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Hi there! I was wondering if you had anything for childhood best friends who grow up and realize they're in love? I've been looking everywhere but nothing has really tickled my fancy! Thanks so much!

Themed Prompts: Childhood Best Friends Realize They are in Love

1. They haven’t seen each other for an extended period of time and seeing each other again, sparks fly.

2. They go through old pictures, all nostalgic, and realization comes.

3. One of them starts seeing someone else. Cue jealousy.

4. Everyone assumes they are a couple already. 

5. One of them is trying to find a relationship for the other and in the process realizes they are perfect for each other.

6. Fake dating! (This is my all-time favorite trope.)

7. They decide to get married because convenience.

8. Someone asks one of them to list the good things about the other.

9. They are separated for some time and just exchange letters/calls and it’s like getting to know each other all over again.

10. They are playing lovers in a play/movie.

11. They move in together and that changes their dynamic.

12. Truth or Dare. Spin the Bottle. 7 Minutes in Heaven… You know what I’m getting at.

13. They are forced to take care of an animal or a child together.

14. Magical means reveal what they mean to each other.

15. Kissing practice.

When They Point to the Pictures (Please Tell Them My Name)

Summary: In which Dan and Phil flip through a photo album of their best moments with their two children and Dan tries his best not to cry. 

Songfic based on Long Live by Taylor Swift

Word Count: 2.8k

Genre: Fluff

Extra tags: Songfic, domestic, parent!phan

Warnings: none

Read on ao3

A/N: This has always been one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, ever since I first heard it in 2010, and after listening to it again recently, I realized it would make the perfect phanfiction! They’ve seriously accomplished so much in these past seven years and I couldn’t be more proud of them. I hope you enjoy!! (Also, this made me sob multiple times while writing this. I have a problem.)  I strongly encourage listening to the song this was inspired by, Long Live by Taylor Swift, while reading this, which you can find here, as it really helps make the fic come to life! (Also it’s just a fantastic song in general.)

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twenty times time (lazytown) -- keyboard cover
  • twenty times time (lazytown) -- keyboard cover
  • @galactimatic

this has been one of my all-time favorite lazytown songs since i was a lil youngin, i hope y’all enjoy!

Probably my favorite family...

Okay, I keep seeing pictures of lil Tom Stoughton all over my dash- of people setting him as their backgrounds and fangirling over him, and every single time I see one of those posts, I always also see an accompanying post of his father replying to said post. Always. The things he says in reply are always incredibly sweet and open-hearted, and it just makes me so incredibly happy that he and his son are being so well-accepted by the Sherlockian fandom. Tom’s acting definitely deserves every single fangirl moment, and Rich’s humbleness and big-heartedness definitely deserves every single proud moment he has of his son.
Thank you, Tom and Rich Stoughton, for having such big hearts in an industry where so many can be so closed off. Keep spreading joy and positivity; I can’t wait to see where both of you will go!

Keith is scrolling through his dash one night when he sees that Lance has made a new text post. It’s a common occurrence; Lance hits the post limit on a daily basis. Keith hadn’t even known there was a post limit until Lance came to him one day whining. Anyway. Keith goes to read Lance’s latest post.

tfw u remember how fuckin sad u actually are all the time lmao 😫👌🏼

Well, shit.

Keith worries his bottom lip. It’s a habit Shiro has nagged him about for years. What should he do? Should he message Lance, or is that too forward? Keith isn’t exactly a ‘comfort’ person. Pidge once gave him a custom-made t-shirt that says “That’s rough, buddy” with a picture of Zuko on it. It’s one of Keith’s favorite shirts; it also sums him up as a person.

Keith mulls over his options, for once reigning in his impulsive behavior. He moves his mouse, hovers over the like button, and watches with satisfaction as the little heart animation dances across his screen. Perfect. By liking Lance’s post, Keith has shown that he’s not ignoring Lance’s problems and is instead offering him his silent, unwavering support. It’s the perfect combination. It’s decidedly Keith in nature. There’s no way he’s messed this up.

(Somewhere out in the world, at that very moment)

Lance squints at his notification feed, screen unfortunately bright as hell in his darkened room. His sad vent post, which he posted a few minutes ago and has been obsessively refreshing since then, has been liked by about ten people. This is normally a fact Lance would preen about.

Unfortunately, one of those likes comes from Keith.

“You bastard,” Lance hisses at his phone. “You total son of a gun. I see you, villain. I see you liking my pain. You’re enjoying this. You ENJOY my PAIN. You thought you could be sneaky?! Oh, it’s on. It’s on like motherfucking Donkey Kong. Prepare for me breaking into your home and smashing a barrel over your head, killing you instantly, you emo country singer.”

A call for Mercy76 week!

This is a call to all artists, writers and general supporters of the ship between Mercy and Soldier: 76.

Is time for our little family to come together to celebrate our appreciation for our favorite Mom and Dad couple.

So I’m organizing a week dedicated to Mercy76, along with hopefully many more fellow shippers. Every day of the week will feature a different theme to which the participants will have to contribute. There is no restriction, you can contribute according to your availability and interest. No one has to contribute to every day, but it’s an interesting challenge!

We are open to all kinds of contributions: pictures, sketches, fanfics, cosplay…

We also have to decide the daily themes, so if you have suggestions you can leave them in my askbox, anonymous tips are welcome.

As for the dates we are thinking January, to give time for everybody to answer the call and get ready. We are open to suggestions on which week to choose as well.

So if you want to contribute ad help to organize this event to show everybody just how beautiful this ship really is you can contact me. Messages or Askbox, as you prefer. Don’t be shy!

And of course like, reblog, comment this post. Spread the word!


Hi everyone! i decided to do a follow forever for the new year because i want to show appreciation before 2016 ends.

So i hope everyone’s having a good day of a year that hasn’t been the best, but hopefully y’all have had some positive memories from it when the world goes into 2017 and that 2017 will be much better both personally and worldwide. i just wanted to thank everyone for making my time on here really great and for posting pictures, making beautiful edits, coming up with funny text posts or just cheering on your favorite football team! it has been up and downs on this site with people not being so kind to one and other but for the most part, in my own opinion, it has been awesome to come on here on a match day and being apart of a community that i myself don’t really have outside of tumblr (maybe some can relate to this)

anyway i hope 2017 will be a year of prosper, happiness, new experiences, new people, making even more memories that will last forever and that you will take of yourself because you are important, wonderful, amazing and deserve to live the life YOU want to live. so HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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Black & White: Picture Perfect

“Helga on the Couch” is my favorite episode of Hey Arnold! because it gives a great deal of development on Helga, what with her dysfunctional home life and what caused her to become a bully and why she fell in love with Arnold in the first place. I can talk so much about the psycholigical depths of Helga in this episode, but maybe some other time. What I really wanted to talk about for the moment is one scene in particular.

As Helga discusses her home life and her relationships with her parents and sister, she mentions what happened the last time Olga came home to visit. The start of the flashback is shown in black and white and acts as a parody of a “picture perfect family” sitcom of the 1950s, complete with a traditional applause-and-laugh track. The entire scene shows Olga and her parents having a sitcom-like moment, in which Olga is portrayed as a perfect, loving daughter with appreciative parents who shower all of their love and attention on her. In a sense, the moment appears to show all three Patakis as a picture perfect family.

However, when Helga enters the scene, the black and white fades back to color and the laugh track ends, as if she had ruined a family moment.

I never understood the purpose of the use of black and white for this scene, but seeing it again years later makes me understand it completely. Although the laugh track is used to make the situation seem more light-hearted and humorous, its true purpose was to show that Helga is being neglected by her parents and that they only give Olga all of their attention. The scene is set up in a way so that it appears that the three Patakis are happy without Helga and treat her like she’s an outsider and unwanted family member. Olga is, again, represented as a totally perfect child and brings happiness to her parents in the scene, which means the sad part is that they might be a “picture perfect family” if Helga didn’t exist. :(

So this whole scene was done as a little joke and for irony, given the dysfunction in the household, to show that a picture perfect family is just what the Patakis aren’t.

Random Aesthetics

Picture of: Elizabeth McGovern
on the set of Ragtime

Photo by: Peter Bennett
taken from his instagram page @ peterbphoto

I just walked onto the set of Ragtime which was being filmed on East 11th Street in 1981. It was a chaotic scene as director Milos Foreman tried to maintain order as costumes extras and neighborhood locals milled about on a rather typical block pf shabby tenements that had been converted into a turn of the century lower east side full of recent immigrants. Standing radiantly apart from it all was a beautiful young woman looking a bit nervous. It was the unknown actress Elizabeth McGovern and I was transfixed. She looked as if a time machine had just delivered her to this modern day film set and it was we who were out of place here, and she who belonged there. I took this shot and it has always been one of my favorites.
- Peter Bennett

This is one of my all time favorite go-to horror movies. This was Rob Zombie’s debut film and arguably one of his best. 

This movie has a lot of very weird imagery along with some fantastic music. You really get a hint of those hokey carnival attractions, you know the ones…with the world’s shortest woman? Or the snake-boy. Before you even ask, yes that is Rainn Wilson in the corner of the picture as an alligator boy. That should be enough to make you watch this movie.

A word of warning: this movie is really disturbing at some points and is not for the weak of heart. I wholeheartedly recommend this movie to any horror fan!

-Mod Zach

GOT7 On Halloween

A.N. Finally done with my midterms which means I can procrastinate until my final papers are due!!! I’ll be posting more soon.


  • Regretting his decision on allowing the kids on going trick or treating
  • Low key is excited to get free candy though
  • Had his costume picked out by Youngjae but doesn’t want to tell Jinyoung that.
  • Has to yell at Bambam and Yugyeom too many times because they almost get run over three too many times
  • Has to holds Youngjae’s hand so he wont get lost from the group.
  • Wishes he put all the member on those leashes that parents use on their kids at Disney.


  • Has a family themed costume with Youngjae and CoCo
  • Which makes Jackson insanely mad
  • Is afraid to let CoCo walk so has to carry her everywhere
  • Has two trick or treat bags one for him and one for CoCo, which he’ll share with Youngjae *Que jackson screaming in the background*
  • Him and JB go first to a house if the others thinks its too scary
  • Threatens Forces everyone to take pictures with him and CoCo.


  • Ready for his cheat day from organic food
  • Feels guilty for not eating organic but it’s okay he’ll work out tomorrow 
  • “But why can’t people give out healthy snacks on Halloween too?”
  • “Jackson, its Halloween stop ruining this with your healthy shit.”
  • Gives Youngjae a death glare for stealing Mark away from him.
  • Screams whenever something random pops out or if he sees a clown.


  • Agrees with JB that they deserve a bottle or four of wine after they finish with this night
  • Has to deal with Yugyeom and Bambam all night and threatens them every 30 seconds
  • But protects them from the so called scary things
  • Will give his candy to the other members if they clean up their messy as fuck rooms and the living room.
  • Knows that Youngjae picked out JB’s costume, he’ll be using that against JB one day soon.
  • Takes a bunch of aesthetic pictures with the lights and decorations.


  • Precious ray of sunshine is super happy excited to have matching costumes with the love of his life CoCo and Mark.
  • Gets even more excited when he sees JB in the costume he picked out
  • Loves all the free candy he got and will share with Mark and JB.
  • Gets a sugar rush and gets sleepy midway through their night but fights through it
  • When he sees a dog on the road or something he instantly says “CoCo is cuter than that dog.” Mark agrees
  • Gets a heart attack when Bambam scares him


  • Convinces JB if they can go to a haunted house after trick or treating
  • Regrets everything the minute he walks in.
  • Trying his hardest not to cry practically has Yugyeom hold him the entire time.
  • Holds CoCo after the haunted house to calm down
  • But still acts like a tough kid and not show that nothing is bothering him
  • Still screams with Jackson when things pop up
  • Plans to get Jackson’s bag of candy by buying Jackson all his favorite organic tea.


  • Surprising acts normal which causes Jinyoung to go crazy.
  • Literally on his best behavior all night long
  • Does his happy dance when a house gives out full sized candy bars.
  • Low key knows Jinyoung is going insane because he’s acting good.
  • But set up a scary trick waiting for the members when they walk into the dorm. Bambam was in on it
  • Ask JB and Jinyoung nicely if they could watch horror movies when they get home
  • When they say yes he gets an evil smirk on his face cause his trick is ready to begin.

Allison Mack and director Michael Rosenbaum on the set of the episode Freak.  Signed by both Allison Mack and Michael Rosenbaum.

This is probably my all time favorite Smallville behind the scenes picture.  I love it so much.  It shows a director helping an actor create a performance.  It shows two coworkers who trust each other so much that one of them will tell a personal story so that the other can access a vulnerable emotion.  I could go on for days about how much I love this photo.

I had this picture signed at Chicago Wizard World 2013.  Michael told me what was going on in it.  He has recounted the story a few times.  Here are two versions with slightly different details

Version 1
I loved [directing Allison]. That was my favorite part, that she had to be so emotional. She had to trust me. I said to her, I said: “Listen to me. You are going to look great if you listen to me!” (laughs) That’s how much confidence I had “if you just trust me and don’t worry about anything else, you’re going to be great in this episode” and she nodded and said “okay.” And there was a scene where she had to cry and I go “I want you to tear up”, towards the end of the episode and she…the cameras are rolling and she says “Michael, can you come here for a second?” I said “Sure.” She says “Can you tell me that story about your grandma again?” I said “sure.” And I started to tell her a story about my grandmother and how much I loved her and I saw these tears start to well and I said “okay, let’s roll, let’s roll.” And she was ready and it was really emotional, really good. She channeled that.

Version 2
I remember at the end of the episode, Allison had to cry again. She comes up to me - the camera’s rolling - and she goes “Michael, could you please tell me that story about your grandmother again?” My grandmother passed away, and I started to tell [Allison] this story about my grandma and how she would make me cheese sandwiches at two in the morning and all of a sudden these big tears fill up in her eyes.

Today, February 15, 2017, marks the ten year anniversary of the broadcast of Freak

I wish I could come up with cute headcanons for my new favorite B Team but every time I write my mind throws out weird shit like:

-Will Byers has a huge crush on John Taylor from Duran Duran and can’t look at Steve without remembering that (it’s the hair, that’s all it is). Nobody finds out about this until a game of Truth or Dare years later and no one has seen Will look menacing before, but when he makes them swear on their lives not to tell Jonathan or Steve about it he’s the picture definition of the word.

-I don’t really know what kind of music Steve likes but he probably considers himself ‘eclectic’ (Nancy disagrees). Either way, Jonathan makes him listen to the Pixies in 1987 and he’s in love, love, love.

-Like, why do I love the idea of Steve having no friends and hanging out with everyone’s mom? He’s like that character in every 90s show that the parents hate–Urkel, Kimmy Gibbler, you name it, he is it–up to and including the fact that he thinks he’s amazing when he’s actually a giant dork. They all look at Nancy and Jonathan and then they look at Steve and they’re like, “I do not…understand this.”

-Hufflepuff Steve, Hufflepuff Steve, Hufflepuff Steeeeeve…

-Brain: Yeah but wouldn’t Jonathan be really good at holding Steve against a wall?
Me: You’re right, brain! I should write that!
Brain: …wouldn’t Nancy like to watch that?
Me: …well…I think that’s only fair.

@atomicmangos For those of the uninitiated, Atomic Mangos, (or mango mom) hit 10k followers. She must still be trying to rack that in, and understandably so. But why would anyone doubt she’d pull this off? I mean, look at the picture here ^^. This is my favorite piece she’s done. It’s a Starco picture (obviously). It is Star and Marco, happily dancing in elegant attire. I love the expressions and look of it all. It just seems like one of those perfect Starco pics, let alone fan-arts. Something so simple as an OTP sharing a dance with loving smiles on their faces works so well here, and that’s exactly why it speaks to me so much: it’s so simple, but effective. And that’s not the only instance of this kind of thing: she has done this multiple times, all of which are just as effective. If you haven’t followed her yet, I suggest you get on that. She’s a great artist, as well as a great person. Here’s to you, Mango Ma. Congrats.

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Hours turn to minutes and my favorite place becomes our favorite place and our tears turn to laughter as we talk our past, our present and maybe a blossoming future I hope we can see one day. We waste hours in that little book store where it all started and surrounded by billions upon billions of words I still can not find the ones that fit what I want to tell you, what I’ve been waiting to tell you. Maybe all these books have stolen my own words because I am a loss for them as a I try to figure out how someone so amazing, so wonderful and so absolutely beautiful could be so blind to their own perfection. How someone that fills so many lives with light and laughter can not see a glimmer of hope in themselves.  Moments like these I wonder why the universe is so cruel to those it has gifted us with, how someone who holds galaxies in their veins can see nothing more than a black hole. 
But these galaxies glow on, and these minutes to hours tick by and with each passing second I find new glowing stars in your eyes, new life in your blood and new hope in your voice. With every moment that passes, I find a new reason to love you
—  They told me angels were meant to put light in people’s lives but they never told me they couldn’t see their own glow

Top Picture: its one of my FAVORITE aus of them all! Bad End Friends!! i was so happy with it. i used a base from a person on deviantart. i cant remeber because i had this base saved on my ipad for a while and i lost the person who made the base ;-; anyways i made this with my own finger! took forever but worth it!

Bottom Picture: i couldn’t help myself XD the way his faceail expression reminded me of this meme so i had to! Beast!Wirt at his finest. the ironic thing is he has seen some shit

Taekook is one of my favorite bangtan ships but I’ve been having serious brotp feels lately

I mean, imagine

-Taehyung convincing a slightly tipsy Jungkook that serenading Yoongi is a good idea and offering to play the saxophone in the background because “there’s nothing sexier than a saxophone, Jungkook-ah.”

-Movie nights where they spend more time shit talking and gossiping than actually watching the movie. They never have any idea what the movie was about when the end credits start rolling.

-Taehyung poking and prodding the younger and being super annoying and clingy when all Jungkook wants is to be left alone because Taehyung knows how emotionally constipated the maknae is and he’s not afraid to point it out even if it results in him being manhandled and thrown across the room onto the sofa like a plush doll.

-Taehyung sending Jungkook pictures of guys he thinks are attractive and suitable for Jungkook and Jungkook blushing every single time he opens Tae’s messages because the elder has no sense of shame. (“Yah, Jungkook-ah, he has really big hands ;)” “Even I would wanna take jello shots off of his abs”) Mostly though, Taehyung just sends Jungkook random pictures that he takes of Yoongi, all with the caption reading “you have questionable taste but I support you anyways.” 

-Taehyung is Jungkook’s biggest cheerleader and constantly coos over how cute the younger is even though Jungkook always shoves him away and refuses to be coddled.

-Taehyung and Jungkook going to a coffee shop during their break from dance practice and Taehyung elbowing Jungkook in the ribs to get his attention as they get in line.

“Jungkook, the barsita’s totally your type; ask him for his number.”

“We’re in public, shut up!” 

“Awh, my shy little dongsaeng. Don’t worry this hyung will take care of it for you.” 

“Hyung, I swear to god …” 

“Hush, little Kookie. Taetae knows best.”

“Who the fuck refers to themselves in third person with their nickname.”



-Jungkook hates it when his hyungs worry about him and Taehyung knows this very well so instead he just sits and listens attentively to the younger, doesn’t let it show that his heart is shattering with every tremor that runs through Jungkook, tries his best to absorb all of the ache from Jungkook’s bones and throw it aside wordlessly without letting the younger see the way his heart is withering/ All of the other members aren’t so great at controlling their emotions when it comes to Jungkook, they’re more easily swayed off their feet and much more vocal about their feelings and Jungkook hates knowing that he’s the reason behind the crease in their brows and the downward quirk to their lips which is why around Taehyung - who remains outwardly apathetic even though Jungkook knows he’s anything but - the maknae feels comfortable talking about his problems.  

-Taehyung’s the one in the background always cheering Jungkook on, giving him the slight push in the right direction. When Jungkook tells him that he wants to make a cover of “Fools” but feels too self-conscious and uneasy in his own skin, Taehyung’s the one that drags him to Namjoon and forces him to sit down and talk it through.

-Taehyung’s the one Jungkook goes to in the middle of the night when the voices in his head are too loud, when the cold seeping into his skin won’t go away despite all of his efforts. He wordlessly slips into bed next to Taehyung because the elder makes Jungkook feel safe and secure, makes Jungkook feel the way he felt when his actual older brother clapped his shoulder and told him that he was so so proud of him when Jungkook came out to his family.

-Taehyung literally screams and pumps his fist into the air when Jungkook shyly tells him that he talked to Yoongi and the two of them decided to start dating

-Taehyung sitting down with Yoongi and giving him the “I respect you and love you, hyung - more than I can ever express in words - but if you make Jungkookie cry I won’t hesitate to tell Jin hyung that it was you who shrunk his favorite pink sweater in the wash” talk. 

Aradia Week Day 2: Post-End Theorization

“you all worked hard for your happy ending, and cross my heart, you’re going to get it!”

And thus, another day of Aradia week begins! 

For this prompt, we were to give our speculation as to what our favorite ram girl is up to after the end of Homestuck. After all, like many characters, she was given a vague and unfulfilling ending to her arc. 

So, it is to my belief that she, along with her Team Charge buddy, are leading the ghosts to their new universe on their humongous pirate ship, the S.S. Satisfying Conclusion.

Who knows what will happen once these ghosts reach the new universe. Will all Kanayas merge into one single Kanaya, whom has all the memories of all the Kanayas? Will thousands of Daves have to learn to live with each other? Will the ghosts simply remain ghosts, and spook the residents of the planet for generations to come? The answer remains unclear, but I do know this for certain: Aradia knows more than anyone else that death isn’t the final straw, and would want to help the ghosts that she’s spent years befriending after they’ve worked so hard!

Also, in case it wasn’t clear, that boat is moving thanks to the strength of all of the Aradiabots’ powers. Just as we honor Aradia, we honor you too, Aradiabots! 

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy! This theorization may be a little optimistic, but hey, that’s what Aradia stands for!


(at this point, I think I’m going to slap a rant onto every single aradia week post i make, due to the type of person that I am)

170212  - Monte Cristo Musical Last Day [in Seoul] (Leo)

Wow. I…don’t even know. I guess I need to start at the beginning. No, probably even before that. Today was just a super crazy day ㅇㅅㅇ (This will undoubtedly be a very long post, and definitely not 100% VIXX-related.)

So one of my hobbies is embroidery (this has a point, I promise), and one of my favorite (if not favorite) fanartists is MireyKim. Long story short, I got permission from her to embroider a drawing of hers and to thank her for her permission and for all her lovely pictures I decided to embroider a pouch for her. I went early(ish) to the theater because she was handing out prints of Taekbert drawings. I luckily got there in time and was observant enough to get one. Then I waited for the crowd around her to clear and her friends to settle down(?) before giving her the pouch and a note I had written. It took her a moment, but she figured out I was the embroidery person. Plus she noticed my bag (of her other drawing), and was super sweet and thankful and stuff. I, being apparently a giant awkward human being, basically ran off pretty quickly;;

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What are your favorite pictures of Frank where he looks very Small, I love the one from DD era where he has his head on Ray's shoulder and looks extra small, that was a beautiful time for Frank.

idk man he is the tiniest boy he looks small all the time. but my mouse tag is pics of him looking extra small. i’ve been neglecting it tho.