this has taken me hours seriously

Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day

Lovelies, you gave me many happy hours, sad hours. You made me laugh, made me cry and most of all gave me distraction after exhausting days at work.

You are all awesome and deserve all the appreciation in the world. I know we writes are often not taken seriously and are not as esteemed as artists, but we do work too. Awesome work, that is.

This goes out to (in alphabetical order):

@airebellah, @aquilea-of-the-lonely-mountain @avelera, @badskippy, @bilboo, @emsiecat, @goldenlionprince, @hildyj, @littleravenkili, @milkteamiku, @MistakenMagic (who sadly has no tumblr), @northerntrash, @serenbach86

I surely have forgotten the one or the other and if so I am deeply sorry.

Keep up with the good work and don’t let yourselves get discouraged by others.