this has to be one of the most memorable moments


This will always be one of the most memorable scenes of the whole Bnha series. Izuku had to endure so much through the years and this is finally his moment, the moment he has been waiting for since he found out he was not like the rest, since he found out he may never become what he desired more than anyone, finally someone said to him the words he had been waiting for all his life. AND IT WAS ANIMATED PERFECTLY.

I told one of my students that the most memorable Reagan AIDS moment for me was at the 1986 centenary rededication of the Statue of Liberty. The Reagans were there sitting next to French President Francois Mitterand and his wife, Danielle. Bob Hope was on stage entertaining the all-star audience. In the middle of a series of one-liners Hope quipped, “I just heard that the Statue of Liberty has AIDS but she doesn’t know if she got it from the mouth of the Hudson or the Staten Island Fairy.” As the television camera panned the audience, the Mitterands looked appalled. The Reagans were laughing. By the end of 1989 and the Reagan years, 115,786 women and men had been diagnosed with AIDS in the United States, and more than 70,000 of them had died.

The Truth About Reagan and AIDS by Michael Bronski, November 2003

Clinton is trash for praising Nancy and Reagan AIDS activism. Fuck her. And good riddance to Nancy.

You Wanna Stay

Title: You Wanna Stay
Author: angryspaceravenclaw
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 7905
Summary: When Shitty invites Jack and the boys for a post cup celebration at his strip club, Jack has some reservations. But it’s impossible to tell his best friend no. He doesn’t exactly expect to have a good time, and he certainly doesn’t expect to be enraptured by one of the dancers, who turns out to be an adorable ball of Southern Sunshine.

Most memorable line: “Isn’t this like cheating?” Jack asked after a moment. “Having pastry and coffee in a shop that isn’t Eric’s.”

It seems like some people were a bit confused or frustrated by the focus during the Nekoma vs. Fukurodani and Nekoma vs. Nohebi matches often being on Lev, so I’m here to break it down for you and show why it was a very important for the upcoming matches. (Now this is obviously going to contain spoilers from the manga so please be aware of that before you continue reading)

Let’s start right from the beginning where Lev made his first appearance, the training camp arc. 

So we know that he’s been playing only for a few months and has to start right from the basics. Kenma describes his technique as even worse than Hinata’s and says that his basics in passing as well as his serves suck. At one point Lev has to ask Kenma what “read blocking” means which means he hasn’t even memorized all the playing techniques yet. At that moment his only advantage is his height, he spends most of the time at the training camp practicing with Yaku to catch up to the rest of the players.

Then there is a huge gap, the next time Nekoma appears is when the matches to determine who gets to go to Nationals begin. Their first opponent is Fukurodani. Now before we start to talk about that match I have some numbers. I took the statistics of their regular players and added all of them together as a comparison (I can post those individually in case anyone is interested). Nekoma has a score of 132 while Fukurodani has 147 points (Karasuno has 145 and Aobajousai 143). All of these teams are pretty close in points but there is a larger difference between them and Nekoma. Of course just having strong players doesn’t equal a strong team, there needs to be a good game sense and teamwork which are exactly Nekoma’s strengths. Nekoma can keep up with teams like Fukurodani because they’ve played against each other a lot, they know each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Despite all that it would still be possible for Nekoma to fall short, Nationals is not just some regular tournament, it’s the strongest teams of Japan coming together and they don’t know all of them as well as Fukurodani. So something has to happen to justify Nekoma getting a ticket for Nationals and not immediately loosing and this is where Lev comes in. He has the most room to grow and he needs to do so, which is what Furudate is showing in the matches against Fukurodani and Nohebi.

We can see an improvement in his technique but he still struggles with serves or misses the ball when he’s spiking. Despite that his instructions are getting more specific and he tries his best to remember them and implement them right away.

At this point we can tell that he has had a lot of practice and has developed some game sense. He’s not a hindrance to his team anymore and is able to score points not solely based on his height.

Nekoma loses against Fukurodani and there is a scene in between that match and the one against Nohebi where Lev is in a bit of a slump and Kuroo comes over to talk to him.

Here we can see that Lev is very aware of his own shortcomings and that he wants to find a way to connect with the other players. Kuroo responds by telling him that a team is a complicated thing and that he has to be able to mesh his strengths together with the rest of them to create on cohesive unit.

Then there is a short moment were Nekoma and Nohebi face each other before their match starts.

Kuroo tells Daishou that they’ll play as usual, while Lev adds that that has gotten a different meaning since he has become part of the team. This already foreshadows that there is gonna be more development ahead.

Before the match against Nohebi starts Lev had a short flashback to the moments where he unnecessarily lost points in the last match so we can see that he puts a lot of thought into improving himself and reflecting upon his past mistakes. Once again he remembers the fact that Kenma scolded him for not bringing in his elbows during the last match, so we can assume that he’s a quick learner and adapts little details fast.  

The most important scene is happening towards the end of the match. Yaku gets injured and Shibayama replaces him as the libero. Lev has the realization that in order to play well together with Shibayama he has to change his own playing style.

He gets a taste of teamwork for the first time and his interpretation of a functioning team changes.

It’s the first time he’s in synch with the rest of the players. Not only are his abilities allowing him to change his playing style according to the players on the court, he himself has gained some awareness of his team members and how they function best together. This was an absolutely vital development before they advance to Nationals, otherwise he’d only be a hindrance to the other players and become the target of their opponents.

Of course that doesn’t mean he’ll be the main focus during the upcoming matches, this is just a short explanation of why he was often in the spotlight in the past and to showcase his development. Within a few months he went from a complete beginner to someone who’ll play among the best teams in Japan, so his improvement had to be shown. To put it simply:


The leader of the Deadly Six has been added to complete the set. When I first played the game I thought he was the most boring of the bunch, but now I feel I better appreciate how badass he actually is. His lack of comedic moments definitely makes him a little less memorable than the other Zeti, but just look at him. He looks like Satan mixed with a dinosaur, or better yet, a suit of demon samurai armor that came to life. You take one look at this dude and know you don’t F with him. Zavok’s probably the most intimidating-looking Sonic villain.

Big Brother Canada's Wonder Women

While other reality shows have wrestled with casting strong, independent female players, Big Brother Canada has a rich history of putting girl power on display. As we ready for Big Brother Canada’s Season 4 debut on March 2nd, here is a look back at Big Brother Canada’s most memorable female players.

7. Ika Wong
The undisputed boss of Big Brother 2, Ika never took two steps back, even at the cost of her own status in the house. She played a hard and uncompromising game, refusing to be intimidated by anyone. Burning those letters from home in order to pocket $5000, will go down as one of the best moments in the history of the Big Brother franchise.  

6. Sabrina Abbate

Don’t let her bombastic nature fool you. Sabrina was not only one of the founding members of the First Five but her conniving and very effective maneuverings carried her all the way to the finals. She proudly wore her Big Brother Canada drama queen crown.  

5. Sarah Hanlon
The winner of Big Brother Canada 3, Sarah was a crafty chameleon, proving herself to be a very adaptable player. Strategically dodging and weaving while winning crucial competitions, Sarah became the second female in Big Brother history to win out over an opposing male finalist.

4. Sindy Nguyen
As aggressive as a pit bull and as sly as a fox, Sindy brought more than her fair share of drama to Season 3. The cruise director and pageant queen will always be remembered for stabbing her own showmance in the back and persistently keeping all of the other houseguests on their toes with her slick and calculating tactics.

3. Brittnee Blair

Many underestimated the shrewd model from Calgary, much to their own demise. Winning three Head of Household competitions and being directly responsible for handful of evictions, Brittnee and her Fembot Alliance partner Sarah Hanlon were the team to beat.

2. Neda Kalantar

The fashion stylist from Vancouver is considered to be the greatest strategist to ever grace the Big Brother Canada house and one of the best in Big Brother history. Forming an alliance with her partner in crime, Jon Pardy, they were the power couple of Season 2.

1. Jillian MacLaughlin

The winner of Big Brother Canada’s very first season Jillian set the standard for all who followed in her footsteps. Winning four Head of Household competitions and amazingly never receiving a solitary eviction vote, Jillian played strong and played smart. The school teacher from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, made it to the final three without ever being nominated, no easy feat in the Big Brother game.

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You're bored? Okay. You can play a game on how many times Barry snuck a peek at Iris. From 3x01 to now. Also, list the amount of times he's done so in that episode. *I'm kind of bored, too*.

This would require me to watch every episode this season again lol! The one that most memorable is episode nine, cause ole boy was not playing with those looks. 👀

I feel like @nikascott has giffed every moment Barry snuck a peek at Iris lol.

Happy New Year everyone! Unfortunately work got in the way and I didn’t manage to finish this before Christmas, but here it is now! I’m definitely looking forward to all the new Tsukiuta and Tsukino-Pro projects in 2016 ^^

June’s male character, the voice of Minnaduki Rui:
Interview with Aoi Shouta-san.

Q. Three years have passed since the start of Tsukiuta, which song has been the most memorable one for you? 

A. It has to be the very first song that I did, “Rainy moment”. With the music that was provided by the composer, that was the first time that I myself was able to form a bond with my character in the series, and so it left a strong impression on me. Moreover, because you could kind of say that music forms the base of Rui’s character, even in that sense it is a memorable song.

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Coffee Shop/Soulmate AU because I’m literal trash.

I can’t sleep, and I’m tired of memorizing maps. Also, this idea kept swimming around today. (And cliche soulmate AUs are great, imo.) :’)

  • Okay, so in this AU, your soulmate’s name is printed on your skin somewhere. I’m in love with this one, man. Now, imagine Astrid as a barista for a hole in the wall coffee shop. She’s great at her job- she can repeat the most complicated order to someone after hearing it once, and she can whip it up in moments.
  • Astrid has the name “Henry” printed on her hip or something? Or anywhere that’s not always visible, really. 
  • When you work as a barista, you meet a lot of people, and you learn a lot of names. Because, well, she writes them down on their cups.
  • Everyone who ends up being a Henry who drops in never bats an eyelash when she greets that customer with her name, so she’s kind of stopped anticipating her soulmate’s arrival. It was exciting at first, and still kind of is, but the time will come when the time comes! She’s got other things to worry about, y’know?
  • Then, one day, this cute guy with green eyes and freckles and messy auburn hair walks into the shop. He looks tired when he enters, but he turns into a bit of a stammering mess when it comes to ordering. Astrid wonders if he’s glancing down at her chest or her name tag. Weirdo.
  • Spoiler alert: Hiccup- or Henry- is gaping at her name tag in slight disbelief. She’s the first “Astrid” he’s met, and he’s honestly pretty floored, because fuck, she’s gorgeous.
  • He orders, and pays. When she asks him for his name, he panics- and he blurts out his childhood nickname, Hiccup, because it’s what everyone calls him. It’s a reflex.
  • Astrid gives him a brief, strange look, but before he can correct his mistake and give her his real name, the one that may be printed somewhere on her own person, she’s already done writing ‘Hiccup’ on the paper cup and thanking him for his purchase and making his drink.
  • Astrid’s left briefly wondering if someone has “Hiccup” on their wrist or shoulder or something. Henry/Hiccup is left feeling like he kinda fucked up, and trying to think of a way to tell Astrid his name without being weird, because the possibility that she was his soulmate was there.
  • So he comes back the next day, hoping she’s working. She is.
  • “Good morning,” she greets him with a tip of her head. “Hiccup, right?”
  • Again, he’s surprised. Because she remembered. Granted, it was just a day that passed, but he didn’t think that she’d remember him. She claims that it’s hard to forget someone with a name like “Hiccup.”
  • He orders, and she writes “Hiccup” on his cup. 
  • Damn.
  • This is getting really long, but ohhh, my gosh. Imagine this continuing for a few days, and the two of them just getting pretty close and joking/teasing each other. Hiccup just… goes with it. While he doesn’t want the false hope, he also doesn’t know how or when  to just say something like, “hey, my name is actually Henry and I have your name on my hip/shoulder/somewhere and I’m wondering if mine is on yours, too??? Maybe????”
  • Insert a time period of Hiccup really getting attached and not saying anything because he likes how they joke around and laugh with each other, and he’s kiiiinda tentative about potentially “ruining” that. Also, soulmates. It’s a scary, intimidating concept sometimes. Also, Astrid trying to resist this strong tug of her heart towards Hiccup, because she can’t just ignore fate and fall for someone else.
  • Imagine this continuing for a while, maybe??? And perhaps it isn’t until  later that the truth comes out, when Astrid jokingly asks if Hiccup is his real name.
  • “…Ah, actually, uh, it’s Henry.”
Ben E. King, Soul Legend Dies at 76

Ben E. King, American soul and R&B singer died last Thursday on April 30, 2015. Recognized as possessing one of the most elegant baritone voices in music history, King was best known as the singer and composer of his 1961 single “Stand by Me.” Before he went solo, he recorded chart-topping hits with the Drifters in the 1950s. There more memorable songs, in which King sang the lead vocal on were ”There Goes My Baby,” “This Magic Moment” and “Save the Last Dance for Me,” 

 When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we’ll see
No I won’t be afraid
Oh, I won’t be afraid
Just as long as you stand, stand by me
So darling, darling
Stand by me, oh stand by me
Oh stand, stand by me
Stand by me

If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
All the mountains should crumble to the sea
I won’t cry, I won’t cry
No, I won’t shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me


Taylor, I’ve been to every tour, bought every album, and memorized every song like several other swifties. This past year I’ve had my first major heartbreak and learned what it was like to truly shake off people’s opinions of you. You’ve taught me so much this past year of my life (which has proven to been one of the most influential years of my life like EVER). I didn’t get to meet you tonight, but I did get to share this moment with you during “New Romantics.” That song taught me so much. I used to get a lot of bricks thrown at me but you’ve always taught me to use them to build castles. Thank you for being you all these years and being a constant in my life all this time. I can’t put into words how much you’ve helped me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 💜 taylorswift

Amell does an impeccable job of showing the heartache, desperation and vulnerability that lays just under the surface of Oliver’s hardened exterior. Amell begun Arrow as a relatively new actor and has grown so much. He has always exceeded in the stunt aspects of Arrow but this episode showed his emotional growth. If there are two characters on Arrow that were going to help Oliver make a decision this big it would be Diggle and Felicity…Diggle has always been Oliver’s conscience and this episode continued that trend…This episode Ramsey and Amell showed their incredible bromance once again when Oliver discusses his doubts at continuing his quest as The Arrow. In one of their classic bromance moments, Diggle reassures Oliver that his work as The Arrow is helping Starling City and although “Felicity is momentarily unavailable,” he will find love and he will continue to save the city. Ramsey and Amell play very well off of each other and continue to create some of the most memorable scene on Arrow.
—  Entertainment Monthly
And also there’s another famous one, when Harry Styles said the wrong radio station when he won an award. (Nick: Yes! He thanked us for an award that was sponsored for a rivalry radio station) Yeah… That was my favourite one.
—  Forget about Kanye interrupting Taylor, Fifi has her own personal favourite when it comes to the most memorable moments at the awards shows