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Alright, HERE we go! Awhile ago I had an idea for a MP100/Voltron crossover, and after mentioning it to @x-i-l-verify​ and loooots of brainstorming later, we have…*gestures vaguely* this. These are more or less screenshot redraws just to kind of get across who is who. :) More info, reasonings and musings under the cut, because well…it got long…

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Children of Hecate

Requested by anonymous.

  • Children of Hecate sometimes stay up all night practicing their sorcery. 
  • Other campers usually bring coffee or other hot drinks to their sleep-deprived friends from cabin 20.
  • As their mother was granted power in all the realms (sky, ocean, earth and underworld) by the Big Three, using the four elements in their witchcraft can strengthen their spell.
  • The runes and inscriptions in the stones they used to build their cabin don’t only strengthen the walls of their cabin and lessen their unintended spell-casting, but also make it so their cabin is bigger on the inside.
  • They all even have their own rooms as they - like their mother - like solitude.
  • The Hecate cabin also has their own treasure room in which they keep objects the Hecate campers have collected on their quests.
  • They only keep the magical or enchanted objects though and send everything else to the attic of the Big House.
  • One kid got inspired by reading Harry Potter and now a lot of Hecate campers have enchanted their ceilings just like the Great Hall.
  • Hecate likes to help her kids learn how to use their powers.
  • They have a huge mirror to contact their mother whenever they have questions or “my spell still didn’t work and now we need a new couch”.
  • Once they are claimed, Hecate gives her children a crash course on all the different forms of magic and learns them the basics of each.
  • Eventually they have to choose a specialty though, as there are too many different forms of magic to excel in them all.
  • Naturally, they love fantasy novels. 
  • A lot of them love wearing eccentric clothing, long cloak-like dresses or even actual cloaks. 
  • They don’t even know why.
  • Their grades at school usually aren’t always the best, but they constantly surprise (read; annoy) their teachers by knowing the most random facts.
  • They might not know who fought who in the battle of Waterloo, but “did you know Napoleon legalised homosexuality?
  • “Also he stopped killing ‘witches’ at the same time”, but them knowing this has nothing to do with their mother also being the goddess of trivia. 
  • “Who were they kidding anyway, trying to drown us.”
  • “Yeah, just because we have power underwater doesn’t mean they’re going to see us use it. They’ll just have a ‘death’ to explain while our ancestral sisters moved to the next village.”
  • “And what about our brothers? Super sexist if you ask me.”
  • Of course, kids of Hecate are all feminists no matter what their gender is.


So I was doing an economics course which required you to create your own fake company.. and I found these.. someone named their firm CLEXA and CLARKE GRIFFIN and ALYCIA ADC CLAN and LUTHOR (btw “studio commercialista” is italian for “accounting firm”)

GUYYYSSSSS..I FOUND A GAY™   im so excited about this cuz I never had a friend who shares my passion for these shows and characters..

I NEED TO FIND OUT WHO THEY ARE.. I don’t know how though.. in my school there are like.. 800 people 😭

A Guide to 19 Days and Recap

Whether you’re new to 19 Days and are having trouble understanding it or you’ve been through the whole process of waiting in agony for the next update and have forgotten how the story is set up, here’s a helpful guide to just that. I don’t guarantee that I’m 100% correct. I may be interpreting the cues incorrectly.

Warning: This is gonna be LONG.

We start chapters 1-54 all condensed into one file. These are either official art or little comics about what seem to be our kids in the future.

Our story actually begins on chapter 42, in the present. A bloody Jian Yi suddenly shows up in front of Zhan Zheng Xi.

According to what Xixi says in the next couple of chapters, Jian Yi disappeared on the second day of high school. (RIP Me. I died re-reading “He was my best friend at the time.”) The way Xixi says it makes it seem as if this is way after Xixi graduated(”Oh right, where did you disappear to when I was in high school?”), maybe university. (Might just be a mistake in translation, though.)

Apparently, Jian Yi still has to do the homework he missed throughout the years or something. (Ch. 47)

A couple more future/present comics and then we finally start “The Flashback™”on chapter 50. (Whoops forgot to mention the days of the week.)

We start this day with a sweet and funny premise. Nothing is going wrong, we are laughing and absolutely adoring this slice-of-life manhua…. (Little did we know it would later tear our hearts apart.)

We are introduced to these middle-schoolers, their relationship, and their school life(lmao everyone thinks they’re queer) in Day One, which goes on until chapter 56(Maybe?). (Thursday/Friday?)

(We are interrupted in Day One by the one shot.)

We continue to follow their daily school life. Day Two is a PE day (ugh) and spans from chapter 57(probably) to chapter 66. (Friday/Saturday)

During this second day, Xixi becomes increasingly aware of how intimate Jian Yi and he really are(by the reactions of his peers).

I’d like to mention that I am not completely 100% convinced that Day One and Day two aren’t just one single day, but arranged weirdly…. but for the sake of this guide, we’ll treat them as two separate days.

Okay the start of Day Three. “Yesterday” Xixi invited Jian Yi over to play video games. (Saturday/Sunday)

We interrupt your flashback to bring you “The Future™” Christmas Special!

Okay, we’re back. The Third Day spans from Ch 67 to Ch 97. We get a good laugh but we also learn a lot of things, like how adorable they were when they were kids. We also at first see that Jian Yi seems to have the hots for his best friend, but in that same day we learn that he doesn’t just have a crush on Xixi, he actually holds strong feelings of love for his best friend. So we are starting to see some back story(flashback in a flashback?) and character development, and also something weird with Jian Yi: he’s a lonely child.


Alright Day Four (Five? The weekend passed, but we didn’t see Sunday.) begins on chapter 98 and ends on chapter 114. (Monday)

WE MEET HE TIAN. (He used to smile so much wtf. Now he only smirks like he wants to eat you when you let your guard down.)

We also see another flashback of baby Jian Yi, his mother, and possibly his father?

Okay I just noticed He Tian knew from the start Jian Yi liked Xixi lmao.


WHAT WAS HE GONNA SAY?! Okay Day Four - End.


Okay Day Five begins with He Tian, so you know, in case you were wondering, this story isn’t exclusive to the two bestfriends (as we learned along the way). (Tuesday)

Day Five spans from chapter 115 to chapter 130 and it is THE FIGHT DAY™. Shit goes down in this day, the manga takes an unexpected turn, the fandom is confused but also intrigued and heart broken(the start of Old Xian’s tyranny on our feelings).

We see how He Tian seems to have feelings towards Jian Yi, and in the same day, we are introduced to *drumroll* MO. GUAN. SHAN.(But we don’t know his name yet so it’s Redhead for a couple of chapters.) Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

We also are introduced to bracelet dude (She Li) who repeats Jian Yi’s name rather ominously….

Shit is about to go DOWN.

K.O. Okay, NOBODY liked Redhead, I’ve had people say “I always loved Redhead from the beginning.” Like, mmm okay, so you hated Zhan Zheng Xi or something, like aha sure. LIES. Everybody hated Redhead for hurting our precious son.


The start of Mo Guan Shan’s misery.

ALRIGHT. Day Six! aka… THE STORM™ On this day, we have our hearts ripped out :) (Wednesday)

Ch. 131-144

As you can see, things are getting progressively more interesting and heavy with drama. Not just a slice-of-life anymore. RIP my heart.

Why yes, Jian Yi, he HAS been trained before. By one of your father’s henchmen, which just SO HAPPENS TO BE HIS OLDER BROTHER. But we don’t know that yet ;)

This is why Day Six is called The Storm, btw. It rains on the day everything goes down.

OBLITERATED. This is when I started feeling bad for Mo Guan Shan and disliking He Tian.

Ya, no. Those who say “He just didn’t know how to express his love!”

Look at this panel and tell me that to my face. YOU DON’T HIT THE ONES YOU LOVE.

Needless to say, I do acknowledge that He Tian did indeed start to have feelings for Redhead, but not at this moment.

Day Six is also known as The Kiss (One). Or “The Day We All Freaked Out Waiting For The Next Update.” Also “The Day We Weren’t Prepared For What Was Coming.”


We interrupt your suffering for a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.

I guess these guys are main guys now. Day Six - End.


Ch. 145-170

Shit is over, the fandom has cried, Jian Yi has cried. BUT NO ONE IS ADDRESSING THE KISS. The fandom is frustrated that Jian Yi keeps avoiding talking about it. C’mon Jian Yi WE WANT YOU TO HEAL.

On this schoolday, we learn He Tian is nasty, Redhead’s dad is in prison, and Zhan Xixi wants to know what is going on with Jian Yi…. and then gets embarrassed when Jian Yi tells him. Oh also, Xixi casually rejects a girl and then gets eaten by a radish.


Among other things.

The time we hated the little sister.

(I want to put so many pictures cuz honestly every chapter is great but then this would take like five hours to read haha. JUST GO REREAD THE SERIES.)


#Redhead Defense Squad 2k16 (remember that?)

Harassment continues…… but THIS is the moment when He Tian decides, “Ah, yes, I just harassed this dude, time to make him my friend. I don’t know how, but I’m sure it’ll all work out.”


Zhan Xixi carrying Jian Yi like a sack of potatoes is my aesthetic.

Oh, right, things get dangerous on Day Seven.

Just Hit Me With All The Transport Vehicles You Can Think Of.

I died already.

And so ends Day Seven.

NOW. It’s a new day. It’s Day Eight. AKA THE KISS(Two). AKA HE TIAN WHY???? Literally Mo was JUST starting to possibly want to be your friend and you had to go jack up. (Friday)

Ch. 171-181

On this day we learn:

Gossipy boys will have shrinking dicks.” -Jian Yi, 2016

Mo GUaN ShAN is his name! Also, he likes to stick sunflower seeds on the windows.

Don’t Close Mountain 2k16

Okay this day is totally more focused on Mo Guan Shan. We see a new side of him that we didn’t know of before. A mature side. Legitimately just tired after the kiss. Confused, very frustrated that someone would take advantage of him like that, but he also doesn’t hate He Tian, despite all the shit he’s done to him. That’s how nice Mo is. And then he’s faced with an important decision.

We meet She Li, who sucks ass as of right now (don’t know if he will have a redemption arc) but seemingly likes Jian Yi’s healthy skin.

RIP Mo’s Sandwich.

He was STARING at you because he READ YOUR NOTE and was gonna be all “Okay whatever I’ll cook for you again. Can’t you just ask like a normal human?”

Asks the guy who only knows this dude for THREE days and then pulls a stunt like that. I FEEL NO SYMPATHY FOR YOU HE TIAN.


In case you were doubting it, this is a manga focusing on gansters and how they fuck up other’s lives.

Slice-of-life my butthole.

The moment I fell in love with Mo Guan Shan and vowed to always protect him.

Jian Yi voices our opinions.


Finally! Day Nine! We’ve made it this far my dudes! (Saturday: Either they have school regularly on Saturdays, or there was a timeskip between Jian Yi’s Birthday, aka Day Four, and Day Five. We’ll just have to wait to see what Day Ten lands on.)

Ch. 182-Ongoing

The day following Mo Guan Shan’s decision, he realizes he was played. Luckily, Jian Yi, Zhan Xixi, and that one girl are there to prove Mo’s innocence. He Tian, suddenly feeling protective over Mo Guan Shan, decides to take this one on one with She Li.

This is the day we get to see Mo start to slowly accept ~friends~ and He Tian. I think he’s had some time to think over THE KISS(Two). And he’s quick to forgive He Tian, not because he loves him, but because he’s a nice soul. He Tian is getting some redemption today and is being a little more cautious around Mo (The Kiss(Two) was JUST yesterday, guys.)

We get to finally see the four hang out together and all around, just have a break from all the shit that’s been going on. Unrequited love, questions about sexuality, attempted kidnapping, being framed for a crime, dirty fistfights. Jesus, just give these boys a break. When are they going to worry about finals and homework like normal students?


The friend you harassed up until one day ago? That’s a funny definition of friend you got there, He Tian. (I loved He Tian in the beginning, then disliked him during his interactions with Mo, but I’m slowly learning to love him again with these new updates.)

The moment when I screamed “I DISLIKE HIM BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I WANT HIM DEAD!!11!!1!”

Mo Guan Shan: Jesus Christ, why do I feel for this asshole?

He Tian: Jesus Christ, why can’t I tell him I like him like a proper human being?

aka The Update That Saved US

THAT’S ALL GUYS OH MY- I am exhausted.

We’ve made it this far.

Please continue to support Old Xian and 19 Days!

Do you have school-aged children?

I am a teacher. I’ve been a teacher for nearly twelve years. I’ve seen a huge number of education changes happen during this time, but I am worried about what is happening in education right now - and I am not sure that the general public are aware of the extent of the difficulties we face.

Let me start by saying that I am not concerned about my pay. I don’t want more money. I am not asking for your concern about my wages.

What I am concerned about are the cuts that the Conservative government are making to education - huge, life-changing cuts that are having a detrimental effect on the mental health and well-being of a massive number of children and young people.

This is going to be long, but if you have children, please bear with me and read to the end.

1. The new GCSE system

Michael Gove started his annihilation of the A*-G GCSE system back in 2010, and this year we see the first string of examinations take place. “More rigour” was the battle cry. However, did you know that the new GCSE English Literature exam - including the poetry exam, requiring study of an anthology of 15 poems - is closed-book? This means that no student will be given a copy of the text in their exam - not even SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) students, many of which have recall and memory problems.

The GCSE English Language exam uses extracts from heritage texts that carry a reading age of approximately 17. The average reading age of a GCSE-level student is 14. So why are we asking our students to read and analyse texts that are aimed at someone with a reading age 3 years above their own? Some of my students have a reading age of 9. They cannot in any way access the papers. In addition to this, the papers are up to 2hrs and 15mins long, often with a high number of questions - the Edexcel GCSE English Language paper 2 is equivalent to a mark a minute. I am seeing students who want to succeed breaking down as they simply cannot fit it all in - to understand and then interpret a text in such a small amount of time is extremely difficult for some students, and so what we are seeing is an increasing number of students switching off from their education as they simply write themselves off as ‘stupid’. You can see the Edexcel GCSE papers for English language here:

I can only speak for English as it is my subject, but what I know is in existence across the whole curriculum is this: the Conservative government and Ofqual have released a new 9-1 grading system - but have only just, one month before GCSE exams commence, launched any real model of what each grade looks like. For the last two years, teachers have been working to help students achieve grades without knowing what those grades look like. We were told that a 9 was an “A**”, reserved for the top 3% of the country, and we were told that a “good pass” would be a 5 and equivalent to a high C/low B, and that a 1 would be equivalent to a G, but that’s it. Last month, they even changed that - making the new “good pass” a 4 for students - but to add insult to injury, kept the “good pass” at a 5 for schools when being graded for league tables.

Confused yet? Imagine working in it.

We still don’t know how the new GCSEs are going to be graded. We probably won’t know for sure until after the exams. The Conservative government are talking about “rigour” whilst simultaneously asking us to teach a system that has such little “rigour” that nobody even knows what a student needs to do to achieve a 9 grade.

Schools are in disarray as they know one thing to be true - if their GCSE results are bad, Ofsted will swoop in, prepared to announce them as “requiring improvement”. This will happen despite the fact that even though we have repeatedly asked for clearer guidance and clarification on exactly what we can do to help students achieve the best they can, we have not been given anything. Nothing at all.

The goalposts are *still* moving, even now - and some of your children are sitting these exams in less than a month.

We are risking entering a time where the Key Stage 4 curriculum consists of teaching to the test and not much else. This goes against everything that most teachers stand for. Teaching to the test is boring. It doesn’t help students to love their subjects; it kills any enthusiasm they ever had. Last week, I had a 90-minute discussion with my GCSE English group about whether Hyde (from Stevenson’s story) was really a person. It ended with the students asserting that Hyde was never a person; he was not even a personality - Hyde was simply an excuse. These GCSE students - aged 15 - critically evaluated the novel and its interpretations, deciding that Jekyll and Hyde is actually a story about choice, rather than split personalities or hidden evil. It was incredible. I walked away worried that I’d wasted an hour and a half of exam practice. This should not be happening.

2. Excessive Testing at Ages 7 and 11

I am going to give my professional opinion on this, as someone who works at the chalkface: these exams are completely arbitrary and do not test the skills required for success at GCSE and in adult life.

This year, I had a cohort of Year 7 students arrive at my school having not written a proper story for over a year. They knew what a fronted adverbial was, and how to spot an internal clause, and even what a preposition was - but when I set them a task to write a story, they broke down and cried. They cried. I asked them to write a story - something that should be incredibly enjoyable and an adventure, regardless of your level of ability or need - and they couldn’t do it. They knew the nuts and bolts, sure - but had no idea how to put them together in any meaningful way. They had ideas, but no confidence.

My year 7 cohort had some of the highest SATs scores we could have hoped for - many of them with scaled scores of 115 and higher (scaled scores go from 80-120, with 100 as an 'average’), but their first creative writing piece was a huge failure, and I felt like a failure. We’ve since done a huge amount of work on story writing and creative motivation to develop their confidence and bring their marks up, but this has taken time from us that could have been used to develop their analytical skills, to develop their use of imagery and tone, to help them become more critical thinkers. I should not be teaching students how to piece a story together at secondary school.

I completely agree that students need to leave primary school 'secondary ready’. However, I do not think that testing students’ ability to identify grammatical items over their ability to compose a creative piece is the best way to do it. It only increases student anxieties when they arrive at secondary school only to find that they have no idea how to approach their secondary-level subjects.

I have a firm belief that testing students does not make them better learners. What should be happening is this: teachers should be being given the freedom to develop their students’ motivation, creativity, critical thinking, enthusiasm and, most of all, their passion. Students with passion always, always succeed.

This Conservative government seem to think that “rigour” means taking education decisions out of the hands of teachers. Michael Gove - a journalist - started this course of action. He criticised us when we told him it would not work, and pressed ahead regardless.

Multiple studies have shown that the mental health of children is suffering under this government. This has been known as far back as 2015: with 90% of teachers agreeing that SATs preparation is harming students’ mental health:

3. Grammar Schools

We do not need grammar schools. We don’t. If we increase funding to all state schools to a level reflective of needs, allow teachers to develop a ‘grammar curriculum’ (lots of extra-curricular, increase independence of teachers), give schools ‘grammar resources and invest in better pastoral care (decent behaviour interventions that selective grammars don’t need) then we won’t need grammar schools. Don’t let Theresa May fool you.

The Conservative government say that working class students need a decent chance to succeed, and so she wants to build grammar schools above investing in local state-run facilities? Riiiiight. It’s a clear fact that house prices in catchment areas are higher. It’s a clear fact that middle-class families usually spend on tutoring and so more middle-class children get into grammar schools.

Why do we need to build more schools when we can just give more money to existing ones?

It’s easy to improve a school. Stop cutting funding and invest in decent support services. Which leads me to…

4. Cuts to Funding

When I entered teaching in 2005, most classes had a learning support assistant (you may know them as a TA). These people were incredibly important - they worked with SEND students, BESD (behavioural, social and emotional difficulties) students, assisted with students who had been absent or were having trouble accessing the curriculum and they did this on minimal pay, with minimal complaint. I once taught a class where two girls, twins, had complex SEND needs, spoke no English, could speak Arabic and German but couldn’t read it, and had no social skills. My TA was incredible, and she developed a whole scheme of picture-based activities for them to help them become happy, capable members of society.

This government have cut spending on education to the point where these TAs are rare, or simply don’t exist.

Now, teachers are asked to develop the progress and achievement of these students alone. If your child is dyslexic, they no longer have the ‘luxury’ of a TAs attention or time – instead, it is their teacher’s job to accommodate them. Believe me, this is something we want to do. If we had the ability, we’d break off a little bit of ourselves and sit with them as much as we could. However, the average class size is 30, and this is impossible. We are told we are failing when our most vulnerable students do not achieve, but when you have 30 students, it’s not always easy to give every vulnerable student the time you wish to give. TAs allowed every student to progress and achieve as they allowed the class teacher time to develop clear schemes of work that could be worked on separately to the class, alongside the main learning. Now, dyslexic students are at the hands of often newly-qualified teachers who are still developing their differentiation skills and do not always have the time or resources to make good things happen. This is a direct result of funding cuts.

This isn’t just about SEND students, either. The excessive cuts to education mean that many schools are now in a situation where they are considering making cuts in the curriculum and getting rid of specific subjects, usually the arts:

Students today are being denied the opportunity to access the arts – the subjects that make them well-rounded thinkers, evaluative learners and creative, motivated individuals. I find it hard to stomach that due to excessive Conservative cuts, students are going to miss out on drama class, or art class, or music. That they may never know the joy of a school play, or what it feels like to be told to make their own song, or to find their groove when looking at characters in Shakespeare. Why the arts? Well, because they don’t add “rigour” – the new E-Bacc asks schools to focus on students getting English, maths, science, a language and a humanities subject – there is no requirement for arts. When you’re a cash-strapped school and you face a poor Ofsted report if your results are bad, why would you waste time and money on a qualification that, to the government, doesn’t count? These decisions are being made every damn day, because the government have headteachers over a barrel. You must succeed. You must get above average pass rates (which is in itself ridiculous; there will always be half below average). You must push out students with E-Baccs. If you don’t, we will academise you.

Are we here to provide exam factories that churn out identikit students? We’ve already seen a cut in vocational qualifications and a rise in mandatory GCSE resits in English and Maths. Therefore, if your daughter has her heart set on becoming a mechanic, she may not have the opportunity to even access a course until she is 18 – in the past, she could have done this at age 14, by choosing a vocational mechanic course as an ‘option’ – but hey-ho, these have been cut. Instead, she will have to do the same GCSEs as everyone else, and if she can’t get that “good pass” in English, well, then she’ll just have to resit. And if she doesn’t get the “good pass” the next time, well, she’ll just have to resit again. Until she is old enough to walk away. Why are we putting our students through this? Why aren’t we nurturing a child’s natural enthusiasm?

I taught a GCSE class back in 2009. It was a ‘bottom set’ class; they made my life hell but overall, were decent kids who just hated English, one of only two subjects they did at school as the rest of the time they were out doing vocational courses. They mainly got Ds in English, despite my best efforts. One own his own garage now. One runs her own hairdressing business. One builds motorbikes. One runs his own farm. Nowadays, these students wouldn’t stand a chance.

Cuts also affect the level of pastoral support that exists in schools. The best schools invest clearly in the wellbeing of their students by providing them with mentors, non-teaching year leaders, behaviour liaison officers and pastoral teams. Remember ‘Educating Essex’? Those ladies in the office who worked with the kids to get them back into class and enjoying education? Those are the important people. Those are the ones we are losing.

To end this massive rant, I want to point you towards the amazing-yet-horrifying website ‘School Cuts’ – It allows you to look at any school in the country and see the level of cuts, with a calculation of how many teachers it is equivalent to. I don’t think many people in the UK really understand what we are up against here. Here are a few figures that mean something to me:

Hove Park School, Brighton & Hove: -£940,335 in cuts – equivalent to 25 teachers or -£659 per pupil

The Burgess Hill Academy (formerly Oakmeeds Community College), Sussex: -£273,426 / 7 teachers / -£340 per pupil

Bridgemary Community School, Gosport: -£421,065 / 12 teachers / -£797 per pupil

Sir Thomas Boteler CofE High School, Warrington: -£132,685 / 4 teachers / -£211 per pupil

Durrington High School, Worthing: -£474,491 / 13 teachers / -£274 per pupil

This is horrifying. These cuts mean that your children are absolutely not getting the education they need or deserve – all thanks to apparently “unavoidable” cuts made by a government who have already cut corporation tax, can afford themselves an 11% pay rise, can reduce inheritance tax and make allowances for the very rich.

I know that you may not like the leaders of the other parties very much. I understand that Brexit plays a part. However, students are arriving to school hungry, and we no longer have the funds to provide for them. We are being forced by this government to pressure students through a horrific, class-led system that discriminates against anyone with educational needs and that none of us agree with - and changes to strike laws mean that we can’t even protest it the way we want to. Brexit is happening, for now. Don’t be blinded by May. She wants you to be blinkered and she wants you to ignore the massive demolition of education. Don’t give her what she wants.

A vote for the Conservative government is a vote that gives them a mandate to ruin the lives of young people today - unless Conservative voters work with us to stop these cuts. I urge you – please look at the schoolcuts website, please take in just how much is being cut from your local area and PLEASE look at the other parties’ policies on education. Challenge your Conservative MP. Ask them to fight for change too. This is an issue that does not need to be red or blue!

Teachers should control education. Not politicians.

If your school is striking this term, please understand that we never want to deprive anyone of education. Strikes are always a last resort and always happen when we are not being listened to. The media will try to spin it and tell you we are all selfish misers who want better pay. We don’t. We want an end to a broken and corrupt system that exploits children and benefits the rich - that is all. Support your local schools, help out where you can - and vote for a party who will bring the humanity back to education.

—  Okay, I know I haven’t posted in a while and this post is incredibly long. However for the last week I have been studying and preparing for my mock exams, around 5 hours each night. Want to know why I’m studying for so long for MOCKS because everything we need to learn is incredibly long, we have to learn a Shakespeare play plus a 19th century novella and everything else. I am a dyslexic student and the closed-book exams are ridiculous, ever heard the quote “you can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree” this is what they are doing. This status is making its way around Facebook after a teacher called Rebecca Bradley posted it highlighting what’s going on. It’s seriously messed up and needs to change not just the GCSE’s but budgeting.
How are the signs doing in school right now?

Aries: scrapping by with thoses B’s

Taurus: struggling to get as much extra credit as possible to up their grade even though it is futile

Gemini: somehow didn’t even study at all and has straight A’s

Cancer: *gross sobbing*

Leo: “everything is fine” *narrator: in fact, nothing was fine*

Virgo: C’s get degrees….

Libra: almost done. just. Gotta. FINISH THIS.

Scorpio: wtf the first day of school was like a month ago…. right?

Sagittarius: the days have slowly morphed into one, days pass and they hardly notice. theres no longer a sense of time, but a sense of waiting for an end, the end, an endgame, the final day of school

Capricorn: mix of A’s and B’s so pretty good


Pisces: selling their soul for a 4.0 GPA

Running Out Of Time

pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: ANGST

requests: “Anonymous asked: because I’m a literary masochist (apparently), pretty pretty please may I have just all kinds of Lin angst? Ruin me with your words” (i didn’t write this for the request specifically, because i have another fic in the works that’s angst as well which i wrote for the request)

summary: Nine years of being married to Lin, and each of them was a blessing. (idk how to summarize it, just stay for the storyline please)

Okay wow this fic really took a lot out of me. Thank you to @sunshinemiranda for the advice and for generally being amazing! This was somehow inspired by What I’m Proudest Of by @ourforgottenboleros, who also inspires me daily. I don’t know how to feel about this fic. Enjoy!

words: 4050 lmao oops



Lin paused the episode of Gilmore Girls and turned to you.

“Remember how our first conversation was about how boring parents were?”

“We were 4, though, so that’s perfectly acceptable.”

“Remember when you avoided me all through primary school?”

“That was because my friends wouldn’t stop singing ‘K-I-S-S-I-N-G’ whenever you talked to me!”

“Like I would’ve kissed you then, girls had cooties.”

“That wasn’t what you said in high school at that party.”

“God, shut up. I was drunk, we were separated in middle school, and that was the first time I saw you in a dress, okay?”

“Funny how we became best friends, though. Our friendship prevailed through the violent road of high school, college and after college.”

“Funny how we had such faith in platonic sleepovers and we really believed it when we said ‘Oh, we’re just friends.’”

“Funny how I told myself I wouldn’t marry you because my mom thought you were the perfect guy.”

“Funny how I’m getting married to my best friend and nothing has ever felt this right.”

“That, I can agree with.”

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Tis rainbow waistcoat guy again, except this has nothing to do with rainbow waistcoats.
So, at my school, an epidemic has started. A terrifying epidemic. An epidemic so horrifically scarring that all the teachers are banning it left and right.
An epidemic of calling teachers ‘bruv’.
Literally, I’ve heard three teachers this week alone complain. The Portuguese teacher who teaches Spanish, my art teacher, and my English teacher. I think it started because of this chavvy asshole who walks around with a clear backpack containing a toy gun (I shit ye not) and golden Nikes (even though we have a uniform??) but now everyone’s doing it and it’s so funny I swear.
Something I heard between a kid and Mr Spanish Teacher:

Kid: Aye how you doing bruv?

MST: Did you just call me bruv?

Kid: Yeah I did bruv, that’s coz you’re my bruv.

MST: Don’t call me bruv, please.

Kid: Why not, bruv?

MST: It’s very disrespectful.

Kid: Aw cmon bruv

MST: I am not your bruv!

At that point MST started getting really salty and having a hissy fit, the kid was some midget year seven sitting on a table.

this week is sort of my “spring break” because my doctor’s out, which means i’m taking the week off.  i wrote most of this while roadtripping home with my sister (THIRTEEN HOURS, YO) and overdosing on oreos.  

title: homecoming, pt. 2 (or, death by motion sickness & overbearing mothers)
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: t
word count: 3518
tagged: @notalwaysfair

You have a high school reunion that you can’t miss, and you’re in need of a boyfriend to keep both your parents and your classmates off your back.  You don’t have a boyfriend — but you do have one very irritating, accommodating coworker.

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It’s Complicated - Theo Raeken

Summary: Based of one of my favorite songs Bad Things by MGK ft. Camila Cabello. Takes place during season 6.

Theo Raeken x Reader

Word Count: 2,976

Author’s Note: Second imagine! Wooo! I was never really a Theo girl. I couldn’t understand the appeal since he was evil. But I love this song and I thought it’d be great for Theo. I know the song is called Bad Things, but it could have easily been called it’s complicated. Also, I’m still not 100% sure what Cody’s eye color is. It looks blueish but sorta greenish. Idk. If you know, tell me please. 

It’s late but it’s still Teen Wolf Tuesday

P.S. Some of the words are lyrics to the song. I wish I could take credit, then I could pay off some of this college debt. In other words, I don’t own them.

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Mrs. Douglas was going on about some science experiment she was going to have the class do. But you were too busy staring out the window to pay attention. There was going to be a full moon tonight. Which meant another night you were going to wolf-out. It’s been 3 months since Theo got dragged to wherever the hell he was, which meant it was going to be the 3rd time you’d get chained up at Lydia’s lake house. Theo was your anchor, and with him gone you had no one to think of to calm you.

Some would say you were out of your mind to be in love with Theo Raeken. Some being Stiles. You couldn’t really explained why you fell for the original chimera.

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astraltactician  asked:

Hello hello! I'm in the mood for smols at the moment, so what would Starish and Quartet Night be like as fathers? Like, who would be strict, who would be overprotective, who would do dad jokes, that kind of thing? (just headcanons)

I tried my best with this despite being in a mild writer’s block. Hopefully its good!


  • The loving, energetic dad
  • Will never miss any PTA, school festivals, choirs or competitions that his baby is taking part in
  • All teachers and fellow parents adore him at school
  • He loves playing with his child; even the most silly games. His daughter wants him to be the baby in their pretend-house gams? He’s down for it. His son wants to play a video game? No problem.
  • He doesn’t like to scold his child but will do so when they have done something wrong
  • His child can come to him whenever they need help, Otoya’s always ready to listen to their problems
  • He doesn’t spoil his children much but when they want to go some place or really really want something, he’ll try to take them there or buy what they want


  • Pretty calm but he gets worried easily over his children. He isn’t that strict but will chide when necessary.
  • If his child got a paper cut, he’d panic but bandage it immediately. That’s how caring he is.
  • He loves listening to his child recounting about the things they did in school/when they went to the playground and so on. He’d just hold them in his lap and quietly listen with a serene smile and his eyes closed as his child continues rambling.
  • He enjoys teaching them how to perform calligraphy, ikebana, cooking and playing the piano
  • He tries his best to attend every school event his child participates in. Expect him to be really proud when they win an accolade.
  • He is an overprotective dad.
  • Masato’s children are so well behaved and polite it shocks people.


  • He LOVES telling his child stories. Storytelling before their bedtime is definitely one of his favourite activities.
  • He takes his kids stargazing. By the age of five or so, they already can spot Orion, Polaris, Ursa Major, Hydra and a few other well known constellations
  • He’d make sure to attend any recitals or other school events, cheering for his child from his seat (Bonus: He’s wearing a piyo chan cap that matches with his child’s bag)
  • Once Natsuki and his kids tried to make his s/o something for their birthday. Let’s say the kitchen didn’t survive.
  • He loves spoiling his kids. Plushies, clothes, toys; he’d get his kid anything they want. Its usually his s/o who’s stricter with the kids
  • Natsuki taught his daughter how to waltz and curtsy. The cuteness the father and his daughter would pose is just <3
  • He’d be proud and supportive of his child no matter how good they are in studies. He believes that teaching them to be a good human being is more important.


  • Toki’s a strict dad. He wants his children to only get the best so they have a better future.
  • He’s a very loving father though. He showers them with kisses and hugs. He cares for his child but does not want them to be spoilt and dependant on him.
  • Tokiya stresses on all round development so his children are proficient in arts, studies and sports. He exercises sports along with his children, teaches them music and would gladly help with their homework and studies.
  • He is only a little protective over his daughter because she’s his little princess :3
  • Whether he’s present for school events and competitions depends on his schedule. He always tries to show up even if he didn’t watch the full event. If his children win anything, expect him to be the proudest father alive.
  • His child did cling to him, crying and refusing to let go on the first day of school. While he couldn’t cancel his job, he gave them a penguin plush saying that this is papa’s friend and would be there with them for the day. His kid didn’t let go of the plushie for their entire time at school.
  • The Ichinose family doesn’t go often on trips but when they do, expect it to be a very good adventure. Toki’s strict side melts and he’s a fun dad for a change.


  • A very loving father. His affection also stems from the fact that he wants to be a good dad to his children. He dotes on his children and spoils them but with limits. (If its a daughter, she’s going to be a pampered little princess though)
  • He likes watching his baby when they’re asleep and he has nothing to do. Those little movements bring a tender smile upon his face.
  • Always present for his child’s school events. He’s that parent who provides eye candy to both girls and their mothers.
  • He’s pretty open with his kids. They can come to him for anything and he’d be ever ready to help or listen. I can picture his daughter talking to him when he’s cooking in the kitchen :3
  • He usually helps with his kid’s art projects and it ends up looking flawless.
  • He’s overprotective with his daughter but if he had a son, he’d be pretty chill with him as long as he doesn’t do something illegal.
  • The Jinguji family loves going on adventurous trips. He’d encourage his kids to try out something new and exotic. It’s also why they develop an open mind, eager curiosity and an adventurous streak.


  • He’s that parent cheering loudly with a megaphone on his kids’s sports day.
  • Syo was probably like “ small….” when he first held his newborn child.
  • If he sees his little one is about to hit their head on the table’s leg or the wall or something, Syo-chan would immediately dive in with a pillow to shield them from impact.
  • The Kurusu family has to go on an outing every weekend or so. Go karting, swimming, watching a sport game, camping. Anything outdoors!
  • He’s a pretty chill dad. He nags from time to time but thats pretty much it.
  • Syo makes sure his children do at least some form of sports. He won’t have it any other way.
  • He would take his kids to set sometimes. The entire Kurusu family admires Ryuya-sensei //shot’d


  • He spoils his children rotten. He dotes on them with all the love possible.
  • It’s kinda hard for Cecil to be strict, he doesn’t like to see his child upset. He even asks their mama to go easy on them when she yells.
  • Cecil would take his children to all different kinds of places because he himself wants to discover so much
  • He’d help his children hide from mommy when its time for a shower
  • Storytelling sessions are always fun for his kids because Cecil can mimic a number of voices and can do tons of impressions.
  • He’d teach his children about the culture of Agnapalace before they visit. (Daddy and his kids are gonna do the Agna Dance flawlessly)
  • The Aijima family wearing royal clothing


  • Very very loving and funny papa. He’s the one who makes the dad jokes
  • If he had sons, expect them to be prank masters from a young age. He’s very doting on his daughter though
  • Super proud of his kids. They can draw on the walls and Reiji would admire their drawings, calling them “true art”
  • Papa Reiji and his kids have their own secret language which is utter gibberish and can’t be understood by their mom. He also probablyowns a “#1 Dad” mug and T shirt
  • He’s present at every school event without fail. (You might see a prank or two brought by the Kotobuki household)
  • If his child’s first word is “papa,” Reiji’s gonna cry big fat tears.
  • Its never quiet in the Kotobuki house. Never.


  • He’s pretty chill as a dad.
  • He showers his kiddos with love when they’re young but as they get older, its more of tough love from his side
  • VERY OVERPROTECTIVE OVER HIS DAUGHTER! Hurt her and you’ll never see the light of the day
  • The family watches TV together on weekends with some great food.
  • He takes his children on walks. The park, near the river, in the city. (With a disguise ofc) Anywhere.
  • If his kid doesn’t know how to play an instrument, papa has jamming sessions together with them
  • You would find at least as many, if not more, cat children as human children in the Kurosaki household


  • Is the cool dad. His children look up to him a lot.
  • He enjoys taking his kids around, exploring places.
  • When his first child was born, every parenting manual failed and Ai had a very hard time as he didn’t have a mommy instinct. “S/He’s hungry now…? I thought s/he was feeling hot..”
  • Has a lot of info and facts to share with his baby. This is why they’re very smart.
  • Science projects with him end up in exemplary results. He enjoys teaching his kids math and science.
  • He buys them these kits for science and arts. For his child’s fifth birthday, he bought them a painting kit. For their seventh birthday, he got them a chemistry set and a microscope.
  • He sings his children to sleep. Sometimes he reads them a story before bedtime. Sometimes they exercise before sleeping.


  • His children are graceful and polite. He wants his daughter to learn ballet and he himself would teach his son how to fence.
  • He would do anything for his children. If they asked for the moon, he would return with a galaxy
  • He’s very doting and spoils his children.
  • Making desserts in the kitchen is how papa and his kids spend time together on a weekend.
  • He reads to his children before bedtime. It’s usually stories from his time at Permafrost, his service at Silk Palace. He also reads fiction (his daughter likes those princess stories)
  • As they grow older, he makes sure they are responsible and respectable. He imposes a curfew and some duties that his children must faithfully carry out.
  • Instead of living in the bustling city, Camus would prefer to raise his children in the countryside.
When We Were Young - Part One

Summary: Mick Davies has been like a friend to you since you were a kid and decided to sneak out of school to spend time with him. Unfortunately, though you got caught and that way, got separated from Mick. Up to this day, you were saddened that you couldn’t do more for him. Until you happened to come across him on your vacation in America.

Words: 1465

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader (This part is Primary School Age)

Warnings: Rude parents, eventually a tiny bit angsty but nothing much

A/N: This part kinda sucks, I know bad for the beginning but it’ll get better. I hope at least.


“Mum can we go get some ice-cream?” you had asked your mother once she picked you up from school.

“Of course. After you had such a great first week of school, you deserve it,” she nodded and smiled at you before walking over to the little ice-cream stand at a park near your school.

Lucky enough you could convince your mother to stay at the park and watch the squirrels while you ate your ice-cream. That was when you noticed him for the first time.

You believed he was around the same age as you. His clothes had holes and were dirty, his head facing the ground but you could still make out that he was sad. After looking around for a few moments, you didn’t seem to find his parents. Was he alone? Was that the reason he was sad? If it was, you could have been his friend and make him happy right?

“Mum? Can I give the rest of my ice-cream to this boy?” you pulled on your mother’s sleeve and pointed to the boy.

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D.O Father HeadCanons
  1. Regardless everyone’s beliefs xD he would be the sweetest of them all
  2. Nothing would be more important than his family
  3. Would work very very very very hard for them
  4. Protect them with everything he has
  5. Sometimes he would be a little distant but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care, he just want them to have their own space
  6. Always there though, with the wisest advices 
  7. “SUHO?! Don’t tell my wifey but… how do I change the diaper?!” 
  8. He would definitely be the one who cooks
  9. Family excursions every time he can
  10. “School is important okay? But I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t have fun either, just be moderate”
  11. Humming melodies to calm them down, to comfort them or help them sleep
  12. Of course he would help with the homework
  13. And definitely won’t let them alone with Chanyeol or Sehun, he can’t take care of two more kids xD
  14. Delicious porridge when they are sick
  15. Oh and the cakes for the birthdays…. heavens!
  16. I think his children would be very calm though, following their father’s steps
  17. I don’t know who would suffer more with “The Talks” him or them
  18. He would always show his soft side with them.
  19. There’s not a day when he doesn’t tell his family how much he loves them
  20. “You are the most important thing that have ever happened in my life. You are the source of my happiness”

I love you too hubby XD Ara~

The Nightmare Returns


Pairing: Void Stiles x Reader

Summary: Hellooo , could you make a void stiles imagine where somehow he comes back and he saves the reader from something and she’s shocked and terrified that he’s back bc he’s totally obsessed with her and he loves her and ya the rest is up to you.. I love your imagines!

Side Note: Sorry this took so long to do! I honestly just didn’t know how to write Void Stiles and thought it was better to leave it, and come back when I had inspiration. I hope you enjoy reading it! x

Things were back to normal, well as normal as they could be after what happened with the Oni and Stiles being possessed by the Nogitsune. The death of Allison took their toll on everyone, you didn’t even want to believe it. You could tell Stiles felt extremely guilty, he hadn’t been himself lately and you knew they was nothing you could say to make it better.

All this change was beginning to be all to much, you hated change especially when it was out of the blue. After the events that took place just mere weeks ago, you weren’t able to sleep so late night walks became routine, and this night wasn’t any different. Usually the walk consisted of just around the neighborhood, however your brain was far too awake so instead of making a right turn, you went straight ahead.

This was one of those situations were you let your feet navigate, and they lead you all the way to the one place you hadn’t visited yet…Allison’s grave. Her tombstone read:

Allison Argent
Beloved Daughter, Beloved Friend
We Protect Those Who Can’t Protect Themselves

Touching the words etched into the tomb, a tear rolled down your cheek. You missed her like crazy, not being able to walk into school and see her in the hallway or stand beside her fighting the newest supernatural creature, left an empty feeling within you.

“I wish you were here Allison, I could really use your strength right now. Scott’s doing fine, he misses you so much, even though he doesn’t say it you can see it in his eyes. Stiles blames himself and no matter how much any of us say it wasn’t his fault, nothing would be able to take away the pain that the Nogitsune left. And Lydia has been so strong, she’s learning everyday how to handle being a banshee, although I know she wishes you were here to help her through it all.”

Taking a breath, this was harder than you ever imagined. “Your dad left with Isaac to go to France, not sure when or if they’re coming back. But I hope they do. We’re all missing apart of ourselves now that your gone, I wish there was a way to bring you back…I’ll give anything for that to happen.”

A heavy breeze made it’s way across the cemetery, wrapping the coat which you nearly didn’t bring tighter around your body, you wiped away the tears and took a moment.

“Guess we had the same idea”,  turning around Stiles was standing a few feet away. But something about him seemed off. “I miss her”, you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, the way Stiles was looking at you remained you of Void Stiles. Brushing the idea away it was a crazy one to begin with.

“Can’t believe she’s really gone”, Stiles whispered now standing beside you. Sighing deeply you leaned onto his shoulder. “Me too”. Being too focused on Allison’s grave, you didn’t notice the way Stiles was looking at you. With a deep sense of admiration almost to the point of obsession.

Checking your phone it hit 1:00am, walking down the dark streets with only light coming from the lamp posts the atmosphere was beyond peaceful. Turning the corner you saw your house coming into view, suddenly a dark figure appeared and grabbed your wrist.

“Hey! Let go of me”, struggling to get away from this hooded stranger fear and panic set in.

Another mysterious figure came literally out of nowhere. “Tisk tisk, that’s no way to treat a lady”.

“Who the hell are you?”, the guy spoke and his voice was deep. He let your wrist go when the other figure stepped forward and the light shone on his appearance. Gasping, this wasn’t possible. If this had occurred a few weeks ago you would have thought it was Stiles, but this wasn’t him…in fact this was the same nightmare repeating itself.

Void Stiles glanced at you and smiled, before coming face to face with the guy. “Someone you wish you’d never meet”.  That one sentence seemed to scare him endlessly and he ran off, leaving you completely alone with the person who played a major role in Allison’s death.

Eyeing your house, you could make it to the door and safety inside if you ran like hell. “Y/N I’m not here to hurt you”. Hearing him speak invoked shivers and severe goosebumps. “How the hell are you back?. You died…I saw it”.

“Let’s not get into specifics. I’m back and I don’t plan on going anywhere”. He lifted his hand to brush your cheek, but you backed away. Gripping the phone in your pocket, if you pressed 3 it would immediately call Scott. “Don’t touch me”, using a low tone not that it would help, he did it anyway. “I’ve missed you”.

Before you could hit 3 Void got to the phone first. “Not the smartest idea love. I’m not going to hurt you, I would never dream of it”.

“What do you want?”, being on the verge of tears again this was more frightening than any other creature you had faced so far.

Leaning in closer, he breathed one word into your ear. “You”,

You squeezed your eyes shut to prepare yourself for what was coming next, however silence was all that greeted you. Opening them, Void Stiles was gone and you frantically searched your surroundings to see where he went. Jingling your keys, you ran into the house and made sure every lock was secure.

Breathing heavily against the door, this was the first time you noticed that your hands were shaking. Trying to calm your heartbeat, you collapsed onto the floor utterly consumed with terror from the night’s events.

Shadow of the Stars

A Captain America and Winter soldier story

Jaylin Rogers has always struggled with being the daughter of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, mostly because of her lack of freedom. After a failed attempt to do something about this, her life is changes forever when a shadow from her father’s past returns to haunt her.  



It isn’t easy, being the daughter of super-soldier Steve Rogers – better known as the legend Captain America. Not at all.
First of all, it is never fun to always be “daughter of” and nothing more. You quickly learn to live inside a shadow. Your last name will always be far more important than your first, even though that’s the one identifying you.
Second of all, it is weird. I mean, he’s older than many (if not most) grandfathers, yet on bad days he might look barely older than 30.  And… let’s just say that as I got older, and the girls around me got older as well, those girls started to notice how “young” he was.
Third, I wasn’t super. At least, not nearly as super. Having only half of his genes meant I was maybe a bit faster and stronger than most people without having to work out 24/7, but being healthy, never getting a cold or beating all high school boys in sprint doesn’t make you “cool” or even likable.

They did say I look like him, with my blue eyes and blond hair. Mine are both darker, less… pure. As if my appearance was a confirmation I wasn’t as good as him - proof of being in a constant state of disappointment.
As a little girl, you quickly learn the other kids only want to play with you because they want to see your house and the stuff in it. Everyone always seems to look right through you. I can tell from personal experience it is pretty traumatic when other pre-schoolers get mad at you because no one is allowed to come home with you… Let me say: you learn to SHIELD yourself from other people… Sorry, that was bad.
But yeah…
Admittedly, there are some advantages to being spawn of the Steve Rogers; you never get bad grades on history tests and essays. Oh, you also have lots of non-related, vengeful aunts and uncles. With vengeful I actually mean the Avengers. They are cool, though dad tries to keep me away from that world.

Aunt Nat is amazing, and she’s actually my best friend. She taught me everything I need to know about being a girl, and I think dad still owes her for not having to deal with any of my “woman inconveniences”.
Then there’s Sam. He’s one of the nicest guys I know and probably the most normal one, too - even though he regularly soars through the sky with metal wings strapped to his back. He’s a good support in a world that is totally abnormal, despite your father’s attempts to make sure you don’t get caught in his own, strange reality. Sam understands how it feels to live in between those two worlds – the one where they worry about their grades, crushes, jobs and promotions, and the one where you’re in a constant state of vigilance, knowing no one is who they say they are. He’s the most stable part of my life; a sturdy pillar to hold me up.
One might think this connection and support would mean I’d be happy to see him when he picked me up after school. In reality it didn’t, because it meant dad was on another mission and hadn’t had time to say as much as “goodbye”.

‘If it isn’t the messenger,’ I grunted, pulling the car door open with a mean swing. Had I had my father’s strength, it would’ve been dangling in my hand, torn loose from its hinges.
'Hello to you too,’ Sam greeted me, leaning undisturbed upon the sleek car. It was a dark blue model, matching the navy blue jacket the driver was wearing today. It fluttered a little in the heavy wind, which also rustled through my ponytail.
I slumped down in the passenger seat and shut the door - not too carefully - all the while I kept staring straight ahead. ‘How’s the captain?’ I sneered.
Sighing, Sam got in, closing the door behind him. ‘He didn’t know he’d have to go, you know.’ That I knew, very well. Still, I looked out the window with a constant frown on my face. The keys jingled when Sam turned them to start the engine. The car hummed a pleasant, low rumble, and barely made a sound as Sam steered it towards the tranquillity of our home.
It would take us while until we would reach the niceness of familiarity. For now, I just watched blankly as teenagers laughed and complained while stepping into their cars, all happy to go back to their ordinary home and ordinary parents. All of them were quickly out of view, replaced by the many other aspects of mundane life. ‘You are such a little beam of sunlight, aren’t you?’
I was aware of Sam’s eyes glancing back and forth between the road and me, those brown eyes always full of worry. If I were to look at him, my angry mask would break, so I kept staring ahead. 'Humph…’
'That’s all I get? I come here, especially for you, and you don’t even smile. And I do like your smile so much, Jay…’ I could no longer resist; I gave him a sly look and met his kind and teasing expression. I smirked, laced with a genuine – though slightly unwilling – smile. 'That’s my girl,’ Sam smiled back. 'How was school?’
Ugh, school; I rolled my eyes. 'The usual. You know, I don’t see the point in testing how many presidents we can memorise, there aren’t that many.’ I breathed on the window and drew little stars, which vanished within seconds.
'Not everyone has super memory,’ Sam remarked.
I grimaced at him. 'I’m nothing compared to dad. Besides, what is the use of knowing all American presidents?’
'Says the daughter of America’s greatest patriot…’ Sam smiled at the road ahead.
'Exactly.’ I sunk a little deeper down into the seat, so I could only barely catch glimpses of the colours rushing past the car’s windows. ‘I can know.’
I watched as we drove into a quieter lane guarded by high trees, until we arrived at an electronic fence, which opened automatically when the cameras recognised our faces.
We lived far away from the city, somewhere surrounded and guarded by tall trees. Here, you never heard the constant noise of traffic, or the never-ending murmur of voices. Only here, I knew true silence, were it not for the evermoving branches with their rustling leaves.
'How was your day?’ I informed, hauling my backpack over one shoulder and closing the car door behind me, still a bit of annoyance packed in the gesture. Together, we made our way to the big, white house, oozing America. Made of wood, with a big porch, two stories and even an attic, perfectly maintained; exactly as you’d expect from Captain America’s home. Soft leaves crackled underneath our feet, giving a lovely, autumny atmosphere to this already idyllic picture.
'Also the usual,’ Sam held the door for me. 'Want waffles?’
I threw my bag on the kitchen table. 'Is that even a question?’
'What’s the magic word?’
'Please,’ I grinned. ‘Or else…’

I watched Sam take everything he needed, prepare the batter and begin making the waffles. He did it with the ease of a man who’d done it a hundred times before – which was about right, to be honest. I loved Sam’s cooking.
'Nat’s with him?’ I asked, walking towards the fridge where I took a bottle of glacier water (it had become my favourite after a joke of Natasha and Tony had stuck around).
'Yeah, though they didn’t need me, for some reason.’ Yet again I was amazed at how little Sam seemed to care about that.
'They need you to babysit,’ I chuckled, nudging him as I walked by. 'Even though I don’t need it, I appreciate it.’
Sam glanced back at me. 'I’m happy to hear that.’

'Mmm,’ I hummed a while later as I poured maple syrup all over my waffles, 'you’re such a good mommy bird.’
'I will take that as a compliment,’ Sam said the moment my phone buzzed.

Dear Jaylin,

I’m sorry I had to leave again, so soon after my last mission.
Sam promised me he’d take care of you.
I trust you will behave.


When I read “I trust you will behave,” I grimaced at the screen. How old did he think I was? It was frustrating; while other people often thought I was quite a bit older than I actually was, my dad still seemed to deem me no more than a foolish little girl. It was especially frustrating because I had always felt different, maybe even older, than most children surrounding me. It had often crossed my mind this might be another result of my father’s genes – how they even interfered with how I grew up, refusing to grant me as much as a normal childhood.
'Sometimes I feel like I should date someone dad really dislikes,’ I mused abruptly. I imagined myself coming home with the biggest jerk I could find and shivered.
Sam’s cheeks rose as he took a sip from his large mug filled with strongly smelling coffee. 'I would be worried, if I didn’t know you have more pride than your dad.’
'Sadly, yes.’

Hey, Natasha…
Forgot something…?

I waited. Dad usually send his messages late, but Natasha didn’t; she knew exactly how I felt about their sudden disappearances and the radio silences that usually followed. It’s how I got to hate surprises, as surprise never held a pleasant meaning for me, only that my father had to save the world again.

I’m really sorry
I was really busy
I’ll make it up when we’re back…?

Even these texted words were hasty. Still, they seemed genuine enough.

Keep him safe, will you?

I was aware It wasn’t much of a message, but it was all she would need; Nat knew me too well to think I’d stay mad at her.

'So,’ Sam said, when I had finished eating, and I had put down my phone, ‘are you going?’
'Going where?’
Sam raised his eyebrows. 'The gala. I saw the flyers.’
Flyers? Some brightly coloured papers seemed to hang before me. Curly font spelled out the date of a gala (or a masked ball) for all students. Apparently, it was going to be quite fancy. Now I thought about it, I recalled many people at school excitedly discussing the event. 'Oh, that… No, I don’t think so.’
'Well, it’s more than a month away,’ Sam said confidently, like he was certain I would change my mind. This self-assuredness annoyed me.
'I’m really not going,’ I stressed. 'Definitely not.’
My guardian shrugged. ‘It might be good for you to go out. Be around people your own age.’
It was time to deploy my most efficient method to avoid topics I dislike: walking away.
‘Then let me go out,’ I smirked. ‘And as I am the same age as myself, I’ll be around people my own age, too.’ Before Sam could react, I sprinted to my room.

After changing into my workout clothes – shorts and a tank top –, I put in earbuds and let music fill my ears. Running never failed to calm me down. I didn’t get tired easily, so sometimes I ran for hours on end without realising it. I was happy for the immense woods in which I could jog, without people staring at me or annoying me. So, today, like I had done many times before, I let myself absorb the sound of the music while my mind went blank. My heart beat steadily. My blood flowed rapidly. My feet stomped regularly against the soft dirt.
Just running, only running.

Chapter Two

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this doesnt have to be turned into a headcanon, just smth i thought of, but it can be if you're inspired :) i was rewatching the series and i was on ep 5 w the winter formal, and alex was sitting alone on the bleachers. and i think it would be so cute if justin came up to him and asked to dance during a slow song and alex is all blushy and justin is so heart eyes

Oh my gosh how cute would it be though?!?!

Justin sees Alex just sitting on his own, and rather than just going over there he needs a reason first, cause he’s shy, so he goes and gets them both drinks. It’s got alcohol in it, and Alex almost cares, because he has to go home to his Dad afterwards, but takes it anyway. And Justin sits down beside him and they just stay in that silence for a little while, comfortable, or as comfortable as you can be doing nothing at a school dance. Alex is fidgeting a little, and Justin really wants to take his hand to calm him, or ask him to dance, but he’s awkward and has no idea how.

A few more moments pass, and Alex stands as he mumbles some excuse about needing to get home to do homework. This snaps Justin into action and he grabs the boys wrist, standing so their faces are just inches apart.
“Don’t go,” Justin almost begged, “dance with me,”
“Dance with you?”
“Dance with me,” Justin nodded, “Come on, it’ll be fun,”
“Fun? Justin look around, we’re at a school dance. What will-”
“I don’t care what they think,” Justin said, his usual confidence back,
“And your friends?” Alex shot back,
Justin shrugged, “fuck ‘em.”

Alex sighed, his eyes closed. Justin thinks he looks beautiful with the way the disco lightest are dancing off his pale face and bleach blonde hair. Eventually Alex opens his eyes again, and Justin almost stumbles back when he’s met with the bright blue.
“Okay,” Alex shrugged,
“Okay I’ll dance with you, you idiot.”

Justin smiles like an idiot as he takes Alex’s hand and leads him to the dance floor, discarding their drinks in the bleachers. Justin’s friends all welcome him back to the circle, and Alex gets hello’s too. Surprisingly that’s where it ended. Alex expected something more, where was all the teasing? The only remark they got was when Bryce Walker walked past, but whoever Zach was dancing with threw her drink at him, and that sent everyone into hysterics.

Alex even found himself smiling over that, and when he focuses again the boy in front of him is just staring at him,
“What?” Alex demanded curiously,
Justin smiled slightly, “nothing,”
“Foley,” Alex growled,
“Why are you doing this?” Alex gave in and asked the question,
“Because,” Justin hesitated, “maybe I just wanted to dance with you,”
“And you wanted to dance with me why?”
“Because maybe I was hoping that you’d take the hint that I’ve been dropping for months that I like you.”

Alex blushes a deep shade of crimson and almost steps backwards. He wants to say something smart back, but Justin looks so serious. He couldn’t be though, could he? Why would he like Alex like that? How-
“Stop worrying that pretty little head of yours and just dance with me,” Justin calmed him,
“And after we dance?” Alex wondered,
“I guess we’ll have to make it through the dance and find out.”

Thanatos Night Vol. 6 Duran (Full Translation)

This CD made me sad, very sad. Duran isn’t trash in the slightest so if you need something sweet without drowning in fluff I recommend this.

Please note there are slight mentions of domestic abuse. If that bothers you i’d probably give this one a miss.

Apologises for any mistakes, CDs aren’t my strong point and my brain turned to complete dust with this one OTL

(Translation under the cut - Do not use/repost without permission)

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Got7 as uncles at a family reunion

Original Request:  “Got7 as weird uncles”

A/N:  I’m writing these as if they were uncles at a family reunion, to give some more context to the idea.

Request texts, snapchats, scenarios, reactions, groups as___(Ex: Got7 as highschoolers), smuts, MTL, and series ideas for Bigbang, BTS, Exo, Got7, Monsta X, and Seventeen


  • The uncle that you see like twice a year but always gives you a big ass hug when he sees you and it’s just uncomfortable for everyone involved
  • Always so fuckin’ pumped to see the extended family
  • Says “So how’ve ya been?”  to literally every person at the family reunion like okay Jackson, leave  Aunt Carol alone
  • Probably brings little gifts for the kids that will be at the reunion 
  • Tries to give tips about schooling for the parents of children who haven’t started school yet, even though he has a total of zero children
  • Is he married yet?
  • Why does he still show up to these family gatherings alone yet so damn happy?
  • No one knows
  • Happy drunk uncle without being drunk


  • The classier richer uncle that everyone wonders if he’s actually related or not
  • “How’s the wife Jim?”
  • Asks about everyone’s wife
  • Find your own wife Jinyoung
  • Reads to the little kids at the reunion 
  • Wants absolutely nothing to do with the barbecue station by the picnic tables
  • Complains about the pollen
  • Gets into a deep conversation about politics with a rich cousin and realizes about twenty minutes in he has no idea what’s going on
  • Probably going to clear out the wine cooler before the day’s over


  • “Who keeps inviting him?”
  • “I bet it was fuckin’ uncle Jackson”
  • Befriends every child and future child that has yet to exist 
  • Gets into a fight over juice with one of them
  • How can someone dressed so fancy be mentally seven
  • The uncle everyone thinks is rich but in reality he’s just a tall child that is struggling with adulting so he tries to look the part
  • Stays away from the alcohol
  • Gets conned into helping cook meat at the barbecue
  • Burns it
  • Stays attached to like one outsider cousin the whole time


  • Everyone gets so pumped because hell yeah, fun and somewhat normal uncle Mark is here
  • The kids love him
  • Brings his own meat to cook at the barbecue station
  • Groups of forty year old divorced dads gather round him as he’s doing so
  • Wear’s an apron the whole time
  • Makes a toast with wine while Aunt Becky winks at him 
  • Uncomfortable because what are you doing to me Aunt Becky, we’re related
  • The cool uncle that pretty much everyone thinks is a god send


  • No one has ever seen him before in their entire lives
  • Did he marry Aunt Wanda???
  • Where did he come from???
  • Tries talking to a few kids but they run away yelling “STRANGER DANGER”
  • So now he’s known as the creepy uncle
  • People talk to him and ask how he has been out of fear even though they have no idea who he’s related to
  • Seriously, did he marry Aunt Wanda???
  • He’s like 35, why does he have a pleather jacket on???
  • Everyone whispers about him lowkey scared yet there’s whore Aunt Becky in the corner just winking it up


  • Ya’ll saw this coming but the sunshine uncle has arrived 
  • The kiddies love this flower boy
  • Is 40 and single but literally picks flowers for the kids
  • Why has no one married him???
  • Aunt Becky, where ya at
  • SO attached to all of the cousins
  • Helps out at the barbecue to be polite
  • Uncle Jackson lowkey scares him
  • Picks flowers for Aunt Becky
  • Stop winking at him Becky, he’s too pure 


  • “He’s an uncle???  How old is he???”
  • The kids love him because his height makes him a human playground
  • Human playground uncle
  • Too shy for Aunt Becky
  • No one knows if he’s actually an uncle or if the kids just call him that out of fondness
  • Drunk Uncle Jinyoung asking shit like “Yugyeom….isn’t that a card game?”
  • Sits at the kids table