this has probably been done but i loved this scene

*looking at the stars with my potential life partner*

Me: Woah, the stars are so beautiful

Them: Yeah, they are…

Me: You know who’s even more beautiful?

Them: *blushes* Who?

Me: Jimin


Them: *sighs*


don’t mind me i’m just crying at 1x04 malec and the “there’s nothing to ashamed of” vs the 2x10 “i love you” scene x



(i would like to think they were exchanging smiles not only because of keith cracking a joke to make lance feel better in that moment, but because they were also sharing an inside joke from the previous moment; keith being like: ah yes I remember back on our first day in the castle when you called me a dropout for correcting you, while lance was thinking: keith, that comeback is a bit late)
Director Francis Lee on sex, piglets and fighting off Hollywood from his hilltop hut
The debut film-maker behind God’s Own Country talks about growing up on a farm – and why his sensational debut is not ‘the Yorkshire Brokeback Mountain’
By Cath Clarke

Francis Lee shot his sensational debut God’s Own Country down the road from the farm where he grew up in West Yorkshire. A love story between two young male farm workers, it’s been described as “a Yorkshire Brokeback Mountain” and has been picking up awards left and right, including a best director prize at Sundance and the prestigious Michael Powell award at the Edinburgh film festival. Unexpectedly, it has been a Hollywood calling card and Lee’s phone has been ringing off the hook.

At least, it would be ringing off the hook if anyone could get through. Lee, 48, lives in a wooden hut on the side of a hill near Haworth in the Pennines – Brontë country. “The mobile phone reception is nonexistent and I don’t have internet,” he says. So where does he go to pick up emails from big-shot Hollywood agents? Lee chuckles. “Keighley library. I’m a big fan of libraries. Or I go round to my dad’s. He’s 10 minutes away.”

We meet in a cafe in central London during a “smash’n’grab”, as Lee calls his visits south. “I come on the latest possible train I can for meetings and leave on the earliest, so I don’t spend any time here.” Does he hate London that much? “No, I’m just a bit of a homebody.”

My mum says I’d have one hand up a pig’s vagina pulling out the piglets and the other on a bacon butty

God’s Own Country stars Josh O’Connor as Johnny, a young farmer whose life on the family’s failing sheep farm is a monotonous grind of work, getting blotto down the local, waking up in a pile of sick, then back to work. One day, a handsome Romanian labourer called Gheorghe (Alec Secareanu) arrives to help with the lambing. Cue the “Dales Brokeback” tag – although a better one might be “Pot Noodle Brokeback”, since the pair carry a giant bucket of the stuff to the remote field where they camp out with the flock.

Lee must be sick of talking about Brokeback Mountain, but he good-humouredly tells me that he’s only watched Ang Lee’s Oscar winner once – when it came out at the cinema in 2005. He has been surprised by the comparison. “I’m not shying away from it; it’s flattering. Ang Lee is an incredible film-maker. But it’s one of those things that gets written in headlines, but when people see the film they go, ‘Well, it’s actually not like Brokeback.’ It feels like such a different story and such a different world. The films are like chalk and cheese in that sense.”

He’s right: the two films inhabit different worlds. Where Brokeback Mountain was set in 1963, when a relationship between two men in Wyoming would have been illegal, Johnny has come to terms with his sexuality. It’s no biggie. His problem is that he can’t open up; inside he’s a knot of repressed emotions. “I was thinking very much about the hardest thing I’ve ever done, probably, which was falling in love,” Lee says. “How vulnerable you have to make yourself, open to love and be loved.” He smiles gently behind a big, bushy Ned Kelly-ish beard.

The film isn’t political, but it does feature a handful of sex scenes that would go unnoticed in a film about heterosexual love. Johnny and Gheorghe’s first roll in the hay – roll in the mud, more like – is frantic and breathless, fuelled on young lust. “It’s the funniest thing that we’re still talking about sex scenes in gay films,” says Lee. For him, the sex is integral to Johnny’s emotional journey. “I’m not a big fan of dialogue. So he wasn’t going to have a conversation where he goes: ‘I’m feeling a bit like this now.’ I had to tell it visually. That’s where the sex really played in.”

Did Lee come under any pressure to tone it down? “There was a debate. I could have made a film that might have taken away some of the threat. Not threat, the …” – he reaches for another word – “the challenge that a wide audience might have. But I didn’t want to do that. You only get one opportunity to make your first film, and it’s the time that you can risk the most.”

In Q&As after screenings a few audience members have challenged him about the absence of homophobia in his portrait of rural Britain. Isn’t it a bit rose-tinted, they ask? “I tell them: ‘What are you saying about people who live there? Are they intrinsically homophobic?’ That isn’t the case. They might not have a liberal middle-class attitude, where they sit around navel gazing about it. But that doesn’t mean they’re homophobic. I haven’t experienced that.”

Lee grew up on the family pig farm in the village of Soyland, in Calderdale, with the hills as his playground. As the youngest child, with the smallest hands, it was his job to deliver the piglets. He grins. “My mum used to tell a story that I’d have one hand up a pig’s vagina pulling out the piglets and the other on a bacon butty. So there was a complete circle of life.” Not exactly The Lion King is it? “No, but I’ve always been pragmatic about life on a farm.”

At 12 or 13, Lee says he decided he wanted to be an actor, and knuckled down at school to get the grades for drama college. Coming out was not particularly important, he says. “It was a kind of non-event. I think it is for lots of people. Which can be disappointing in a sense.” He left home at 20 for the Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance in Sidcup. As an actor, Lee was never a household name, but he worked steadily in film and TV, hitting a career high when his film-making hero Mike Leigh cast him in 1999’s Topsy-Turvy. Then, seven years ago, after a stint on Heartbeat, he jacked it in. “I’d fallen out of love with acting, and I’d just get into arguments with directors.” About what? “Because really I wanted to tell my own stories. It got to a point where I turned 40 and thought, I’d better do this or it’s never going to happen.”

Growing up, the landscape didn’t have the feeling of freedom or the pastoral. At times it felt oppressive and brutal

Taking a job at a scrapyard to make ends meet, he directed two short films. He wrote half of the script for God’s Own Country in a static caravan on his dad’s farm and the other half in London. “I type with only one finger, and it’s quite loud.” While the story is not autobiographical, Lee admits there might be a little what-if fantasising about what would have happened if he’d stayed in Yorkshire.

While working at the scrapyard Lee made friends with a Romanian guy – “the most beautiful, lovely man” – who had been on the receiving end of xenophobic abuse in London. His experiences fed into the character of Gheorghe. Lee doesn’t want to go into details of what his friend went through. “That’s his story. But I was shocked and ashamed of the reaction that he got in my country.” Is the film a comment on Brexit Britain? Lee shakes his head. “When I wrote it, it was pre- even the notion of a referendum. I think I was tapping the migrant worker/immigration experience, but I wasn’t thinking about it in a political way at all.” The morning the referendum result came through last June, he was sitting with his editor to view the first cut: “We watched in silence, thinking we might have made a period piece.” He smiles. “We didn’t actually change the edit at all in the end.”

Lee paints on a cinematic canvas. But don’t expect gorgeous vistas of rolling Yorkshire dales. He keeps the camera vice-tight, so close you can almost hear his characters breathe. Growing up, he says, he never looked around thinking: Isn’t this beautiful? “I really wanted to show the landscape in the way that I had experienced it. It didn’t have the feeling of freedom or the pastoral. At times it felt oppressive and brutal. I wanted to see the landscape’s effect on the characters, rather than the landscape.”                      

Lee spent three months working intensively with his two leads sketching every detail of their characters. What level of detail are we talking about? “Everything. Where they bought their socks. Which socks they preferred and why. Whether they took sugar in their tea. I won’t tell you the rude stuff.” He sent O’Connor and Secareanu out to work on farms, putting in 12-hour shifts for two weeks, learning to birth lambs, muck out and drive a tractor. “I don’t like fakery. I wanted everything to be real.”

Right now, Lee is working on three projects he can’t tell me about. Has he been tempted by the offers dropping into his inbox? “The money is tempting, because I don’t have any. But this experience has taught me that a film is going to take at least three years of your life to make. And to be able to care enough about all those tiny little details, you have to love it. It needs to feel like a compulsion.”

I ask Lee how life has changed since God’s Own Country premiered to ecstatic reviews at Sundance last January? “I don’t sit at home polishing my awards or anything like that. I’m a quiet person. I’m not a big fan of parties, razzmatazz or red carpets. When I get up on that hill, everybody knows I have no internet and no phone. And I go round my dad’s and he’s like, ‘Ooh. It’s all right for you, int’ it, with your life of riley.’ It’s a lovely leveller. Very normal.”

• God’s Own Country is released on 1 September.

Okay, so I really need to vent here for a bit.

First of all, I love Game of Thrones, and this season has been incredible, despite everyone bitching about things like people getting places too fast. I guess people still want getting places to take forever, so nothing ever happens, just like in the first six seasons, even though we’re down to the last two.

But some stuff is really pissing me off.

First, Jorah was seemingly cured and brought back just to return to being the butt of everyone’s “friend zone” jokes once more. And that really pisses me off. He’s been by Dany’s side longer than anyone, has gone through so much, but, the Hell with him, ‘cause Dany’s already in love with Jon Snow.

That’s another thing. I get it’s probably been months, given all of the traveling that’s being done, so Dany and Jon have probably had move interactions than we’ve seen, but, from our POV, they’ve had a handful of scenes, that took place over the course of a few days. But, yes, they’re totally in love already.

And that’s incest. I love how people are disgusted and complain about Cersei and Jaime, but adamantly want Dany and Jon together, who are Aunt and Nephew. Or even those who want Jon and Sansa together, even though they’re cousins.

Incest is incest. Now, I know Dany and Jon don’t know they’re related yet, but we, the audience do, so for people to want them together, and even get married, and rule the Seven Kingdoms together, is wrong. Especially when those same people are always grossed out by Cersei and Jaime.

Now, this next one is spoilers for the leaked episode. I haven’t seen it, but I saw the scene where one of the Dragons is killed by the Night King, and, yeah, from the looks of it, it’s totally Jon’s fault.

Everyone’s on Drogon, ready to go, but Jon’s still fighting White Walkers, even though he’s being called so that they can go. And what happens? It gives the Night King time to kill Viserion.

But, again, judging by spoilers, instead of Dany going to Jorah, or even Missandei, for comfort, she goes to Jon. What the ever loving fuck?

As I said, I haven’t seen the episode, so I don’t know for sure, but, based on the spoilers, she ends up crying in Jon’s arms.

The Dany I know would absolutely blame Jon for the death of Viserion, especially considering she’s always talking about how the Dragons are her children, and the only ones she’ll ever have.

I would be so fucking pissed at Jon, for his damn vengeance or testosterone or whatever being responsible for the death of one of my children.

And now the Army of the Dead has a Dragon, because poor Viserion apparently comes back as an “Ice Dragon”. Good job, Jon.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get hate for this post, but I had to get it off of my chest.

An exhausted Naruto reveals his true feelings with the ending from behind the scenes.

I would like to thank @leaalda for making these amazing banners.

This is an effort to spread the word about all fan fiction writers in our little fandom. If you would like to be featured or nominate a writer, please contact me. Please reblog this post if you can and check out some of @itstenafterfour work!

1. First things first, if someone wanted to read your stories where can they find them.

Either on tumblr, or AO3. I prefer people reading them on AO3 though.

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

Okay, here goes. I’ve never been too great at talking about myself in a positive light but I’ll do my best here.

My real name and age are something I keep very private from this blog. There’s a real sharp divide between this blog and my real life.

You guys have taken to calling me Ten, and it’s growing on me. So that’s my name now — I’m Ten. I’m starting to like it more than my real (and unusual) name.

Anyway about me…I’m a serial procrastinator, dog mom to a tiny yorkie, and I like to think I give good advice, as tons of you guys have told me so when I help with problems over anon. I live in Canada, and I’m the author to about 12 (I think?) fics by now, which is more than I ever would if everyone hadn’t been so receptive and nice.

I don’t know if you’ll find this an interesting fact or a sad one, but I do tons of my writing in the hospital. I’m there a lot as I’ve got a plethora of health issues, and it gives me something to do with my time there, and makes it that much more tolerable. For that, I say thank YOU all for reading.

3. What do you never leave home without?

My laptop. It’s always in a sling case so I can write wherever I go.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I am worse than a night owl, I’m like a 4 AM owl. If there was a poster child for bad sleep schedules, it would be me.

5. If you could live in any fictional world which one would you choose and why?

God, I don’t trust fictional worlds. They’re all horrible in their own ways, and I wouldn’t last a day.

If I could live anywhere (and have wifi,) I’d live on the island of Themyscira from Wonder Woman.

6. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met.

Um, does Brendon Urie noticing me on a livestream count?

But nah, I did meet Dan and Phil during their live show tour. I’ve been watching their videos for years, so it was a big deal to me. Still wild to me how tall they are.

7. What are some of your favorite movies/TV?

Okay, I am so bad with movies, I rarely watch them. But I do watch plenty of TV shows — here’s just a couple of the ones I enjoyed: Brooklyn Nine Nine (you guys KNOW how much I love this show), 13 Reasons Why (I know there’s controversy surrounding it but I think that save for a few scenes it was done well), Stranger Things, Chuck, the old Twin Peaks, Teen Wolf, Flashpoint, Your Lie In April (a fantastic anime) and I just started The Bold Type.

8. What are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

I listen to SO MUCH RANDOM STUFF. My spotify has about 10 or so different playlists and they all have different vibes. I guess right now I’ve been into The Cab, Blackbear, Porter Robinson, and The Neighbourhood, but that’s probably going to change in like, two days. I’m also currently in love with the songs Shelter by Madeon and Porter Robinson, and Only by RY X.

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Spring Love

Description: Virgil came to Roman’s room to relax, and ends up falling asleep in the creative side’s park scene made for him.

Paring(s): Prinxiety(Princey x Anxiety/Roman x Virgil)

Warnings: Implied panic attack

Notes: This has probably been done before, but we need some fluff in this fandom tbh. I hope you like it!! Also, please tell me if you want to be added to the tag list!

Virgil had startled Roman when he came barging into his room, but it didn’t take the prince long to figure out why. He quickly whipped up a calming, relaxing area for the anxious side. Soft grass to lay in, a big tree for shade, and many softly tweeting birds. Roman made sure to focus on the small details, for when Virgil is in this state, any detail out of place can easily over simulate him. 

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On Alisha Diphda

I love Alisha. I really do. In fact, she might actually be my favourite female character in Tales of Zestiria (it’s so hard to pick favourites in Zestiria, since everyone’s so amazing and lovable). She’s kind, responsible, and fully capable of standing up for her morals and doing what she believes is right. Her strength and resolve are truly inspiring, and despite everything she goes through, she somehow manages to keep pushing forward for what she believes is important to her and the people she cares about. I actually see a lot of myself in Alisha–her idealism and slight naivety are things I can relate to, and her strength and persistence remind me to keep my head up and never give up on the things I value and believe in.

(rant tucked under cut)

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anonymous asked:

i am 99.9% convinced that in order to restore Cas, Dean is going to have to say I love you back. because i mean c'mon why else would they have had Cas say it and just about any other thing they have done about destiel this season? lol I NEED IT.

Ah, well IF they are going down the route that Cas is brainwashed then yeah I can see a crypt scene thing going on for sure, however even then I’m not sure, although it depends when it would be, that it would be this textual.

If it is this season finale it is probably more just a “I want you to stay here” thing because of the WE / I that keeps getting brought up recently and the need / want / love thing that has been going on since the original crypt scene. If it is dragged out and lasts into mid season 13, perhaps love will come into it, but it depends if it is endgame or if they are happy to move it forwards, how much longer the show is going to go on for yadda yadda…

However I am hoping against hope that this isn’t the case, that Cas isn’t or won’t be for long brainwashed and will still have been right about all this, since he wasn’t brainwashed when he first touched the baby anyway, because Cas NEEDS a hero arc at this point, he needs to be right about this…

Originally posted by weeklyspn

“I needed to come back here with a win for you… for myself”.

I’m really hoping that the break up theory sticks, that this season will end in separation after a relatively ambiguous/unambiguous scene between them, where they are forced apart and that we see more of Dean’s POV and his love for Cas next season before it does wind up canon.

I also feel like an I love you would feel rushed to the general audience if it was this season because after so many years of really sub-subtext, this season has been gold but it is still not so obvious to some casual viewers yet and this needs to be upped in my opinion before it is canon.

Let’s see :)

Whew..where to start?

1. I totally understand why Ivy turned on Oswald tonight. I love my angry son but he has been a monumental dick to my sweet flower when she’s done nothing but love and support him. Honestly he probably deserves anything he gets from her.

2. Kinda disappointed there was no Ed but kinda glad there was no Ed too. They’re really savoring this Nygma-sicle which I appreciate. I thought they were gonna keep him on ice for 1 episode max but it looks like it’s gonna be at least 3. I’m glad they’re not rushing it.

3. The scene. You know the one. Not. Cool. Gotham. At least put a warning. I mean I guess gore and violence are canon-typical but goddamn…it really feels like that could have been anything else. A miscarriage. Mario coming back from the dead to kill Lee. Honestly this would have made more sense and been (sorta) less damaging. That scene was a lot. Too much.

4. Zsasz is a babe. He is an assassin and literally one of the least problematic characters on Gotham. I love him with my whole life. Give him all the guns. Just make him happy.

5. Scarecrow is LIT AS FUCK. I love Scarecrow anyway but I am fucking impressed. 4 for you Gotham. You go Gotham 👏👏👏👏

6. Bat boy. Bat boy training sesh with Alfie just on the ground “You go Master B. That was a beautiful leap Master B.” Precious. I’m living for it.

7. The TabbyCat + Babs team up is gonna be so fucking awesome. Honestly this is like the #1 thing I’m most excited about this season. I truly hope it remains strong. A triple fem bisexual team is EVERYTHING television needs.

8. Honestly I get where Oswald is coming from with the license crime and control it thing. There’s a reason people say “you’re about as useful a police force in Gotham.” There’s not been much progress in the GCPD and obviously the police themselves are feeling useless and redundant. Apathy is not good for a functional police force. Remember, Oswald’s cut down violent crime by 57% and so far has only licensed out thefts and robbery. So I get it. It’s sort of a win-win and very Penguin of him to do. 
That being said, I really appreciate that Jim is giving him the middle finger and standing up to his corruption. It does allow crime to happen unpunished and that’s not cool either. As much as my Gobblepot loving heart hurts to say it, I love that Jim is no longer standing idly by and being manipulated by Oswald.