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Everything has been a climb and I’ve been able to take my family and friends with me. I came from humble beginnings. I’ve never had a pool before, I’ve never lived in a house this beautiful. I appreciate everything so much more because everything I have has been worked for.

Fandom Gothic
  • You are 187 chapters into this fic. You have been reading continually since you began. You must find out what happens next.
  • An unfinished fic ends on a cliffhanger. It hasn’t been updated since April 1832.
  • A new show has taken over Tumblr. You see the gif sets everywhere. Intrigued, you go looking. You cannot find the show. Five days later the posts disappear as if they never existed.
  • Your favorite author posts a new fanfic. It is a different fandom than the one you followed them for, but still one of yours. This keeps happening. You suspect the author may be stalking you.
  • The gifs of the new trailer come out before the new trailer does. People shush you when you question this. You cannot ask questions about the space-time continuum.
  • You find a new person to RP with. You send them a message and they respond two years later as if there was no time gap. It is possible that for them, there was no time gap.
  • This fanart looks nothing like the character. And yet. It looks exactly like the character.
  • A shipping war begins. You watch the body count climb higher and higher as it becomes more violent. Blood streams from your face and you clutch your weapon to your chest. Afterwords, the survivors sometimes stare with blank eyes and mutter “Harmony…. Harmony…”
  • That character is clearly a Slytherin. The rest of the fandom seems to think they are a Huffelpuff. There is something wrong.
  • There is a new coffee shop au for your ship. It is exactly like every other coffee shop au for your ship. It is exactly like every other coffee shop au for every ship. You begin to suspect there has always only ever been one coffee shop au.
  • You dare not say the true name of Binkydonk Cucumbershoots. Demon names have too much power.
  • The Supernatural fans have a gif for everything. They cannot be stopped by mortal means.
  • You begin reading a fic at four in the afternoon. When you next look up it is nearly dawn, and you don’t know what day it is.

Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, made his name voting against birth control mandates in the Hobby Lobby case

The nominee has had family connections to the GOP establishment. Before he assumed the bench as a federal judge, he also served in the Justice Department during the administration of George W. Bush, and his mother had a dubious tenure at the EPA under Reagan. Gorsuch’s views on abortion have never been made clear, but there are some major warning signs.


False Alarm

Sam was in the library, researching an old symbol that he has never laid eyes on before for Garth. He had been slaving over it all day while his brother was out on a supply run and Y/N was cleaning up and doing laundry. He really didn’t mind doing the research for Garth, but he certainly didn’t enjoy doing it on his own. 

  He ran his hand over his face in an attempt to wake himself up a little more but no avail. He needed something strong, something more effective that would give him the burst of energy he needed to push in an extra couple of hours. He knew for sure the bunker was still stocked up with coffee. The last time they ran out, both Dean and Y/N grabbed as many bags as the store would allow them to purchase and touch wood, they haven’t ran out since. 

  He got up from his chair, shutting off his laptop before heading towards the kitchen to fix himself a nice snack and a fresh cup of joe. He reached for his mug and the pot of coffee when he was instantly broken from his thoughts by a scream.

  “FUCK!” he heard. 

  He practically slammed he mug on the counter and reached to the back of his jeans for his gun before wearily making his way through the bunker halls, following in the direction of the scream. By the time he found the source of the abruption, to say he was confused was an understatement.

  “Y/N? What happened? Are you injured?” he questioned all at once. Of course she wasn’t okay. She had tears welling in her eyes and she was on the ground. 

  “No I’m not okay,” she replied angrily. “I stubbed my freakin’ toe and it hurts!”

  “You- you stubbed your toe? Really?” He said, completely taken back. He thought you had been shot or something worse. 

  “It was the baby toe. I think I broke it,” she muttered. Sam pushed the hair away from his face and looked at the girl on the ground in front of him. She looked so small in that moment. He did feel bad for her though. Stubbing your toe hurt like a bitch. But the way she carried on made him smile a little.

  “You want me to carry you?” he offered. 

  “I’m a big girl Sammy,” she stated. “But I’m going to need your help getting up… and walking.” He let out a chuckle before helping her up off the ground. 

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EXO Reaction when they find out their crush has never fallen in love before

Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“This will be hard then… if no one has gotten her heart, then I have to work harder to impress her. She won’t regret it!” *Always positive this baby*


*Can’t with it* “Really?! This makes her even more special… 100000 times cuter!” *Crush level Galaxy*


*Can’t stop thinking about it* “I wonder why she’s never been in love… maybe no one is enough… probably I’m not… She deserves the whole world…”


“I never thought I could be her first love… maybe her only love… I really like her” *Tao and his soft side :3*


*Confidence level god* “I am very lucky then… her whole heart belonging to me… just like my whole heart belongs to her”


“I hope I can make you happy… I hope you can feel one day the same way I feel for you. I won’t give up, you are important to me” *Xiu is love*


*Writes you song about first love* “Maybe… this song could be about us”


*Actually very nervous* “I hope this date goes well… what if she doesn’t like me… what if I’m not enough… I can’t lose her..”


“W-wait… she’s never been in love?! This mean she’s not in love with me yet?! I thought we had a thing…” *:(*


“I’ve never been in love either… not until I met her. Maybe… just maybe, we are meant to be…*Baby is very shy*


*Hugs her out of nowhere* “I promise I’ll be a good first love… you won’t regret it!” *Baby Unicorn I love you*


*Reading manga to get some ideas for your dates and all* “Our love should be like one of those stories she loves… perfect… I want it all to be perfect for my future princess” *material boyfriend*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]


AU: Officer Mon-El and Agent Winn Schott have been dating for a while now but have never gone on a mission together before. The two are sent by the DEO to disable a device that has the potential to kill all aliens but, distracted by the thought of their upcoming date, Winn lets his guard down. For the next week, Mon feels guilty every time he sees Winn’s black eye.

PIE’s #1 following spree!

aghhhh okay, my dash has been kind of dead lately, so i really need some blogs to follow!!! i’ve never done this type of spree before so bear with me if i’m not doing this perfectly, but yeah! basically, if you post any content (mainly art/graphics/gifs/edits) about the following, please reblog this post and tag what you post in your tags so i know what to look out for on your blog! also, if i end up not following you — don’t feel discouraged, i’m sure your blog lovely!! i’m just very picky about what kind of stuff do i want to see on my dash.

now, for the content that i’m into/am looking looking for:

-  91 days
- akagami no shirayukihime
- bungou stray dogs
- danganronpa
- drakengard 3
- erased
- final fantasy (13 and 15 in specifically)
- hakuouki
- inuyasha
- k project
- kyoukai no kanata
- nagi no asukara
- nier (1 & 2)
- noragami
- no.6
- psycho pass
- scenery (anime scenery in particular ~)
- servamp
- shingeki no kyojin
- spiritpact (soul contract)
- sports anime (haikyuu!!, free!, prince of stride, yuri on ice, etc.)
- ten count
- zetsuen no tempest

bonus points if:

- you have a tagging system (i’d say this is a must, but i’ll consider your blog even if you don’t have it!)
- you’re willing to be friends/are already following me! 

i would kindly ask my dear mutuals to reblog this to spread the word, i love you guys so!!! <3

thank you! <3

I Pick You

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,941

Warnings: Implied sex (no actual smut), a lot of fluff and kissing.

Summary: Dean has been acting weird for the past week… what is he up to?

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! Please feel free to send in any constructive criticism or pointers. None of the gifs or pictures are mine - credit goes to the owners! Let me know what you think!!!! xxx



There was nothing Dean loved more than waking up next to you.

He would almost always wake up before you, his body used to the years and years of interrupted sleep, but he would never get out of bed until you woke up.

On this particular morning, he was especially blissful. With your hand resting on his chest, he played with the new ring that was on your left hand. He couldn’t help but smile when he thought about the night before.

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Librarian - Calum Hood [FLUFF]

Not Requested

Summary~ Not sleeping for 30 hours and the stress of finals turns a stranger in the dark into a paranormal encounter.

(my gif, I actually made this one lmao)

Word Count - 826

You’ve never been one for being ahead of schedule and that certainly didn’t change when you got to college. Your Geography professor seems to have an obsession with making a students’ life a living hell, everyone else has been revising for the final for months but you, sticking to your own ways, started 3 weeks before, and now you find yourself taking advantage of the 24 hour library and sitting alone at 3am, the only light being your computer and a desk lamp. No one else uses the library this late, in fact, all the time you’ve been here you’ve never known the reason for having a 24/7 library, now you couldn’t be more thankful. Surrounding you are 5 empty coffee cups, courtesy of the over expensive coffee machine near the entrance. You’ve been doing this for over a day non-stop now and don’t intend on sleeping until tomorrow night the night before your final.

The whole time you’ve been here, as the lights have gone out and everyone has left, you’ve had your headphones secured over your ears zoned out of the world around you and zoned in on your studying. It isn’t until now that you take your headphones off for a break that you look around and see just how creepy the library is. Before you put your headphones back on you hear ruffles from the aisles of books.

“H-hello?” you call out.

There’s no response but you see a shadow from under the shelves.

“Is someone there?”

Yet again there’s no reply but a giggle that’s so high pitched it sounds like a little girl, that’s when a few books fall from the shelves and you jump.

“Seriously this isn’t funny,” you feel your heart rate rise.

More books fall and you find yourself stood up, clutching a book to your chest.

“Studying for finals is one thing but a ghost is another,” you shakily breathe.

An entire row of books then proceeds to be dramatically tipped to the floor and you shriek cowering under the table. The girlish laughter resumes but slowly fades to a more manly chuckle as you hear footsteps approaching. Filled with curiosity you take a look, only to see a tall tanned boy with tattoos poking out the sleeves of his t-shirt and glasses balanced on his nose, laughing rather loudly and clapping. 

“That wasn’t funny,” you frown, throwing your books down on the table.

“But it was,” he begins picking up the books.

“I didn’t think anyone would be here”

“So your next conclusion was ghost?” he laughs.

“Well you laugh like a girl,” you retort.

“But if I didn’t you wouldn’t have got so scared”

“Don’t you have finals to study for too?”

“No,” he answered. “I just work at the library, I couldn’t afford college”

“So you’re a librarian,” you sit back down. “That’s adorable”

“Thanks,” he sarcastically replies. “What’s your major?”

“Geography,” you tell him

“That’s cool, I’d have pegged you as an art major or something,” he finishes clearing up his mess.

You hum in annoyance trying to get back to work.

“If you need someone to help keep you awake, or quiz you I could help,” he offers. “There’s actually a map up in one of the office rooms upstairs”

You take a moment to realise he’s actually being sincere, “That’d actually be great”

“Awesome,” he beams, “Well.. follow me, or you can hold my hand,” he jokes, “I know how easily scared you are”

You playfully hit him but follow him with all your things.

“I’m Calum,” he tells you as you reach the room.

“Calum the librarian,” not got the best ring to it.

“Any normal person would have said their name,” he says.

“Any normal person would have gone to bed a long time ago”

He laughs and stands at the front pulling down a map and standing at the front. He picks up a baton and begins pointing at the map, muttering some jibberish.

“Seriously,” he says once you’ve both finished laughing at him, “What do you want me to do?”

You pass him some flash cards and allow him to start quizzing you.

He happily obliges and soon it’s 6am and you’re yawning uncontrollably though having a ball with Calum.

“I’ll go get us some coffee, then I might actually have to get going, you stay here”

He skips out but when he returns you are asleep on the desk.

You wake up a few hours later to your phone setting off an alarm next to you, only to see a note in front of you;

After looking through your books I found out your name is [Y/N], I put an alarm on your phone for you since I didn’t want to wake you, I also left my number in your phone in case you want me to buy you a coffee that you can be awake to drink, good luck with your finals,

~Calum xx


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Masterlist // Request


Ay me! for aught that I could ever read,
Could ever hear by tale or history,
The course of true love never did run smooth;
- A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 1, scene 1


It’s been too long since I’ve posted an octo update, (or any update, really), and this feisty little lady has been up to some pretty cool things!

We recently got a set of hamster tubes to use for octo enrichment, and the set had a little blue lookout tower in it. Surprising everyone, our octo turned this sweet blue green color to match it! I had seen our reef octopus before her with colors like this occasionally, but never a common octopus. We also don’t have a lot of blue in that habitat, so she had no reason to be blue until her enrichment was blue! (She tends to be more rock/sand colored)

So, long story short: our lil kraken is still amazing and surprising and the best animal ever 🐙💜