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So I was thinking about some posts about Lance and his insecurities, and I was thinking about this moment in episode 11 of season 2 where the paladins are fighting against the ro-beast again. Lance swoops in to help Keith and Hunk in the yellow lion so they can head back to the castle and get Red, right?

But when he dodges an incoming attack, he temporarily forgets about his retreating friends in the background

The attack was a major one, leaving Yellow out-of-commission for a while and hurtling towards the Balmera (and ended up having to be rescued by the others). I was just thinking that this would add on to his overall insecurities about his usefulness and role in the team etc, especially when the others trusted that Lance would distract the ro-beast while they retreated safely to the castle.

Also, an interesting parallel I found to this was back in episode 2 of season 1 during the paladin’s training sessions where each team member had to focus on protecting the other members.

Lance dodges an attack without realizing that it would hit Keith who was behind him, which was the point of the exercise. It was just a practice session here, but in real battle (as we saw) this can result in dangerous situations.

I mean, yeah, this was way in the very beginning of the series, months before season 2 occurred and back when Keith and Lance’s rivalry was a lot more intense and they weren’t completely used to exercises like this, but still.

I feel like the paladins would’ve trained with this activity many times after this episode, to the point where Lance would’ve thought that he was confident in his ability to protect the others, so after his mess-up in season 2 he will start doubting himself a bit more (even though it was an honest mistake of course!)

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A Hufflepuff who was muggleborn figuring out how to create magical wifi because they can’t use owls to contact their muggle friends and he misses them.

That same Hufflepuff is walking down the halls when they are slammed against the wall by a very angry Slytherin.

The Slytherin glares down at them. “Alright, I’m only going to say this once, so listen up. Either give me your wifi password, or face my wrath.”

The Hufflepuff gives them a very confused look, to which the Slytherin sighs impatiently.

“It’s named "The Force” and you are the only one who runs around using your wand like a lightsaber. Now come on. I won’t tell anyone. I just haven’t been on tumblr since the year started and my followers must miss me.“

The Hufflepuff laughs and agrees. In return, the Slytherin decides to protect them from some of their schoolmates who are still stuck in the past and find muggleborn wizards "dirty”.

The two become fast friends. One day the Slytherin asks how the Hufflepuff did it. After a long explanation, the Slytherin has a brilliant idea to sell muggle items around school. So after the next holiday, the Hufflepuff comes back with calculators, pipettes (for potions class), and some other things that could be useful. It’s a hit.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons on Sam and his clothes? [Disclaimer: My ramblings mostly stem from the idea “Sam owns some hideous shirts” which is more or less subjective.] I was watching some mid-season 5 episodes and basically every shirt Sam wore was pretty horrible, which I don’t simply chalk up to some sort of faulty fashion sense. I can’t imagine that young Sam had much say in what he wore. And I wonder if Sam sometimes associates actually liking his wardrobe with guilt or shame. (1/5)

I know that Sam eventually accepts the pool-hustling and the credit card scams, but I don’t think he’s ever exactly comfortable with the deceptive means by which he and Dean acquire money. Combining this with his low self-concept, I think, could easily result in an unease or even disgust with buying any clothing (or anything at all, for that matter) that might make him feel happy and good about himself. So in general I think he’s attempted to view his own clothing as strictly utilitarian. (2/5)

I have a sort of headcanon in which Sam “splurges,” buys a few shirts that he really likes. He wears one during a rare day off. Dean teases him – the fit and style aren’t quite what Sam usually wears – but secretly he thinks his little brother looks damn good and notes the extra attention Sam is getting from strangers. But Sam feels self-conscious, guilt-heavy, dirty, sick. He goes back to the motel early, alone, changes into a worn tee, stuffs the new shirt into the bottom of his bag. (3/5)

After their next laundromat visit, Sam sneaks off while Dean is napping at the motel and gives his new shirts to a homeless man on the street. He swears to himself that he’ll never be so stupid and selfish again. The next time they need to buy clothes and make a stop (at Goodwill or wherever), Sam grabs the cheapest (often ugliest) functional few shirts he can find in his generic size and stands waiting near the cash register for Dean to get out of the dressing rooms. (4/5)

[But let me say that, in my opinion, Sam’s wardrobe has been improving enormously. I loved most of the boys’ season 11 wardrobe (I’m still geeked over Sam’s blue-tone stripey plaid in “Safe House”) and Sam looked remarkably good in most of his. I think better-suited clothing must correlate (at least somewhat) with improved confidence and a healthier sense of self-worth, which I definitely wish for Sam.] So. Okay. Those are a few of my ramblings. But I’m always curious about your ideas. :) (5/5) 

You’re amazing, Anon. ♥ Thanks for these wonderful messages; I really love your thoughts and headcanons even though they punch me in the feels.

It makes a lot of sense, and it makes season one all the more meaningful. At Stanford, Sam wore a lot of t-shirts and just… had a lot of things that were more personalized. He had his purple dog shirt and some hoodies and a big sticker on the back of his laptop. He owned things, and he claimed them.

I’ve always felt like Sam, while he is, of course, an excellent hunter, is at odds with hunting because he has always felt more like a thing that should be hunted than a man who should be hunting things. Hunting is a means to an end, a way to stay with Dean. It’s the family business, but it’s not something by which Sam defines himself and never has been. Dean takes pleasure in hunting and seems energized by the thrill of the chase.

The longer Sam has been a hunter, though, the more generic a lot of his choices have become. His clothing (as you pointed out!) is utilitarian rather than personal. His laptop is no longer adorned with silly stickers. His modest attempts to personalize the Impala in Dean’s absence have been mocked. His belongings are not his–not like Dean’s are. Sam loses himself in hunting, and not in a good way. He’s so alarmingly willing to throw his life at any good cause that I’m surprised he’s still alive.

It’s so much worse than Sam simply not knowing “home” like Dean does. It seems like he’s actively resisting becoming comfortable enough with anything or any place that may be taken away from him.

That, and plaid almost seems like the standard hunter’s uniform. Most of the hunters we’ve met have the same basic wardrobe: a few pairs of jeans and a plethora of plaid. It seems like he’s playing the part. He doesn’t expect to ever get away from hunting. He does what he has to, what he’s been taught to do, and he does it even when he’s soulless. He’s brought back even when he dies. His few attempts to escape for his own sanity have been the subject of mockery and anger from Dean and others (s8, anyone?). So he gets back in line, because his attempts to assert himself never end well. His clothes, the same old wardrobe with little variation for seasons, seemed to reflect that.

Aside from my more angsty headcanons, though, he just doesn’t seem to be as present in his body as Dean is. Physical pleasure and indulgent meals don’t appeal to him. He doesn’t really throw his weight around. More often than not, he seems to be trying to make himself smaller. I can see why buying flattering clothing just… might never occur to him at all.

I am absolutely with you about s11, though. 

He started the season by asserting himself, demanding treatment as an equal and emphasizing saving people rather than only hunting things. And everything changed right along with him. 

His clothes in s11 just make him seem more substantial. They fit his body like they’re meant to be there–like he got something in his size, for his body type. His clothing, while still the typical plaid, just feels more like it’s his. He tries to pursue a relationship with Piper. He has his TV in his room. He has no shame about indulging his hobby of learning about serial killers.

He just seems more real, more willing to step outside of his head and actually inhabit himself, and it’s amazing. I hope things continue to look up in s12.

Positive Severus Headcanons #252

Severus is an amazing cook, even though he’s not so good at eating what he’s made. Similar to brewing potions, cooking fills him with a sense of calm and purpose.  The movement of his hands and the focus on the ingredients and handling helps him to keep calm and center himself.  He’s even taken classes to get better because it makes him secretly happy to make good food for others.  He started cooking as a child when his mother got ill and he needed to make sure palatable food was on the table as quickly as possible so that his father would not get angry or hit his mother.

He’s actually taught the House Elves at Hogwarts new recipes and techniques. Each year, he gifts new cooking gear to the Hogwarts kitchens and the elves do not begrudge him for it since he is allowed free run of the kitchen and the pantry for his various recipes.

anonymous asked:

Can I request an HC where MC gets claustrophobic in a maze?? If you're uncomfortable with the subject or have already done something similar, I'm sorry for bothering.. I'm new to your blog and mystic messenger in general. Your headcanons are amazing though <3

<aww thank you anon!! i’m gonna do this one now along with all the halloween ones cause like mazes are halloweeny right?? and you’re not bothering me, i love writing things you guys wanna see! i hope you enjoy!!>


  • he thought it would be cute if you two went on a lil pumpkin picking date and then went through a corn maze
  • …but little did he forget about your claustrophobia 
  • you convinced yourself you’d be alright, going in squeezing the life out of Yoosung’s hand
  • once you and him got half way, you began to feel your heat begin to pound, your hands were getting clammy and you were beginning to shake
  • that’s when Yoosung remembered.
  • you simply nodded your head, as Yoosung help you tight until your breathing went to a more normal pace
  • even though you were still on edge, Yoosung was able to guide you two out of the maze, instantly taking you home and cuddling when you got home
  • “I’m so sorry MC I forgot that you were claustrophobic what kind of boyfriend am I, I forgot one of your biggest fears I’m such a terrible boyfr-”
  • you cut him off with a big hug, insisting that a mini cuddle session would make for a perfect apology

Jaehee Kang:

  • you both decided to do a nighttime non-haunted (bc no spooks) corn maze to get into the halloween spirit
  • despite the fact that you had claustrophobia 
  • i feel like she would come prepared with a map and stuff 
  • but she kept feeling like she was missing something
  • so as you both were walking through the corn maze you gripped her hand while complaining about a bad headache
  • next thing you know you were feeling a bit dizzy then it hit her what she forgot
  • “MC! Oh my god MC I forgot you were claustrophobic!”
  • she remembered that the man at the front said to turn a flashlight on and wave it to the sky if you needed to get out asap
  • so that’s what she did as she held onto your swaying body
  • one of the workers came and quickly took you and Jaehee out, they insisted you two would stay and make sure you got medical assistant but Jaehee turned it down
  • “I’m so sorry MC I should’ve remembered.”
  • “It’s alright, Jaehee. It just got to me too quickly, it wasn’t you.”
  • from then on, you never touched a maze ever again, Jaehee made sure of it 


  •  this lil prick thought it’d be fun to go into the haunted corn maze around midnight at one of those farm halloween special things near you
  • “Zen…I don’t think this is a good idea..”
  • “I’ll protect you babe, don’t worry.”
  • it wasn’t the spooks you were worried about, they were just random kids taken off the street who were crappy actors, but you were more so worried about your claustrophobia
  • you held onto Zen, being correct about the spooks
  • but then you got to a dead end, a shit actor chasing behind you two, as you began to sweat and tense up, causing you to fall to the ground
  • “MC? MC?? MC! ARE YOU OKAY MC?!?” 
  • they stopped everything and got you and Zen out, he immediately took you home
  • once you were feeling well enough, you explained to him that you had claustrophobia
  • he instantly felt guilty
  • “MC…I should’ve known…”
  • “How should you’ve known? I never told you.” 
  • “Please, tell me anything like this before we do something ever again? Please? I need to keep my doll safe!”

Jumin Han:

  • you had told him before about your claustrophobia before
  • so he was the wary one about going into the corn maze
  • “MC, wouldn’t this trigger your claustrophobia?”
  • “Nah, I’ve done them before! Come on Jumin!” 
  • least you thought
  • this was about your 5th time at a dead end, you and Jumin weren’t the best duo at finding your way around
  • you started to have a panic attack, your breathing began to increase dramatically
  • Jumin picked you up, retraced your steps and went back to the beginning 
  • “Uhh, sir, this is the entrance you can’t come out this way-”
  • “My darling is having a panic attack, so if you don’t mind this was the closest place I could get her out of the maze. Please excuse me very quickly.”
  • he too you home and ran a nice soothing bath, joining in with you until you calmed down completely
  • later on that night you were cuddling in bed, Jumin was petting your hair
  • “…I told you that was a bad idea, MC.”
  • “…I should’ve listened to you. Oops.” 


  • so, he found one of those sort of “Trapped in the Room” things that was basically an indoor maze with a set of puzzles you needed to solve in order to get out, and if you didn’t solve it you got spooked
  • being the good boyfriend Seven is, he bought the tickets to go in before asking you
  • but after he ran it by you he remembered your claustrophobia
  • “Maybe we shouldn’t MC..”
  • “You already payed and are super excited to do it, so let’s do it. How bad could it be?”
  • cue you sitting on the floor with your stomach full of butterflies with a killer headache being a sweaty mess, as Seven tried and tried on one puzzle
  • he hit the emergency leave button that was on the side of the puzzle, just incase of things like these
  • everything shut down, and you and Seven ran out
  • “I’m sorry MC, I really shouldn’t have forced you to do that..”
  • “It’s alright Seven, I should’ve just told you to return the tickets.”

<okay, so i’m not sure if Seven’s made any sense but I tried to make it halloween-ish like I tried with all the others but i wanted to stick to the prompt of claustrophobia in a  maze. anon, if this wasn’t what you wanted, let me know and i’lll do a redo! regardless, i hope you enjoyed! i’m gonna go offline now and get some sleep, love you guys!!♡>

Weekly headcanon post

The amazing headcanons I received this week, though I sadly didn’t have time to draw:

Oh my god this is adorable holy shit. Pls make more this cute shit fuels my trashy soul.

I know this is perhaps supposed to be nsfw, but I could only imagine the two hanging over the edge of the bubble bath, looking completely dead. It’s cute though. :D

anonymous asked:

What ruby headcanons are more plausible?

Okay *crackes knuckles*

First off. We see Ruby being added in to a scene she wasn’t in the first time it aired - presumably because she was hiding in the background the entire time and then left. 

*gif by @swanshope

I wrote an entire fic based of the premise of this “missing scene”, that Ruby had fallen into depression because everyone in Storybrooke had kind of forgotten about her and she didn’t feel like she fit in anymore. So that head canon is now firmly canon though she doesn’t go and fall in love with regina but that’s okay because…

Bisexual Ruby Lucas. I’ve always headcanoned Ruby as not-straight. Either bi or pan, Ruby loves who she loves and that’s that. And honestly they had her come back on screen and her first moment human shaped again is straddling Mulan (okay the framing just makes it look like it) Ruby is leaning over Mulan, and looking mighty cleaned up and pretty for having been stuck as a wolf for months(weeks? either way). There was tension. And Ruby was clearly comfortable since she didn’t even try to move away from this person she really hasn’t even met yet.

There was also the theory that Ruby had gone back to/gotten trapped in the Enchanted Forest after the second curse. Again, now canon.

The headcanon that promiscuous!Ruby was something that Regina wanted. I mean she dressed her up in those tight barely there outfits for the 28 year groundhogs day. 

And yet, when we see Red again (I guess I really should be calling her Red since that’s what she calls herself). Anyway when we see Red again and she’s talking with Mulan about relationships, she mentions that she ate the only boyfriend she’s ever had. Now I know this doesn’t mean she hasn’t had one night stands or other encounters over the year, because she’s talking relationships, but there’s something in the way she says it that suggests perhaps Red is a little shyer and reserved when it comes to her pursuit of partners than fandom assumed.

Ruby Lucas totally had a thing for Belle. I mean, if the look in her eyes alone isn’t enough to tell you what you need to know. Now that we’ve seen her look at someone else like that… well…

Okay, let me rephrase. Someone else other than Snow. I was never much for Red Snow, but I see it. I do. And yeah, they’re drawing the parallels pretty hard between Red & Snowing and Mulan & Aurora/Philip.

This isn’t specifically aimed at Ruby, but A&E did in a way throw it at us that no one else in Storybrooke is anything but straight. They’re using the werewolf conversation between Red & Snow to be a thinly veiled parallel about the woeful lack of gays in the town. Because we know the witch’s magic works in odd ways, and it turned Red into a wolf until she “found her people” which, were not in fact other wolves, but the gayer than gay Mulan. So her people that she was searching for when she left Storybrooke, she found them, she just doesn’t realize it yet. But once she does it’s A&E very firmly saying that there are no gays in Storybrooke - if there were Red wouldn’t have had to leave.

On a side note they also reconfirmed without actually naming names that Mulan was in love with Aurora. Not sure how many times they can not say, but say it, but yeah.

And now that I’ve derailed myself from   talking about Ruby and I’m back to being bitter about this train wreck of a show that I can’t quit because Ruby Lucas must be protected at all costs… I’ll leave you with this.

isn’t it amazing what headcanons most of us seem to have accepted, though? the sheriff’s name is john, stiles’ middle name is genim, him and derek had an ugly kid with a misspelled name that john finds adorable but freaks all the other inhabitants of planet earth the fuck out

and we’ve all kinda gone.. yeah, you know what?