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Dating Jaehyun would include

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Request: I’m not sure if it’s already been posted but I would love to read what dating Jaehyun would include

A/N: i’ve been waiting for this and imm gonna write everything that comes up to my mind

  • what can i say
  • it’s jjh
  • he’s a great bf ok
  • and he can cook too
  • he’d always bring u food
  • food that he made
  • honestly ur dates would probs always be at a restaurant
  • like it’s not even those rlly expensive restaurants
  • mostly the cheap ones that got gr8 food bcs jjh has to eat a lot
  • aka yall hav to pay a lot too
  • is jae a skinship type of person
  • ya i think so
  • my friend said he’s the type of person to creep up behind u and and squeeze u and pick u up and twirl u around
  • he loves backhugs
  • anytime he has the opportunity he’d hug u from behind
  • i just remembered that he’s a valentines bby
  • i’m telling u 
  • he is gonna give u lots of gifs on valentines day
  • u have to giv him a gift back tho ofc
  • if u know what i mean
  • :-)
  • anYWAYS
  • kisses are always a surprise w him tbh
  • but like
  • after almost like every kiss
  • he’d rest his forehead against urs and be like
  • “how was that~?”
  • like hahahahhaahahhahahahaha he’s so hot
  • he can be cute too!!!!!
  • ah u kno what he loves
  • he loves it when u tell him his food tastes great
  • like that makes him so happy
  • jjh loves seeing his clothes on u
  • bcs it makes him feel like ur really his
  • it makes his heart go !!!!
  • he also loves having his arms around you
  • around your waist
  • around your shoulders
  • anywhere he can place them tbh
  • ahh
  • i feel like jjh is a type of person who needs some alone time tho
  • like u hav some ppl who can’t stay alone
  • but like jjh sometimes has days where he just needs it
  • and at those times you just hav to let him be
  • but also remind him that if he needs anything you’re there for him
  • after that he always comes back to u w food in his arms
  • ready to cuddle and watch movies
  • neck!!!kisses!!!
  • he loves neck kisses
  • whether he’s the one giving u kisses
  • or u giving him kisses
  • he just loves them
  • he loves showing u off to his friends tbh
  • he’s always like
  • telling them about u
  • 24/7
  • sometimes at dance practice when he has a break
  • he’d just look at some pics of u two
  • omg
  • lots of selfies
  • like lots and lots
  • sometimes you’d find selfies of him on ur phone
  • and they’re always so beautiful??
  • even tho sometimes he looks like a meme??
  • he loves singing u to sleep
  • and he especially loves it when u tell him he sounds beautiful
  • like !!!omg!!
  • he loves feeding u
  • like sometimes he’d randomly come up to u
  • “open up”
  • “??”
  • *feeds you*
  • he’s a v sweet bf ok
  • sometimes a bit weird
  • did i mention that he would lov it when u help him in the kitchen
  • even if ur rlly bad at cooking
  • he’d just laugh
  • and then make sure the soup isn’t too salty
  • anyways
  • yes
  • he’s a great bf
  • 10/10 would date him
  • haha
  • ^~^

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This is the best one yet. I love the NHL 

“average person loses their head 3 times a year” factoid actualy just statistical error. the average person loses their head 0 times per year. Striders Georg, who lives in cave & is decapitated over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

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you must be lying if you haven't thought (or this has probs been done before lol) that with that Percy is piper's older brother! AU, Percy catching Jason and Piper doing it and Percy reacting like Ross in Friends when he saw Monica and Chandler xD (someone already talk about this I'm sure like @cindersart but idk)

Bruh. Bruh, that was literally my post. I specifically used a gif of Ross yelling “get off my sister” because that was my immediate thought. 

You’re preaching to the quire, friend. 

should you fight fall out boy?
  • patrick: something is definitely hidden beneath that fedora, probably a nuke. beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, to pure. has definitely been in many fights, probably most of them with pete. could try, but why would you want to? again. beautiful cinnamon roll. too good for this world. too pure.
  • prognosis: don't fight patrick.
  • andy: too powerful for you. the sheer magnitude of xvx rage contained in this small, tattooed body will probably destroy you without even needing to move. a sweet, sweet summer child, who could probably take on on the juggernaut.
  • prognosis: DO NOT FIGHT ANDY.
  • joe: bad back, easily pushed over, definitely not going to put up much of a fight. looks tall, but only really in comparison to other, much shorter men. really only about 5'10". HOWEVER; since 2003 it hath been written as such: fight joe, fight andy by proxy.
  • prognosis: absolutely under no circumstances fight joe.
  • pete: like 5'6", but infused with the build up muscular build of having carried around various children for many years. weaknesses: no longer angry, now a happy sunshine man, probably will not hit you back.
  • prognosis: why would you fight him he'll probably just cry.
  • WHOLE BAND: protected by Marcus, basically superman if superman were a bodyguard. bad plan. 0/10, would not recommend.

so i just needed this…recap of what’s been surmised from recent pics of BB (09Apr):

  • the shoot is likely possibly based on the movie Romeo and Juliet (1996)
  • its set in LA
  • there will be action?? (running scenes already confirmed)
  • GD’s sideburns longer than the wait for this comeback 
  • Seungri is blonde and in leather haat damn son
  • ToDae MIA?????
  • probs recuperating after being run over by Taeyang in that damn wheelchair