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A Little Thing I Noticed

Okay, even though this clip wasn’t what many (including me) thought it was going to be, can we appreciate the fact that when Sana was standing there with all the people who love her (except the cutie who’s in Turkey), Straumnes played. 

Straumnes is the song played whenever Sana prays, when she’s at peace, and when she is most the most comfortable. Throughout the season, it has played when the frame was only on her (when she prayed, or when she was thinking about Yousef), meaning the internal peace, that calmness she felt never occurred when in the presence of anyone else. 

But in this clip, it played with everyone around her. She’s at peace with all those people now. She now feels comfortable, she feels that calmness not just when she’s praying or when she’s alone, but along with the people who now love, care, and respect her.