this have been in my sketchbook for a while


This is the first drawing of my demonsona Alæru I’ve made in a while, with a full outfit design and everything~

Her versatile chaos magic is god-mode, but she’s terrible at using it for the majority of the story @cyanea-capillata and I have been writing together. Like me, she’s ace and demiromantic.

I know I’ve been a bit slow updating lately, but I’ve had some big changes coming up. The one that most affects you all is:

I’m quitting my full-time job, moving to a part-time job so that I have more time to focus on art!

which means:


People have been asking about non-Patreon commissions for a while now, but I just haven’t had the time and energy to be able to do them. But soon I will! So my questions are these:

1. What kind of commissions would you be most interested in? (comics? ones like these? both?)

2. How much would you be willing to pay for the kind of commission you want?

3. Would you be interested in an option where you pay a bit more, but have your commission mailed to you along with a random page from my sketchbook? If so, how much extra would you pay?

Please reply to this post with your input so I can get a better idea of what people want! And thank you for your continued support of me and my art!!!

It’s odd how the universe has a way of taking care of things. The other day I forgot to bring my art materials with me to work (I usually work on commissions during my lunch) and I was mad about it. So I decided to go out for lunch and get a cheeseburger instead. I discovered in the parking lot that my tire had gone flat.

If I had remembered my sketchbook, I would have never been to the parking lot and wouldn’t have discovered the flat tire till the end of my shift and would have been stranded in the city after midnight, instead of being able to get the spare on while it was still daylight and there were still people out who could help.

So in a way, I was rescued by my own bad memory.


Happy Birthday, Max @mangaken!!

Ayy same birth month buddies HAHAHA We’ve just gotten acquainted only earlier this year, but it has been quite an eventful few months ever since! Thank you for being an awesome friend all this while :’)

I am still not very confident with my art style whenever I try to draw the gems, but your art inspires me to keep trying! I hope that you’ll like your gift, and keep drawing what you love!

Klaine Valentines Challenge Drabble - “Outside In” (Rated G)

There’s a man that Kurt’s been trying to work up the courage to meet, but what Kurt doesn’t know is that there’s a possibility that the feeling’s mutual. (1508 words)

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge 2017 prompt “Your Song”.

Read on AO3.

Oof! Oh my God! I’m so sorry!”

“No, I’m sorry. I should look where I’m going.”

“Well, so should I, so I guess we’re both at fault.” Kurt kneels down to pick up his dropped books, a few of them being handed to him while he shuffles through a mess of papers that are part his sheet music and part someone else’s Music Theory notes. He passes the notes along to their owner, peeking up and smiling at a set of hazel eyes he’s seen more than once, a pair of rosy lips he’s envied time and again, and a face he’s wanted to find the nerve to talk to, but hadn’t yet.

This isn’t the way that Kurt wanted to meet this man, colliding with him on his way out of the NYADA campus coffee shop, but he’s not exactly complaining.

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It’s not a dream, right?

It’s not a dream.

Go read Heart Race (and its prequel Beat Like Mine, while you’re at it) by lesbiopteryx you won’t regret it!! I loved it so much I had to draw my first HQ art for it <3



Special, unique, limited-time only blank sketchbooks that you can own and hold in your very hands!!
It was such a joy and pleasure working on these with @vivziepop <33

These are collaborative merchandise that both Vivienne and I have been working on for quite a while. With both of our combined efforts, each journal features a print that we both had a hand in creating, whether if we sketched, inked, or colored each image. c:

For only a month (up until July 14th, 2016), these journals will be available over at my redbubble. They will never be sold after this month, so these are once in a lifetime illustrations that will never be available again.

Both sides have been authenticated with our signatures. c:

Click here for the Jayjay Journal!
Click here for the Allison Journal!

Note, while we REALLY recommend these to be bought as sketchbooks, they can also be used with lined and ruled sheets. Just make sure you change the option on the right before purchasing. c:
We hope you enjoy these books!! <333

Hey Guys-

I know I have not posted much the past few weeks. Work has been absolute hell for me lately and it has kind of killed my creative spirit and left me incredibly drained..

As you guys might not know, I am a cake decorator. I am suppose’d to be part time, but I happily accept hours where I can get them. (Its a Grocery Store chain, after all)

Lately I’ve been working over 42+ hours a week trying to keep up with the work load of two people, while being the only cake decorator to cover the job of two people. The circumstances surrounding this aren’t important.. What IS important is that while I have not been drawing too much on flipnote, and just a little in my sketchbooks, I /have/ technically been doing art at work..

On Cakes!

So I was wondering. 

How interested would you guys be in seeing the cool cakes I’ve done at work? 
It won’t replace my content, by any means. I do anywhere from 15-40 cakes a day, and most are run-of-the-mill birthday cakes, so I won’t bore you with those…

just the cool ones. :o

Doodled last night for the first time in a while. Somehow found a pencil and some paper, still can’t draw hands. Thinking about picking up a proper sketchbook soon, but I’ve also been wanting to work with watercolors again lately. I always have to have a project to work on, always have to be creating. This isn’t my best, but I’m glad I got the idea on paper instead of letting it fade from memory.


Sketching at the Zoo - a few pages from my CalArts sketchbook. Been drawing non-stop for the past few weeks to get this application done, and while I’m stressed, I’m having the time of my life. I. Fucking. Love. Art.