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okay: hermione has severe anxiety (which isn't helped by the fact that she's thrown into a world of magic when she's only 11 after years of being told it's fake. like, she loves it, but she's also anxious about the people and the culture shock; etc.) and Ginny has ADHD, & anxiety. Ginny also has PTSD. (she was possessed by a dark lord, cmon ppl) Actually, all the Weasley kids have ADHD, & Percy has ocpd, & Bill & Charlie are both dyslexic. Just some of my nd Harry Potter head canons!!! :)

yesssss these are all good!!!! esp adhd weasleys & ocpd percy omg those rlly stand out to me!!!

i remember seeing someone say that harry has c-ptsd before too, & i rlly like that headcanon as well B)

I just looked at my follower count…OMG! GUYS!! I can’t believe this! I am blown away by the amount of love and support you all give me on a daily basis. Thank you so SO much for that! My theories and analyses wouldn’t have reached so many people if it wasn’t for you sharing my posts or telling people about my blog. This fandom has brought so much joy into my life and please never think I take all of your kind words or wonderful tags for granted!!  Thank you for following and reading my analyses and theories and geeking out over this show with me! 

 – Erin xx

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Unexpected twist: Brax has a passionate secret affair with Tracey's and Angel's single mom. And by passionate I mean they have little dates where they go ot the farmer's market together and talk about their favourite types of whole wheat bread. And then Brax goes to hold her hand and they both look away and blush really hard.


well i mean…….. miri’s always going to spend many days w her ex so …… yEA I THINK BRAX DESERVES SOMEONE TO HAVE A GOOD TIME WITH Q~Q

and by a good time i mean sharing quinoa balls ….and discussing the pros and cons of wheat protein vs soy ….. brax is just amazed that this woman knows a gluten free recipe for just about anything and she lOVES UNBOXING ALSO ……

she even has two kids……. and brax has always wanted kids ……but miri doesn’t ….. QoQ

aAAaAAA brax goes to hold her hand and he likes her a lot and she likes him a lot bUT ………… he just doesn’t have the courage to do anything but go home to miri at the end of the day where she’s inevitably planning the next time she’s going to see devin …….


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omg the video for namjoon is so..???? first of all the song is amazing thank you for bringing that into my life but I have so many questions about namjoons character now, what happened to him? what made him change? was it when jin and y/n's older brother died and he turned against yoongi or is there something else we dont know about? also what lyric do you think applies to him the most?

Ahh, it mainly has to do with Y/N and Jin’s older brother. He was like an older brother figure to Yoongi and Namjoon and something happened that had him choosing Yoongi over Namjoon.

Jin also worked for Namjoon for a bit, but now he’s with Yoongi. It hasn’t been revealed yet what is was or why Jin was with Namjoon, but that’s why Namjoon doesn’t like Yoongi and why he hates Jin and his family.

As far as lyrics. Namjoon has caused a lot of trouble within the story while having limited appearances. His character is very subdued, which is why the song isn’t as upbeat as everyone else’s. He also, pretty much, has done all this with an underlying goal to keep Jungkook in place.

Here are the lyrics for the song in the video

I woke up with a vendetta this mornin’
Rise and shine, demise of my mind and I’m haunted
That’s why y'all I’m still yawnin’
My pride won’t die til I’m dormant
Show me where the war at
It’s death threats on my door mat
I’m selfish, I need all that
No accolade escape
See I be sittin’ in the grave
‘Fore I be sittin’ in the cage

I think they all apply to Namjoon, but he’s so wrapped up in Jungkook some parts relate to him directly and some are more of how he uses Jungkook. I tried to show clips of Jungkook for the parts that deal with Namjoon’s use of Jungkook.

The lyrics that are definitely relational to Namjoon are:
‘I woke up with a vendetta this morning.’ (Against Yoongi and Jin’s family)
‘My pride won’t die till I’m dormant.’ (His pride being his actual pride and also Jungkook)
And 'I’m selfish, I need all that.’(“All that” referring to wealth, territory, power, and Jungkook’s loyalty)


go check this out: @percabethlibrary

So I might be a bit late on this, but have you guys seen the blog @percabethlibrary yet? If not, you should go check it out right now! The blog is basically a percabeth fic rec blog that has links and a master post to a lot of quality fics! (tbh I was surprised to see so many of mine)

But yeah! The blog also has an amazing tag system so you can go get exactly what you want?? I think that the admin for the blog right now is @pichitinha (correct me if I’m wrong) and I saw a post about the blog wanting some help later down the road, so if that’s your thing, go check it out! 

The link for the master post is right here and everybody should go through the list and look through some of these amazing fics bc it’s so cool to have them all in one place. The tag page is here, and the ask box is here!


I was tagged by the lovely @bts-is-dope to do the lock screen tag thing! Thank youuuu💞💞

I’m so obsessed with this peachy tae bg omg! You can check out @kwallpapers for some amazing kpop wallpapers!

That pic of Yoongi has to be one of my fave pics of him! I loooove it!

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Dark Characters

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1) What would your character be like as a villain?

okay so i actually have so many headcanons for a verse with a corrupted wendy, and the entirety of it and her dark characterization can be summed up by this comic (x). her darkness is a result. it’s a person who has been tormented for years finally snapping, and given a little malicious help, she begins to fight back. after years being imprisoned in neverland, the shadow makes a deal with her: it can latch onto her soul in return for giving her the power to free herself and receive justice against her captors. it ends up being an all out war for neverland, as she seeks not only to kill pan but to become the queen of neverland as well —she feels it is her due after so many years of suffering. the thing is, she’s not exactly evil. she has all the reason in the world to want revenge. but by allowing the shadow to bond to her, it twists and corrupts her.

2) What is your character like at their worst?

she is vengeful. she’s someone who has been so terribly hurt, she wants nothing more than to make pan and the lost boys pay for imprisoning her. some she slaughters —if she is feeling kind. others she confines to cages or forces them to play deadly games for her amusement. yet pan is the one she really wants and she will do anything to get to him, to destroy him. the worst thing you could do is get between her and peter. you might not even have a body left to be discovered once she’s done with you.

3) What villain does your character most closely resemble in other works?

i’d definitely say tia dalma/calypso from pirates of the caribbean (even though she’s not really a villain, exactly) because both were imprisoned, both could potentially be seen as justified (to some extent) in their actions, both were betrayed/imprisoned by one they trusted (davy jones for tia dalma, peter pan for wendy) and both desire revenge against their captors. also, because one of tia dalma’s lines fits wendy so well: “the last thing they will learn in this life is how cruel i can be”

4) How can your character be defeated

to separate her from the shadow would be to separate her from her source of power, and depending upon how closely linked it has become to her, the division might even kill her.

5) What makes your character so dangerous

her darkness comes from pain, from suffering and anger that has built up over literal decades of imprisonment. her darkness comes from being betrayed. there’s nothing more dangerous than someone with every right in the world to seek revenge. not to mention she has the power of the shadow at her disposal as well.

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@joshduntired ‘s questions for me:

favourite pair of socks? Ooh omg I love socks, but probably a pair of winnie the pooh ones I have which one says ‘hello’ and the other says ‘goodbye’

what about your favourite female celebrity? I would have to say Halsey or Melanie Martinez

and book-to-movie adaptation (this one is difficult, im sorry)? The hunger games probably… but omg I have so many I’m prob not even thinking of my favourite one rn

do you have any plans for your future? I’d love to get a good job which I enjoy, travel and maybe live in a big city?

what’s the pattern on your favourite blanket or bed? Right now its like grey/brown colour and it sortof looks like cow print with stripes over? Ok that description was shit but its actually nice trust me xD

ketchup and mustard, both, or neither? Neither, I prefer mayonnaise 

favourite flower? I’m no flower expert, but y’know.. a good ol’ daisy?

do you like to create (if so, what)? I love making movies or like videos 

who is one of your idols (why)? Troye Sivan, because he’s accomplished so much for his young age and just promotes so much good to the world the lil squish

do you add sugar to your coffee/tea? I dont drink either xD

finally, what is your all-time favourite song (this one is important)? Never gonna give you up - Rick Astley

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1.) Mood right now?

2.) Favourite Drink?

3.) Favourite Smell?

4.) What is your favourite pen?

5.) What time is it where you live? 

6.) Favourite outfit atm?

7.) Do you wear glasses?

8.) What country do you live in?

9.) 2016 Goal?

10.) Have you caught up on all the DanandPhilGAMES videos yet? (they’ve uploaded so much this week it makes me so happyy)

11.) This one aint a question, more of a please do this, please give yourself a big ol’ smile right now! xx

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1. Favorite Final Fantasy game + character?

AHHHHH I have so many but I guess Cloud Strife, Zack Fair,  Balthier, Tidus, Reno &  Hope Estheim

2. Favorite Kingdom Hearts game + character?

Roxas has held such a special place in my heart for the longest time and I can’t think of any other KH character that really does and I love all of them / have played all of them. 

3. Favorite Disney movie + character?

Jim Hawkins, Aladdin & Hiro Hamada 

4. What is one thing you really wanna see in KH 3? Why?

Older generation characters and more robots. 

5. What other character aside from Sora would you want to play as in KH 3?

Roxas/ Axel again maybe. 

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  • Do you have a favorite outfit you like to wear?
  • An odd habit you might have?
  • What’s the last song you listened to? 
  • Favorite flower? 
  • Have you ever been out in the ocean (did you like it? )
  • What’s the silliest word you can think of? 


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name: Isabel
star sign: leo
height: 5′4 (162.6 cm about) or smth idk i dont even remember when i got my last physical but either way i think i’ve stopped growing :// damn always gonna be shorter than seb
average hours of sleep: my sleep schedule has become i dont
lucky number: i like the number 3 like when i have 3 pencils taking a standardized test and having that many makes me less anxious about my pencil breaking 
last thing i googled: champagne gummy bears
number of blankets i sleep with: 3 and then i hang a sheet down over the side of the top bunk to make a warm lil cocoon in the bottom bunk
favorite fictional characters:
atm it’s all the percy jackson & steven universe protags 
favorite novel: u are making me choose and that is not nice i do not like choosing oh my godd tbh i wanna say Eleanor & Park but that book hurt me so bad so i don’t know but i don’t rly remember which other novels ive read rn
when did i start this blog?: some time my freshman yr of high school idk its been a while
amount of followers: it’s over 550 but it might go up faster if i actually fixed my theme um yikes thats not who i am anyomore fam 
what do I post mostly?: i am meme and shitpost trash. i post some random anime and steven universe stuff but mostly i post things that make me laugh and cute animals
do i run any more blogs?: yeah theres a link on my blog i think but who knows i haven’t updated my links in like a year
most active follower?: @panromantic-potato
what made me get a tumblr?: @butterymelons
do i get a lot of asks?: no but i want them as you can tell im v chatty
what made me get this url?: it was some kind of joke god only knows at this point tbh lmao

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Louis when he was on A League of Their Own looked SO SMASHINGLY good didn't he?! If you have photos of that, pleeease post them if you know of anyone who has a mp for that, or if you do :3 I hope you are doing well and have lovely days, I miss you <3

omg, i have SO many fond memories of that day <3 and i’m shocked that i don’t have a special tag for it, BUT my loveliest pal jackie has and yea… have fun and enjoy :)))

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you are one of the most amazing people on this earth, and you hold art inside your soul

art? woah I think this is actually one of the most beautiful things someone has said to me.. comparing my soul with art is something so powerful for me omg. 

Many thanks. You are just as amazing as me just for this message!! 

I’m still like WOAH because you said I hold art inside my soul woah 

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Omg you need to do your research honey, the meat and diary industry IS one of the biggest causes of climate change. The UN has come out and said that if we don't change our ways towards veganism then we might literally destroy the earth. Also, no there's not health benefits to eating meat. Meat is the #1 cause of heart disease and many other diseases. It's been proven many many times a plant based diet is a lot healthier than a meat/dairy based diet.

I love how you are so self righteous and want to be right so bad and be satisfied with your efforts that you felt the need to send me 3 messages about this topic

honestly I’d respect what you were saying if you tried to be even remotely nice about it but instead you’re being a complete ass about it just because I don’t know much about vegetarianism and that makes me not listen to you at all truthfully I didn’t even read the other messages you sent because of the way you’re being and I can’t be bothered to make you feel as though you’ve had some sort of impact on me

if you want to educate me on vegetarianism go ahead but do it nicely or I won’t listen :)

5 Songs I’ve Been Feeling Lately

@notsoclosetedfangirl​ thanks for giving me so many tags!! omg i love and hate this so much because theres too much good music ><

Hello-J.Cole: my brother got me SO into jcole and ive been repeating his album like crazy. seriously so good. its the first song i thought of for this and the first song that i click on everyday

Lost- Frank Ocean: his album is sooo good too and i love srk and thinkin about you but this song has been showing up in my shuffle so much and its just super mellow

안아 줄게[ill hug you?]-standing egg: i think i found this song when looking for another korean titled song, but its just the most beautiful song and it really calms you down. “ill listen to the things you cant tell anyone” the lyrics really make you feel so good. A MUST listen if youre having a real shity day

I am you you are me-Zico: god im so in love with all of his songs. i blasted eureka for like two weeks but his newest song is too good too. talented boy

Fix You-Coldplay: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PERFORM THIS AT SUPER BOWL i love this song so much and i thought about It Hurts throughout the entire song LOL like youll understand as the scenario progresses but it really matches and the song is so well

these are all really old and mellow songs LOL hit me up and lets talk about music any day cuz i love any kind of music so much and theres so much i couldnt fit here

i tag @bangthebae @cv-mi @kenwayer27 

Then & Now

Then: (as in a few years ago? Idk leave me alone)

Now: (last semester!)

Some things never change! 

Obviously I had some fun with this tag but I really do enjoy seeing people’s selfies and how they have grown as individuals.

Edit: OMG I totally forgot to say that the wonderful and lovely @makeyourdeduction was the one who tagged me in this. I love this woman dearly and she is going through a tough time so if anyone has words of happiness or encouragement please send them her way.

🆕🎁OMG..B MAKOWSKY…SOFTEST LEATHER EVER!!! Measure: 14" x 8"…has 2 side pockets….signature b. MAKOWSKY inside and tagged….has so many pretty details…has a back pocket of course…has 2 small spots but not noticeable when wearing…it’s a camel in color…and truly fabulous!! 💝free 🎁 with purchase!

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((ask limits suck) yOU LOVE KPOP AS WELL ??? :D what bands do you like? i've been obsessing over rookie groups a lot lately! my faves are bts, seventeen, monsta x, up10tion and astro ^_^ anime&kpop have been my biggest obsessions lately :') i dont know many people who like anime and kpop (as much) haha i'm glad you're my valentine! :P drawing wow, your desc says that as well, do you have an art tag? i love drawing, but i suck lol. i respect artists so much -scrt v

YESS WOWOW FATE HAS BOUGHT US TOGETHER FRIEND I LOVE KPOP and same omg!! my bias group is bts but i love them all!! and i’ve heard of astro and i’ve been meaning to get into them!! aaaah this is so cool i cant believe you like kpop too (◍•ᴗ•◍)
aaahaha ive been drawing for a long time but im always too nervous to post stuff!! i’ll post some art eventually heh ;;; and dont say that!! art is rlly hard tbh it takes a lot of effort and practice!! im sure you could be a cool artist 😎 (omg sorry this is so long!!)