this has to be my favorite picture ever

you guys, someone at my work has brought on the most amazing listing ever. i think it’s my most favorite house i have ever seen. he’s holding an open house on Sunday from 1-3 and i asked him if i can come take pictures/livestream a walkthrough/instagram story it and he said yes of course. it was built in 1905, it is legit a mansion, and it’s almost all original inside.  it’s waterfront property, it’s getting a TON of attention, and it’s listed at $1.75 million.

a sneak preview:

it’s literally my dream house and i am SO excited he said i can come poke around!!!!!!!!! keep ur eyes out Sunday 1-3 PM PST!

I went and ordered a couple stickers from RedBubble for going back to school and found out the lovely @zephyrine-gale (aka one of my favorite tumblrs and Yuri!!! On Ice artists ever) has an account on RedBubble! When I saw the pictures of my boys in beautiful flower crowns, I just had to buy them! Thank you @zephyrine-gale for your beautiful art! The stickers are gorgeous and I highly recommend them to anyone else who wants some great Yuri!!! On Ice swag!

um every time I think about Trimberly going to Prom all I imagine is Kimberly, for once, actually being excited to go to a school event 

  • Kimberly doesn’t care, she wears this bright yellow suit to prom, and Trini wears a pink one 
    • They have pocket squares of their own colors 
    • Trini parents are upset at first, but Trini’s dad supports it whenever Trini’s mom isn’t around 
    • Kimberly thinks Limo’s are overrated, so Trini takes that as picking her up by sitting in the back of Jason’s trunk with a sign saying, “Kimberly is my most favorite person ever” 
  • The boys all switch up each others colors, and Zack sneaks in some vodka 
  • Before Trimberly show up they take pictures in front of Kim’s house, and more than half of the pictures are either blurry because Kim’s dad can’t seem to work the phone, or the boys are photobombing it 
    • There is this really cute one of Kimberly kissing Trini’s forehead and it immediately joins one of the many pictures in Kim’s room, and it’s one of her favorites 
    • Trini gets it and puts it in her wallet and her locker 
  • Everyone is jealous of how good the Rangers look when they show up 
  • Zack gets drunk and goes on stage and grabs a microphone, “This speech is for my mom, who’s the coolest mom ever, and for my best friend who looks like a little bird that will kill you.” 
    • Everyone knows he’s talking about Trini, and when one of the lights find her, she’s in the corner making out with Kimberly 
    • Kimberly has to stop Trini from killing Zack
    • Billy doesn’t understand what exactly happened, so Jason tried to explain to him, but kept laughing 
    • When Zack finally gets kicked out they drive him to sonic to get him his favorite milkshake 

This makes me INSANELY happy. (Reblogging, because I feel the need to elaborate.)

Let’s just take a minute and look at the last picture:

Bubbles is chubby.

Blossom is a book nerd.

Buttercup is a trans boy.

This is one of the most IMPORTANT pieces of PPG fanart I’ve EVER seen. They don’t fit into societal norms when they’re grown up; they’re different, and at the same time they’re more normal than any societal depiction of “normal” you’ll ever see on any media platform. Not only are they completely relatable, they also show us that it’s PERFECTLY OK to be ourselves. (Buttercup has always been my favorite, AND he’s a transguy, just like me. You don’t understand. For me, that’s HUGE.)

To the original artist: mistercoventry, wherever you are… THANK YOU. ❤

DROPS: An Honest Review

(If you don’t have time to read everything, I’ve highlighted the important stuff in bold, just read bolded words for a quick overview of my review.)

So I’m here to talk to you about Drops, a semi-recent language learning app available for free on iOS mobile devices. And no, I’m not being paid or anything, I’ve just been messing around with it for a couple weeks now and I thought it would be useful to share my own personal experience and opinion of the app.

So, Drops is really specifically a vocabulary builder, so don’t show up expecting grammar. You will get verbs, though so far they’ve all been conjugated in first person. It sorts the vocabulary by topics, however the app itself is cumulative, so say for example I go to study essentials, it will primarily focus on the vocab of that lesson, however I may still get the occasional vocab word from any other lesson I’ve studied, and of course, only the specific words I’ve been introduced to from each lesson.

You start out with everything but the first category unlocked, when you first open it it asks if you’re a beginner or intermediate, I have no clue what happens if you click intermediate, honestly. When you’re on the categories screen (above), the clock is always stopped. And when you click a lesson and study for like three minutes but then want to go to another lesson for the last two minutes the clock will always stop on the category screen and you can think about what else you want to study without a deadline creeping up on you.

Drops also requires no typing (but that doesn’t mean no spelling, you get it other ways), and, as I’m currently using Japanese, I think it does a fairly decent job at introducing you to non-latin writing systems; however, it should absolutely be supplemented with other resources for learning the script. It phases you in slowly and uses a lot of romanizations, but after a word has come across your screen a couple of times it’ll start asking you to spell it in the proper alphabet. At first it’ll split the word up into like two big parts and eventually you’ll be down to putting it down by syllables or even letters. The groupings it chooses are sometimes random and a bit confusing to put together, even if you know the word, which I dislike. Also know, romanizations can be turned off at any time in the settings menu. Which I haven’t done yet so I don’t know what it’s gonna look like when I do but know that it’s an option.

The pronunciation audio I think is really good. For Japanese I’m pretty sure it’s a native speaker and not like a robot or some random British guy who knows IPA. The audio repetition is constant, so if you fill in the solution you will hear the word spoken each and every time, no exceptions. There is also no heart loosing features of any kind so wrong answers will not get penalized in any way. But when you get one wrong they will repeat the correct answer for you right after.

I also think it has compelling imagery. Everything is in the form of icons (not pictures), so it’s really clear EXACTLY what it’s supposed to be. Several of them, particularly for verbs, even have small animations. Like the one for “I eat” is a guy sitting at the table and his arm moves back and forth between the plate and his mouth, so, like eating. So very simple overall. And if you ever forget what a particular icon is supposed to be, you can always tap and drag/hold and the English will pop up. Here’s one of my favorite icons.

So overall I think it’s a cute little app. It will advertise constantly trying to get you to buy a subscription, I honestly don’t think it would be worth it unless they literally had the deal of the century and you’re rich. Also timing wise 5 minutes goes by incredibly fast but for me rarely feels like it wasn’t enough. I really like the ability to choose categories and not be locked into it until I finish lest the owl get angry (*cough cough* duolingo), so there’s a lot of freedom of movement in that, and the more categories you unlock the more versatility you get. You’re also not required to so all 5 minutes in one go. So if you only want to go for three, you totally can. My biggest complaint is that their like “5 minutes each day” is set for like a day to mean 10 hours, not 24, so sticking with any kind of streak is basically impossible. So, yeah, don’t like that. The absolute best feature they have though, is that when you finish your 5 minutes you get like a waiting screen with a timer until you can play again and a list of every word you encountered in your last 5 minute session. This page forgoes romanizations, and if you tap on an icon you can hear the word pronounced and see the English. Super useful so you can review after the lesson without wasting precious seconds writing vocab down while the timer is going. The notification is a bit guilt-trippy, just a warning.

BEST USES: Overall I think this app works really well as a fun little vocabulary builder. The fact that it mixes in vocab from other lessons (including lessons after the category you’re on and not just before) is extremely helpful and not something I’ve seen in any other app. Also the vocab list feature is mad supreme so love that, also haven’t seen anyone else do it. As it offers little in the sense of grammar or culture, it obvs cannot (and should not) be used as any kind of stand alone language learning method.

I also particularly think that this app would be super useful to people having trouble studying either because they’re super busy, or because they have depression, anxiety, or any other illness that makes simple things for neurotypicals or otherwise able people suddenly way more difficult to accomplish. It’s so low-key, and it only asks for 5 minutes that you don’t even have to give it all in one go, that it’s a nice way to keep language fresh in your brain and still get some extra vocab in when you just can’t bring yourself to do any kind of proper sit down studying.

Drops is currently available in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Portuguese or Italian. But as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean are actually pretty recent additions, they will hopefully continue expanding into more languages.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me, seeing a picture of anybody who has ever played a newsie, ever:</b> They're my favorite.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Things I noticed.... (30 August)

Alright. So I saw the show last night (Wed 30 Aug) and i have so many  things that I need to talk about:

  • I made eye contact with Mike Faist three times. THREE TIMES. During Waving through a window, when everyone forms a circle around Evan and stares outwards, he basically stared me down and. just. magical. Also, twice during Disappear. Which honestly i’m still sorta dying over. During the lyrics “we get lost in the in between,” and “no one deserves to be forgotten” he flicked his eyes over to where I was sitting and held eye contact for a second. (I was sitting on left mezz Row A, so I was in the eye line of a lot of the actors when they were facing the audience)
  • So Colton filled in for Ben, and Garrett filled in for Rachel. They were both so amazing. You could tell that Garrett was struggling a bit with her voice, it was their second show of the day, but she still fucking killed it. Colton makes really funny faces when he sings, it was endearing. 
  • CONNOR AFTER WORDS FAIL. Holy shit. Heart breaking. For anyone who hasn’t seen the show *SPOILERS* after the Murphy’s walk away, the spotlight settles on Connor in the background, and he sorta shakes his head like he’s disappointed in Evan and walks off stage. That just fucking broke my heart
  • Will Roland is a god. that’s all
  • Laura’s voice is so fucking powerful and amazing
  • So is Michael Park’s! Like he deserve so much more recognition than he gets. 
  • Everyone’s voice is on point. 
  • Fun Fact: I sat next to Adrienne Walker (Nala in Broadway’s Lion King) and apparently she knows Olivia Puckett cause she came by during intermission and was talking to her!! She seems super nice
  • Just all of the sniffling and outright crying during the silence after Words Fail, and again after So Big/So Small. 
  • I’ve seen Evan’s speech so many times, but jesus there is nothing like seeing it live. The horrible, endless 2 minutes of silence as he just lays on the ground and cries. Colton was fucking amazing
  • When Evan, Jared, and Alanna pitch The Connor Project to the Murphy’s, there’s all these pictures of baby Mike on the screens and they’re so adorable
  • Mike is an actual beanpole jesus
  • During Sincerely, Me when Connor “punches” Evan, holy shit Mike full on was hitting Colton. HARD. You could straight up hear how hard he was hitting him it was amazing
  • HIS SNAPS ARE SO LOUD DURING “if i stop smoking pot”. like legit louder than his singing
  • Also, Mike is not nearly as tall as I assumed 
  • can you tell who my favorite actor in the show is?
  • confirmed: when connor says “the only man that I love is my dad” he makes quotations marks when he says love. 
  • Connor’s face when evan says he’s proud of him
  • all you gotta DO
  • Jared didn’t say kinky :( 
  • also can you tell what my favorite song is?
  • Alanna deserves a bigger role cause Kristolynn has a fucking beautiful voice and Alanna is so underrated all she wanted to do was help
  • unpopular opinion: i love larry. he’s human. sure he was a dick and didn’t take Connor’s mental illness seriously but idk. I still kinda love him. but he’s a jackass and i wanna punch him too. 
  • the voice that Mike uses when he says “so many people end up sucking dick for meth.” he closes his eyes and forces out “dick.” i love that that little part of Evan that kinda came through. 
  • you can tell that when he goes to sign Evan’s cast, he was trying to reach out. he was super awkward and it just reminds you that under everything, he’s just this teenage kid with a broken spirit who convinced himself that the world is against him…because noone’s ever told him otherwise. he just. deserves so much better. 
  • unpopular opinion: i kinda hate Zoe. she’s a victim of circumstance, but honestly i think she was as bad as Larry. 
  • OVERALL: it was one of the most memorable nights of my life and seriously, if you are able to see it on Broadway…do. There is absolutely no comparison to live theatre. It’s beautiful. 

More Blackout pictures featuring some of my favorite memories this year. From being the president of an all girl mentorship program ( Delta GEMS ) , to modeling in my friend’s fashion show, feeling like a queen at prom, and graduating with some of the best people I’ve ever met. Long story short, 2017 has been very good to me

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Can we get a blurb on where you and harry have been dating for several months and you've always admired his cross necklace and he gives it to you for safe keeping while he is touring? can it be cute/smutty? please? :D x

The Necklace

“Why are you so fascinated with it?” he asks, gazing at your fingers caressing his cross necklace.

You glance at where your fingers are holding the necklace as you’re nestled against him in bed. The last hour was magnificent as he brought you to the brink again and again until you both finally tumbled over the end into oblivion. Now you’re simply enjoying the company of each other as Harry grazes his fingers over your shoulder.

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So I heard it’s Pokemon Day today??
I don’t think any photos I could ever take could ever quite paint an accurate picture of the greatest joy that Pokemon has brought me, so I’ve painted it myself to the tune of a very lovely song I recently discovered.

My Latios, Jett, is my pride and joy, and my favorite Pokemon since the moment I first saw him almost 13 years ago, and after all this time not a thing has changed~


Lili and Cole expressing appreciation for each other.

The first picture/poem has become my favorite ever since I saw the picture. It’s so beautiful, and he’s basically just saying (from my ‘not-so-skilled’ poetry analyzation) that she shouldn’t listen to what the haters have to say. That he supports her, and that she’ll make it out stronger in the end.

The second picture is Lili 'repaying’ the lovely words. She does this by letting him know that she appreciates him very much and that he means a lot to her.

This is so beautiful. They way they, in a very subtle way, phrase their genuine love and support. I’ve never seen anything, or any couple for that matter, as glorious as them. They keep me amazed, but I’ll never complain!

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It's been raining the past few days & I've been itching for anything about Isak & Even in the rain. It could literally be anything- they get stuck in the rain, what they do when it's raining, even a cliche kiss in the rain-idc just anything with rain

Hi!!! Okay so I know this prompt has been in my inbox for a hot minute- but I hope you don’t mind me taking a crack at it now? :) especially because I’m snowed in at the moment and school is cancelled and I’m not feeling hw. and after this one, I’m going to start another full length fic


One of Even’s favorite feelings in the world is the feeling of absolute stillness in the hours just before the sun breaks out over the sky and the birds tweet and alarms go off and all the jazz that reminds Even of how fast the world moves.

He much prefers it like this; quiet and relaxed and unhurried.

It also helps that he has an armful of sleepy Isak who’s gentle breaths escape his nose and brush against Even’s neck in rhythmic puffs.Even tightens his arms around Isak, just little bit, because he’s been feeling a little off lately and he never wants to lose this minute right here. 

It’s enough though, because Isak’s eyes blearily crack open, wincing at the edge-of-dawn light.

He sniffles blearily and god Isak is beautiful. “Halla baby.”


Isak blinks slowly again and sits up, just a bit, not quite enough to dislodge Even’s arms. “Its raining.”

Even perks up, just now noticing the gentle pitter patter of rain drops against the window panes.

“You know what?” Isak finally shifts out from under Even’s arms and stretches, shivering a bit as the cool air hits his bare skin. He pulls on a pair of Even’s boxers and makes for the window, “I think school is cancelled today.”

Even rolls his eyes, “No it’s not.”

Isak throws a bland looks backwards, “Yep. Because I’m not going out in this rain. Which means, you’re not going out in this rain.”

Even snorts because if that was the rule- that when one misses school, they both miss school- they’d both be so far above the 10% rule that they’d be doomed to repeat their current respective years for all of eternity. And fuck, Even’s already had to repeat once, no way in hell it’s going to happen again.

But then Isak turns to face him at the window and-

this would make a beautiful sketch. Isak, bare chested and sleep-rumpled, backlit by the morning light and drops of rain splattered just so against the window behind him? Even’s fingers start itching in a way they haven’t in a good two weeks.

Even stares at him hard, committing the image to memory.

“Besides,” Isak says, giving him a slow grin, “Once the other’s leave for school and work and whatever else they do in their lives…. we would have the apartment to ourselves.”


Well fuck.

Sometimes there are offers too good to refuse.

Even opens the covers and gestures for Isak to climb back in. “Maybe one day wouldn’t be so bad. A rain-day.”

Isak is smug and silly and climbs right back into bed to lie across Even’s chest without another word. So Even brushes his hand up and down his back and listens to the sound of the rain, magnifying it in his brain to drown out the sound of his mind.

He thinks back to Isak standing in front of the window. The desire to sketch out the image is almost overwhelming. He thinks that maybe he’d give it Isak a present- a visual representation of how Even sees Isak, how he has always seen Isak.

Bold, beautiful, soft.

But then he also thinks that maybe he’s keep it for himself too. In his wallet or bedside table. Maybe under his pillow to pull out at his leisure and remind himself of everything good and beautiful in his world.

The temptation proves too strong to resist.

He swats at Isak’s side, who groans in protest. “What the fuck do you want?”

“Up. I want to draw you.”

The groan grows louder and more dramatic, “Nooo. Babyyyyy.”

“The lightening is perfect, the rain is perfect, my mood is perfect, your body is perfect. This is it. Get up, put on some NAS and stand by the window.”

One last pathetic groan before Isak is grumbling and rolling off Even’s chest, and Even is up as well, grabbing his pencils and sketch pad that has made it’s new home under Isak’s bed and settling cross legged at the foot of the mattress.

The music comes on, Isak stops pouting, and the image is beautiful again, so beautiful and light and lovely that Even gets to work. He sketched out lines and shadings and his approximation of rain drops splattered against a window and like-

Isak just watches him; dramatic narrowing of his eyes gone soft and sweet, lips tilting up just a bit, noticeable only because he knows Isak so well. And he knows what Isak looks like when he’s content, even if he was being a brat about it.

He loses himself in the sketch, letting the sound of rain lull him more than the sound of Nas; letting the image of Isak standing in front of him and the feeling of Isak in his chest come alive and intermingle.

And finally when he’s done; when the outside has brightened just a bit, but the rain hasn’t slowed, Even decides that this just might be one of his favorite pictures he’s ever done.

originally i wasn’t going to post this, but i finally drew bon’s performance outfit in a way i liked lol for some reason that top REALLY causes problems for me, jeez.


Sunny Day and 80 degrees = Time for my favorite Sun Dress!

The weather today is amazing (compared to how not-so-great it has been). I threw on my favorite sun dress to enjoy the weather. My kids are with me, which is always a good thing. I was especially grateful though, because it was far more windy then I ever imagined. I had to constantly hold the material to my side so I would not flash anyone. They carried the the shopping bags for me and my daughter took care of the cart so I could hastily get back in the car :)

If you can’t tell from the pictures.. I feel down right amazing in this dress. I feel like it is because the colors seem to work well with my complexion, more so than almost anything else in my wardrobe. 

Having the windows open with the sun shining in also provides incredible light for a mini-selfie marathon. 

Well, I guess I better get back to doing my laundry (please ignore the towels on the bathroom floor and the clothes on the drying rack) ;-)

Have a great weekend!