this home isnt home to me

Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁

Well I saw this so I had to do it.

Thanks Foo for the amazing effect (:
Bonus Jotaro Being There for his daughter…I just really needed that :(
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Hey guys. My name’s Mason and I’m struggling really hard at home in a very unsafe and uncomfort able environment.

Hi guys!! I am 19 and still living at home. I am transmale and my family isn’t being very supportive and they have been rude about it before but today they got angry and aggressive (September 21 2017) my mom and brother found out I was getting a binder and my mom said if she finds it she’s going to burn it. And my brother joked about it and my breasts. It upset me very much and I just hit a breaking point. I have been saving up but it’s going to take months before I get the money I need to move out and it is unsafe here. My mom is getting to the point wear she throws out my mens clothes and chucks my body wash and deodorant. She really doesn’t like me being Mason and doesn’t use my pronouns or names and it really upsets me. I am looking for work daily, I also have school in the morning that I have to attend so that I can get student benefits (extra money, won’t kick in for about 3 months) honestly this is my last attempt to get out and away from my family. They think this is a phase and will not let me do anything manly. I need to distance myself from them and become who I am as a person. As a man.

I have been looking for places and have set up meetings with people so I can see the places, but not many people are accepting of the LGTBQ community so it’s much more difficult to find a place that’s decent and cheap. Rent is expensive here in Alberta, Canada, for one bedrooms it’s $900 to a $1000 and that doesn’t even include power, internet, food. It really sucks and I just don’t want to even be here anymore. I’m really trying my absolute hardest.

This is my last resort so I set up a kofi account and it has my name and everything. I’m not sure how to put it on this post but it’s on my profile it says buy me a coffee

Guys even a few dollars will help me. I’m praying for a miracle because I’m really scared of my family.

I am scared for my life.

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Camp Camp theory: This isn’t Max’s first summer at Camp Campbell (kinda a Chucky theory too)

This one’s a bit shaky, but theres evidence to it!!

In s1 ep 6 “Reigny Day”, David mentions something bad that happened the year prior to a kid named Chucky:

This is a weird moment to begin with, but it adds to the context of the episode until Max mentions the same kid later on:

Wait, didn’t David say that Chucky was there last year?? How does Max know about Chucky? He says he misses him, meaning that they could have been friends. But that must mean…

Max’s parents send him to camp every summer

I’m here because camp is where kids gets sent when their parents don’t wanna deal with them”

This could be why he’s so jaded and thinks the way he does. After years and years of being sent away to a camp he doesn’t want to go to, with no reason from his parents, he’s lost hope and happiness and feels unwanted, and has come up with his conclusion that camp is only where parents drop their kids off when they dont want them.

This is more shown in the teaser trailer of the whole show:–mSrQ8mHyR8Gne

In the teaser, it shows all the kids getting ready for camp (picking up their stuff in their homes before leaving). However if you look, theres one kid who isnt shown at a home: Max!!!

this is where he is first shown in the teaser, already at camp, not at home first

Heck, its even shown in the thumbnail:

max is tHE FIRST KID WE SEE! HES THE FIRST ONE THERE! excuse me while i cry in the corner now

Well thats what I think, but I feel like theres more evidence of this, but I just need to find it, feel free to show ur feedback and correct me if theres flaws! THanks for reading!!

<3 Siera

lines from great comet that sound like shitposts

• and andrey ISNT HERE

• hours at a time, hours at my screen

• sAys tHe mEAn oLd mAn iN hIs uNdErThInGs


• oh, i’d tickle you all if i could

• my face, my neck, my bare arms!


• just as a duck was made to swim in water, god has made me as i am

• hErEs tO tHe hEaLtH oF mArRiEd wOmEn aNd tHeIr lOvErS


• waaaaaiiiiiting at the door, waiting at the door, waaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiting

• how i adore little girls, they lose their heads at once


• i’ve bEeN sTuDyInG tHe KaBaK aNd i’Ve cALcULaTeD tHe nUmBeR oF tHe bEaSt, iT is naPoLeOn


• what a f o o t sh e h a s

• the entirety of balaga

• wHeRe’S tHe fUr cLoAk? hUh?


• whaaaaaaaaat?

• aNaToLe fINd aNaToLe


• nO, i aM wELL

• i throw my fur coat on my shoulders, unable to find the sleeves

yoongi: i’m not like “doki doki” or anything. because… heart doesnt flutter for men lol! 


*war flashbacks to bts home party aka yoonjin bomb*

Frost (Chapter Twenty Three)

This is it guys! Our last chapter! I can’t thank you all enough for going along on this ride with me, encouraging me every day to keep writing when I felt discouraged. This wasn’t an easy story to write, with all the dynamics and the rare OT3 paring, but I am so happy with it and I am so glad you all have loved this as much as I did.
Can’t wait to hear your final thoughts on it :)


Enjoy :)

“I am worried about Loki.” Thor admitted one day as he and Tony sat in the garden spending some much needed quiet time together. Loki was sequestered away in the library, searching for a particular book and had waved them away, saying he would join them later.

“Ever since we learned of this threat, of Thanos, he has not been himself. Even this, opting to stay in the library instead of with us is… unusual. Especially since we have only been home for a day. It is unlike him to even let you out of his sight so soon after returning.

“I know.” Tony nodded. “Does he have nightmares when you are traveling as well? Or are they just when he is home?”

“You have heard him.” Thor sounded upset. “I had hoped you would sleep through them.”

“If anyone knows what a nightmare sounds like, it’s me.” Tony said ruefully, idly plucking the petals from a daisy. “He isnt very loud, but it still wakes me.”

“He dreams of his time when he was captured.” Thor sighed. “When we are away, they are worse, and he hardly sleeps at all. When he does sleep, it is pressed against me as if I can save him from whatever is in his dreams. Yet he refuses to speak of them.”

“Yeah, I know how that goes.” Tony tossed away the mangled daisy. “I think I know how to fix them. His nightmares I mean.”

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badboy! seongwoo part 2

part 1 here

seongwoo x reader (you)

genre: fluff

warnings: none

a/n: yay part 2 is out!! enjoyyy 

  • so after that day, seongwoo has been watching you
  • not in a creepy way tho
  • but like if he sees you walking down the hallway, he’ll just kinda stop to observe you
  • he thought you were pretty cute tbh?? wiNKWONK
  • and everyday after school he’ll wait for you outside of your class but he realises you might find him kinda creepy
  • so in the end like 1 min before your class ends he just runs away bc hE’S SCARED
  • and he’ll just drive away on his motorcycle
  • but one day he decides to make a move ;))))
  • so he walks to school instead of riding his motorcycle and hopes to “accidentally” bump into otw back home
  • so that’s exactly what he does
  • but he was walking further behind you and thinking what to say to you
  • when you notice him walking behind you and youre just like ??? wtf is he a stalker now
  • you decide to confront him
  • and you turn around and place your hands on your hips, frowning at him
  • “umm do you have anything to say to me? it’s kinda weird that you’re tagging behind me”
  • theres like a silence for a few seconds before seongwoo says
  • “this my way home…i live next door to you”
  • oH YEA u dumb shit y/n
  • “oh ahhaaha whoops” your face turns red and you just wanna dig a hole in the ground
  • seongwoo’s heart kinda went brhfejws when he saw how cute you looked
  • “w-wanna go home together?” he stutters a lil
  • you nod because you dont rly know what to say
  • and you find out he actually isnt this stuck up, cold brat you thought he was
  • he was actually super funny and a huge meme??? what
  • you find yourself arriving home super fast
  • you wave to him before closing the door behind you, all smiles
  • bc you like him lol
  • and so that night,
  • you suddenly hear a knock on the  window
  • you thought it was a burglar or some shit so you immediately grab a baseball bat and slowly open the curtain to check what it was
  • a smiling seongwoo greets you
  • you quickly open the window and let him in
  • “i climbed lol. also, i just wanted to apologise.”
  • “for?”
  • “for being an idiot that time. im just rlyrlyrly sorry and i dont want you to have a bad impression of me-”
  • “i dont. and i accept your apology.”
  • he’ll climb to your window and talk to you 
  • sometimes about stupid stuff you both just keep laughing about
  • or sometimes it was really deep stuff
  • and you enjoyed every minute of it
  • you found yourself falling super hard for him
  • and so did he ;)))
  • and one day he was on the floor with you both laughing your asses off
  • he glanced at you and realises how much he wanted to kiss you
  • you notice how he was looking at you
  • “you okay there, ong? you-”
  • “can i kiss you?” he cuts you off
  • you hesitate a bit, because it was such a sudden request
  • he takes your hesitation as rejection and he looks super dejected
  • “sorry if i made things weird-”
  • and this time youre the one to cut him off
  • by kissing him
  • and hes holding you by your cheek with your hands around his neck
  • he pulls you closer and yall barely have any space between your bodies
  • when you both finally take a breath by breaking away,
  • seongwoo cheekily grins at you
  • “you taste like strawberries”


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would you guys want a part2


Prologue: in which a girl is injured and sees some boys and a girl gets help from them who knew that an injury a call for help would start a friendship…with the losers club
AN: Hey this is my first ever kind of imagine or fanfiction on tumblr I did one on wattpad but never here so I decided to switch hope you guys enjoy feed back would be really amazing you can send requests and anything messages and everything

I wake up to the sound of my brother and probably my mom dancing to ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ I can hear the laughter of my brother. I go downstairs see my mom and my brother in their pajamas dancing. I also join them. At this moment you are probably thinking “what a perfect day” thats what i thought too…well i guess i was wrong

2 hours later

I get out of my dance practice amd cycle home. Listening to Take On Me. Trust me if I wasn’t on a bike I would jam to this song. I come home in 10 minutes I see my brother watching a kid show on his own. My mom usually isnt home thats why I like the mornings she is there. It breaks my heart everytime I see my brother alone by himself

“Hey buddy!” I say and mess up his hair. He jumps and hugs me plays with my hair. “Can we please go to the lake sis?” he gives me a puppy face “Ok we will” he starts jumps off of me and starts jumping around and running.

sometime after them going to the lake and having fun

I get out of the lake put on an oversized tshirt ger the stuff ready to go. “Y/B/N come on it’s time to go now.” no noise. “Y/B/N!”. I wouldn’t normally freak out he is a kid he gets distracted VEry easily. But when there is a kidnapper around you have “Y/B/N come out!” I look around no sign of him. “God please no”

I go down to the lake put on my backpack and start looking for him shouting his name on top of my lungs. Still no voice,no “Hey I found a lizard!”. He was gone. I start to get faster and slip I hit my knee to a starts bleeding. Really bad. I walk a little more and see a girl and five boys.

“Help! Please!”. I see Bev and she looks at me starts running “Oh My God Y/N! What happened?” “My brother he is gone!”
Bev looks at me with pity “Lets get you some medical care ok.”

She helps me go up to the rock. I was too focused on my knee that I didn’t notice the boys were actually the losers club. They were all stating at me and I was staring at them until Bev touched my wound.

Bev looked at me with apologetic eyes understanding the pain I had. Let me give a little information about Stanley Uris also known as my crush who never noticed me or did. The only person who knew this was my best friend Rebekah because she is the only one that I trusted.
“Dude how did you do that!” Richie yelled. Looking down at my wound calming down “I was looking form my brother then I slipped and this happend” showing him the wound well technically everyone “Do something guys stop acting like a four year old that saw blood fort he first time.” Bev says. Eddie looks at her with disbelief “You know that we can get…” and he just starts listing the diseases
Bev covers up the wound “Thank you Bev” I say slightly smiling. After talking they decide to go to their friend Ben’s house they start to get ready when Bev gets dressed she asks “Wanna join?” she asks with hope “I need to tell my mom…if she gets home.” . I wish didn’t say that with such sadness I don’t like when people pity me I know my state and before you knew how I was doing I was doing great. “D-Do you h-have a ride?” Bill says “Well its all the way up there” I say pointing to the place where I left my bicycle
“I can give you a ride.” says Stanley out of the blue everyone looks at him. “She is my neighbor I can make her go home” says looking at me then looks at everyone “You guys wait until I drop her off. Wait me at the library.” Everyone nods at him.
We get on his bicycle “You comfortable?” You have no idea how comfortable I am right now I think “Yeah I’m good” he cycles faster than I do so it’ll be easier to go

Coming to Y/N’s house
He helps me walk to my house.
“Thank you so much.”
“No problem.” He turns his back and starts walking I turn back.
“Hey Y/N!” he  shouts “Hang out with us tomorrow.”
This is how I offically meet the Losers Club and probably the only people that I’ll be spending my summer with…

anonymous asked:

I heard ya wanted requests ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), so heres one for you. What would the RFA + V + Saeran do if MC has fallen asleep in the shower after a long day. (Its kinda weird but not all requests can be good i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) Keep up the good work by the way. (I feel like your work isnt appreciated enough lolol) I hope you have a good day / night !! -Stars Anon<3

hey Stars Anon! good to see you(*^▽^*) you know I always love and appreciate your requests(and that i always want them hehehe)~ and aw aw thank you! that’s so sweet, you’re gonna make me blush( ´ ▽ ` )


  • mc was So Tired
  • when they got home, zen wasn’t there yet, so they just hopped in the shower
  • *15 minutes later*
  • zen opens the door and is like “babe~ i’m home!” 
  • he hears no answer 
  • but he also hears the shower running and assumes their in there
  • he’s right, but he also wants to let them know he’s back
  • so he just opens the door, “hey babe, letting you know i’m home”
  • no response….? *confused zen* “babe?” 
  • moves the curtains a bit to make sure they’re okay 
  • and they’re asleep! zen shakes their shoulder “babe, are you alright?”
  • mc is surprised and looks at zen all confused before they realize “oh my god i fell asleep-”
  • zen shakes his head but also realizes that they’re naked 
  • *cue blushing and closing the curtain” just wanted to make sure you were okay- i’ll be outside”
  • everything’s clear when they get out of the shower
  • but zen also pulls them over and kisses their nose “take a nap first,next time, baby..we can shower together~”


  • was already home tbh
  • but mc just got home and told yoosung they were going to take a shower and then they could cuddle
  • but that was like, 20 minutes ago…
  • sometimes mc takes long showers, but usually their tired showers are quick showers 
  • but yoosung doesn’t question it
  • another 10 minutes pass by and now he thinks it’s weird
  • so he goes to check….and finds mc asleep! 
  • “mc, honey, wake up!”
  • they wake up all surprised and is like “oops”
  • yoosung is really only phased when he helps them get out and dry up
  • blushes a little, but powers through
  • they have that cuddle session on the couch and mc is asleep immediately again 


  • mc was exhausted that day, jaehee could tell
  • but she persuaded them to take a shower before going to bed, to make them feel better
  • she does have a suspicion this might happen, though
  • probably has done this once or twice so she isn’t even phased
  • does wait a reasonable amount of time, like yoosung does
  • but jaehee isn’t phased at all and just helps mc out of the shower 
  • dries them up and kisses their nose
  • “come on, let’s go to bed”
  • mc is so tired at this point like jaehee needs to help dress them
  • they fall asleep as soon as they hit the bed and jaehee laughs
  • but she also joins them and pulls them into a hug
  • after putting a towel under their head for their wet hair


  • jumin was letting them take a bath
  • they both got home late from travelling
  • he let them get in the bath and said he’d be right back
  • he needs to get the Relaxation Essentials
  • which includes wine, of course
  • but when he gets back, mc is asleep
  • he chuckles and shakes his head, but wakes them up
  • offers to bathe them and talk to them so they won’t fall asleep again
  • carries them out of the bath and dries them up before helping get some clothes on
  • this man is also unfazed, he’s actually enjoying this
  • lays down with them and plays with their hair until they fall asleep

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • is honestly so confused for a bit
  • mc said they were going to take a shower
  • but that was almost an hour ago????
  • what happened? 
  • he went to go check and still heard the shower running
  • so he yanks open the curtains to check on them 
  • aaaand they’re asleep
  • he laughs at first, but wakes them up
  • mc laughs too, but they get out and dry up
  • saeyoung lets them sit in his lap while he works and they fall asleep
  • he also brushes their hair for them

v / jihyun

  • he is the most surprised and the least helpful
  • since..he can’t see and all
  • but mc was taking too long
  • and he still heard the shower running
  • which was weird
  • so he called out for them, but nothing
  • after looking with his left eye, he sees them asleep
  • “mc…angel…wake up, dear”
  • they wake up all shocked
  • but they manage to dry up by themselves
  • v does want to brush their hair, though
  • so he does on the bed while they fall asleep
  • decides now is a good time to take a picture, since they’re so cute


  • mc was extra tired when they came home
  • so they told saeran they were going to take a shower before anything else
  • he said alright and waited for them on the couch, scrolling through his phone
  • but a while passes and he gets a bit concerned
  • gets up to go check on them
  • he shakes his head when he sees what happened and turns off the water before waking them up
  • mc is embarrassed and smiles nervously at him
  • but he just picks them up and dries them off
  • doesn’t go back to the couch, just goes straight to bed
  • he lets them talk about their day while he listens and comments every now and then until he knows they fell asleep
Dropping By (5/5)

Helping hunters with research and patching them up brings them to your house at all hours of the day & night. But what happens when your close friends , the Winchesters, are the ones showing up? What happens when a certain Winchester crawls into bed with you ?
 Warnings : swearing, flirting, slight smut.

Pairings :  Dean x reader

2 weeks later..

    You’ve been staying with Jody and the girls since that night, you drove through the night to Sioux falls . When you arrived at her house,  you both try to figure out how the demons found you,and why. The only logical explanation you came up with was that they were associated with the hunter you helped out the night before.  They must have outed you to the demons.  You cant seem to figure out why though . You’ve had your house warded so strongly, Castiel couldn’t even find it until you gave him your location. So how did they?  You’ve spent the last two weeks helping Jody around the house,and spending time with the girls.  Jody requested you keep an eye on Claire, she’s still hung up on being a hunter.  You do as  she asks,  when Claire brings cases to you , you look them over, but find the flaw , showing her it isn’t really a case. 

   As you lay on your bed, Claire comes in, laying down next to you. It’s silent for a while, until Claire speaks up,“   Why havent you gone back to your house? Not saying I want you to leave, but isnt you life there? Your clothes, the lore books. I know you’re going crazy sitting around here.”

Shes not wrong, I am starting to go stir crazy .

" Honestly, im scared. I’ve never been in the physical part of hunting, only the research . You’re right though, I need to go back . Atleast to get my things."  You stand up , grabbing your keys off and phone off your night stand.

Claire follows you down the stairs to Jody ,“ I didnt mean right now Y/n !” She says from behind you . Jody looks up , raising her eyebrow at you  

  “ I’m going to head back home, grab some things. Ill be back .I’ll be back on the road before its dark .” You kiss her on the cheek, then Claire ,and try to head out before she can stop you .

 “ Y/n wait !” Jody is only a couple steps behind you . 

 “ Jody , its safer to do it during the day! “

“ let me come with!” 

  “ You have work J . I can do this. Ill call you when I get there!” You hop in your car, starting on our journey back home.

You finally pull into your home, you didnt really realize just how homesick you really were. You love being with Jody and the girls, but that isnt your home. 

 As you get step onto your porch , you glance around, checking your surroundings . When the coast is clear, you head inside. It looks the exact same as you left it. You immediately go to the sigil hidden behind your mirror in the entrance. You scratch out the symbol that blocks angels from finding you . Just in case.

  You fly around your house, grabbing clothes and shoving them in a duffel, then filling another bag with lore books. The suns about to set, so you begin heading out. When you open your front door, you come face to face with a man . He was taller than you, slicked back brown hair and big brown eyes. A sickening grin forms on his face. I was so close. 

“Finally , you came home. We’ve been waiting.”  You slam your door shut, Thank God for the devils traps all over.

  He starts banging on the door, you also begin hearing banging coming from your back door.  “ You can’t hide forever sweetheart.”

 “ What do you want from me?” you yell back

 “ Your little hunter friend outted you in attempt to save his own ass. The last thing any of us need is someone supplying hunters with information to kill us. So , you see I can’t let you go”

  Fear overtakes your body . They arent going to let me go . You take a deep breath, close your eyes and pray to Cas.

Cas, im in a little bit of tight spot here. Please help me.

 You hear the tell tale sound of wings fluttering, opening your eyes you see Cas standing right infront of you .

  “ I dont think i’ve ever been happier to see you” you breath out, wrapping your arms around his shoulders in a tight hug. You’ve met Cas a couple times while you were with the boys, he instantly won a place in your heart. You could see how much he cared for the Winchesters, just like you do .

  Cas returns the hug, “ Why are there demons outside your home Y/n?” He asks concerned.

You pull away and pick your bags back up . “ A hunter tried to save himself by outing me aparantly, and now they want me dead .I just came to grab some things and then head out.”

  “ This isn’t the first time they’ve been here has it?”

  “ No , it was about two weeks ago , i’ve been staying at -” You’re cut off by him transporting you out of your house. You look around your new surroundings, not recognizing where you were. It looks like a war room, theres a giant table with a map as the top. Chairs circling around it. “ Cas where the hell did you take me? I just wanted you poof me back to Jody’s !” you half yell. Before he answers ,another voice appears.

“ y/n?” Oh hell. Thanks a lot Castiel.

“ You are welcome” He answers, you send him a glare. You forget he can hear thoughts sometimes. You turn and face Sam , a tight smile on your face.

 “ Hey Sammy” You say awkardly as you swing your bags back and forth .

“ What are you doing here ? Is something wrong ?” You sigh , tossing your bags onto a nearby chair.

  “ Noo.. I was just stopping by for a visit !”you try to play it off, He’s going to kill me for not telling him.

“ He will not kill you Y/n , Sam deeply cares about you .”Sam sends you a “what are you hiding look”

“ Who does Sammy deeply care about?” Son of a bitch.

Dean comes strolling in the room ,beer in hand. His eyes widen when he sees you . You don’t say anything , not even hello .

“ Well Y/n, what’s going on?” Sam questions , his arms crossed over his chest,and he is sending you his classic bitch face.

Castiel speaks for you ,“ Two weeks ago demons showed up outside her house, a hunter told themof her in hopes of saving his own life.She’s been staying with Jody ,until today she went back to retrieve some of her things and they reappeared. She called me , and I brought her here. I thought that would be best .” He sends you a soft smile, that you return to him. You can’t even be mad at Cas, he was only trying to help. He flutters away , before anyone says anything. You look between the boys, both giving you disapproving looks. 

Originally posted by devoiddean

“ Oh shut up, I handled it. Now if you don’t mind, I need to get back to Jody .” You go for your phone, ready to call Jody and see if her or Claire will come get you 

“ Oh no Sweetheart, you’re not getting out of this conversation.” Dean grabs your phone out of you hand. You send him an annoyed glare, “ Dean im fine, its dealt with . ““ You’re not going back to Jodys Y/n .” Sam spoke up  Well this is going to go well.

“ And why the hell not?” Annoyance clear in your tone.

Originally posted by halsteadlindsaycpd

 “ What if they trace you back to Sioux Falls? Huh? You want to risk putting Jody and the girls in even more danger than you already have?” Your face falls, How did I not think of that .

Dean aggressively places your phone on the table, making you flinch. “ Damn it Y/n ,why wouldnt you just call us !” He roared. You shrunk even more ,

  “ Because I didnt need you to play hero ! I thought I had this covered !”

“ Well you didnt! Now you’re going to stay here until this is taken care of, dont even fucking argue.” He storms out of the room , leaving you standing there, tears about to spill over to your cheeks.

  Sam walks over to you , pulling you into a hug. “ Why didn’t you really call us Y/n, no crap about having this handled.” You sigh , How can he even tell when im lieing.

“ After you guys left, you’re the only one that called me Sam. Dean didn’t even try to contact me. I figured he wanted to forget about being at my house. So I didnt want to drag your guys back to me.” You say , barely above a whisper     

  Sam doesn’t respond, but Dean does.” Sam , can you give us a minute.“ his voice doesn’t have any hint of hostilly, or anger left in it . But it isn’t exactly a friendly tone either. Sam kisses the top of you head, then leaves the room. Dean sits in one of the chairs around the table, he’s tapping his finger against the table.  Here comes there rejection speech . I should of just stayed at Jodys, none of this would be happening. I didn’t even need my crap anyway  .

   It feels like forever before he speaks, but when he does his voice is softer than you expect. ” Is that really why you didn’t call us for help? You thought I wanted to forget about what happened? “ He’s staring at you while you keep your gaze on the floor.

"  Your mood completely flipped when you left,  you went from not wanting to leave to, ’ get me the hell out of here ’ within minutes Dean . Your brother is the one that was calling me, not you . So my fucking bad that I assumed it was just something to pass your time with ” it comes out cold, no other emotion besides anger running through you  . You hear him scoff as he stands from the chair. He makes his way infront of you , stopping barely 2 inches away from you. You stand your ground, not letting him intimidate you .

 " You think  you have me figured out don’t you? I was already attached to you before we spent the week at your house, I always felt something for you , but I wasn’t sure what it was. And I didn’t need to know since we only saw you once in a while. Spending that week with you , made me even more attached to you. Having you sleep in my arms, waking up next to you , just being near you made things feel semi normal . Do you know how dangerous it is to be associated with  a hunter, let alone a Winchester!? Everyone we care for dies ,Y/n . I couldn’t have that happen to you .I realized that when  I had to push myself to leave you . That’s why I didn’t call. I knew you were okay , Sam would tell me. But this, “ he signals between the two of you , ” can’t happen. I wont let it . I can’t lose you like I lost everyone else. No matter how much I love you .“ As the words slip out of his mouth , his eyes widen.

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  Did he just …. but then he said we cant… why is Dean Winchester so complicated.

   The air is thick between the two of you , both in shock of Deans words.

 ” You .. you love me?“ You finally manage to squeak out. You look up and see him looking anywhere but your face. You lift your hand to his face, guiding his eyes to yours.

 ” I’m not saying it again.  “ He turns, grabs your bags off the chair & starts to walk away .  You can feel your heart about to beat out of you chest.He says he cant be with me, so why am I staying?

 You follow behind him, he leads you to an empty room. It was bigger than the one you stayed in at Jody’s, it had a normal size closet and two nightstands next to the bed. The bed was quite big, reminding you of your own bed at home.I just want to go home.

  Dean drops your bags on the bed, and goes to leave.Oh no you don’t Winchester.

    You grab his wrist, spinning him around to face you . You move your hands to fist in his red flannel, and pull his lips to yours. He doesn’t push you away , instead his hands grab onto your waist, pulling you closer. Your lips are molded to his in a heated , fast kiss. He nips on your bottom lip, making you moan . His hands entangle in your hair, bringing your lips tighter against his. The kiss is frantic, but perfect. You can feel a tingle wave through your body . Deans hands land behind your thighs, making you jump and wrap your legs around his waist.You can feel his erection press against your heated core, making another moan erupt from your mouth. Dean begins kissing every part of you neck he can reach and he slams your back against the nearest wall. You begin grinding yourself down on his bulge, pulling a groan from him. 

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 He removes your back from the wall, proceeding to drop you onto the bed. You land with a bounce, a shocked gasp escapes your mouth . You look at Dean , his eyes glazing over with what you assume to be lust. He moves to hover over you , his lips right above yours as his body pins you to the bed.

 ” I mean what I said Y/n , we can’t .“ He starts to move away from you .

"Oh I don’t think so Dean .” You lock your legs around his waist before he moves any farther. You quickly flip the both of you so now Deans on his back. His eyes are wide, and he’s about to protest, but you beat him to it .

“ You don’t get to make this decision for me . I get you don’t want me in danger, but guess what? I already have a fucking target on my back ,and surprise, its not because of a Winchester . No one is safe when they have anything to do with hunting. Regardless if they are physically killing things, or doing the research . So get it through your thick skull Dean Winchester, I love you . And I’m not letting you push me away because you’re being a big fucking baby .” you’re out of breath by the time you finish your speech . Deans staring up at you , hands resting on your waist, his lips slightly parted.  His breathing is heavy , but so if yours. You stay straddling him for a few minutes, before the silence ends.

 " You love me?“ he asks timidly . You let out a laugh , shaking your head.

 ” You’re just processing that now? Yes D, I love you . If you don’t want to be with me for a different reason than my safety, tell me . But if that is the main reason, then you’re out of luck, because I’m not accepting it. “ A dazzling smile appears on his face, making you raise your eyebrow at him . He then turns the tables, flipping you so you’re beneath him now. He is back hovering over you, but he doesn’t hesitate to kiss you this time. His lips are soft against yours, completely different than previous kisses from today . His lips slowly move with yours, he slowly traces your bottom lip with his tongue, you part you lips, letting his tongue tangle with yours.

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Your fingers interlock in his hair, pulling him deeper in to your lips. He moves his lips from yours, beginning to trail kisses from underneath your ear down to the collar of your shirt. He leans back , and you take the cue to take your shirt off. He mimics your actions, stripping his layers off. You both take a minute to look at eachother , then continue taking the rest of each others clothing off.  In a matter minutes, you’re both completely naked, and Deans lips are back on yours. He gives you a quick kiss, then moves his lips lower. Slowly dragging them down your neck , to your breasts. He wraps his lips around your hardened peak ,while his hand tweaks your other one. He swirls his tongue around the bud, making you let out a string of moans. He switches boobs, but slides his hand down your body , finally ending up on your clit. Your aching your back into him as he sucks at your chest, and circles a finger around your clit.

” Dean , please .“ You whine  He picks his head up, releasing your nipple with a pop, giving you a  mischievous smirk .  He moves himself down your body , until hes right infront of your core. You move your hands to his hair, as he licks through your soaking folds.

 ” You’re soaked Sweetheart, is this all because of me?“ He asks as he presses down on your clit with his thumb. You whimper and nod, causing him to chuckle. He dives his head back down, and sucks your sensitive clit into his mouth . Your grip tightens on his hair as you moan his name.

” Dean please,  I need you inside me. Do this another time !“ you beg. He smiles, pulling himself back up and planting a lingering kiss on your lips. You reach down, taking his hard length in your hand. You begin to guide it to your entrance, he takes control, and pushes into you. It’s uncomfortable at first, but you adjust to his impressive size quickly. As he starts moving slowly, thrusting slowly but still deep. You rake your nails down his back ,as moans fly out of you . He keeps a slow steady pace, but you want more.

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” Dean please, go faster “ you whimper out. He does as you ask ,and begins slamming into you. The sounds coming out of you are obscene, but you can tell Dean enjoys them. He switches positions,  so your legs are spread open to him while hes on his knees. He grips onto your hips, beginning to pound into you even harder. ” Oh my God. Dean “  you breath out, you can feel yourself getting closer to the edge.  You hear Dean grunt, he slides is hand from your hip to you clit, pulling his thumb in tight circles against it. You feel yourself tightening around his cock as his thrust become sloppy. ” Come on D, cum for me. “ You whisper as he slams into you particularly hard. His thrust throws you over the edge into the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had. Dean finishes at the same time, moans of pleasure leaving both of you.  He rolls himself off you , pulling you into his side as he adjusts himself. You’re chests are both still heaving.

” So- I guess the games over now, huh?“  You ask as you trace circles over his bare stomach. He lets out a laugh , and kisses your forehead.

” Yeah I guess it is. Now we just get to go straight to the good part sweetheart". you laugh

“ Dean , I love you.” You say suddenly. He tilts your face up to his, a smile beaming at you

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“ I love you too "  He goes to kiss you again , but a knock at the door stops him .

” Are you two done now? “ You hear Sam’s sass through the door. You both laugh , and get out of bed. You throw on the flannel Dean had on , and pull up your sweats.  Dean opens the door as he pulls his shirt on , Sam’s got a blush on his face as he rubs the back of his neck.

” You okay there Sammy? “ Dean asks with a laugh , ” Whats up?“

Sam clears his throat  before talking, ” I called Crowley , had him look into the demons that showed up at Y/n’s. He said he took care of it . Everything should be clear. “ You feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.  But what happens now? I don’t l think I can leave Dean now…

” Well that’s great ! Now we can go get the rest of y/n’s stuff. “ You and Sam both snap you eyes to Dean sending him confused looks.

” You don’t think you’re going back there now that demons know where you live , do you? Because that’s not happening. You’re staying here with us. “

 You cant control the smile that forms on your lips. ” Dean Winchester, are you asking me to move in the Bunker?“ You ask slowly but playful .

 ” Not asking, it’s happening Sweetheart. “ He pulls you to his side, planting a kiss on your head.

 thank God for that damn Game.

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What Daft Punk does when Mama P isn’t home.
I joined the bandwagon  and will promptly burn in meme hell. *jumps in fire*
I don’t even know how the heckie deckie instruments work
(because my handwriting sucks)
Guy: Thom….You don’t have lungs or lips…..
Thomas: Why are we doing this?


ok here me out….. this salad girl literally looks nothing like sakura and everything like karen?? theres no way this isnt a baby made from sasuke and kathy uzomaki. this also explains how sasuke managed to start a family while never being home: boy banged the chakra battery girl on his Emo Roadtrip, came back home to drop the baby off on sakuras doorstep, then when back on his way leaving sakura to believe she has this weird family fantasy that literally everyone, even her own daughter, knows is fucked