this has so many notes

  • Levi in AU fanfics: Rich, probably. Most likely a business man. Sometimes a cop or a mafia boss. Probably owns a store or something. Rides a motorcycle or a fancy sports car. Has a big house. He's just a rank just under Erwin's CEO status or something. Maybe he's some kind of artist or writer. A college or high school professor.
  • Levi in Isayama's AU: A janitor, naturally.

  darkly dreaming dexter ( book ) sentence meme
        inc. nsfw, violence, swearing, slurs, etc.

‘ you are mine now. ’
‘ be good and you will live longer. ’
‘ i could never do this to children. ’
‘ i don’t know anything with you. ’
‘ how does the killer get rid of the blood? ’
‘ he cut the victim into pieces and then wrapped up each one like it was a christmas present. did you ever see anything like that before? ’
‘ nobody saw anything, heard anything. nothing. ’      
‘ they are only putas. ’
‘ you’re different. ’  
‘ i think people understand things different when they get older. ’
‘ you can channel it. control it. choose what… or who… you kill. ’
‘ you’re going to sprain a frontal lobe. it’s too early to be this clever. ’
‘ what fun would that be? ’
‘ how can you joke about it? ’
‘ the fuck you doing here? ’
‘ i’m sorry. but now we have to wait. ’
‘ bastard! ’
‘ attitude may be all he is. ’
‘ imagine how i would have felt if he had killed you. ’
‘ what the hell is that about? ’
‘ i didn’t recognise you with clothes on. ’
‘ this isn’t some kind of game here. ’
‘ i think i’m going to be sick. ’
‘ my professional reputation is shit. ’
‘ he’s going to stay right here and he’s going to kill again. ’
‘ this guy’s a butcher. ’        
‘ i would really like to talk to you. ’
‘ what are you, a cop or something? ’
‘ i can’t stop you from… being who you are. ’
‘ she’s a killer. ’
‘ my finely tuned body needs coffee to function. ’
‘ human beings are so resilient, aren’t they? ’
‘ there’s lots of bad guys out there. i can’t catch them all. ’
‘ you don’t have time for chasing pussy. ’
‘ — that means i’m dead and fucked. ’
‘ i know what you did, and i can do it too. better. ’  
‘ maybe i’m not as smart about it as you are, but i know they’re all gonna be busy covering their own asses for a while. ’
‘ you’re right for all the wrong reasons. ’
‘ don’t fuck with me. ’
‘ i think you might have taken a picture of the killer. ’
‘ no one will blame you. ’
‘ something is wrong about you. ’
‘ either you did something bad, or you know about it. and you’re either hiding it, or you wanna find it by yourself. ’
‘ how did you know i would want to? ’
‘ have you done any reading on monsters like us? ’
‘ we’ve both spent our lives playing a part. ’
‘ stop acting like a fucking lunatic. ’
‘ cut the shit! ’  

Merlin alternate endings:

1. Fuckdragon actually cures Arthur, everyone lives happily ever after

2. Arthur isn’t a bitch and doesn’t kill Mordred’s girlfriend, together they defeat Morgana, everyone lives happily ever after

3. Merlin isn’t a bitch and saves Mordred’s girlfriend, together they convince Arthur magic isn’t a bad thing, together they defeat Morgana, everyone lives happily ever after

4. Merlin killed Mordred in the first place, they eventually defeat Morgana who’s weak, everyone lives happily ever after

5. Uther isn’t such a whiny fuckboy and treats Morgana right, despite her powers, everyone in the kingdom gets respected, you only get convicted if you misuse magic, EVERYONE lives happily ever after

6. If Merlin is such a good magician, he could just control Mordred’s mind and stop him from fighting with Arthur, lets Arthur kill him, everyone lives happily ever after

7. Morgana solves her issues in a peaceful way, everyone lives

8. Arthur stays the fuck alive, everyone happy, he ditches Gwen, marries Merlin, everyone lives happily ever after

9. Gaius completes his transformation into a turtle, kills everyone with laserpower, Gaius lives happily ever after

10. An owl with the face of Randy Newman descends onto Camelot, blesses everyone with his owlness, everyone lives peacefully and happily ever after

why does this post have so many notes

why are people actually fucking surprised about this content being in a disney animated movie

I mean seriously

have people even been paying attention

murder is not a new concept in disney animation

in fact it’s pretty much the standard

it’s in literally every movie

even on-screen deaths

like are we really choosing to ignore a good chunk of animation history

just so we can give half-hearted accolades to a movie that didn’t do anything particularly special

I can’t even with this post

disney villains have always been murderous shitheads

Hans is nothing special he does nothing new

hell he didn’t even die even though most murderous villains end up that way

and in some pretty gruesome ways

so yeah anyway I don’t get that post I don’t get why it has so many notes and I don’t get why people willingly ignore disney’s long history of depicting violence in favor of painting Frozen as some kind of amazing outside-the-box story

Every single time I see a vine by Thomas Sanders I think to myself:

Him. That one. He needs to be a Disney prince. It’s his destiny. He has been chosen. Someone call the mouse and tell him the search is over.


a very prudent baekhyun doing grocery shopping

it’s strange, you see a beautiful photo and you’re taken somewhere else. I sometimes forget that actual people have to be in that actual location of misty mountains, still lakes, tropical paradises…. someone was actually there with a camera and now that image is on the internet, causing others to wish, long and dream. 

the photo I took of Ellen’s bedroom in the countryside of Japan with the large rubber tree and perfect warm light has gotten so many tumblr notes. every time I look at it, it seems farther and farther away, like another reblogged image on the internet we all scroll past. 

but I was really there. 
which means all those other amazing photos I scroll past on tumblr, they really exist, and you can go there. 

remember that about your dreams.
they’re not just images in your mind.
they can be reality, too.

Sunday 23rd October Show Review

Normally I make separate posts for each cover I see, and I expected this to be a short, snappy little Annabel Baldwin as Delphi post, but there were so many covers yesterday, and so many of the main cast did ridiculous, adorable, and hilarious things that I really just have to try and write about everything and everyone. Welcome to the mega post. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. 

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A quick note on PTSD

Since I’ve has so many asks about it, I forgot one of the HUGE things that service dogs do for us folks with PTSD: reality touchstone.

Hypervigilance is one of those PTSD things that buzzes in the back of your brain, a constant level of on-high-alert that sucks your energy out. If you’ve got a character who’s got hypervigilance, a service dog can act as someone to say, “No, seriously, dude. It’s FINE. You’re hearing the serial killer creeping outside your window/enemy troops moving through your backyard/whatever, but I really know it’s that damn cat you insist on making me share my living space with. So I’ll go bark at the cat, and you can relax and chill while I chase the evil cat outta here.”

This is NOT a trained task – this is one of those “The dog is calm, so I can be calm” things that’s a side benefit of having a service dog for PTSD. Believe me, there are plenty of other PTSD tasks a service dog can do!

Fun fact: Service dogs CANNOT be trained as guard dogs. Aggression is a huge no-no. However, service dogs CAN look mean. In fact, it’s easier if you have a mean, nasty-looking service dogs. Mine is the most adorable floofball ever, which means I can’t go ten feet in public without someone stopping me to ask “What kind of dog is that?” or “Can I pet him?” or “HE’S SO FLUFFY OMG.” as if I hadn’t noticed.

So when choosing a service dog for your fictional character, a doberman might be better. They’re actually sweet, loving velcro dogs who’ll stick to your character’s side like glue, but they’re scary enough that you won’t get millions of kids running up to grab his fur and try to ride him. Most of the time. I mean, kids are weird.

anonymous asked:

How do you keep people interested in your series? The first part in my stories get 100+, but my other ones get less than twenty.

Sadly, I do not have a good answer for that, love. I do have quite a few followers, but even with all my followers, my fics only get a little over 100 and the sequels get less than that. 

I think my Lucky series and maybe one more have more than 100, but they’ve also been out for over a year, going on two now. It’s time that has gotten me all those notes. Time and people rebloging them helps. But sadly not everyone hearts or reblogs things. There’s a lot of people that read your stuff but that’s it. 

Just as an example, my most recent part of Dead Natural, my Supernatural/Walking Dead crossover that SO many people say they love, it only has 62 notes.

Plenty of writers have encouraged readers for so long now to heart a post that they like, but they just don’t. So don’t feel discouraged. If you love writing and you know you have those select few that love what you’re putting up, keep doing it. 

Sadly we can’t go off our notes. For how much I would like to, we just can’t. Keep writing, love, and keep your head up