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Ok Jugband got another one if you want..."Enamor Me" it can be about Valentine's Day. I won't bother you again. 🙊😊

Ah Ardenkai, I suck at romantic scenarios. I am THAT person who you would not want as your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Seriously. 

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, as you are promptly reminded by a lovesick Chloe, and you’re stuck in the vicious cycle of ‘Do I get my girlfriend a gift?’. You’re sure Holly isn’t going to feel bad even if you do completely disregard the whole occasion and spent it watching reruns while eating take-out, but you decide that your girlfriend most certainly deserves something. At the end, you decide to not go over the top with the ‘romance’ theme, and decide to get her a gift.

Now you’re stuck in the next cycle of what to get your girlfriend. And you have no one left to ask for gift advice other than Chloe and Traci. The two of them agree that you should get Holly something she wouldn’t buy for herself, normally. And you have no idea what that is. Your girlfriend has everything she could possibly want - and you’re back to square one - wondering if the occasion needs to be celebrated at all.

After hours of roaming around scores of stores, and deciding against the giant stuffed bear, you decide on a gift. You have no idea if your girlfriend will like it or not - but it’s certainly something you know Holly would never get for herself.

It’s pretty late by the time you get home, and your girlfriend is already asleep in bed when you find her. Seeing that it’s only ten minutes till midnight, you let her sleep till you wake her. You know you’re it’s supposed to be a mushy, romantic event - but you don’t want all that. You know Holly loves you - she knows you love her. That should do. You don’t want to actually succumb to tradition here, at the same time - you know if anyone you’ve dated deserved a special day - it’s Holly. So, at midnight you give her a kiss on the cheek and wake her up. She grins that sleepy smile at you, and you can feel yourself turning to mush. Except now you’re even more worried if she’d like the gift.

‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Lunchbox.’ you smile, giving her a hard, passionate kiss as she sits up.

'Happy Valentine’s Day.’ she whispers back in your ear, and you love it when she does that. Gathering all your courage, you bring the little gift-wrapped box to her notice.

'I hope you like it.’ you say back, already wishing you hadn’t given it to her.

She’s genuinely surprised as you hand her the gift, and a part of you truly hopes she likes it. You wait with bated breath as Holly slowly opens the box, forgetting how anxious it can be when someone opens a gift you’ve given them. Holly gasps in surprise as she sees the gift, and you’re already apologizing.

'I’m sorry if you don’t like it I’ll take it -’ you don’t really finish that sentence as Holly’s kissing you again, and you finally decide you’ve done well.

'Shut up Gail, I LOVE it!’ Holly exclaims, taking the watch out of the box and wearing it, grinning like an excited kid. It’s a silver one, with an engraved strap. You can’t help but join in her joy, feeling elated at having gotten your girlfriend a gift she liked.

'You do?’

'I do. Thank you.’ she says with a smile and starts kissing you again, wiring you up for a long, passionate night.

The next morning, you wake up with a silly smile on your face, with your girlfriend in your arms. She’s still wearing the watch; she wore it all night, though she wasn’t quite dressed in any other way. You’re smiling as you see her sleeping face till a thought strikes you.

Where’s my gift?

Immediately you’re wondering if Holly got you a present, and you’re excited. Of course she got you a gift. She’s the best ever. In a few minutes Holly wakes up and gives you a little kiss before getting up to get ready for the day. It may be Valentine’s Day, but you both have still got to work.

You’re ready downstairs shoving toast in your mouth when Holly comes down for her cup of coffee.

'Did you get me anything?’ you ask, and you immediately bite your tongue at that. You’re not supposed to ask for gifts. You’re supposed to receive them.

Holly turns around to look at you in surprise, and your hopes sink a little.

’ I didn’t know you wanted a gift.’ she replies and your hopes are dashed. You had been hoping against hope that you’d get a gift, but there’s no chance of that at all. You’re sure you face gives away your disappointment because the next minute she’s holding your hand and sitting next to you.

'I’m sorry Gail, I thought you didn’t like occasions like Valentine’s Day.’

You decide it’s time to get your Ice Queen mask back in order, and you brush it all off as random curiosity. You finish eating and get ready to leave and almost rush out of the house before Holly can do anything more. She’s barely given you a kiss good bye before you’re half out the door, running off to work.

You spend the whole day cranky, and the others assume it’s just you being the cold, heartless person you normally are. Internally, you’re going over the million reasons why Holly didn’t get you anything. Perhaps you’re not a good enough girlfriend, you aren’t girlfriend material etc etc. By the time your shift ends, you’re maxed out on crankiness and sarcasm. You resolve to show your girlfriend that you’re pissed with her by going straight to bed. You reach home and climb upstairs to the bedroom and are about to throw yourself on the bed when you notice a package on the bed.

It isn’t gift-wrapped or anything, and being the curious cat you are, you tear open the box and exclaim in surprise.

It’s a brand new PSP - and when you switch it on - you can see it’s already preloaded with all your favorite games. Games which aren’t even PSP compatible.

'Did you really think I’d not get you anything?’ you can hear Holly’s voice from the bathroom, and you’re kicking yourself for even thinking that your girlfriend would forget you.

'How did you get Mortal Kombat vs D.C Universe on this thing!’ you exclaim in glee, already loading a game to play. Damn this is the best present ever.

'I know a friend who rewrites games for different interfaces. ‘Holly replies and you realize she probably gave way more thought to this gift than you did.

You’re half way through killing Sub-Zero when you hear Holly stepping into the room.

'You can play with that - Or’ you glance up to see Holly dressed in some very lacy red lingerie and your throat goes dry. Screw the game. You throw the PSP aside as Holly walks into the room, as seductive as ever.

'Happy Valentine’s Day, Gail.’

Happy Valentine’s Day to me indeed.

New York Surprises (Tayvin AU) part 22


“Can you see them yet?” I asked my younger daughter as we sat on a bench in the local school car park.

Lia and Jay were on their way back from being away at camp for 6 weeks. We had seen them about 3 weeks ago on family visit day, but now they were going to actually be home. It was the same camp Adam and I had been to, where we met in fact, but a lot had changed since then – not least having electricity in all the cabins!

“What’s taking so long?” Adam asked as he sat down next to me, carrying Fin who he had just been pushing on the swings, “They were meant to be back 20 minutes ago…”

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