this honestly didnt turn out as i wanted it to


Have some McHanzo doodles

Hanzo lusting for chubby Jesse, because honestly same……….I want to grab his love handles……..might draw something about that later, but here have a good boy.

Some facial feature practice, I traced Hanzo and McCree’s faces from the reference kit (left) and added some characteristics I always give them when I draw them in my style to see how they would look and then drew them in my style (right) but keeping in mind their features…..didnt turn out as planned and honestly Im not very happy with this experiment, but I gotta learn somehow!!!


Batch 2 of Commissions! 

Mostly Cross comm batch ho! A full-headshot batch was honestly overwhelming at first, but this turned out to be super fun to do! Sorry I haven;t been posting much beside comms lately asfahsas OTL I really want that switch, so…

Thanks for your support, guys!

@/Shun - Shun and Mira ( @/hailstorm’s ) (XCX ava)
@csalted - Sera (XCX ava)
@tigerkiddo - their ff character
@/Lion of the East - Riyo (OC)
@delta-machina - Esmeralda (XCX ava)
@singleahoge - Cross and Saori (XCX ava)


#KnbWeek: Day 3(26/07) - Bonds

i decide to go for a short comic for bonds , forget the old bonds and make a new one . was feeling really ambitious honestly planning this idea and in the end it didnt turn out the way i wanted but it is okay ,i had fun experiencing it lol orz i was rushing so much so finish this since it’s technically day 4 in my place already but its still day 3 somewhere lol and i purposely dont put words to see if people understand or i hope the comic conveys the feelings (i hope it does orz) . lesson learnt: dont be too ambitious when ure a lazy ass person who can’t get thngs finish on time :’D

note: im sorry for drawing the guys really weird and looks lke a goblin , look at nigou he looks lke a goblin puppy or sth, i kept on laughing while drawing the 7th image coz like i have no space (i should hv made the caanvas larger bt i was forgot wtf) so i drew thr seirin dudes like trolls above LMAO, that’s nijimura on top of aomine’s head btw