this heart of mine


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Call me silly, but I think
Our relationship is like
A drifting message in a bottle.

Drifting across oceans,
Sailing over seas, carrying
Scrawled secrets and conversations.

Secrets bleed through
These tattered pages, of
Our glory days and grimmest evenings.

Days as long as centuries,
Emitting the radiation of common love and
Colored with each overwhelming emotion.

Colors clean and vibrant,
Each heavy, weighing as much as
Grains of sand or schoolyard pebbles.

Most days white, simple and serene;
Some days blue, stained by nervous tears;
Many days purple, a mark of stolen kisses.

A rare day is gold, a memory immortal;
A rare day is black, corrupted by dark words;
A rare day is red, hot from breath and candles.

Not every day is perfect, but
No matter what we will become
At least this will always be constant:

I love you.

-Carson Wilber