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Kookfairy, sorry for asking but whose concert did you go to?

The BTS Newark Concert!!!! It was the best thing in the world…….but post concert depression has fucking hit me so god damn fucking hard. I dont know what to do with myself anymore. I went to the other Admins hotel and just sat there looking so sad. But was one of the best experiences ive ever fucking had. (NottofuckingmentionthatJungkookwaslookingatmysectionwhileiwasfuckingscreamingmyfuckinggutsoutlikeiwanttowishthathewaslookingatmebutiprobablylookedsouglythatimsoembarrasedhewasprobablylikewholetthisfuckingpotatointhevenueughhelookedsofuckinggoodthisnightmademerememberwhyifuckingbiasJeonJungfuckingkookisweartogodthoseFUCKINGMEATYASSTHIGHSANDJIMINSASSISBEAUTIFUL????????????BBBBBBBRRRRRRRUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIMSOFUCKINGSHOOKANDJUSTEMOIMSOEMOCALLMEEMOFAIRYFROMNOWON)
-a post concert depressed Admin fuckyouJeonJungKookfairy

i can’t stop thinking about what kind of criers dan and phil would be. i feel like dan’s crying would be a slow build up. his eyes just get watery at first, and he tries so hard to keep it in, but eventually the tears start cascading down his cheeks. he’d get a runny nose and his forehead would crease out of frustration because he hates crying, but he does it all the time. when his crying hits its peak, he’d be a blubbering mess, wiping furiously at his tears and constantly blowing his nose. he doesn’t like to be comforted while he’s crying, but when he’s finished and all that’s left is tear stained cheeks, he’d cling to the closest thing, preferably another person that would play with his hair, rub his back, and comfort him quietly.

phil on the other hand is a quiet crier. it happens really suddenly because he’s not afraid to be emotional and soft. his tears build up and he doesn’t try to hold them back. his eyes get red and puffy, and he tries to wipe away the tears quickly with his sleeve. he gets sniffly, but hides it by taking deep breaths through his mouth. his eyes are glossy and doe-like when his crying reaches the climax. he likes to be held the whole way through, even if it’s just someone holding his hand or resting a hand on his knee. physical contact calms him down and helps him feel more real. his favorite thing is when people rub their fingers up and down his arm, it nearly lulls him to sleep, but it distracts him from whatever it is he’s crying about.

The line ‘And I gave you my best and we both know you can’t say that’ just hits me so fucking hard because I remember that towards the end of the relationship, Taylor tried so fucking hard. 

Like Coachella, when she posted a bunch of adoring pictures on Instagram. How about at the iHeartRadio Awards when she actually thanked him in her speech which is something she has never done for any other boyfriend and the speech itsself was so heartfelt and complimentary. Like, she got choked up and had to brace herself, but she did it, and he didn’t even… fuck, he barely reacted???

but he didn’t even show up to both the MET gala and BMI. I know he’s a lowkey guy, but those were HUGE nights for Taylor. It was the end of the relationship but she still tried so hard, and he didn’t and they both fucking knew it and-


you do not need to be a pretty victim. there is something very toxic in our world where sometimes people “deserve” what happens to them. where you learn - maybe i deserved it. maybe if i hadn’t talked back he wouldn’t have hit me, if i had worn different clothing, if i had just been a nicer person in general these things wouldn’t have happened to me. 

victims are always gentle people who only want to help. how do i explain that we’re not like that. we’re angry and we’re hurting and sometimes that anger is violent. sometimes we’re hard to like. sometimes we are the people you hate, unwilling to make friends and genuinely unlikable. and when that happens, we “deserve” it. what happened to us was a result of our actions.

abusers have made this rule up. they have created it so they can win. so they can teach us that if we weren’t silly and ignorant and worthless and useless we wouldn’t deserve it. that everyone else sees us this way in the end. that we’re pathetic. that we were mean to someone once, that we won’t smile on the bus, that we didn’t keep ourselves virgin-white before marriage, that we made it happen for whatever reason comes up. 

bad people deserve bad things. but what if we’ve only ever been told we’re a bad person too. what if our mental illnesses tell us we’re bad because we’re a burden. what if we’re mean and spiteful and angry. are we good enough victims for you?

i am a poster child for pity when i tell you i was young and desperate to please, that i volunteer, that i just want to take all the hardship i was handed and make it into kindness as often as i can. but i deserve it when i talk about the fact i’m bitter, frequently jealous, occasionally prone to screaming, that i’m ambitious, very good at manipulation, and occasionally cruel as i can be. these are just two sides of me. do you want me to be free of blame because you like me. do you wish you didn’t like me?

good people are easy. we know the world is unfair. but i am not always good, because i am a person that is just trying to survive long enough to learn what it means to be me. 

what happens when i’m ugly?

ok so listen, i know i’m a few years too late to be posting phineas and ferb fanart, but i just rewatched a few episodes and got hit in the gut with nostalgia. this is the show that made me want to be an artist, and even if i don’t like it as much as i used to, it still means a lot to me 

i wanted to try something a bit different with the lineart so i drew canderemy :3 (i kept hearing the song he sings her inside an umbrella and i just had to ok)

not so happy with jeremy’s face but it’s just a doodle anyway lol

Sometimes I really feel for middle school kageyama but I also feel like people in the fandom are getting the wrong idea about why he was ostracized and why his current team’s acceptance is so important. He wasn’t picked on because of his looks or something arbitrary and out of his hands like yamaguchi, he was left out because the people around them genuinely disliked who he was and found him hard to get along with. So kitadai. Let me start off by saying that I’m not completely convinced kageyama’s old team was wrong about everything; there might have been a better way to handle it, but they were also at the end of their rope. Was there any reason kindaichi and the others had to like middle school kageyama? No. Judging by the bits of him we see, his teammates reactions, and his underclassmen’s downright fear of him we can probably conclude that middle school kageyama was a dick. He had no restraint, no respect for other people’s limitations, and no intention to compromise on anything ever. His entire team probably felt super disrespected. That’s not to say kageyama meant to be difficult; I don’t doubt that he never meant to harm or scare anyone. He just did not see anything wrong with what he was doing and even when it was explained to him he didn’t understand and couldn’t accept it. So in that sense he really was innocent. But what did that mean for his team? That didn’t make him any easier to work with. It didn’t make being screamed at every practice any easier to deal with. It didn’t make them any less annoyed and/or intimidated by him. I think kindaichi, kunimi, and the coach at least knew that kageyama just didn’t understand but they couldn’t get through to him to make him. At some point they probably got fed up enough and stopped trying. And then they got fed up enough to really stop trying. And objectively from a reader’s perspective? I think it was a good thing that the team decided altogether to tell kageyama “no we’re not with you”. Words and gestures don’t always get through to the ever dense kageyama so he did need to learn somehow. If everyone you know has a problem with the way you are to that extent, I feel like anyone would realize that it’s time for a bit of soul searching. And to his credit, that’s exactly what kageyama did. He had to learn to respect boundaries and he had to learn to compromise. But after unlearning the actually bad stuff, kageyama is naturally just someone that’s hard to read and hard for a lot of people to get along with. Kitadai wasn’t the sort of team that could handle that.

Enter karasuno. Karasuno doesn’t care. Their entire team is full up of people who are hard to understand/get along with for normal people. They’re fluid people, in a word. Not only fluid in their playing, but also in their personalities. That means that not only can they accomodate kageyama on court, they can do it off court too. That’s not to say they have to get along with him, that just means they accept him. At kitagawa daiichi it was like two opposing forces; they could not accept kageyama, they didn’t know how. But in karasuno, there is a space kageyama’s welcome to occupy. Even tsukishima very quickly carved out a place in his life for kageyama. Sure he might not always like the guy, but there he is. He exists. We play together. And tsukishima can deal with that. Hinata despised kageyama but he was able to accept him even faster than tsukishima. Same with all of karasuno. Whether or not they get along with kageyama, they accept him being there. Ofc that isn’t to say kageyama didn’t need to change at all. We saw him revert back to his rude, unyielding king mode recently in the manga. And while karasuno easily accepted the spirit of what he was trying to accomplish, we often gloss over the fact that they also let him know that he was being rude as hell and they weren’t going to pay him any attention if he kept straight up screaming at them and overstepping boundaries. They put him in his place and middle school kageyama probably wouldn’t have been able to accept that but current kageyama was. So its a combination. Kageyama did have to change, I can’t think of any team that could have properly worked with his past self. But he also needed to find a team that could accept him. Karasuno is willing to let kageyama be the king of the court with conditions applied. The team brought the acceptance and kageyama brought his new willingness to compromise. And that’s so important. It’s important that kageyama learned from his experience and it’s important that he met people who were able to easily bring him into the fold.

“they said she died of the flu, pero quién sabe

“pero quién sabe”

I just wanted to make a post highlighting this line from lydia’s story in ep 9 because it’s so important and so relatable to what a lot of us have been through. I know there’s a lot of latinxs in our community that live with this uncertainty. We live not knowing what happened to the people we had to leave behind. This line hit me hard and it made me think about all the stories that other latinx have shared with me. It made me think of my parents. It made me think and I can’t say more because it’s really hard to talk about this kind of thing. I just wanted to point it out because I know others might have felt what I felt when I heard lydia say it. That’s all. 

can we reflect on the fact that Ven openly admits that he never really had a dream for himself (”I never really thought about it”), he just naturally accepted the one that Terra gave him (”my dream is to be a Keyblade Master” / “you, me, and Ven all share the same dream”)

so in a sense, Terra’s the reason Ven trains as hard as he does

so you could say Terra gave him purpose back when Ven was still a blank slate struggling with his identity

kind of like, idk

Xemnas did for Roxas

a good place to start | inspired by this post (”…just??? isabelle lightwood not having to know exactly who she is and what she wants, being allowed to be unsure and taking time to figure herself out, because she tries so hard to be everything for everyone but herself and it seems unlikely to me that she’d just hit puberty and immediately come out with full confidence about her sexuality.”)

It started with a girl without a name, or at least, Isabelle had never learned it.

Izzy was 17 and she had just finished a patrol with her brothers. She convinced them to go with her to a club, Jace agreed because he wanted to go, and Alec would never leave them unprotected. (“We can take care of ourselves, Alec.” “I know, I’m still staying.”)

Jace was off flirting with some girl, Alec was standing at the bar, and Izzy was dancing on her own in the crowd when she made eye contact with a girl wearing a little black dress, her hair wild, her make up smudged, but her eyes shined and her smile lit up her entire presence. The girl smiled at Izzy and Izzy smiled back, suddenly feeling nervous, almost shy.

The girl walked towards her, confident and beautiful, and just as she reached Izzy, the song switched to something even more upbeat and the girl smiled wider and began to dance in front of Izzy, with Izzy. At some point the girl’s hands found their way to Izzy’s hips and Izzy placed her hands on the girl’s shoulders. She doesn’t know how many songs stopped and started as they danced; it felt like an entire separate world was created within their arms. Which was why Izzy was so startled when another girl appeared beside them, tapping the girl Izzy was dancing with on the shoulder and pointing to the exit.

The girl nodded and turned to Izzy, gave her a small smile before kissing her cheek and walking away. 

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Hey there! I wanted to ask who your first haikyuu crush was!

Oh Boy, here we go!

My first crush was actually Nishinoya! His introduction hit me really hard.

I mean just look at that. He looks so badass. Truly the Guardian Deity of Karasuno.

AND THAT KILLED ME. How can you be that cute? I just want to hug him.. What would the world do without him? He deserves all the love. Protect him.

I had to post GIFs here, because my words could never describe his beauty.

Today I’ve been thinking about weight loss

I belong to the From Fat to Finish line group on Facebook. I HIGHLY recommend watching the documentary, it’s on Netflix, and the group is super supportive and motivating! Lately, people have been posting photos of their scales as they finally hit “one-derland.” Something that I SO look forward to, but that also feels impossibly far away. Sometimes reading other people’s stories is hard for me. The last one that got posted they said that they had lost over a hundred pounds in a year. Then I look at myself, having hit my highest weight about 6 years ago and now sit about 40 pounds less than that. 6. Years. Later. My weight loss has been quite the roller coaster. I hit 90 pounds down this last summer and then gained 70 back. Now I’m back down a bit. 

It’s hard to believe that you can do it when other people seem to be doing it so much faster. But that seems to be my life in general. I feel like I’ve always done things at my own pace. When I was a kid I had a hard time doing basic “growing up” things. I cried at the first day of school many years. I went through with my first communion, but at some point stopped going up to get it at mass for a while, eventually I did, but I don’t remember why I stopped or why I started again. I never wanted to go to camp. In fact, before my senior year I went to a week long sleep away camp and cried and had massive panic attacks and went home part way through the week. My parents made me go back. I did community college for 2 years because I freaked out while going to register at a college in Chicago (I’m from the Seattle area, so it turned out to be a bit too far away and scary for me.) When I did end up going away to school, in my same state, I had such bad panic attacks that my parents stayed a bit longer and I refused to stay in my dorm room. I got myself so worked up that I would throw up. Eventually all of these things turned out to be fine. I may not have loved camp, but I did love being away at school. Now I’m 29 and live with my parents, so I’m still doing a good job of avoiding that whole growing up thing, but it’s something I’m working on slowly, but surely.

 Weight loss (and running) just feels like another one of those things. Other people seem to be able to do it and when it clicks, it clicks. I’ve been running now for about 3 years. I did my first 5k in May of 2014. I’ve worked my way up to being able to finish half marathons, but I’m slow as all heck. I got faster, but then got slower after gaining weight back. I guess what I need to learn from life is to be more patient and forgiving of myself. I always seem to figure it out eventually and I just have to have faith that I will with this as well. It just doesn’t make it any easier to see other people do it so fast. I guess that’s all I have to say about that. 

Here’s a selfie I took earlier when I was laying in bed after work. I did my makeup today. I’m going to try to do that more, since it makes me feel good. 

Things that I have noticed and I have had enough with that!

To be honest I don’t usually take sides in any argument because it’s gonna end badly…but!recenty I have noticed hate posts about olicity or posts that describe the hate that some people have inside our fandom for olicity.i understand that everyone has their own opinion and I’m fine by that and I respect it.but it hit me hard what @felicityollies said recently.that some people from our fandom try to spread rumors that arrow is going to be cancelled and they celebrate it when ratings drop…i mean..what the fuck is going on people??!!!why so much hate in this fandom??!!WHYYY??!!!just come out from where you are hiding and tell me why you actually hate our show?!and if it’s logical then okay I will accept it!but not!not!do that saying that you are one of us and then backstabbing the fandom!thats betrayal for me!i know that the characters are fictional!i know that arrow is in some way a fictional story!i know that!but i see arrow because I enjoy it!even if there are some scenes I don’t like or the writers are not heading the storyline where I would like it to!hence even if they are destroying olicity in front me!im gonna cry and whine like a baby!im gonna argue and everything!but I’m not going to destroy my show by saying bad things about it or spreading rumors!im gonna get my ass down!stop pouting and see the god damn show!because that’s im here in the first place!for the good and the bad!for me,being a fan and more like being a part of a FANDOM is everything I could ask for…it’s my heaven and my little happy bubble!i love it here and I’m not gonna leave any time soon.fandom it’s like a family.and as any other family we have our disagreements and our little fights but that’s alright!because in the end these are what makes us stronger than ever!i have to say that I haven’t witnessed any HATE POST directly to me because I was lucky enough to embrace myself with lovely,amazing,one of a kind people who truly care about this fandom and with this show!who are not giving up and trying to stay positive.and there are sooo sooo many more people out there who I haven’t the chance to met and are like exactly my friends here!So…the reason that I have expressed my opinion in the first place is to try to stop all that hate in our fandom.because I love it and I don’t wanna see it divided….We all know that we have been through A LOT!(especially the olicity fandom)lots of ups and down..BUT HERE WE ARE!!!TOGETHER!UNITED!!(mayor Oliver would be so proud of me now!😂😂) and I wanna stay in that way!i want all of you to stay strong and don’t give a damn about what haters say!and let’s all stay in our HAPPY bubble together where is nice and warm!its your choice!i made mine!😉

Tagging some awesome people here (and everyone else who supports our fandom please express your opinion freely) : @emmaamelia95 @miriam1779 @nalla-madness @vaelisamaza @hope-for-olicity @felicity-said–yes @oliverfel4 @stygian-omada-fan @wanderingmmries @iheartarrow @mel-loves-all @laurabelle2930 @somewhatinvisible @pimsiepim @tinaday3w @entersomethingcleverhere @smkkbert @almondblossomme @cruzrogue @felicityschattycathy @dettiot @bindy417 @pjcmfalcon @olicity-i-believe-in-you

Honeymustard Collection 10

THE BIG ONE-OH! Blanket apology to the folks wanting me to post HMC on AO3 - I still plan on it, I’m just…lazy.

Have some abuse in the meantime.

Red spat blood. His mouth sang with pain and his skull was spinning. Shit – he couldn’t remember a time Boss had hit him so hard before. Not since he’d cracked his skull anyway. This was bad. Red tried to prop himself up from where he’d been thrown to the floor but his shivering forearms collapsed instantly when the weight of a heavy boot pressed between his shoulder blades. Boss’s heel twisted into his spine.

Red gasped but held his tongue. Screaming usually made things worse. If he stayed quiet Boss would get bored quickly and leave him alone to lick his wounds.

“What’s this?” Boss murmured, putting more weight on Red’s spine as he crouched down on top of him. He gripped Red’s jaw and forced a clawed thumb between his teeth. Red’s pupils dilated in panic and pain, nearly gagging on Boss’s phalanges as the taller skeleton forced his aching jaw open wider. Red sucked in short, shallow breaths, some part of his narrowing conscious wondering what had sparked Boss’s interest.

Boss clicked his teeth in a chiding, disappointed manner.

“Ch,” he said softly, “you’re so weak. You break too easily.”

Boss pressed a thumb to the part of Red’s mouth that had drawn his interest – a tooth, broken and bleeding in its socket. A pained whine slipped out of Red’s throat, muffled by Boss’s forced hand in his mouth.

“Well,” Boss droned, wiggling the hook of his phalange into Red’s cracked jaw despite the smaller skeleton’s gagged scream and desperate writhing, “we’ll just have to replace this one.”

He ripped the tooth out, root and all.

Red jack-knifed upright in an unfamiliar bed, panicked magic flaring in his left eye socket. He jerked his head around, wondering where the fuck he was for a frantic moment before he recognized the lanky figure under the covers beside him and remembered. He yanked agitatedly at his collarbone, willing himself to get his ragged gasping under control before he woke the other and –



Papyrus rolled over groggily and propped himself up on one elbow, rubbing an eye socket with a slow yawn. Red silently cursed himself for dozing off in Stretch’s bed after they’d fooled around that night – he usually slept on the couch and had so far managed to hide his night terrors from the other. He’d grown too comfortable around his Boss’s copy lately and had dropped his guard.

“It’s nothin’ – just a dream,” Red tried to say casually, but the remnants of magic in his eye socket and the break in his voice betrayed him immediately.

Papyrus sat up beside the smaller skeleton, lifting a hand to rub his back comfortingly. Red tried not to flinch but couldn’t stop a shudder at the other’s touch – shit, sometimes it was downright unnerving how similar the weight and shape of Stretch’s body was to Boss’s. He might as well have been back in that dark, stifling bedroom in his own timeline, feeling the heat of Boss’s breath on the back of his neck and nearly gagging on that sulfuric smell…

Red pressed a palm to his mouth and hunched his shoulders, squeezing shut his eye sockets.

“Whoa, hey,” Papyrus moved closer, looping an arm around the other’s stiff back and pulling him against his bare ribcage. “You okay, Red? C’mon, talk to me.”

A harsh bark of laughter rattled from Red’s throat.

Talk to you? Seriously, Stretch?”

Papyrus rolled his eyes, easily seeing through Red’s calloused front. He knew the smaller skeleton’s act was all hot air – but that didn’t make the situation any less worrisome. Papyrus dropped his chin to rest heavily on Red’s shoulder and circled his arms around his hips, effectively cradling the other despite his general dislike for “touchy-feely shit” – as he put it.

Papyrus gave Red a minute to calm his breathing and relax against his chest. He counted the other’s inhalations and exhalations, not wanting to push him too quickly, but knowing that he couldn’t help Red unless the other opened up. Papyrus mustered the smallest amount of light magic in his phalange-tips and picked up Red’s arm, softly brushing over the scars that spider-webbed the surface of his ulna.

“How long have you been chipping?” Papyrus asked softly.

He felt Red swallow – gave him time to decide whether or not he wanted to answer.

“Dunno,” Red finally muttered, “couple of years, I guess.”

“Hmm,” Papyrus hummed absently, moving his phalange-tips to another puckered scar that ran the length of Red’s radius from wrist to elbow.

“And this?”

Red gritted his teeth. He saw where this was going and he didn’t like it. The less Stretch knew about his timeline the better. It’s not like Red needed to bellyache to anyone about his troubles anyway. So what if he couldn’t sleep? So what if his anxiety made him sick sometimes? So what if the ghosting memories of painful encounters with his boss still made his bones…ache…

“I dropped a plate that time,” Red said, almost too low for Papyrus to hear him. “Boss got real mad. ‘A break for a break’ he said.”

Papyrus’s breath was warm on Red’s neck. Red shivered as the taller skeleton gently placed his arm back in his lap and moved on to the next scar – a short, but deep break on his scapula. Papyrus’s magic-laced phalanges traced the scar lightly, casting jagged shadows that exaggerated every hairline imperfection on Red’s bones.

“This?” Papyrus prompted.

“Woke him up on accident,” Red mumbled.

“This?” (an array of cracks on Red’s mandible)

“Didn’t get out of his way fast enough.”

“And here?” (a break that spanned three ribs)

“Messed up dinner one night.”

“Here?” (knots of a shattered femur that had healed wrong)

“Got caught sleeping at my station.”

Papyrus purposefully avoided what looked like claw marks on Red’s ilium and pubis – remembering what Red had yelled in his anger-induced haze when they’d come to blows a few days before. He traced the rest of Red’s scars though, lightly brushing busted bones and bad heals and stress fractures and what seemed like a hundred cracks from a hundred different occasions. Red numbly explained each of them – some he couldn’t even remember, others Papyrus knew he was outright lying about, but that didn’t matter so long as he kept talking.

Having traced the whole length of Red’s body front and back Papyrus returned his arms to their position circling Red’s waist, taking a while to simply hold him in silence. Red stared blankly into the darkness of the bedroom, something horrid cinching in his gut. Papyrus probably thought he was disgusting. Pathetic. Weak. So easily broken…

“I wanna show you something,” Papyrus said suddenly.

Red swallowed, not sure what to expect.

Papyrus held his hands out in front of them, unlit since he’d let his magic go out. A long moment passed. Just as Red was about to ask what the hell he was doing there was a faint ting! and the darkness was chased off by a clean golden light. Papyrus presented his soul in his hands and Red’s mouth fell open in silent, unconscious astonishment.

Papyrus’s soul was unlike anything Red had ever seen. It was so clear and bright and strong. Completely unmarked. How was that possible? Hell, even the children in Red’s timeline had soul scars. Shit – his own soul was like fucking hamburger meat compared to…

Papyrus thought he caught a flicker of understanding in Red’s eye sockets. Brief. Small. And absolutely heartbreaking. Did he realize yet? Did he understand how fucked up his timeline was? Did he see that it didn’t have to be that way…that all he had to do was say the word and he would never have to go back to that shitty house that reeked of blood and sweat? Papyrus allowed his eye sockets to droop in relief…and no small amount of regret for being the catalyst that had yanked Red from his strange, ignorant, broken happiness.

“Here,” Papyrus said, tilting his palm closer.

Red pressed back against Papyrus’s ribcage, shaking his head frantically.

“N-no, Stretch, I don’t think that’s s-such a good idea.”

“C’mon, Red,” Papyrus chuckled, picking up Red’s wrist with his free hand.

“I don’t…” Red’s voice trailed off when Papyrus placed his soul in the smaller skeleton’s flat hand. “…wanna ruin it,” Red finished half-heartedly.

Papyrus could feel Red’s hands shaking. It was cute. Red was unbearably innocent about the strangest things. Papyrus kissed the large crack on the crown of Red’s skull and watched the smaller skeleton study his soul intently. It wasn’t until later that Papyrus realized he hadn’t stopped smiling since he’d handed his heart over. He gave a little sigh and squeezed Red closer against the curve of his body.


Sorry for not sharing anything recently my sweeties! After I got done with these my mind went on almost full oddness. Like, it was like I was just… blank? It’s a little hard to explain. I have a lot of things I want to work on, but in reality, it was hard to focus and I lost all inspiration and that kinda caused me to wait on posting these.

So Al (( @altadoodler )) challenged me AGAIN (( XD )) when I sent an ask about drawing them as a merman cause he had to use a fork for brushing, and something about how he almost drew himself as Link…

*gets hit with a boulder of inspiration*

I go at it! The merman was HELLA PAIN IN THE ASS for me. I don’t know why but I was erasing like crazy trying to get it to work out ((GIANT thank you to @arejare for the help with his hand BTW!))

Whereas Link was pretty easy. I can see why it would have been so simple to draw Link from his personal drawn selfies. Like, the resemblance is really uncanny! I used one of his own pictures as a reference and drew Link’s outfit from memory. If you guys don’t see it, the outfit is from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

*is personally very proud of both*

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HELLO, DAUGHTER. I hope you're doing well and that life is treating you well. You deserve all the best, wonderful things in life and that's exactly what I so immensely hope for you 😙

HI MOM!!!! This was so sweet to see this morning, made my crazy Monday so much better ❤️  Can I just say that last chapter you posted literally hit me so hard I had to take an hour nap after I read it! So well done. I love you and I hope your Monday is as bright and beautiful as you!


yes, i’m alive.  it’s been a while.

i just had my second eecs203 exam and it was honestly really rough.  the multiple choice was okay but the free response hit me hard.  it’s okay though, i’m just glad it’s over.

my ROV project is going okay but we’re really behind, mostly because the 3D printers are super hard to access and even when we do get time scheduled, the printers sometimes don’t work.  so, we don’t have the joints we need to put the frame together.  and we’re speed testing in two weeks.

other than those two classes, life is going pretty well.  st patty’s day weekend was really fun and my social life is great.  i’ve been having a lot of fun with friends and that’s not a bad thing.

i’ve finally managed to unpack everything from europe!  i still need to post pictures.

i can’t believe that i’m only here for another five weeks or so.  i really don’t want the year to end.  i love my classes, west quad, the diag, and my friends.  hopefully my week stays the way it looks: not that crazy.

A few days ago, I hit 500 followers, and I had you guys vote on what you’d like to see me make! It was a close tie between this manip tutorial and a FC directory, and while that’s still in the works for the future, this is something I’ve been wanting to post for a while. I’m excited to show you guys the deep dark secrets of gif manip making.

These are the gifs I’m starting with:

And here’s what I’m ending with:

note: for the sake of this tutorial, I am using two gifs that I made myself, but I often just find ones to use from gif hunts.

Instructions under the cut!

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So, here we are.

           Four years ago today, Edd Gould, the creator of Eddsworld, passed away after a brave battle with cancer. A little over a week ago, the final Eddsworld video under Tom Ridgewell’s jurisdiction, The End (Part 2), was released, signifying the end of an era of the show that has touched me like no other. Nothing else has had the impact on me that Eddsworld did and does, and nobody is a bigger inspiration to me than Edd Gould was and is.

I remember hearing about Edd’s passing all those years ago and feeling like I’d been shot. There’s no way it could have hit me as hard as it hit those closest to him, but it still left me- and hundreds of thousands of other people like me- frozen in my tracks. However, I remember it just as well as I remember spending countless nights discovering and re-watching Eddisodes- Breakfast, Matt Sucks, MovieMakers, Spares, Hello Hellhole, Art is Serious, and WTFuture, to name a handful… not to mention the two million times I must have replayed Just A Bit Crazy. And I can’t possibly forget the Zombeh saga! It’d be a crime, probably. But the point remains- Eddsworld is the greatest gift I ever stumbled upon. It’s given me so much happiness that I probably couldn’t put it into words and still retain what I want to say, because words can’t describe something this important.  

Edd Gould was and is my biggest hero and inspiration- he’s responsible for my love of animation and drawing, and I’d put down good money on betting that Eddsworld influenced my own art style to a considerably high degree. I always dreamed of making web cartoons just like him, and maybe even collaborating with him some day. Hell, he’s probably the reason why green was my favourite colour for as long as it was. I never had the honour of meeting him, much less working with him, but he still left an impact that can’t be matched by anyone. I really wish I could talk more about the man himself, but I mean… I didn’t know him personally. There isn’t anything I could say about him as a person that would matter coming from me, and what little I can loops back around to the show- the way he declined BBC’s offer in favour of keeping the show the best it could be, I know he had to have been a stand-up, for-the-people kind of guy- but all I can say is that, no matter who he was, he’s a huge part of why I am who I am today. And I really do think I like me.

I guess what I’m trying to say with all this is… thank you.

Thank you, Tom, for keeping the show running in Edd’s absence for as long as you did, even at your own heavy expense. You went above and beyond.

Thank you, Matt, for everything you’ve done- which is a lot- and for sticking around and continuing to stick around. And, obviously, for having such a nice face.

Thank you to Paul and every single one of the other animators, new and old, who kept and is keeping Eddsworld spinning. Your hard work is wonderful on the eyes, and not for naught in the slightest.

Thank you to each and every other person of each and every other role and talent. You made this show the best it could be.

Thank you, Edd Gould, for bringing so much joy and inspiration to myself and many like me. You left one hell of a legacy, man, and we all thank you for it.

Thank you all for this wondrous creation.

You’re all pretty swell.

The Beginner’s Guide

So, @therealjacksepticeye posted a video of his game play of “The Beginner’s Guide” and let me tell you, if you didn’t see it yet, brace yourselves. It’s long but it is so worth watching. It hit me hard. It had me in tears. But man, was it powerful. Especially the end where Jack had a little chat with us. Here’s what I wanna comment on.

1. “Hopefully I’m Doing People Proud.”

Jack, you are. You make us so proud. You are hardworking. You are kind. You are thankful. You’ve showed us dreams can become reality. You’ve showed us that when these dreams do become reality, it’s possible to not let it get to your head. I’ve never been more proud.

2. “I like to think that I’m still a pretty good person.”

You have a heart of gold. You are absolutely wonderful. Just because you curse doesn’t make you horrible. Trust me, I curse frequently and I’m still a good person. You have shown time and time again just how wonderful you are.

Your personality and your heart are rare

. That’s what makes you so special.

3. “I really hope that it’s a friendship kind of basis.”

I’ve said this before. I’ll say it again. I’ll most likely say it in the future. You’re living in Ireland. We keep in touch with you through the videos you post and on social media. Yet, you’ve been a friend to all of us in one way or another. You’ve impacted us each on many different levels. That is absolutely amazing. You should just know how much that means to us that you can connect with us on that level.

4. “It’s impossible not to change.”

That is so true. Change isn’t always bad. We grow as people. We learn from our experiences. None of us judge you for changing when it’s apart of life. We welcome the change. We want to watch you grow as a person.

5. “That’s why I’m really hoping that I’m keeping you guys happy & entertained & proud along the way.”

You do. You make me laugh when I don’t want to smile. You make my bad days turn bright. Thank you for making us a priority. It means so much to us.

6. “I’m always so scared that people are going to abandon me during these transitional periods.”


We will be there for your during these periods.

We aren’t going anywhere.

You have proved time and time again that you are here for us. There is no way we wouldn’t be there to return that favor to you.

7. “Mark & Felix ( @markiplier & @pewdie ) are such huge inspirations to me.”

This has me feeling all the feels. Look at where you are, Jack. Look at what you’ve accomplished, these two inspire you and now you’re friends with them as well. It’s so heartwarming to know that. Every time I see a collab video of you and Mark, I feel this overwhelming amount of happiness for you. It makes me so happy to know that you’ve gained friends in these wonderful people. I’m sure it means a lot to them to hear you call them your inspirations.

8. “I really hope that the people on this channel trust in me that much as well to stick around me that much.”

We trust you. We aren’t going anywhere. We’re going to be here till the very end. We love you.

9. “You guys keep me strong every single day.”

You keep me strong every single day. I’m not just saying that. You’ve saved me. I am forever thankful. I only wish I could keep you strong the way you’ve kept me strong. I hope I can be there the way you have for me.

10. “If I didn’t have you here, I’d fall apart.”

We are here. We aren’t going anywhere. No falling apart. But if you do feel like falling a bit, we are here to catch you and help you back up.

11. “I need to find my spark again.”

And you will. It will return. I know you’re worried and that’s okay to be worried. That’s normal. But I know you will find that spark again. Just know I’ll still be there to watch it when you get it again. I’ll be there to cheer you on, the way you cheer us on.

With that being said, enjoy your time with your girlfriend, Jack. Thank you for everything. You are loved. Endless love, cookies, cakes, high fives & hugs to you, boss!

The truth behind her eyes

AN: Hey, guys! This is my first real attempt at writing a Orphan Black fanfic so I’d like to ask you to be nice because as every first fic we write, I’m really scared I did something wrong. I hope to hear some feedback from you and I also hope you enjoy your reading.

Chapter I | Chapter II

This is a post 03x10 fanfic.


“Is everything alright, Cos?” Sarah asked her sister when she saw the weird look on her face.
“Um, yeah… I’m good.” She says with a small sad smile.
“Are you sure?” Allison asks, getting a hard look from her husband. “What? I’m just asking.”
“Was it Delphine you were talking to outside?” Sarah asked.
“Yes… she couldn’t stay though. But she told me to…” That was the moment reality hit Cosima.
She had been intrigued since the blonde hopped in her car and went away. That talk they’d just had was nothing but weird… Delphine seemed distant somehow, Cosima didn’t even know if she had paid full attention to her apology. All she knew was that Delphine looked right into her eyes and seemed to get lost in them and it was when her eyes started filling up with tears that she pulled Cosima in for a slow, sad kiss.
None of their kisses had felt like that, it was always filled with nothing but love… but this one… the love was there without any doubts, Cosima could feel it with every cell of her body, but among that love there was something else… it felt like sadness… and even a little bit of that feeling you get when you miss someone. And her words after the kiss… give your sisters all my love… there was definitely something going on.
“Cosima!” Sarah says, snapping her fingers in front of the woman’s face, waking her up from her thoughts. “Bloody hell, Cos, what’s wrong?”
Everyone at the table turned their attention to the dreadlocked woman.
“I think… I think there’s something wrong with Delphine.” She states.
“You’ve only realized that now?” Felix plays, getting a laugh from the people at the table, Helena’s being the loudest one.
“No, I’m serious, Fee.” Cosima says with a serious tone. “She was distant and… I don’t know, something about the way she spoke to me, the way she had tears in her eyes… something is up.”
“Do you think she might be in danger, love?” Mrs. S asks with a motherly tone.
“I don’t know, it’s just… it’s been such a long day and all this Topside shit…” Her eyes go wild as she remembers everything that happened that day. “Fuck.” She whispers.
“What is it?” Scott asks.
“Topside.” Is her only answer, as if it were enough for everyone to understand. Everybody looks at her with expectation in their eyes, Mrs. S seems to be the only one who got what she meant.
“She was the one who warned us about Topside.” Mrs. S says, bringing her right hand to massage her temple. “We are very well aware of what they do to the people that get in their way.”
“Shit!” Sarah says getting up from her seat. “Did she tell you where she was headed?”
“No, she didn’t.” Cosima says, her voice cracking. “I-I’m gonna call her.”
She takes her cell phone out of her pocket and calls the number she already knew by heart.
You’ve reached Dr. Cormier, please leave a message.
“It goes straight to voicemail.” She says after her third try, this time getting up from her seat and getting her coat.
“Where are you going?” Felix asks, also getting up as everyone else at the table.
“I’m going to find Delphine.” She says.
“But we don’t even know where she is.” Mrs. S says. “We can’t go around without really knowing where to.”
“Yes, we can.” Cosima says with a firm tone. “She’s put herself through hell to help us, it’s our turn to do something for her. I know many of you here don’t like her, but she is the woman that I love so, if you don’t want to do it for her, do it for me.”
“Where can we start looking?” Allison asks as everyone in the room looks at her. “What? Cosima is right, Delphine has helped us in many ways and it’s our turn now. Even if we don’t like to admit it, she’s part of clone club and we protect each other.” She says, sending a sweet smile towards Cosima.
“I think the DYAD would be a good place to look.” Scott says.
“Yes, that was the first place that came to my mind.” Cosima affirms. “I’m going to her apartment, it’s another possible place.”
“Alright then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Mrs. S says as she gets up and grabs her coat.
30 minutes later Cosima is entering Delphine’s building and decides to take the stairs instead of the elevator, she runs up to the Frenchwoman’s apartment’s door.
“Delphine?” She asks, knocking on the door. “Delphine it’s me, please open up.” She’s met with nothing but silence.
“Scott said she didn’t go back to DYAD.” Sarah says as she reads the message she has just gotten on her phone.
“Well, she is clearly not at home.” Felix says. “Is there any other place you think she might have gone to?”
“No… I-I don’t think so.” Comes Cosima’s weak voice.
“Hey, Cos… we’ll find her, yeah?”
“I’m just…” Her voice cracks and she finally allows her tears to roll down her face. “I should’ve insisted for her to stay… I felt like there was something wrong and I didn’t do anything, I should’ve…”
“Hey, Hey!” Sarah says as she wraps her arms around her sister. “Don’t say that, yeah? We will find her.”
“Excuse me.” Comes a voice behind them. It was the old man who works at the building. “Are you looking for Ms. Cormier?”
Cosima got out of her sister’s embrace and turned to face the man. “Yes… have you seen her?” She asks with a hopeful voice.
“She got here about an hour ago” The man says.
“Yeah but she is not answering the door. Are you sure she didn’t leave and you didn’t see it?” Felix asks.
“I’m sure, young boy. I saw her arriving with her car but she didn’t leave.”
“Do you think you can get us the spare key to her apartment?” Cosima asks. “She told me once that if I needed I could get one.”
“We do have spare keys but I’m not sure if-”
“Please can you just do it?” Sarah asks with an annoyed tone. “This is a very complicated situation, we think Dr. Cormier might be in danger so can you please just get us the bloody key?”
The man gives the brunette woman a hard look but hearing Delphine might be in danger and the tears streaming down the woman’s twin sister’s face convinces him.
“Alright, alright… I’m gonna go get the key, you wait right here.” He says before leaving.
“I’m gonna go to the garage just to confirm if her car is still here, I don’t really trust that man.” Sarah says.
“I’m coming with you.” Cosima says. “Can you stay here and wait, Fee?”
“Of course, you go.” He answers.
There were only a few cars in the garage. About five or so in a dark color and a white one at the far end. They walked slowly around the place looking for Delphine’s car, which wasn’t hard to find since there weren’t that many cars in the place.
“He was right.” Cosima says. “That’s her car.”
“Cos…” Sarah says with an intrigued tone. “That car…” She points to the white car that is at the opposite side of Delphine’s. “Is that…”
When Cosima turns around to see what her sister was talking about, her blood runs cold, she could feel her body start to shake. “Blood.” She states.
“Shit.” Sarah says. “What the hell happened here?”
“Sarah…” Cosima says, her knees getting weaker as the seconds ticked by. “I’m not… I’m not feeling good.”
“Hey, Hey, Cos..” Sarah runs to support her sister’s body which was about to fall to the ground. “I know it is hard but try to stay calm, yeah? We will find Delphine. They have cameras down here, right? Let’s go and see the footage, I’m sure we can get access to it.”
Cosima struggles to keep her body steady and slowly starts to walk towards the security guard room.
“How can I help?” The tall guy asks as he opens the door. “Wow… you two are really alike.” He says with a smirk on his face.
“Yeah, yeah, we hear that a lot.” Sarah says annoyed. “We need to see the footage from about an hour ago.”
“Why would I show you that?” He says crossing his arms, the smirk never leaving his face. “What do I get from that?”
“You’re gonna get a punch in your face if you don’t let us see that right now.” Cosima says with a tone Sarah has never heard before. “Something happened in that garage, there’s blood on the floor but apparently you didn’t see anything because you were too busy watching…” She pokes her head inside the room to see what the guy was watching on his computer. “Porn.”
That ripped the smirk right out of the man’s face, he knew that if anything had happened during his turn and he hadn’t seen it because he was too busy with… other stuff… he would be in great trouble.
“Alright, come in.”
It takes the man all of five minutes to find the footage from when Delphine’s car arrived to the complex. They watch as she left the car and started walking towards the staircase that would lead her to the lobby where she probably would get in the elevator to go to her apartment. A black car arrived right after she started walking and a few seconds later she started to slow down her pace. Cosima’s eyes are glued to the small screen they are watching the footage on, her heart beats speed up when she sees the person who walked out the black car. She watches, holding her breath, as Delphine finally came to a stop and put her purse on the ground, turning around to face the other person. It seemed like she had said something and not even a second later she was bleeding from the gunshot she had gotten; her body falling against the white car and eventually to the ground.
Cosima feels her stomach twist as she watches the scene, her heart hurts so much she thinks it has been literally shattered into pieces, her hands start sweating, her legs shaking and her mind starts getting fuzzy, she knows she is about to pass out.
“Fuck…” Sarah whispers.
“Bloody hell…” The man says, bringing his hands to his mouth. “I am so screwed.” He says as they keep watching as two other people, this time two men, got out the car and carried Delphine’s body to its truck.
“Are you really thinking about yourself?” Sarah asks, anger clear in her tone. “How can you be so-” She is interrupted by the sound of Cosima’s body falling to the ground. “Cosima!” She screams as she lets her body fall next to her sisters. “Please, wake up, Cos…” She keeps saying as she gives her sister’s face small slaps. “Wake up!”
“What the hell just happened?” The guy asks confused and scared. His day couldn’t get any worse.
“What just happened?” Sarah repeats. “My sister just saw her girlfriend get shot while you were too distracted watching your fucking porn.”
“I’m sorry, I-”
“Stop apologizing and call for an ambulance!”
The man runs to the phone he has in the corner of his room to do as the woman has told him.
“Cosima… please, wake up.” She keeps saying, shaking her sister’s body a little.
“Bloody hell, what happened?” Felix asks as he walks into the room.
“Fee, help me get her up.” She says as Cosima starts to wake up.
“Delphine…” She whispers.
“What happened?” Felix asks again.
“She… she was shot and somebody took her body away.” Sarah summarizes.
“Oh my God…” He says bringing his hand to his mouth to cover his shock.
“We have to find her, Sarah… please.” Cosima pleads. “I need…”
“Shhh, don’t talk Cos… we’ll find her, I promise you.” Sarah says, hugging her sister.
“Did you see if she…” Felix doesn’t need (nor wants) to finish his phrase.
“I don’t know…” Sarah whispers.
“Did you see who it was?”
“I don’t know who those people are… but I think they are related to Topside.” Cosima says with her voice still weak. She can’t believe what is happening.
“They are…” Sarah says. “I know the woman who shot her.”
“Who is she?” Felix asks.
“That’s Marian.”

AN: This is it for now. Hope you enjoyed it and see you on the next chapter.