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Prompto Week | Day 3 - Favorie Quote

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This isn’t so much my favorite line of Prompto’s, but it’s definitely my favorite banter with Prom and the bros… The only OT4 that matters tbh…

Some thoughts...

Now that I’ve processed everything, re-read my favourite passages and cried a billion times I’ve finally been able to put my favourite moments from the film and my favourite differences from the book into a coherent list instead of an endless, emotional ramble.

It’s quite a lot… 

1. Timothée IS Elio. It’s been said a thousand times before but Elio is alive in this film and I truly, for the first time ever, felt like I was actually watching the boy I’ve been reading about right in front of my eyes. It’s so easy to see why Oliver falls in love with him because Timothée does such a good job of pulling every bit of Elio’s personality, his sensuality, his sexuality and giving it to us full-force throughout every moment he’s on screen. He truly shines and I was blown away, I’m still not over his performance.

2. It’s a stunning film. The cinematography is outstanding. Every shot could be a painting.

3. The resolution of Marzia’s story. It was everything I wanted and if, like me, you felt it was missing from the book - the film does a great job in very little time of resolving this.

4. Mr and Mrs Perlman. I don’t have to say any more. They’re brilliant… and the choice to give Mrs Perlman some of Vimini’s lines made me so, so happy.

(Under a cut because it’s going to get a bit spoilery…)

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Holy crap duuuude there’s like 30k+ of you following my blog and I’m too lazy/busy drowning in college work to make a super sick ass post about it rn (BUT I do plan on it). In the meantime, what do you guys think I should do to celebrate????


1st batch of SB ocs~ hopefully next week i’ll have time to draw;; hope u like them thoo

Sunny (left) ~ @emilythenuthead
Lumen (right) ~ @the-twisted-empire


ive just been playing stardew for like a week straight… good game

i love my vegan anime wife

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why are these fucking RATS grabbing at my baby harry he did not ASK for you to grab his CROTCH I AM BEYOND PISSED

Louis needs to tweet some vague ass tweet like “DO NOT TOUCH MY FUCKING MAN LASSIES”. Like I said…just vague and subtle .

louis and us prying hands off where they shouldn’t be

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hey connor, what are your thoughts about jareds gradual growth spurt??

oh look a few changes in my terrible style

I feel like I need to do another purging of my bookshelves. I have way too many “I bought the first one and liked it but never got around to finishing the series and haven’t thought of it since” books. I just have to decide if I actually want to try and finish them or just get rid of them.