this has the worst quality

Half cosplay, half my rad photoshop skillz

(Amelia, the Burrowing Owl Siren from @emo-rock-tale)


Seto Kaiba may have had some of the worst animation quality- but

…he has also had some of the best~

A few more since someone said since those were all from the movie //which I already knew and said so in the tags // SO here’s a few from DM as well~
PLUS my Kaiba post from a couple years ago – (x)

I did get to work with Don Was, who is responsible for later Bob Dylan albums and worked with the Stones way back, and he did a lot of John Mayer’s last couple of records. So I did get to work with him, but the songs he got to work on were bad songs, and that’s my fault. So the songs we worked on probably won’t make [the album], but I really enjoyed it and hopefully next time we can do something. He was pretty cool.
—  Niall Horan, on producers he would love to work with: Singapore showcase 7.7.17 (via 1directSG’s Instagram live story)

The encounter is an extraordinary sequence of physical comedy, one calamity adding to another until the finale where, in a crowed clubhouse of American sophisticates, David (in tatters) has to step so closely behind Susan to get away that he uses his top hat to mask the fact that her derriere is just silk knickers because of the rip in her dress. You need to look at this moment in calm and isolation to see that it is shockingly sexual. If it wasn’t so stupid, so screwball, the censor would have stopped it. There’s a lesson here which says you can do the most subversive things if you’re making a comedy. [x]
UK has 'worst quality of life in Europe'
Survey of 10 developed European countries puts UK at bottom of the pile due to high costs of living, while France takes top spot
By Mark King

“The UK has been named the worst place to live in Europe for quality of life, behind countries with damaged economies such as Ireland and Italy, according to the latest uSwitch quality of life index. The UK emerged as having the second lowest hours of sunshine a year, the fourth highest retirement age, and the third lowest spend on health as a percentage of GDP.

Despite above average household income – the fourth highest in Europe – Britons have 5.5 fewer days holiday a year than the European average and endure a below average government spend on education. UK households also struggle with a high cost of living, with food and diesel prices the highest in Europe, and unleaded petrol, alcohol and cigarettes all costing more than the European average.”

  • Saturn in the 1st house: fear of letting others or themselves down<br />
  • Main issue: wants to find themselves but doesn&rsquo;t know how </p>
  • Saturn in the 2nd house: fear of not getting the possessions they think make them worthy.<br />
  • Main issue: thinks material makes them more valuable </p>
  • Saturn in the 3rd house: fear of saying the wrong thing (usually quiet people or the exact opposite; talkative) <br />
  • Main issue: doesn&rsquo;t express their feelings & thoughts &lsquo;cause they feel like they&rsquo;re a burden. </p>
  • Saturn in the 4th house: fear of abandonment and isolation<br />
  • Main issue: usually had/has a bad childhood (home life)</p>
  • Saturn in the 5th house: fear of being the center of attention<br />
  • Main issue: low self esteem, usually shy people.</p>
  • Saturn in the 6th house: fear of criticism and knowledge, not getting the appreciation they feel they deserve
  • Main issue: has been criticized too much or not at all </p>
  • Saturn in the 7th house: fear of being alone, out of a relationship<br />
  • Main issue: bad with relationships </p>
  • Saturn in the 8th house: fear of death, the dark, facing their own demons<br />
  • Main issue: fearful about life and death at the same time </p>
  • Saturn in the 9th house: fear of being tied down, losing their freedom<br />
  • Main issue: makes everything a psychological war in their head but is still acting easy going on the outside</p>
  • Saturn in the 10th house: fear of career failure, not knowing what to do<br />
  • Main issue: bad self discipline, often oblivious on what to do with their life </p>
  • Saturn in the 11th house: fear of losing their independence, but also a fear of isolation<br />
  • Main issue: doesn&rsquo;t want to be alone but doesn&rsquo;t want to be dependent on others </p>
  • Saturn in the 12th house: fear of the odd, the dreaming, rejection<br />
  • Main issue: often gets lost in thoughts, doesn&rsquo;t split reality from dreams</p>
  • <strong> Saturn in Aries. </strong>
  • Best qualities: good leadership, competitiveness, self-reliance, self sacrifice
  • Prone to: headaches and head injuries
  • Worst qualities: not minding their own business, desperately trying to prove themselves
  • Qualities that may help you: security, stability, discipline and compassion
  • <strong> Saturn in Taurus </strong>
  • Best qualities: concern about materialistic things, goal-driven, tireless worker, patient, determined, loyal and disciplined
  • Prone to: become too dependent on money, become a millionaire/homeless
  • Worst qualities: being too concerned about materialistic things
  • Qualities that may help you: re-evaluating the true value of security, do things really make a person happy?
  • <strong> Saturn in Gemini </strong>
  • Best qualities: serious, deliberate, organization skills, concentration and mental stability
  • Prone to: depression, lung/breathing problems
  • Worst qualities: cynicism, pessimism, nervous tension
  • Qualities that may help you: faith, learn to think and act methodically, discipline in the mind
  • <strong> Saturn in Cancer </strong>
  • Best qualities: protective, persevering, worry about loved ones, kind
  • Prone to: becoming demanding and strict towards own children, emotional depression, stomach issues
  • Worst qualities: moody, unconscious fear of getting hurt, lack of empathy, fearful and insecure (perhaps because you feel unloved)
  • Qualities that may help you: security, empathy
  • <strong> Saturn in Leo </strong>
  • Best qualities: diplomatic, organizing, executive, efficient, conservative, leadership ability along with strong will
  • Prone to: isolation, loneliness, may resort to underhanded means to satisfy their ambitions, heart problems
  • Worst qualities: difficulty expressing emotions/thoughts, cruel, quick-tempered, jealous
  • Qualities that may help you: emotional security from someone you love, empathy and being cared for
  • <strong> Saturn in Virgo </strong>
  • Best qualities: industrious, practical, exacting, organizing, scientific, shy, thrifty, studious, economical and punctual
  • Prone to: periods of depression or hypochondriac tendencies, solitude
  • Worst qualities: perfectionism, critical, insecure
  • Qualities that may help you: sympathy, empathy, being cared for, realizing there is no such thing as perfect but only ideal
  • <strong> Saturn in Libra </strong>
  • Best qualities: diplomatic, balanced, tactful, harmonious
  • Prone to: urinary/kidney problems, relationships that require a lot of work
  • Worst qualities: perfectionist, may be cold in regards of marriage if Saturn is badly aspected
  • Qualities that may help you: self-discipline, empathy, thinking things through, confidence, taking care of yourself
  • <strong> Saturn in Scorpio </strong>
  • Best qualities: intense, loyal, secretive, serious, self disciplined, mysterious, doesn't give up, persistent, patient
  • Prone to: mental illnesses, irrational fears, lack of or too much sex
  • Worst qualities: pushy, difficult to understand, stubbornness, lack of forgiveness, jealous, revenge, resentment, ruthlessness, overthinking
  • Qualities that may help you: letting go of emotions (mostly anger), learning to be more open
  • <strong> Saturn in Sagittarius </strong>
  • Best qualities: discipline, philosophical, trustful, responsibility, reliable, generous, respectful, intuitive, independent and persistent
  • Prone to: injuries with hips and legs
  • Worst qualities: cynical, atheistic, selfishly ambitious, dogmatic, insincere and sarcastic
  • Qualities that may help you: empathy, love, a true home, discipline in the work area
  • <strong> Saturn in Capricorn </strong>
  • Best qualities: ambitious, self-controlled, organized, disciplined, patient, hard worker, serious
  • Prone to: inadequacy, loneliness
  • Worst qualities: difficulty dividing work and play, prestige and social standards are of great importance, selfishness, need for power
  • Qualities that may help you: acceptance of self and life in general, love, empathy, a friend or someone who supports you
  • <strong> Saturn in Aquarius </strong>
  • Best qualities: intellectual, self discipline, witty, friendly, independent, practical common sense, sympathetic, serious
  • Prone to: isolate themselves, be the type to disappear without telling anyone, have ankle issues
  • Worst qualities: holds grudges, has a difficult time understanding other peoples goals, impersonal, detached, cold
  • Qualities that may help you: tolerance, forgiveness
  • <strong> Saturn in Pisces </strong>
  • Best qualities: imaginative, soft hearted, sensitive, intuitive, self sacrificing, sympathetic, good memory
  • Prone to: overthink, feel lost, daydream, take life too seriously, mental illness, substance addictions
  • Worst qualities: difficulty setting personal boundaries, indecisive, moody
  • Qualities that may help you: share your knowledge, try to have fun every once in a while, learn to trust, accept yourself

noisypaintersong  asked:


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: s p a c e   d a d - okay but like, he is literally so fucking nice holy shit and he’s gone through so much shit that he didnt deserve but he’s still so supportive and it’s like ‘i love you???’

worst quality: has a tendency to yeet out of existence when needed

ship them with: allura

brotp them with: honestly shiro and slav would have starbucks together i can see that

needs to stay away from: haggar - holy shit she’s a bad influence on him

misc. thoughts: my precious space dad who deserves so so much better

(doublepistolswinker and penguinsinpen also requested this!)

So, uh, I saw @konorai’s post about Saitama and Genos having cocktails made from juice and soda, and dressing up all fancy for it. So naturally I had to draw it. I don’t know how to link back to the post (I’m on mobile!! D:) but it’s there so you can see for yourself.
(Sorry for poor camera quality! My phone has the worst camera! >.