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@polyamorousparson tagged me for the fic writer’s self rec!!! 

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)”

I did this a few months ago I think?? But I’ve changed my mind on some stuff idk man, this is hard for me… maybe I have 5 recent ones? We will see 

1) Howl Nursey/Dex (AO3) (Tumblr Post)

Over his first few weeks at Samwell, Dex becomes sure of three things. 1) Eric Bittle is not entirely human, 2) Larissa Duan is most certainly a Druid, and 3) Derek Fucking Nurse is the most annoying person he’s ever met in his life.

As Kat said, every fandom needs a teen wolf style werewolf AU… right? I wrote this fic over the course of a couple of days, which was pretty fast for me, because I was super excited about it. I actually re-read it the other night and fell in love again… and fixed a few things i did not like lol

2) Bite Down Nursey/Dex (AO3) (Tumblr Posts)

It’s the Fall of 2016, and the air is filled with chirps, UST, and the scent of AXE drifting from the LAX House. The weekends are filled with pumpkin carving, costume parties, and enough shenanigans to keep the SMH team on their toes. Oh, and hockey, there’s a little bit of that. Dex and Nursey are sharing the attic now, have become kind of sort of best friends, and spend a lot of time pining. Secretly. For each other.

Or basically, a normal autumn in the Haus.

this is just like… my typical, goofy, assholes in love nonsense, you know?? 

3) You + Me = Better Math Ransom/Holster (AO3) (Tumblr Post)

Justin doesn’t think about it.

The problem of course, lies in the fact that Justin has always been extremely successful at the things he puts his mind to. And sure, that’s all well and good, until one day he, Holster and Lardo are decorating the tops of their caps in the Haus kitchen, and the next Justin’s got three new roommates in a too small apartment in Providence, with almost 200 miles separating himself from his best friend.

Justin is decidedly thinking about it.

this is one of my favorite fics I’ve ever written!!!!! like, i struggle a bit writing holsom compared to nurseydex… but like!!! I!!! Love!!! Them!!!! 

4) Meat & Candy Nursey/Dex (AO3) (Tumblr Post)

Billy Poindexter might be great at hockey, and working hard, and annoying his sisters, but he definitely needs some help when it comes to navigating his emotions. He’s not sure what’s worse, still missing the girl that broke up with him over a year ago, or being on the same defensive line as the rich pretty boy asshole she was “friends” with at their preppy, private high school. As Billy becomes Dex, he not only becomes part of the team at Samwell, but learns that maybe he doesn’t hate Derek Nurse so much after all.

This is the monster, the ONE, the fic i poured my heart and soul into while projecting heavily onto Dex. But like, I still like it a lot?? I know we don’t need another fic from Dex’s POV but oh well.

5) Mission: Impossible Nursey/Dex (AO3) (Tumblr Post)

When Nurse asks Dex to be his fake boyfriend for the night, he probably should have said no. In fact, he probably should have said no over a year ago when Sgt. Duan asked him if acclaimed writer Derek Nurse could shadow him for a little while. But as usual, Dex has made all the wrong decisions.

And this is the one that will haunt me forever until I write more for this AU lol. But I re-read it the other night and I was like… oh yeah, this is why you guys are all yelling at me in the comments lol. Good times. :D

(Honorable Mention goes to I’ve Been Thinkin’ Bout Forever which made me cry while I was writing it and will probably forever be one of my favorite things I ever wrote)

I tag… @geniusorinsanity, @dizzy-redhead, @chillwhiskey, @angeryginger and @ahausonfire (as always, if you have already done this or do not feel comfortable please do not feel pressured)

uhhh a lil rant re: laur-n z-ke’s post 

the episode “too far” had always rubbed me the wrong way, and now that lauren has said amed-t was just meant to be a crush makes me fully realize why:

  • it should’ve been a more amethyst-centric episode. we get this huge reveal and theory confirmation that amethyst was supposed to look like jasper! that’s huge! 
  • unlike the previous episode, “back to the barn”, in which peridot insults pearl, it focused on pearl’s feelings. pearl was allowed to retaliate against peridot’s prejudice. “too far”, on the other hand, focused on peridot and how she felt bad about what she did. amethyst’s hurt isn’t the main focus.
  • another but more minor thing is that amethyst is written pretty out of character; she openly laughs at steven when peridot insults him (like, ame can be mean, but she’s not overly vicious), and this is never addressed! ever! it just feels uncomfortable and out of place especially since steven seems pretty upset afterwards

tl;dr the fact that peridot’s feelings is the focus instead of amethyst’s really made that episode fall flat. this has probably already been discussed but i finally realized this after seeing lauren’s post

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you've answered this but thoughts on Gintoki telling Hijikata he was the Shiroyasha? Were you disappointed, surprised, content with how it was done/Hijikata's reaction? Would you have it done differently? (I liked it, but I wish Hijikata had more of a response, he was kind of just like '...i knew it' when I was expecting something along the lines of 'waIT WHAT')

I have!! But I never mind answering stuff like this again and I’d probably break myself trying to find the post LOL But no, I wasn’t disappointed at all, I found it very fitting. Gintoki chose to tell Hijikata and only Hijikata. It’s more than likely Hijikata already knew, too, but that was what made the weight of Gintoki making the choice to tell him all the more profound. Gintoki typically doesn’t release that kind of information as freely and openly as he did for Hijikata and that just adds to why the evolution of their friendship has been so incredible to watch. I think it would have been out of place for Hijikata to be surprised by the admission. There was a long span of time between when Hijikata had Yamazaki do a report on Gintoki and the Baragaki arc when Gintoki decided to reveal that about himself. I think it speaks a lot to how well they know each other and how much attention they pay to one another that, after hearing Gintoki say he’s the Shiroyasha, Hijikata just laughs and smirks and doesn’t miss a beat. He seemed relieved to me. He just accepts it and he can do that because he already knew it. 

That moment is actually really special to me and not just because GinHijiGin is my thing. That was the first time Gintoki revealed something about himself without the circumstances forcing him into a situation where he has to. There was no reason for him to tell Hijikata that. He did it unprovoked because he wanted to. It was such a big step for him as a character and, to me, it was like he was asking Hijikata to trust him and they understood each other so well that Hijikata didn’t think twice before doing it. 

I mean, legit, you’ve got me ranting now because think about it. Hijikata’s outnumbered on the roof, he realizes it’d been a trap to draw him up there, and he gets nervous. He sees Gintoki, he hears what Gintoki’s saying into the phone:

And remember, Hijikata can’t hear what Isaburo is saying. So, Hijikata sees he’s trapped, he hears Gintoki say he’s not going to side with the Shinsengumi, and then Gintoki’s telling him he’s the Shiroyasha and urging Hijikata, almost rallying him to get his shit together.

Like there’s subtext within the conversation. AND HIJIKATA LAUGHS. HIS SHOULDERS RELAX, HE TOSSES HIS HEAD BACK, AND HE LAUGHSSS. It sounds so relieved to me, he looks relieved. 

It’s like he understood something all the other men around them didn’t or couldn’t. I feel like Gintoki had to choose his words carefully because of the audience they had, so he didn’t something to speak to Hijikata in a way only he’d pick up on. By trusting Hijikata and revealing that he was the Shiroyasha, he was, in turn, asking Hijikata to trust him as well. So even when Gintoki kicks Tetsunosuke over the edge, I don’t think he was actually shocked, but rather, was using it as a reason to make a mad dash toward Gintoki so they’d be in a better spot to watch out for each other when they fought. 

ALSO! Something really important! Note the way Gintoki’s face changes after Hijikata says they’re both the same.

HE. LOOKS. SO. PLEASED. Watch for yourself, go to episode 246 and start it around the 19:50 mark, you’ll see the slight change on his face exactly when Hijikata says this and he looks satisfied, appeased, like he just heard precisely what he’d wanted to hear – like he agrees and he’s proud of it. You could also take Hijikata’s speech afterward as him subtly asking Gintoki for help and Gintoki answers. Goddamn, the whole arc just was just sooo well done. 

Yeah, no, I wasn’t disappointed in anything that happened =A=

And might I just point out that Gintoki actively pursues more information about Hijikata, which is something he has never done before. Prior to the Baragaki arc, it was all indifference and denial, then suddenly, there’s interest and acceptance. They proved something to each other in this arc and earned respect from one another. I just… have so much more to say about this and them and ughhhh I’m so sorry OTL

  • Kara: Why are people always saying the sky's the limit? Have you not send men to the moon already?
  • Alex: It's an old expression Kara. And it means there's no limit
  • Kara: Well, it needs to be updated. Humans has already made it pass the sky. The sky is not the limit, it's only the beginning. I propose "Krypton's the limit"
  • Alex: Yes, I'll be sure to bring that up to the next idiom dictionary group meeting
  • Kara: There's a group?
  • Alex: **Breathe Alex you must not kill her. In out in out in out**
  • Kara: Who must you not kill?? Are you in trouble?? Do you need help? I'm coming Alex!

Beyond has made me appreciate the Star Trek references in Beastie Boys’ work so much more. And to everybody not familiar with the (awesome) song Intergalactic just check this last verse out; 

Your knees’ll start shaking and your fingers pop
Like a pinch on the neck of Mr. Spock

Intergalactic planetary
Planetary intergalactic
Another dimension do it

I’m sure this has already been made, and probably several times, but aye, here’s my version of it lol

**and obviously I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way; just to make that clear lol**