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Hi Steph! I'm new to the fandom, could you please share with me the best Johnlock fanfics (in your opinion)? There is so much of them I'm lost... and I don't know which are the 'legendary' and 'must read' ones. Thank you so much! <3

Hi Nonny!

First of all, WELCOME!! I hope you are enjoying your time here!! OH GOSH, okay so funny thing, I’m actually currently making a list of ALL of my favourite fics ever, because someone else asked me ages ago, and now I have 5 other people asking me LOL.

As I explained in this post here, many people have already made great lists of “the best fanfics” in the fandom… But of course I’m stupidly picky about my fics.

Anyway, since I’m already working on an entire list of my biggest most fave fics ever in every place everywhere, how about for now, since I’m due for it, I give you my last bookmarked fics since I last did a list last month? I hope these will tide you over Lovely! In the meantime, you can also check out my ‘my fic recs’ blog tag, and I’ve a tonne of lists, some of which you can see here

I-J’s Last Bookmarked Fics (July 2017)

Upon Reflection, Tenable Frippery by emmagrant01 (T, 1,299 w. || John’s Beard, First Kiss, Fluff) – John was, inexplicably, growing a beard.

Gigantic by BubbleGumLizard (E, 2,135 w. || Size Kink, PWP) – John seems to avoid Sherlock seeing him naked. Sherlock wants to fix that.This is porn. Part 19 of Mystrade NaNoWriMo 2015

What He’s Like by magikspell (E, 2,919 w. || Love Confessions, Fluff, First Time, Inexperienced Sherlock) – Realistic first time. They love each other so much.

Straight Shooter by nefariosity (E, 3,249 w. || Est. Rel., Light Dom/Sub, Military Kink, PWP, Bottomlock) – Sherlock has a military kink. John indulges him.

The Prize We Sought Is Won by deathfrisbees (E, 4,610 w. || First Time, Mild D/S, Oral, Military Kink, Bottomlock) – Sherlock’s in love, or in lust, or both–unfortunately, the object of his affections is not only his completely oblivious flatmate, but said flatmate would probably run screaming into the hills should he find out. John’s been invited to a wedding–unfortunately, the groom used to serve under him back in Afghanistan, and requests that John wear a uniform he’s honestly not sure he fits into. Unfortunately for both flatmates, Sherlock’s got a military kink the size of Kandahar and John wants to know if he actually can fit into this uniform or if his eyes are deceiving him. It goes from there.

Facade by distantstarlight (M, 4,715 w. || Fluff, John’s Beard, No-Shave November, Grumpy Sherlock, Clueless Sherlock) – Sherlock is highly irritated with a challenge John has agreed to undertake. Why does he need to grow a beard anyway?

Telling the Bees by siennna (G, 5,174 w. || Fluff, Beekeeping, POV Sherlock, Love Confessions) – It took a beat of silence for the words to settle in, before both of them realized what John said. “You—” Sherlock started. “I—” John said at the same time. “Love me? You love me?” Sherlock asked faintly. Part 3 of sienna’s favorites

The Death of Doubt by Gingerhermit (E, 6,584 w. || Alternate Canon, BAMF John, POV Sherlock, Sherlock’s Mind Palace, Hurt/Comfort, Angst/Drama, Meddling Mycroft) – Mycroft asks for John’s help in rescuing Sherlock from his Serbian captors.

Illogical, even. by magikspell (E, 9,119 w. || Grey-Ace Sherlock, Character Study, Growing Up, Victor Trevor, Romance, First Time/Kiss, Sherlock-centric) – Five reasons Sherlock never believed in love and one reason he does now.

With This Ring by Quesarasara (E, 9,121 w. || Est. Rel., Marriage Proposal, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Idiots in Love, Embarrassing Hospital Visits) – Sometimes even the best of plans go wrong. And sometimes wrong turns out to be exactly right.

The Painted Man by jinglebell (E, 9,894 w. || Tattoos, Scent / Tattoo Kink, Rough & Tender Sex, Fluff and Smut, Obsessive / Jealous Sherlock, Touch Starvation) – Here stood John Watson – middle name, Hamish, ex-RAMC captain and field medic, favourite brand of jam: Duerr’s, preferred toothpaste: Mentadent. Loyal, steadfast, interesting John had just done the most unpredictable thing merely by being.John’s body was covered, neck-to-waistband, shoulder-to-elbow, in tattoos.

Confidential by sussexbound (M, 10,654 w. || Epistolary, John’s Journal, First Kiss / Time, Fluff, Self-Acceptance/Discovery, John’s Sexuality) – When John accidentally stumbles upon the Confidential file Sherlock’s been keeping on him he is both angry and curious. What he learns about himself, though–well, that changes everything.

At the Edge of Desire by philalethia (E, 16,375 w. || Post S3, Pining, Arse Worship, Humour, First Kiss / TIme, Sexual Fantasy, Awkwardness) – While helping John move back in to the flat, Sherlock discovers a strap-on among John’s things. He finds the discovery considerably difficult to move past.

Tomorrow’s Song by agirlsname (M, 24,645 w. || Post-TRF, POV Sherlock, Angst with a Happy Ending, Virgin / Repressed Sherlock, Love Confessions, Slow Burn, Pining) – How can he think a relationship with me would be a good idea? I am the sort of person to take a break from my life and when I come back after two years, I expect to find it exactly as I left it. In reality I find it shattered to pieces. (I actually equate you with my life. When did I start doing that?)

Where Else Would I Be? by cwb (E, 34,910 w. || Retirementlock, Domestic Fluff, Falling in Love, Parentlock, Fluff and Smut, Reminiscing) – John and Sherlock’s five-year-old granddaughter spends the weekend with them in Sussex. Sherlock happily indulges her whims, and John takes care of them while quietly revisiting the past thirty years of their lives together.

Left by lifeonmars (M, 45,153 w. || Magical Realism) – John Watson is left-handed. He’s tried not to let it affect his life, but as any Lefty knows, that’s almost impossible. {{for some reason this wasn’t bookmarked??? I’ve loved this story for years and apparently I didn’t bookmark it??? News to me.}}}

Bridging the Ravine by SilentAuror (E, 58,883 w. || Post S4, Couple For a Case, Bed-Sharing, First Times, Confessions, Awkwardness, Sex Trafficking) – Sherlock and John go undercover at Ravine Valley, a therapy centre for same-sex male couples in an investigation into a possible human trafficking ring. As they pose as a couple and fake their way through the therapy sessions for the sake of the case, it quickly becomes difficult to avoid discussing their very real issues. Set roughly six nine months after series 4.


Chapter 62 and Chapter 209 - compare: 1) How verbal they are and how much they convey: the more they speak, the less they understand each other; 2) How Jian Yi corners Zhan Xi and how Zhan Xi goes to Jian Yi willingly; 3) Zhan Xi’s touch. 

I think that this is the chapter that gave me more mixed feelings than any other before - and that’s even considering that I’d already had mixed feelings recently. (I still stand by what I said in this post.) It’s pretty hard to explain clearly, but I’ll ramble a bit about three things that moved me: the confession, the kiss, and the “I know”.

1) The confession:

The hope: Jian Yi takes the plunge because he feels accepted and safe enough to convey his feelings. He doesn’t escape from the question and sincerely gives an “I love you always forever, here and now” answer that would move even the coldest heart. 

The heartbreak: Jian Yi takes the plunge not hoping for anything, and in fact, by walking away, he opens a breach between him and the person he loves the most. Judging by his trembling hands and lips, he probably believes that the cost of his confession will be the loss of that closeness.

2) The kiss:

The hope: We’ve seen Zhan Xi touching Jian Yi’s fingers. They’ve hugged before. But most of the time Zhan Xi is both embarrassed and reluctant to be physically close to Jian Yi. However, he’s gradually grown comfortable enough for him to unwaveringly touch Jian Yi. He’s not trembling or flustered like he was before when he couldn’t understand what was going on in Jian Yi’s mind. (I’ll keep insisting on the importance of what was going on through Zhan Xi’s head during that time that Jian Yi was kidnapped. I really hope OX will tell us about it someday.)

It is my understanding -and I’d be glad to be corrected if I’m wrong- that kissing is not that common in many Asian cultures, especially not between friends in a serious way. A kiss on the forehead, however, is a symbol of closeness, trust, and deep affection. It’s a selfless kiss in that it doesn’t need a reply. It can transform into a different type of kiss if there is gentle touching, and that’s what Zhan Xi is doing. 

The heartbreak: A kiss on the forehead is not necessarily romantic. In fact, if anything, it’s a kiss that’s “chaster” than other kinds. So Zhanxi’s could have been a goodnight kiss. It could have been a “thank you for telling me” kiss. 

In any case, a kiss on the forehead gives off a sense of “I’ll be there for you no matter what,” which is consistent with Zhan Xi’s promise to protect and care for Jian Yi. “He and I still have many promises to fulfil,” he says to the girl that had tried to confess to him. Jian Yi never forgets this, and that leads me to the most puzzling part…

3) “I know.”

The hope: Their trust in each other has not been affected. The promise to remain together, to protect each other, is still intact. I know that you love me in your own way - this could have been said by either of them because their history together is real, so is their affection and concern for each other. If Zhan Xi is the one saying it, then it could mean that all his silences and his looks can be accountable, that he just needed to hear it clearly from Jian Yi, and that he believes that he’s being sincere. 

The heartbreak: Most of the times, it’s Jian Yi who gets the last word, and if Jian Yi is the one saying it, he could mean that he understands that kiss on the forehead as “we will always be friends” - or worse: it could mean “I shouldn’t have said it, because now I know that things will inevitably change.” What’s done is done, and even if he knows that Zhan Xi will not leave him… Well, how painful could it be to maintain that unrequited love for years? 

Also, the background of “I know” is dark. But it probably means nothing, right? … Right???

Definite shitposting ahead:

Once again, I’m not sure what I expect: a change of scenery, perhaps - either He Tian and Mo gossiping about JianZhan (I, for one, would love to see that), or He Tian asking Jian Yi what happened with Zhan Xi and possibly comforting him. Just imagine He Tian passing his arm around Jian Yi’s shoulders and Mo getting slightly jealous, heh. Anyway, this is all that pops up in my head if I go down the heartbreak route. If I’m hopeful, however, I could think of Zhan Xi and Jian Yi holding hands and sleeping next to each other. (As much as I hope for another type of kiss, unless Zhan is really willing to go through with it, it would just be cruel to Jian Yi.) 

I really want to be hopeful and think that, just as they’ve both matched each other’s feelings before, they will come together once more. (At this point, I no longer think the first one-shot and anything before chapter 50 could be taken as an indication of what we’re supposed to expect.)

(Also, I should probably change the “funny and cute” tag I’d set for 19 Days. I’m not even sure if OX themselves foresaw what this story would become.) 

sadbeautifulmagic  asked:

Oh my I'm looking through Twitter but I'm so bad at it, what did Mark do? Is he an abuser? Could you just explain what happened because I'm just too angry to look peacefully through the tweets I probably missed

Okay basically on twitter this writer named Audrey Wauchope started tweeting about how her and this other writer named Rachel Specter were hired to write for this show and the show runner was basically a piece of shit trash can that would talk about girls in a demeaning way while they were still in the room, would say inappropriate things to girls, would touch them inappropriately, and was basically just garbage. She also shared a story about how this show runner was dating an actress at one point and that he would share her nudes (without her permission) with everyone and apparently, he’s done even more horrible things that she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing because it’s not her story to tell.

Anyways, some fan I guess did some detective work and realized that the show runner this girl had to have been talking about was Mark Schwahn because Audrey and Rachel only worked on two shows together as writers, and Audrey already confirmed that she had no problems with/loved the show runner of the other show.  Plus, Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton immediately tweeted her back saying how they support her and are with her 100%. And later that night BJL tweeted her saying thank you. Soph and Hil also liked a ton of posts about how it was the cast that brought the characters to life and that it was them who made the show what it is and how Mark had nothing to do with it, which basically 100% confirmed what everyone already knew…which was that the show runner Audrey was talking about was clearly Mark. So none of the three girls came out and said anything directly about what Mark has said/done to them but by the way they’re tweeting and liking comments it’s not hard to put two and two together and figure out that they suffered some kind of abuse because of him (obviously we don’t know the extent and can’t judge either, but yeah).

It also explains why Sophia Bush and BJL both said they don’t miss working on OTH. And why Hilarie Burton always avoided questions about Mark Schwan and said she didn’t like talking about her leaving OTH/not returning because there was a lot of backstage drama we didn’t know about. It honestly just explains why all the girls seem to love their character and love the show, but always get weird when they’re asked about their time on the show or whether they would like to return, etc etc.


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Okay I’ve attempted to make a follow forever for quite some time now and honestly this took forever to make anyway?? But I’ve reached 1200 which I feel is a decent milestone so I wanted to make one of these to celebrate! :D I do want to preface though, because I’ve mentally said it over probably thirty times at least as I was making this that I truly am sorry that I’m the worst person ever at communication and literally I love to talk to anyone, but sometimes I genuinely forget and don’t look in my IMs for months on end and the next time I see it I’m like?? Oh wow they probably hate me for taking so long should I still reply?? Lolol, but yeah I’ll go ahead and do these but I’m gonna do the special shoutouts at the bottom ^.^ But honestly thank you and I love you to everyone who follows me and who I follow and I appreciate all of you and I know I forgot people so chances are even if you’re not on here I’ll still follow you forever??

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*stretches and gets ready for a long, polite response*

And you missed my points, but that’s fine, online miscommunications happen due to lack of tone and intent. I apologize if I sound defensive about Angela, because I immediately assumed that your problem was with the ship and her assumed (and now canonically proven wrong) involvement with Genji’s cyborg weaponization process. Possibly because of how hostile you sounded. I still get the hostile vibes but for the sake of clarification and explaining things as politely as possible, I will try to keep mine civil in return in hopes we all reach an understanding. 

And because this post is now super long, a readmore is actually required :>

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Have a little angsty Lourry ficlet, because I watched Harry’s documentary and couldn’t help but thinking about Louis watching it and… yeah. I have Feelings, let me tell you them.

Louis locks himself up in his bathroom to watch it. It makes no sense, since he’s alone anyway, but he can’t help himself, can’t shake the adolescent shame at the idea of being caught doing something that feels so intensely private.

Harry looks both hauntingly young and impossibly older from one frame to the next. Jamaica shows him with more stubble than Louis’s ever seen him with, constantly disheveled in a way that feels more genuine than anything Harry has shared of himself for years. It fills Louis with yearning, with wanting to be a part of it, even though he doesn’t even really know what “it” is yet. 

Wanting to be a part of Harry’s life is an absurd emotion, something he thought he’d gotten rid of years ago. Something he should have long ago outgrown.

The hiatus made it easier to convince himself that was true.

But the documentary shows Louis’s lies for what they are, easily undone by a simple shot of Harry grinning into the camera, pink lips and shining eyes.

It’s always been so infuriatingly easy.

He’s got to pause the video when Harry talks about the band. Their band. He didn’t expect it to hurt, but it does, the ache physical, pulling at Louis’s bones from the inside. Harry sits there, pretending that the pressure wasn’t destroying them, gnawing at their souls bit by bit. Talks about never faking it, making Louis wonder how many people are going to buy into it, take him at his word, no matter how absurd such a claim is, how many times they had to fake it, fake a smile, a hug, or an entire friendship.

There was a lot of love in the band, there still is. But there’s a lot fame took away, too.

Maybe Harry really never had to fake it.

It didn’t feel that way, back then.

The documentary moves away from the band, and Louis feels himself breathe a little easier, leaning back against the bathtub where he’s sitting on the dirty bath mat, phone precariously perched on his bent knees.

Harry gets his hair cut on-screen, because of course he did, and Louis allows himself a smile as Harry grins at his mum. It’s nice, seeing him that happy. It’s bittersweet, too, because he never really looked that happy at the end, not like he does now.

The music is amazing, but not as amazing as watching Harry singing it, his entire being so clearly thrown into it, face twisting with every bend of the songs, body vibrating with it. Louis’s enthralled, letting himself stare in a way he hasn’t in years, drinking Harry in like he’s parched for it.

There used to be a time when he didn’t feel the need to pretend to anyone that he wasn’t parched for it. Certainly not to himself.

He’s got to pause the video again when Harry starts talking about his guitarist. The way Harry looks at him… the glint of adoration in his eyes… Louis’s seen it all before, a lifetime ago, seen it directed at himself, even though the face beaming up at him was softer and framed by unruly curls.

It hurts more than the band talk did. Hurts enough that Louis flips his phone shut in the middle of it, narrowly stopping himself from throwing it across the tiled floor.

Part of him wants to warn that guy, to tell him not to give into it. He can see it on his face; the sheer bewilderment at being the object of Harry’s devotion. That little shy dismissive laughter, the twitching of the lips, repressed grins when you think you still have a grip on this.

From the video, though, Louis knows it’s already too late.

He remembers, as clearly now as he did back then. The feel of Harry giggling against his shoulder, the soft touch of Harry’s fingers sliding under his t-shirt (just a touch, nothing to read into it, nothing at all). The caress of wet lips against his neck, and brushing it off with a laugh, telling himself it’s nothing, just puppy play.

Leaning into it, into him, into whatever is on offer, until suddenly you find yourself craving for more, gasping against Harry’s mouth and more fucking vulnerable than you’ve ever let yourself be in your entire life.

He wants to warn that guy, that Mitch, that if the fans don’t ruin it, then Harry will. That no matter how many times Harry gives himself to him, he’ll always slip right through Mitch’s fingers in the end, as easily as he spilled into them.

Of course, he won’t. Cannot, anyway, because Mitch clearly would have no idea who Louis really is, has probably been kept blissfully oblivious to that part of Harry’s life. Starting new, Harry had said, or something close to it.

Louis got over it, anyway. Got over it so well he’s sitting on his bathroom floor, his fingers shaking, his cheeks prickling with tears he refuses to wipe away because wiping them would mean accepting he’s cried at all, and he hasn’t.

He got over it, and that Mitch guy will get over it too, as will all the ones that will follow him.

It gets easier after that. Louis gets lost into the music, unbothered by the allusions to Harry’s hook-ups; it’s never been about that, really, always has been way more complicated than that. Louis’s always known how to deal with jealousy. What he’s never known how to deal with is the piece of his heart Harry took away and never fucking gave back, not even once he was done keeping it like a shiny trinket.

The end of the video sneaks up on him, 50 minutes of his life gone in a flash, his bum suddenly sore from sitting on the bathroom floor for so long, legs cramped from staying so still. They show Harry and Mitch cuddling on a couch, Harry belting out song lyrics while Mitch stays plastered against his armpit, and the easy familiarity of Mitch’s fingers wrapped around Harry’s wrist makes Louis feel like he’s looking at alternate versions of themselves.

It’s heartwarming in a cruel selfish way, knowing someone else will get through it all.

He shuts his phone for good after the credits end, and pretends that he’s not going to watch it again.

He’s good at pretending.

He’s got years of practice.

On one hand, Furihata knows he doesn’t have any reasons to feel insecure. Even though they have a long distance relationship, he talks to Akashi and texts and emails him almost every day, and no one could be more attentive or loving than Akashi. Akashi also makes regular trips to Tokyo when he can, explaining that it is much more logical for him to make the trip because he has better access to travel. (Akashi has never flat out said, “Because I’m richer than you and also I have private jets and chauffeurs,” but it is sometimes heavily implied).

But Furihata feels it’s important that sometimes he is the one who makes the journey to Kyoto, and he’d feel better about the whole thing if he didn’t get the impression that Akashi didn’t quite like it when he was here.

And now, a few of Akashi’s classmates have spotted him, and they’re talking to him, and Furihata wouldn’t say he was jealous, exactly, but these girls are all incredibly pretty and also wearing very fancy clothes with designer handbags and he can’t but follow a certain train of thought along the lines of, “These girls are all way out of my league, which is fine because I have a boyfriend, except these girls all clearly like my boyfriend, and holy crap that probably means my boyfriend is leagues out of my league.”

Trying to convince himself that Akashi can’t be out of his league if they are actually dating doesn’t seem to be working, and he seems to be running in so many circles in his mind that he’s dizzy and distracted.

So he doesn’t notice when he accidentally wanders into traffic until the car almost hits him.


The honking gives him enough time to jump out of the way. He falls on his butt and scrapes his palms and he thinks, “Holy crap I could have died.” He has just enough time to wonder how many near-death experiences one person is reasonably allowed to have during high school before they’re officially deemed too stupid to live before Akashi is there, in front of him, touching him everywhere.

“Furi, Kouki, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, really,” Furihata says, laughing slightly. “Gosh, that was dumb.”

“Ooh, you’re bleeding,” one of the girls’ says sympathetically. “Here, I have a handkerchief—”

Leave,” Seijuurou snarls, glowing bright red. “All of you, get out of here.”

The girls abruptly turn around and leave, in a vaguely zombified manner.

“Seijuurou,” Furihata says, slightly taken aback. Akashi—both versions of Akashi—is usually very careful about when he uses Absolute Order.

“Are you sure you are unharmed?” Seijuurou asks.

“Yes, it was just a scrape,” Furihata says, showing him his hands. His palms are bleeding, but the wound is shallow, it’s not anything worse than what he could have received during basketball practice.

Seijuurou cradles his hands carefully in his, rubbing his thumb along the uninjured side. “We are going home,” he announces.

“What? We still have a movie—”

“We are going back to Tokyo,” he says more firmly, glowing red again for a brief second. And Furihata falls silent, because if Akashi is trying to Order him he must be very rattled. So he lets Akashi wrap an arm around his waist and walks silently alongside him, very confused, and very concerned.


It is only Seijuurou’s complete control over his own body that keeps him from shaking. He is furious with himself and how unforgivably stupid he has been. He has been sloppy and he didn’t think things through, and after all of training from Teiko and Akashi Masaomi he should have known better.

He has come, for better or worse, to depend on the Emperor Eye to warn him of danger. Gold had whole premonitions—he could see a whole mission before it happened and warn of every potential hazard. Seijuurou had only experienced that sense of clarity once, when he knew for certain what would happen to Teiko if they all ran away.

But he does see danger. His foresight has always let him know when a threat to himself or his Generation was imminent. It had let him down only once and he hadn’t thought about it (he hadn’t thought about it! Foolish and lazy and stupid!). When he had been abducted he hadn’t seen it coming and at the time he’d assumed that was because of something Teiko had done as a precaution—like the collars they created that inhibited his abilities.

He is not sure he can ever forgive himself for not making the connection sooner.

Furihata is immune to his abilities. A trait that Akashi has been very thankful about because it means he can never accidentally Order Furihata to do something against his will.

It never occurred to him that it also meant he will never know if Furihata is in danger.


A/N: OK! So! When I had this sudden epiphany how I wanted to combine both of these prompts together (plus some bonus jealous Furihata for the one anon-friend who asked recently) I was super excited about this but then also realized it was probably better if it appeared in the long story I have planned but I’d already written more than half of it and I’m still super excited about it so I’m posting it anyway! But it might also appear again in that longer story I have planned. Sooo, call it a snippet into that story that isn’t written yet. Thank you so much, anon-friends!! 

Prompt #30: You’re probably the hottest stranger I’ve ever seen.”

A/N: I enjoy the idea that Rick and Ford were not only partners in crime, but also gay af for each other at some point…me gusta.

(For @rawkingbunny !!)


Ford can sense his body shutting down by the minute. His throat is swollen and dry, his knuckles caked in old blood. The man’s heart rate is feeble and slow. He’s ready to kill for water, but on a planet such as the one he’s on, he’s not convinced the precious liquid is available.

Everything aches. His hands, his head, his stomach..his eyes. 

In the distance, Ford can just barely make out a figure walking towards him. It’s a peculiar creature, with a lanky body and spiked hair on its head. You’re officially losing it…..losing…..your damn……mind….

Ford collapses and gasps for fresh air, but only hot oxygen fills his lungs. His heart rate makes a further decline and his vision begins to go grey.  He can see stars….and only stars.


“Hey dummy, wake up.”

The voice hits Ford like a train. It’s unexpected and it appears to come from a distance, though it lingers in the man’s ears painfully.

“C’mon, I know you’re still alive. That butterfly serum usually works.”

The paranormal investigator opens his eyes, and in sheer agony, covers them with his hands as a fluorescent light greets them. He takes a moment to adjust, his vision adjusting slowly. In his peripheral vision, the same spike-haired creature from earlier sits close by.

Oh good, it is working.” It exclaims. 

Ford turns his head frantically. The ‘creature’ appears to be human, perhaps humanoid, but not entirely alien. It’s-his?-voice is more clear now, and not so distant as before.

“Who are you?” Ford croaks. 

 “I’m Rick Sanchez. Don’t try anything stupid, I’m just trying to keep your ass alive.” 

 “I wasn’t going t-“ 

 “What dimension are you from?” Rick demands. 

 “Dimension 46’\, but-“ 

 “Oh shit that sounds familiar…for some odd reason. Hey, do you happen to have a twin brother?”

 “Yes, actually. But what does that have to do with anything?” Ford pleads.

 “Nevermind,” Rick sighs, “drink this water and don’t chug it too fast. I don’t want vomit all over my space cruiser.” 

 Ford sheepishly obliges, grasping desperately at the styrofoam cup and allowing the liquid to flow down his parched throat.

I must be dreaming, this is too good to be true. Am I dead? 

“Y’know you shouldn’t just hang around in the desert on a planet that only has oxygen for twelve hours a day. One more hour and you would’ve suffocated if I didn’t find you,” The scientist let’s out an uncanny belch as he exclaims this, “you lucky bastard.”

 “I’ve been traveling through hundreds of dimensions since 1982, my mind is going a little rusty I suppose. What were you doing there anyway?” Ford says.

 “Collecting megaseeds. They’re hard to find. I need them for important purposes.” 

 “Why did you save me?” 

 “Eh, you looked desperate. I already had my seeds anyway, so I figured I’d bring you back with me. You were more dehydrated than my son-in-law’s personality.” Rick replies.

Ford isn’t sure what this man is referring to, but he’s grateful his life is indeed intact. As far as he’s concerned, this mad scientist can perform lab experiments on him as long as he remains alive.

“Thanks for saving me..Rick? You said that was your name right? My name is Stanford, but most people and interdimensional beings call me Ford.”

The two old men exchange a handshake.

“I’d hate for people to think of a car brand everytime they say my name, jeez. Anyway, I gotta tell you…you’re probably the hottest stranger I’ve ever seen.”

An awkward silence ensues. Ford goes red and stutters, “W-what did you say?”

“You’re hot.”

“We just met, after you found me dying on some extraterrestrial planet, and you’re telling me I’m h-,” Ford pauses, far too embarrassed to repeat the word, “you think..I’m attractive?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Rick shrugs.

“….okay then. I’ll take that as a compliment.”

The scientist presents a raunchy grin and motions for his new ‘specimen’ to sit by the control panel.

“This galaxy is going to get you nowhere, Fordy. Come on, let’s go have a gay adventure in space and I’ll try to get you closer to home.”

Rick glugs at a flask, the stench of alcohol a bit overwhelming, but Ford figures he hasn’t got much to lose, and agrees. Anything to keep going, he reasons. And holy crap, now that he thinks about it, Rick doesn’t look so bad himself.

So I got some bad news today. Health stuff wise. This is personal stuff that’ll likely have a big impact on my writing, but ultimately it’s still personal so I’m going to put it under a read more. I apologise in advance to people phone-browsing.

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Fanfic Writer's Appreciation Day

I started this before work and had to wait 8 hours before continuing and Tumblr deleted half my fucking work because I kept doing new drafts every time I stopped to think about someone else to spew great things about so trying to remember all of who I tagged and what I said is failing me and I’m SO PISSED RN


So many of you have tagged me and I’m like, blessedt. I am inconsistent, perpetually distracted, and extra when it comes to when and what I’ll write and I wish I was better for y'all all the time, but my muse and life is what it is. Thank you for appreciating me.

I love all of the fanfic creators for daring to love a thing so much that they put their blood, sweat, tears, hopes and dream into a liturgy that encompasses the very best of their appreciation, and often goes unnoticed or is taken advantage of. Please continue to be great, share your heart with the world, and take joy and pride in your work.

You know I’ll be here forever mentioning people that I’m half loathe to do because I don’t want anyone I don’t mention feeling like they matter less or that I don’t care, because I honestly do. But if I stop to think about all the fanfic authors I’ve come to know and love I’ll freak out and never actually make this post at all, and I’d feel worse off for it. Nobody was obligated at all to show me any love on this day, and I’m blessed that you did and I shower you with love in return.

But the day is also about leaving at least one personalized thanks to a fanfic writer for being awesome and writing things for free that certainly deserve all the money ever, and I don’t wanna make a generalized cop out post, soooo CUE THE MOST INCOMPLETE LIST OF RANDOM PRAISE FOR A FEW FOLKS

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hey, guys! so i just hit 700 followers!! and since i hit the milestone on the night before halloween, i thought i’d celebrate by throwing together a little supercorp halloween drabble. :) i wrote it p quickly, so it’s probably got a ton of errors, but i just wanted to throw something out there for the holiday, idk. um, here u go?

Kara’s staring.

She’s staring and, gosh, she knows she is – very blatantly, at that – but she can’t help it, because Lena’s so – she’s just – just so

Rao, that dress! And the make-up! The – the cleavage!

She’s absolutely to die for, utterly divine.

Kara, on the other hand? Kara’s the definition of a big fat Kryptonian mess right now. She can’t think, she can’t speak, she can hardly breathe – and, suddenly, her decision to attend her own costume party as a very large sandwich – a ‘super hero,’ heh – seems extremely… unfortunate.

Because everyone else picked a cool, badass costume, which is horrible enough, but now Lena’s here, and she’s all smoldering eyes and pouty lips and – and Kara’s stomach promptly drops into her feet when Alex laughs and says, “Alright, it’s a good costume, I’ll give you that, but now you’ve got to sell me on it. Give us your best impression!”

And then, Rao, her knees legitimately start to shake as Lena, accepting the challenge, turns to her. She lays her hand on Kara’s arm gently and presses in close, affects a low, breathy voice, and says, “Gomez, last night you were… unhinged.”

At once, all the blood in Kara’s body seems caught in a violent battle, torn between rushing to her face and rushing… elsewhere, but Lena’s not done.

“You were like some desperate, howling demon.”

Her eyes seem to bear right into Kara’s soul, her fingers clutching at Kara’s bicep, slowly and surely stripping her of all sanity. Right in front of their friends, mortifyingly enough!

“You frightened me.”

There is the faintest hint of a pout in her brow and in the set of her lips, and it remains there just long enough for Kara to feel it, like a Kryptonite dagger driven into the soft tissue of her gut – before it smooths into a devilish smile.

“Do it again,” she begs breathlessly.

Oh, have mercy…

When she’s finished, Kara bursts out laughing in a nervous, obnoxious sort of way, and the inhuman sound of it almost seems to score her throat raw. Everyone else claps, drowns it out for the most part, but the tight pitch of her voice couldn’t have gone unnoticed. (Alex’s knowing smirk seems to suggest that it didn’t, and Kara studiously avoids her gaze.)

Lena smiles and bows her head graciously at the applause. She steps back, but her hand trails down the length of Kara’s forearm, evoking goosebumps and a tremble that makes Kara’s fingers twitch with the longing to chase after her.

Kara feels like her heart is beating ten times its normal rate and she’s sure her face is as red as her cape and boots, but the others are, thankfully, too enamored by Lena’s performance to comment.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but from what I remember, you nailed it,” James says.

“If they ever announce a remake,” Maggie warns, “I’m tweeting your name at every director in Hollywood.”

“It suits you, with the dark hair and pale skin, obviously, but –” Winn gestures to the full length of her dress, the elegant black lace draped from her shoulders to her ankles, fitted so snugly every stitch could be undone with a heavy sigh. “What made you choose… you know?”

Yes, thank you! Kara would really like to know that! Because, as of now, it seems like the only reason Lena could possibly have for making such a choice is to sate her desire to absolutely unravel the tightly wound spool of Kara’s mind. Simply being next to her is a special kind of agony, because she’s standing there like a goddess, stealing all the attention in the room like some porcelain vision out of a gothic daydream with the Junoesque figure of a Renaissance sculpture and –

Lena shrugs lightly. “It was one of my favorite movies as a child, as strange as that sounds,” she laughs. “At times, growing up as a Luthor didn’t seem very different from growing up as an Addams.”

Alex laughs wryly and passes her a beer. “Let’s drink to that.”

Lena accepts the beer with a small, grateful smile. “Anyway, I’m a little too old to be Wednesday now, but I thought Morticia would work just as well.”

“Oh, yeah,” Alex says – a bit too knowingly for Kara’s liking. “Like Winn said, it suits you. You’ve really got the whole ‘ethereal beauty’ thing down.”

Lena blushes just a bit. (And it frustrates Kara to no end, because why is it so unbearably lovely?) “Thank you, Alex.”

“Don’t you think, Kara?”

Kara nearly chokes on the Sierra Mist she’s been compulsively guzzling from the plastic cup clutched in her fist like a traveler dying of dehydration in the Sahara. 


“What do you think of Lena’s costume?”

On the receiving end of Alex’s expectant stare, she giggles through a rather graphic mental recollection of every Kryptonian curse she ever learned, and glances nervously in Lena’s direction. Lena gazes back, her bottom lip caught between her teeth.

“I – she’s – I mean, you’re – uh –” Kara gulps. “Hot. Look hot – I mean, you look hot! Are you thirsty? You’re probably thirsty! I’m gonna go get you a –”

“But, Kara, I have –”

“Kara, she already has a –”

“I’ll – I’ll be right back! One drink, coming right up!”

She bumps into the dining table as she struggles toward the kitchen and sends it skittering three feet back, toppling over all the cups and bottles resting on top of it in the process.

“Oops. That was… an accident. Sorry. I’ll, um – I’m – you like cherry soda, right? I think I have… some… in the…”

Kara yanks the refrigerator door off the hinges in her desperation to bury her head in it.


If she survives the night without revealing her true identity to Lena, it’ll be a miracle. Provided, of course, she survives the night at all… which, honestly, seems unlikely, because she knows that as soon as she turns around, she’s going to be face to face with…

Oh, Rao, she actually shivers at the memory.

One thing is for sure. She’s never having a costume party again.

The Nanny

Dr. Melinda May has been looking to hire a nanny. But between her and her daughter, Daisy, Melinda is starting to think she won’t be able to find anyone who can make both of them happy. When she hires Phil Coulson to do the job, however, Melinda finds out just how untrue that belief had been.

A Philindaisy au.

Also on AO3.

Melinda closed the door behind Nanny Candidate #14 before turning around and letting out a short sigh.

Another failed attempt.

Each person she interviewed seemed so promising in the beginning, but none turned out to be a good fit. She was too protective of her four-year-old to leave her with just anybody, and Melinda’s gut instincts told her she hadn’t found “The One” just yet, even though she’d given several a chance. As if Melinda wasn’t picky enough herself, Daisy hadn’t liked a single one of the potential nannies that had watched her for the past month either. Between the two of them, Melinda was starting to think there was no one in the world who would make both of them happy.

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Fic Author Self Rec

heyyyyy so i was tagged by @karamelised, @fukcinglouis, @suddenclarityharry, and @londonfoginacup so i decided i should stop putting this off and actually get to it.  lol  so when you’re tagged in this you’re supposed to rec your favorite five fics you’ve written and explain why and this is SOOOO HARDDDD but i will do my best.  so here we go (in no particular order):

*The Long Way Home - so this one is kinda cheating, because it’s a series.  however, that being said, the series word total still only comes to 2003 words, so it’s actually kinda debatable as to whether it even counts as a series.  anyway, this made the list, because i’m so attached to it and yet no one ever reads it haha  anyway, it’s the closest i’ve ever come to angst and pain i think, and it all started because i was reading tkg poetry and one suddenly had this really sad and pained version of harry screaming at me and wanting his story told.  so i did.  anyway, i love it a lot.

*(Make You Want To) Scream - i feel like this is cheating a little too, because only the first part is posted, but the rest is written!  i promise!  my beta and brit pick are just super busy and i only finished writing it like…yesterday or something.  BUT while i feel like the second part of it might suck (and i probably only feel that way because @gettingaphdinlarry hasn’t kicked my ass into gear yet lol, she truly is the best), this was one of the hardest fics i’ve written.  i had such a difficult time going through and writing in a way that was clear but also expressing the various difficulties that might be had with inhabiting someone else’s body, much less someone you don’t know and it turns out you’re hella attracted to.  so it was a lot of fun while still flippin hard and i just kinda love it and can’t wait for you to read the rest.

*Who Tells Your Story - this is the fic i’m probably most proud of period and that i love the most out of all my fic babies.  or at least i love it the most so far.  this fic started as one thing and then turned into another and you guys, i hate research, but i actually researched for this fic!  and i had a lot of fun crafting the narrative and having it be larry but not like…only and completely about them.  i also had a blast creating fizzy and the rest of the crew that kinda surrounded louis for the fic and it was just a fun time to write it while also doing what i could to make sure the tone was right.  it was a good time.

*(Won’t You) Stay to the A.M. - so…apparently i can take a prompt that involves famous actor louis and homeless harry and make it pretty much pure fluff.  did you know that was possible?  i didn’t until it happened.  i didn’t even realize it was that fluffy because i still did what i could to make it have plot and conflict and resolution and stuff, but it was.  it ended up being super fluffy shit.  but i also was able to work experimental theater in central park into the fic, so yeah.  and i kinda based harry’s situation on daveed diggs.  so really i took a prompt and made it freaking self-indulgent fluff and yet somehow people still loved it.  which really doesn’t explain why i love it so much?  i’m really bad at this challenge, guys.  i think i have failed.

*Against His Better Judgement - this one…i loved but then i tried reading it again a few months ago and seriously cringed because it was painful for me to read it and it was then that i realized if i ever want to continue to love my fics, i need to never read them again.  lol  i do love this one though because the jane austen loving english major that will always be a huge part of me just can’t let my pride and prejudice au go so here it is.  plus, i mean, i put louis in booty shorts singing bootylicious during karaoke at a costume party.  can’t really go wrong with that, right?

i’m pretty sure everyone and their mom has already been tagged for this and no one actually made it through reading all the way to the end, but imma give it a try anyway!  so i tag @alienproof, @laynefaire, @hazzabooween, @andyouknowitis, @gloriaandrews, @wubwubnparmaham, @haloeverlasting and you.  if you’re reading this and you write fic and you haven’t done this yet, you’re tagged so have at it!

RvB Rec Day--August, 2017

holy shit i’m so bad at remembering to do these

anyway if you know the author’s urls feel free to tag them so they know they are loved

burn and bury by stellalum. (She needs her answers and her vengeance sated so she can move on with her life. The only thing that tugs her attention away from her goal comes in sandy gold armour. Carolina may be running her equipment so her own shows a dark grey, but his stands out. It’s York. Of course it’s York. (or, “Carolina finds York before Tex can; Feelings ensue.”)) Yorkalina, 7k, canon-divergence au. oh god there are. so many feelings. so many. beautifully builds on canon in the best and worst of ways, not shying away from anything and making a masterwork of two hurt people who have hurt each other a lot moving past that and finding something that’s not quite peace in the ashes. so many things about this kill me from the characterization to the banter to the entire undercover bit g o d. also I have been hanging onto this rec since APRIL because I keep forgetting to make these just GO READ THIS FIC.

 Five Reds and a Baby by @a-taller-tale(Red Team accidentally acquires a baby. It’s Grif’s fault.) Series, 10k, 5 works, sort of gen but s t r o n g Grimmons it is so strong and I LOVE IT. Anyway I’m late to this party because everyone and their genetic donor has probably read this and if not WHAT’S STOPPING YOU. HIJINKS AND SHENANIGANS  IS ONE OF THE ADDITIONAL TAGS. THAT ALONE SHOULD CONVINCE YOU. I JUST FOUND IT TODAY AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND HILARIOUS AND WONDERFUL AND GOD JUST LOOK AT THIS FAMILY OF DORKS IT’S ENOUGH TO MAKE ANYONE RED TEAM. G A H I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

we’ve already done that joke by Prim_the_Amazing (Why the fuck did he have to spend five minutes convincing him that Dexter Grif was in fact his name, but the guy knew Star Wars references on an instinctual level?) Grimmons, 1.6k, Grif gets amnesia from an alien temple, mostly focused on Tucker and Grif. Which right there should convince you because HELLO THIS FRIENDSHIP. TUCKER AS THE ULTIMATE GRIMMONS SHIPPER WE ALL KNOW HE IS. I actually found this through a rec today but g o d do i have to second it because holy shit this is a thing of beauty. Friendship! Tucker being a wingman! Grif being genuinely a dork in love with Simmons! Simmons thinking Grif has brain damage because he won’t stop flirting. why are you still here GO READ IT. AGAIN.

For Me, it’s Been an Eternity by whoviangoesthere (Tucker isn’t going to let this happen. Not ever. Or: An AU following the events of S15 Episode 17. SPOILERS THROUGH s15x17.) Minor Tuckington, 1.7k, time travel/loop au. This is the first fic I’ve seen to address the “so anyway fandom has decided There’s A Time Machine whatevs Nicolosi” issue and it does it SO WELL. Pain. Humor. More pain. Time loops! I love time loops. Wonderful fic. 

Bittersweet by sajere1 (Your name is Lieutenant Caleb Bitters, Captain Grif is dead, and you just punched a hole in your locker. That’s…well, that about sums it up, really.) Bitters-centric character study, 3k. oh my god i never thought i could have this many feelings about Bitters but oh my god. Plays with the idea that Bitters isn’t from Chorus, and has in fact met both Grifs well before then, and ended up in a war well over his head. Takes two of my “i love these but only if done right” things–2nd person pov and Chorus history/politics–and does them so well so yeah this owns me and deserves so much more visibility and love. 

cherry bomb by @bizarrebird(Blood Gulch isn’t a big town, but sometimes it feels like the whole damn world, and Carolina’s let herself get lost in it. The journey back to being a real person, isn’t an easy one, but with a locksmith and an army veteran, along with a diner full of friendly idiots at her side, she might just make it.) Yorkimbalina, WIP, 19k so far. Modern au. So we’re agreed that everything Diana writes is a gift, right? right. and if you haven’t read the entirety of her Diner au already holy shit is today your lucky day. I don’t have enough time to write all the words about how much I love this fic because it’s midnight in an hour and 45 minutes, so I’m just going to say that the first time I checked the Yorkimbalina tag which is my baby to find a brand new fic I screamed. And then I messaged Steph to make sure she knew. And then I read the whole thing and screamed some more and I’m still screaming. G ODD AMN DO I LOVE THIS FIC. Diana is??? such a brilliant writer, holy shit, like in all the wonderful small details and characterization elements and also in all the giant overarching themes and stories that I really just want to print all of this and roll around in it forever. the slow build dynamic she’s got working is g o r g e o u s and alll??? the wonderful tropes?? that she’s working in in such a lovely and natural way?? she’s not only got a wonderful, brilliant take on York and Carolina, but has managed to make one of my favorite Kimballs e v e r and i am so picky about the way people write my daughter but oh my god Vanessa Kimball. In this fic. yes drown me. and the best part is there’s going to be m o r e. i cannot believe this fic exists and continues to bless my life just GO READ IT AND JOIN THIS TRASH CANOE P L E A S E. 

‘Call-out’ post for Imaginethesedorks

*Adele voice* Hello

I went in on Tanisha way earlier, then I got too busy to make an explanation post (I had some errands to run and a birthday party to plan), but I’m home now so here it is.

This is less of a call-out, and more of a list of things she’s done for those concerned about interacting with her in your safe spaces. I don’t have another word to really encompass what I’m doing here, but for all intents and purposes, let’s just call it that. I’m not really a ‘call-out’ type of internet user but I was specifically called upon to make this post, so forgive me for being very 2014 tumblr for a bit.

Tanisha of @imaginethesedorks has been writing graphic smut involving minors, proudly, for about 2 years. When she first began writing, she was 17 at the time (which was totally different back then), but she is now 19 and continues to do so. Herein lies the problem.

I can’t @ her because she has me blocked after this morning’s clock session (BIG MOOD, BIG) but if any of you reblogging this who aren’t blocked want to tag her, feel free.

Tw#general creepiness towards minors under the cut. Tw# Age-play Tw#Mommy-kink Tw# Rape Mentions Tw# ‘Dubious Consent’ mentions. 

Just in general lots of weird, potentially triggering content for anybody sensitive to age-gap talk, csa mentions, or minor adult relationship talk.

This will be long winded, but the most important bits are in the bullets. If you see this post and would like to add on to it with your experience with her, feel free.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! So I was the "Does Momoi do anything girly" anon and I was wondering if you will do the cafe scene with her and Riko?

“What was all that about?” Momoi asks just as Riko settles into the table with the menu in hand.

“What was what about?” Riko says, a little too quickly.

“Oh, you know what,” Momoi says, putting her own menu down to eye Riko. “Your captain just tried to ask you out and you pretty much punched him in the back and ran.”

“I had to go meet you! And anyway, I just slapped his back! Friendly like,” Riko says, but she looks guilty, and she just sighs and says, “He’s been trying to ask me out since the last Winter Cup, and I don’t want him to.”

“Well, that’s rude,” Momoi says, pouting. She’s actually a little disappointed in Riko, she thought better of her. “If you don’t want to date him, then you should at least give him the courtesy of rejecting him, and not—”

“That’s not—I don’t—”

At Riko’s blush, Momoi pounces, almost predatory-like. “Oh, you do want to date him. You like him.”

“It’s complicated,” Riko says. “And anyway, it would just be distracting, so—”

“Don’t give me that,” Momoi waves this aside, “I’m dating a player on the team and I have a very hard time believing you wouldn’t be able to prioritize.”

“I don’t want to talk about this,” Riko says.

“Do you see where we are right now?” Momoi demands. “We’re at a cafe. We are two girls, at a cafe, and by god, we should be able to talk about our love lives.”

Up until now, they’re meetings had been short and kind of awkward and they mostly talked about basketball. Momoi isn’t even sure why Riko still agrees to come out with her, since their friendship has not progressed the way that she would like. But this is the first time something properly girly has come up—the stereotypical kind of girltalk Momoi has only ever seen on TV and she is will be damned if she lets this opportunity pass her by!

“Well, why do we have to talk about my love life?” Riko grumbles, “You should talk about your love life.”

“I am dating the person I was genetically designed to mate with since birth, trust me, my love life is not exciting,” Momoi says. Riko blinks, not sure what to do with that. “So you like Hyuuga-san! That’s great, you two would be cute together, why not just go out with him?”

Riko squirms. “There’s someone else.”

“You’re dating someone?” Momoi persists.

“Nooo, not—”

“You want to be dating someone. Oh! You like two people at the same time.”

“Holy crap, how’d you do that?” Riko demands, looking genuinely surprised and impressed.

“Women’s intuition,” Momoi says serenely. “It’s your Center, right? Kiyoshi-san?”

“Are you reading my mind?” Riko asks suspiciously.

“That is not one of my talents, it just makes the most logical sense,” Momoi says. “Anyway, that’s great! Go date both of them.”

“Momoi,” Riko says, exasperated. “If you’re not going to take this seriously—”

“What? I am being serious,” Momoi says, frowning, “Go ask them both out. See if they’d be willing for all three of you to date each other.”

“That—what? That’s not even—are you crazy? That’s not an option!”

“Oh my god,” Momoi says. “Of course it’s an option! You mean that didn’t even occur to you?”

“Of course not!” Riko says, sounding scandalized.

“You want to date them both, right?”

“I like them both, yes, and I don’t know—the solution is not to date both of them.

“Yes! Yes it is! Do you know how many great literary love triangles could have been solved with polyamory? All of them.” Momoi feels like shaking the girl. Some people had no idea how lucky they had it! “If you’re up for it, then the only thing is to see if the boys are up for it, and I’ll bet you anything they would be.” She pull out her iPad and starts tapping away, already researching the matter.

“I could weirdly see Teppei amenable,” Riko says, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and looking away. “But Hyuuga never would, and—and anyway, I don’t even—”

“Nope, that boy definitely has a bi-curious browsing history,” Momoi says, looking at her iPad. “I think he’d be on board.”

“What? Really? What are you—are you hacking his computer right now? How?” She cranes her neck to look at the iPad, which Momoi pulls away.

“Ah ah, you don’t get to see what Hyuuga-san looks up on the internet in his spare time unless you agree to consider the possibility of threesomes.”

“That isn’t—why do you even care?” Riko sputters, still blushing.

“If I can’t have a threesome, someone should, and I might as well live vicariously through you,” Momoi says, quite seriously. “Don’t worry, I will walk you through this, I will be your dating senpai, I—”

“You don’t have experience in this either!” Riko says. “And I’m older than you!”

“But I am ever so much, much more worldly than you,” Momoi says confidently. And she is absolutely determined to help Riko with this, whether or not the girl actually wants her help.

After all, that’s what friends are for.

A/N: Hahaha, thanks anon-friend! I am glad that you remembered  after this short when I mentioned I wanted you to ask again after the Nijimura story was done =D This was a conversation I thought Momoi would really enjoy having with Riko– although Riko, probably not as much. But *I* had a lot of fun, so thank you!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering how you knew you were Demi? I don't have much experience but I was thinking I might be Demisexual, I don't find anyone attractive like other girls my age do. Thanks!

*old man voice* it all started so many years ago…

Just kidding, but it did start when I was a junior in high school. I was kinda scrolling through tumblr, as one would do, and I saw that one of my friends (one that I actually knew in real life and had classes with) was posting asexual things. I got curious, so I tried looking things up. Now, I live in a fairly conservative town. Not that people are blatantly homophobic or anything, but it wasn’t diversity central either (we are aptly nicknamed Vanilla Valley), so I hadn’t had much exposure to the lgbt+ community beyond gay people and the vague idea of trans people. I got really confused about what I was seeing, so I asked my friend what the word asexual meant. Somehow, in the process of trying not to look like an insensitive asshole, I ended up on a website that had the different ace identities. The word demisexual was on there, but I largely ignored it, since my friend is sex-repulsed ace and that’s more what I was interested in learning about.

That was my first time seeing the word, but something must have struck a cord with me, since I ended up kind of toying around with the idea of being asexual in some capacity. I even mentioned that to my mom (she promptly told me I wasn’t allowed to be asexual). In the end, I kind of discarded that idea since I was aware that I wasn’t completely opposed to the idea of sex. Time skip to when I was a freshman in college (I’ll be a sophomore in the fall). 

I had a few friends that I would get dinner with after lab, both of whom were in a relationship. I asked them how they met their respective boyfriends, and the conversation turned too, of all things, some of the kink they tried. We were all laughing and stuff, but, I don’t know, I just felt off. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I got back to my room, pulled out my laptop, and googled the word demisexual. I read about some of the common demisexual experiences and I was a little shell shocked. I told myself not to panic, so I made a list. Ways I was demisexual and ways that I wasn’t. The way that I wasn’t had one item. The was the was had somewhere close to fifteen (fifteen that I was willing to admit at the time, at least). So I messaged a different friend on tumblr who mentioned that she was demisexual and asked her about it. We talked for a while, and something clicked with me. When I woke up the next morning, I dived into the tag and was sorely disappointed. I wasn’t “out” to anyone yet, so I couldn’t make any posts on my main blog. I decided that I needed a healthy outlet for some of feelings. so I created this blog. That was that.

Over the course of the next several months, I kept up a sort of informal diary. It is strictly related to the demi stuff and helps me organize my thoughts. In retrospect, I never acted like you would expect a straight person to act. There was a lot of posturing on my end so that I would appear “normal.” Looking back has only strengthened what I already know. 

Okay, like, one time, all these kids on the bus were asking if I was gay. Which my response was totally not “why are you even asking me that” and was more along the lines of “what??? No???? I totally love guys. I’m super into dick.” Which. Come on. A guy asked me out once and I panicked so bad I ran away from him. Clearly I was convince both myself and the other people. But also, I never made any moves on anyone regardless of gender. I was always joking about some fake boyfriend I had. Everyone knew it was fake, which was the funny part, but wouldn’t someone else just joke about their crush? Yeah, didn’t have one of those. The last true and proper crush I had was in sixth grade and one day I decided I didn’t want to have a crush, so I promptly stopped all my feelings. Again, not something that a totally straight person would do. Like? Who just wakes up and decides “yeah, not in the mood to have a crush anymore. I’m over this.” and just be done like that unless they’re ace and trying to force attraction that isn’t there? 

Just looking back, there are so many little moments that were clearly me being vibrantly asexual. So if you have any of those little moments where you just feel out of the loop or are trying to convince other people of your attraction, you’re probably ace or demi in some way. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable talking about sex unless I intitate the conversation. In the same vein, I don’t like seeing sex, or even kissing, on tv or in movies. And I only like reading about it if I feel the characters have a deep enough connection AND I have been thoroughly warned in advance about the content. I need time to prepare myself or it makes me real uncomfortable real fast. Maybe that happens to you. Maybe not. And anyway, your lack of experience could be an indicator of your ace-ness. I mean, I’m 19 and I haven’t ever gone on a date. Not for lack of opportunity, but more because I just never really had the drive beyond a vague, abstract idea about what a hypothetical boyfriend would be like. 

I would link you to the website I used, but it seems to be down at the moment. I have a resources tag if you wish to look through and see if that can be of any use to you. I hope my long, anecdotal story helped you! Good luck!

Myself, Here and Now

En didn’t often think about the fact that he’d been on intergalactic television, twice. It wasn’t for any reason other than that he didn’t care. What happened in the past was in the past, more or less. He was much more of a “live in the moment” kind of person.

That didn’t mean that he never thought about it, though.

It was weird that it had happened, but it was even weirder that nobody had noticed. How were the hidden cameras placed? Who (or what) had placed them? Were there invisible camera crews following them around? Weren’t you supposed to sign wavers or something to be on reality shows? Who kept allowing Zundar to have access to television production equipment and staff?

He’d asked Wombat once before, out of curiosity, but either he really didn’t know anything important, or he was good at pretending like he didn’t. En was willing to bet on the latter, mainly because Wombat didn’t seem like a creature who dealt in specifics.

That had been a while ago, and the thought hadn’t passed his mind until Yumoto, tired of sitting around in the club room doing nothing, started asking the Beppu twins about an upcoming concert of theirs.

“Eh, another concert?” Atsushi asked. “I figured you two would want to take a break.”

“This isn’t an entire tour, just a single concert,” Akihiko replied.

“It’s way less than our typical workload. Concert tours, recording, filming commercials and PVs…” Haruhiko said, ticking the items off on his fingers as he said them.

“Uwaaa, being an idol seems like a lot of work!” Yumoto exclaimed, clearly awestruck.

“The schedule is a bit difficult,” Akihiko said.

“And all the traveling can be stressful,” Haruhiko added.

“But it has its perks,” they both said in unison. Sometimes En wondered if they were telepathic. It would explain a lot.

“What about the restrictive contracts?” the President asked, but the tone of his voice indicated that he wasn’t particularly interested in the conversation. Part of that was probably because of the stack of official looking papers that he was rifling through, but he also wasn’t a fan of idle conversations. Or the Beppus. Which had confused En at first; out everyone in their group, the President and the Beppus were probably the closest in terms of personality. Thinking about it now, that was likely the root cause of the problem.

The President had assured En that he was working on it.

“The contracts are pretty strict.”

“And you can be penalized heavily for breaking them.”

“Really?!” Yumoto was so easily impressed, it was endearing, in a way.

“Hey,” En said, “you two are idols, so you would know a lot about show business, right?”

“Clearly they would,” the President replied drily. En scowled, and Atsushi made an apologetic face. Arima, who had been content to remain in the background up until this point, very unsuccessfully tried to stifle his laughter.

“Anyway, I have a question,” En continued. “How exactly does this all work? You guys have to sign contracts to make appearances and be on tv, right?”

“Yes. It’s a lot of boring legal paperwork, and Dadacha usually did most of it,” Akihiko explained. “Why? No offense-”

“-but you’re hardly the idol type,” Haruhiko finished. That got another stifled laugh out of Arima; he seemed to enjoy personal jabs at En a little too much. He’d have to look into that later.

“Right, well, first of all, whatever you say after ‘no offense’ is probably gonna be offensive anyway, so you might as well omit that in the future. And second, I was asking because, as far as I know, we never signed any contracts.”

“You’re right, we didn’t,” said Atsushi. “We didn’t give consent to be on any kind of program. Our rights were infringed upon.”

“Oh, yeah, that too,” En said.

“En-chan, what do you mean, ‘that too’? Isn’t that why you were bringing up the contracts?” Atsushi asked.

“Ah, no, not really.”

“Then what was the reason?”

“Assuming there is a reason,” the President said. Arima didn’t even try to pretend he wasn’t laughing this time.

“It’s like you’re a robot whose only setting is ‘patronizing’,” En huffed. The President shot him a disapproving look.

“Please don’t start,” Atsushi said.

“Back to the point at hand…” Akihiko said, gesturing with his hand.

“Yeah, the point. So, not to be an Io or anything, but should we be expecting a paycheck from the CIDE people or not?”

True to form, Io did in fact perk up at the mention of a paycheck, which effectively ended the conversation he’d been having with Ryuu and Gero. All three turned to join the bigger conversation; before Io could chime in, Ryuu said, “Why would we get paid? Weren’t we technically supposed to be defeated or something?”

“Even if you play the villain, you still got hired to play the role, didn’t you? If you participated, you would expect to get paid,” Gero replied.

“I guess you’d know about playing villains, eh, Gero?”

“If memory serves, during my season, you were the antagonists, weren’t you?”

“Technically you were our villains too,” Haruhiko muttered under his breath.

“Who was trying to take over the world?!” Ryuu asked, indignant.

Gero shrugged. “It got good ratings.”

“Can you two please stop joking about that?” Kinshirou cut in.

Ryuu and Gero had the decency to look sheepish, which placated the President enough that he went back to ignoring everyone.

“Hmmm,” Akihiko said. “I guess it’s complicated.”

“You didn’t actually sign a contract, but they didn’t tell you about the show at all, did they?” Haruhiko said.

“At the least, they probably owe you some kind of compensation. You did participate, after all.”

“I’d get my lawyers to look into that if I were you.”

En and Atsushi gave the pair blank stares.

“…Not that you have lawyers.” Haruhiko sighed in exasperation. His brother elbowed him in the arm. “I mean, we could recommend-” Another elbow. “Offer! We can offer our best lawyers.”

“That’s a…nice offer,” Atsushi said. “I don’t think we’re actually planning on suing anyone at the moment, though.”

“Oh, good,” Yumoto said. “I don’t really care about court cases and tv shows and things like that.”

“‘And things like that’…but court cases and tv shows aren’t similar things…” Ryuu said under his breath.

En watched as Haruhiko rubbed his arm and glared daggers at his brother. “Wow,” he deadpanned, “benevolence must be difficult.”

The Beppus both flushed red, though whether from anger or embarrassment, En wasn’t sure.

“Leave them alone, En-chan,” Atsushi whispered. “They’re trying.”

“I think they’ve been doing pretty good so far,” Arima added. “The rudest thing they’ve said today is that you don’t look like the idol type.”

“Yeah, about that,” En said, turning to face the other boy, “is your sense of humor defective, or do you hate me today?”

“Maybe I just find this conversation funny.”

“It’s just awfully coincidental that you laugh every time someone sends snippy comments my way, is all I’m saying.”

Arima grinned. “Like I said, it was funny.”

“I’m not really sure what Kinugawa-senpai is talking about, I’ll definitely take you up on that offer. If I don’t fight now, I’ll have done all of that work for free, and I can’t abide by that.”

“That’s Io for you,” Ryuu and Atsushi said. Maybe they were telepathic too.

“Why in the world are you scoffing? You should all be more invested in this. I’m not sure why you aren’t more interested in the conversation, President Kusatsu,” Io said.

“Yeah, out of all of us, you’re the one who probably has the biggest gripe with the studio,” Ryuu added, leaning over Io’s shoulder to look at whatever was on his tablet screen. “I’d be mad if I were you.”

Gero shot a look at the President, who’d stopped looking through his papers and was sitting motionless, and then at Arima, who shook his head discreetly. “Ah, anyway, Naruko-san, what were you saying before, about the exchange rate?”

His abrupt subject change was obvious, but Ryuu and Io only spent a moment looking slightly confused before they jumped back into their previous conversation.

En could tell the President had just about met his daily quota of tolerance, and tried to keep his tone as casual as possible. “Come on, President. You’re the type of person who writes strongly worded letter when you receive subpar customer service. This is right up your alley. You could sue for defamation of character.”

The President noticeably relaxed, if only to roll his eyes at En. “Yufuin, did you have a point in all of this? What are we even talking about?”

“Do you not know what defamation of character is?” Akihiko gave the President a puzzled look.

“Excuse me?”

“I’m not an expert on Earth culture,” Akihiko continued, “but defamation of character is a thing you can take people to court for, right? People do it all the time, especially to the media. When they’re portrayed in a poor light.”

“Yes, I have a basic understanding of the judiciary system, thank you.” The President was talking in that clipped way that meant that he was fed up with a conversation. En and Atsushi exchanged a wary look.

“We’ve had to threaten paparazzi with a lawsuit a couple of times,” Haruhiko mentioned, frowning at the memory. Yumoto looked like he desperately wanted to ask about it, but sensed that now was not the time.

“Although, thinking about it, would President Kusatsu be able to sue for defamation?” Akihiko asked.

“I guess you can’t really say you were falsely portrayed on a non-scripted show,” Haruhiko replied.

“Especially one you didn’t know you were on.”

“Everything you said and did would have to be authentic.”

“So I guess you wouldn’t really be able to claim defamation.”

“No matter how badly you were portrayed.”

“…You think I was portrayed badly,” the President asked, and the temperature in the room dropped.

The Beppus looked at each other in surprise, and then at the President. “That’s not what we meant!”

“Oh, no, I completely agree. It gave a horrible impression of me.” His hand was gripping the edge of his desk so tightly that En was afraid he would break it.

“We weren’t saying that-”

The President took a deep breath, and En was sure they were about to have their ears screamed off. “It’s one thing to show me changing people into monsters, fighting my classmates, and trying to take over the world. But to show me having a heart to heart on camera? And blushing? Unforgiveable.”


“I can’t just have them portraying me however they want. I have a reputation as a stern enforcer of reason and order to uphold.” The President’s demeanor relaxed, and he casually began stacking his papers on his desk as though he’d been this laid back all along. Atsushi and Arima looked as stunned as En felt, and the Beppus looked as though they were worried that the President was waiting until their guard was lowered to attack.

“Did you just make a joke at your own expense?” En finally asked, incredulous.

“Yufuin, some of us have a sense of humor,” the President replied simply, packing his bag. Arima turned away and started laughing, which caused Atsushi to start chuckling along with him.

“None of this is even real, is it?” En said, still shocked at the turn that this had taken. “What kind of world is this? We’re suing aliens, Arima’s been possessed by a malignant hyena spirit, and Kusatsu is cracking jokes?”

“The real world, Yufuin, don’t be melodramatic.”

“This is hell, isn’t it? I’m in hell.”

Io, Ryuu, and Gero turned to look at them with concern.

“If they tell jokes in hell, it can’t be that bad, right?” Yumoto said.

“Don’t say ‘hell’, Yumoto,” Io and Ryuu said in unison.

“I’m not a little kid,” Yumoto said.

“It just doesn’t sound right,” Ryuu said. “Somehow.”

“You’re right, it’s strange coming from Hakone-kun,” Gero said.

“I mean it, I’m not a kid!”

The President looked smug, Arima and Atsushi were still laughing, En was pretty sure he was in a parallel dimension, and the Beppus made a strategic retreat from the insanity that was the club room.


On the way home later that evening, En laced his fingers with the President’s and squeezed them tight.

“Kusatsu, I’m sorry.”

The President looked puzzled. “For what?”

“That conversation back there. I know you’re still sensitive about the conquest thing. I should’ve thought ahead.”

The President smiled. “That’s kind of you. I was upset, a little bit. I thought I’d try your method of diffusing a situation with humor. I suppose it worked.”

“You were upset a lot, and it worked on a technicality, but I almost had a heart attack.”

“The Beppu brothers looked as though they did too.”

“Hey, you know those two weren’t trying to hurt your feelings, right? They just…have no filter.”

“I’m aware. But I’m not mad at them.” The President smiled sadly. “It’s not their fault I was a horrible person on intergalactic television.”

En frowned. “Kusatsu, don’t.”

“Why not? I was portrayed as a horrible, cruel, spiteful person because that’s the type of person I was. And you and I both know that sometimes, that’s still the way I am.”

“You aren’t-”

“Of course I am. You don’t learn humility or sympathy overnight. You don’t just stop thinking that if only things were the way you wanted them, everything would be much better. If only people followed your vision, everything would be perfect.”

“You can’t dwell on that.”

“It’s not dwelling, it’s a fact. I’m not a nice person, or even a good person.”

“Stop it now, Kinshirou.”

The President looked up at him with glassy eyes. En pulled him into a hug, stroking his hair.

“You are dwelling. Stop living in the past, okay? I won’t argue with you about the past, but the Kusatsu Kinshirou standing here is a good person. The Kusatsu Kinshirou of the present is working hard to become an even better version of himself in the future.”

The President wrapped his arms around En tightly. “I’m trying, but it’s so hard,” he said, muffled against En’s chest.

“Wanna know a secret?” En kissed the top of the President’s head. “Becoming a better person? It’s hard for everyone, at one point or another. So forget past you. The only you that matters is the you of right now.”

“That’s not true.”

“Not with that attitude.”

That managed to elicit a chuckle, so En felt he’d won this battle.

“Just take it a day at a time, okay?”

“…I’ll try.”

“Good. Now, let’s go leave vaguely menacing messages on the Beppus’ front door.”

“Hold on a second, what happened to being a better person?”

“We’ll start that tomorrow.”

“You haven’t told me anything about the me of tomorrow.”

“Look, it was a figure of speech, and you know it. Come on.”

“You’re a bad influence.”

“I try.”

“I’m not going to leave vaguely menacing messages on any doors.”

“I know. I only said it to make you feel better.”

The President squeezed En even tighter. “I love you, Yufuin.”

“I love you too, Kusatsu.”