this hotel internet is so slow

when the semester is over and you get to throw out your schoolwork

when u have shitty internet / everything’s so slow that there’s no point in trying to use it

when u need to level up in a game so u send your character into the flurry

when u send your friend off to watch your favorite TV show

when ur daughter’s baby is part human part vampire and it’s time for them to learn to fly

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Dan are you worried that this Q&A will ruin your tumblr aesthetic?

D: side note - by far the toughest thing about being on tour was the slow hotel internet. you know when you have internet enough to load facebook and emails but is just too slow to load .gifs? that’s true cruelty. so unfortunately i couldn’t reblog a lot on the road which means my beautiful aesthetic shitposting has been buried under a pile of youtube videos. loading up my queue is a priority when i’m home.

Recent absence

Hey everyone, I haven’t been able to get around to using tumbr for a couple of days because my internet has been so slow, I am surprised I was even able to get this text post to load properly.

Where I live we use community wifi, so we can only go as fast as A, the office will allow us, and B, as fast as the slowest person connecting. With summer vacation here, a ton of kids are buying internet tickets and hopping online, so that renders the entire hotel complex pretty worse for wear.

Despite all of this, IMing and gaming platforms seem to run at a steady pace, so if you’d like to add me on discord to hang out and catch up, feel free to!

And also, thank for you near 500 followers! I’ll get back to posting art and whatnot soon!

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Inspired by my suffering: a prompt. The boys cope with bad hotel internet. Gotta love that slow wi-fi.

Okokok so. 

Hinata is very upset with the hotel wifi; he’s usually had good experiences in hotels, and with the spotty wifi he can’t get a hold of Kenma. He can’t even play the volleyball sim he’d downloaded on his phone! He’s devastated. 

Kageyama is pretty alright, he hardly uses his phone, but when it comes to his usual routine of watching volleyball videos before bed he cries. 

Tsukishima doesn’t really care. He’d brought a book, and he doesn’t usually use his phone except to text Yamaguchi and he didn’t even bring his laptop

Yamaguchi has p bad insomnia, and so when he finds his wifi is shotty, he decides to bother Tsukishima in the room across the hall from him. He texts him and texts him and texts him until he comes over @ 3 am to talk, and he’s the one that has to lull Yamaguchi to sleep. 

Ennoshita is v stressed and with the wifi going out like every two seconds, he’s not able to write to calm himself down. He needs something to calm himself down, something to distract him, because he needs to do something, he’s alone in a strange town, and he can’t focus, he can’t breathe, he’s going to be sick. He doesn’t even have a book or anything with him because he’s only there for a night, he thought he’d be fine with just his laptop, but he isn’t, he’s not. He doesn’t fall asleep that night. 

Tanaka is miserable. He can’t play any games, and he’d planned to Skype Ennoshita and Noya, and it’s boring. He hates it. 

Narita is tempted to leave. Honestly. He can’t watch Netflix, and he’s bored out of his mind. He decides to spend his night using up all his phone data to send snapchats to Ennoshita and Kinoshita, complaining about the lack of wifi; he also sends memes bc why not. And a lot of crying on Tumblr. 

Kinoshita falls asleep as soon as he enters his room, and doesn’t even notice until he wakes up in the morning and sees that he can’t video chat Narita. He’s kinda sad, so he’s quick to check out and get home to him. 

Nishinoya Is about the same as Tanaka; he’d planned to play games and chat online with the meme team and now he can’t. He’s fuckin pissed. 

Asahi isn’t too affected; he’s sad he can’t check his social media, but he figures it’s a good thing to unplug and get to starting that book he’d been meaning to start. 

Does Daichi even know what wifi is???? 

Suga is fuckin’ steaming. He wants to group Skype the Pretty Setter Squad, and watch Netflix (and ok maybe porn), and snapchat everyone and he’s so pissed. Ugh. 

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Hi friends! I have a quick question for you. A friend of mine is getting top surgery this summer, and I was thinking about making them a post-surgery care package. Problem is, I have no idea what to include, not having gone through major surgery myself, and every time I google it the only thing that shows up is post-mastectomy info geared towards cis women with breast cancer. Do you know of any resources for this or have advice for things you have found people to really need after top surgery?

Zak: That’s a great idea! I’m sure your friend will really appreciate it. Adrian made me a care package before I left for top surgery that I found really helpful. He included pajama pants (your friend will probably be most comfortable lounging around in those for at least the first week post-op), some hand-me-down button down shirts (can’t really pull a shirt over your head the first week), and a tube of mederma scar treatment. Those were all really helpful things. Some other things I really found useful were a wedge pillow (you have to sleep on your back at a slight angle for awhile), a water pitcher with a straw, magazines and books for entertainment (maybe some DVDs too, at least in my case the internet at the hotel was too slow for Netflix), and little snacks like granola bars or almonds. Really the main problems that I had the first week were that I was bored out of my mind, stuck in the hotel, and unable to get comfortable or move around very much. So anything that provides entertainment and helps your friend avoid moving too much is great. 

You know the feel when the internet is running so slowly but you’re like still in complete denial about how slow it actually is that you keep trying to open tabs and look at videos and continue browsing normally as your computer sits on front of you attempting to load a single image and yet you continue to scroll down your dash as though nothing’s wrong when literally the whole thing is blank boxes.