this here is one of my most fave pics of her

Ok this may not seem like a lot to some but this is a honor for me.
100 followers is a milestone I’m so happy to have reached!
and I didn’t do it alone!
along with all of you who have supported me id like to bring up a few special ones!

Although Julia doesn’t have a tumblr I want to put her here because she was the first of many photo shoots i would do. She’s supported and encouraged me for years and i wouldn’t have started if it wasn’t for her.

Sarah ( sabertooth-raccoon
I can honestly say I would have given up by now if it wasn’t for Sarahs kind words and encouragement when I needed it most. ((Edit: got sarahs pic to post)

Alexis ( punkett13 ) is the life of the party at every shoot. I would have all stone faces or awkward smiles in my pictures if it wasn’t for her constant jokes and support from behind the scenes

Humphrey ( wyvernwolf ) is a constant flow of encouragement and support and also makes a great pack mule. XD

Tasha ( neurostec ) has such a bubbly joy and such kind words that even when I start to doubt my abilities she can bring me right back to full belief in my abilities

I wouldn’t have made it this much closer to my dreams without you guys
I love all of you so much

Thank you