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Who Am I Without You?

gaaah, I love this idea so much, I can already see this being sad and fluffy as heckie. Thanks anon!! :)

Summary: Dan and Phil have been best friends since they met on the internet. They do pretty much everything together, including their career endeavors, and eventually getting a flat together. When speculation rises that the two lads could be dating, Dan and Phil agree that Phil should go get his own place, but is that really what they both want?

Genres: Slight Fluff! Friend to Lovers! Angst! In Real Time Phan Au! Oneshot!

Pairing: Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil

Word Count: 2,628

Warning: slight cursing! It’s also cheesy af I’m sorry ._.

A/N: Yes, I know I have an addiction to writing ftl fics, it’s an obsession!! It’s just so easy to write a bit of angst with it :) This is purely fiction, so don’t attack me if you don’t ship phan, but I’ve written plenty of ftl oneshots and it’s all been good feedback so I’m not totally worried :) enjoy guys!! And I hope I did this justice for you anon!

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So recently I see a lot more reposts then before. It might be because if the new fans, new people on tumblr and all that. So here is a little bit of information on why you should reblog and not repost. 

First things first. 

“Wat is reposting?" 

Reposting is when you take an image, art work, graphic, gif… that isn’t yours (Read as; not made, edited, created… by you) and upload it onto your own account. Simple as that. Reblogging is when you press the little arrows on a post, so it goes onto your blog and adds to the notes on the original post. So you’re ‘sharing’ it without uploading it again.

Now, a more prominent question. 

"Why is reposting wrong?”

There are many reasons to why this is wrong. Reasons different for every person, reason people often don’t see as a reason to why this is wrong. Let me list a few.

  • You take away credit from the original poster.
  • It is no sign of respect to any artist. 
  • The same image turns up over and over again in a tag, which is really annoying. 
  • People assume you edited/created the art you uploaded, the original creator gets no credit. 
  • The no credit thing is really a thing to keep in mind. 
  • A lot of work was put into it, even if it is just a gif. Even when it appears as a simple edit to you. People do these things because they want to. Because they like it. Because they feel the need to contribute something to the fandom they are in. And maybe even because they want some recognition and notes. For you to take all of that away, is simply rude and disrespectful. 
  • It actually counts as copyright violation. Something people often forget is a ‘crime.’ I’ll go into this later on in this post. 

So those are just some of the reasons to why reposting is wrong. Now, speaking out of my own experiences, reposters often don’t take this as a reason. They often hold these things up against is, making us, the artist, feel like /we/ did something wrong by pointing out they reposted. It happens all of the time. I’ll list a few things I have come across to, answers people gave me when I politely asked them not to repost, and to take down my graphic/edit. I’ll also explain to why I believe what they said, was wrong. 

“I didn’t stole anything from you, I never even visited your page!.”

This you’ll hear very often when you are dealing with reposters. They probably never even seen your Tumblr. Which still doesn’t give them the right to do whatever they did. There’s a lot of sources to where they could have found your artwork. Think about google images, weheartit, pininterest… and so on. I will list and explain all of these later on in the post. Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether you have visited the website or not, it gives you no right to repost whatever it is you have reposted. 

“But I credited you, look there’s a little link." 

Another thing you’ll often see/hear. People indeed do that sometimes, repost your thing and put a source underneath. Now.. Let me tell you this; mostly the source is wrong and it wouldn’t lead to your original post at all. And second, people don’t care about that. 99% of people on here wouldn’t take a second to check wether you actually created that or not. Especially not when you put a link and still make the source connect to your own page. Speaking about this, reposting something when you actually know the original post makes everything, imltho, even worse. You know where the edit is, you know who made it… Why don’t you just reblog it? Why don’t just just click two times and have it on your blog. Why do you feel the need to go through the entire upload thing when all you have to do is click two times and have it on your blog? I assume people do this to gain notes/followers… And that is rather pathetic and once more disrespectful, because the person who created the thing that has been reposted deserves that credit and those notes/followers. 

"You should be thankful, look it has …. notes now!”

No. We artists should NOT and I repeat NOT be thankful for you reposting our art AT ALL. If anything, we should be offended. Which most of the time we are and we have every right to be. Reposting is not a way of appreciating you love the thing we did, reposting is not something we should be thankful for. 

Those are just some of the most common things I have come across from. Believe me, I have seen about everything by now. I also found, people are incredibly rude when you point them out they have reposted something. I barely ever come across someone who friendly replies. Of course, there have been some. But they really are outnumbered by the amount of times people shouted, called me names or whatever for just asking them to take down MY piece of art. If you want to know a few things; they involve calling my followers psycho bitches for letting me know about the repost, saying I cyber bully, saying I was causing them to feel suicidal. Yes. It really goes that far. 

Recently I found a lot if people putting together gifs/edits that aren’t theirs in a photoset, but claim they made the photoset. This also is reposting. This also is wrong. And so is taken an already edited image and just putting it into black and white. 

Anyway, to carry on, as I said earlier there are a few things people consider as a source, which isn’t really a source. Here’s a list. 

  • Weheartit: This website is probably the worse thing ever for an artist. Basically everything on there is stolen and credited in a wrong way. It gives an easy opportunity to repost things you find on there on Tumblr and it automatically creates a source that goes back to weheartit. Now I know it’s easy to find things on there, but please, keep them on there. They are already stolen once, please don’t do it a second time. So now all repeat after me: weheartit is NOT a source.
  • Google Images: Yeaa, we all did this I guess. Googled our favourite show/ship/anything. You’ll find load of great images, art work, edits… It is alright to save them to your computer. But it is not okay to reupload them. Follow the link you find on google, find out where it comes from and usually you’ll end up on some sort of Tumblr. Yes I know, it takes a /little/ bit of effort. But still not as much effort as it takes to repost the entire thing. 
  • Instagram: Aaah, instagram is like a repost heaven. Or hell. I’d call it hell. If you go through the Sherlock tag on there, you won’t see much original posts. Graphic after graphic, edit after edit gets reposted. On top of it, IG doesn’t come with a good report system like tumblr does. All we can do is ask them, but really. This drives me crazy more then anything. Because people won’t listed at all. As long as they gain followers though things they haven’t made, all is well. Fuck people who spent hours on what they just claimed as theirs. (Just to make sure, that was sarcasm.) 

Well, those are pretty much the main things about reposting. There’s a million more things to it and I could write/complain about it all night, but yea… Let’s move on to things YOU can do to prevent this.

  • Take a second to look at the source. 

Please do this. If you see the source is weheartit, or IF there is a tag/URL on the image you see and it IS NOT the same as the source, please do not reblog it. Don’t spread those reposts, instead either message the original poster OR just message the blog who reposted and FRIENDLY (always friendly. Never hate.) ask them not to repost. If necessary explain them why, they might not know.

  • Find the original post instead of reblogging the repost.

Yeaaaa I know, this sounds like a lot of effort too. And ain’t nobody got time for that, but you would really show your feelings towards a graphic/artwork if you did this instead of reblogging the reposted version. If there’s an URL on the image, you can just go to that tumblr and most artist have a tag for their art on their blog so it’s easy to find. If that isn’t the case, grab the URL of the image (right click, copy image URL) and take it to google images. Once there, you see this little camera in the right corner. You should click that and you’ll get this:

External image

Past your URL there and 9/10 times you will find the original post. 
  • If all else fails, and the person doesn’t have an ask. Please report them to tumblr. Don’t be afraid to do so. Just contact the suport and send the the links of your original post and the reposters. They will take it down. Click here and read more. 

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I just wanted to say I love your blog so so much. I also wanted to ask for some blog tips? I have a theme, great people to queue from, a cool enough user, but I barely have any followers :( so yeah. How do you gain loads of followers? Thank you in advance!!

Tysm anon :)!  and I’ll post the tips I use for other groups 

Step 1: Keep your blog active (So I think we all know this now) the more active you are on Tumblr = More notes = More people seeing your awesome posts = Higher chances of people following you! Some awesome ways to be active are (1) using Queue’s - I personally prefer using the Qplus and if you are over 15k or have a few dollars to spend you should get Q+ Pro which gives you unlimited posts to queue as well as analytics (similar to the activity chart).

Step 2: Engage with your followers (This is important you can have all the followers you want but if you have followers on mute “that is kinda boring” right and engaging your followers is an awesome way in enhancing your page views + unique page views + helps with followers depending on how you do it so when I started out I would make “Send me x for a full blog rate” and you can actually tag the post with the #blograte, #fullblograte, #promo etc and include “mbf” somewhere on the post or “It would be nice if you are following” this helps you to get a few followers and makes it easier to get bloggers to engage with you especially when you don’t have alot of followers - I get my most page views both unique + regular when I engage and talk with my followers!

- It’s also important to engage with people you follow when they do anon hours etc it will show them as well that you aren’t dead - 

Step 3: Blog Layout/Theme: It’s imperative that you have a perfect and amazing and (UNIQUE) Theme - having a nice theme will help bloggers that click your blog - to stay and possibly follow back - a unique touch to your blog that makes your blog look different can also enhance this effect so be creative and try out new things with your blog and layout and bring it to its full potential Theme suggestions: (1)

- Make sure to choose the theme based on your blog style and make sure to ask people before you apply the changes to your blog (we want your blog to look perfect before you launch a makeover -

 - Make sure to avoid using backgrounds that are distracting such as repeating images - ** Important about that unique part** This is so huge remember being unique, an individual, creative and showing the people of tumblr something new will help you gain and inspire others which is what everyone wants to do :)!

   Step 4: URL: This isn’t hard I would say you can have a URL that relates to your blog theme but every URL like that is taken such as (indie) or (boho) for example, so I’d suggest  going the easy route! - Easy route = A url must be simple, short, sound cool, and memorable + (unique) for example alot of people don’t know what my URL means so sometimes they would give it maybe a lower rate however!!!! Everyone I have talked to remembers my URL which is the most important function of your URL! its your brand it’s what people will remember your blog from! If people don’t remember your URL they don’t remember your blog so it’s crucial for gaining followers and branding your blog - Avoid dashes in your url for example - I-love-eating-pizza-with-magic The issue with this url is it is way to long, it has to many dashes! also the URL doesn’t connect completely to the idea about pizza so in all areas it is flawed - Try a url like - “Heoretic” Short, cool sounding, and easy to remember (Good choice) one of my saved urls haha

Step 5:  Uploads/Post your own Ish: I get over 30k+ notes every week how do I do this by posting my own posts! The Queue option is mainly for helping to maintain your blog when you aren’t busy however you need to post your own stuff if you want to gain more followers and more unique views + page views! My go to places are We Heart It and Instagram  

Step 6: Promotions: Join in all forms of promotions as stated earlier including anyone doing any form of blog rates, etc faves and awards (First 15+,30+,45+) etc the main purpose of this is to get your blog out there and noticed ^.^!

Step 7: 

Join Networks/Faves/Awards etc: Both Joining and Winning Faves/Networks/Awards etc is a huge part in gaining and getting your blog out there! Winning these are sometimes hard so thats why I emphasized the importance of being unique/creative with your blog because when I go through some awards for example my bday awards any blog that looked like something I seen already got removed immediately people respect effort and hard work pays off on Tumblr trust me my blog was a hot mess before what it looks like now and I’ve only been on here for a few months so lol!

(a): Joining - Helps make your blog get the attention of bigger bloggers even if you lose and sometimes you may still get the followback and you can win the next one

(b) Winning - Promo’s I actually utilized these when I won stuff send them an ask, utilize them perks haha! I gained alot from utilizing them when I was a smaller blogTips to winning this is

1) Talk to the people hosting the awards/faves/networks - don’t sound all pushy and thirsty just talk to them normally b/c when I did my faves I got alot of random messages and you could tell they were talking to me just to win make it casual and talk to them b/c you want to actually be friends with them and not to win! if you need tips on conversing with people message me on here or tumblr :D! -

2) Do the “higher chances” I don’t know if other bloggers actually increase chances but I do if someone did any of my higher chances and there blog was on FLEEK They may win ^.^!

3) Have a blog that is on fleek haha (AND UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL ASF but in a good way)

4) Network your ass off and talk to heaps of people related to the first part 

5) Slay everything I just wrote above :)

6) Be a nice and respectable person and Reblog the post multiple times but don’t reblog it like a crazy person (it increases your chances of a blog seeing you) 

7) Tag the bloggers in post letting you know why they should pick you !

Step 7: Network your little booty off my friend: Talk with every single person following or not !!! Talk to everyone, how are people going to know you if you don’t talk to them haha! There is a reason alot of people know about me it’s because I talk with everyone and make friends with people of our sector of tumblr (this is the biggest thing in having a really popular blog and it helps form loyal followers :)

Step 8: Get people to check out your blog: Self explanatory (make sure your blog is on point first before asking)  and make sure to follow “ALL” the rules outlined in the Faqs page or before asking sections!

Step 9 Consistent post style: Make sure to have a blog style in which all the post mesh well ( I would say you don’t need a certified blog style) However if the post mesh well together I feel that works fine! Having a set down post style will help you maintain and gain followers If you are personal in a way that you reblog anything hence (A picture of blood vs a picture of cute puppies) bloggers that like puppies will un-follow since you posted something that isn’t consistent with their niche

- sorry for the essay I’ll prob link this on my blog somewhere so I don’t have to write it again!! hope this helps and nps


Taken from the Autumn 2015 issue of Dazed:

This spring, an LA teenager’s school project ignited the internet. A charm offensive titled “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows”, the five-minute video deftly unpacked the thorny issue of cultural appropriation with a nuance that few would be able to nail. Raising an eyebrow at culprits like Iggy Azalea and Katy Perry treating black culture as a pick’n’mix stand at the multiplex, the clip, uploaded by 16-year-old Amandla Stenberg, announced a whip-smart new voice that was not to be fucked with.

Three years after she shot to global prominence as Rue in The Hunger Games (2012), the actress is leading a wave of young, hyper-informed trendsetters with a fresh and fearless take on today’s defining issues. Last month, she echoed the sentiments of her school project in a comment on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram. In response to the pouty reality princess’s latest look – cornrows – Stenberg wrote, “when u appropriate black features and culture but fail to use ur position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards ur wigs instead of police brutality or racism”. Jenner retorted, “go and hang out w Jaden.” (Stenberg attended prom with Jenner’s ex, Jaden Smith.)

Yet Stenberg cuts through the noise. Using social platforms like Tumblr and Twitter, she’s always set her own agenda in terms of what’s important and newsworthy, regardless of what mainstream media is championing. She uses Instagram, but not just for thirst trap selfies or to promote her personal brand. More than anything else, she’s someone who refuses to stay quiet. “I think people discredit teenagers and how wise they can be,” says Stenberg. “Sometimes I meet teenagers who are much wiser than many adults I’ve met, because they haven’t let any insecurities or doubts about themselves get in the way of their thoughts.”

Stenberg refuses to be quoted on Kylie-gate in the wake of the resulting media frenzy. She would prefer to move on – after all, she’s made her point. Meeting her a couple of weeks before the Jenner ‘feud’ makes headlines, the actress wears a houndstooth shirt and pillar box-red lipstick, sitting in her favourite cafe in Culver City, on the west side of Los Angeles. She’s all smiles, despite recovering from an intense bout of flu. The doctor gave her tiger balm, and told her to reduce any stress in her life. Has she been stressed? “Not exactly,” she says. “I don’t think it’s negative pressure; it’s me being excited about moving forward and things evolving and becoming bigger in my career. But balancing school and work can be really stressful.” She says her mum encourages her to take time for herself, and she recently had a ‘sound bath’, a guided meditation in which glass bowls are played at various frequencies.

But the way things are going, there’ll be fewer opportunities for Stenberg to perfect her lotus pose. She’ll be shooting two indie films later this year (she’s not allowed to discuss them yet), and has been linked with the lead role in Looking for Alaska, a 2016-slated adaptation of John Green’s wild young adult novel that’s been likened to a modern-day Catcher in the Rye. When casting for the role began, #WOCforAlaskaYoung started trending on Twitter, with people calling for a non-white lead in the film and pointing out the lack of diversity in teen movies. Green got behind the campaign, and Lorde supported Stenberg’s bid for the role via Twitter.

For Stenberg and her community of friends – Tavi Gevinson, Willow and Jaden Smith, Lorde, Kiernan Shipka – it’s not enough to excel in your chosen line of work, be it acting, singing or publishing. What matters is inspiring others, sharing information and starting a dialogue. Far from the apathetic millennials of media lore, these kids have more in common with the politicised youth of the late 60s. “It’s so inspiring to see someone in the entertainment industry be vocal about critiquing it,” says Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson of Stenberg. “I’m lucky I can talk to her about being a young, independent, powerhouse woman – I think a lot about the time she compared losing your sense of self in this world to being unable to uncross your eyes.”

Ella Yelich-O’Connor, AKA Lorde, recalls being bowled over by Stenberg when they met last year. “It was early on a Saturday, and we ate pancakes with Kiernan (Shipka),” she recalls. “I felt so lucky to be in the presence of such smart, interesting young ladies. Amandla was working on a school project film adaptation of The Yellow Wallpaper, which reminded me of me – I used to do the exact same strange shit at school! She told me while we were discussing work that there weren’t many roles for young black girls in film or television. I expressed dismay, but she said it very steadily, with a clear look in her eye, no sadness or disappointment. I got the impression this wasn’t something that would stop Amandla, and I think I was right.”

It figures that Stenberg is most at home around trailblazers. In May, her (platonic) prom date was Jaden Smith – she wore a septum ring and her hair in show-stopping grey braids, and he wore a long skirt with sneakers, a look she fully approved of. “Guys aren’t allowed to express femininity; they have to always appear masculine and that’s bullshit,” she says. “I love it when guys can be feminine and express their emotions and creativity; it shows strength.” Stenberg met Jaden’s sister, Willow, after they began having dreams about each other. Willow messaged her, saying, “I feel like we are supposed to be friends,” so the two met up and talked about everything they loved for a good hour. “Then we did interpretive dance to Grimes,” says Stenberg, giggling.

Born October 23, 1998, Stenberg was raised on the west side of Los Angeles. Her mum, Karen, is African American, a New York transplant and former entertainment reporter for People magazine who moved to California 21 years ago. She met Stenberg’s Danish father, Tom, at a concert in LA. Karen raised their daughter in the Agape church, and their daughter grew up immersed in spiritual practice, meditating from a young age. Even when it came to getting the part of Rue in The Hunger Games, says Karen, there was a mystical aspect. “She had a dream of Rue, which influenced how she did her hair and dressed at the auditions.”

Aged four, Stenberg did a few catalogue shoots for Disney, followed by commercials for McDonald’s and Kmart. Come 2011, she’d scored her first feature film role in Colombiana (2011), co-written and produced by Luc Besson. When she auditioned for the part of Rue, she was already a diehard fan of The Hunger Games, having read the book four times. The audition was fairly typical – a reading followed by a call-back with the director, Gary Ross. Stenberg’s approach, however, was not. Convinced she had to go the extra mile to get the part, she turned up at Ross’s house covered in mud, with leaves and twigs in her hair, for full lost-in the-wilderness effect. Soon after, she found out she had landed the role.

The release of The Hunger Games in 2012 marked Stenberg’s entry into the Hollywood big leagues, but a stream of online abuse slightly soured the triumphant news of her casting. While her character was clearly described in the books by Suzanne Collins as dark-skinned, apparently this didn’t register with a small – but vocal – minority of bigoted fans. “It was my first interaction with blatant racism,” says Stenberg of the odious tweets she received. “Even though it was painful, it was important to experience it, because it connected me in a very real way to the struggle that millions of people endure every day.”

As well as producing “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows”, Stenberg enthusiastically curates a popular and political Tumblr page granting viewers full and easy access to her thoughts, posting screengrabs celebrating the beauty of women of colour and quotes like, “Love between two women is powerful, and that is why you are afraid.”

“Tumblr has totally informed what I’m interested in and what I care about, especially when it comes to social justice,” she reflects. “It’s such a cool platform for learning about black and trans rights.” Stenberg talks about the ‘Art Heaux’ movement, a community of black kids taking selfies and Photoshopping themselves in the name of art. “That is so amazing,” she says. “(It’s) black kids saying, ‘Look how beautiful I am,’ and defying the notion that they’re not allowed to be indie in that way.”

Does Stenberg consider herself indie? She’s not sure. On one hand, she loves Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé with her “entire heart”. On the other, she’s super-excited to go to LA’s upcoming FYF Fest, where she’ll see Frank Ocean, Solange and Death Grips. She shares her voracious interest in the arts with close friend Kiernan Shipka, the 15-year-old actress best known for her role as Sally Draper in Mad Men. “We both appreciate things that are artistic and want to watch more movies, read more books, listen to new artists and learn about new art,” says Shipka, who bonded with Stenberg over their shared passion for Studio Ghibli anime films, Haim and Taylor Swift.

If you search ‘Amandla Stenberg’ on IMDb, the website’s bio informs you that her first name comes from the Zulu word for power. Perhaps it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Later today, she’ll fly to NYC to channel the spirit of Black Panther activist Angela Davis, whose empowering words adorn Stenberg’s face in an image for this shoot. She’ll move there one day, she says, to enrol in film school and direct movies of her own. (As Gevinson says of her: “She is not content to speak only words she’s been given.”) Stenberg mentions that Spike Lee teaches at NYU. “I think I would die, studying with him. As much as I want to be fulfilled creatively as an actress, and get to be in roles that are meaningful and impactful, I hope the same thing for myself as a director, one day.” She smiles, the glint of fire lighting up her eyes. “I want to make things that have an impact on how we look at the world. I know it’s a tall glass to fill, but it’s a glass that really does need to be filled, as an African American woman.” In Stenberg’s charge, the glass isn’t just in safe hands – it’s shatterproof.