this has to be one of my favorite scenes in the entire series

Day 13: A moment you love

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I think my favorite moment has to be this one. This was the first moment that had me practically screaming, because “DIGIMON IS BACK Y’ALL”. And regardless of whether or not you ship them romantically, Taichi and Yamato have one of the most quintessential bonds in the entire series, and this is the first time it really shines.

When I think about Digimon Adventure, it’s hard not to think about Taichi and Yamato; so much of the plot is dedicated to them and their developing relationship. And I was so pleased to see that relationship in 02 remain strong. So I had high expectations for tri – and this is the scene that proved to me that their relationship was going to be just as important in their high school years.

Like this whole scene just DOES it for me: Yamato supporting Taichi, the beautiful flashback to showcase how far they’ve come, Taichi steeling his expression because as long as they’re together they can conquer ANYTHING, Taichi then briefly supporting Yamato, Yamato’s perfect smirk. UGGGGGH and then when they link their arms against the wind!!! These two are brothers-in-arms, two sides of the same coin, the sun and moon, soul mates (there are platonic soul mates too), just…everything. Their bond was forged in battle and sworn by blood and I can see every bit of it in this scene.

And although they are disagreeing in every other way at this point in the show, they still stand side by side to take on the muthafuckin world and, and – and I need to stop, I’m getting emotional (there’s a reason these assholes are my OTP).

But honorable mentions!! (These are some of my favorite moments rather than moments I consider “the best”)

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That hug killed me! Just look at Jou!! You know he needed a hug, and I bet his beautiful, squishy partner gives THE BEST hugs <3

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I will never get over this moment. I want Gabumon’s face laser-cut into my tombstone. 

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Because I’m a sucker for awkward moments, and this is perhaps one of the most awkward things I’ve ever witnessed. The amount of second-hand embarrassment I felt was worse than Spiderman 3. Honestly, just kiss already.

Turn right.

Cabeswater muttered into his deaf ear. It whispered of taking apart, of disowning, of violence, of nothingness. A backwards step of self-doubt, a lying promise that you knew would hurt you later, a knowledge that you were going to get hurt and you probably deserved it. Demon, demon, demon.

Go go go       (TRK ch19)

I had somehow missed that this is where Cabeswater’s account of demonic assault morphs into Adam’s personal version. Not long after, it turns out his subconscious has led them back to his dad’s trailer. One of my favorite scenes in the entire series, partly because of the symbolism of it: that although Adam’s technically free at that point, and has been awhile, the ties just aren’t cut that easily. 

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37, 38 & 8

37: Talk about your current wips.

MY BABIES ARE HAVING BABIES. *deep breath* I mean, uhm, I’m in the process of writing a series of sequels to my Perfect Match story. Wherein James and Rose start a family. It’s all very cute and heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking but overall it’s a fluffy time :’)

38: Talk about a review that made your day.

Omg, someone on AO3 has been making their way through my entire fic list and leaving comments on everything :’) My heart explodes with happiness every time I see their name in my inbox :’)

8: Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

As I said with the prose snippet, it’s so hard to pick just a single moment, because I’ve written so much and love it all. So here’s instead a sneak peek:

“Hey, darling,” [Robert] murmured. “Happy Sunday. James and Rose popped ‘round today, and you’ll never believe it. Our little boy is expecting a little one of his own! Mad, isn’t it? He and Rose are so excited. Oh, you’d be so proud of them, love. I sure am. Anyways. Listen to me, nattering on. Just wanted to tell you the good news. I’m gonna be a granddad. Can’t wait.”

I really love this because I adore Robert so much, and I really love showing these little moments where we see how much he still misses his wife, but he’s still doing so well with healing and moving on.

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Trust issues

One of my favorite scenes ever in the Sherlock series is the first encounter between Mycroft and John.  I was thinking earlier about my favorite line from that scene, “You’re very loyal, very quickly.”  Mycroft goes on to point out John’s therapist says he has trust issues, to make it clear that this quick loyalty thing isn’t a general trait of John’s, it is specific to Sherlock.  “Could it be that you’ve decided to trust Sherlock Holmes of all people?”  Something I hadn’t realized until just now is that the entire scene demonstrates this very effectively.  

During their conversation, Mycroft is doing exactly what Sherlock did multiple times with John - making deductions about him.  Except instead of reacting with awe and delight as he did with Sherlock, he views Mycroft’s deductions as being intrusive and sinister - which is more typical of someone with trust issues.  

Similarly, Sherlock keeps asking him to do numerous ridiculous things throughout the episode, and John does it with barely a hint of protest.  Whereas Mycroft just wanted to see his hand, and John became extremely tense and ready to punch his lights out if he even blinked the wrong way.


“He has no idea which was to turn. He doesn’t trust himself, and I love that,” Posey said. “I just love Scott being broken down because it’s so unlike him. So far, this is the lowest that we’ve seen him and I’ve only seen a couple of episodes from this next season and it carries on to the next season a little bit, but the finale is by far the lowest that we have ever seen Scott.

“It’s been one of my favorite things to play this season and throughout the entire series of Teen Wolf. I love bringing Scott down to this low point because it’s so heroic when he comes back, if he comes back, and it’s just really nice to see this strong leader broken down.”

But Scott won’t just be broken down emotionally. As fans have seen in promos for the finale, the supermoon causes Liam’s Hayden-related anger to get a little bit out of hand, resulting in what Posey says is one of the biggest fight scenes the show has ever done.

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Even nearly 15 years later, this game still stands very well on it’s own.

This scene, man, this scene. Imagine playing this for the first time, not knowing that Sonic was going to be alright.

Eggman has a gun(!) pointed at Amy’s head, Sonic seemingly dies in deep space after asking his friends to do one last thing for him, Tails and Amy are emotionally crushed, and Tails, man… Poor Tails.

His surrogate big brother, the guy who raised and protected him, hands the mantle to him and says: “I’m counting on you.”

Tails’ reaction is just amazing, and is easily in one of my favorite scenes in the entire series.

“Sonic has asked me for the first time to do something for him.”

You know what this whole Hitball story line reminds me of? The food fight in RWBY.

It’s the first big action set piece of Season Two, and it’s one of my favorite fight scenes in the entire series. It was the first time the series successfully blended action and comedy elements in my opinion, and despite the seemingly low stakes the characters go all out, giving the audience a great reintroduction to their skills and personalities. If you haven’t seen the series before, I’d highly recommend that one scene as an introduction into what exactly the series has to offer.