this has open a can of worms


Bum had an insane amount of feelings for Sangwoo WAY BEFORE anything happened at all. He didn’t develop them as a defense mechanism because he was abused, which is what happens in Stockholm Syndrome. He merely didn’t lose his feelings because of the happenings, which is pretty expected considering his disturbed personality (let’s not open that can of worms here, now) 

What K/S has is in fact Lima Syndrome, which is when the abuser starts to sympathize with the victim. 

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Everyone keeps mentioning the Hiddleconda and stuff.. am I the only one who thinks that his willy is not so big? I mean, looking at the gif where Oakley (in Unrelated) is running naked to the pool and at those cring-worthy pics with the grandpa white panties....I only saw rainbows and lies.. :( will Tommy boy disappoint us also in terms of willy size?

Oh my, are we opening this can of worms?

Personally,I think it has to be noteworthy because I have never in my life been able to see the bulge in every pair of pants a dude wears like you can with Hiddles. Maybe we need other visual aids?

It was someone’s job in “Kenneth Branagh’s Thor” to blur this monster bulge.

The blessing of the slo-mo snake hips + his hatred of underwear shows a clear and impressive dick print.

He sits like a man-whore because it’s uncomfortable for him to smush his considerable junk together in his tight ass pants.

Notice here how his hand bounces from the movement of the Conda?

We can’t forget the blue suit of Cannes!

In his favorite jeans

Another vision in  blue

And I’ll just end with this pic- which MAY be a manip but who gives a fuck.

I rest my case LOL

Celebrate Me Home Masterlist

A Dean Winchester Holiday//Daddy//Bookstore!AU (synopsis)

Part 1 - The One Where the Reader Gets Lost (Posted November 1st)

Part 2 -  The One Where Sam Opens a Can of Worms (*November 9th)

Part 3 - The One Where Dean Has an Accident (*November 20th)

Part 4 - The One Where Meg is an Ass (*November 29th)

Part 5 - The One Where Cas States the Obvious (*December 4th)

Part 6 - The One Where Maggie Mae Assaults her Teacher (*December 10th)

Part 7 - The One With Dean and his Girls (*December 26th)

Part 8 - The One With the Note (*January 15th)

Part 9 - The One With All the Catharsis (*January 28th)

Epilogue - The One Where The Ball Drops (TBD)

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kuroken; don’t call kenma lazy in front of kuroo. just—don’t.

for @dgalerab - idk if someone beat me to it but i too, like kuroo, would defend kenma to the depths of hell and beyond,,

They’re eating lunch when it happens. It’s just the two of them today, Kuroo nabbing a random vacant chair to join Kenma at his desk because the second year doesn’t feel like moving. Or talking. Or really anything, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

Kuroo talks for the both of them, one of his notebooks open next to his bento as he drops broccoli into Kenma’s box when he thinks the other boy isn’t looking. Kenma has his phone out, but he’s barely scrolling through it. Instead, he’s steadily picking through his lunch, silently taking in Kuroo’s babbling about some sort of revelation in the chemistry world. He hums every now and then to let Kuroo know he’s listening. It’s almost peaceful, as familiar this scene was.

Then, of course, one of Kenma’s classmates, a tall kid with glasses whose name Kenma can never bother to remember, has to go and make a snide remark about him, just loud enough for most everyone in the classroom can hear. 

“There’s no way he made the starting line up without kissing ass. I mean, if Kozume’s lazy ass can be a starter, then what does that say about our volleyball team, right?”

Kuroo falls silent immediately, fingers clenching his chopsticks so hard Kenma’s afraid they’ll break. He wants to say something, or run away, or tell Kuroo to ignore them, but he can’t. He just hunches further into his sweater.

“Excuse me,” Kuroo says, turning in his chair. His tone is light, almost conversational, but his eyes are the sharp kind of dangerous when he plays against opponents that don’t play nice. “What the fuck did you just say?”

The kid sniffs, and Kenma isn’t sure if he should be in awe of his classmate for being so undaunted when there’s a large scary third year glaring him down. “I said, i don’t understand how Kozume is on the team. He doesn’t talk, he’s creepy, and he’s lazy—”

“Kuro,” Kenma says quietly, but his friend doesn’t hear him. Kenma can only watch on nervously, fingers twitching around his phone. The whole classroom is watching the exchange with varying degrees of alarm.

Kuroo finally stands, stretching to his full height. He easily looms over the other kid. “Have you ever gone to a game of ours?” he says, staring the kid down. “Do you even know what volleyball is? How it’s a team sport? How each member carries their own weight, how each team relies on its setter? Have you ever seen Kenma play? Do you know that he’s our setter, the setter who is currently carrying us to nationals? Do you know how much time he puts into studying other teams’ plays, how long he stays for extra practice with all of us, individually? Do you?”

The other kid has the sense of gulp. He pushes on his glasses, glancing away from Kuroo, but not even his friends are willing to help him out of that. Kenma understands. Kuroo is real scary when he needs to be.

“If you want to talk shit about Nekoma Volleyball Club, fine,” Kuroo says, tilting his head so his too-long bangs throw shadows over his narrow eyes. “But let’s see you come to an actual game first, huh? There’s a practice match this Saturday. I invite you.” 

Kenma watches sweat gather on the poor kid’s forehead. But Kuroo isn’t done.

“And if you ever dare call Kenma lazy again,” says Kuroo, leaning forwards until the kid has to tilt his head back to maintain eye contact. “We’ll be having another nice chat. Understood?”

The kid swallows audibly. He manages a strangled Y-yes, and then Kuroo is settling back next to Kenma, picking up his chopsticks and continuing his spiel about some unique chemical bond only found in space as if nothing happened. The noise level in the classroom picks up again, and Kenma puts down his phone.

He doesn’t say anything, but when he knocks his knee against Kuroo’s and feels the other boy press back gently, he knows he doesn’t need to.

i don’t like doing this but i’m going to make that post because i want there to be a post that isn’t from someone w/ a raging hateboner for either

as a southeast asian woman, the thing gigi did hurt. “asian eyes” is a very loaded topic bc it ties in w/ stereotypes and yellowface and all that ugly stuff. it’s obviously wrong and the right thing for her to do would be to apologize and admit what she did was wrong.

the thing zayn did was not any better. yes zayn is asian like me. but besides the whole “a person gets a pass bc they’re dating someone of that race” (i don’t want to open tht can of worms rn), zayn has no place speaking in what gigi did.

the asian community is large and very diverse (and sad to say, still very divisive bc of the intra issues tht include colorism, classism, and discrimination within the whole community). the asian eyes issue does not really affect zayn because this is an issue that’s tied to southeast/east asians. it’s the same way desi issues would not affect me. so in turn, like i would have no place to speak about being called a terrorist, zayn has no place to speak about the thing w/ asian eyes. 

i still love them both but what they did was wrong and hurtful to a group of people and that does deserve some calling out and people in that group are allowed to feel what they feel. this doesn’t mean they are inherently bad people, it just means they did something messed up and it shouldn’t be defended. 

also discussing this topic, ppl needn’t bring up past mess ups because that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual topic at hand and it’s v obvious ppl who do so only do it to fuel the fire.

i wanted to make this post bc asian issues esp across different cultural and ethnic groups are v nuanced and many people don’t seem to understand that. also i wanted it coming from a genuine place, not just from someone who severely dislike either zayn or gigi or both.  

New Headcanon

Fareeha has such a perfect grasp of English that she makes really clever puns, wordplay, and references. Lena, on the other hand, speaks English and only English, but is constantly mashing up metaphors and turns of phrase because she literally cannot remember how any of them go and it annoys Fareeha to no end. 

T: You know what they say, while the apple’s away, the doctors will play!

F: ??????

T: Look, you opened up your can of worms, now lie in it

F: Lena why are you like this

Okay, now that I’ve finished Luke Cage, I have thoughts on the upcoming love triangles and by love triangles, I mean the one between Matt/Claire/Luke/Jessica (I guess a love quad). I was bummed out about what developed between Luke&Claire. I LOVE Matt & Claire and Luke & Jessica together. But I feel like people are underestimating the relationship between Matt & Claire and that it can be something that can change things. These two have a history. You never forget your “first superhero.” Everyone knows their chemistry is insane. They could have had something but Claire stopped it before it could, because she was afraid, because she didn’t want to go down THAT path, but that doesn’t mean she has stopped caring for him and vice versa. I think with her being around Luke, it will help her understand Matt more than she wanted to let herself before. And that opens up a can of worms. Matt himself has been pretty busy between Karen & Elektra, but he hasnt stopped caring for Claire either. I think his can will be opened once he sees Claire & Luke together. It will make him wonder “Why wouldn’t she fight with me and she would with him?” Claire Is going to be a big part of The Defenders and she will likely find herself between Luke & Matt alot, just as Luke will find himself between Claire & Jessica, a woman he has his own complicated history with. It’s definitely going to be interesting. Don’t rule out Matt & Claire!

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Celebrate Me Home - The One Where Sam Opens a Can of Worms

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 7.2k-ish

Warnings: Not much at this point. Just fluff and general longing.

Summary: A Dean Winchester Holiday//Daddy//Bookstore!AU ~ The reader learns more about the Winchesters as she settles into Pine Tree. She grows closer with them all as deep family secrets are revealed.

A/N: I don’t know where I’d be or whether I would post this fic if it were for the very wonderful and very perfect @winchestersnco. She has been nothing but a perfect angel throughout this whole journey. I can’t thank her enough for all her time and energy.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7|| Part 8 || Part 9

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47 Days until Christmas…November 8th, 2011.

When y/n was a little girl her mother used to tell her that even the best laid plans are bound to be changed; if not for an unforeseen circumstance than for god himself realizing that he doesn’t like the path that your life is going down. At the time—being no more than an eager, naïve 7 year old—she believed every word her mother had to say. However, as she got older, as her world changed and her mother become more resentful of both her and her father, y/n realized that her mother just wanted to appease her regret. She wanted to ease the pain that she felt for getting knocked up fresh out of the Ivy League, by a man with a more promising future than most, but still, maybe not the man of her dreams.

So, yes, some plans don’t work out. Some mother’s earn Master’s Degrees in Egyptology and Ancient Civilizations only to have them fall by the wayside; a promising career replaced by the pitter patter of little feet of a bouncing baby girl. 

But y/n always thought she was different than her mother, thought she had a chance to make everything she dreamed of come true. Although, now that she’s older—now that she’s lived a solid three decades—y/n doesn’t know why she thought she was special, why she thought she mattered more than all the rest.

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what i don’t understand is how/why there seems to be so many parallels between both sarah/cosima’s and cosima/delphine’s relationships. like, yeah sarah and cosima are coded platonic with the whole found family, sisterly bonds, all of that and it’s good, but when it’s compared to cophine (as i did semi-jokingly in this post here), it suddenly and very easily can be read as coded romantic?? especially on sarah’s side. like it’s basically canon that the poor girl has the whole unrequited love thing going on for cosima.

but another clear parallel that has me even more convinced than i have been previously (and previously i have been pretty damn convinced in the first place so this is just next level now) is the season 3 finale and the season 4 finale.

season 3 finale is when delphine gets shot. i’m not gonna open that can of worms again, but right before she gets shot, she says (as probably everybody knows at this point) “what will happen to her?” obviously she’s asking about cosima, and making sure that cosima will be taken care of, even to her “end”

season 4 finale is when sarah gets attacked (and also shot at –but missed) by rachel. i’m not comparing the act of them both being shot at, but rather the concern they BOTH express for cosima right before potentially fatal incidents. right before rachel enters the room, sarah says “where’s cosima?” and when susan replies only with “rachel’s gone mad”, sarah just says back “did you treat cosima?” – and then right after that, rachel comes in and smashes her on the head, proceeds to stab her leg with a knife

i’ve seen people say that sarah will be fine because she’s “the main character”. and while this may be true, there’s still a delphine/sarah parallel here that cannot be denied, no matter who you ship cosima with.

at the season 3 finale, delphine’s fate was technically undetermined. /yes/ a gunshot wound is much more fatal than a knife wound, but she wasn’t expressly “dead” at the end of season 3. neither is sarah. but currently sarah is bleeding out on a very cold, exposed island beach with a head wound and also that knife wound (which could have hit an artery).

the parallel comes in from their life threatening situations, but also the words/actions they took prior to being placed in those situations. despite danger, they BOTH solely expressed concern FOR COSIMA. delphine’s “what will happen to her?” and sarah’s “where’s cosima / did you treat cosima?”

i just find it very interesting that sarah has been placed in such a similar situation to delphine after expressing the same kind of concern for cosima that delphine had expressed back in the season 3 finale.

Well Lily Peet’s opened a can of worms. I’m not going to believe her when she claims to not have done it for drama as that’s clearly what she’s doing cause why state something so negative that basically everyone that’s a fan of Steven Universe is going to be big time against?

You’re just asking for a shitstorm when you say Rebecca Sugar has no idea what she’s doing with her show and that they’re badly writing Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship despite the fact that Sugar is bisexual and has stated that the LGBT themes in the show are based off her own experiences.

Lily also mistook the whole thing between Jasper and Lapis as well as not getting the purpose behind Mindful Education which is to not let the things that get to you effect you too much or you’ll lose control of everything and if you can’t deal with it yourself (like how Garnet’s song shows) you can always talk to someone on it cause keeping it bottled up isn’t healthy either.

She also claims that SVTFOE is just mindless fun which it’s anything but as Into The Wand and especially Bon Bon The Birthday Clown has shown and when someone brought it up she brushed it off as plot advancement which can be said for ITTW but BBTBC is only half that as it’s also teaching a lesson jealously via Star herself. I won’t be surprised if later on there’s episodes dealing with lessons for it’s viewers.

The Imperial Hunger Games

Summary: A RebelCaptain Hunger Games AU suggested by @misspookamonga who didn’t know what kind of can of worms she was opening with this idea. 

The Empire has been ruling the galaxy for hundreds of years and ever since the end of the Rebellion seventy-four years earlier, an annual Hunger Game has been held- each planet forced to send one man and one woman in tribute to fight to the death for the honor of the Empire. And Jyn Erso just won the lucky spot.

Chapter One


Jyn looked out at the blank sands that surrounded her home and wondered if today was really going to be the hell she knew it might be. Once a year, she looked out the vast nothingness of her planet and prayed that the Force would really be with her and not chose her for this terrible fate.

Her father stood a little distance from her.


She turned, and looked at him.

“It’s time.”

She nodded and turned to face him.

“Papa,” she said, not wanting to choke but it was getting harder and harder with every breath.

“Stardust,” he said, knowing what she was going to say. He walked over and hugged her tightly, so tight she was sure that she would stop breathing. “Trust the Force.”

Today was the Reaping for the Imperial Hunger Games and she was going to have to put her name in one more time.


75 years earlier, the Rebel Alliance had formed and went up against the Empire, but was struck down, the rebels scattered and imprisoned. The star systems under Imperial control were forced into a contract with the Empire, that once a year, each planet would choose one person and offer them up as a sort of tribute to the Empire. They would fight and die in a battlefield created by the Empire in honor of their planet and the winner would win food for their planet for a year and glory in the heart of the Empire.

The Games were broadcast for everyone to watch at all times and Jyn had been watching since she was a child. She was now eighteen and looking at her father as if everything was going to fall apart. Each year brought them closer and closer to death. Every year you could increase the times you put in your name for food for your family and she had put in her name almost fifty times. She knew that the older you became the greater the odds were going to be. If she could get through this, she would be home free. She would never have to go through this torment ever again.

They returned to the house, the farm and waited to be called.


The Reaping was a ceremony of humiliation to say the least. The Empire required all people to go to their home cities dressed in their finest clothing and watch one child between the ages of twelve and eighteen get their name drawn. She was wearing her mother’s dress, one from the Old Empire times. Her parents had once been a part of that old lifestyle but never looked back since.

Stormtroopers were lining the streets, keeping everyone in order as they marched to the town square, eyes scared and dead, children huddled close to each other in terror. Jyn stood independent, always had, and walked to the front of the stand where they took your DNA to confirm you were who you said you were. She didn’t flinch as they said her name and moved her through the line.

She walked through the endless amount of terrified children, all thinking the same thing.

“I could be called upon to die today.”

Because that’s what the Hunger Games were. You went to die. No child from a small farming planet, or maybe a moon could possibly know how to fight unless their area was worn torn like Jedha, where you had to fight to live. This kind of place, children were sheltered and didn’t even know how to use a blaster properly. But her father had been smart, and had Jyn learn how to defend herself under the guidance of his friend, Saw, but when she was only a child, abandoned back to her home planet with only a knife and blaster when she was sixteen and hoped that she could make it home on her own.

Saw had never been one for subtly. He had been a rebel, even so many years after the end of the Rebellion, he was constantly at war with the Empire and she had not seen him in years. Her father was grateful though, that she was still so skilled and knew what to do if the time came.

Jyn moved through the crowd and stood among them, barely able to see over so many tall boys and the music announcing the beginning of the ceremony starting.

She watched as a man who was dressed in black stepped forward and had a stick in hand, touching it to the ground until he found the microphone in the middle of the stage set up. He was blind and smiling.

“Welcome everyone,” he said, “looking” out into the crowd and waving his hands, “I am Chirrut Imwe, and I am this planet’s manager for our two wonderful tributes!”

Jyn looked around, seeing the scared faces of countless children. She was eighteen, she only qualified for one more year. She just had to keep thinking this in her head.

“Let’s draw our tributes!”

He turned and two troopers provided a massive bowl filled with little names and she knew that somewhere fifty times was her name. She closed her eyes.

Trust in the Force.

Her mother told her that phrase anytime there was trouble.

Trust in the Force.

She whispered it under her breath. She needed to just make it through today.

“And our female tribute,” Imwe said, taking a piece of paper in his hand and feeling it, apparently it was in brail, thank you Empire, “Jyn Erso!”

She took a moment. That was her. That was her name. She was Jyn Erso.

“Jyn,” she heard her father say somewhere in the crowd, the crowd so silent that she could hear it. She opened her eyes and looked around, everyone turning and looking at her. It was small farming village, of course everyone knew who she was.

“Jyn Erso, our female tribute!” Imwe said, clapping and no one joined him. She looked around, the ground shifting under her feet, and she stumbled and started walking towards the path to the stage, the Stormtroopers watching as she did, in case she decided to run. But Jyn couldn’t remember how to speak let alone run.

Jyn walked up the path, grabbed by a Stormtropper by the time she reached the stage and was put on it by him, left standing in front of thousands of faces, feeling like she might just end all of this now without the dog and pony show and just get a gun from a trooper. At least she would die with dignity. But this was not possible, because she felt a hand grab her shoulder.

“The Will of the Force is strong,” Imwe said, low and in her ear, “I sense that The Force has plans for you, Jyn Erso.”

She was startled and looked up at him, unsure what to say. She stood there, trembling as he returned to his bowl, changed out for the boys.

She felt the world blurring and waited to hear the other sad name.

“And for the male tribute,” Imwe said, “Cassian Andor!”

That name she did not know. She made a face and looked up, searching the endless faces and finally the crowd parted to show a very scared looking eighteen-year-old, glaring at the stage. He was forced by the other boys to step out and walk to the stage and she watched him. Something about him was familiar but she didn’t know what it was and she watched him climb the stairs and look at her. In a small moment, it seemed that he might have known her too, from the way he stared at her, but it was over in a moment and they were forced to stand in front of everyone.

“Excellent! Our tributes!”

The two of them were grabbed by Stormtroopers and taken into the building behind them, the crowd forced to disperse as Jyn looked back, trying to find her father in the crowd.

“Papa!” she cried but she was silenced by the doors closing shut behind her.


A/N: hey, this was a terrible mistake, now I can’t stop writing and I am dying. I will be posting more chapters soon because this story writes its damn self.

New promo still of Alexander Skarsgård as Perry Wright in #BigLittleLies – 06: “Burning Love”

Debut: SUNDAY, MARCH 26 (9:00–10:00 p.m.) [x]

Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) worries about the can of worms she’s opened for Jane (Shailene Woodley). Jane confronts Renata (Laura Dern). Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz) tells Nathan (James Tupper) about a secret project Abigail (Kathryn Newton) has been working on. Meanwhile, Ed (Adam Scott) and Madeline have a frank conversation about the lack of passion in their marriage.

Written by David E. Kelley; directed by Jean-Marc Vallée.

Photo by Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/HBO*


Faelern came back later to drive me to the house. I wanted to make sure that Jace was definitely gone so I wouldn’t accidentally run into him.

No one else knew about Faelern and me, not even Sky, so I didn’t bother telling the truth about where I was going, as I knew it’d open an extra weird can of worms. I told her I was staying with my coworker. Faelern was a weird guy, sure, but I didn’t get creepy vibes from him, even with our unfortunate history. 

We pulled up to the house. He came inside long enough to get some things. I looked around a bit and spotted the pictures on the wall. He has a wife?!

“Hey!” I called out, “does your wife know I’m staying here?”

Faelern came partways down the stairs.

“My wife is dead." 

He went back upstairs. Well, fuck.

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Even thougn TJ is Gay, and he says that every now and again he sleeps with a woman because he loves boobs and he has to make sure that he is Gay, do you think that he would possibly fall in love with a woman? Not necessarily romantically, like 100% but maybe really love someone if they were close friends that messed around here and there?

Okay, well. *opens can of worms* lol If he falls “in love” with someone - that is romantic love. So do I think he could, as you actually described, love a woman that he’s, let’s say, fucking around with? Like - they become dearest of friends and sometimes roll around in the sheets and he feels love for her? Sure. I could see him deeply caring for anyone, no matter what gender.

TJ is a bit of a mystery, tbh. I mean, Jack Benjamin in Kings - he sleeps with women to gain favor in the sight of his father or the press or whatever - to gain something politically from it. I don’t really think he ever enjoys the sexual act itself, when he’s with a woman. TJ on the other hand, definitely seems to partake in sex for the enjoyment factor - either with men or women, although, he does clarify he has sex with women to “make sure.” I think he enjoys it, tho. Lollipop girl anyone? uhm Maybe he’s bi? idk Maybe he’s not. I can’t really say for sure. That’d be a question for the writers of the show. I think, tho, that from a fanfic standpoint, you could write him as bi w/o it being too much of a stretch. But that wasn’t really your question, was it? lol Um, yes, I think he could love a woman, whether he’s romped with her or not. I think TJ has a great capacity for love…if only someone would be kind enough to love him in a GENUINE way. ffs (now, I’m tearing up….sigh)

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The Imperial Hunger Games

Summary: A RebelCaptain Hunger Games AU suggested by @misspookamonga who didn’t know what kind of can of worms she was opening with this idea. The Empire has been ruling the galaxy for hundreds of years and ever since the end of the Rebellion seventy-four years earlier, an annual Hunger Game has been held- each planet forced to send one man and one woman in tribute to fight to the death for the honor of the Empire. And Jyn Erso just won the lucky spot.


Chapter Two

Jedha City

Jyn entered the building, feeling numb. She was going on her death march with Stormtroopers all around her. She walked the flight of steps and couldn’t help herself, she kept stealing looks at Cassian. He was watching his feet while he walked, eyes darting everywhere for a moment and then back at the ground. He looked like he was really concentrating and she didn’t speak.

They were separated, to give one final goodbye to their families, she supposed, but she wondered if she really wanted to see her father again. Seeing his face, that made all of this real. She sat in the small office alone, looking at the walls. She then got up and started pacing, feeling her face getting flushed and getting ready to fight again. Once her initial terror had started to wear off, the feelings of survival started taking over.

There was only one winner in the Hunger Games. Only one person got out alive. Cassian was an enemy. All of the other people in the ring were enemies. She was out there alone. She looked around the room and the door opened, and her father was standing there.

“Papa,” she said, relieved to see him, despite feeling like she might cry. They embraced and he was trembling, knowing where they were taking her. He told her that everything was going to be alright and that she just needed to keep surviving. She promised that she would see him again and he took her mother’s necklace and placed it around her neck.

“Trust the Force,” he said to her, and she nodded, touching the kyber crystal, her mother’s most precious possession, left for when Jyn was to leave her family one day. She was going to have to leave now. She was grateful to know that her mother hadn’t lived to see Jyn become the monster she was going to need to be to get through the next several days.

He gave her one last hug before they opened the doors, telling them to hurry it up.

“I love you, my stardust,” her father said and she closed her eyes, squeezing him hard.

“I love you too, Papa,” she told him and closed her eyes as they dragged him out and he was gone from the room. She sat in the office for a long minute, crying as she fell to the floor, and the doors opened once more, revealing Imwe again.

“The time has come,” the blind man said, ushering her forward and she followed, sniffing and using the back of her hand to wipe her tears. She had to finish this now. She had to think about her next move.


The troopers took her down a flight of back stairs to the landing pad outside. A large Imperial spaceship was there, and she would be in awe of it if she didn’t recognize the ship. Director Krennic, an old friend of her father’s before he left the Imperial Army for a quiet farmer’s life. The man had been a terror to her as a child and she was still scared of him. He was still in charge of being master of the Games, as she recalled, coming up with the horrors that the contestants would face in the coming days.

Jyn followed them into the ship and saw that Cassian was already there, strapping in and he looked up as she walked in. She sat down and was strapped in across from him and a droid sat next to Cassian, looking between the two of them.

“I am K-2SO, I will be your security while you are a tribute,” he said, though he seemed more pleasant to Cassian than he was to Jyn.

Security for tributes was not as pleasant at it sounded. K-2SO was basically to keep them from killing themselves or trying to get killed before the actual rounds started. He was going to be there to ensure that they didn’t do anything stupid. And Jyn tended to be a slow learner so she was certain she was going to need a little more “protection” then the other tributes.

Jyn’s eyes moved from K-2 and at Cassian. She was really looking at him now. He was eighteen like she was, and handsome, and she didn’t like that. Being handsome made him harder to dislike and think of an enemy. Right now he had the face of a friend. She didn’t like it at all and she certainly didn’t trust him. Imwe came and strapped in, talking to a intercom in his ear to tell the pilot that they could get going.

Jyn felt the lurch of the cargo bay door and the ship closed. She closed her eyes and imagined being at home with her father and swallowed back her tears. There was no more crying now.

She looked up and saw that Cassian was looking at her, and she was certain he was measuring her up. It was now the time to start thinking about the arena. He had to be certain she was a threat to him. The closer they got to Imperial territory the more enemies they would encounter.

She looked him over. He didn’t look like much, but he struck her as the kind of person who kept everything low key, kept everything internal and underestimating him was what he wanted you to do. She decided not to give him the satisfaction.

“So, you are a tribute,” she said, as the ship took off. He hadn’t broken his gaze at her. He looked very casual and off guard, as if to invite her to have a conversation. She didn’t like it.

“You too.”

“I don’t remember you from our village.”

She didn’t know where she knew him from but she swore he seemed familiar. Maybe one of those things where you think you know something but you really don’t. Maybe another life you never really had but think you did.

“I think I would have remembered you,” he said, and she made a face. He was way too casual. She didn’t like it. She looked away. K-2 looked at them.

“The tributes should not speak to each other,” he said and then looked at Cassian. “There will be a fifty-three percent chance that you will face each other in the arena.”

“I can handle myself,” Jyn muttered and Cassian didn’t mean to but it looked like he had given the slightest of smiles before going back to neutral. He was really closed off. She was surprised. Maybe he knew how to fight like she did. She turned and looked at Imwe and before she meant it, she fell asleep to the rocking of the ship. She dreamt of her mother’s death at the hand of Stormtroopers and screaming in a hole alone.


Jyn gasped and opened her eyes, looking around and trying to move before she realized that she was strapped in place. The ship was landing and she had slept the entire trip, and saw Cassian looking at her. More like observing, and she didn’t enjoy it. She looked away from him and saw that Imwe was standing, opening the door. Another arrival, it seemed, because instead of telling them to get up, they were picking someone up.

“Baze!” Imwe exclaimed, grinning and hugging a man coming onboard, and showing him to the others. He was the epitome of a hot mess. His hair was a rag mop on his head and he looked like he had been through a few rounds before. She knew him. He was a former tribute, and winner. He had killed so many people, at the tender age of sixteen. He had been very famous. Baze looked around at the ship and strapped himself in next to Imwe, growling when spoken to. He didn’t want to be here just as much as the rest of them.

Baze Malbus was a previous winner and therefore their coach. He was going to make sure that they survived these games as best they could, but honestly, they knew that they were all going to die. No one really won the Games. The previous winner had been an Imperial, trained and perfected by Govenor Tarkin himself.

This year would be no different. The galaxy was going to get a good show out of Jyn though. She wasn’t going to die quietly.

The ship launched again and they were soon landed in Jedha City, where she knew that she would be paraded around like a piece of meat. The Games wouldn’t start for another few days, but this was the time for the Imperial Court to see everything. The Emperor would be observing as well and she didn’t like the idea of him looking at her at all. She knew of him but the thought that he existed at all was enough to keep her terrorized.

Cassian stood up first as the doors opened for them to exit and he looked at her.

“Jedha,” he said, motioning to the ruins of the old Jedi temples. Jedi had been the Old Way, the Old Order that was long gone. On top of the ruins was several Imperial starships and battle destroyers. To protect the city from any possible thoughtless citizens who wanted to cause trouble during the Games.

“What’s left of it,” he said, looking away and turning to leave. She followed behind him, eyeing K-2SO as they went, refusing to let the Stormtroopers following any reason to doubt she was a hundred percent compliant and had the right to touch her.

Imwe and Baze walked side by side into the hangar they had landed in and Cassian was a few steps ahead of her. She caught up to him because she refused to let him think that he could walk in front of her, and they stopped when prompted, Jyn looking around. The massive city was crowded but the Tributes were arriving today so there was more security than usual and tons of people stopping to look at them. She didn’t mean to but she ended up moving closer to Cassian, their shoulders touching and she felt him tapping his hand against his side as if there was a gun there that he was missing.

“This is a lot of security for the Games,” she said quietly, looking around.

“This year is a big deal,” he muttered, looking down at her. Their heads were incredibly close and he took in a sharp breath, just now realizing how close they were. The troopers forced them forward but she didn’t put any distance between them. Cassian looked forward.

“The Emperor has been impatient lately, there is talk around that he has Director Krennick working on a very big surprise for the Games this year,” he said, trying to ignore their hands constantly hitting each other as they walked, Jyn watching everyone around them.

“What kind of surprise can you come up with when you are already killing us?” she muttered, but they stopped at a massive elevator and Imwe looked at them.

“Please, step inside,” he said, the doors opening and they went inside and Jyn looked at the scene before them. There were hundreds of people, all waiting and watching, ready to watch her die. She stayed close to Cassian, the adults moving in and blocking them from view. She looked up at Cassian.

“You don’t seem too worried about all of this.”

“I am used to fighting,” he said, looking down at her. She looked sad for a moment but it was fleeting and she went back to annoyed.

“Hope so, you don’t look like you could last a day out there alone,” she said, and he rolled his eyes, sighing.

“I can take care of myself,” he said, looking down at her. She glared at him.

“I can take of myself too,” she said, as if he was accusing her of anything. He frowned.

“I never said you couldn’t!”


“Children,” Baze barked, looking at them both lazily, “Stop talking.”

They both looked forward and Jyn moved away from him. Cassian didn’t realize how much he was going to miss her being that close to him.

The elevator arrived at their suite and they were greeted by more Imperials. They took Jyn and Cassian, separating them and heading them in different rooms to be washed and clothed to look like real champions and Jyn didn’t mean to, but she looked back one more time at Cassian to see that he was doing the same.


A/N: it’s not even funny now how much their stories fit perfectly into the Hunger Games, like holy crap. I have read the books and seen the movies so I am freaking out here. Trying to give Cassian as much screentime as Jyn. If you would like me to tag you in this, let me know, I already have been requested so here’s to you: @queen-of-broken-hearts-posts 

So if the show goes the way of the books and Jace is killed (albeit only for a few minutes) I hope Shadowhunters goes the route of Alec actually feeling Jace die. Because it just makes no sense in the books that he wouldn’t feel it. Literally Jace has a part of Alec’s soul in him so Alec would for sure notice if he died. Like I mean on the show Alec momentarily almost seems to “die” too (though I guess technically he didn’t) in 2x03. And idk, I just really hope they mention it on the show. But then it begins to open a whole can of worms. Because if Jace dies and then comes back to life, it doesn’t mean the parabatai bond is whole again does it? It would seem as if that piece of Alec’s soul might not come back, that it could be lost forever. That their bond would be broken then.


Confident Vanoss, proud Vanoss, hot-as-hell-and-fucking-knows-it Vanoss, with a huge, undeniable, almost paralyzing crush on Moo. Not that anybody blames him of course, because Moo is cute and sweet and oh so very lovable, but Vanoss has absolutely no idea how to deal with it.

Because before now, he’s never had to. He was the one being asked out on dates and was the one who had phone numbers given to him, he’s never actually being the one with the crush and now that he is, he has no idea how to proceed from here. For once in his life, he’s nervous about something and doesn’t know what to do.

And it shouldn’t be this hard, because Moo is right there, he is always right there, within reach, within hand holding distance. It shouldn’t be this hard just to blurt out a “Hey you wanna come over to my place for a few drinks later? Just the two of us?” but it is. He wants to ask him out or hold his hand or straight up just kiss him already, but every time he tries to do something, his throat closes up and his body freezes and nothing. He ends up deflecting by teasing him and lightly poking fun at him and doing the very thing he’d snap at anybody else for doing, but Moo doesn’t mind, like always, and his giggle wakes the sleeping butterflies in his chest.

Vanoss isn’t exactly subtle about his debilitating crush either, and everyone else knows about it, everyone else except Moo.

Moo is as oblivious as they come and maybe if it was anyone else he might have noticed, but he thought that Vanoss was so far out of his league that he never considered him fancying him anywhere near the realm of possibility. Why would he, when Vanoss was the poster child for Perfect Smiles and he was just that one guy with the surprisingly long eyelashes?

So the two of them keep dancing around each other while their friends have intense debates on which one they think will act first, until eventually Vanoss gets over himself and kisses Moo senseless and Delirious walks away with a crisp twenty dollar bill for having faith in his boy. 

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Prokofiev's piano concertos?

Oh, you don’t know what can of worms you have just opened…

In my opinion, Prokofiev’s set of five piano concertos is the best set of PCs in the entire 20th century. I nearly love all of them.

PC 1: a student piece, part of his “enfant terrible” personality as a youngster who wanted to rock the boat. In an era in Russian music history where a Russian concerto was grandiose like something by Tchaikovsky or Rachmaninoff, we get a short, less glamorous, and hyperactive concerto that has a false grand opening, and immediately rushes into a silly tune, and then pianistic pyrotechnics that sound like Liszt on drugs. Overall, a fun work.

PC 2: full of angst, this concerto was written after one of Prokofiev’s friends committed suicide. The bleak and grotesque can be heard throughout the concerto, which is written almost like a Rococo concerto “gone wrong” harmonically. It’s first movement cadenza is the greatest piano concerto cadenza I know about, and carries such emotional energy. There is no slow movement in this concerto: it is constantly angry up to the final note.

PC 3: considered to be one of the best concertos of the 20th century. I love his use of castanets, and I love how the piano is fully integrated with the orchestra, so it’s more like a sinfonia-concertante, instead of “soloist with support”. The second movement is a great set of variations, and the final movement is a lot of rowdy fun with a bright conclusion.

PC 4: another concerto for the left hand, along with Ravel, Britten, Bortkiewicz, and Schmidt, it was written for Paul Wittgenstein, the pianist who lost his right arm in WWI but played marvelously with his left hand alone. I’ll admit it’s the only Prokofiev concerto I don’t like. In fact, I love each concerto except this one. Don’t know why, if I remember the melodies seem too “off” for me to enjoy. Will give it another listen, but I’ve always felt cold to this one.

PC 5: an underrated gem. It’s a weird concerto, originally Prokofiev was going to call it “music for piano and orchestra” and you can hear his intention in the score. The piano is completely integrated with the orchestra, that listening to him/her practice it alone, the pianist sounds incomplete and fragmented. It’s in five short movements, and integrates several short melodies throughout. That might also be the work’s downfall, because even though Prokofiev bragged that it has the most melodies of all his concertos, they do feel underdeveloped. Still, it’s got a range of emotions and the last movement features a mysterious section in the Lydian mode, and I’m a sucker for underused modes.

Imagine Kurt in the world of Beauty and the Beast and Belle finds him hurt in an alley after the cruel towns people chased after him and beat him. Thank the lord he was able to bamf away… She finds him to be positively brilliant and she takes him home and hides him. She teaches him how to read and write and she finally has another book worm to talk to. She asks him how his power works and he tells her it’s as far as he can see or if he’s been there before. She asks if he simply needs to picture himself in that spot and he says yes. She asks if he could use a photo to teleport. He is frightened to try it, but she opens a book and shows him a photo of Paris. She asks him to try and take her there. He stares at the photo intensely, taking in every speck of the location, and picturing them there. Bamf! And there they are, in Paris. “I did it!” he cheers, “You’re extraordinary!” Belle praises. They continue to explore Kurt’s power, having him take them all over the world, visiting different libraries, Kurt bamfing to the top shelves for Belle, and she has the adventure she’d always wanted, and he has the freedom and companionship he’d always wanted. I just saw Beauty and the Beast and it was incredible go see it right now I was amazed 

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Just a curiosity. Is regular Keno related in any way to the dragon, or are they separate? How does Keno and Sans's relationship work when there are all these different entities like the dragon?

(( Boy howdy you opened a can of worms. 

There’s two timelines. The original one and the one that the Dragon made in order to preserve what could have been. 

You may have seen drawings of this Keno. 

She’s ‘Kegno’ And she’s actually the original Keno, taken from the original timeline that the Dragon also originated from. The Virus took her, corrupted her, and has been using her as a weapon against the dragon for a looong time. It wasn’t until recently that she’s managed to at least partially free herself. 

She talks with ‘//’ before what she says. Meaning that she’s been narrating this blog for a very very long time. 

The ‘Keno’ you all know is actually a copy of the original, created when the dragon copied his original timeline. 

She speaks with ‘*’ before dialogue. Deep down she always knew the Dragon was somehow related to ‘her’ Sans, but didn’t really understand how until Kegno got involved. 

A huge fear of Kegno’s, and in turn a massive fear of her ‘copy’ is that history will repeat itself indefinitely, creating another dragon and tearing another existence apart. 

Keno’s love for her Sans is definitely her own, as it is based on not only their ‘originals’ past, but also their own experiences together. If anything, the outside forces like the Dragon have only made their bond that much stronger :’D Which definitely has to be hard for DragonSans lmao))