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Okuyasu and Jonathan (I live for the found family)

Jonathan loves Okuyasu, and he’s also completely horrified and furious about Okuyasu’s past. As in, like, if Keicho weren’t already dead Jonathan would probably give him a good ass kicking. Jonathan sees this great, sweet, well-behaved, just all around fantastic kid who’s so scared and so messed up and has so little faith in himself, and it makes Jonathan angry in a way that very few things do. 

He wishes he could do more to help Okuyasu, but of course, so much damage has already been done, and Jonathan isn’t really the right person to try to fix that. Of course, he’s already done plenty by taking Okuyasu in when he had nowhere else to go, and providing emotional support when the situation is right, but he desperately wishes he could just magically solve Okuyasu’s problems. That being said, he is proud of what progress Okuyasu has made, and he’s always impressed by his strength.

Okuyasu is very, very grateful to Jonathan for everything he’s done for him. After Keicho’s death, when Josuke proposed the idea of Okuyasu living with them, Jonathan could have easily said no, especially considering they already had 6 people living in one house. But Jonathan welcomed Okuyasu with open arms, and who knows where Okuyasu would be now if he hadn’t?

Okuyasu looks up to Jonathan, of course. Jonathan is pretty much the first actual nice, Responsible Adult™ Okuyasu’s ever had in his life, which is very important. Even if Jonathan is in some ways a wreck behind the scenes, Okuyasu’s baseline expectations are way worse, so he’s super impressed by how much Jonathan has it together. He hopes to be like him when he’s an adult. 

Eruri and their horses

This has probably already been done before but I think it’s a cute idea that I’ll probably do a drawing of at some point~ +HC that Levi’s horse is the total opposite of him, it’s really energetic and loves to go up to random soldiers (especially Erwin) when there’s spare time on missions and stuff +This annoys Levi, but he tries to keep his cool in front of Erwin +Levi’s horse also likes to nudge people on the arm with its muzzle (and sometimes it just bumps into people’s asses too on accident) +This happened with Erwin once and Levi was mortified to the point of blushing a bit +Erwin didn’t mind and just laughed it off +Erwin’s horse is a lot like him, very calm and collected, and is Levi’s horse’s best friend +It doesn’t mind Levi’s horse’s antics and will sometimes play along +The two of them are usually at each others side in the pasture +Erwin thinks that Levi’s horse’s antics are adorable ~ ~ Sorry for the long post lol this is just something I thought would be cute to think about as I myself love horses😂

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