this has to stop (or not)

Imagine this….Dean and Cas taking a walk in the park..And the sun is setting, a beautiful mix of Oranges and purples blending together. The trees blowing slightly in the wind, the smell of roses and flowers. Dean and Cas sitting on a blanket, looking at the sunset. Cas resting his head on Dean’s shoulder and sighing in content.

Kisandra hybrid test

Remember that whole thing when everyone was questioning what Kisandra was? Well now Im asking myself that too because i did this quick semi realistic sketch of her that I’ll probably work on at another time

Although she’s a sprite, I used multiple animal references to get this kind of look out of her.

Based on that, Kisandra has the mouth of a rabbit, wings of a bat, tails and eye composition of a cat’s and the body/ear structure of a fennec fox. It was pretty interesting to mix up these body parts to get her lovely look :D Im also planning on doing one of Kiaven too but his is going to be slightly different.


Some Fantastic Beasts’ sketches from my twitter