this has officially killed the man

This is probably one of the most depressingly heart-wrenching photos I’ve ever seen. Native American children taken from their families and put into school to assimilate them into white society. the slogan for this governmental campaign ’“kill the Indian to save the man”. no official apology has ever been issued. never forgotten.

There has been a knife attack in Turku, Finland, and people really should stop spreading, what they like to call, “fake news”.
- there’s an eyewitness video, where a man shouts and some are thinking it’s something to connect the act to a terror organisation. But in reality, the man is shouting “watch out” in Finnish: news flash, there are other languages than English.
- the attacker was shot in the leg and someone was saying, “the police should shoot to kill”. First of all, no. Second, you should get to know the law and police system of Finland before saying something like that. The police don’t go around shooting people, they rarely do it, and it’s because they’re all trained and have morals.
- and before there is an official statement from the police, stop spreading rumours. There has been victims, that’s all we know so far.

This is a sad week, first the attacks in Spain and now this. We’re not going to let fear spread, not by the people who want us to be afraid. We’re going to stand together and strong.

Stupid little Smallmarch things

*Damien teaching Robert about the Victorian Era and Victorian fashion.

*Robert lovingly pressing all the flowers from the first bouquet Damien makes for him.

*Damien takes Robert to a moonlit cemetery for a picnic. Robert can’t relax because he swears he hears the Dover Ghost. Cryptid hunting never takes a break.

*Robert mowing Damien’s lawn so he doesn’t have to go out in non-gothic attire or mess up his fancy clothes. Important to note that Robert does so shirtless and Damien watches from the window, chewing his lip.

*Damien being so gushingly proud for every sobriety milestone Robert reaches in his journey to overcome alcoholism and stop drinking.

*Damien fainting at the sight of blood the first time Robert cuts himself during a whittling project. Robert being shocked that blood bothers the Goth Prince.

*Robert keeping all of Damien’s handwritten love letters in his jacket’s inner pocket.

*Mary constantly asking when the wedding will be and if she can be the best man for both of them.

*When they decide to get married, they don’t make a big deal of it. Joseph officiates and it takes place in the garden. Robert is even in Victorian approved coattails. Lucien is crying because his dad is so happy. But he will punch anyone that points out that he’s crying.

*Robert being in charge of spider removal. Damien is afraid of them but won’t let Robert kill them so he has to take them outside in a plastic cup and release them in the garden.

*Robert getting Damien’s initials tattooed over his heart.

*Robert visiting Damien at work or while he’s volunteering at the animal shelter.

Sense8 has everything you could ask for in a show honestly. A closeted gay actor who is outed unwillingly but ends up using it to empower himself and coming out officially at a pride parade? Check. The same man being in a loving, healthy relationship with another gay man and neither of them being stereotyped by the show or other main characters? Check. A trans woman whose identity is something that is dealt with by the show but is not her entire character point, and the show treats her just as the other characters? Check. A lesbian relationship where neither is killed off or used for male pleasure? Check. An interracial relationship which subverts the standard tv trope of the white man saving the brown woman by reversing it and having him being the one who is saved? Check. Plus a shit ton of other great stereotype-defying characters and moments.

Not to mention there’s also sci-fi, action, drama, romance and friendship. It’s perfect.

late night kiss pt. 6

whaA/N: wow, uh. it’s been almost 5 months since i updated this story… please forgive me, i have made it longer than all the other parts for you all……. please don’t kill me over the ending also no worries, this isn’t the last part

summary: Following Peter to confirm your suspicions has some unforeseen consequences.

pairing: peter parker x reader

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 07

You’d laid in your bed, awake until two hours before you had to get up for school, and thought about Spider-Man and Peter.

They had to be the same person. They just had to be.

There were three main reasons why you were convinced that Peter Parker was Spider-Man.

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It’s four in the morning, but honestly I’ve fallen victim to my trash pairing (Trikey!) and I am no longer in control of my life, so here are some facts about Trevor. It is a mix of good, bad, and neutral. If you think I should do more about Trevor or another character, message me or leave me an ask.

• Trevor thinks that weed is a childish and weak drug.

• Trevor is bisexual. Through texts he comes close to saying it and shares sexual experiences through stories that have indeed involved a male. As a side note, when Franklin asked Trevor directly if he was gay, Trevor responded with, “No! Yes! Labels are whatever, man.”

• Trevor is a dropout.

• Trevor refers to himself as, “Uncle T”.

• Ron calls Trevor, “Crazy Trevor” to Trevor then calls Ron, “Nervous Ron”.

• Trevor was never accepted by the other children throughout his childhood due to his oddness and constant rage fits.

• Trevor is officially 6'1".

• Trevor is a victim or emotion, verbal, and physical abuse from both parents.

• Trevor has always had rage problems even from a early age. When he was young, Trevor says that he killed many animals and “drifters”.

• Trevor is addicted to Crystal Meth and owns his own drug selling company.

•Trevor has a brother named Ryan who is deceased. Trevor states in a conversation that he wasn’t fond of Ryan and that his death was “accidental”. It is unknown if Trevor killed him, which is very possible, or if his death was truly an accident caused by him or someone else.

• Trevor’s signature color has been confirmed to be orange. Orange reflects on his personality, having traits of amusement and madness.

• In a conversation while hanging with Franklin, Trevor says, “I grew up in five states, two countries, fourteen different homes, eight fathers, three care homes, two correctional facilities, one beautiful, damaged flower of a mother”, and also, “I served time, my country, your country and myself.”

• Trevor’s biological father abandoned him at a shopping mall as a child. Trevor, unknown how many years/months later, burned down the same shopping mall in anger.

• Trevor will hurt himself when he is upset. He mostly will slam his head against a hard object until his head is bloodied and bleeding.

• Trevor almost turned into a professional golf player.

• Trevor was kicked out of the Royal Canadian Air Force because the woman in charge of psychological evaluations saw Trevor as mentally unstable, resulting in Trevor’s discharge and grounding for life.

• Trevor is terrified of clowns and it is implied through his text that he was, in fact, sexually assaulted by a clown at a young age.

• Trevor was planning to only work with Brad and end his and Michael’s robbing partnership not long before Michael faked his death.

• Trevor openly admits that he prefers older women when having a choice.

• Trevor has a very strong urge to be held by another when he is upset or in distress.

• Trevor was also at one point expelled from a school. He claims that if he wasn’t expelled, he would have most likely had a profession in the arts (singer, dancer, writer, actor, etc). He says that he still has something “very big” to tell the world, yet he doesn’t know what it is.

• Trevor gets very defensive when it comes to his accent and being questioned if he is American.

• Trevor, through dialogue when hitting the “insult button” when next to Patricia (he will only say compliments), he tells her that he wants a very strong and confident woman, such as herself.

• Trevor, when it comes to women, wants someone that is as equally strong and crazy as he is. When chasing after Mary Anne, he says, “-It’s a recipe for disaster! That’s why it’s so perfect!”.
As a side note, he will call her “crazy cakes” and ask her to marry him immediately after he confess his love.

• Trevor’s mother, Mrs. Philips, was a prostitute/stripper.

Just Go With It (Bucky Edition) - Part 2/3

Summery: Based off the plot of the movie Just Go With It, Bucky wears a fake wedding ring to pick up girls but when he meets ‘the one’ he finds it hard to explain the wedding ring. Asking for your help, you have to convince Bucky’s girlfriend that you’re his wife but you’re getting a divorce. A week in Hawaii changes things though…

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader (ish)

Word Count: 2,265

Warnings: swears

A/N: This is the second part of my entry into @sgtbxckybxrnes Movie AU writing challenge. I did change somethings up but the story has remained mostly the same. I’m actually having so much fun writing this and I hope you guys enjoy, happy readings!

Part 1

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

*gif creds to owner*

“I can’t believe you dragged me into this,” you sigh giving Bucky a sideways glance.

“This isn’t my fault its Amelia’s.”

“Amelia is 13, you’re a grown ass man James.”

You were sitting at the airport waiting for the rest of your party to show up. You were going to officially kill Bucky for letting his whole situation get this out of hand.

“All to bang some twenty year old, I hope its worth it.” You had grown especially sour towards Bucky in the last week. First he meets some youngster, then he changes his personality to impress her and now he’s dragged your family into his mess. He claims you should do it for your best friend but you weren’t even sure about that at the moment.

“I have already tapped that and I can confirm its worth it.” Bucky smirked at you amused but you felt disgusted. Your heart even broke a little too, not that you would admit that.

“You’re a pig, I hope you know that.”

“Oh but my dear friend am I really?”

“Yes Barnes you are, now would you stop talking about your sex life my kids are coming back.”

Our kids.”

“Mom look Nat bought us a bag full of candy each for the plane.”

“Yeah your kids, you take care of them.”

You admit you should be sort of happy. I mean you were going to Hawaii with your two bestfriends and your kids. Just forget about Natasha and it seemed like the perfect scenario.

“Hey Buck where’s Steve?” You ask just thinking about him.

“I don’t know isn’t he your boyfriend?” Bucky’s fake persona had replaced the one you were just bantering with.

“Whatever,” you mumble. This was going to be a long trip.

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all of paris geller’s love interests are honestly the most honest representation of a lesbian “crushing” on men because of comp het i’ve ever seen tbh:

1. tristan: the boy every girl wants, completely unattainable so she never has to actually try to get closer to him/eliminates the real possibility of a relationship with him, a guy to project on an emotional side that’s not really there, a guy that can be easily idealized, and the guy who likes the girl(s) you like but don’t know you like (rory), but ultimately a jerk

2. the guy from washington (as a lesbian i dont know or care about his name): the first guy who shows an interest in you so you obviously have to accept him (it’s What You’ve Always Wanted™️), he shares some of your interests but you don’t really love him or care about him on an emotional level, he’s just there

3. asher: first of all, creep. a guy who’s an Idol of yours, who fits the many ideals you’ve created about The Perfect Man who you could have a lasting relationship with, a relationship with a power imbalance that has a lot to do with proving yourself as desirable and intelligent (and straight), and it’s not threatening or scary either because he’s not entirely available and it isn’t like a traditional gf/bf relationship since he’s a professor (ceep), old as shit (creep), and has had other affairs with students (creep), so it’s not as Real™️

4. doyle: he’s the official Non-Threatening Boy, he’s physically small, he’s whiny, paris could kill him with her own hands, he’s just as weird as she is, it’s like dating a much less intimidating version of herself, and it’s another relationship she doesn’t have to put anything into. really, do i even have to explain doyle?

so yeah paris geller is a lesbian and im in pain thank you

Critical Role Buddy Cop Film

you can tell the quality of my blog is steeply declining. Anyway,

Scanlan Shorthalt and Grog Strongjaw are two loose canons on the Emon police force. When twin thieves come town, its up to them to catch them.


Grog Strongjaw: the muscle of the Emon PD. Once took 6 bullets and still managed to apprehend some bank robbers. Barely passed the academy bc he isn’t very smart but makes up for it in enthusiasm. Can often get criminals to surrender through pure intimidation but is secretly a huge softy. Usually follows Scanlan’s lead

Scanlan Shorthalt: the shortest man to ever join the Emon PD. As a master of disguise, he usually does undercover work. Once single handedly took down a crime ring by convincing all of the bosses that one of the others was a police informant. Badass single dad. Always wears sunglasses. Plays music for the Emon PD picnic. the most flamboyant man on the force

Pike Trickfoot: a young doctor at a local hospital. Usually ends up being the one to treat the boys when they get injured (which happens a lot). Scanlan always flirts with her when he’s in the hospital (”Kiss me. I don’t think I’ll make it” “Scanlan it’s just you leg”)

Vex and Vax: Twin con artists/thieves. Came into town with the intent of pulling a heist on the museum. Have never been caught before. (pls just think of Vax in a catsuit). Smooth af, only steal from rich people. Vex is in it for the money, Vax is in it for the thrill

Percy de Rolo: the long suffering police chief. Used to be one of the best officers on the force until he was injured in a fight with the Briarwood crime family. Still the best shot in EPD history. Has pretty much given up on controlling Grog and Scanlan. Just wants Rest (and revenge)

Keyleth: the rookie of the force. Still very inexperienced and sometimes messes up undercover ops. She seems harmless but she can low key kill a man with her bare hands. Once they found a dog fighting ring and she beat up 12 large men by herself. She kept one of the dogs and she is named Minxy and she loves her.



Imagine: Being Ramsay’s little sister and running away from home. When you find out that Jon Snow is trying to reclaim Winterfell, you join him.

For: my bestie @mentally-in-canada ily! Enjoy :P

Warning: Some season 6 spoilers if you’re not caught up! <3

“Ramsay!” You screamed, “Ramsay stop please!”

Your half-brother just grinned at you as he dangled you off the cliff near your home, “Father told you not wander in the woods alone, you could get killed. Or worse.”

Ramsay’s tone sounded more like a threat than a warning. You gripped his wrist as hard as you possibly could and begged, “Ramsay, please, please stop. J-just let me go, please!”

“Is that what you want little sister, you want me to let you go?” He taunted.

You nodded frantically as a few tears slipped out of your eyes, “Please!”

“Alright fine,” He sighed sarcastically, and released you hands. The only thing you heard over the sound of your own scream was your brother howling with laughter, “You asked to be let go!”

You jolt awake in your bed with a scream. You wipe the mixture of tears and sweat off your face. You were 7-years-old when your 10-year-old brother threatened you by hanging you off a cliff, though he didn’t actually throw you off, the memory of it and everything else he had done to you still haunted you. Ramsay was evil, and your father always sided with him. You may have been the lady of the Deadfront, but your father and brother never treated you as such. You were 17 now and Ramsay was already making suggestions of marrying you off to form alliances with other houses.

“Lady Y/N,” Your handmaiden calls as she walks into your chambers, “Your parents are awaiting your presence at breakfast.”

You groan in response and roll out of bed in a very unladylike manner. You quickly wash up, change, and head downstairs.

You’re eating in silence, listening to your father and brother talk about plans to kill off other houses, eventually you get tired of listening to them and you zone out. Ramsay finally snaps you out of your daze and says, with his mouth full, “Lord Edward of House Forrest will be bringing his son Caspian here tomorrow, so try dressing like a proper lady for once.”

“Why?” You ask, disgusted at the food that was falling out of your brother’s mouth.

“You’re to be betrothed to him of course!” He drones.

“What?!” You ask, dropping your spoon, “I’m seventeen Ramsay! I don’t want to get married yet!”

“It’s not really your choice now is it?” He asks, beginning to get irritated.


“Enough Y/N, this has been settled,” Your father interrupts, taking your brother’s side as usual.

“Fine!” You get out of your seat and storm off. You parents and brother call after you, but you don’t turn back.

You storm up to your chambers and quickly change out of your dress, into a pair of trousers and a baggy shirt, and you let your hair out of its tight bun. You pull up a loose floor board and take your sword out of its hiding place, you put the sword in your sheath and climb out of your window.

You had been looking for an escape for years, but you had never been able to convince yourself to leave the safety of home -it may not have been a good home, but it was still home. Now you finally had a reason. You were seventeen years old; you would not let your brother and father marry you off to some stuck-up, thirty-something-year-old lord. You rush to the stables without being seen, it was early in the morning so everyone was too busy working to pay attention to you. You take your horse, and manage to get past the guards.

It’s been six years since you left your home. You had found a small tribe of people who had taken in, and upon discovering your identity, they made you their leader. Over the course of the past years, you had made a few alliances and gathered many other men and women under your rule. You had decided that all of your people would be fighters, whether they were men or women. The skills of your people is what attracted the alliances.

“Lady Y/N!” Your advisor, Lord Joseph -a young man from a royal house who, like you, had escaped his family’s brutality- comes up to you with a note in his hand, “A raven has come from one of my old friends.”

“What does it say?”

“Roose Bolton conspired with the Frays and the Lannisters, and they killed Robb Stark, his pregnant wife, and his mother. Your brother has been legitimized, he is officially a Bolton, and your family has taken over the North,” Joseph says sadly, there’s a hushed whisper falls across the room, everyone worries about what this might entail.

“They are no family of mine,” You hiss, “You are my family, every person in this room is my family, and no matter who becomes the new King of the North, I will not let anyone hurt any of you!”

The tension lifts and your people begin to cheer your name.

Time went on and you had begun to train your people harder, there was a war coming, you could feel it. Stannis Baratheon had already lost his life fighting against the Boltons. You had heard about what your brother had done to Sansa Stark, and it absolutely shattered your heart. Ramsay was never a good person, but never in your life had you wanted to kill him, not until now at least.

“Lady Y/N,” Lord Joseph snaps you out of your thoughts, “Jon Snow, the bastard son of Lord Ned Stark has left the Wall and is coming to reclaim the North, and he is searching for allies to fight with him against the Boltons.”

You smile at him, “Our time to fight has come my lord.”

“And so it seems,” He laughs. You spend the rest of the night drinking, laughing, and discussing strategy with Joseph. He had become like the brother Ramsay had never been to you and you had no idea where you would have been without him by your side.

Morning came and you got ready to ride to meet with Lord Snow, but once you arrive you are told that the battle has already begun.

You approach the site of the battle and see that your brother’s army is brutally beating Jon’s. You lead your own army into the battlefield and begin fighting.

You see one of your brother’s men coming up from behind Jon with a sword. You quickly leap in front of him, taking him by surprise, and stabbing your through his stomach.

Jon turns to you and gives a quick thanks before noticing that he doesn’t know you, “Who are you?”

“We’ll have time for introductions later my lord,” You say before killing another man who advances towards you, “Just know that my people and I are on your side.”

He nods at you before parting ways.

You continue to fight aimlessly; many of your people had been killed off, and things were looking dim.

Your sword pierced the heart of another man when you made eye contact with your brother. It took him a moment to recognize you, but when he did, his eyes filled with such intense hatred, a hatred that you had never seen in any other human in the world. You knew your face mirrored the same hatred towards him.

Suddenly the knights of the Vale appear and save you from defeat.

As you ride into Winterfell Jon finally turns to you, “Thank you for your help my lady, but I must ask, who are you?”

“My name is Y/N my lord,” You pause for a moment, “Y/N Bolton.”

Jon’s face falls and he just stares at you in shock without saying anything, “My father and brother are terrible people, I ran away from home over six years ago, and when I heard what my family was doing, I wanted to do anything I could to help.”

“Bolton or not, you have proved where your loyalty lies Lady Y/N,” Jon smiles at you.

You stand stone-faced as Jon beats the life out of your brother. He pauses for a moment and Ramsay painfully turns his head towards you, he spits out some blood and mutters, “Traitor.”

Jon is about to continue his attack but you stop him. You walk over and look down at your brother.

“Ramsay,” You spit, every syllable drips with venom. You proceed to place your foot on his throat, applying enough pressure to hurt, but not enough to kill him. You didn’t want him to have that easy a death, “You were always an asshole even when we were growing up. I had hope that you would change, that deep down there was even an ounce of humanity in you, but I was wrong. You are a disgrace to humankind. Both you and father. You are a disgrace to the Bolton name. You don’t deserve to be called a man, you are a disgrace to men, but most importantly, you are a disgrace to bastards. Both you and father just a waste of air and space on this planet and now both of you are gonna be forgotten in the matter of… oh wait, who are you?”

Before he get the chance to respond, you walk away to see if any injured person needs your help.

Jon was declared King in the North, and eventually he called you up.

“Lady Y/N, you have proven your loyalties to the North, as the last surviving Bolton, I give you the Deadfront, where you will rule and serve as an ally to the North.”

You bend the knee to Jon, promising to serve him and the North. I’m going home.


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FMA Headcanons
  • Ed gets Al a cat to help cheer him up during his recovery after getting his body back. He names her Ellie, after Elicia Hughes. She is ecstatic when she visits.
  • The Hughes visit Al often during his recovery. One time, Elicia and Ed get into an argument over who has a better apple pie, so Gracia and Winry have a bakeoff. No one can decide a winner.
  • Whenever Roy visits Ishval, he often faces assassination attempts. He has many guards to protect him, but never fights back himself, and insists the assassins never be killed, even in self defense.
  • When Roy and Riza make their first official trip to Xing, Riza notices the high collars often worn by women there (like May’s dress in the final picture), and she buys many, as they are fashionable while still covering her tattoo. She ends up creating a new fashion craze in Central when they return.
  • When Ed visits Xing for the first time, he introduced to Ling’s royal court, not as the great alchemist or the man who saved the world, but as “The man who fed the emperor a shoe”. Ed is pissed, Al tries not to laugh and fails, even Lan Fan can’t help but laugh from her hidden post.
I, Emma Take Thee Killian

An EF AU very loosly based off the infamous “I, Ross take thee Rachel” scene, inspired by @sailorkillian and the anon who sent her this ask.

also tagging, @colinoslayme, @blowmiakisscolin, and @kmomof4

4.6k words ~ also on ao3

The Charming family has finally defeated the Evil Queen. After years of torment and suffering, they’ve vanquished her for good—banished her to a far off land, that she’ll be unable to return from. All it took was the help of Rumpelstiltskin. The man who had previously been unwilling to aid them against Regina had finally found something worth his interest or, to be precise, his son’s interest.

Emma met Neal when she was 17.

She had been preparing to take her horse out for a ride when she saw movement in her peripheral vision, a blur running through the forest. Grabbing a sword, she headed after whatever she had spotted to discover a young man hiding in the trees.

He told her his name was Neal and that he was hiding from his father. He didn’t ask her for help but she had been raised by, whom she is sure to be, the most compassionate rulers to ever live and she had learned to spot a soul in need. So she offered him food, promised to keep his secret, and began to spend time with him.

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I thought Chou-Chou would definitely be the captain because of her subtle teasing at the beginning episodes but damn, Mitsuki just went straight for the kill LMFAO.

Look at their blushing faces HAHAHA. We got that Boruto blushing from Sarada because she was looking too close into his eyes and that scene where Sarada blushed because Boruto said he will become her right hand man when she becomes hokage, now we got this. Too much blushing I just cant handle these two *faints*

We all know Mitsuki has a keen sight and observation. He was the first to figure out that the class rep was behind the ghost incident. Therefore, I believe his conclusion about Boruto and Sarada being a good couple is reliable, no one can tell me otherwise lol

My BoruSara heart is happy with this episode tho I still wish SP animated this scene:

Our lord, our savior, the one and only Naruto creator, Masashi Kishimoto, drew Sarada stalking Boruto.  This is motherfucking canon!!! Oh well, even if SP won’t ever animate this, we all know and we cannot deny the fact that there is this one time that Sarada stalked Boruto. Eat that haters :P

I can’t wait for more BoruSara moments in the future. I’m so excited to see the development of their relationship as teammates, rivals and *cough*lovers*cough*


Sarada’s future includes:

Becoming Hokage and

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Belladonna Farm (Part 1)

Yay! The first part of my new Nessian series! This will be a seven part fic and will have a couple aesthetic boards to go with it. 

Fun Fact: The setting for this fic is a real place that I have been to and took pictures of for the aesthetics. Everything about it is 100% true except for the mountains (which I added because Illyrians).

Please let me know what you guys think! 

Tagging: @aelinxfeyre @rowanismybae (let me know if you want to be added to this tag list!)

Aesthetic Board 1



1. also called deadly nightshade. a poisonous plant, Atropa belladonna, or the nightshade family, having purplish-red flowers and blackberries

2. Italian for ‘beautiful lady’


Nesta checks her phone again, squinting as she tries to understand the directions the stupid GPS app is telling her. She is pretty sure that it is completely wrong. After all, the last town is twenty miles back, and all around her are corn fields, with a small mountain range situated behind them. The road she is currently driving on is paved, but has many potholes, and the closest neighbors are several kilometers apart. Surely her late Aunt Ripleigh - who had loved to talk all day if she had an audience - wouldn’t want to live all the way out here in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, that may as well have been Nesta’s city heart talking. She could never imagine staying in a place like this for a long period of time, corn fields surrounding you, the sun beating down constantly. As it is, she has the air conditioning blasting in her car and the humidity is still getting to her hair. Not that she has anyone to impress. Nesta briefly feels a bit grateful for a week with no one around. Maybe she won’t even do her makeup while she’s staying here. Wherever here is.

As she continues to drive down the dull, straight road, Nesta once again curses the circumstances that put her here. Of course, she has no one to blame, because she can’t very well blame her dead great aunt for naming her in her will. Although Nesta fiercely wants to be angry that Aunt Ripleigh had decided that she should be the one given the farm house at the base of a mountain.

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@totallyaccurateaot replied to your post: “Seungbae is not in the right here”:

But like… He’s trying to catch a serial killer? He’s trying to catch a bad person?? If he doesn’t another innocent person might die????

Yeah he’s on the trail of a serial killer. We, the readers, know this. But lets consider the canon facts. 

Yang Seungbae has had three interactions with Oh Sangwoo. First, he was introduced to him by Officer Park. He gets a bad vibe from Sangwoo here and we see a few scenes later that Seungbae has looked over the case of Sangwoo’s parent’s murder and believe that he might have killed them. Because he thinks the break in looks staged. 

Second, he comes across Sangwoo after the car accident. He seems fine here until Seungbae realizes who he is. 

Third, when he sees Bum’s foot and gets into Sangwoo’s house. He finds nothing. 

So before this victim was found, the only proof he had of anything follows:

He thinks he saw a foot through the bottom of the door. He has camera footage of Sangwoo beating Bum up and carrying him back inside (Tbh im shocked he keeps going back to seeing bum through the door and not this footage). Sangwoo went to school with Jieun.

Sangwoo has no extended connection with any of the victims we know of besides Jieun(I’m not talking about Bum here, I’m talking about the victims of muder). And there is no body found for any besides the daughter of the CEO. 

So we have a body, and a missing person’s case. The man he killed hasn’t seemed to have surfaced, nor has anyone seemed to report him missing. Seungbae thinks hes a victim but theres nothing official.

 He has made a shocking jump with his accusations against Sangwoo with such a small amount of proof. He’s got a strange feeling but no proof. The CEO’s daughter had her legs ruined. He thinks he saw a foot through the door, to him this means that this person had their legs ruined too, so this is a killers MO. Except that this is two people, not enough victims to form a pattern, AND HE NEVER FOUND BUM. The CEO’s daughter has zero connection to Jieun but Seungbae has unrealistically linked them. He’s only casting accusations at Sangwoo because of her legs, which he shouldn’t be able to call a pattern. 

On top of how unprofessional it is to attack a civilian, especially one you think is a victim of a violent crime, realistically? Seungbae has nothing. He can prove Sangwoo committed assault against Yoon Bum and nothing more. He can’t link the victims, he can’t link the CEO’s daughter to Sangwoo. 

We, as readers, know that he is right. But to accuse Sangwoo and call him a serial killer (with only one body found) within the canon is paranoia. So yeah, I think Seungbae has gone way too far. 

I was going to make a post like this anyway, it’s not all directed at you, sorry if I sound harsh

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Hey B! I've been watching BSD S2 (I'm on ep 4 or 5) and I don't understand anything that's going on. Can you help me?!?!? Pleaseand thank you!!!

Ok love, the beginning of season 2 of BSD can be pretty confusing indeed. The first 4 episodes cover an arc that’s called “Osamu Dazai and the dark era”. It’s not present in the manga, but just in a light novel. 

What you watched is basically a little little bit of Dazai’s backstory, and it explained why Dazai left the Mafia to join the Armed Detective Agency. 

In this arc, Dazai is 18 years old (it’s set 4 years prior the current timeline, when he’s 22) and he’s already one of the 5 Mafia executives, he has been one since he was 16. 

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The story revolves around him and his two friends: Oda Sakunosuke (who is the main pov of this story) and Ango Sakaguchi. 

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In these four episodes you can see a lot of things happening and you get to know the three of them more, you can see how they developed their friendship and how this friendship, eventually, came to an end. Because one of them reveled himself to be a double (triple) agent, one of them left and one…well… one died. 

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Going into details is hard, but I think the most confusing thing that happened here is WHY did Oda die in the end. Well, as always, it’s all Mori’s fault. BUT, even if I’m sad, I can’t find myself hating him for what he has done, it’s perfectly coherent with his role. In the end, he sacrificed one man for the Mafia’s greater good.

So, what he did was:

  • helping a foreign clan infiltrate in Yokohama
  • letting them loose enough to make them become a threat
  • letting them because so dangerous that the government itself asked the Mafia do dispose of them
  • all of this to obtain an official license from the government, proof of the government expressing consent of the Port Mafia’s existence and its activities as an organization

The “war” between the Port Mafia and Mimic ended because Oda sacrificed himself, being the only one able to kill Mimic’s leader. 

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Actually, he was driven into a suicidal attack. Oda was famous for being “the Mafia who doesn’t kill”, but decided to go because Mimic killed all the orphans under his protection. This part of the plan was, of course, orchestrated by Mori too. 

When Dazai realized, the news stained the already fragile relationship between him and Mori and, possibly for the first time, Dazai disobeyed Mori and run off to help Oda. 

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Sadly, Dazai arrived too late and was only able to witness Oda’s last moments. Moments that were enough to change Dazai’s life forever. 

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“Odasaku, what should I do?”

Be on the side that saves people. If both sides are the same, become a good man. Save the weak, and protect the orphans. Neither good nor evil means much to you, I know… but that’d make you at least a little bit better.”

After what is probably BSD’s most famous dialogue, Oda died in Dazai’s arms. 

Dazai decided to live by Oda’s last words and this, kids, is how Osamu Dazai left the Mafia and decided to join the Armed Detective Agency. 

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He used his brilliant mind, his superpower, >> to kill people. Tony is the biggest villain of the MCU. He is the Donald Trump of the MCU!!

You come into my inbox, you disrespect my man Tony Stark… and I could be angry with you but, to be honest, your message made me very happy. Guys! The day has come! I got an anon message telling me that Tony Stark is a villain and I am now officially a member of the Tony Stark Defense Squad! So, even though it may be wiser to ignore this message, I decided to celebrate by actually answering it.

“He used his brilliant mind, his superpower, >> to kill people.”
You quoted my post here but you changed the ending. The result is quite ridiculous, if I may say. (For those who don’t want to read the post I linked, we’re talking about Ultron here). Look, English is not my mother tongue so forgive me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that the grammatical construction “to do something” implies an intention behind the action. If I go to the shop to buy an apple, I go there in order to buy an apple, with the intention of doing so. I’m sorry, are you a native English speaker? If you’re not, that could be an excuse, but you can’t possibly think that Tony’s intention there was to kill people.
What was Tony’s intention when he decided to create Ultron? (I’m not going to say “when he created Ultron” because it would be a blatant Bruce Banner erasure and also Ultron kind of created himself, the AI was already in the stone and all. And we can’t forget about Wanda. Let’s not discuss it here). It’s very clear in the movie. He did that to protect the Earth and everybody on it. Wanda played with his mind and we could see his fears: his friends dead and the Earth invaded. He did what he did to prevent that from happening. He did it to protect people, not to kill them, anon, you can’t possibly fight me on that, you just can’t.

“Tony is the … villain of the MCU.”
Now the second part of your message. It’s not less ridiculous, but far more often believed in than the first. It’s really weird that some people think Tony is a villain. Let’s check what the word “villain” means, shall we?
villain - (in a film, novel, or play) a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot (source)
Now, I agree that Tony’s actions and motives are important to the plot but I’m afraid you missed the “evil” part of the definition.
Tony has made some mistakes, yes. But is a mistake an “evil action”? Isn’t an intention to harm necessary for an action to be considered truly evil? I think that the “evil action” and “evil motives” are connected. Creating Ultron was a mistake but it was not an evil action, for it was done with a pure motive. You can point out Tony’s mistakes all you want (he’d gladly do that himself), but you cannot question his motives. All this man does, he does to protect others.

Let’s take a look at the definition of the word “hero” now.
hero - a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities (source)
If you’ve seen any of the movies you’ll have to agree that Tony has courage and, in fact, lots of it. There are more proofs of that than I am in the mood to count right now. Just to name a few situations… escaping from that Afghanistan cave, saving civilians from terrorists while being a civilian without any training himself, stopping a crazy guy with electric whips without a suit, chatting with Loki, fighting aliens, flying a nuke into a portal, going to kill a terrorist with homemade weapons, being part of the Avengers who fight aliens and crazy robots on a daily basis… like okay I’m going to stop now but I hope you can see that Tony is no coward. A coward would never become Iron Man. Gosh, a coward would have built the Jericho Missile for the terrorists and died in that cave to begin with. Well, at least you wouldn’t be calling him a villain now.

But Tony’s courage is even deeper than doing those brave deeds. It’s about falling and rising. It’s about getting out of that cave and changing his whole life for the better. It’s about realising the harm caused by his weapons and shutting down the weapons division. It’s about being betrayed by people who were close to him but still choosing to trust others. It’s about being told he’s not fit to be a hero but being a hero nonetheless, every day. It’s about creating Ultron (yes, that) because he refused to stand back and let everyone die. It’s about not curling in a ball and crying out of the agony of remorse when Ultron went crazy, even though it would’ve been so much easier than doing everything in his power to clean up that mess. It’s about going on, every day, even though he blames himself for everything bad that happens. It’s about trying to make up for it, for all his mistakes, and for the mistakes of others.

On to the next part of the definition. I’ve already mentioned some “outstanding achievements” of his, like putting the nuke in that portal (which saved the Manhattan and finished the fight) but let’s add saving of the president and having his part in creating Vision to the list. Well, it’s not the whole list, obviously. But the point is proven, so let’s move on.

Now, noble qualities. Let’s take the list from this site. There are so many of them that I’m going to be very brief on each, but if you watched the movies, you’re going to know what I mean.

*sacrifice – taking the nuke through the wormhole
*determination – he! gotta! save!
*loyalty – coming back to the Avengers while not being on active duty when things got rough, wanting to arrest others instead of letting killing squads deal with them (yes, I’d call it loyalty, he could have just sit and watch you know?)
*courage – already discussed
*dedication – have you ever seen a more dedicated guy, like, have you seen him at work
*bravery – may I remind you about the nuke and aliens and stuff
*perseverance – get the image of him dragging his disabled suit in a forest through the snow
*focused – he literally doesn’t sleep when he has a goal he wants to achieve
*conviction – he believes in what he does, he wants to continue doing it
*selfless – fighting for others while risking one’s life is hardly egoistic, I think it’s quite the opposite
*gallantry – the definition on that site tells me it’s about fighting the danger “with high and cheerful spirit” and well, if it isn’t Tony Stark
*fortitude – does refusing to make a Jericho for the terrorists count? yes
I’m sorry but at the end of the list of qualities on that site was this: “Heroes are not born, they are made. Anyone of us can acquire these heroic qualities and can be a hero” and well if it isn’t Tony Stark.
Wouldn’t you agree that the word “hero” fits Tony far more accurately than the one you used to describe him? Surprise, surprise! Tony is actually a hero! Who would’ve thought, right?

But! You didn’t only call him a villain, did you. You said “the biggest villain of the MCU”. One, Tony is not a villain. Two, there are many villains in the MCU, why must you insist that a hero is a villain if you have plenty of them already. Three, all of the villains did bad things, why do you think that Tony, a hero, is worse than them? Four, have you heard of Thanos? Wait for Infinity War and then tell me Tony is the biggest villain of the MCU, please. Not that Tony couldn’t be the biggest villain. I mean, if he only wanted to, he could. Thanos would look pathetic next to him. The thing is, Tony is a good man with pure intentions. Luckily for everyone.

“He is the Donald Trump of the MCU!!”
Now this is something that bothers me a lot, and it’s not because of the reason you probably think. Just.. it’s clearly stated on my blog that I’m from Poland. Why do you come into my inbox and compare a character to the president of the USA that I have near to no interest in? Why would you assume I think he’s the biggest villain of our universe? It’s just… no? Why would you do this?
I do know some things about Donald Trump though, mostly from tumblr. I know that some of the things that people have against him are his attitude towards immigrants and the way he handles healthcare. Well, as far as I can tell, Tony has nothing against immigrants. Take one example: he has nothing against Wanda Maximoff. More than that, he’s trying to protect her from being deported. The girl is not a US citizen and she doesn’t have a visa. Not very Trump-y of Tony, right? As for the Trumpcare, I don’t know how it works. I guess that people have lower taxes but have to pay for their healthcare?? Tony has numerous foundations and funds everything always, so jot that down. I might be wrong about this whole Trump thing but, like I said, I don’t know that much about it. Maybe next time think before you send someone who’s not from the USA a message comparing someone to Donald Trump. As I see it: connections to Donald Trump? None. Oh yeah, he’s a white rich male but I had no idea that makes you a villain.

So that’s that. What you said in your message turned out to be untrue. Surprised? Did you think it wouldn’t? No but honestly, did you?

Did you expect me to agree with you? Did you expect me to be persuaded by your zero (0) arguments? Really, what was your purpose here?

I have no idea what you wanted to achieve with that message, but I’ll tell you what you did achieve. You got a long post about why Tony is not a villain and why he is a hero. You got a post which explains to you why you’re wrong. Anon, do you realise that? I’m talking to all the anti-Tony anons here. You are just giving us all an excuse to produce long detailed posts about how amazing Tony is. You are just giving us an excuse to write something other Tony fans, not you, will enjoy. Do you realise how unwise that move of yours is? You’re not going to persuade us into thinking that Tony is a bad guy. If anything, it’s you who’s going to be persuaded. If that’s the case, if you want to be persuaded, sure, send anti-Tony asks. We’ll all gladly explain to you why you’re wrong. Because we enjoy that. So, thank you, for giving us the opportunity. But you might want to think twice before sending an anti-Tony message again. This Isn’t Working.

And the last thing: Tony is not written as a villain. He is not supposed to be a villain. If you accept that, you’re going to enjoy the movies more, trust me.

Sangwoo can be really freaking stupid sometimes

The first time I was reading KS I was marveling about how Sangwoo seemed to have all the plans and seemed really smart (no idea why) but now that I’m rereading it I realized that Sangwoo really needs to chill because he is NOT good at staying lowkey about his hobbies. At all.

His first and most obvious one that we see is that he killed the DAUGHTER OF A CEO.

If I was going to start killing people I’d at least go for people who don’t have a close family/many friends, NOT people in rich families. Killing a CEO’s daughter just attracts a ridiculous amount of unneeded attention, and from what we know about Sangwoo, I doubt he had a specific reason for killing this girl other than that she was probably easy to fool.

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Hey could you use one of these for a drabble? Caroline: What's this? Caroline: What's this? Klaus: It's my to-do list. Caroline: This just has my name on it. Klaus: *smirks* or Klaus: Are you here because you want to see me or are you and your friends planning on killing me?Caroline: Officially, I'm here to see you. Unofficially, I'd watch your back.

I went with the second one :)

Send me an incorrect quote and I’ll write you a drabble!

Caroline wondered just exactly how it had become a regular Wednesday afternoon for her to walk into the house of the deadliest man on the planet with such normalcy, to talk to him like he was her best friend since kindergarten… To kiss him like he belonged to her.

Well, perhaps he did, she thought, unable to keep a smile from her face as she walked through the corridors of the Mikaelson house.

“Hi,” she greeted him easily when she found him in the library, a book in hands – a book he promptly set down when he saw her come in.

“Hello, love,” Klaus replied, all his attention focused on her as always. She was pretty sure she would never get tired of how he listened to her every word, observed every detail. “Are you here to see me or are your friends planning on killing me?” he teased.

She rolled her eyes, but closed the distance between them, sitting beside him on the couch. “Officially, I’m here to see you. Unofficially, I’d watch your back.”

He laughed and pulled her by the waist so that she’d be straddling him. “Is that so?” he asked, his nose brushing against her neck, his lips almost caressing her skin. “Should I be worried, then?”

Caroline snorted. They both knew her friends were too incompetent to cause serious damage to anyone other than themselves.

“I think you’ll be fine,” she said, closing her eyes to enjoy the feeling of having him close.

He would be fine even if her friends managed to come up with a decent plan, she’d make sure of it.

And Caroline wondered why she was so willing to betray her friends like this, wondered why she couldn’t even bring herself to feel guilty over it.

And well… Perhaps it was because she belonged to him too.

Kidd Creole’s arrest and violence against trans women.

Rapper Kidd Creole Stabbed Man He Thought Was Hitting On Him

(NEW YORK) — A founding member of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five stabbed a homeless man to death after a passing remark made him think the man was hitting on him, a law enforcement official said Thursday.

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This isn’t meant to distract from the current conversation about violence toward trans women, but instead I want it to highlight the fallacy that those women are being killed because they weren’t open about their history.  John Jolly was just murdered by Kidd Creole within the same narrative and it has nothing to do with secrets and everything to do with toxic masculinity.

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