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You know what? I would save the receptionist. Just wanted to clear that up.

Not a Princess 2: A Descendants Imagine

Part 1: (Still don’t know how to put a link in without it looking like that :/ )

Warnings: none :)

Anonymous said: Can you make another imagine of disney’s descendants with reader being tinkerbell’s daughter like your last imagine? Idk continue it or something like that i really loved it💕💚

So sorry it took so long! With back to school stuff, and wanting to get it just right, it’s taken way too long! I have like 20 rough drafts on my phone of ways it could have been and so I finally pieced it together to make this. So I hope you like it!


“Hey Ben,” you called and walked up next to him.

“Hey, (Y/N),” he smiled and swung an arm over your shoulder.

“Excited for the game?” You nudged him and he shrugged.

“Do you have a date for coronation yet?” He sent you a lopsided smile and you groaned.

“Not you too!”

“Oh come on. I think Andy might-”

“Hey Ben, hey (Y/N)!” Mal smiled and you returned it.

“I’ll- let you two talk,” you winked at Ben and walked over to the railing.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Andy waved and you and you smiled back at him.

Chad elbowed Andy and sent you a glare.

“She’s not even a princess, Andy,” Chad spat and you began to glow red.

“You want me to deal with them?” A deep voice said from behind you and you turned, finding yourself looking up at Jay.

He frowned at Chad and his friends and you shrugged.

“No it’s fine. I handle myself. So I heard you got on the tourney team?” You asked, trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, Coach said I had raw talent.” He puffed out his chest and you sent him a small smile. “Oh. We and Mal made these: chocolate chip cookies. I thought I would offer you one.” Jay looked at the ground and you thought you saw worry In his eyes.

“I’m good. I prefer Peanut butter cookies, but I know Ben loves chocolate. What’s wrong Jay?” You frowned up at him as his face fell.

“Oh it’s um, it’s nothing.”

“Come on, you can tell me,” you looked at him in worry.

“It’s nothing. Hey, maybe we can hang out later?” Jay looked down at you with a smile.

“How about a deal? You win the game, and we hang out.” You grinned at him and he smirked.

“You’re on!”

“Hey lost girl, you going to cheer for us at the game?” Ben laughed from behind you.

“Us? As in You, Jay, Carlos, and Andy yes.” You rolled your eyes at Ben and he grinned.

“Wait you’re a cheerleader?” Jay snickered incredulously.

“Oh, please. I’d rather give myself up to Hook! Ben just keeps insisting I try out.” I grumbled and crossed my arms, huffing a piece of my hair out of my face.

“Well, I know who you should cheer for! Ma-” Ben began but Jay clapped a hand over Bens mouth.

“Um, Mal wants you to sit by her at the big game, yeah, Mal wants (Y/N) to sit by her and Evie,” he shouted that part extremely loud and you placed your hands on your hips. “Ben, why don’t you go get the other guys ready to practice?” Jay rambled and shoved Ben in the other direction.

“What was that?” You quirked an eyebrow at the son of Jafar.

“That? Oh well, I wanted to be the one to tell you?” He stated, but it sounded more like a question.

“I’ll see you after the game, VK, remember to win, I’m looking forward to hanging out with you,” you smiled warmly and swung your bag over your shoulder, making your way over to Mal and Evie.

For some reason, you were really hoping Jay would win that game, and had a smile stuck on your face.

“Woah, someone’s crushing.” Mal snickered and you snapped out of your reverie.

“No! I’m not! I just want the Guys to win is all!” You defended, a little too quickly and The two girls shared a look.

“Yeah, sure…”

As you were talking to the girls, Jay was watching you with a smile on his face.

He was going to win this game, that was for certain.

Fatigue (M)

Character / Genre: Min Yoongi x reader (oc) | Smut, Fluff

Prompt: “Let me spoil you tonight, Princess.”

Summary: He has a special way to help you wipe away your fatigue after a long day. And tonight, it is all about you.

Warning: Fingering, soft Yoongi, bath tub scenes

a/n: I have so much writings piling up in my draft and this one was actually one of the oldest (lmaooo I am so lame), I wrote this in the middle of my packed deadlines but then I have been too busy and tired to re-read and edit this. Plus I ended up posting Heat which had almost the same topic *shrugs* Sorry if this is lame, it’s just a simple fantasy when I just wanted to be spoiled by my dear beloved Min Yoongi. Enjoy! 

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These have been drafted for way too long for me to not have them done. Buuuut I kinda wanted to get a couple long/difficult prompts out of the way first. Here you go! It’s my first time writing Reinhardt and Roadhog oh god oh man oh god

Cw: Blood

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Keith doesn’t really get Pidge’s nail biting antics, to be honest. They don’t even taste that good. But what he really doesn’t get is Allura and Hunk making such a fuss over it all. Even Lance was being more of an idiot than was typical.

They’re just nails

And thus he just graces the entire show with a trademark disdainful look from the couch, which no one really notices (because really, who cares about the disdainful look™ from Keith of all people) and so he turns over with a slight huff and goes back to sleep.

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5

somewherewefell  asked:

Quick question. What about those of us who, for some reason, can't do complete rewrites? Like, is there another way to edit that you'd suggest? Just wondering because lately I've been having trouble juat reading for long stretches.

As someone who suffers from chronic fatigue and brain fog as part of my illness…I’ve not found another way, other than to take it slowly and do what I can as and when I have the energy and brain function. There were entire months last year where I was too sick to sit up, let alone work coherently. 

You might, like me, find dictation helpful for doing those first drafts, before sitting down to edit or rewrite. If it’s fanfic? Find good beta readers to help you hash things out and work in small edits if you have to. But unfortunately, if you are aiming for professional publication, well, if you go the traditional route with agents and publishers and editors, you’re still going to be expected to do rewrites. It’s an inescapable part of publishing. Very few manuscripts are ever taken and sold on as they are.

#just tall girl things:)))))
  • Not wanting to buy into that heteronormative bullshit that your partner must be taller then you (especially if it’s a guy) but still feeling weird/not wanting to date a shorter person and then feeling guilty that you feel that way.
  • Never feeling “cute” and “small” like girls are ““supposed to be””
  • Trying to buy fucking pants.
  • Not being able to wear heels unless you feel like towering over everyone and dealing with the stares your amazonian ass gets.
  • Way waaaaay older men asking you out/creeping on you when you’re  really young because you look older than you actually are due to your height.
  • “Do you play basketball? You should play basketball. Oh you suck at basketball? You should still play basketball :) I’m clueless :)”
  • Generally weighing more than what’s average, which is actually healthy for someone at your height, but you know Society™ is all about those Numbers™™
  • Being taller than all of your faves. If you ever meet them in person, it can be really awkward and soul-crushing. I’m not being dramatic.
  • Driving the car after a short person who’s forgotten to put the seat back. Sincerely, my knees and head that have been assaulted way too many times to count. 

But imagine Lance having PTSD and night terrors after nearly dying in the airlock

Imagine Keith finishing training late at night and passing the common room and then backtracking because is that Lance? And he’s surprised bc it doesn’t look like lance, not the lance he knows at least, bc this one is curled up on the sofa, looking lost and alone and not at all like the boisterous annoying man he knows who needs a full 12 hours of beauty sleep to function

So out of shock and worry - because how can that be Lance? - he finds himself walking in and calling out the others name, and for a split second when he looks up Lance looks so scared and miserable Keith is halfway to demanding what’s wrong when his face changes and its like the suffering plain on his face was never there

Lance blinks and smirks and teases Keith for being up training so late and the performance is so convincing that Keith finds himself walking away thinking he could have imagined it

Until the next night, when he walks passed and sees the exact same thing. I knew it, he thinks, and marches over to the other, not saying anything until he is well in the others personal space and Lance is blinking up in shock, dragged out of whatever hellish thoughts he was having, and Keith gruffly and half angrily demands ‘What’s wrong?’

But Lance is nothing if not proud and stutters out a “I don’t know what you’re talking about” and nothing Keith does can get through to him, in fact it seems to make him more adamant to keep his problems to himself

The nights go on like this, and eventually Keith starts to just walk in and collapse next to the other, the two bickering for an hour or two before heading to bed, and Lance still doesn’t give up his secrets

But then one day Alura is giving a prep talk on what to do if their lions ever get breached, how to combat the vacuum of space entering their ship, and nobody else seems to notice but Lance books it out of there immediately, looking pale and shaken
So Keith follows, about to rip into his annoying comrade and get to the bottom of this now, but stops in shock when he spots Lance on the floor, curled up against the wall, breathing raggedly and holding his head tightly

Keith drops down beside him and realises Lance is panicking - badly.So he grabs his hands from his head, holding them hard and tells him to look at him. Lance resists for a minute, but then gives in and Keith has to stop from gasping at the sheer terror in his eyes. “Breath with me” he commands, and its hard and there are a lot of false starts and Lance slips back into a full panic attack at one point but eventually, eventually he’s breathing normally again again he’s slumped against Keith and when he says ‘tell me why’ Lances defended curmble, because he’s so tired of keeping this to himself, tired of false smiles and lies, he tells him how has scared to go to sleep because his dreams have him floating through space, unable to breath, call for help, surrounded by inky blackness that make the stars seem dull, how every time he stares too long out a window his breathing picks up, how he’s been dreading their next mission for weeks, because he doesn’t know if hell be able to keep up

Keith holds him, and scolds him for not telling anyone, but not too harshly because he’s proud as well, and can sort of understand why, in a twisted sort of way

my princess | chenle

genre: fluff 
word count: 1.1k+
a/n; okay this has been sitting in my drafts for way too long omg fjldsh chenle’s so close to my age and it’s lowkey nervewracking since he’s so much more talented than me ooPs uh anyways this has been written over the span of months wAy back when chenle was actually my bias in nct dream instead of nana but like, i still have that soft spot for him ;-; anyways, my requests are open! please go request!!

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I’m Going to Talk About Keith For a Minute, Okay.

In episode four, Pidge is like “I found my family and I’m leaving” and we all remember what happens here. Keith argues against them leaving, but he has a specific argument that he sticks to:

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Verb Explanations: Haber

¡Hola! Today we’re going to talk about the Spanish verb Haber. Haber is one of the verbs that are ESSENTIAL to learn due to the usage in idiomatic expressions and compound tenses. In this post, we’ll explore the various forms of Haber and their usages.

Infinitivo: Haber

English Definition: To have (done); to be (state of being, idiomatic)

Participio Presente: habiendo

Habiendo olvidado, no respondió al mensaje.

Having forgotten, he didn't respond to the message.

Participio Pasado: Habido

Han habido incidentes.

There had been accidents.

Presente (Indicativo):

He hecho la comida.

I have made the food.

This tense is a very widely used due to its usage as an auxiliary verb. In perfect tenses (I have…), Haber serves as the auxiliary verb. The translation of this form to “have” is confusing for many, because it is not the same thing as tener. Tener is a transitive possessive verb meaning to have something; however, haber is used as the auxiliary verb saying this action has been completed and it is in the past.


Hubo una tormenta.

There was a storm.


Había cocinado solamente la carne cuándo él comió todo.

I had only cooked the meat when he ate everything.


Habrá tráfico hoy.

There will be traffic today.


Yo habría hecho eso si regresara.

I would have done that if he had returned.

Presente del subjuntivo:

Ojalá que haya trabajos para mí cuando salgo escuela.

I hope that there are jobs for me when I leave school.

Imperfecto del subjuntivo:

Yo estaría feliz si él hubiera hecho esto.

I would be happy if he had done this.

Las frases idiomático:

Hay que —- It is necessary to

Había una vez —- Once Upon a Time

There you go! A short explanation of this very useful verb in Spanish!

anonymous asked:

Your art is lovely, I love your style!!! ❤️ Do you have any advice for someone struggling with anatomy/drawing people??

Aw thank you so much for the compliments. <3 I’m super sorry, this has been sitting in my drafts for way too long but the answer turned out so long. As for my (crappy) artsy tips, I answered a similar question some time ago but you’re specifically asking about human anatomy so uhm, as someone who is forever struggling with anatomy, I can try to share some little tricks I’ve discovered through the years. So here’s a few things I’ve learned in school and by myself:

- I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: improvement comes with practice. I know that this sounds obvious and unhelpful and you’ve probably heard it 292014 times but truly, it is true. Just draw, draw, draw a lot. It’s not easy to understand this completely before a teacher actually boosts you, at least it wasn’t for me. I remember that before I started art school I was so unsatisfied with what I did, and I feared I had not enough talent to really learn, because I struggled with drawing hands or shoulders (and those are always veeery tricky). I was scared of trying, so I just didn’t. But then I found out: talent is not really a thing, or at least the possible lack of it is not a limit, because when it comes to art there’s nothing you can’t achieve through practice and study. A lot of them. Studying anatomy might seem scary, but even though at first your drawings may seem so ugly in your eyes you will see improvement in just a few days. Guaranteed. So my advice is, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. This applies to anatomy and anything else in drawing. Always try to push your limits further + practice and practice every day.

- Gesture drawing, particularily, is very important. There’s a lot of photo books (you can find pdfs on the internet) specifically for artists, with models posing and stuff. Each pose should take from 20 to 5 minutes or less; it is best if you make an effort to draw as few lines as you can, and never erase mistakes (using charcoal pencils or crayons might help you with that).  You shouldn’t worry about resemblance, what’s most important is the pose and the overall “feeling”.

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