this honestly feels like yesterday

anonymous asked:

what causes the chocobros to be petty?

This request gave me a little bit of a laugh… I filled them all nearly on-impact but Gladio took me a couple of days to think of…

For Noctis, literally just mess with his sleep schedule one too many times. The boy loves his sleep. I feel like Noct would be the definition of, “I ain’t got no sleep ‘cause ‘a y’all, y’all not gon get to sleep ‘cause of me!” whenever he’s petty. 

For Prompto, repeatedly use all of the hot water during the rare times they actually get to stay at a hotel. If it happens once or twice he’ll let it slide because hey, these things happen… but repeatedly, when you know he’s gotta take care of his hair? (He hates washing his hair with cold water.) It’s on.

For Gladio, spoil a book for him. He normally reads historical books, but in the rare times that he finds himself with a fictional book, if someone spoils it for him he’ll be rather upset about it. Finally, he found some fiction that seemed interesting, and someone just had to ruin the ending…

For Ignis, drink the last can of Ebony. Whether accidental or intentional, whoever drank the last can will have to keep an eye out for the comeback… even though they’ll never see it coming. 

gregnas-the-grouch  asked:

(( ♀ for Jo's mom. What were your thoughts on the little tyke you call son? ))

@ask-nebulousmeadows said: ♀ Joachim: How do you feel about your son’s decision to be in a band? Are you content with it? Or would you rather he had gone down a different career path?

(( above ask is also covered in this so I’m putting it here ))

“Joachim Sharpe! His birthday is next month. I can’t believe it, honestly. I feel like it was only yesterday that he could practically fit in the palm of my hand.

I’m proud of him. I think there’s still a lot left in life for him to do, but he’s grown into a fine individual so far! He’s a nice Pokemon at heart, and he strives to be good. Sometimes he gets in over his head, but for the most part, he’s fine.

He has a good set of aspirations. He wants to become a better fighter, and he also wants his band to succeed … I can tell his heart lies more with the band though. And that’s fine! His father and I are already fighters.

I guess it’s worth mentioning, though, that he struggles with himself at times. Like I said, due to his hybrid status he feels out of place. He can pass as just a Mime, after all, that’s largely what he is, but even so, he feels strange. I’ve told him countless times that he’s a perfectly good Pokemon, but I’m not sure what else I can do there.

But – perhaps I’m rambling. It feels odd to say so much at once. I’m not used to it.”

| T R U E    L O V E |

My baby girl is four years old tomorrow. Why can’t she just stop growing. I always love reading parents little letters to their kids. So this are my thoughts that I write while watching her run around our garden. She can’t really understand them yet but maybe one day she will read it.

It honestly feels like yesterday when we found out that we are expecting our first child. I still remember all this crazy feelings. Pure happiness and love for this little creature that I don’t even know yet. When I always heard that you will find what love means when you have child I didn’t believe it. But the moment I find out that you will come to this world I understood it. I knew that I will never ever loved anyone as much as I love you. 

I remember the first time I hold you, how you were screaming and crying. And it was the greatest sound ever. When they put you on my chest and I finally could hold you it was everything. I remember that I looked at your dad and I realized that we both crying.

You’re only four years old but you are full of love to everyone and everything. I remember when we told you about your new sibling how happy you were. Or when everyday at some point you would ask if you can talk to baby and we would lie together while you would whisper secrets to little one. I remember when we showed you a picture of her in my tummy and you said that this is the greatest day of your life. I hope you will always carry with you this love.

I can’t believe that you are four years old already. How is it possible? 

You are my one and only true love. 

Till next time, Laurel

it’s my three year anniversary today!

( that mun video is coming i promise, still in the works though! it’ll be a little delayed, but thank you to everyone who sent questions! )

three years on this blog seems so insane, it almost doesn’t feel real! i still remember opening once on netflix for the first time, absolutely floored by how much i loved it, and specifically how much i loved regina. i think it was halfway through season three that i made this blog, posting for the first time on april 21st of my freshman year, and honestly it feels like it could be yesterday. i have been so lucky to meet so many people on here, and to have friendships from older blogs carry over and grow into something amazing. there are people i’ve met through writing in this community that i now talk to every day, and i really can’t express how grateful i am for that fact. thank you to everyone who has written with me, who chats with me, and who makes this blog such a wonderful place to be. 

to both new and old friends, thank you so much!

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please visit my redbubble shop!

hi pals!! i’ve been struggling pretty hard w/ money lately so i’ve decided to open a redbubble shop! been posting graphics on tumblr for a long time now (on my other blog​), and people seem to like them a lot so i thought i could try selling them.

i’m slowly uploading some of my best/most popular ones right now… and i’m willing to take requests for new designs! also feel free to request for changes in colours, sizing etc for any existing design. most things are available as phone cases, mugs, bags etc

kindly take a look, reblog this, tell your friends etc. every little bit helps! thank you so much, love you guys loads. xx

Hello Again!
It was October 2010 when I decided to join Tumblr. Since then I’ve deleted and re-made lots of times. But whyamiafool is, for now, a blog where I find joy and happiness. And I would like to thank you for taking part in all of this.
I honestly can’t believe it has been five years since I’ve joined. It feels like an eternity tbh. It were five filled with anxiety and insecurity, lots of changes, and with a lot of struggles. Yet, I’m still here and I’m better than ever.

To all of my followers and the people I follow:
Thank you for making me smile,
Thank you for being here,
Thank YOU!

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“Can you believe it’s almost December? Fuck, it’s crazy how fast this year has gone. Seven months until graduation and it couldn’t come any sooner, honestly. It almost feels like it was just yesterday I walked through the doors of OV as nerdy Levi Ventura with taped up glasses with thick frames and pants pulled up to my belly button, carrying a backpack  that weighed more than me… I’m kidding, by the way, I’ve never worn glasses in my life.”