this has to be my favorite shootout

The various roles that Tom Hiddleston has played

Oakley (Unrelated)

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Bill Hazledine (Suburban Shootout)

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Magnus Martinsson (Wallander)

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Edward Knighton (Archipelago)

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Loki (Thor)

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F Scott Fitzgerald (Midnight in Paris)

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Freddie Page (The Deep Blue Sea)

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Captain James Nicholls (War Horse)

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Loki (Avengers)

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Prince Hal (Henry IV Parts 1 & 2)

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King Henry V (Henry V)

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Loki (Thor: The Dark World)

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Adam (Only Lovers Left Alive)

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Thomas Sharpe (Crimson Peak)

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Hank Williams (I Saw The Light)

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Dr Robert Laing (High Rise)

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Jonathan Pine (The Night Manager)

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this is why he’s my favorite actor. it’s always different even when he’s played a character three times there are always something different to bring to the table.

  • you’re this linguist who tagged along with me to this ancient tomb and you just saved me from being murdered by the mummy by speaking in his dead language and now he believes you’re this goddess coming for him oops
  • I’m from one of the local villages and I accidentally stumbled into all these treasure hunters in my favorite hideout as a shootout was just about to occur and oops now you have to save me
    • jokes on them though HA i saved myself and tricked you all into getting lost in these caves that only I know how to get out of. so…can u like stop following me? look I appreciate you trying to save me back there but seriously you intruders are so goddamn annoying pls go away
  • “what do you mean you broke the two thousand year artifact that we’ve been searching for for three years?”
    • “I mean it’s been stuck underwater for a thousand years and it was slippery.”
      • “and also I was nervous”
  • usually when two treasure hunters bump into each other on a hunt one of them is the greedy asshole who kills everyone on sight and the other simply gets the thing and gets out, so you can imagine the surprise when neither of us are that asshole. so, that being said “who the fuck are you?”
    • “who the fuck are you?”
      • *both jump at sudden movement of each other*
  • you bargained your life by offering to show me where this ancient family heirloom is and now we’ve gotta take this giant journey together to go and find it but shit goes upside down when your family apparently finds out and tries to kill us both to protect it–whattafuck dude isnt that ur dad
    • “im adopted”
  • youre were the love of my life who always had a thirst for adventure and you disappeared one day on a hunt and so now ive devoted my life to figuring out all your secrets and finding out what happened to you
    • and after nearly years i finally tracked you halfway across the world only to find that you were saved from a cave in at a village and lost all your memories of me and your life
      • and now all the people that i pissed off trying to find you are here to kill me and it literally tears me apart inside that youre gonna watch me die and feel nothing because you dont have the slightest clue in the world about who i am or what ive done to find you
        • but something told me in my last moment that maybe…you might just remember me after all.

Friday night: Family night @ the Hawks!

About 4 years ago, we started a new family tradition: just a few days before Christmas, we get together for a night out on the town-  Dinner and a game (#greatideadad).  It is our Christmas Kick-Off!  

It is always a festive night…and has come to become one of my favorite parts of the season. God, we have fun together. This year:  Pregame steaks and martinis @ Mastros.  Then a crazy, lost-in-OT-shootout game of hockey.  I cheered hard with my family.  We played musical chairs all night - I got time with each of my people…it was beyond great. Also, El & Dan were on the jumbotron! :)

The after-party ended up back at our place.  The siblings sat around the tree and talked well into the night.  It was the best.

Bring it, Christmas.  This team is ready for you!