this has probably already been giffed but i haven't seen it so

thoughtfulbearpanda  asked:

Hi, I haven't seen descendants but what made u ship harry/evie? I've seen lots of uma/harry flowing through tumblr? Did Evie and harry have a scene together or? What's the appeal of the ship?

oooh, interesting question but thanks for asking! i live for any opportunity to talk about this wonderful ship, so be prepared because this response is quite long.

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He’s a phantom.

so, as you probably already know if you follow me, i’ve been pretty obsessed with Danny Phantom lately and it just so happens that today, April 3rd, is the anniversary of the show! in fact, the first episode ever was aired in 2004, which makes it exactly 10 years old today!!!

since i’ve seen some pretty rad fanart and since this is the show of my childhood i wanted to draw something too! i can’t say i put much time into this and it didn’t really turn out very good but oh well, i just wanted to be able to contribute with something anyway

happy dannyversary everyone! uvu