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The thing you have to know about the Mercers was that what was animating their involvement in this 2016 cycle as much as anything else, according to people that know them, was their hated of Hillary Clinton. It goes back to this idea that Bob Mercer believes the Clintons literally were murderers. He reads pretty far-right journals and had become convinced that they were crooks and worse.
—  Jane Mayer, New Yorker staff writer, on the Mercer family’s influence on the Trump presidency
BREAKING: US Officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians
The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign, US officials told CNN.
By Pamela Brown, Evan Perez and Shimon Prokupecz, CNN

Pamela Brown, Evan Perez, and Shimon Prokupecz at CNN:

The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, US officials told CNN.

This is partly what FBI Director James Comey was referring to when he made a bombshell announcement Monday before Congress that the FBI is investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, according to one source.

The FBI is now reviewing that information, which includes human intelligence, travel, business and phone records and accounts of in-person meetings, according to those U.S. officials. The information is raising the suspicions of FBI counterintelligence investigators that the coordination may have taken place, though officials cautioned that the information was not conclusive and that the investigation is ongoing.

In his statement on Monday Comey said the FBI began looking into possible coordination between Trump campaign associates and suspected Russian operatives because the bureau had gathered “a credible allegation of wrongdoing or reasonable basis to believe an American may be acting as an agent of a foreign power.”

The White House did not comment and the FBI declined to comment.White House press secretary Sean Spicer maintained Monday after Comey’s testimony that there was no evidence to suggest any collusion took place.

“Investigating it and having proof of it are two different things,” Spicer said.

One law enforcement official said the information in hand suggests “people connected to the campaign were in contact and it appeared they were giving the thumbs up to release information when it was ready.” But other U.S. officials who spoke to CNN say it’s premature to draw that inference from the information gathered so far since it’s largely circumstantial.

The FBI cannot yet prove that collusion took place, but the information suggesting collusion is now a large focus of the investigation, the officials said.

The FBI has already been investigating four former Trump campaign associates – Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Carter Page – for contacts with Russians known to US intelligence. All four have denied improper contacts and CNN has not confirmed any of them are the subjects of the information the FBI is reviewing.

One of the obstacles the sources say the FBI now faces in finding conclusive intelligence is that communications between Trump’s associates and Russians have ceased in recent months given the public focus on Russia’s alleged ties to the Trump campaign. Some Russian officials have also changed their methods of communications, making monitoring more difficult, the officials said.

Last July, Russian intelligence agencies began orchestrating the release of hacked emails stolen in a breach of the Democratic National Committee and associated organizations, as well as email accounts belonging to Clinton campaign officials, according to U.S. intelligence agencies.

The Russian operation was also in part focused on the publication of so-called “fake news” stories aimed at undermining Hillary Clinton’s campaign. But FBI investigators say they are less focused on the coordination and publication of those “fake news” stories, in part because those publications are generally protected free speech.

The release of the stolen emails, meanwhile, transformed an ordinary cyber-intrusion investigation into a much bigger case handled by the FBI’s counterintelligence division.

FBI counterintelligence investigations are notoriously lengthy and often involve some of the U.S. government’s most highly classified programs, such as those focused on intelligence-gathering, which can make it difficult for investigators to bring criminal charges without exposing those programs.

Investigators continue to analyze the material and information from multiple sources for any possible indications of coordination, according to US officials. 

Director Comey in Monday’s hearing refused to reveal what specifically the FBI was looking for or who they’re focusing on.US officials said the information was not drawn from the leaked dossier of unverified information compiled by a former British intelligence official compiled for Trump’s political opponents, though the dossier also suggested coordination between Trump campaign associates and Russian operatives.

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Okay so I don’t know how to start this but my two cousins (age 9 and 7) were discussing and shouting. I came to see what was the big deal . I asked them why they were discussing. Each had a card in their hands so I asked them to show me the cards.
This what the cards said
“ Die, Fudge you girl (fudge was spelled wrong) Happy Birthday Monica. The other card said ” I’m sorry you can have Bill (with a sad face ).
My nine year old cousin said that Monica took her boyfriend Bill so she sent her a Happy Birthday card (with a extra message on the top . She’s so petty ) but my seven year old cousin said that she sent Hillary a card that said that she didn’t want Bill anymore. I laughed so hard, they were pretending to be Hillary and Monica. I’m dead this why they can’t be alone 😂

Election Night 92′ - Part 13

Only 2 chapters left. :(  I hope you like this one.


Hillary is sitting in warm lavender scented water in this large private bathroom and if she wasn’t freaking out by their surroundings she certainly was now.  

The bedroom is massive, the private bathroom elegant and the President’s private study was something to behold.  Hillary didn’t want to go exploring the new surroundings without Bill, no she wanted to just soak in the bath and relax her aching legs.  She may have drifted off for a few minutes too before for her assistant knocked on the door.  "Ma'am we need to start getting your hair done and makeup started.  The West Wing called to inform us that the President will be another 20 minutes before he makes his way up to the residence.“  Hillary smiled at the words, he wasn’t refereed to as her husband any longer, in this house he was the President or Mr. President.  "Ok I will be right out.”  She emerged just moments later in a fluffy white bath robe and sat down in a chair while the hair stylist worked on her hair and then the make up specialist worked on her make-up.  Bill was going to be changing in another room so as not to see the dress Hillary was wearing.  She wanted to surprise him.

“Mr. President, this is not Saddam Hussein posturing.  He is going to launch an attack against the Iraqi people soon.  Tonight if he can.”  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs stated.  "Will he accept a phone call from me?“  Bill said being totally serious.  "Sir, I highly doubt it.  When he finds out we are spying on him and know of his plans it will only enrage him further.”  CIA director trying to understand Bill but also wanting Bill to understand.  "So you are telling me there is nothing I can do to save these innocent people from a madman who wants to slaughter them for thrills until after he does it because you don’t want him knowing we are watching him!“  Bill was furious, this was not acceptable by any means to him.  He was not willing to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of innocent people because these guys didn’t want him to call the Iraqi President.  

Bill with his right hand stretched across his forehead rubbing his temples, looks at Al.  "Al, what if we call him together.”  Al a little confused.  "Sir?“  "What if you and I call him together accepting his congratulations message for our Inauguration and we someone go a round about way of getting him to hold off on this attack that will give the Generals more time to come up with a plan to prevent this genocide he has planned.  I know it sounds crazy but I can’t sit here and do nothing when I know what he is planning to do.  This might just buy us some time.”  Al looking at Bill trying to process the plan and nodding a bit then the Chairman breaks the silence.  "It is worth a try sir.  I agree with you at least we will have tried.“  Bill smiles and nods at his Chairman.  "Get the Iraqi President on the phone gentleman.”  Bill gives the order and so it begins.

“Ma'am if you don’t mind can I ask you a somewhat personal question?”  Her very young adorable hair stylist asked.  "You can ask Debbie, I can’t promise I’ll answer.“  Hillary laughed.  "When you found out your were pregnant after the President won the election… you kinda had to have been slightly freaking out right?”  Hillary let out her big laugh.  "Honestly, I was a bit.  But we both wanted another child so badly that that freak out went away and we were just so blessed to have this healthy miracle to get ready for.“  Hillary said with her eyes almost tearing and placing her hand on her stomach.  "I think it is so cool, the First Lady having a baby at the White House… it’s romantic and hope for our country.”  Linda the make up artist chimed in.  "We are so happy for both you and the President, you are going to change the world.“  Linda continued.  "Thank you Linda, we are going to do our very best to make sure we make this country better for all.”  Hillary responded and she was really enjoying talking to these two young ladies, filled with hope of the promise of a new beginning.  

“Mr. President, we have President Hussein on the line for you.”  A young Army captain came in and announced.  "Thank you son.“  Bill and Al took a deep breath and put the phone on speaker.  
Bill:  "Mr. President, it is wonderful to be able to speak to you this evening.  I am here with the Vice President.”
Saddam:  "Hello Mr. President and Mr. Vice President it is an honor to speak to you both, we here in Iraq were excitied to see your Inauguration today.“
Al:  "Thank you sir, it was quite an amazing and awe inspiring day for myself and the President.”
Saddam:  "Indeed, we could see it and Mr. President your wife looked radiant today.  When is she due again?“
Bill:  "Thank you Mr. President, she is due end of June and we are really looking forward to meeting our son.”
Saddam:  "I can understand the excitiment, I have 2 sons myself and I was very proud at the day they both came.“
Al:  "I have one son myself sir, we almost lost him a few years ago in a car accident.  But he is stronger now than ever.”
Saddam:  "Sorry to hear of the terrible accident but praise Allah he is now safe.“
Al:  "Yes indeed.”
Bill:  "Saddam, I have a request I would like to ask of you for today.“
Saddam:  "What can I do to be of assistance to you Mr. President.”

(The Generals, Intelligence Officials and Al looked at Bill with a slight bit of worry.  They just hoped that Saddam went for it and if not the balls tonight might be cut short.)

Bill:  "I have been calling many world leaders and asking them to just try and make sure that everything in their countries tries to remain peaceful and calm just for tonight at least.  We want the American people to really be able to finish the days celebrations with these balls and feel a true sense of new journey tonight.  I have 11 to go to (Bill laughs to try and break the tension that may have formed.) I never should have let the First Lady talk me into to having all these balls, tuxedos are only so comfortable for so long.“

(There was a slight bit of silence.)

Saddam:  "Mr. Vice President do you also have to wear tuxedo?”
Al:  "Yes indeed, the cummerbund is a real bitch.“

(Again small bit of silence.)

Saddam:  "Ha…Ha… Ha… Ha… (He was laughing very deep and sincerely)  Of course Mr. President and Mr. Vice President, I will make sure everything in my country stays peaceful this evening.  It is a joyous time for the people of your country with your administration coming in.  We look very much forward to working with you both to maybe begin to bring our two nations together in peace.”

(Almost everyone in the room let out a silent breath.)

Bill:  "I look forward to that Mr. President.“
Al:  "Absolutley sir.”
Bill:  "Mr. President thank you again for your understanding and help with this matter.  Al and I have to now go change into our tuxes and hope that our wives are dressed and ready.“
Saddam:  "Gentlemen don’t forget your cummerbunds.”
(Al, Bill and Saddam all laughed and then they ended the call.)

“Just between us fellas.”  Bill said before walking out of the Situation Room.  "I wasn’t entirely sure that would work… Mr. Chairman?“  Bill looking commanding.  "Sir?”  "You have 12 hours to come up with a plan to save those civilians.“  Bill put his right hand in his pants pocket before he turned to leave the room.  "Understood sir.”  And with that Bill and Al left the Situation Room.  

“Mr. President I’ll see you shortly.”  Al shook Bills hand.  "Yes indeed Mr. Vice President.“  And Bill turned to walk up the stairs to head through the West Wing to make his way over to the residence.

Bill enters the room where his tux is and he begins to change but his mind is wandering back to the information that his security team just told him about.  His first day and he will have to come up with a way to save innocent civilians from the madman that is Saddam Hussein.  When they were talking on the phone it didn’t seem like the Iraqi president was like how he has been portrayed, but Bill has seen the intelligence and proof of what this ruthless dictator has done… to his own people.  That was the part that stuck in Bill’s head, his own people, he murders his own people just to prove a point of his dominance.  The reality of being the Commander in Chief had just punch him right in the gut, and now he has to dress up and twirl his wife around at 11 balls but all he can think about are those innocent people that need to be protected.  

Of course he understands this is all part of the job, parties, smiles, waving and in the shadow the potential of a crisis.  2 knocks on his door break him out of his thoughts.  "Mr. President, the First Lady is almost ready sir.”  He finishes tying his shoe.  "Thank you, I’ll be right out.“  He stands up and grabs his coat opens the door and a few staffs members are there.  

Hillary emerges from the bedroom in a violet beaded lace sheath gown with iridescent blue velvet silk mousseline overskirt she also wore beaded shoes by Bruno Magli and carried a purse designed by Judith Leiber.  Hair wrapped back into a braided U shaped tight bun and her bangs perfectly done up on the right side and make up perfect.  When she walked down the hallway to meet Bill she didn’t see him at first.  Bill was hunched over speaking to Mack his Chief of Staff and she stood there looking at him in his tux and he turned his head to the right to catch a slight glimpse of her violet silhouette.  He stands up tall and turns to her he is besotted beyond all measure, she is the most beautiful thing he knows he has ever seen.  Eyes sparkling as he walks toward her, she is blushing.  "Mr. President you look very smart and handsome.”  He is walking toward her, he can’t take his eyes off of her, was it the dress, was it the make up, was it her pregnancy glow?  He wasn’t sure but he couldn’t speak all he could do was look deep into her eyes and walk to be directly in front of her.  

She looked at his chest to see if his breathing was as heavy as hers and it was, he takes his left thumb and pointer finger and places it on her chin and gently tilts her head up to look at him.  She blinks a few times overwhelmed, she feels like she’s being picked up by her prom date, she stares into Bill’s eyes.  "Mr. President your bow tie is crooked.“  Bill says nothing and he leans down to take her soft lips upon his, there have been 2 other times that Hillary Rodham Clinton had rendered him speechless.  The Yale Law library in 1971 but she wasn’t a Clinton yet but he knew after that encounter that she would be soon and the second time was in that little house in Fayetteville on October 11th when he saw her in her wedding dress.  After their lips part he whispers to her.  "You looking stunning my love, absolutely stunning.”  She just smiles and straightens his tie.

The relaxing bath that Hillary was able to have just before getting ready for the balls really paid off, she was able to go to every ball and she felt no discomfort at all.  At the 11th and final ball she hadn’t gotten tired of being wrapped into his arms for the ‘First Dance’, Bill was very tired after playing the saxophone at about 4 of the balls and the speeches at each one and then the dancing.  She could tell because his grip on her hand was less and he was beginning to slur in exhaustion, just before they went on stage for the last ball she whispered in his ear.  "Honey this is the last one and then we can go back to the White House and pass out.  Make it great.“  Bill just smiles at her as they head up the steps to greet the excited people in the ballroom.

Back at the White House they make their way up to the private residence and to their bedroom, just to tired to really explore their new home.  There would be plenty of time to do that later today after they sleep.  Right now it is 3am and they are ready to drop.  Bill hadn’t seen what the private bedroom looked like so when he first walked into the room he was taken aback.  Hillary just giggled at him and then turned to the secret service agent that is too stand guard outside their bedroom door.  This was not something that Hillary was all too thrilled about, she was grateful for their protection but now they were in their private bedroom and she wasn’t to keen having someone outside the door being able to hear what might be going on inside.  "Carl,  do you really have to stand guard outside the bedroom door?”  The agent looked at Hillary confused.  "Yes ma'am I do, what if the President has a heart attack in the middle of the night.  I need to be ready for anything.“  Hillary just shook her head.  "He is 46 years old, he isn’t going to have a heart attack he is great shape.”  Carl didn’t know what do say. “Ma'am…”  "Carl could you just maybe head to the end of the hallway instead?“  He had thought about it for a minute and realized it wouldn’t be too much for him to move to the end of the hallway.  

"Of course ma'am I can station myself at the end of the hallway.”  Hillary smiled and placed her hand on his arm.  "Thank you so much Carl I really appreciate you understanding.“  Carl just nodded and made his way down the hallway. 

 Hillary shut the door proud of herself, Bill was in the bathroom getting changed.  When he emerged he noticed Hillary slipping her shoes off and he was just staring at her back and that little opening on the top of her back.
He came up behind her and kissed the back of her neck and Hillary softly moaned.  Bill’s kisses were soft and gently she still smelled like vanilla with a hint of lavender and he couldn’t stop himself.  Yes he was exhausted and ready to drop but he couldn’t let this chance slip away.  His hands softly touched her arms still confined inside the beaded dress, rubbing his hands up and down hers before he moved to her shoulders and she could feel were chills.  He slowly moved to the clasp at the top and unhooked it slowly and as he did he began to trail kisses down her spine.  Hillary kept her eyes closed and her breath was getting quicker and her heart was thumping so loud.  "Hillary, you are so beautiful.”  His words sang across the room like a beautiful symphony and she clenched every word as he slowly released the zipper of her dress and it slid all the way down to her lower back, and Bill kissed all the way down.  He then gently moved his long soft fingers up her back and slipped his hands under the material covering her shoulders removing the fabric down to just the top of her breasts.  

Kissing her shoulders Hillary began to pull the arm out of the material where he wasn’t kissing, and then the other and now her bare arms were free.  He pulled the bodice over her growing stomach and his hands rested there for a moment, he was waiting for his son to kick but since he didn’t feel anything he knew he was soundly asleep.  Bill kissed her collar bone up her neck and along her jaw line that was amplified tonight by her hair being up and the makeup that he couldn’t stop staring at it or her for that matter, he now was at her ear and he whispered.  "I need you Hillary.  I need you like I need oxygen.“  She could feel the blush move from her chest up into her face, no matter how many times he says those words to her she never gets over it and it makes her lose control.  Only he can do this too her, just like the very first time they ever made love.  She wasn’t nervous or scared like some tend to be, she just knew he would be sweet and gentle and she relaxed into his arms.

Just like 22 years ago she was doing that now, trusting that he would be tender, sweet and gentle and she always knew he would be.  Bill moved his hands to her now perked up pink nipples only gently rubbing them with the pads of his large gentle hands that she was crazy about.  This actions almost caused her knees to buckle and then her hips to sway and she pushed her ass up against his pelvis and at that point it was harder for Bill to take his time and make this slow erotic dance continue at this pace.  "Mmm… baby if you keep moving like that this is going to end sooner than we both want.”  When Bill and Hillary are alone in these moments no one in the world knows just how wild she can be and is, they just think she is this cold and reserved woman but she is anything but and the fact that Bill is the only person on the planet that gets to see it… He realizes just how lucky he is.  

He takes Hillary’s hand and walks over to the bed he sits down on the edge and helps her out of the rest of the gown and she is now standing before him in just her indigo lace panties.  No matter how many times he gets to see her like this he is always awe struck by how breathless she is.  She is his goddess and he cannot get enough of her.  She reaches down and pulls his tee shirt over his head, if there is one thing she loves almost as much as her husband’s hands it would be his bare chest, there have been times it has even made her animalistic.  Bill then reaches to her hips and gently slides down her lace panties and as he does he kisses her hips as she places her hand on his shoulder to slide out of them.

She places her hands on his shoulders while he has his hands rubbing her hips and she is moving them slightly and without thinking she moves her hands to his chest and pushes him back onto the bed so he is laying looking up at her.  He grins as she climbs her way on top of him, as she does she starts to kiss at his belly button and travels up to his lips.  Bill is struggling against his pajama bottoms, he knows he will not last long with her doing this and as she moves herself upward she rubs against him and he moans.  Hillary smiles and looks at him.  "My, my Mr. President you seem a bit tense.“  She now wiggles on his rock hardness and he growls almost like a lion, his head was tilted back and then he pulls it forward and looks at her with pure lust in his eyes.  Truth be told she loves when he looks at her like this.  "Mrs. Clinton that is not very nice to do to your struggling husband here.”  

She runs her finger nails up the insides of his arms as they are above his head and holds her face over his.  "I know… but it’s so so so much fun.“  He clenches his jaw and resists the urge to lift his head slightly to kiss her.  She rests her forehead on his and looks in his eyes.  "Do you need help honey?  Do you need to be unleashed?”  Bill cannot talk his breath is so rapid now, heart is beating faster than it may have ever beat he looks deep in her eyes and he just nods in the affirmative.  Hillary reaches back and slides her hand into his waist band and slowly slides his pants down and as soon as his hardness is released he squints and lets out a pleasurable sigh.  

She leans back down to his face and kisses his chin then places her finger on his lips, she slides back a bit and her ass is rubbing up directly on him and he is trying so hard to steady himself but then Hillary makes it even more difficult.  "Oh, Mr. President you certainly do have big assets.“  Bill can’t take it any longer he needs to be inside her, so he grabs her hips and lifts her up and places his hardness at her extremely wet opening and slowly lowers her down.  

Hillary tilts her head back when he is all the way inside and he takes his hand and slides it up in between her now growing breasts up her breast bone then her throat to the right of her neck and places his thump on her lips while his hand is stretched out.  "Baby girl, look in my eyes.”  He breathlessly pleads to her, he leaves his left hand on her hip and then Hillary lowers her gaze to his eyes.  "Ride me slowly, don’t think about anything just look in my eyes baby.“  
She does as he requested and they never break eye contact, slowly moving her hips like a rhythmic ocean… back and forth… she wanted to go faster and Bill sensed it in her.  "No, nice and slow, feel me inside you.  There is no rush.”  

God his words went through her like a reverb of stereo sound, when he felt her rhythm again he took his right hand and his left and wrapped it around to grab her supple creamy ass.  His goal was to hold her position in place and then lightly thrust himself in and out at the same pace she was riding the ocean waves.  This only caused her to tighten around him, he knew she was so very close as was he but he was trying with all his might to wait until she was there on the edge of pleasure.  Her moans were enough to break anyone, so seductive, so passionate, and only he would every be the one allowed to hear them.  

She bucked a slight bit and grew tighter around him and he knew she was right there.  "Yes, yes baby girl, go ahead and release yourself.“  That was it, the last thing her salutary deep southern sexy accented husband had to say.  "Oh, oh, oh, Bill… Bill…”  He took his hands off her ass and wrapped his into her hands and let her ride the rest of this wave out holding his hands, she then looked down at him to make sure he was looking at her.  Truth is how could he not this was so sexy.  "Mmmm, yes Hillary… don’t stop it baby let the waves keep coming.“  

He lost count after her 3rd but once he finally allowed the wave to over take him he was panting out of breath and his head was spinning.  He lifted his legs up to bend at the knees so Hillary could lay back on them while she came down from the high she was experiencing, her chest was rapidly falling up and down almost like she might be hyperventilating.  Bill propped himself up and placed his hand on her beating heart.  "Easy baby, easy, deep breath in and then out… that’s it deep breath in and out.”  He stayed like that for a few moments to make sure Hillary calmed her breaths.  He put his hand on the mid of her back and then he slowly moved her down on the bed and slowly and gently pulled himself out of her.  "Let me get you a glass of water sweetheart.“  

He rolled out of bed and walked naked into the bathroom the cold tiles on his feet actually felt good because his whole body was on fire after that.  He came back into the room with the glass of water.  "Here baby, sit up a bit and drink this.”  He was so gently with her before and during but after their love making sessions he was always so caring, he always took care of his queen after.  

He climbed back into the bed next to her his right hand on his abdomen and his left hand across his forehead.  "So Mrs. Clinton?“  He turned his head to look at her, and she was looking down at him.  "Yes.”  Eyelashes batting with the mascara starting to dry a bit.  "So, what’s it like to make love to the President of the United States?“  Hillary giggled and leaned down to his lips.  "It’s poetic.”  She kissed him and he then opened his mouth to allow her to join in a dance with their tongues.  Breaking apart finally, she places the glass of water on the night table and wiggles down so her head can rest on his chest and she can hear the sound of his heart beating.  She thinks to herself 'Told you he wouldn’t have a heart attack Carl.’  Next minute she is fast asleep and Bill pulls the covers over them and he drifted away now overcome with the exhaustion.


I absolutely loved writing this chapter, it was hard to write the love scenes between them early on in the story because I was still very nervous writing them.  I have so much respect for Bill and Hillary so to write love making scenes to me felt awkward.  I wanted to write the scenes without them being too smut (not that writing scenes like that is bad.) I felt like I could write those scenes and show how gently Bill is with her and how she relaxes herself to his touch and make you the reader feel that you were actually there in that angelic moment with them. 

I will post Part 14 either tonight or tomorrow.  Again thank you all for reading the story so far.