this has taken me many hours today

Merry Christmas!

I spent the holiday with my beloved boyfriend of 5 ½ years. We just watched movies all day and had a little sleepover. 

Unfortunately, he’s moving to California to start his career. Today’s the last day I have had with him… Good-byes are so hard.

5 ½ years and this was our first Christmas together. 5 ½ years and we still haven’t shared a New Years kiss. 5 ½ years and he’s been my best friend through everything. Life has taken him to Texas, Florida, and now California - away from me - and that’s why we don’t have too many moments together. Even after our first year being together, his family moved to Florida, but he went to college in Louisiana an hour away from me. 

But I believe that through all the distance we have been through, it has prepared us for this obstacle in our relationship. Exactly a 2,000.5 mile-long obstacle. Yes, our relationship has been blessed in the right time - a time where FaceTime, texting, and calling exist in our everyday lives - because if it weren’t for these types of communication, our relationship wouldn’t exist. I wouldn’t have found my best friend, my true love in this world. A gentleman capable of love, patience, and kindness.

I just wanted to share something personal and from the heart with you guys. Hopefully, it’ll give some of y’all hope. 

Ok so I really don’t want to say much right now because I’m out with friends and hopefully will be for several hours. Also if I really start to think about it all I WILL start crying. And I’ve already cried a fair bit today at the show.

Suffice it to say, I just saw Darren Criss at his very best. That was remarkable, magnetic, and heartbreaking to watch. His hedwig is mercurial and complex and I love how he has taken this role in so many new directions.

Hedwig has been my welcome to New York and she has helped me settle in so nicely. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this adventure and thank you to Darren and Rebecca and all of them.

And remember, every time Darren Criss does anything we think he’s peaked, we think it’s the most amazing thing ever (and it is). So god knows all the fantastic stuff we have coming next! But for now, let’s all just bask in the three months we’ve had together. Because they’ve been pretty freaking wonderful!