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Watching Code Lyoko is sort of surreal because of how much technology has advanced since this very technology-focused cartoon premiered in 2003.

the virtual world of Lyoko houses two artificial intelligence beings, one with fully human behaviors, and one with the capability to affect things in the real world that aren’t even mildly electronic. (episode 1, a giant teddy bear. why XANA)

Three children regularly fully digitize themselves to enter and exit Lyoko without any negative side effects to their mental or physical well being… aside from that time one of them fell into the “digital sea” and just. ceased to exist. Was there a body? nobody knows

XANA has taken control of trains, a government sattelite with a goddamn laser capable of targeting an individual person and pulverizing everything within a ten-foot radius of its target, (why does that even exist?) clouds of several different kinds of toxic gasses, a swarm of bees, the previously mentioned giant teddy bear, a living replica of one of the main characters, all with decidedly malicious intent. (plus that whole thing with William….)

But, it still seems to obey video game type logic, such as only deploying a limited number of minions, all with a clearly visible weak spot.

The heroes are always alerted of XANA’s activity, (directional vibrations on the ground in Lyoko) and always stop it, (deactivating the tower) in the same ways every time.

literal time travel, via the push of a button, voice command, automatic?? it’s really not consistent

but the gang’s computer whiz kid Jeremie’s personal setup looks like this

look at this dinosaur

and they all use freaking nokias

here we have Ulrich typing in Jeremie’s phone number, from memory, in order to alert him that an evil computer program has taken control of the electrical wiring in the school cafeteria and that they’re all trapped

There’s an episode in which nanobots cause an amnesia epidemic, (I think it’s one of my faves so far) and the next episode begins with Odd talking excitedly about downloading an MP3 file off the web

I haven’t gotten to that episode yet, but I distinctly remember Jeremie exclaiming “I just need a couple more bytes!” and Odd saving the day by closing out a game of Tetris that was running in the background

I remembered it wrong, Yumi was at the computer trying to save Jeremie after he convinced her to try and virtualize him (she messed it up because he didn’t bother to walk her through virtualizing someone step by step) and they needed “a few more bytes” of memory, so Odd plugged Ulrich’s gameboy into the system, which of course fixed the problem somehow. It was definitely Tetris though. He’d been up until 3am playing Tetris the night before. Tetris. Tetris saved Jeremie from deleting himself.

TL;DR: between the conflicting level of often nonsensical technological advancement, (how did a computer program just. make bees) occasionally awkward dubbing, (that was absolutely Ulrich’s voice coming out of Yumi’s mouth. yep. mm-hm. good) rare and often unsettling puns, and Odd’s hair, Code Lyoko is a surreal experience and I recommend it


i think we’re all tired of having our characters have the same dirty little secrets. so here are some realistic secrets you can use for your characters. i am putting an overall trigger and mature warning on this. they’re in the sections of: lighthearted, hardcore, family, involving others, criminal, embarrassing, sexual, romantic, and other..

scared your secret isn’t creative - change it up! it mentions drugs? change it to sex or alcohol. something mentions family? turn that into a romantic secret! the options are endless if you change details.

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AntiSepticEye: Explained

Alright, I’m going to sit down and clear up anything and everything I can think of about Anti right now, so I don’t end up random-spamming for no reason and hitting my post limit again. This is going to be long, but I want people to read it, so hang tight. 

What do we know about AntiSepticEye?

- He is an entity that shares a body with JackSepticEye.
- He has proclaimed his purpose is to take over Jack’s channel.
- He was named by the community, not by himself.
- He alludes to drawing power from the community noticing him.
- He has taken over Jack three times now.
- Each time has been slightly different, for different reasons.
- Each time, he has taken over something new that belongs to Jack.
- He has knowledge of, and interacts with, at least one of Jack’s other Egos. (Doctor Schneeplestein)
- Doctor Schneeplestein, and himself, have both alluded to him being an outside entity that gets inside a person’s brain to take control.
- Jack, on multiple occasions, has referred to him as a demon.
- He has explicitly stated that he has killed Jack.
- He wears different clothing than Jack; specifically dark green hair, a black tee shirt, and gauges. Occasionally has black eyes or one ‘septic’ eye (green/blue).
- Always has a slit throat.
- Prefers to speak/type in glitched Zalgo text.
- Has associated himself with childrens’ laughter.

So what does this mean? What is AntiSepticEye?

Many have speculated that Anti may in fact be a demon whose sole purpose is to kill Jack and take over his channel. But have you noticed how he acts?

- Giggles almost incessantly.
- Twitches and glitches.
- Smiles almost constantly.
- Makes broad movements, sometimes violently.
- Points a knife at the camera.
- Holds a knife to his own/Jack’s neck.
- Reaches towards the camera.
- Directs all speech towards the camera.
- Whispers in the background.

How he speaks?

- Speaks with confidence, usually in absolutes. It’s all mine. There’s nothing you can do.
- Places blame for his existence on the viewers. This is all your fault. You just watched.
- Talks almost always about Jack. You can’t save him. He’s gone forever.
- Acknowledges social media. They all follow me now.
- Talks about the others (Jack, Schneep, Chase) as if they’re less than he is, but also acknowledges that they’re precious to the audience in a way that he is not.
- Talks about how ‘weak’ Jack is, specifically his body, and how that allowed him to take over.

All of this is attention-grabbing, it’s made explicitly to get us to pay attention to him, to Anti. He does everything in teasing trails, cliffhangers, hints and messages that get everyone talking about him and he seems to love it. But when things go wrong, he gets angry. He gets upset because he’s not receiving the attention he craves.

- I’m tired of pretending.
- How many times must we… keep fooling around? Over and over, fucking circles!
- I’m. In. CONTROL. This is MY world.
- Has become upset enough to actually swear.
- Shows extreme distaste for the mocking name of “Glitch Bitch”.
- Lashes out some with his knife.
- Talks much more grandiose than usual, especially about himself.
- Stresses that he cannot be gotten rid of.
- Thumps his chest, gets closer to the camera to stress that he is the center of attention.
- Sarcastically uses the words ‘favorite boy’ in reference to his next victim, who is slightly unclear at the moment - likely Jack or Chase.

He hates that he has to pretend to be Jack for so long in order to wind up the perfect amount of tension to get everyone involved. He hates that he had to ‘go in circles’, that he had to wind down so that he could explode again. He hates that if he stays, the hype will eventually die. He absolutely hates that people are rooting against him, with their #septicsave tag and theories of how to destroy or get rid of him. He hates that the attention may be on him, but more of it is on his victims. He hates what his hype has become. That’s why he’s upset.

So did Anti kill Jack?

Jack himself said after Say Goodbye that no, Anti did not kill him. This, according to Anti, was him pretending. So you can see why people would be skeptical of the vlog after Kill JackSepticEye stating almost the exact same thing. Anti didn’t kill me.

The thing is, this is a vlog - there is no intro of ‘Top o’ the mornin to ya laddies, my name is JackSepticEye.’ This isn’t Jack. This is Sean. Yes, there is a difference between Sean and Jack, if you think about it he’s ‘in character’ for almost all of his videos. Same for Markiplier, for PewDiePie, for any other gamer that goes by a pseudonym or nickname. They don’t always act the way they do on camera in real life, because they’re playing a character and they’ve become comfortable in that. 

So from this, we can infer that it could technically be possible for Anti to kill Jack. Because Jack is another persona of Sean’s. But did he kill Jack? Well, Schneep stated that he has almost lost Jack once before, and had to save him. We can infer that this incident took place during Say Goodbye, where Anti first took over, and Schneep must have saved Jack just after. In Kill JackSepticEye, though, it’s implied that not only did Anti kill Jack, but he also killed Schneep. We’ve seen, though, that Anti seems to be able to function perfectly well with Jack simply incapacitated. After all, if he hadn’t been killed during Say Goodbye, then what says he was actually killed during Kill JackSepticEye? Again, what Anti does is all for attention. If he really kills Jack, then he can’t ‘kill’ him again at a later date for more hype. Then again, with his frustration, he may have been forced to take drastic measures.

As far as we know, this is a ‘Schneeplestein’s Jack’ equation - Jack is either alive or dead, and we won’t know until Sean or Anti opens the box on us, revealing everything.

You didn’t answer my question. What is AntiSepticEye?

I know, you needed that information first.

It’s implied that Anti is a demon, yes, but what kind of demon? Some have speculated that he’s a Bill Cipher sort of demon, able to make ‘deal with the devil’ sort of trades, and that’s how he killed Chase. We have no evidence for this, but it’s a nice theory if you like angst. Another thought is that he’s not a demon at all but some sort of sentient virus that takes over a brain via the blood and corrupts it. Working off of the virus theory is that he’s able to take over electronics instead, although it doesn’t explain why he’s able to take over Jack’s body. These are all good theories, and mine is just one of them, but I think it has enough merit to warrant a read:

AntiSepticEye is part of Jack. Part of Sean, and his collective of Egos. He always has been. This would make it impossible for him to actually kill Jack without killing a part of himself, thus making his own form weaker. Why does Anti want to kill Jack? Because he wants to take over his channel. Why does he want to take over the channel? Because he wants attention.

But why does he want attention in the first place?

This is something I’m not sure anyone has actually covered, at least not that I’ve seen. Anti’s been constantly referred to as a demon, but if he’s part of Jack, then what does that mean? He’s one of Jack’s demons. His internal ones. In my mind, he’s less of an Ego like Markiplier’s, and more of a Side like Thomas Sanders’. He’s the embodiment of Jack’s greediness, his want for more attention and more views. It’s something that definitely helps him, likely motivates him to make sure he gets videos out and stays on schedule, but when left unchecked it does things like make hype over sudden, unexpected merch.

The thing is, Anti feels frustrated. He feels ignored because he tried so hard to make this happen, to build up to his grand finale of actually killing JackSepticEye, and the community ruined it for him by defending Jack, and Chase, and Schneep, and even the Egos he hadn’t even targeted. They made him upset by using the #septicsave tag, which by a large majority was used to separate him from the rest of the egos– from the rest of himself. It was used to make him seem like an outsider, something other, something evil. They wanted to save the others from him, but they stopped caring about Anti himself.

The first time he surged, everyone was focused entirely on him. They drew fanart, made theories, but it was all about him and that’s what he wanted. He wanted to feel heard and feel like he existed because before then he’d never been noticed. Jack had never put him out there to be noticed. He loved it so much he appeared not too soon after, introducing Jack at PAX East. The results were still positive, but not so much so, and he decided he needed to step up his game and go into hiding for a whole lot longer than that.

But when he started back up again, the short burst of hype was filled with people saying things like, ‘he’d better not come back again’ and ‘I hate this’ and ‘just get it over with’. Like people didn’t want him to show up again. Like they didn’t appreciate him. And that’s probably what upset him the most, the fact that we didn’t seem to want him around anymore. The effect was multiplied when people started making assumptions about Chase, bringing him into the equation and shoving Anti further into the ‘bad guy’ role without him doing anything. That’s not what he wanted, he wanted the attention to be on him, not his supposed victims. And because he felt ignored, felt pushed aside and dismissed in favor of the more ‘important’ sides of Jack, he got mad.

In almost all of the pictures Anti posted, even where he’s smiling, he looks pissed. His expression is tight, less of a smile and more of a grimace or snarl. He’s not smiling at all in the other two, glaring into the camera. We made him angry, we didn’t give him the attention he wanted, and so he had no choice but to yell and scream at us, to make us listen. But we didn’t listen, we just yelled back and begged him to ‘post the next video and get it over with’. Not because we wanted to see him again, but because we wanted him to be done and go.

So he did. He never posted the next video. He went back to his Jack facade (or possibly let Jack go) and left us alone, because that’s the only way he’s going to get attention. And he hates it. He hates being excluded like this.

So what do we do about it?

I propose that the next time Anti shows up, if he shows up again, we give an overwhelmingly positive response. Anti is a little messed up in the head, he may be psychopathic or sociopathic to some extent, but that doesn’t mean he’s not looking for our attention, our approval. He’s always watching us, watching us watch him, looking at our reaction to see if he’s doing it right, if he’s doing what we want him to do.

If we give him loving responses, tell him how happy we are to see him again and draw fanart of just him, put the spotlight back on him, maybe he won’t be so upset. Maybe that’s how we apologize for hurting his feelings. For making him mad. We give him what he wants, and maybe he’ll see he’s just as important to us as the other parts of Jack are, and that he doesn’t need to threaten them get our attention. He doesn’t want to be Jack, he doesn’t want to kill Jack. He wants us to love him just like we love Jack. He wants the attention, the love and support Jack has, that Chase and Schneep and Jackieboy Man and Marvin the Magician and even SepticEye Sam have. He’s always treated as a demon or a monster, or some outside virus.

But he’s not. He’s part of Jack. And I think we need to show him that we understand that.

We love you, Anti. Please come back. <3

tl;dr - Anti is a part of Jack, and we need to love and respect him.

My Anchor

Reader x Derek Hale



imagine: You are both Derek’s girlfriend and his anchor, so, one day, when you help Isaac control his change, Hale gets jealous of you, because he is not willing to share. 

warnings: minor swearing, make-out session, fluff

word count: 847 

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Death to “Momtaku” :)

This blog is going on a more permanent hiatus than I originally intended. Maybe forever, maybe not, but certainly for now. Before anyone starts to worry, let me assure you that I’m fine. Better than fine actually. For the first time in a long while I feel powerful again. 

In recent month, this blog has increasingly become the target of attacks. Blocking is pointless when people can change IPs. Turning off asks is pointless when the hate is instead sent to my friends. It’s gotten out of control and I’m tired of it. I feel like “momtaku” has become something beyond me. It’s a name that is being held to a standard that is not attainable. 

So me, the very real person behind this blog, has had enough of the constant scrutiny, the hate mail and the policing of my likes. By stopping this blog, I’m taking control of my online experience again. I’m not “letting the hate win”. I see this as a victory for me because I can start over and reshape my fandom experience.  So death to “momtaku”, which is fine because I wasn’t crazy about her anyway. 

To the 90% of you who visit this blog and are normal people, thank you! Thank you for all the kind asks, the interesting discussion, and generally for being great people. I still love snk, I still love this fandom, and I’ll still be around but with a less known persona. 

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Anti and Chase

Something’s been bugging me ever since the end of the Antipocylpse. According to Anti, he’s been in control ever since “Say Goodbye”, but his motives are still vaguely unclear. so here’s what we KNOW:

- Anti has had control over Jack and the channel for months before he revealed himself in “Kill jacksepticeye”

- Anti has a pattern: He pops up in Jack’s social media days before his appearances in videos, he then mocks us until he’s gotten enough attention to fully form in a video longer than a few seconds.

- He wants control for himself. He doesn’t think very highly of the other egos (i.e “that doctor thought he could save him. but he was mine.)


If what we know about Anti is true and he doesn’t want anyone in his way: why did Chase begin to exist during Anti’s reign of control.

Hear me out here. Anti wants control, and he’s willing to kill in order to get it. We know that for a fact. He’s tried to kill Jack and we can only assume Henrik is a goner by now, so why create more competition than necessary?

Just after “Kill Jacksepticeye” i went back through Jack’s channel archive to “Say Goodbye” and listed every video game and challenge Anti claimed to be in control for. Know what i found? The only Ego-related video after “Say goodbye” until Anti started popping up again was the only video we’ve seen our beloved Chase Brody in.

So why the fuck would Anti make it harder on himself by letting Jack create Chase if Anti was the one in control? Wanna know my guess?

Jack never created Chase. Anti did.

I know, i know: “then why would he mock Chase if he made him?” you ask. To that i say: He didn’t. Never, not once, did Anti mention Chase by name. he simply said “your favorite boy”. That could be anyone. Secondly, The only Ego to outright mention Chase wasn’t Anti. It was Henrik von Shneeplestien. speaking of which, Who are the two people Henrik claims to have saved? Jack and Chase. But that’s not true; Shneeple never saved Chase. Why? Because Chase never needed saving. At the very end of Chase’s video, His eyes open, complexly fine with no trace of bandeges or blood and he gives this sort of… unsettling smile, only it wasn’t really a smile. It looked more like a grin of mischif. After looking at a few edits of a “corrupt” Chase, i realized why those edits made sense and transitioned smoothly: It was never Chase. Just like how Jack was never Jack during that time period. It was ANTI.

Again, i hear your complaints: “why would he do that?” “That doesn’t make sense, how could Anti create Chase?” and i agree. How could he? Well, remember those strange glitches in “Kill Jacksepticeye” where it looked like someone was behind Anti and that moment when it looked like a glitched Chase over Anti (the “your favorite boy” moment). I think they’re one and the same; even if they don’t realize it. Just like how no one noticed Anti’s control until it was too late.

Secondly, on the topic of fighting for control: I think Chase was a ploy to help sustian his control. By introducing a “new” ego, Anti gained a new wave of attention, only in a different light. I think this gave Anti the fuel he needed to keep control until he needed to start his pattern over again.



-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List F Edition

Ferrokinesis - Control Metal

  • The only reason my car’s still running in this wasteland is because if it breaks, I don’t have to go hunting down parts to fix it.
  • The only reason I’m able to 3-D print in metal without a smelter is because I can just make it go from solid to liquid and back in a second.
  • I may not be able to walk by myself, but this metal suit I made and can control allows me to live a normal life, as normal as wearing a suit of armor every day can be.

Ferrikinesis - Control Iron

  • “Your iron recreations of the blood vessels and organs is wonderful, yes, but how did you make it?”
  • It’s fun you brought guns. Shame you forgot I could take them apart.
  • But didn’t you take in your surroundings? This whole place is made of iron! Let’s see how well you fight against it.

Figurakinesis - Control Shape

  • No no no, haven’t you taken a studio art class? Shape is 2D! I can’t make something 3D.
  • It may not be impressive, but my papercraft/origami creations are really good.
  • I can just render your bullets useless by making them into the shape of cups. Cups don’t fly very fast.

Filukinesis - Control Thread

  • I can finally make the clothes I want. All I need is the right kind of thread.
  • There’s no way I’d be able to do my hair this fast without my powers.
  • I’ve had it with people. Break me out of this cocoon in a decade. 

Florakinesis - Control Flowers

  • No no no, I only deal in angiosperms. Can’t help you with the attacking fir tree.
  • My life out here in the woods is anything but dark and dreary. Every inch is packed with beautiful flowering plants.
  • Having cats has made having all these plants so much more fun. Plus, some of the plants retract into the dirt when the cat wants to play with them. Can’t have them eating lilies.

Flyrokinesis - Control Force Fields

  • I’m terrified of anything bad happening to my house, so I put a force field around it.
  • I’ve gotten pretty good with making quick force fields. Last week I dropped a sandwich and caught it before it hit the floor.
  • I made force field armor for you. No it doesn’t weigh anything, just put it on!

Fragokinesis - Control Explosions

  • One more crack like that and I’ll start exploding the bones in your feet one by one.
  • I think the only good, non-lethal use for my powers was attaching dye packs to all my stuff that I can explode into a bright indicator of who’s got my phone.
  • When I said I was going out with a bang, I meant it.

Frigokinesis - Control Snow

  • I keep all my enemies frozen and on display in my home as a testament to my triumph. 
  • My ice sculptures are the best in the world. I just won’t show you how I make them.
  • To get to me, you’ll have to trek through a mile of white-out conditions.

Fungokinesis - Control Fungi

  • Sometimes, all that’s needed to stop the heroes is athlete’s foot.
  • I make a killing off of my beer distillery.
  • Please, like poison could affect me.
Jasper Hale Kinks


Most would believe Jasper to be quite vanilla. But in reality, he would be a kinky little shit.

  • He would never get rough, he’s always too afraid of hurting you (Even if you’re a vampire). But that doesn’t mean he’s boring in the sheets.
  • Teasing, Jazz loves to slowly tease you, touching you in all the right ways to make you squirm under his fingers. 

  • Jasper loves when you ask for permission to cum or even begging him to kiss you or go faster. It’s music to his ears.
  • Top/Being in charge, he has an obsession with being in charge during sex. So basically he hates the idea of you riding him because it takes his sense of control away, he always has to be on top. 

  • Jazz gets a little kinkier depending on how far you’ve gotten in your (sexual) relationship. Sensory deprivation is his go to kink. Tying a blindfold around your eyes, so you can’t see where he is, he sometimes even goes as far as to blast music through headphones/earbuds, so you can’t hear him either. 

  • Lastly, I believe Jasper would be into spanking, nothing hard enough to leave a mark, but enough to have you begging him for more, enough that if you’re having angry sex, his Major side comes out, and takes control.

Darker Hero Prompts

Anonymous said: Oh damn! More possessive!hero prompts plzzzz!

Anonymous said:Oooooooh! I like the role reversals where the villain is the hero’s prisoner! More prompts like that please!

Anonymous said:Some prompts about how a hero has gotten so out of control that they have to be stopped by the villain? Thank you very much!!

Anonymous said:You did a prompt a little while ago about the hero with unstable powers and how the villain found out about them; do you think you could maybe do a couple prompts about the villain either exploiting this weakness or helping them with it? Thank you for your time!

1) “Leave them,” the hero said. “I have to do this on my own.”
Most would find that noble, self-sacrificing, but from their panting vantage point the villain could see the shine of fervour, of obsession, lasered in the hero’s eyes that so mirrored their own. It would have been insulting if anyone else got involved. Not part of the game. They’d been chasing each other for so long now, playing cat and cat. This wasn’t about heroism. The only difference between hero and villain was who got to tell the story.

2) It was a sort of agony, waiting for the two of them to be left alone. The villain wasn’t quite sure when exactly they started reading ‘alone’ with the hero as a dangerous situation - once upon a time they’d laughed at the thought of the hero even being considered a threat. But they were dangerous. Their forgiveness, their salvation, was dangerous. Suffocating. There was no way to fight against mercy, to snarl against kindness, when the weight of gratitude bowed the villain’s head as heavy a ball and chain around their neck. When they knew damn well that the hero was the only thing standing between them and the retribution of a lot of furious people. The worst part? The hero knew it too. And alone, just the two of them, there was no crowd to hide in bluffing and pretending otherwise. And staying alive meant playing nice.

3) Everyone watched the hero in horror as their powers spiralled, wrenched howling out of the chest. 
The villain lunged. 
They toppled, skidded, scrabbling. Nothing dignified to it. 
“Now, now. Stop trying to take my job - take a few deep breaths.” 

4) “You have to stop me,” the hero begged. The power lurched violently out of their hands. Their shoulders shook. The magic ate at them, nibbled on them, slashed into the walls. 
The villain watched the destruction, the devastation, with a hungry and unconcealed delight. “Is this you admitting I’m the only person in the world who could get you on a leash?” They ducked the next swing of power, laughing. Really quite enamored with this savage, magnificent, thing. So sue them, they had always had a weakness for power, and the hero liked to play the role of sheep so very well normally. The villain wet their lips and moved closer, lashing out with their own equal and matching power. Much more controlled, though. Not being scared of one’s own darkness did tend to lend a certain control that frightened light didn’t. 
“This is me saying you’re going down with me if we don’t get this under control!” the hero snapped. 
But the villain heard the ‘please’ in their tone quite beautifully.

5) “Come at me.” 
The hero gaped.
The villain raised their brows and made a beckoning gesture. “Come on, you need to let some of that tension out. A way of venting. It’s why your power keeps exploding, you spend too much time trying to control it. Let go. I can handle you, trust me.”
“Trust you? I’m not that stupid.” 
“You’d rather lash out at your friends?” 
The hero faltered, and then pounced. 

6) “You can’t just keep me!”
“Why not?” the hero leaned in, and flashed a smile. “You’re the one that kept telling me to be more like you, baby.” 
The villain fumed, cheeks flushed.

7) “You’re up to something.”
“Are you jealous that I’m spending time with someone other than you?” The villain flashed a smirk. Expected to watch their enemy fluster, squirm, unable to bear any such insinuation. They didn’t expect to watch their eyes darken as the hero took several steps closer, tossing a smirk right back. 
“And what if I was jealous?” the hero asked softly. “What then?”
The villain froze. They didn’t have a plan of attack prepared for this. 

8) “I created you,” the hero murmured. They looked truly sorry about that, agonized, but there was a hint of steel. “I reckon I can uncreate you too.” 
“No one’s going to let you just - just -”
“You’re a criminal. A monster. I could break you into a million pieces and put you back together again and they would call it rehabilitation. Reformation. A success.”
The villain swallowed. Bit back the ‘will you?’ as if voicing the mere thought might give it power. “You won’t do that,” they tried for bravado. “That would make you too much like me.”
They stared at each other, each trying to puzzle where the lines were in this new world. 

Blue's star

I need lance humming his favorite songs to blue. I want blue to start humming along too.

Like Lance humming some lady Gaga while painting blues nails and blue trying her best to the parts she remembers the most.

Little kid songs to top ten on the radio. Every song that lance has gotten stuck in his head blue has memorized it.

Blue starts to hum to lance when he’s feeling bad, or just try to fall asleep. This is just one of the reasons their bond is just so strong.

Before the lion switching happens or some time where voltron can’t be formed, they’re in battle. lance rushes to block a shot from hitting hunk.

Blue spin out of control and lance flys out of his seat. He’s badly injured. The other can’t get to him. His head is banged up, his shoulder hurts, and his legs bent the wrong way.

As he’s slipping out of consciousness, blue starts humming twinkle twinkle little star. Because lance is the biggest star in her universe.

I always thought I was weak for complaining that my PMS was unbearable because I was always told that “everyone else deals with it; suck it up.” Before my period, I always get angry, I’m super irritable, I can’t concentrate, I feel out of control, I can’t make decisions easily, my anxiety shoots up, I get tense and uncomfortable a lot, I become super bloated, I have mood swings, and various other symptoms. I end up staying home from school because it gets so bad. I cry, I have panic attacks, and I can’t function as a person.

After lots of research and going to the doctor, I’ve finally found out that I’m not “weak;” I have PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder). My hormones have become so imbalanced, specifically during/after ovulation, that for 1-2 out of 4 weeks I have to deal with these symptoms. Once my period starts, they go away. But they always come back when ovulation starts, and every period it has gotten worse.

So, I’ve been prescribed birth control to regulate my hormones. I’m 3 days in and I’ve already improved so much. I’m nearing the ovulatuion stage and I feel so much happier than I have the past 3 years while and after ovulating.

I’m so much happier. I haven’t felt like myself for such a long time, and now I do. Birth control can be a life saver, guys.

MyValentine interview

Quick points - will update! 

  • Louis got a mimosa at the beginning apparently. 
  • DJ makes it a point to say how he really likes 1D and he likes Louis n particular, because of how he walked in - shaking everyone’s hand and greeting/introducing himself to everyone in the room. 
  • Steve song helped with entry back into music. 
  • Feels like I’m starting again. Steve amazing professional, person, helped confidence. 
  • Bebe a bit more urban, Steve a bit more dance. But yes, first solo project. 
  • DJ asks Who do you call up to test your music? Simon Cowell? Harry? Zayn? Louis: Trying to write stuff that’s conversational. Don’t play it to too many people, yes you’ll get label and management opinion. He gets his opinion from his friends, his sisters and his sisters’ friends.
  • DJ agrees. It’s about songs of people’s lives. Not about what the guy in the suit in the label’s office thinks works best (then apologizes to label/management people).
  • Don’t over-complicate it. Don’t look for specific melody hook, just listen to it as hopefully the people you’re selling it to. Important to keep that perspective, otherwise you gets lost in the science of music. 
  • Difficult for artists to grasp, hard balance to find. I grew up listening to more alternative bands like A.M. so gotta make a decision what you like and what fans like and meet in the middle. 
  • About Niall’s tweet to Greggs. Louis got a gold card for Greggs. So didn’t respond cause he felt embarrassed about his gold card.
  • Asked him about “Cheeky Nando’s” meaning: just one of those over-used phrases. Explained that Nando’s is a foodchain. 
  • Asked him “Where are you from?” “North of England, got a funny accent, innit?”
  • Do you still live there full time? He’s quiet, then sounds slightly doubtful/uncomfortable saying “I live in LA more right now… bc of baby son, Freddie.” Ask him how old he is, 1,5? Louis seems a bit uncomfortable, gives a belated, short ‘yes’. Other guy has a baby girl of 13 months, he sounds decidedly more enthusiastic about that.
  • Digital Farm Animals? Who? Louis tries to explain they’re the producer, DJ asks if he’s supposed to say that, because he hasn’t in the past. Then repeats, but calls them ‘American Farm Animals’ :’)
  • Will One Direction come back? Yes, impossible to predict when, but for sure will happen. 

  • DJs point out that everyone’s done so well, all gotten a #1! Surprised at the fact they’re all so young. “You’re 25, right?” ‘Yes, and I’m the oldest!’ “You’re the oldest?! I didn’t know that!”

  • Favourite song for 1D he wrote: No Control bc fans got behind it. Another song that was really personal, Love You Goodbye. 

  • DJ adds that her favourite is Fireproof. Louis agrees, loved it in terms of band sound development.

  • Hands instead of feet, or feet instead of hands? Feet instead of hands. 

  • Hairstyle of nan or first name of nan? Hairstyle.

  • Poop knowing you’ll clog the only toilet at a house party or in bushes? Poop to clog the toilet at a party. 

  • (DJ says it’s a bad question, and wishes he’d seen the questions beforehand) 

  • an Olympic Medal or Academy Award? Olympic Medal. Football probably. 

  • Would you rather of BSB or NSYNC? Ooh, tough question. NSYNC. 
Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero headcanons

For some reason I’ve always been under the impression that these three are Best Buds and so Ive been thinkin bout the three of em hanging out so heres some headcanons

  • They’re all so so fucking loud together
    • Kaminari and Kirishima are always loud ofc and Sero’s on the quieter side but all together it’s a constant party
    • There’s always laughter, friendly arguments, and yelling when they’re together
      • The rare times that all three are quiet, huddled around each other, that’s when people should be concerned
  • Kaminari is on a first name base with both of them
    • He calls sero ‘hanta’ after a week of knowing him, kirishima was ‘eijirou’ in two days
      • ‘Hancchan’ and ‘eicchan’ are for when he’s sucking up
  • “Hey so like, if you can expel electricity, can you take it in without it killing you, too?” “Holy fuck Hanta. Lets go find out.”
    • Sero has a tendency to wonder things aloud, giving Kaminari stupid ideas that he also acts on impulsively.
    • Kirishima’s like their impulse control and the only reason many of their pranks or ‘experiments’ with kaminari’s powers hasn’t gotten them kicked out yet
      • But…. sometimes kirishima gives in
      • “I’m not saying that we should sneak out of UA at midnight, because we shouldnt, but google maps is tellin me that there’s an arcade a few blocks down and if we’re going anywhere its there.”
  • Even though there’s a groupchat with the whole 1-a class, which is practically canon lbr, the three of them have their own group chat where they either shit talk each other or share memes til 4am
    • It was titled ‘the gay and wondrous life of kirishima eijirou’ at first but it changes like every two hours
      • When the chat name was ‘blasty mcsplode’s groupies’ theyd instantly start giggling and texting each other whenever he walked in the room
      • That lasted a few days until bakugou nearly blew up a desk
  • “Hey, kirishima, do you think your hardening quirk would block out kaminari’s electricity?” “Sero, no– wait, wait Kaminari stop no–”
  • Sero’s the one that comes up with all their hang outs, like the time they borrowed Deku’s and ‘borrowed’ bakugou’s blankets to build a fort in kirishima’s room, or when they stayed up til midnight playing karaoke with jirou in her room (and got in major shit for it)
    • But usually he’s the one that kinda hangs back and chills out while everyone else has fun, which he’s totally fine with
      • He much prefers just sitting around, saying next to nothing as they’re all lying around, leaning on each other and watching a movie
  • “Sorry kaminari I have my own homework to work on so I cant really help you right now. We can study together?” “Kirishima this is biphobia”
  • Kirishima’s trans and gay, Kaminari’s bi, and Sero is in a perpetual state of identity confusion
      • If you ask him his orientation or his gender he just kinda shrugs and makes an ‘ i dunno’ sound
  • Kaminari is hugely into using usually romantic nicknames for his platonic friends
    • ‘Babe’ is thrown around the most. Also ‘hot stuff’
      • It’s probably because he values them as friends first but if either sero or kirishima asked him out he’d be down
  • Kirishima once accidentally got hurt and had to be taken to Recovery Girl when sparring with tetsutetsu
    • Sero was unbelievably pissed
      • He had a ‘talk’ with tetsutetsu and now he always makes sure they have a firstaid kit on hand
BTS Reaction to you sleeping over for the first time

Request:“Hia! I’d like to see a reaction-imagine of what would the boys do if they wanted to talk their friend&crush into sleeping at their place for the first time and how would that go (assuming the friend&crush also secretly likes them back).”

Rap Monster: You had agreed to go over to his place for a sleep over. After the constant begging that you’d stay with him while your house was under construction. You were nervous but you two have been friends for a while and considered it to be a harmless, sweet gesture. You’d show up and he’d have blankets spread out across the floor, moving the coffee table out of the way so there was enough room for both of you to lay. He had picked out your favorite movie so you could watch it together. You’d lay next to him, just enjoying the company of Namjoon next to you. In that instant, he pulled you close to him, wrapping his arms around your waist. You heart began to race and you were almost too nervous to look at him. He lifted your chin and placed a small is on your nose. He’d smile down at you and rub your chin with his hair thumb.
“I know you like me the way i like you, y/n.”

Suga: Suga had been bragging about how he has gotten the Final Fantasy game and was rubbing it in your face that he had gotten it before you. He invited you over for a game night that turned into convincing you to just sleep over so you wouldn’t have to drive home so early in the morning. You had started playing the game together, him giving you full control to play since he knew how much you loved this game. You realized soon enough that Yoongi wasn’t watching the game anymore, he was watching you. Once you noticed, he paused the game and took the controller out of you hand. He made it so that he was hover over you and you were staring up into his eyes. He turned his hat backwards and leaned down almost inches from your face. He smiled and dipped his head into your neck, leaving small kisses. He then lifted his head to your ear his growled “I’ve waited long enough for you.” Your heart raced. You had been waiting for this moment. “you’re mine now, y/n”

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Jin: Jin had invited you tall a small party at his place Friday night. You had agreed to attend but when you got there, Jin was the only one sitting on the couch. You asked him where everyone else was and he just shrugged and stared blankly at the TV. You texted the other boys and said they were all busy and couldn’t make it so it looks like you and Jin were going to be alone. You went over and sat down by Jin, placing a hand on his leg. You felt horrible for him that no one showed up to his party. Jin looked at you and smiled sweetly. “Thank you for being there for me.” And in that moment, there was a spark between you and Jin that drew both of you together. He hesitated before he leaned in and kissed you. “You’re all I really need.” 

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J-Hope: J-Hope had convinced you to come over to his place for a surprise. You so confused as to why we was so egar for you to come over tonight. You had been there over a hundred times. He was you best friend, after all. You were thinking it was going to be something compeltly random with no meaning at all. He tends to do that a lot, get you excited then have it be something as small as him getting new shoes. You went over to find him in his room, rose petals everywhere. “Hobi, I’m…” You’d whisper. He stop you and move your hair from your face. “I know we’re best friends and all but.. I kind of like you more than a friend.” You were so happy to know that he liked you the way you liked him. You couldn’t take it anymore. You jumped right onto him, crashing to the bed behind him. “Well then, lets get started.” 

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Taehyung: You knew Tae liked you. He wasn’t shy about it at all. In fact, he wanted to whole world to know it. He would tweet about how you were so pretty, text you almost everyday. He had asked you to stay the night at his house so that you two could wake up early and make it to the airport in time to meet the other boys so they wouldn’t have to stop and pick you up. You were nervous because you two were just friends but Tae did have a huge crush on you. He knew his boundaries though so you trusted him. You showed up and found Tae already asleep on the couch. You tried to wake him up but when that happened, he pulled you down on top of him. “Will you be my girlfriend now?” You couldn’t resist this time. His sleepy voice made your heart drop. “I’ll take that as a yes.” 

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Jimin: Jimin had asked you to come over to his house to help repaint his kitchen. You had agreed because not only was Jimin your friend, but you’ve had a huge crush on him ever since you guys first met. When you showed up, Jimin was so happy to see you. He pulled you into a hug and then showed you to the kitchen. When you entered, the kitchen was fine. Instead there was a candle lit dinner and a bouquet of flowers. You turned around and saw Jimin standing there, rubbing the back of his neck. “I.. I didn’t know how else to tell you.”  You ended up staying the night and well.. We all know what happens. 

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Jungkook: Jungkook wanted to have you over to study for a big exam you two had the next day. Him living in the dorms, he had his own room so it didn’t really matter if the other boys knew you were there or not. You showed up, and Jungkook took you right to his room. You two tried to study but it was hard to stay focused. He would throw small pieces of cereal at you, getting them stuck in your hair. You would try and throw them back but would miss. You ended up dropping your pencil and as you both went down to reach and ended up coming face to face with each other. He smiled and you both didn’t pull away. He scooted closer, placing his hands on your waist. “Why don’t you just spend the night? More time for.. Studying.” You smiled and agreed to spend the night with Jungkook. 

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Imagine Dean taking care of you when you can’t.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, sickness, language

Word Count: 2.5k

A/N: I haven’t written straight up Dean fluff in quite some time. So, I decided that today’s venture would be that. I know a lot of sickness is floating around, and I figured we could all use some Dean comfort. I have never written a Dean fic like this. It’s always Jensen. This wasn’t in ANY of my plans for my first Dean fic of the year, but it’s what happened. Sorry not Sorry. Also, credit for the title goes to @torn-and-frayed. Sickie poo little thing needs some Dean comfort cuddles. This is the best I could do.

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Anonymous said: Hi i hope you feel better soon! Also, I was wondering if you do a group fic? Like maybe some of the 13rw characters playing together? the jocks, tony, clay, hannah, jeff, jessica, alex and reader playing truth or dare or spin the bottle and just pure shenanigans. It’s completely up to you. :)

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“What the hell was Hannah thinking?” You mumble, clinging onto Tony’s arm tighter as the both of you walk up the sidewalk of Jessica Davis’ home. “I can’t walk in heels!”

“A.) They’re chunky heels, so I have no idea why you’re acting like a newborn giraffe and B.) I told you to change into the sneakers I had in my car.”

“Eat me, Padilla.”

Tony laughs out loud, stopping before the front door and looking at you in amusement. “Barking up the wrong tree here, Y/L/N.”

Glad to not have to concentrate on walking, you grin at Tony and set your chin on his shoulder. “Which is why I absolutely adore telling you these things,” you coo. “You know I only say them all in good fun.”

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I Know All Your Secrets


When everyone came close to finding out about Annabeth and Percy because of his stupid mistake. 

Annabeth felt like she was in heaven. She was covered in bubbles and the lukewarm water was so soothing that one by one her muscles were relaxing. This must be heaven, Annabeth thought while sipping the cheap champagne and leaning against the cold porcelain bathtub, inhaling the mind-numbing pleasant scent of the bathing salts. Her eyes were closed but they snapped open when she heard her host’s infectious laugh. Oops, completely forgot my company.

Percy seemed like he was enjoying the view. He was covered in bubbles up to his chest and while it would normally amuse Annabeth to watch a man so nervous in normal atmosphere to be so  completely at ease in presence of another stark naked, her mind was just aware of the fact that he was stark naked. Percy noticed her stare and smiling boyishly, held up his glass. Annabeth followed suit and clinked her glass against his before taking a sip and looking around to admire the view- candles lit and a few roses lying beside the small bathtub.

“You have done well Jackson. I must say I am impressed.”

Percy raised his eyebrow and smirked. “The best for the best”

Annabeth blushed slightly at his praise but quickly recovered. “You look cute in bubbles.”

Percy smiled. “Ehh, you’re just liquored up.”

He leans forward and Annabeth follows. They were a few centimeters away from sharing a kiss when a knock interrupted them.

Leo, Annabeth thought begrudgingly I’m going to kill him.

“Hey, it’s me! I’m coming in!” Leo’s voice followed his knocking. Percy’s eyes were widened and she knew what he was thinking. They can’t find out like this.

Annabeth takes a deep breath and dives just as Leo opens the door. She could no longer see them but judging by the silence, she’d say that Leo is stunned.

Leo had always been the most hyperactive person she had ever met. While at times it serveed as a source of entertainment, moments like these when the only thing she wanted was Percy, Leo was nothing but an annoyance.

“I’ve had a very long, hard day.” Percy’s tremulous voice rang out in the silence and as an explanation as to why he had so many candles lit up and he was in the middle of a romantic atmosphere completely alone. Thank god Leo was as naïve as any person can be.

After two beats of pause, Leo drawled out “Ahh, I’m gonna go get some chicken. Want some?”

Chicken.  Sounds tasty, Annabeth thought.

Percy replied “Ahh, no thanks. No chicken, bye-bye then.” She tried to listen to the closing the door but after a few seconds she heard Leo asking genuinely “You sure? Some extra crispy? Dirty rice? Beans?”

She had to stifle her laughter as she heard Percy shout at Leo to leave. Getting the sign that he had departed, Annabeth came up for air.

Percy immediately looked at her apologetically and asked in a voice laced with concern,” Are you okay? I’m so sorry, he wouldn’t leave. He kept asking me about chicken.”

Annabeth’s stomach grumbled at the word chicken. She looked at him “Chicken? I could eat some chicken.”

Percy looked at her for a moment and nodded. He then raised his voice and called out for Leo. Knowing what to do, Annabeth dove underwater for the second time. Leo entered the bathroom and Percy listed” Yeah, can I get a 3-piece, some cole slaw, some beans, and a Coke-“

Before even finishing the sentence, Annabeth grabbed his leg and dug her fingernails in his flesh.

Diet Coke, you Seaweed Brain Annabeth thought.

Percy yelped in pain and called out “-Diet Coke?”

She heard the door closing and came up for air. Taking in deep breaths, she turned towards Percy and glared. “Never forget my orders”.

“Yes, ma’am.”


Annabeth was trying to understand her brother’s antics. Jason, her dear beloved brother, was panicking again. Well of course he should.

Jason had gotten married to his 72 day long girlfriend, Khione out in London, a long way from New York. As if he wasn’t stupid enough, while saying his vows, he accidently called her Piper(his ex and Annabeth’s best friend.) And as if he hadn’t screwed up enough, while waiting for his wife in the airport so that they could travel to Greece, he met with Piper and offered Khione’s ticket to which she agreed. Plot twist: Khione showed up and upon seeing her husband getting on their fight with the girl he mistook her with, she fled. Jason did what he was expected to do. He went after Khione and in doing so, he lost sight of her and found out the flight had taken off with Piper as a passenger. Complicated. Yes.

How could he possibly confuse his wife and his ex-lover-cum-friend was baffling to her. Then again Jason was the extraordinary child.

She glanced across the table to see Percy (in his navy blue suit that always sent a shiver down her spine) questioning his dear old friend about his inability to outrun Khione (“I can’t believe she can outrun you man!” “SHE’S FAST, OKAY?!!”)

Suddenly the door opened and entering with a suitcase and her natural glow was none other than Piper Mclean. Greece had suited her. She was wearing a simple chiton and her lush brown hair was done in multicolored braids. She looked happy and not at all as if she was going to murder Jason for bailing on her and shipping her off to a strange place.

Everyone sans Jason immediately gathered around her because a) it had been days since they last saw each other and b)it was Piper.

Jason, looking dorky and solemn, quickly apologized to her but Piper seemed too cheerful to care. She smiled and reassured Jason that he did what he had to do and so she was not mad at all.

Annabeth raised her eyebrow at that. Piper not blaming Jason was definitely baffling. In fact their relationship had ended because of the constant assignment of blame.

“Terrible? Hell, I was in Greece! That was a nice hotel! Nice beach, met the nice people. Not too shabby for Piper.”

Jason looked as if the world had suddenly lifted off of his shoulders and enthusiastically he quickly hugged Piper before saying that he had to go (something about buying 72 roses for Khione, Annabeth normally tend to block out his stupid ideas).

Percy smirked at him and said” Make sure to write KH-IO-NE”

Jason looked at his best friend since college  and pushing up his glasses on his nose, quickly banged his fists together (otherwise known as telling him off) and went away.

Annabeth turned towards her friend standing at the same place since she had arrived. “Pipes that’s great. It’s so good you had a great time in Greece.”

Like a snake shedding its skin, Piper’s smile slid off her face. She looked vicious and involuntarily Annabeth shifted towards Percy. Not so that he could protect her. More like she could use him as a human shield when Piper goes savage. Percy looked unbothered and continued to enjoy his blue pancakes (which Annabeth had proudly made herself).

“What?! I didn’t have a good time in Greece! Jason abandoned me! Okay, I couldn’t get a plane out, so I had to stay in their honeymoon suite with people coming up to me all the time going, “Oh, Mrs. Grace, why are you crying?” I mean, it was sooo humiliating. I felt like such an idiot! I mean, it’s all my fault! And you know why, because I make very bad decisions.” She paced around the room before grabbing a bottle and sitting down on the chair in front of her.

Piper finished ranting about her and Annabeth couldn’t help but feel annoyed at Jason and Piper. I mean, sure Jason was her dear brother and Piper was her best friend, but that didn’t stop her from thinking how both of them were too stubborn to really work things out at the same time too much attached to really let go. It was slowly interfering with everyone’s lives.

For the first time, her secret boyfriend and neighbor decided to take part in the discussion.

Percy, ever the mediator, tried to make Piper feel better. “Oh that’s not true”, he said but Piper was furious and self-depreciating enough to insist “Yes it is! It is true! I went; I went after Jason in stupid London.”

Before anyone could comment, Hazel cried out from her place on the sofa, “London is stupid! Stupid!”

Annabeth stifled her laughter. Hazel was surrogating for her brother Nico and his husband and was currently pregnant with three children. She was so pregnant that she could not attend Jason’s disastrous wedding in London. Since her friends’ return, Hazel has therefore been grumbling about how stupid London is. Annabeth liked to think that out of everyone perhaps she has gotten the best deal.

Piper was still not done with her tirade. “Hazel, you were right. I should’ve never gone to London, and from now on you make all of my decisions for me.”

Hazel-sweet Hazel- immediately protested.”  Oh… No, I did that for someone once and I’m not comfortable having that kind of power and control over someone’s life.”

Before even turning to reprimand Hazel for giving up the opportunity, Annabeth raised her hand and called out, “I’ll do it.” Of course she’d do it. She was done watching Piper make bad decisions one after the other. And if there was Annabeth was amazing at, it was controlling people. That gave her a sort of adrenaline rush.

Piper gave her a tiny smile and uncorked the bottle. “That’s fine. So Annabeth, you are now in control of my love life.”

A sense of happiness blazed through her and she could not help staring and giggling at Percy who was quietly finishing his breakfast. He gave her a quick smile and stood up. Keeping the plates in the dishwasher, he turned around and addressing Annabeth he said “Okay, I gotta go to work.”

Before both of them even understood what they were doing or even cared, Percy had leaned down towards Annabeth and captured her lips in a rather passionate kiss. Her mind went blank and all she could register was that Percy’s eyes looked impossibly green and his jet black windswept hair was tickling her forehead. They broke apart and for a moment it was all quiet and blissful.

Quiet and…blissful?

Annabeth turned towards the sound of silence and silently cursed Percy. Piper was holding an open-mouthed bottle and staring at them in shock and disbelief. Hazel’s eyes were widened and her mouth gaping open like a fish. Had it been anyone else, Annabeth would have started laughing. Now she only felt the dread of her friends finding out.

Annabeth and Percy had been friends since the day he moved in the apartment in front of hers. Before they had been acquaintances as Jason and he were best friends since college. After a few mishaps with him (incidents in which he accidentally cut his toe off), they became friends. And that’s what they were.

Till Jason’s wedding day anyway.

After consuming too much alcohol and being insulted and painfully single, Annabeth needed to have a hot one night stand. And Percy, being sweet and charming, had completely taken her off guard by declaring her to be the most beautiful person in the wedding.

Annabeth had then made an impulsive decision. Sleep with Percy, her brain had screamed and unquestioningly, she had flung herself at him. Percy was resistant at first but he soon succumbed. It was supposed to be a onetime thing. It turned into a ‘what happens in London stays in London’ thing. And now it’s a secret relationship type thing. She should feel guilty but when Percy kisses her senseless, she becomes selfish enough to not share him with anyone.


Percy-bless him- seemed to understand the situation and his blunder .He glanced at his girlfriend and noted that he had a few seconds to do something productive. He strode over to Piper and smilingly said “And uh, Piper, glad to have you back.” He then leant downward and kissed her too.

Annabeth was torn between bursting out laughing at her friend’s gob smacked face and shooting her a glare for kissing Percy. He’s trying to contain the situation Annabeth thought. Yeah, try explaining that to her jealousy.

Percy finished kissing her and turned towards the only occupant in the room who he hasn’t kissed.

“Haze!” He strode over to Hazel and captured her in an awkward kiss. Hazel looked stunned but did not push him away. It looked more amusing than it had done with Piper.

At last he pulled back and bowing to all of them, he said “Always a pleasure ladies” and strutted out of the room with the girls staring after him in wonder.

There were a few moments of silence which was broken by Piper spluttering out “Did that just happen?”

Annabeth nodded at her and looked away from her so that she could not see her smiling like a lovesick idiot.

Notice me, Evan Hansen.


Here’s some garbage I threw together in like half an hour about Evan having Sensory Overload because I love projecting my own problems onto these characters. Yeet,

t/w Vague mention of self harm. Sensory overload.

Have you ever gone swimming, and one moment you’re fine and the next moment your foot has slipped and you’re under the water. All you can think of is that you need air. Your heart is pounding. You panic and splash and flail until finally you find your footing, your head is above water and your lungs finally fill.

That’s how it felt for Evan Hansen as he shoved through the doors of his school one day. He didn’t know where he was going he just knew he had to get away. Away from the noise. But everywhere he went there was more noise.

Outside it was gray, wet, and deserted. It had been raining for the better part of the morning and if the thunder in the distance was any indication it would rain again. School was still in session and Evan couldn’t tell if that was better or worse.

Each drop of rain dripping off the roof, sounding like a drum. Every drop pounding in his ears and echoing in his brain. The wind rattling the leaves, the sound of cars whooshing down a nearby highway. It was all too much. The sounds and noises amplified in his brain. It was too much; all of it was too much. He needed to breathe. So he ran. He went as far as his legs would take him. They gave out as he rounded the school knees hitting the dirty pavement behind the school.

His skin felt to tight for his body and he just wanted to escape to claw himself out of here.

He scratched his nails over his arms, and tried to suck in some air. Squeezing his eyes shut. The cold pavement digging into his knees through his jeans, the smell of the rain, the drip drip drip of water off the roof. All too much all to loud.

He doesn’t know how long he sits there when a hand lands on his shoulder making him jump.

“Whoa there are you okay?”

Evan opened his eyes looking up. Connor Murphy was kneeling in front of him the heavy warm weight of his hand on Evan’s shoulder.

“What are, um, what are you doing here?” Evan said cringing at how loud his voice sounded echoing off the stone walls of the school.

“I was coming out of the bathroom when I saw you run out of class. Are you crying?”Evan hadn’t realized he had been the wet feeling of tears now becoming evident. The sound of Connor’s voice was too loud; the hand still on his shoulder was too heavy.

“Can you maybe not talk so loud, and maybe not touch me right now?” Evan whispered.

“Sorry. Sorry” was Connor’s whispered apology dropping his hand “but you have to tell me if you’re okay and is there anything I can do to help?”

“Why do you care?”

“Why wouldn’t I care? And hey stop that,” Connor whispered back glancing down to where Evan’s fingers were still digging into the skin of his arms, “you’ll hurt yourself.”

“You’re not one to talk about people hurting themselves” Evan mumbled dropping his hands. He winced as soon as the words left his mouth, “Sorry sorry. I didn’t mean that. That was mean.”

“It’s fine.” Connor said. Evan couldn’t read his expression. “How do you even know about that?”

“You pushed your sleeves up to wash your hands in the bathroom a few weeks ago. And I, uh, I saw.”

“Oh okay,” Connor said still not giving away emotion. He moved to sit next to Evan back against the wall of the school. “What happened to you? You’re changing the subject. Obviously, you don’t have to tell me but I’m not leaving until I know you’re okay. And once you’re breathing isn’t so crazy for Christ’s sake Evan, you’re scaring me.”

“I’m fine Connor. I just- I just get overwhelmed sometimes okay? And my senses can’t take anymore. Like, with, um, too many lights or sounds or something I just get hypersensitive.’

“Oh. I think I get it a little bit,” Connor said, “Is there anything that will help?”

“I usually just have to ride it out, I’m okay though I promise.” Evan mumbled tugging at the hem of his shirt, “What did you mean when you said why wouldn’t you care?”

Connor sighed and let his head rest against the wall behind him, eyes closing. Apparently satisfied at Evan’s proclamations that he was fine. “I know everyone in this school thinks I’m heartless but I’m really not. Who would just leave you here to cry or whatever?”

“That’s not what I meant,” Evan protested, “I never thought you were heartless It’s just that most people WOULD leave me here to cry. No one takes much notice of me.”

“No one ever notices me either,” Connor mumbled “maybe that’s why I couldn’t just walk away from your sorry ass. Because I know what it’s like to go unnoticed and I don’t want you to feel like that.”

Evan didn’t know what to say. He stared at the profile of Connor’s face. His head tilted up and his eyes still closed. Connor looked almost soft here. Not like something Evan had ever seen before. At least not on Connor.

“Why are you staring at me?” Connor sighed.

Oh, apparently his eyes weren’t as closed as Evan had thought.

“I have,” Evan said his voice unsteady.

“You have what?”

“Noticed you,” He admitted quietly. Quiet enough that he wouldn’t be sure Connor had even heard him if it wasn’t for the way he tensed.

“Have you?” Connor said, obviously trying to make his voice impassive but Evan caught something else laced in his tone he just couldn’t pinpoint what.

“Yes. I’ve noticed all kinds of things about you. I’ve noticed that you don’t like mayonnaise on your sandwiches and that you cut them into triangles and not rectangles. I noticed that you like to read but you try to hide it, and that you always have a book with you. And I’ve noticed that you’re not as angry as you make yourself out to be. You’re just incredibly sad.”

Connor sat up quickly, facing Evan. Evan looked at the ground, refusing to meet his eyes. He said too much he said way too much. Connor was angry he had to be.

“Evan,” Connor said quietly his voice breathless “Please look at me.”

Evan did. He tore his eyes from the pavement and forced himself to meet the stormy grey of Connor’s eyes.

Connor wasn’t angry. Evan didn’t know what he was. He looked open and vulnerable and so much more beautiful than Evan had ever known.

They sat like that for a while. Just looking at each other. Both too scared to break the tension the was crackling between them. Both not wanting to let go of this moment. Because in that moment they understood each other, and understanding wasn’t something either of them had gotten very often.

It made Evan feel bold. Bolder than he has in his life. For once his anxiety didn’t control him, and he reached out his hand. Meeting Connor’s hand and intertwining their fingers. It didn’t feel like too much. It felt like he could breathe. The warmth of Connor’s hand in his own sweaty hand didn’t feel overwhelming it felt right.

He hoped this was okay. He hoped he didn’t read this wrong. He needed this to be right.

Connor smiled. A bright smile. A wide smile that crept it’s way into his eyes. Evan fell in love with that smile almost instantly. All he wanted was for Connor to smile like that forever.

“I’ve noticed you too, Evan Hansen,” Connor said squeezing the hand that was still in his.

Neither of them were letting go anytime soon.

Sherlocked USA write up and a discussion on my place in fandom after this

So first off, I’ll preface this by saying that this weekend at the con was a huge wake up call for me about how toxic the fandom can be. I mean, tumblr has always been a pretty negative place masquerading as a positive one, but after series 4, the Sherlock/Johnlock/TJLC fandoms have gotten out of control.

I had an excellent time at the con. I got to meet tons of new friends, met the guests, cosplayed femlock, bought beautiful prints and artwork, flew on a plane for the first time, visited the west coast for the first time, connected with people in really awesome ways, etc. I went to this event and had a very chill, fun experience.

And so there was a huge disconnect for me when I realized that this event I was enjoying was being torn apart in the fandom in real time, that people who spent considerable money and effort to be at the con were using it as a way to be informants about TPTB and spread hate. I almost regret making my post about asking Moffat and Gatiss about garridebs - I have been curious to know their answers and I know many others have as well, but I asked them politely, had a polite discussion about it, didn’t use it as a way to be hateful, and still people managed to spin my post in a hateful way.

This is also lot to mention how many people, prior to the con, thought it would be appropriate to wank on those of us who would be going and “giving our money to Mofftiss”, and pat themselves on the back for being smart enough to not go. Some of my friends did this. I saw it happen. It sucked. Then, the whole tone shifted - those of us going were suddenly saints taking one for the team, and everyone expected us to dish everything that happened or that as said so that TPTB could be crucified on here. It’s so fucked up and childish and unhealthy and it would have been a ginormous waste of my money and time and planning to use the con for that purpose.

I spoke with every guest, some at considerable length, including TPTB. I didn’t feel as though I were meeting celebrities, I felt as though I had conversations and spent personal time with human beings. It’s vastly different to complain about Mofftiss online, and then to look Mark and Steven in the eyes, two feet away, sat at the same small table, and remember they’re people. My friend and I have the same views on this. Sue Vertue was a lovely woman to speak with in person and she actually addressed the hate they all receive online - and she seemed concerned and afraid. It’s unacceptable.

What else is unacceptable is how this sort of hate has just been tolerated in the fandom. Paige and I, and several other friends, had a very long and private conversation late in the evening with someone with the con, close to the actors and in with the BBC, that really enlightened me. Famous people often come under hate, harassment, obsession, etc - but hearing some of the awful details about Sherlock guests, given that I’d just met them as people, really hit me. I got to hear of some of the questions/rants that people submitted online, and they were hateful. It’s just not alright to send death threats to someone’s house, or tell them they didn’t deserve their real life partner just because you don’t like a character they play on TV, or to spend your time being a fuckwad that hates on people you don’t even know.

So, that said, I’m taking a gigantic step away from the fandom. I still have great friends here, I see that there are still (hopefully mostly?) civilized human beings in the fandom, I like writing and reading fanfic, I like fun theories, etc. But I take a look at all the negative discussions on here, the hate, the wanking, some truly pathetic and creepy behavior, etc - and I am just exhausted by it and want no part in it. I’m blocking or ceasing interaction with anyone who contributes to this. Nothing personal, you don’t have to agree with me, but I don’t have the energy for it anymore. Unfollowed me, please, if our views here don’t align! I’m doing what I think is best, I expect the same of everyone else.

Also, on a related note, to be completely transparent, I am disgusted by the “Ben’s family is fake” discourse that is lumped with Freebatch, perpetuated by welovethebeekeeper. If you support this, reblog it, or contribute to it, sorry, but I won’t be dealing with you. She and the others involved with this need serious help. I will never understand how someone can think that digging so deep into someone’s personal life, either because they want to affirm some creepy ship between actual real life peiple or because they act like Ben’s biggest fan and that they know him and that he even knows they exist, is okay. It’s not okay at all. It’s gross and creepy and some of the harassment associated with it is probably illegal. So yeah. None of that, thank you.

Anyway, I hate to sound like an asshole. I’m just fed up with the negativity. Feel whatever you want about Sherlock, about series 4, about queerbaiting, about Freebatch, but I know there’s a healthy and constructive way to deal with what you feel about something, and then a very unhealthy way. I can’t and won’t keep up with the negativity anymore.

Friends who are civilized people, let’s keep being friends! :) Tag me and share with me your fics, your art, your respectful theories, your shenanigans, your selfies, your everything. You’re all great and I’m glad there is still a positive presence hanging around! 💕


Ever since President Annoying Orange von GrabbyHands came into office, there’s been a lot of chatter about Orwell, and 1984, and whether this or that is Orwellian. Amazon was actually sold out of copies of 1984 for a few days after Kellyanne Conway said that falsehoods being spread by the administration were “Alternative Facts.”

So today I want to talk about 1984, what “Orwellian” actually means, and how Orwell explores the impact of language on thought and dissent with NewSpeak in his novel. And, at the end, we will look at how these concepts do and don’t apply to today’s political climate

Transcript below:

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