, waiting for your response. But when you leaned in yourself and deepened the kiss, he allowed himself to move a little quicker. Auston brought his hand up to cup your cheek, causing goosebumps to erupt on your skin. You brought both of your hands to his neck, pulling him closer to you. Your lips moved in Sync, almost like a little dance. It wasn’t long until Auston gently bit your bottom lip, asking for more.

You opened your mouth for him, as you felt his tongue slide into your mouth to collide with yours.

Your stomach was clenching as you felt your lungs, slowly running out of air. Like an hour glass that didn’t have any sand left to fall down. Auston held the kiss for a little longer, before he pulled away, resting his forehead against yours.
Both of you were gasping for air, hands still in place. From your position, you stared down, trying to catch your breath. A few seconds flew by. Only then did you allow yourself to look up, to find that Auston was already looking at you.

“Y/n.”, he whispered.

Was he trying to tell you that you shouldn’t be doing this? Did he really think you didn’t already know?

You wanted to say something, but before you could do that, Auston had already put his lips on yours again. This kiss was much faster, skipping the part where you had to get used to it. You shifted your legs so you were kneeling on the couch, closer to Auston’s height. Auston put his arms on your waist, letting them trail up and down your sides before he pulled you closer to him. With your bodies touching, Auston effortlessly shifted you forwards, away from your spot on the couch. He had his back leaned against the backrest, with you in his lap.

But like the first kiss, the second one had to end too, before it went too far. You knew you wanted more. And you could tell by the way he looked at you that he wanted the exact same, but that was something that you would definitely regret. So instead of kissing you again - the risk of the both of you giving in to what you wanted too big - Auston pulled you into his chest and repositioned himself so he was lying down. You left your arms around his neck, his around your waist, as you rested your head against his chest.

The slam of the front door was what woke you up. You didn’t even notice that you had fallen asleep. The steady noise of the rain had disappeared and there was no trace of thunder to be heard. The storm must’ve passed. You opened your tired eyes to see Auston’s black shirt, against which you had rested your head.

You were still cuddling on the couch.

Oh oh.

A feeling of utter panic spread in your body, as your jaw dropped open.
What did you do? You had to think of something!

“Y/n? The storm’s over. I’m home.”, Mitch exclaimed in the foyer.

You scooted back, staring at sleeping Auston in shock. Your hand found its way to your lips. You had kissed him. If Mitch found out… oh god. Auston didn’t notice anything as you pushed yourself out of his arms and stood up, frantically looking around. The armchair!

You hurried over to the armchair as fast as possible, curling up with your back facing Auston. The beating of your heart was all you could hear. It was way too fast.

What did you do? You knew this would end badly. What if Mitch found out? What would he do? How were you supposed to act around Auston? How was he going to act around you?
You pressed your eyes shut tightly as you heard footsteps approaching. A muffled groan from Auston was the next thing you could hear.

“Mats? What the hell are you doing here?”, Mitch giggled.

“Marns!”, was the only thing Auston gulped out in shock before he caught himself.

“Uh… I was here last evening. I thought you were back. But the storm trapped me so Y/n said I should sleep on the couch.”, he lied. You could hear the slightly guilty tone in his voice, which wasn’t exactly easing your panic. Oh god. You ruined everything.

Mitch’s long fingers closed around your arm, gently shoving you.

“Y/N, wake up. I’m home.”, he whispered.

Out of an instinct, you groaned, opening your eyes slightly, rubbing them. You gave your best impression of a yawn, sitting up in the armchair.

“When did you come back, Mitchy?”, you asked.

“Two minutes ago. I texted you, but I figured you’d still be asleep.”, Mitch explained.

You opened your eyes fully, avoiding any eye contact with Auston, focusing on your brother instead.

“I was going to text Mats and wake you. But now that you’re already here, how ‘bout we go to that pancake house? I’m hungry.”, Mitch grinned.

“Uhuh.”, you gulped, sounding like you were approving.

“Sure. But I gotta stop at my Apartment first.”, Auston yawned.

“Cool.”, Mitch smirked, leaving the room to get rid of his duffle bag.

The second he was gone, you and Auston locked eyes. With wide eyes you motioned to where Mitch had disappeared, mildly freaking out. But Auston was looking more guilty than helpless, shrugging as he was totally unable to cope with the situation.

Both of you had no idea what to do.
You were so screwed.


Melrose: Just promise me that if the two of you ever want some time alone that you don’t do it at his house okay? Mrs. Punch would freak out a lot more than I would. Also… I mean you should probably make sure your mom and dad aren’t going to be home either. 

Peony: Thank you for being so cool about this Mel. 

Melrose: Hey, I remember what it was like to be your age. But maybe you should wait until your parents have a talk with you before you do anything more with Otto. 

Peony: Okay… uh yeah. I’ll do that.