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modern au,   H E N R Y tudor   E L I Z A B E T H plantagenet
(fancast: matthew goode & amy adams)

an arrangement concluded around glasses of red and white wines. nothing more. sleeping in different bedrooms at night but holding hands in public ; arms around each other for events but separated by a large dining room table in private ; a ritual turning into a routine for the good of their families. partners ‘in crime’. confidents. a little clan of two —and love has never been part of the contract.

  -Hey. It’s none of my business, but do you wanna talk about it?
  -Listen, we are not in London now. We are in ‘Cymru’ –in Wales. So we will have a drink and shut up.

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So in this spn au, is philtheo still a thing?

Ooh @minky-for-short guess what I get to talk about!!! (Put most of it under a cut cos it got crazy long!) Please ask me more about this AU, its my fave. 

Okay so yes it is! What happens is when he’s older, Philip is a hunter, against Alex and Eliza’s wishes, there’s actually a bit of a falling out when he’s around 16/17 and goes off to do a bit of hunting on his own with nothing but his grandmother’s journal.

Theo, meanwhile, is a demon, the daughter of Burr the Crossroads demon. Okay, without giving to much away (there’s a Whole Other Thing behind all this) the Burrs and the Hamilton’s have a particular history. So Theo’s heard all this stuff about the infamous Hamilton family from her father and now that the eldest son is off hunting by himself, that’s something she absolutely has to see, no matter what Aaron says. 

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An idea

Ok so since I can’t really make comics because I’m lazy I don’t have a computer and drawing tablet nor a scanner I was thinking I maybe could try to write it…? I’m not really good at writing and this is just an idea, so if you don’t like it I won’t do it :3

(Almost directly after the erasing of Anga’s and Hel’s au)

Anga woke up and saw… Nothing…? Everything was black. She started to feel panic and did her best to stay calm. Why couldn’t she see anything…? She started to think back, what happened. She was in the lab, talked to Gaster, something about discovering other universes, alternate universes… AUs for short… Then, everything went black… There has to be more… Anga started to walk around, holding her hands in front of her so she wouldn’t walk into something… But there wasn’t anything… She could only feel the floor she was walking on. Then, faintly she could hear… Crying…?

“M-mom… Dad…? Someone… H-hello…? I-is anyone there…?” She said

The crying stopped immediately

“So you survived…?” A voice said, not one that Anga recognized

“W-what do you mean…?” Anga said, scared of what could have happened to everyone else

The voice stopped a couple of seconds but started to talk again, from someone that just cried it didn’t sound very sad, nor happy

“Nothing… By the way, I’m here… You are looking in the wrong direction…” The voice said

“Well it is pretty hard to know since I can’t see anything!” Anga said getting pretty annoyed that she still couldn’t see

“… What do you mean you can’t see…” The voice said confused

“It means I can’t s-” Anga stopped realizing what had happened… She was… Blind…?

“What is it?!” The voice started to sound, almost worried

“I-I… I-I’m blind! I can’t see anything!” She started to feel the panic again as she said that, she can’t be blind, that can’t happen… Right…?

She felt something, whoever was talking to her hugged her…? Even though she had no idea who this person was it was pretty comforting.

“By the way, my name’s… Hel.” The voice, Hel said

“Anga, my name’s Anga… So what happened… Do you know…?” Anga asked

“W-well… I… I don’t really know, I think we, ummm… Somehow got outside our AU, you know what an AU is right?” Hel lied said

“Yeah, but how and how do we get back?” Anga asked

“I… I guess we’ll just have to search for it…” Hel lied again answered

“Ok, you seem to know more than me so I’m not gonna question it” Anga said, she really started to trust Hel

(I’ll do more if you all want XD)

Let’s talk about AU!Alec.

AKA Sassy Alec Lightwood.

Originally posted by 24-7tronnor

This has nothing to do with Matthew (I think) but A+++ on costume because even if he was dressed in simple clothes, he looked so good! I love the drastic change from Shadowhunter Alec to AU Alec. And his hair was A+++ too!

There is something about Matthew’s acting in the AU that brings a smile to my face. This is esentially the same Alec from the other dimension, but they’re obviously completely different! This Alec is full of confidence and his flamboyance is not over the top.

I think what I like the most about AU Alec is that even if it’s obvious that he’s not straight, it isn’t exactly obvious that he is gay either? I mean, you look at him and you hear him talk and you see something, but at the same time you’re not completely sure? I love how he’s sitting on that stool and how he fidgets with his shirt, even if that’s just a thing that Matthew himself does (he fidgets a lot, apparently).

The way he talks and moves is all with a purpose. His tone and over all attitude is confident and sassy without being disrespectful or annoying. And honestly, I love him a lot because he’s free. He’s apparently not trying to fulfill anyone’s expectation but his own and he’s so relaxed and comfortable with himself. It makes me happy to see him on the screen!

I know this is wishful thinking, but it will be nice if we could go to the other dimension again! I love all the characters there, Nerdy Izzy, Stuttering Jace, Cute/Nerdy/Confident Simon (he’s not really that different from original Simon, but yeah), Simple/Shy Magnus, and getting to know librarian Luke would be really cool! And Cosplayer Clary omg. There’s just so much good in that dimension. I love it so much.

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literati au where they both go to the same school (either chilton or stars hollow high)

oh goddddd you know my weakness (for the sake of these headcanons, rory and dean stayed broken up after s1)

  • okay but it’s chilton, for sure. he has still moved to stars hollow, but she meets him at school beforehand and they immediately dislike each other; something about the way she talks to much in class and covets authors that make him want to gouge his eyes out and how he seemingly does absolutely nothing but still makes higher marks than her that drives her ~crazy~ and they do nothing but argue but there’s just something they can’t pinpoint
    • (but he can’t deny the way her tights fit to her legs and how her pouty bottom lip drives him wild and her eyes – oh her eyes; she’s a leggy blue eyed angel of death)
    • (and don’t even get her started on the picture he makes; pen placed behind his ear and a paperback stuffed in his back pocket and his sleeves rolled up his forearms and devil may care way he seems to go about everything that makes her want to jostle him but also makes her want to know if those stories that madeline and louise tell her about the goings on in the deserted hallway on the west side of campus really live up to her imagination)
  • she knows it’s him who pulls the anonymous pranks – stealing all the teachers chalk, pilfering the chilton bell in headmaster charleston’s office (shout out to kris on that one), and placing all the textbooks floor to ceiling in the teachers lounge – because he pulled the same shit in stars hollow; she remembers the chalk outline outside of doose’s and how he smirked until she cracked but at least she got through to him that he shouldn’t treat luke like shit or the video store ‘rory curtain’ debacle where she had a feeling of what he put in the g-rated movie cases
    • (and when he gets caught and is forced to leave campus, he still smirks eyes dark and intense as they focus on hers while he’s leaving; he winks and she blushes, fighting to stop smiling, and she opens her locker later that afternoon surprised to find the picture placed in the video store is rolled and locked up tight away from the prying eyes of taylor)
  • they serve detention together one day, him for stealing the bell or her for sneaking in with the god forsaken Puffs, and they’re the only one’s there; sitting several tables apart in the middle of the library. she tries to focus on her homework, and he’s nose deep in a book she’s certain not for any class taken here but she can’t concentrate. he starts humming ‘sheena is a punk rocker’ under his breath, flipping his pen between his fingers and she forgot her walkman at home today and it’s distracting as hell
    • (it doesn’t help that there’s no supervision; not even the librarian who stays late to put new books away; just them and their books and the clock ticking away)
    • (he’s no longer reading, she can feel his eyes on her hunched form; she’s shucked off her sweater and pulled up her a skirt a bit, her legs stretched out in front of her and all he sees is the edges of the pleats resting against the middle of her thighs and all he can picture is himself on his knees, head resting under her skirt and fingers digging into her smooth skin)
    • (could you stop staring at me please, it’s distracting passes from her lips as she throws her pen down, done with taking notes and focusing all her attention on him; her fingers wrap up in the hem of her skirt and once again, it’s him who’s distracted)
    • (i just can’t understand why on earth you want to bore yourself with writing a paper on poetry; just say it already we’re dying here he says, as he comes closer, resting his book – “a tree grows in brooklyn” – right next to hers as he sits two chairs over, head resting on his closed fist and bottom lip bit as he look at her and her heart beat quickens and he questions his distaste for poetry with come on you have to love at least something as her blue eyes shine up at him and her hair falls over her shoulder, her lips turned up at the corners)
    • (and when he smirks, his tongue running along his bottom lip, and shakes his head ‘no’ she takes his hand, the warmth spreading through her fast, and pulls him in the direction of the poetry section and places them directly in front of Neruda; she reads a couple lines – her favourite “i want to do with you what spring does to the cherry trees” – before he sticks his finger in the crease of the book, stopping her completely as he tilts her face up with a finger under her chin and his lips are on hers and a moan escapes her throat as his tongue tangles with hers and the words of love and lust and beauty make her taste like nothing he’s ever experienced)
    • (she ends up with her back pressed against the shelves, one of his hands sliding up her thigh and under her skirt and hers running along his collarbone and she lets out a breathless laugh as his mouth whispers the verses of “i crave, i want, i hunger” along the column of her neck and she just knew he had to know something)

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28 for Laurent and Damen? that has a lot of fluff potential

You are absolutely right, anon, good call. Modern AU because I am on a roll with it right now. 

Marry me?

There’s a movie playing that neither of them are really paying attention to. They’re lying on their couch, legs tangled together. Damen is carding one hand through Laurent’s hair. The other hand is holding one of Laurent’s. 

Damen is thinking about rings. About engagements. He’s thinking about what kind of event Laurent might want, if he should do it in a fancy restaurant or if that’s too cliché . If he should tell anyone else about it beforehand. What kind of ring Laurent might most like to wear.

He’s been thinking for so long now, but none of his ideas sound right. Nothing feels right. 

He’s thinking and thinking, and, suddenly, he realizes he’s talking.
“Marry me?“ 

Laurent looks up at him, more confused than Damen has ever seen him. "What?”

And this, this feels right. “Marry me?” he asks again, more confidently this time.

Laurent stares at him. “You’re- You’re proposing?”

Damen nods. “I thought about making a deal out of it, but…”

“I don’t like public displays of affection,” Laurent says, his voice almost too soft for Damen to hear it, despite how close they’re sitting. 

Damen smiles. His subconscious, at least, had known what it was doing. He kisses the back of Laurent’s hand. "Marry me?“ he asks a third time.

Laurent’s face softens, his eyes brighten, and he smiles. "Of course.”

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1/2 Save Me, Call Me Baby

Title: Save Me, Call Me Baby by winezarry

Pairing: Zayn Malik/Harry Styles

Word Count: 19670

Chapter: ½

Tags: Alternate Universe, Fake/Pretend Relationship, i forgot about niall…, Past Zayn Malik/Louis Tomlinson, but it’s so minor that it’s only mentioned, Blow Jobs, Bottom Harry, Recreational Drug Use


“Your boy’s passed out,” Louis says upon entering the kitchen. He’s got a smug smile on his face, arms folded across his scrawny chest.
“Kay,” Zayn shrugs, pouring two glasses of water.
“Come on, Zaynie. What was that back there?”
Zayn doesn’t even protest the God-awful nickname. “Nothing, just. We talked about that.” His shoulders tense automatically. They hadn’treally, but boundaries do exist. Which clearly, Harry has no problem invading. God, Zayn doesn’t even like him, doesn’t even know why Harry agreed to pretend to be Zayn’s boyfriend for the week.
“Talked about him wanting to fuck in front of others?” Louis laughs a bit in disbelief.
“S’different with him,” Zayn defends.
“Well yeah, he’s your boyfriend. If you don’t like him as much as he likes you, tell him.”

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CS ff: “At the Top of Our Lungs” (au)

Rating: M for sMut glitter

Prompt: “We’re on the debate team yet we can’t argue about something without yelling”

A/N: During au week, i-know-how-you-kiss wrote this awesome piece, which I dubbed Smut Glitter, because it was sprinkled throughout when you least expected it and it was amazing. She challenged me to write smut glitter of my own, picked the prompt, and so here is my very humble Smut Glitter attempt. 

Killian never saw himself being one for debate teams. He has other, more enjoyable ways of dealing with arguments in his experience. Talking about problems was always pretty low down on the list of how to handle things. But three weeks into college, he found himself roped into going to a meeting for the debate team. After that one meeting, he stayed year after year. And the same reason he contemplates quitting and never looking back also happens to be the reason he stays. It has nothing to do with stimulating conversation and everything to do with blonde hair, fiery green eyes, and getting to yell back at Emma Swan.

It’s Wednesday. Wednesday is debate day. There are four things Killian knows for certain this week that he didn’t know last week. 1) Emma Swan uses six bobby pins and one hair tie to construct the surprisingly simple brained bun on the back of her head. 2) Underneath the sensible skirt and sharp blazers she wears for debate, Emma Swan wears undergarments with fancy designs. 3) There are no less than three (3) love bites scattered across Emma Swan’s perfect skin and hidden beneath the clothing that looks like it belongs on an accountant instead of a college debate team member. 4) When Emma Swan talks dirty, she uses debate terms whispered in the ear as if they are the most sinful phrases ever uttered.

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I guess you could call it a PrisonBreak!AU, even though this ficlet has nothing to do with the storyline. I was discussing this scenario with a couple of folks, seeing Chris and Darren as those characters and decided to actually write it. ~2,500 words.

Chris could never have imagined, when he began studying medicine, that he would end up working at a prison.

Two years, that’s how long he’d worked at this facility.

It was terrifying at first, being around hardened criminals, hearing stories of what each convicted felon had done to get into prison. He always trembled in fear, imagining situations where some had to face them everyday in the prison yard, or god forbid a jail cell.

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