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Fanfiction Masterpost 2016 - Kagehina Edition

I’ve seen so many people doing these and what can I say I love a good bandwagon  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also I do just want to see the accumulation of all the things I posted last year so here we have it!

A big thank you to everybody who has encouraged me, I really and truly couldn’t have done this much without you <3 

Theirs (Series) - high school pining and everything that follows

- First, M, first time. 7.7k
- Top, M, bottom Kageyama. 4.4k 

Twitch (Series) - Hinata has Tourette’s, and Kageyama is supportive (CheekyBrunette’s fic insp.)

- Kiss, Ga series of first kisses. 8.5k
- Nerves and…You Know, M, tics and anxiety aren’t conducive to sex, but they’re trying. 9.4k

Parisienne Walkways (Series) - Kageyama is a figure skater, and Hinata is gay

- Parisienne Walkways, M, Hinata discovers his roommates secret.12.2k
- Hope and Legacy, E, the story goes on. 45.7k  

Small (semi-connected one-shot collection) - Hinata is small, and Kageyama hates that he loves it.  

- Fit for a King, G, flowercrowns and crushes. 3.7k
Naps and Blankets, G, what it says on the tin. 1.6k

- Bet On It, M, prompt 14: 69. 4.6k (RC’s NSFW Challenge)
- Strip, E, prompt 23: corsets and stockings and heels, oh my. 6.2k (RC’s NSFW Challenge)
- Scent, M, Kageyama likes the way Hinata smells. 3k (RC’s art insp.)
- To Have A Home, G, Kageyama ponders. 1.5k (Esselle’s fic insp.)

- Pretty, G, Kageyama, Hinata is noticed, is…nice to look at. 3.9k 
- Count, G, Kageyama counts kisses. 5k
- Hinata Shouyou Is Not Smart, G, self-explanitory. 3.9k
- Wish, G, Howl’s Moving Castle AU; fire demon Hinata. 2.9k
- Instructions, G, small fantasy AU. 2.2k
- Present, G, Hinata forgets to buy Kageyama a birthday gift. 5.7k. 
- Hurt, T, injury fic; Hinata hurts, and together they deal (mind the tags for triggers). 26.7k 

There are a couple of tumblr-only fics that I haven’t included, but here we have my complete Kagehina AO3 repertoire from 2016! A total of over 203.8k words, which I am…incredibly proud of, I think. I am hoping 2017 treats me even better <3 

You know what repeatedly tears me apart? Is the fact that Alec risked everything by walking away from Lydia at that wedding to give Magnus and him a SHOT. He isn’t in love with him, they haven’t even had a first date yet, and even so, Alec was willing to risk everything to give not only himself but Magnus and him a CHANCE and all I can think about is how no one has done that for Magnus, probably not even once.

All I can think about is how Magnus turned up there knowing he had to give it one last try, because he owed that to himself, but at the same time was probably convinced he wasn’t worth Alec risking anything for because when has he EVER been worth risking anything for?

All I can think about is how, for the first time in a long time, Magnus Bane maybe, just maybe, felt a flicker of hope as Alec walked towards HIM and that maybe, just maybe wanted so badly, at least in that moment, to believe HE was worth loving, worth something, when Alec chose him over everything he had ever known.

They leave Omelas, they walk ahead into the darkness, and they do not come back. The place they go towards is a place even less imaginable to most of us than the city of happiness. I cannot describe it at all. It is possible that it does not exist. But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.

Ursula K. Le Guin, The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.

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Initially, Milo and Kida were going to fly around the city together after they got the stone fish to work, but the filmmakers decided to cut it, as it was too similar to the famous scene from Aladdin.

So of course my first thought was how Milo probably would’ve been eating Kida’s crazy-long hair the entire time.

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did you watch the fantastic beasts movie?

Nah, and tbh unless it randomly comes on on TV I probably won’t. I’m kind of over the Harry Potter universe. Not all the books and those movies, but pretty much everything that’s come out over the past few years has been beating a dead horse in my opinion. I’ve heard the movie was good and it does look pretty impressive, but I’m one of those old grandpas who’s sticking to what I grew up with. J K Rowling has done… a lot that’s pissed me off and so I’m trying to maintain distance so the bitterness doesn’t ruin a very enjoyable part of my childhood.

how to create an effective electronic files system ^u^

back to school challenge: nine days to go!

hey it’s rebecca! my second advice post today is all about keeping your filing system on your computer/tablet nicely organised and free of any junk, allowing you to use it effectively throughout your school year without losing files only to find them the day after they are due~ (what do you mean of course i’ve never done that)

it honestly isn’t as hard as you think, it just takes a bit of time and patience to sort out everything that has piled up over time, and once it’s done it’s up to you to ensure it never falls to pieces again -  so get your playlist pumpin’ and get goin’!

step 1: PURGEEE!!!1!!1!!!

this is probably one of the longest things you will have to do - go through absolutely every folder and file on your computer and delete everything that is irrelevant, unhelpful and has been used at that point - you don’t need anything that is wasting storage (the downloads folder is a particular offender for carrying these kinds of files, just a load of random shit is often found here). don’t be too hasty though, check what files are (please don’t delete something if it will break your computer) and if they may have some significance in the future, hang on to them for now and you can deal with them later when you have the time.

step 2: create a simple, understandable folder system  ヅ

unless you have a load of really random shit that you need to keep, you should be able to divide most of your documents into a few large categories. for example, mine are split into school, work, church, and then an other category (for things like onenote notebooks, guarantees, app folders and other random documents that i’d want to keep). now go through everything and sort them into the corresponding folder.

step 3: create subfolders

now to organise everything even further (!!!), you should create subfolders in each folder to make sure you know exactly where to go when looking for a document. for example, in my school folder everything is divided into subjects, then in each subject folder they are divided into the academic year, then in there i may divide documents depending on the unit/area (e.g, in my maths folder there are folders entitled application, expressions & formulae and relationships - corresponding to the three units). this will make documents even easier to find!

step 4: rename everything

your life will become a helluva lot easier if you rename your documents so that they make sense (’applications cheat sheet’ as opposed to “document 1″, for example). create a naming system that will work for you and stick to it throughout the year - make it a habit that you can’t break! one thing that i don’t personally do that is super organised to date everything! by this i mean rename your files with the date as YYYYMMDD_filename . this makes it super easy if you have ever lost a file or can’t remember where you would put something, as you can just search for it !

KUDOS TO YOU!: another thing you could do to be the organisation ~*~qUeEn~*~ is to back everything up using a programme like google drive or onedrive or dropbox! i do not do this currently but one day when i have the time i plan to just go through everything and back it all up in case, god forbid, anything happens to my laptop ://

step 5: keep it up!

don’t slip back into bad habits with this, so with every new document (or edit) you make, ensure when you come to save it that it is going into the correct folder (and not downloads!!) also keep an eye out, and when you have a spare moment, have a quick skim of your folders to delete anything that has creeped onto your computer.

you know how the saying goes: a place for everything, and everything in its place - it is so so important to remember that this goes for all your digital space too, and hey, who wouldn’t like an easier life B)

i hope you have found this helpful and i will see you tomorrow!

rebecca x

Casual Courting

Sometimes, love turns out to be surprisingly easy to find. 

For @ordered—chaos who just performed a miracle as far as I am concerned. 


It’s all very… mundane, really.

There’s no reason why it happens on that particular evening. They have done this a thousand times, watched a thousand movies, ordered a thousand take-outs, and now…

By now, even Sam has given up on the sly comments and the knowing glances.

They have been best friends for over twenty years, after all.

And yet today is the day that everything changes.

And nothing changes.

It would probably be complicated if Dean took the time to think about it, but when did he ever do that?

It’s past eleven pm. Cas has already slipped into one sleeve of his trench coat when he catches Dean’s eyes.


And says “I don’t want to leave”.

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I completely understand Oliver’s distaste that Felicity’s dating a “vigilante” that’s not him, because it serves as a very pointed reminder that he could have had everything with her if he hadn’t been struck by this idiotic selfishness masquerading as selflessness. She would have been with him, no hesitations. The only thing that stopped her was him, not anything else. That’s got to sting.

The writers have just done such a terrible job helping the audience empathize with Oliver this season that everything keeps coming off as dickish and not this is a guy who went through five years in hell and has all kinds of abandonment issues and has lost so damn many people he loves that he probably thinks at this point he’s cursed to keep losing them.

We could be seeing both sides of this. We could be empathizing with both characters and understanding that it’s a messy situation because emotions are messy things. Instead Oliver just comes across like a jerk and Felicity is essentially treated like a yo-yo all episode long.

//Honestly the fact the freaking god of death that can’t even physically feel his own heart, that’s objectively the darkest villain we’ve had in a long time still treats his significant other better then even some of the so-called HEROES do speaks volumes.


Alright so it’s been three months since probably one of the best days of my life and I still smile like a complete idiot thinking about everything Taylor has done for me. I’ll never know how she found me or why she chose me but what I do know is that she has made me the happiest I have ever been. I will never be able to put into words how grateful I am and just how much I love her and care and appreciate her. She’s made me feel so loved and so special, and I’ll never be able to express how much that means to me.