this helps me pea

Waiting is the best/worst.

I sent my application and information in for MSU’s Early Assurance Program on February 10, 2017. I picked up my letter with the committee’s decision on March 1st.

It still doesn’t feel real. Even if I don’t get an interview, it’s such an honor to know that my professors and administrators think highly enough of me to give me an endorsement. That alone has made this long process worth it. Still, I really hope I get an interview. I find out sometime between March 14-17, and I’m so excited <3 My friend Carina was also endorsed, and I may actually die of happiness if we’re both accepted in the same class.

My schedule is hilariously packed between MCAT studying, visiting family, working on my poster, classes, mentoring, work at the hospital, and my job at the office, but life is mostly great. I have bad days here and there, but I’m really just happy to be where I’m at :D