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hoseok is honestly the most beautiful most gorgeous guy and i’m in love with him 💞✨

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Re: Cask of Amontillado, I may be misremembering but I think the guy also literally chains his friend up before starting to build the wall. And the friend (who is v. drunk) is going 'haha come on dude this is funny and all but let me out now. Lol come on man where's that wine at what are you doing with those bricks'

Let’s be clear here: this meme was basically made for me.

And yes, he chains up his friend, who is dressed like a clown and also very drunk, and his friend slowly sobers up as the dude is bricking up a wall.

Also, for the lazy in us, and for those who want to see the posts that started it all, I highly recommend Vox’s explainer for this meme:


@emilia_clarke: Rain?! One is not amused…. now where are ones waterproof dragons when one needs them. #thiswigneedsalilmorecrownsandalillesswaterproofplasticheadgear
#goodthingthiskweenknowshowtoposeintheraineh? 😎🙆👍

Happy 30th Birthday, Emilia Clarke!

i went to the concert + i fought through the crowd, guess i got too excited when i thought you were around’…my new bujo spread using the printable tapes @journalsanctuary made !! thank you so much for making these, i adore outer space so these designs are just beautiful !! (also ft. some lyrics from one of my fav strokes songs ‘heart in a cage’)

“When you go

Would you even turn to say

I don’t love you  

Like I did


I didn’t intended to take part in @vacationadventuresociety ‘s 10th anniversary project until like last second (probably that’s way the drawing’s so bad), but here I am right now! (also thanks to anna for organizing the whole thing<3)