this honestly didnt turn out as i wanted it to


Have some McHanzo doodles

Hanzo lusting for chubby Jesse, because honestly same……….I want to grab his love handles……..might draw something about that later, but here have a good boy.

Some facial feature practice, I traced Hanzo and McCree’s faces from the reference kit (left) and added some characteristics I always give them when I draw them in my style to see how they would look and then drew them in my style (right) but keeping in mind their features…..didnt turn out as planned and honestly Im not very happy with this experiment, but I gotta learn somehow!!!

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favorite nct blogs?

adhfsjfh someone actually asked me  ´ ▽ ` )ノ thank you anonie ~

okay so here goes

@nctinfo & @nct-u for updates and pics of the boys during their rookies days aduhauhf

@1aeil & @taeiloves my fave fave fave taeil stans theyre the best (and sappiest we all are but) taeil stans and i love them with all my heart  ❤ 

@taebreez my closest friend on here (ily june  ♡)
@starrynct possibly the nicest person i ever met (we dont deserve you zen)
@neocity my mom im in charge of hyping her up and i take my job very seriously ily 
@taeyongshi a cute taeyong stan & her textposts *thumbs up* 
@spicypancakedoyoung shes a fave but i still hate her  ♡

@hqleetaeyong SO NICE OKAY and funny like thanks for making me laugh at 2AM 
@taeyonggi soft ty stan pls enjoy her edits and her

and others i really enjoy seeing on my dash 
@2-tae @chokemewinwin @dofawn @taeyounq @1aeyong @grandpa-ty @nakamuto @teewhytrack @taei @taeyongd @incorrect-nct-quotes @taeiljaeh @doyouta @14jae @icetaeil @tybeoji @nctmark @jonginkims @hey-uta, @rookiies, @lqtaeyong, @taeyonghi, @nakasyuta, @dovounq, @lqmarklee @nctaezen

oh yeah lets not forget the legendary blogs @neotechs & @nakamotens

lmao sorry i turned this into a follow forever (its just i might never make one so might as well answer this like this ~) 
appreciate these blogs i love them all 

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Do you have any headcanons for laulicity celebrating Hanukkah?

oh boy do i

let me set the scene. it’s like a few days before hanukkah. the candles are bought, the hanukkah tinsel is set, you can hear one of the 4 hanukkah songs in existence playing in the background and felicity is like okay i have all my presents for laurel except the first and the last night and that’s a lot of pressure because they need to be PERFECT and mom smoak, just flat knocking down felicity’s door, YOU RANG
mom: no i’m pretty sure you did

across town, laurel has all her gifts ready for felicity, and she has something really special planned for the last night, but she’s like, really worried her hanukkah isn’t hanukkah enough? like her parents really did fuck all for the holidays so it was really up to her to make a holiday season for sara, and so she just kind of mainstreamed it for sara’s benefit but as they got older they wanted to get more in touch with their judaism but this is the first big hanukkah since they’ve both been alive at the same time and she’s just feeling a lot of pressure both on the celebrations and on her faith

MEANWHILE, felicity’s mom has dragged her to the holiday market because first of all, we need these gifts to be perfect, and second, on the first night, you’re supposed to give laurel eight gifts, and then one gift every other nights. and felicity is like, im pretty sure that’s not how this works but what would i know i’ve only been doing this MY WHOLE LIFE MOM NO!!! NOT THE CANDLES

and so it’s like, the night of, and i think felicity & laurel & dinah drake & ray & martin go to services and everyone else is like uuuuh let’s not make a thing of it so after that, everyone goes back to laurel’s apartment and the gang’s all here, sara, caitlin, barry & iris, the snibs, ray, lily & her husband & baby, felicity, felicity’s mom, rory, dinah drake, laurel, martin & clarissa, and then like jax, cisco, curtis, & mick are all there as well bc they’re family too

the good news about felicity getting laurel 8 presents for night 1 is that len got lisa like… 50 presents?? it’s like, oh okay we’re not the worst ones here. mom smoak like OH ITS SO SWEET YOUD DO THAT FOR YOUR SISTER while trying to see if amazon prime will deliver more gifts in under 1 hour

so like i think mom smoak came over to help laurel cook and martin is like lovely job ladies when are the other 20 people getting here we’ve got latkes to the ceiling we’ve got brisket AND roast chicken. we’ve got roasted brussel sprouts. we have root vegetables with rosemary + thyme. we’ve got a kugel that barry brought bc nora’s ghost appeared to him and told him he’d shame the family name if he didn’t bring a dish 

also everyone else brought non alcoholic apple cider which was very nice of them but my god. there’s so much apple cider

incidentally also please imagine that throughout the meal laurel keeps putting vegetables on people’s plates and everyone but ray, who eats ½ of the vegetables total, is like awww do i have to and laurel, not looking up from her plate, is like, eat your vegetables. everyone grumbling in unison 

so at this point, they light the menorah, and felicity wrote down the prayer for laurel + sara bc they don’t actually know it? and then it turns out len and lisa don’t either so they’re all standing there reading off this slip of paper with the prayer vernacularly written out while everyone sings it and it’s just… really cute and wholesome okay

anyway then it’s time for presents and laurel is like, im so sorry i didnt get you more than one gift felicity! and felicity is like honestly? it’s fine. it is truly fine. laurel got felicity the really expensive prop lightsaber she’s always wanted and felicity clinging it to her chest i love it

ray and cisco both try to hold it and felicity hisses at them

so felicity got laurel yes, a scented candle (apple pie scented) and a tin of raspberry lemon tea and a scarf and two pairs of earrings and a hat and a necklace with her name on it and socks. so many fun socks. and laurel is like i promise you, any one of these would’ve been enough for me but im very grateful and everyone is like awww

also in the background is lisa like oh sweet you got me a fendi bag?? and len is like stole it for you special sis and lisa is like aw lenny thanks <3 
cisco: are we just not gonna
cisco: how many of those presents are stolen
len: do you really want that answered

so it’s almost time for dessert and the buzzer rings and curious, laurel and felicity and sara and dinah go downstairs and there’s black siren with, yes, a bottle of cider, and she’s just kind of staring there like so. you forgot to invite me? and everyone is like oh black siren, you disaster, get in here

anyway the other 7 nights are way more intimate just felicity + laurel and on the 8th night laurel turns off all the lights so it’s just the menorah lighting up the room and she proposes and felicity, sobbing like she’s never sobbed in her life, like so much that laurel is like oh my god im so sorry do you not want to get married and if you listen you can hear mom smoak yelling SHE DOES!! SHE DOES!!! in the distance, and felicity with her nose all runny is like I DO!! I DO!!! and they kiss even though felicity is all boogery and felicity is just like i got you mugs!! i got you mugs and laurel is like i love mugs. felicity cries for 16 days


Batch 2 of Commissions! 

Mostly Cross comm batch ho! A full-headshot batch was honestly overwhelming at first, but this turned out to be super fun to do! Sorry I haven;t been posting much beside comms lately asfahsas OTL I really want that switch, so…

Thanks for your support, guys!

@/Shun - Shun and Mira ( @/hailstorm’s ) (XCX ava)
@csalted - Sera (XCX ava)
@tigerkiddo - their ff character
@/Lion of the East - Riyo (OC)
@delta-machina - Esmeralda (XCX ava)
@singleahoge - Cross and Saori (XCX ava)

Tour Suprises

Requested by: @anjalirunner

Summary:Shawn and you are signers and he asks you to be his girlfriend on stage.


Your Pov:

Being on tour was so much fun. I got to meet so many people, and I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to do so. A couple months back I got asked to open up for Shawn Mendes for his ‘Illuminate’ world tour. I was estatic. Shawn is great guy. We’ve been on tour for about a few months now. Over those few months me and Shawn have become so close, so close in fact that I consider him my best friend. I can tell him anything, and he won’t judge me. But as we continue to grow closer my feelings for him grow stronger. At first I thought it was just silly crush but as we got into the tour more and I learned more about him I realized that I was in love him. That scared me, because I didn’t know if he would like me back. Every night when I come off stage he always compliments me saying that “I killed it!” and everytime he does I get tiny butterflies in my tummy and I blush. Nobody knows about my crush and I planned on keeping it that way for a while. It was a Friday night and we were playing in a really big arena. It was a sold out show and I was super nervous. I was sitting in my dressing getting ready when all of a sudden I hear a knock on my door. “Come in!” I told the person. The person behind the door opened it and closed it softly. “Hey Y/N!” I recognized the voice to be the one and only Shawn Mendes. “Hey Shawn, what’s sup?” I asked him as I was applying my makeup. “Nothing much, I was bored so I thought I would come visit you and see what you were up to.” He told me. I laughed. “Well as you can see I’m putting on my makeup.” “Yeah, I can see that.” He said sarcastically back to me. “Sooo are you nervous for tonight? I know I am.” Which was true, I for some reason was incredibly nervous and I just couldn’t figure out why. “Not really. Why, are you?” “Yeah, and I don’t know why” I told him honestly. “Well you have no reason to be nervous, your gonna kill, I know you will!” He told me giving me a boost of confidence. “Thanks Shawn, you always know how to make me feel better.” I told him as I got up out of my chair and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. When my lips parted I noticed that his cheeks were a shade of pink. I quietly laughed to myself and turned back around to the table to finish my makeup. We chit-chatted for a while about random things. It was getting close to show time so Shawn had to leave. After he left my manager (manager name) came in. “Lets go Y/N! There’s only 2 minutes till you have to be on stage, so we need to go!” She yelled at me. “Okay, relax I’m coming.” I told her calmly. Jeez. We quickly made our way to the stage. “Good luck!” She told me with a small smile. “Thanks!” I responded happily. I could hear the screams of the crowd getting louder as the first beat of my song started to play. “How’s everybody doing tonight?!” I yelled into the microphone as I ran out on stage. They screamed louder in response. “The first song I’m about to play is off my new album and it’s very special to me, sing along if you know the words.” I told them as I started to sign the song. The crowd was so loud tonight, it was one of the best crowds that I have had this whole tour. After performing a couple of more songs it was time for me to leave and for Shawn to come out. “Thankyou guys so much! You were incredible!” I told the crowd. They screamed and at this point I thought I was going to go deaf. “Now, who’s ready for Shawn?!” I asked them. “He will be out in a little bit.” I told them with a small smile. The girls in the front were going nuts. “ I just wanna thank everybody one more time, God bless!” I said to the fans as I took a bow. As I was walking off I blew a little kiss to them. When I got off the stage I saw Shawn standing there holding his guitar. “You did awesome!” He told me with a huge smile on his face. “Thanks, the crowd is really loud tonight!” I told him. “Hell yeah they are, I think I’m gonna go deaf just standing hear and watching you, I can’t even imagine what’s it like on stage!” He told me while laughing. I laughed along with him as well. “Yeah haha. Well you better get out there you don’t want to keep them waiting any longer.” I told him as I could hear the crowd chanting Shawn’s name. “I guess your right.” He told me. “See you after the show.” He said to me as he gave me a quick hug and walked out onto the stage as the first beat of the song started to play.


Your Pov:

It was near the middle of the concert and I was having a great time watching from the side of the stage. Every now and then Shawn would look over and smile at me. Each time he would do that I would blush and look elsewhere. As the last beat to ‘Bad Reputation’ was played Shawn decided to talk to the crowd. “I wanna Thankyou guys so much for coming out tonight. It means a lot to me and I love you guys so much, you have no idea.” He told them with a small smile. His fans were screaming their heads off at this. “This next song that I’m about to play was written for a very important person in my life and she happens to be standing right over there.” He said as he pointed in my direction. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. I mean Shawn wrote a song about me and I didn’t even know! My thoughts were going crazy but I still couldn’t help the small smile that started forming. “Y/N, will you come out here?” He asked me. I nodded and slowly walked out on the stage. The crowds screams got more louder which I didnt even think was possible. Once I got to were Shawn was standing he grabbed my hand and spoke to the crowd again. “Most of you guys know that Y/N is my best friend but lately I have been thinking of her as more than friend.” He told them honestly. My mouth hung open in shock at his words. Shawn liked me, he actually liked me. The feeling was mutual. I was flabbergasted. He turned his head to me . “ So Y/N, the reason that I brought you out on stage was because I wanted to tell you that I like you, a lot so much that i think I’m in love with you and I wanna ask you a very important question.” He told me with a nervous smile on his face. I nodded at him still in shock that he like me. “Y/N Y/LN, will you be my girlfriend?” He asked me. My eyes filled with tears at this. He was so sweet. I nodded my head so fast that I’m pretty sure I got whiplash. I jumped in his arms and hugged him so tight. He caught me and hugged me back lightly kissing me on the forehead. Once we pulled away he motioned me to sit on a chair that was placed behind me. I have no idea where it came but I honestly didn’t care. I sat down on the chair and somebody came over to Shawn and handed him a bouquet of red roses. He thanked them and turned around to me. He handed them to me. “Pretty flowers for a pretty girly.” He said once I had them in my hands. I just smiled and chuckled at him. He was so silly. He turned back to the microphone and started talking to the still roaring crowd. “ Landies and Gentleman please give it up for my beautiful girlfriend, Y/N!” He yelled out. The fans cheered and clapped. I was so embarrassed. I’m pretty sure my face was bright red at this point. Shawn started to speak again after they quieted down a little. “Now as I was saying earlier this next song is dedicated to Y/N. I might need your guys’ help so sing along with me if you know the words.” He told them. He bent down to pick up his guitar and started strumming. At first I didn’t know what song it was but as he got further into it I recognized it. It was one of my favorites off the album, it was ‘Lights On.’ I started to blush madly. I was bobbing my head to the beat. During the song Shawn would make eye contact with me and would smile the biggest smile. As it was nearing the end of the song he looked directly at me as he sang it. “ I wanna love you with the lights on, love you with the lights on.” He stopped for a small second just staring at me. “Love you with the……. lights onnnnnnnn.” He finished the song and the crowd went wild. Everybody was clapping there hands, me included. I was even a little teary eyed. I hopped off of the chair and walked over to him. I pulled him into another hug. As we were hugging he whispered into my ear. “I love you so much, I can’t believe your finally mine.” I shook my head and laught slightly. “I love you too, and I know I can’t believe it either.” We pulled away from the hug and stood facing the crowd. He put his mouth close to the microphone and started speaking. “Everybody give it up for Y/N one last time!” Once again the crowd went nuts. I smiled and bowed thinking it would be funny. It ended up being funny and people were laughing. Shawn out his arm around me and we walked off the stage. Shawn still had a couple more songs to perform so he had to go back out. “I’ll see ya after the show GIRLFRIEND.” He told me putting emphasis on the word Girlfriend. “Okay BOYFRIEND, now go out there and kill it and afterwards we can go get ice cream to celebrate.” I told him also putting emphasis on the word BOYFRIEND teasing him. “Sounds like a plane babe, and don’t worry I’ll kill it just for you.” He told me while winking at the last part. I just laughed and shook my head. He kissed me lightly on the forehead and headed back out. For the rest of the concert I stood on the side holding my roses and watching my talented boyfriend kill it. I had a smile on my face the whole time. All in all it was one of the best nights that I have ever had and I am so incredibly lucky to have someone in my life like Shawn.

AN: Here it is! I hope it’s good enough for you and what you wanted. Sorry for any mistakes!. Thanks for requesting I really appreciate it!

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OKAY BUT LISTEN what if the RFA + saeran like cut and styled MCs hair



  • he wants matching hair!!!
  • “Yoosung, can you just cut my hair normally?”
  • but Yoosung wants matching hair
  • he settles for low-key matching
  • also Yoosung has…never cut hair before
  • he tries his best to mock what he sees the hair-stylists doing
  • but honestly he’s just so afraid of fucking up
  • he cuts like 2 strands
  • then uses a flattening iron to flip out the ends of MC’s hair
  • when he turns MC back around he yells “taadaa!” and makes a grand gesture
  • “Yoosung…i like it and everything but you didnt even cut all of the split ends…”
  • “yea but look! we’re matching!”
  • Yoosung just really wants MC to have hair like his OK


  • did you know that Zen is legit an expert hair stylist i just know it
  • he doesnt trust anyone else to cut his own hair so he’s always done it himself
  • he can really do anything MC wants
  • just a trim? no sweat
  • you want layers? he’s on it
  • you want a fucking pixie cut? HE! IS! THERE!
  • he wants to give MC a fun and bouncy hair style!!
  • but also, he’s been teaching himself how to braid
  • and wants to show off his skills
  • i feel like he would spend a really long time trying to do something really intricate, to surprise MC
  • for MC with long hair
  • for MC with short hair


  • i honestly feel like Jaehee is the type to cut her own hair as well
  • who would pay that much money just for a trim??
  • also does Jaehee have TIME to get a haircute? nah
  • so when MC says they’re going out to get a haircut
  • “what? no. no no no. sit down, i’ll cut your hair”
  • Jaehee is done in like five minutes
  • but MC is like holy shit this looks great
  • after that MC asks Jaehee to style her hair all the time
  • but Jaehees better at cutting than styling
  • so she’s always just straighten their hair and then be like
  • ok done :)


  • ????
  • ???????
  • he really takes his time
  • he cuts off an inch in forty minutes
  • MC would ask him nervously
  • “um, Jumin…are you done yet?”
  • “darling, i’m trying to concentrate”
  • “its just that um…i’m getting hungry…”
  • “this is important, please”
  • “o…okay…”
  • he spends a long time very carefully curling MC’s hair
  • it looks incredible
  • but it also took 4 hours


  • MC asks Seven for a haircut but all he has in the house is those baby safety scissors
  • you…cant cut hair with those
  • but god dammit, he’s gonna try
  • “oh, thats okay Seven! i’ll just go to a salon-”
  • “sit down, we’re in this together now”
  • Seven is the type to say “oops” every five seconds and MC is just like
  • well that cant be good
  • it takes an hour and does NOT come out well
  • “um…wanna go to the salon? i’ll buy your haircut”
  • “yea…thanks…”


  • one word
  • undercut
  • as soon as MC sits down he lifts up their hair and shaves the bottom layer away
  • “Saeran, what the hell are you-”
  • he throws the rest of their hair up into a bun and then gives them a hand mirror so they can see it 
  • “oh…oh shit this is cool”
  • “i know, right?”
  • he’ll probably bleach the shaved away part and dye it some other color
  • Saerans favorite part of their undercut is that he can rub it and it feels like he’s petting a puppy



**Nalla Madison Anoa'i has always been the creative one of a family of power house wrestling superstars. She never had an itch to step into the ring and perform for millions. Her love and adoration went to a pen and a paper. For months now she had been one of the writers for the WWE, a job she got thanks to her last name.(Not that she would say that to anyone.) But that all changes with one viral video, and the wise words of her father Sika and her big brother Joe. Can she cut it as a new WWE woman wrestler? Or will she allow others to just walk all over her and use her for their gain?**


It all happened so fast. Everything in Madison’s life changed so suddenly. 6 weeks ago, she had a different outlook on life.  A different point of view on her current situation. She didn’t want to be a WWE superstar.  Life in front of the camera wasn’t for her. And she had many reservations about it.

|•••Two Months Earlier•••|

“It was you wasn’t it!!!!“ 

Madison accused as she stormed into the men’s locker room to find her big brother sitting with a group of guys. Roman looked up from the tv where he was playing a game with Xavier Wood, flipping his long dark hair out of his eyes. “Hey little one.” He said obviously not hearing a word that she said when she stormed in. Maddie glared at him as he focussed back on the game. She placed her hands on her hips and walked infront of the tv. Causing an uproar from the guys, not that she cared. “Don’t you ‘little one’ me. You are in so much trouble!" 

Xavier’s eyes widened as he paused the game, ready for whatever one of his best friends was about to do. He looked between Maddie and Joe before rubbing his hands together. "What did I do?” He questioned, looking back at his sister. Pressing her lips together, Madison glared even harder before shaking her head. “Did you put out that video of me and Matt training in the ring? You and Sarona were the only ones there….you know how i feel about that. Its just a hobby and now Triple H and Stephanie want me to let my writing job go and become a fricken Diva!! I can not belie-..” Joe placed his hand over her mouth to stop her rambling.  "Oh that? Yeah you are welcome..I felt like you’ve been down for a minute, and I noticed how much you smiled when you were in the ring with Uso. Matt and you were having a good time. And i want you to smile like that all the time.“ He explained. 

"My heart…” Big E whispered to Xavier.

Madison raised an eyebrow at her brother. Her glare slowly fading. Once the crazy look was off her face, Joe removed his hand from her mouth. Now she honestly didnt know what to say. She stared at him in silence for a moment, before she turned around and walked out of the room without a word.

- - - -

Trinity pulled tighter on Madison’s hair as she continued to braid it. Making her head tilt backwards. She raised the magazine in her hand and continued to flip the pages in silence. 

“So what are you gonna do girl?” She broke the silence, putting a rubber band at the end of the braid. Madison sighed and shrugged her shoulders, closing the magazine. “I didn’t want to be a wrestler. I never did. That was Joe’s and Matt’s thing. Mine was creating stories, taking people places with just my words. It’s why I came here, to help with storylines and what not…not to wrestle. Or be in front of the camera. I barely take selfies on my instagram." 

Trin looked down at her cousin and gave her a small smile, "I think you should do it…having another bad ass female wrestler around would be cool..” She tried to persuade. “If they give the divas tag team belts you and me could go after them.” The older diva joked. Madison gave her a small smile before she got up from the floor. “I’m not made for the WWE….especially where the lights and cameras are. ”

“You’ll never know until you try….and I’m sure if you don’t like it, they would let you go back to being just a writer. ”

“You just gotta go for it…..”

Madison tilted her head to the side, “just go for it..” She breathed. 


Now here she stood, a beautifully designed mascarade mask covering her face as she watched backstage as Nia jax tugged and bent Sasha’s leg in a way that made even Madison’s knee ache. She kept her eyes on the tortured Sasha, her body being tossed around like a rag doll. 

“Nia Jax is ruthless as she takes out Sasha Banks with her brute stength!” Michael Cole called out, leaning forward in his announcers chair. “There is literally nothing stopping her from ending Banks’ career right now…nothing!”

Hearing the painful cries of the younger diva, Nia smirked softly. She would really show everyone who the real boss was. Letting go of Banks, she watched as she crumbled to the mat, nursing her right leg. “Who’s the boss now Sasha!! Huh?!! Is it still you?! Oooh I don’t think so!” She yelled, the crowd continuing to boo her loudly. “I’m at the top! I am the BOSS!” Nia stretched out both her arms walking over towards the ropes facing the ring announcers,  basking in all the commotion from the audience. It was so easy to take down a girl like Sasha.  So easy. 

From her position back stage by the curtains, Madison shook her head. Her eyes never leaving the crumpled form of Sasha Banks. This really had gone on way too long. As Nia turned around to continue her destruction of Sasha, Madison took this opportunity to rush passed the curtains and onto the stage. The crowd slowly started to scream as they noticed a woman at the top of the ramp in a mask. 

“What is this Jbl? Who is that?”

Madison took off down the ramp and slid into the ring, barely giving Nia enough time to notice her as she jumped over Sasha’s body and took down the larger diva. Using all the strength she had to get her down onto the may. Cheering wildly, the crowd quickly got behind the girl giving left and rights to the NXT native. Nia screamed for the girl to get off of her, and when Madison finally obliged, she rolled out of the ring to get away. Standing up Madison locked eyes with the diva. “What’s the matter?!” She yelled. “You can dish it, but you cant take it?” Nia walked around the ring, causing Madison to stalk her from the inside. Backing up the ramp, Nia kept looking at the girl, yelling stuff that Madison couldn’t quite understand. 

“Sasha has been saved! By a vigilante. But I think she may have gotten here a little too late. The damage has already done!" 

Standing talk, Madison continued to glare at a retreating Nia Jax.  Her concentration being broken only by the sound of Sasha behind her groaning. She turned around suddenly and reached out, helping the grateful yet skepticle diva up. Sasha couldn’t really put any pressure on her left knee, so she relied on the body against hers to rest upon. 

"Are you okay?” Madison asked her, a dumb question obviously, since she did witness the damage being done by Nia. Glancing up at the taller diva,  Sasha gave a short nod, taking in deep breaths to ease the pain. The girls smiled softly at each other, the audience cheering the mystery girl. Taking Sasha’s hand she raised her arm in the air, the screams getting louder.  Sasha’s music hit, blaring through the speakers, celebrating what could only be described as a victory getting away from Nia Jax.  Still holding Sasha’s arm in the air, Madison looked at her, her smile slowly turning into a frown. Revealing her true feelings about The Boss. She yanked Sasha towards her and let out a primal scream as she closed her as hard as she could. Banks flipping over and landing on the mat out cold. Blood was pumping in Madison’s ears, so hard that she didn’t even notice the boos emitting from the fans. 

“What in the?! My god John, Sasha’s savior was not her savior at all!”

“I don’t know about you Cole, but I am impressed! What a clothesline! Almost as good as mine…almost!” JBL bragged. 

Standing over a broken Sasha Banks, Madison’s breathing was hard.  As if she had just run a marathon. Her deep purple lips spread into a smile across her face. 'Just gotta go for it' Madison thought, remembering her cousins words. Slowly bringing her hand to her masquerade mask, Madison’s heart began to pound. There’s no turning back now. She ripped off her mask and tossed it behind her.  

“Wait! Who is that?!”

Madison bent down and grabbed Sasha’s jaw between her fingers, gripping it tightly. Staring intently at the diva. “What happened to bossing on up?” She asked her,  shaking her head.“One down…and plenty more to go..” She kissed Sasha on the forehead, leaving her lipstick stain as a reminder, before standing up and smiling at the camera.

“Could it be? That’s Madison Reigns, of the famous Anoa'i family. The only daughter of Sika himself! I can’t believe it!”

Stepping over Sasha, the younger Reigns climbed up onto the turnbuckle, hoisting herself up to the top. She glanced over the crowd, taking in a few faces. An electric guitar started to play as her music dropped, pumping through the speakers in the arena. Hearing her entrance music play for millions of people caused her to smile proudly. Her debut was out of the way. She did what she was supposed to do without one hiccup. 

And that’s all she could’ve asked for.

- - - -

As soon as Madison made it back backstage all she wanted to do was call her father. Ryan, one of the tech guys handed her back her phone as soon as she made it back there. She thanked him, and continued on her journey down the hall and towards the divas locker room. She had to admit, that she was feeling pretty good about her debut. However, she still felt nervous for some reason. Maybe it was because of crowd, and the WWE universe. I mean how many times had a WWE diva been introduce by attacking the talent? Quite a few, Madison knew from experience as a writer, formerly.  She sighed to herself and looked for her father’s contact info in her phone.

“It could’ve been better….but hey…at least you tried your best…”

Hearing his voice made her cringe internally. She would’ve stopped walking and maybe even given him a piece of her mind but she didn’t even want to have any contact with him. Especially if he was just going to be an ass to Her. Madison continued to walk, finding her father’s name in her phone brought relief to her. But it was short lived as the WWE superstar followed her down the hall, close behind her. “You know maybe if you were a little more ruthless it would’ve been better. Sometimes you just gotta tap into that inner rage beautiful.” Madison squeezed her hand tightly around her phone, trying her best to ignore him. As hard as that may be. “You see the problem is, no one knows the real you, but I do. I know exactly what you are capable of…you aren’t this shy, sweet, innocent girl that everyone makes you out to be…you’ve got a darkness. A darkness that I loved to play with. A darkness that I’ve partied with..” Madison quickly turned around and glared at him, pointing a finger in his face. “You shut your fucking mouth right now Baron!”

Baron couldn’t help but grin hearing her curse,  he brought his face closer to hers,  grinning. “Well look at that….hello gorgeous. Finally acknowledging me?”

Squinting her green eyes, Madison shook her head at the idiot in front of her. Baron reached out, fingers fidling with the ends of her braids. “You know I was thinking-”

“Maybe you should stop that. You’re not too good at it..then again you are always doing things you aren’t good at…that was a wrestling diss by the way." 

Baron looked over Madison’s shoulder, glaring hard. His jaw clenching so tight that it looked uncomfortable. Stepping back, Maddie turned to the new voice. Finding ‘Seth Rollins’ with his arms crossed over his chest. "Colby…” Madison said with a small smile.  Glancing at her, Colby returned the smile before reaching out and taking her hand. His fingers lacing with hers, being as delicate as he could. “Your brother is looking for you.” He stated, now completely ignoring a pissed off Baron Corbin. She gave his hand a small squeeze. “ Thank you for letting me know,  I’ll go find him…” She leaned over and pressed her lips against his cheek before walking away from the boys.

Colby smirked as he looked after her, watching her make her way down the hallway. Disappearing in the crowd of people running around for the show.  Once she was out of sight, he turned back to man next to him. “We knew you would look for her if you could. Guess the first time Joe told you to stay away wasn’t clear enough. So let me tell you again. Don’t bother,  you’re second thought now. Don’t find her, don’t look for her, don’t talk to her. Sometimes I think Joe was too easy on you. Me..not so much.” Baron glared at Colby as the former WWE champ continued.

“See I’ve been waiting on you to screw up since day one….makes it easier.”

​​​​​Baron got into his face. He wanted put his hands on him, especially when he saw the smug grin on his face. But he knew he couldn’t,  this job meant too much to him. He had been working so hard.  Scoffing Baron pushed passed Colby, bumping his shoulder as hard as he could. He had no time for empty threats. Not tonight. 'Sorry Lopez,  I didn’t quite hear a damn thing you said.‘ Baron thought as he moved through the hallway. 'Madison will always be mine.’

- - -

“You did what I thought you would do Nalla”

Madison groaned at the use of her first name, her father never did call her by her middle name like she wanted everyone to since she was 11. “It was nothing really papa. Just a small move and alot of standing in the ring glaring. ” she replied modestly, onto speaker phone as she packed up her duffle bag in a quiet Diva’s locker room. 

“That maybe true….but you did it well. Like those before you, I knew you had it in you. I am so proud of you my little butterfly.”

She smiled genuinely at her father’s words. They ment alot to her. No matter how many times he had told her that he was proud of her, it always touched her and made her feel warm inside. Made her feel powerful. “Your brother said that you will be riding with him and some others to the next city, I know you will be in good hands. But be safe butterfly. Sweet dreams.”

“I will papa, good night.”

There was a sudden knock on the door as Madison leaned over to end the phone call with her dad. She zipped up her bag and slung the strap over her shoulder, standing up. Another knock happened. “Yeah, yeah I’m coming” she mumbled walking over and opening the door.

“You again?” She teased seeing Colby on the other side. 

“Me again…” He grinned, shrugging his shoulders. “I came to come get you. Joe and Claudio are already waiting in the car. I hope you don’t mind sharing the backseat with me.”

Stepping out of the locker room,  she closed the door behind her. “I dont mind at all, I’ll probably just be sleeping the whole ride anyways.”

Colby watched her, as he pointed her in the right direction. As they walked together, he couldn’t help but picture her falling asleep, cuddled up against him for the whole ride. He was stuck in a daze, a million other things connecting to his one thought. Feeling a nudge in his ribs, Colby shook his head trying to clear his thoughts and looked over at Madison who was looking at him amused. “Did you even hear a word that I said?” She questioned, laughing softly. Clearing his throat, Colby nodded. “Uh…yeah. yes I did…and the answer is..yes. yes. That is the answer." 

Trying to hold in her laughter, Madison held her breath and looked away from him. Stepping through an entry way into the garage. "You are one strange man Colby…one strange man.” She told him. Colby furrowed his brow, letting her go ahead of him into the garage.

“Wait why?! What did I say yes to?!”

- - -

With heavy eyelids, Madison continued to stare out the car window, watching the night sky. They had only been on the road for a couple of hours( her, Joe, Colby and Claudio), but she was already dead tired. And could barely keep her eyes open. The SUV slowly came to a stop, causing Maddie to sit up straight and look around. They were at a gas station.  Colby leaned over to say something to her, tugging one of her ear buds out of her ear. “You want anything?” He whispered, his voice tired and husky. Madison stared at him, studying the subtle lines on his face. She shook her head. “No thanks…i think I’m gonna just try and sleep now.” Nodding his head, understanding, Colby hopped out of the car, running straight into Joe,  who had been watching the pair since the car ride started. “My bad man.”

Joe tilted his head to the side, he looked passed Colby, watching as his sister curled up on the seat, her face pressed against a bunched up sweatshirt. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing bro. She just didn’t want anything” Colby replied jogging to catch up to Claudio who opened the door to the convenient store. 

Joe looked after his friend, eyes squinting slightly. It sure as hell  didn’t seem like nothing. Shaking his head he followed after his friends. If Colby wasn’t careful with his baby sister, he’d be receiving a spear curtousy of the man himself. 


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Klance adoption the baby girl from earlier ✌

(previous fill here)

“I know you’re excited,” Keith says fondly, watching his husband practically bounce off the walls, “but if they think you might drop her, I’m gonna get to hold her first.”

Lance freezes. “No way, we agreed I could hold her first.”

“I know we did. But your hands are shaking.”

Lance looks down at his hands, then plops down onto the waiting room sofa, shoving his hands under his thighs.

“I’m good!” he announces. “I’m good, I’m good, I’m good. Good.”

There’s a muffled chuckle–they’re not the only ones in the waiting room, and Keith suspects there’s been more attention on Lance’s antics than the outdated magazines strewn about the room. Keith gets up from his chair to join Lance on the sofa, and tugs one of his hands free so he can hold it.

“Remember to breathe,” he suggests.

“We’re gonna be dads,” Lance whispers, clutching Keith’s hand so hard his knuckles turn white and Keith’s fingers start turning red. Keith squeezes back; they’ve been planning this for almost a year now but now that it’s happening? Yeah, he’s not exactly calm, either.

“Mr. Kogane? Mr. Diaz?” a woman asks, standing in the doorway, and Keith looks up. He turns to Lance, and they share a grin before they get up and follow her out of the waiting room.

Lance starts crying the moment their new daughter settles in his arms, and honestly, Keith isn’t far behind.

Decided to draw my 3 most fave artists here on tumblr.

@lady-redhaired @nipuni @niklisson

You guys inspire me to keep going with my own art and i love you all very much, the three of you are extremely amazing human beings and i honestly don’t know what i’d do if i had never come across you guys c: so thank you for being awesome, thank you for being gorgeous humans, thank you for being amazing and lovable artists, but most of all, thank you for helping me get through hard times when i feel like i just want to give up, i see you guys and it reminds me of the reasons i love to draw.

So just, thank you.

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We've seen an artist S/O with grillby. How about being mainstream and writing some headcanons for Artist!S/O with the ut brothers (and uf sans because honestly he's wonderful and I can't get enough of headcanons) I'm mainstream but the only other interesting thing would be seeing either mettaton or blooky since they're artists too.. *muses*

heyyhey i finally finsihed this
im trying a new format for these things btw

also i didnt do blooky because i couldnt think off anything that would suit their personality. but i still love them


- He absolutely loves when you draw near him, because he can sleep while ou do so, since you create such a relaxing atmosphere.
- He loves to show off your art work, because he’s honestly proud of how it always turns out.
- He sometimes flirts with you, saying that he could be your model if you ever want to draw him.
- He actually carries about 10 pencils with him, always, in case you have an idea that you want to get down real quick. He doesn’t have paper, however.


- His favorite thing is seeing your finished works, because it just reminds him how perfect you are to him, and of course you’re perfect, you’re dating him.
- He’s actually incredibly delicate when handling your art, as to not tarnish the magic you create.
- He carries pencils with him, as well, but in his boots, so they’re sometimes snapped in half or caught in between his bones.
- He buys you all sorts of art materials, wanting you to branch out just so he could see what your art would look like if you were a marble sculptor, per say. (Yes, that does mean he once bought you a marble block and a chisel.)


- He gets ecstatic when you take up his offer to draw him, because he knows you’re talented, and if you draw his talent then that’s like, twice the talent.
- His hobby, it seems like, is showing you off to the world. 
- He loves you being on set with him, as he is on camera, he’ll want you to doodle while watching him.


- When you draw around him everything is silent, and normally you’re sitting in his lap, so he knows you’re safe, so he finally has a chance to relax somewhere outside of the house.
- Red flirts like Sans, but he offers to be your nude model
- He’s actually amazing that someone as talented as you would want to date him
- He gets really, really flustered when you actually draw him, and if you do draw him nude, he’s blushing the whole time.
- He likes seeing your hands all dirty from the graphite, or markers, or whatever you used to create with.

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(1) i am 100% with you on the lucifer-not-being-a-bonus thing. i /loved/ his character in seasons 4 and 5, especially his interactions with sam and the rest of the angels, but ever since they brought him back his character took a plummeting nosedive. what used to be an intimidating, unknowable, ancient force is reduced to a campy, ineffectual assbasket. :/ part of lucifer's whole appeal in seasons 4&5 is the idea that he /could/ be right (in humanity being awful and him being unjustly treated)

(2) but now honestly it feels like they took everything that made his character appealing and complex and tossed it out in favor of a caricature of satan who has glowing red eyes and manifests in flames :// not to mention they completely gloss over any potential to grow the character with reference to sam and the whole “one true vessel thing” and wow im really sorry i didnt intend for this to turn into a lucifer rant i just want to say i also dont enjoy seeing him onscreen, its just kinda sad :(            

No problem, rants are welcome, especially about this!

I’d probably get some argument but I think myself that the biggest problem they have with Lucifer is that they are so attached to having him played by Mark Pellegrino. Pellegrino has a particular take on the character that worked sometimes. But my favorite version of SPN’s Lucifer was in “The End,” Samifer in the white suit. And Lucifer’s cosmic, ancient horror is better portrayed when it’s not tied to a particular individual or actor, when it’s a visible reminder that evil comes in many guises. Also, it serves to remake the character as needed.

I think Pellegrino’s Lucifer – the creepy camp version we got to know in s7 – should have been retired in 11x10, when Sam got to face him again and deny him. That scene was epic and perfect, but what followed cheapened it. I actually don’t mind Casifer for the most part – I think going more for humor there was a good call. SPN is a little too cheesy genre show to do a God & Lucifer story as a drama; playing it as meta crack is much more its speed.  And then taking him out of Cas, they could’ve remade Lucifer again – and managed it a bit; Rick Springfield’s take was more effective than expected, especially his rant at the end of “Rock Never Dies,” with its pathetic but terrifying nihilism.

But then TPTB gave up and went back to Pellegrino, and now they seem to be trying to make Lucifer into Crowley 2.0 (or 1.5, with Asmodeus having the other .5?) and it doesn’t work at all? Especially not when we have so much history with Pellegrino’s Lucifer in particular as a raping, torturing bastard.

And I don’t understand why they’ve entirely severed Sam’s personal connection with him. It’s a bizarre choice; I can’t think of many shows that opt to simply drop a hero-nemesis story. It’s such an easy narrative trope to fall back on, why lose it? (Unless it’s to make a redemption story easier, by bypassing some of his worst deeds – in which case no, no, and no thank you. I am a villain fan, and a villain redemption fan, and I enjoy ambiguous Lucifers in other works of fiction – but Lucifer in SPN has done too much to characters I love, without any hint of repentance or regret, for me to see him as anything but a monster who hopefully will get his comeuppance.)

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ive been kinda thinkin bout this, but those edgy kids who excuse their shitty abusive behaviour by self-dx themselves with aspd makes me just,, roll my eyes a lil cuz its almost like they're helping to fuel the stigma that antisocials are inherently abusive,,

fucking amen tho

those who, like me, have been diagnosed or whatever and happened to do shitty things like. we understand that aspd’s symptoms, when not kept in check, can have you doing some shitty, awful abusive things. but abuse =/= aspd

like, honestly, the no empathy and general blatant disregard and incapability to process others’ feelings led me to abuse a classmate when i was in high school. i had no idea the things i was doing were hurting him. like it didnt even cross my mind, honestly. but when called to my attention, i fucking apologized and stopped doing what i was doing. now, at 22, we’re both friends, interestingly enough

however, these other assholes just want a label to cover up their shitty behavior and its so fucking irritating. like im not inherently abusive. i did shitty things and they turned out to be abusive and i was like 17. i had no fucking clue what i was doing was even what was really happening. like basically i didnt like this guy because i thought he was gross and repulsive and because i happened to be popular, the school started isolating him and it was one of those things where shit i was doing was affecting someone else and i just had no fucking clue

but yeah its just so fucking irritating. like be a goddamn adult and own up to being a shithead instead of throwing the rest of us under the fucking bus

pls read??

I would appreciate if you would. The hashtags I mean of course.

@aflamethatneverdies Sorry, this took longer than i wanted and didn’t even turn out as good as I’d like… ^^;;


sssome doodles from my sketchbook
i decided to actually scan it and, joke’s on me, some parts came out blurrier than on photos. oh well

click for captions

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So sorry that I haven't commented on the last few chapters of the Christmas fic. I haven't been able to read most of them until I'm going to bed. I love that they got progressively fluffier! Thor proposing to Steve! 😍 the Christmas party was great! I love that Bucky made Tony a puzzle box! Oh I saw that snippet about Natasha in the Pirate AU! I loved it!!!!

Welcome back! No worried! This time of year is so busy for everyone!
Glad you enjoyed the rest of the Fic! I didnt really expect Thor to propose to Steve, honestly I had it written out where it was like “im not proposing marriage, Im just saying im really enjoying us together” but its Christmas and I can be as romantically ridiculous as I want so it turned into a marriage proposal lol