this hiatus feels so long

Finally adding another to the dark armor collection \o/

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finally i’m back!! and i feel great because finals are over and i can finally do what i want!! and i’ve noticed that there were a lot of you who left something on my inbox and i would probably look into that some time i’m really sorry it took this long to get to you but yeah that’s how it is hahaha

anywho it’s been almost a month and i feel i have a lot to catch up on in my own time and it will be great!! i hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Richonne AU where a pregnant Michonne comes home, exhausted after a long day of work, to find her husband has cleaned the whole house and is currently standing at the stove, cooking dinner, shirtless and his hair still slightly wet from a recent shower. Michonne walking up behind him, snuggling into his bare back, startling him for a second, before he turns around and greets her with a smile and a deep kiss. Rick pulling away a long moment later, only to drop to his knees, to greet their baby. His wife giggling above him, as he speaks animatedly to her stomach in-between placing numerous kisses on the small bump.

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why to post "b.a.p will be always my #1" every time i see someone put this, they time later, and forgetting about them lol. and yes ofc put whatever you want, its your tumblr after all.

Anon, I’ve been their fan for 5+ years hahah i’m not leaving them anytime soon ^^ It’s only gonna be like a few gifs max bc i spontaneously went to monsta x’s concert last night and got some pretty good fancams lolol

Send'em My Way!

Ok guys and gals, I think I’m feeling good enough to write again. I just had to take this long ass hiatus. So feel free to send me in those ideas! Werewolf? Smut? Whatever cray cray material your mind makes up. I’M OPEN AGAIN!

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After seeing a lot of beautiful people posting a selfie of themselves, I thought why not join in on the band wagon!
To be honest, I was thinking of posting an old photo of myself or even edit one of the photos that were nice but needed some beauty face app adjustments but I couldn’t because that would make me appear shallow or that I was not proud on how I look. So I decided with this one..where you can see all of my flaws; my eye bags, my pimples, my lady stache, my chapped lips and despite me having that, I have a very nice smile on my face which I am very proud of 🙆🏽

Anywhooooo~ I tag @sarcasticchoices, @aeon-hwuhss/ @aeonsart and @archie-artblog to post a selfie of themselves (if they’re comfortable to do it) or not to post it’s really up to them 😅

[My art style fluctuates a lot but I did the thing- ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ ❤ ]

Inbox finally reopening!

I’m going to finally be opening the inbox back up! I’ve deleted all suggestions made from before I went on my long hiatus, so, feel free to resubmit your suggestion if you still want yours done!

What I’m thinking of doing is that I’ll open the inbox and let the suggestions roll in and, after I get about 20-50, I’ll temporarily close it so that way I can sift through the suggestions I already have and not have to worry about any new suggestions while I try to make aesthetics. I just hatched this idea, however, so… we’ll see how it works out and go from there! I know how frustrating it can be for suggestions to be closed all the time.

Anywho, without further ado, let’s go back over some basics about this blog:

Please remember that I may or may not make an aesthetic from your suggestion as, remember, it is a suggestion, not a “mandatory” request.

When submitting a suggestion, please try to:

  1. Keep in mind that I may or may not make an aesthetic based off of your suggestion
  2. Be specific about what contents you would like in your suggested aesthetic (as well as content you would like me to keep out of the aesthetic)
  3. If applicable, please state whether you would like the aesthetic to be “masculine,” “feminine,” and/or “androgynous"
  4. Add whether you would like your suggestion layed out like this (cluttered), this (lattered), this (organized), this (organized pop-out), or if you would like me to choose
  5. Only make suggestions for aesthetics based on kintypes
  6. Have fun!

Let’s get this started!

Seungjun Fancafe Letter 160918

Hello it’s been a while right?! It’s Seungjun-ie

Wah!! It’s already been 200 days with KNK and Tinkerbells!!!

Today we finished our Sapporo performance! And I just washed up and I’m laying down in bed! 200 days… It feels like time has gone by so fast.

It feels like only yesterday when “the stage was jumping” (KNOCK lyrics)

I’m so happy that I met my happiness, my tinkerbells heheheh

For these 200days thanks a lot for supporting us and giving us strength, I mean it

To be honest I don’t wear cologne because it gives me a headache

But I really!!!!

I really only wear cologne when I’m meeting with Tinkerbells, I’m not lying!!!

If i’m not meeting Tinkerbells I won’t wear it!!

Just like that when I’m meeting you, I’m all nervous and i want you guys to see me as handsome and pretty.

When I go to Shinsadong Karosu Road (popular spot almost young people), even then I dress bad I just dress in whatever I see first and go, because that’s my style

But at the airport.. when I go to see Tinkerbells like at fansigns, stages or at events

I even worry about things like my bracelets matching but it’s really hard..?

But I think I’ve improved since the beginning right?

Seungjun-ie clothes himself more like a human in just 200 days..

I don’t know why I started talking like this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

but I’m telling you how precious of an existence Tinkerbells are to me

I’m really thankful, i mean it

And because the KNOCK hiatus was so short, this hiatus must feel really long!!!!

We are working hard preparing and will be back before it’s too cold, so please wait just a little bit *^^*

Over these 200 days with Tinkerbells I have made a lot of memories

If it’s really only been 200 days, Tinkerbell and us too, we are just babies (baby noises)

We have so so many more days in the future >_<

We will work even harder for our promotions and will gift Tinkerbells with pretty colors with a pretty magic wand(?)

Please just wait a little more

Thanks a lot and I love you

Since you’re all my really precious people don’t get sick!!!

Thanks for the 200 days❤️

Translated by fy-knk

hey guys

i unfollowed a bunch of ppl and my dash is dead, with SU being on hiatus for so long i feel like a lot of ppl are losing interest! i will follow blogs containing :

- Pearlmethyst, Amedot, Rupphire,Jaspidot, Lapidot, PearlxPearl, Pearlapis, Pearlnet (omg i have too many otp)
- NO HET SHIPS PLEAASE (except for GregxRose and ConniexSteven)

- esp Saigenos, but i rly like Genosonic too
- angst/fluff fics

Aaaand if u wanna talk about any of the above w/ me that would be rly fucking neato, im getting lonely here!

The 100 - Season 2 - Behind-The-Scenes

In an effort to make this hiatus not feel SO long, I’m digging through my old files for fun Season 2 BTS material I can share.

Found this one – a storyboard for the “Clarke & Anya Escape Mount Weather” sequence in Episode 203, “Reapercussions.” 

Really shows you how much work and thought goes into every single frame of our show. 

Hope you enjoy! 

And visit here for more hiatus-BTS material!

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NOTE: you are in no way obligated to reply to the starters i throw out if you don’t have the muse for them. i just want to know if it’s okay to throw some at you and bother you when i need to get some writing done ´ ³ `)