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I am 99.99% sure someone's already asked this but anyway: Sailor Moon for the meme. And as a back-up, favourite Ace Attorney game episode/cases.


1. “Steal a Kiss from Mamoru! An’s Project Snow White” (episode 56, R season) - I don’t want to hear Sailor Moon opinions from anyone who does not recognize that the Snow White play episode is, objectively, the best thing humanity has ever produced.

2. “Jupiter, the Powerful Girl in Love” (episode 25, classic season) - likewise, if you don’t agree that Makoto got by far the best intro episode of the show, don’t even talk to me.

3. “The Shocking Moment: Everyone’s Identities Revealed” (episode 109, S season) - ugh, look at this title all focused on the so-called “long term plot development.” It is a terrible title because it gives nothing of why this episode is the best - IT’S THE MINAKO PURE HEART EPISODE. This should be in EVERY Sailor Moon fan’s top five, I WILL FIGHT YOU.

4. “Death of the Sailor Guardians: The Tragic Final Battle” (episode 45, classic season) - I’M A GIGANTIC EMOTIONAL MASOCHIST. 

5. “The Death of Uranus and Neptune: The Talismans Appear” (episode 110, S season) - I’M A GIGANTIC EMOTIONAL MASOCHIST, BONUS YURI HELL EDITION.

(honorable mention number 6 would be episodes 167-172, the first five episodes of Stars which managed to somehow be better than the rest of Stars, all of SuperS, all of R except for the aforementioned Snow White episode, and every book written by a dead white man ever).

AND LET’S DO ACE ATTORNEY CASES TOO BECAUSE IT’S THE REAL THING AND NOT THE SUBPAR ANIME. No commentary because there is nothing to justify these are simple FACT and FIGHT ME.

1. “Turnabout Goodbyes” (game 1, case 4)

2. “Rise From the Ashes” (game 1, case 5)

3. “Bridge to the Turnabout” (game 3, case 5)

4. “The Magical Turnabout” (game 6, case 2)

5. “Farewell My Turnabout” (game 2, case 4)

(honorable mention number 6 - the one section of case 5 in game 6 that had like fuckall to do with the actual plot and was just Phoenix and Miles Argue About Things during Their Vacation in Khura’in, fucking fight me)

The AU that won't get out of my head

- Keith is getting harassed by a bully in a high school setting
- Keith has a reputation from his last school—garrison high—for being a rebellious kid who got into fights all the time
- Nobody bothers to check and see if those are just rumors or fact except Lance
- Lance has got a chip on his shoulder to fight this Keith cause he’s the best fighter(???) at his school—Voltron high—so he doesn’t want this new kid making him look bad
- He stalks Keith for a lil while lol
- And sees that Keith never starts the fights; people always start shit with him
- He continues to follow Keith around for “scientific reasons”
- Just when he’s about to stop following Keith cause he feels like a judgmental dick
- Keith comes across someone being picked on (Lance is watching from afar)
- Keith goes to defend this person and it’s the only time Lance has seen him start a fight
- Lance knows Keith can hold his own in a fight but there’s a guy coming up behind him with a tire iron while he’s preoccupied with the other guy
- So Lance literally comes flying in and jump kicks this asshole
- They fight together
- Keith, not good at talking, just glares at the person who was being picked on
- They flee
- Lance says something dumb to Keith
- Keith asks Lance why he’s been following him
- Lance is like oh shit he knows wtf I thought I was so Stealthy tm
- Somehow they become friends, mostly due to lance’s insistence and refusal to leave Keith alone
- Keith begrudgingly becomes lance’s friend
- Things happen
- They become best friends
- Big brother shiro telling Keith that what he’s feeling for Lance isn’t friendship lol
- Keith being like oh shit I’ve caught feelings
- Cue Keith avoiding Lance subconsciously and consciously cause he’s allergic to feelings
- Keith figures he’s already got the school staff on edge cause of his reputation so he shouldn’t humor this asshole and “fight” him
- This is happening in the school hallways btw
- A small crowd gathers
- Keith decided he’ll let this guy talk and then once he hits Keith he’ll get expelled and Keith will just have a busted lip
- Basically Keith doesn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble
- When this guy goes to punch him Lance jumps in front of Keith
- Now this guy isn’t small so he’s gonna hit fucking hard
- I’ve decided the bully is Sendak
- So sendak hits Lance square in the side of the face and knocks Lance the fuck out
- Hunk and pidge run over to Lance because holy fuck oh my god Lance isn’t moving
- Keith short circuits
- He stares at Lance while he’s unmoving on the ground
- He’s aware that sendak is still talking but it’s fuzzy
- Then Sendak hits Keith and Keith can hear the next thing this guy says in like 1080 hd
- “Not so tough without your boyfriend to protect you, huh?”
- Keith mcfreaking loses it
- First he does the ear clap thing
- Then he uppercuts this guys gut
- Then he grabs his head and shoves it into his knee cap
- Then he fucking “we gotta break down this door” kicks this guy on his ass
- And starts wailing on him
- He uses his elbows to fucking hit him instead of his fists because elbows are the hardest part of your body and he needs to hurt like Keith is hurting because Lance isn’t moving
- Keith only stops because big bro shiro appears through the crowd and pulls him off Sendak
- “Hey, hey, Keith! it’s me, calm down.”
- Keith is breathing heavy af and his eyes are teary
- “I know you’re fucking pissed, okay, and I am too.
- But, think about why you’re upset and tell me what you should really be doing right now.”
- Keith looks at him confused and shaking with adrenaline
- “Shouldn’t you be making sure Lance is okay?”
- Keith immediately turns to search for Lance
- Hunk is helping Lance sit upright while pidge pinches lance’s nose to stop the bleeding
- Keith slides over to them, tripping over his feet
- And instead of saying all the shit he wants to say like
- Are you okay, why would you do that for me, thanks for taking that hit for me, do you need me to get the nurse, why do you act like I’m something important, you’re important to me, I want to protect you, I’m kind of in love with you
- He says
- “What the fuck were you thinking, you dumbass!”
- Lance responds with a weird sounding laugh as pidge is still pinching his nose
- Hunk says “He was helping you!” Defending Lance
- “By getting himself hurt instead?!” Keith retorts angrily
- Pidge ever the peace talker says
- “Could you two shut the fuck up! Lance needs to see a doctor so stop fighting and help me move him dammit.”
- Big bro shiro then walks over and agrees with pidge
- “Pidge, Keith, you two help Lance to the nurses office so they can see if Lance needs to go to the emergency room.
- Hunk, you help me carry Sendak so we can take him to the ambulance.”
- They take Lance to the nurses office
- The nurse is coran
- Coran loved Lance so he’s like who the fuck hurt my son I’ll kill them
- Pidge then states that Keith already sufficiently kicked the other guys ass
- Coran then looks at Keith who stares at him trying to seem confident
- Coran then looks over Lance
- Lance gets those beautiful nose plugs lol
- Lance holds an ice pack on his face for a lil while after Coran cleans all the blood off of him
- Coran then turns to Keith “your turn skipper”
- Keith is like ???? I’m fine??
- pidge is like dude you have blood all over you too duh
- “Oh yeah”
- Coran cleans up Keith’s split lip and his elbows
- Keith also gets an ice pack for his face cause he has a bruise over the split lip side of his mouth
- The principal walks into the nurses office and is like wtf happened guys
- cause even tho Lance and Keith are good fighters they still make good grades and stay out of trouble
- Pidge explains what happens because Lance’s tongue is swollen cause he bit it when he passed out
- Keith only talks when spoken to directly
- The principal is not biased towards any students so they see the situation for what it is
- “Alright, boys.
- You’ve both obviously been through a lot of stress in the past 20 minutes.
- You can both go home early after Coran releases you to leave.
- Pidge you can stay and help Coran with the boys.
- I have some phone calls to make.”
- We like the principal lol
- They do the clean up routine
- Switch ice pack with hot compress
- Put aloe on bruise and put gauze pad on top of that etc
- So the boys are all bandaged up and released to go home while pidge goes back to class
- The boys go to their lockers together and get all their shit and walk out the front of the school
- Nobody has talked yet
- Keith, like the emotionally constipated asshole he is, is mad at Lance for getting himself hurt for Keith’s sake
- So instead of saying why he’s mad
- He walks ahead of Lance without saying anything
- “H-hey Keith! Wait up!”
- Keith continues to walk briskly
- “Okay, look, I know why you’re mad.”
- Keith snorts angrily
- Lance continues “you’re mad cause I got in the middle of a fight you clearly could’ve won yourself. I know you could’ve beat him by yourself Keith, I mean, hell, you did, but–”
- Keith starts laughing sourly
- Lance stops talking cause he’s confused
- “You think I’m mad because you got into “my” fight?“
- Lance says nothing still confused and a little hurt at Keith’s tone
- Keith walks over to Lance
- "I’m mad because you put yourself in danger for me,
- Keith gets all in lance’s space
- "I’m mad because you’re the only person besides my brother who actually cared to get to know me before jumping to conclusions or believing stupid rumors
- I’m mad because you were hurt and unmoving on the ground and it was all for my sake, like I mean something in the world
- I’m mad because you made me care about you! I’m mad because
- Because
- Keith grabs Lance by his shirt collar and snarls this next part
- "I’m mad because I love you
- I love you and I don’t like you being in pain! Especially if it’s my fault!”
- Keith has tears running down his face now because he’s overwhelmed
- Lance is Shocked tm
- Keith realizes what he said and turns into a tomato
- He runs away
- “Wha-wait a minute, Keith!”
- So the chase begins
- Eventually Lance catches up to Keith and grabs his arm to stop him
- Keith doesn’t resist
- “Keith…”
- Keith hangs his head waiting for rejection
- Lance moves his grip on his arm down to hold Keith’s hand
- Keith looks over his shoulder at Lance confused
- “Did you…
- Lance looks at him all vulnerable and shit
- "Did you mean it?”
- Keith, unable to speak, nods his head
- Lance smiles the dopiest smile
- Keith faces all the way towards Lance still confused and extremely embarrassed and very very overwhelmed
- Lance is looking at their hands smiling lightly swinging them back and forth
- “Uh…lance?”
- Lance then looks up sharply
- “Oh shi–I mean, I love you too, obviously, duh.”
- Keith turns red and pink and
- And
- he feels like he’s dying
- He’s so overwhelmed with feelings and he doesn’t know how to handle it
- So he just starts crying more
- Angry crying
- Like dammit tears stop coming out of my eyes you fuckers crying
- And Lance holds him through it cause he knows kissing would be too much right now
- Hugging Keith is good enough in itself
- Cause they love each other
- Rip me


Favourite Christmas Films
101 Dalmatians (1996)

Fools aren’t born, Pongo. Pretty girls make them in their spare time.

I’m sorry I can’t talk right now, or even breathe right now.
It’s gotten even harder since you’ve decided to stop calling and I can’t remember the sound of your voice or how you said my name but you called me beautiful and I want to feel beautiful again
And you made me fall in love with everything and now everything hurts.
And trust me when I say, you were the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me. I cant help but shake when I sleep in your torn apart T-shirt because it reminds of me how you smelt. I’m so sorry you couldn’t love me more than yourself. I’m so sorry the vanilla in her hair is more romantic than the blood stained floor.
—  I’m sorry I got blood on your favorite shirt.

not to be dramatic but can we consider kenny v parson growing up w a single mother who didn’t have a lot of money but worked two to three jobs at a time to keep him playing hockey bc she knew he was good and she knew he loved it and now? he’s the captain of one of the best teams in the nhl and led them to a stanley cup victory and is honestly and canonically one of the best players to ever do it?????? he made it they made it i’m just!!!!!!!!!! real proud of this poor kid frm new york who has become One Of The Best even tho hockey is so skewed to favor well off/rich kids. he’s got a lot of #issues but like!! he still did This, at least. this one huge things he could do, for himself and for his mom

Every since she saw her older brother and I watching the X-Files revival this spring she has wanted to be Scully for Halloween.  She loves to watch the episodes along with us on Sunday Mornings when a local TV station has a marathon.. and she makes her 5 year old sister be the alien that she chases around the house. So when it finally came time to pick costumes she was pretty adamant. 

“No mommy, no Star Wars characters, no princesses, nothing scary, no.. Scully mom, I wanna be Scully and I want RED hair.”

So there yea go. She got to meet @chewiesgirlfriend in Boston and thought that was “The.Best.Thing.Ever.” 

Please listen to me when I say this - The Presidential Election is in less than a week. If you have the ability to go vote, go. Please. Vote early. It took me about 10 minutes for the entire thing. I really don’t wanna go through 4 years of Trump. I can’t do it. I just got a lot of my rights, I don’t wanna lose them, and I sure as hell do not trust Donald Trump with the power of war. Vote for Hillary. Please. She has the best resume of just about any Presidential candidate ever. Please please please vote for Hillary. Our country cannot take 4 years of Trump.

also? so much of what happened to jack and how he interacts with media opinions of him has to do with when he was first gaining notoreity. 2006-2009 was the entire era of “celebrities gone wild” and things like that. britney shaved her head in 2007, lindsay got two DUIs the same year, and in 2009 (the year jack won the memorial cup) michael phelps (the best male swimmer! ever!) was dragged in the media for smoking weed. hearing people say all these negative things about addicts and mentally ill people (esp. athletes) was undoubtedly hard on my boy and i’m sure he still feels the affects of how fucking cruel media was back then (this was. the height of perez hilton’s popularity so that should say a lot about how mean people were to fuckin kids) to this day. add in the fact that he’s navigating his sexuality and big bob’s son and my boy barely had a chance :(((. i’m so proud of him for rebuilding himself and trying to learn how to ignore what people say. i love him and i wish the world had been different when he was growing up


still watching ep 6 of haikyuu

to celebrate here is my summary of eps 1 - 4 in really bad scribbles

hinata’s shirt says number 10 but he always has to go number 2

which ocs would write these reviews in the same product (via)

“This is the best thing I’ve ever purchased in my entire life. Customer service rep was like family. Delivery time was 16 minutes, condition is perfect, and it has lasted me 20 years.”

“Ordered a bed frame and got a pack of plastic knives instead. Customer service told me to fuck off. Delivery lasted 7 years. Caused a divorce. Lost my house. I am now going to jail.”

Rajigaze Dec 23

A fan sent in a psychology test and Uruha took it and it is the best thing I have ever heard

Reita (reading mail): “This test was going around on Twitter a while ago, so I want you two to take it too!”

Uruha: Ooh!

Reita: Okay can I read it?

Uruha: Yep

Reita: “You’re home alone, and all of these things happen at the same time. In what order do you respond to them? Please choose them in order. One, the bathtub has started to overflow. Two, you have to go to the bathroom. Three, the phone suddenly started ringing. Four, a baby is crying in the next room. Five, the doorbell just rang.” …So? What’s first?

Uruha: …Like what do I deal with first?

Reita: Yeah yeah yeah! The order.

Uruha: …..Ehhh??

Reita: There’s the bath, you gotta go to the bathroom –

Uruha: Well if you have to go to the bathroom…that could be one of two things…which one is it

Reita: (laughing) Omg if we start talking about that we’re never gonna get anywhere

(both laugh)

Reita: Let’s just say you kinda have to go.

Uruha: Okay –

Reita: You have to go pretty bad.

Uruha: Okay, the bathroom then.

Reita: The bathroom…the bathroom first, right? And then? You gotta go in order

Uruha: I guess..I’d probably just leave the doorbell for the moment.

Reita: Oh really! ..So same goes for the phone right?

Uruha: Yeah, same for the phone…

Reita: So it’s either the bath water or the baby.

Uruha: Well if the baby is crying…well I don’t really know…I guess I’d go?

Reita: So bathroom, then –

Uruha: I’d go to the bathroom, and then go get the baby…so what is it now?

Reita: Okay, so you picked number two and four. Bathroom and baby.

Uruha: Okay…and I guess by then the phone would have stopped ringing

(both giggle)

Reita: Yeah definitely

Uruha: Uh-huh…wait what’s left?

Reita: The bath and –

Uruha: Well if the bath…I don’t know, even if the bath was overflowing I don’t think I’d be in a rush to deal with it.

Reita: Okay, so what’s your third choice?

Uruha: …Well if the phone was still ringing –

Reita: Still ringing. It’s still ringing.

Uruha: And…and the person outside – the doorbell?

Reita: They’re still waiting.

Uruha: Yeah I’m ignoring that.

Reita: So you’ll do that last?

Uruha: Yeah

Reita: Okay so bathroom, baby…phone or water?

Uruha: …Water.

Reita: Okay bathroom, baby, water…

Uruha: Phone

Reita: Phone…then doorbell?

Uruha: Like can you just go home already?

Reita: (laughs) Okay wait…bathroom, baby…what was it again (laughs) Bathroom, baby…water?

Uruha: Yeah

Reita: Bathroom, baby, water…phone…doorbell. Okay, so…this test shows what you prioritize when you’re looking for a lover. The order you chose represents the things you want in your significant other.

Uruha: …So the bathroom?
Reita: No. Like for example, the bathtub represents…well, sex, the bathroom is money, the phone is personality, the doorbell is face, and the baby is love. So you picked the bathroom first, right? That means money is the most important to you.

Uruha: Really (laughs)

Reita: The most important thing you look for in a lover is money. Then the second most important is…you picked the baby second, right? The baby is love.

Uruha: Yeah.

Reita: So money, love. What’s next? …You said the bath water, right?

Uruha: Sex.

Reita: The water is – oh yeah you’re right. It’s sex. Then the phone, personality…then, face.

Uruha: …Personality came out really low, huh.

Reita: Yeah, so the face and personality doesn’t matter for you. As long as they’re rich and shower you with love.

Uruha: Damn, I’m on fire! (giggles)

Reita: (laughing) You don’t care about their face or personality…it’s the money!

Uruha: Ahhhh~…I’m a piece of shit!

(both laugh)

Reita: Ur not on fire at all!

(Cute Uruha Giggle)

Uruha: So, what about you?

Reita: Well I already know the answers now. (still laughing at Uruha)

Uruha: Why is it only me?

Reita: Who cares about me!


Jackson used to be so proud of his thick thighs, but Korean beauty standards changed his mind and that’s not okay. (He also said in a scale of 1-10 his looks are 3)
When he got chubbier people said bad things to him. Now he lost a lot of weight and most of people seems like they don’t give a single fuck. Do they love Jackson or Jackson’s body?
Being fat/chubby is not wrong or ugly. Why do people praise others for being skinny? Jackson is literally the best person I have ever seem. He has a lot to be praised of and people are only seeing his muscles. I’m disgusted.

Can you guys PLEASE send some nice messages to him? Tell him he doesn’t need to diet/fit beauty standards. Tell him how amazing he is inside and outside. Do this everyday if you can. It only takes 1 minute or less.

I asked it for you guys so many times but now I’m begging! Please!

This is not about his body but his mental health. He can destroy himself. This is serious.

Headcanon dump about Brooklyn 99

+Amy is autistic

+Jake finds out about her autism when someone they’re talking to makes fun of her for infodumping about police codes. She gets super upset and he’s trying to figure out why and she just tells him

+ever since then Jake has read up on autism to understand her more, listens to her as she excitedly persues her special interests and makes sure to understand the signs of sensory overload

+Jake in turn has ADHD. She found out when they had to work over night and she caught him taking meds

+Captain Holt knows about both of these things and makes sure to keep an eye on the two of them

+Rosa was actually one of the best in her class in ballet. She was all set to become a professional when one girl started talking about her and saying she shouldn’t have gotten a role she really wanted. It was the worst fight the academy had ever seen and the reason she got kicked out

+Rosa actually wanted to become a professional ballerina first. Her love of cop stuff came later

+Rosa still has her dyed pointe shoes and she tries them on once in a while

+Rosa is bisexual. So is Jake (canon) Gina and Charles.

+Jake throwing away Amy’s camp brochures was entirely impulsive and selfish. He didn’t want her leaving cause she was the person who understood him most and made him happiest

+As much as Jake thinks of Holt as a dad, Holt thinks of Jake as a son

+ the entire 99 has a group chat. Jake’s name in there is Pineapples. He keeps changing it to Danger. Someone keeps changing it back

+Amy’s the one changing his name back to Pineapples every time

+Holt’s name in the chat is dad. They all thought he would ask to change is but he smiled when he saw it for the first time

+Gina’s name in the chat is supreme ruler. Everyone is way too afraid to change it

+the most common thing in the chat is ‘lunch?’ and another person will always go with them so nobody eats alone

+more than once this has led to everyone eating together in the breakroom. Including Captain Holt

+near Christmas the group chat name is changed to ‘Island of Misfits’

+Kevin was in the group chat for one night before getting confused and annoyed at their in jokes and constant buzzing and asking to be taken out

+They have so many inside jokes in the chat it’s ridiculous

+Holt generally doesn’t get involved in those jokes but once in a while they’ll catch him calling Jake pineapples as he’s leaving a room or asking Amy if she burned the grilled cheese again

+the only two people who don’t contribute to the group chat are Hitchcock and Scully

+the group chat name is 'the Squad Squad’ because of the play on words

+ Rosa dragged Amy to a yoga class once. She got hooked and now they do classes together every week

+Jake loves the classes, not only because she’s helping her body, but because of the help in bed

+Jake was in a band in college. He was the head singer and guitarist and had floppy hair

+Amy finds the blog for them one day after she finds a picture of college Jake in their attic. She finds the songs and spends a whole day listening to them

+they aren’t bad at all. Just very 80’s and 90’s. They have a huge 'Smells like Teen Spirit’ vibe

+Jake finds out she knows when he catches her humming one of the songs

+Jake and Gina became friends because a girl stole Jake’s sandwich in elementary school and Gina punched her in the face. When asked why, little Gina shrugged and said 'I just wanted to punch someone’

+little Jake and little Gina having sleep overs because they’re right and it’s not weird and sleeping in the same bed but with Gina’s very hitting Jake’s head

+little Gina kicking little Jake in the face

+little Gina and little Jake treehouse adventures

+Gina and Jake were each others first kiss when they were eleven because they thought boys and girls who were friends were destined to be together. It was then they confirmed that they didn’t like each other

+Gina and Jake secret handshake that’s way too complicated

+Jake and Amy jumping on their shared bed together when something good happens. Like when Rosa and Pimento didn’t get married and they helped

+Amy takes up running because police need to be fit and she tends to eat horribly with Jakr She runs three times a week rain or shine or snow

+Teddy and Jake once got into a conversation about Amy’s skills in bed. This led to Jake turning to Amy and saying 'hey, you never agree to do that!’ And her looking mortified

+Whenever Amy gets stressed about the job or life she has a tendancy to get wrapped up in whatever she’s stressing about and not eating. This leads to Jake bringing her all kinds of food and not going back to his desk till she eats

+Jake on the other hand has horrible executive function skills and will forget meals. Amy loves to return the favor and buy him food from the diner down the street and pack it in Tupperware for him

+the squad going out to dinners at the diner whenever a case is tough and they need to talk it out or whenever more than one person is free that night

+the waiter having to put a table together when they all go out together because its like seven cops

+Jake dragging Amy to Gina’s dance performances because its nice to go, and 'she’s our friend’

+Jake teaching Amy how to slow dance in the living room of their apartment, amongst boxes of unpacked stuff and around the couch that has to serve as their bed for three days until the bed can be moved

+Gina and Rosa love Heathers the Musical. They get Charles to watch and the three of them get into a wild discussion about the best Heather

+Charles dresses up as J.D for Halloween

+Jake listens to 'Candy Store’ in the car with Amy and they love that song so much it becomes like their power song

+Jake has a collection of beanies at home. He wears them on days off and around the house

+Amy likes to steal and wear the beanies

That’s it for now but I have so many others!

Presents for Dirk

So the universe always provides for Dirk Gently and so I’m sure he has received things from other people before… food when he’s hungry, nice new clothes and shoes when his are wearing out, a place to sleep when he’s tired, transportation when he has somewhere to go, and money for everything in between.

But it’s always been the universe giving stuff to him when it really comes down to it.

But then he gets a shirt. It’s not expensive or fancy or really even all that nice if we’re facing facts… but it’s the best thing he’s ever received because for the first time, it’s not from the universe. For the first time, he is not receiving something out of necessity but out of the kindness of another human being… and the universe has got nothing on this squishy raincloud of an assist-friend with the questionable past and the sad eyes.

Okay but think about the comparison between Victor and Yurio’s skating careers (both thus far and in the future). 

First, let’s look at Victor. He’s the five time world champion in male figure skating, has a signature move (the quadruple flip), and is considered one of the best if not the absolute best skater of all time. We know that he was successful early on based on the fact that Yuri had really started getting into competitive skating because of Victor. You don’t gain that type of popularity and influence without being some kind of spectacular. He’s got countless fans as well as the admiration of just about everyone he’s ever competed against. 

But see, that’s the thing. Aside from his interactions with Yuri, we know nothing about him as a person. As stated in several analyses Victor is distant when it comes to his own thoughts and feelings, revolving more around the interactions he has with Yuri. Even his interactions with the other skaters are limited to his career and competitive qualities. Look at Christophe for instance. Aside from the comments regarding sexuality and defeating Yuri, his monologues revolve around competing against Victor again. 

This image only goes to show that Victor is nothing more than a competitor and a challenge to Christophe. He doesn’t care about whether or not the other man wants to go back to the ice. By seeing Victor as a goal rather than a person, he further isolates the Russian skater from the other skaters. He even goes so far as to say that the next time he stands by Victor, it will be him in the middle (implying that he will win the gold in a competition.)

This just goes to show that Victor has little emotional support from the outside world in general. Aside from his dog, he’s portrayed as very alone. He’s got fans from every corner of the world but we don’t have any proof that he’s got a friend. With the exception of Yakov who seems to be the only one using a nickname (Vitya) towards the silver haired man, there is no one until Yuri comes along. All in all, that’s not exactly a healthy environment for a high level athlete. The stress that comes along with such rigorous activities is immeasurable. This further explains the quote of Yurio when he said that when you lose inspiration you’re as good as dead. Victor’s only extensive external support came from the people he skated for. When he could no longer surprise them he went into a slump, unable to decide on a routine to choreograph and eventually uprooted his entire life in search of something different. 

 Now let’s look at Yurio. He’s fifteen and making his senior debut, getting second at both of the Grand Prix Events that he’s competed in. This is a fairly significant achievement considering the people he’s up against (for instance, Yuri who is having the best season of his life and Michele Crispino who earned a spot in the previous years Grand Prix Finals.) We also know that Yurio won the Junior World Championships, just like Victor did. One can assume then based on the symbolism and comparisons that are woven into this story, that Yurio will have similar successes to his older predecessor. 

That being said, Yurio is not as isolated as Victor appears to have been. We don’t see many interactions with him and the other skaters, and we even see him distancing himself, however he’s got the support of his grandfather, Yuri, Victor, Yuko, and both Yakov and Lilia. The familial bond with his grandfather is significant. It provides a foundation from childhood that will follow him throughout life providing a stable relationship that he can rely on. While Yuri is seen as competition, he’s also a friend. They share pirozhki and cheer one another on at competitions. Again, high level athletes are under extreme stress. Having someone in the sport to lean on is extraordinarily important. I mean, look at this face.

This is the face of a kid who has found someone to call a friend, whether they like to admit it or not.  Victor is another long time foundation based figure. We can assume that they’ve been rink mates for quite some time and Victor has provided inspiration and guidance on many occasions giving Yurio a role model. Yuko is a friend who is literally just that. A friend. She’s a link to the world outside of competitive skating and despite being in different countries, the two keep in touch regularly. Yakov and Lilia provide the leadership that one needs in life and in sport.

This post got longer than intended but to summarize Yurio and Victor have a lot of similarities and it seems as though Yurio is closely following in the footsteps of his accomplished predecessor, but as far as emotional context goes, Yurio is going to be surrounded by encouragement and positivity and if that doesn’t make you happy then I don’t know what will. 

Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x10 - “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets”

So basically that was the best birthday present ever and I want to marry Steve Yockey.  Which, uh…he’s probably got opinions about, but at least I’m not Lube Guy this time around, right? 

  1. Okay.  So.  Gender and vessels.  I am here for this, and wish we’d get more of it because there’s so much potential for exploring things.  Benjamin’s use of masculine pronouns in a female vessel, Cas being very clear that Benjamin is an angel in a vessel, and that these things are distinct, Castiel’s previous female vessel, etc. all make me want more data about how this looks from an angelic point of view.  

    Angels probably aren’t doing genders the way people do genders, but given that we’ve seen cross-pronoun vessels multiple times over the course of the show (Raphael, Hannah, Castiel, Benjamin) and those gendered pronouns are preserved, there’s some kind of identity thing happening here.  Possibly not intentionally on the part of the writers, but…well, there’s enough of it in canon now that the idea of wavelengths of intent having some kind of affinity seems like a thing now, and I’m so fucking here for it.  
  2. There is so much in this ep about angels and humans in relationship, both positive and toxic.  Ishim becomes obsessed and abusive toward Lily and hates humanity, Akobel loves humanity and has a positive relationship with Lily, Benjamin has a close relationship with his vessel that potentially reads subtexually as romantic – Sam is the one who says “friend” before Cas can find a word – but is at least mutually satisfying, Cas’ relationship with the Winchesters (with none of them willing to sacrifice the other) develops and is discussed, and even Lily’s possible reconciliation with Cas.  

    Heaven has always tried to pretend it is a united front, with a monolithic (and often negative/dismissive) view of humans, but this episode shows us how diverse those views actually are in practice when angels are given an opportunity to form their own opinions/relationships. 
  3. Benjamin and Akobel deserved better.  Benjamin was interesting for the five minutes we saw him, and I’m so curious about the nuts and bolts of his relationship with his vessel.  Angels don’t beg for their own lives; Benjamin was begging for his vessel’s safety.  As for Akobel, did you see how kind?  How affectionate?  How protective?  This is an angel who understood The Mission.  Who cared.  [insert “GROSS SOBBING” gif here.] 
  4. You know, for an episode that retcons the “angels didn’t walk the earth for centuries” thing, this ep is kind of a reverse Buckleming.  So many callbacks, so many strong references to, reinforcements of, and reimaginings of earlier canon.  Some of it is small, like Ishim’s comment about Castiel being a “spanner in the works.”  Some of it is bigger, like Dean’s disapproval of rescues that invoke cosmic consequences, Sam’s experience of soullessness.  Hell, we’ve got the wing-shaped burn marks back.  I think we can trust Yockey with canon, guys.  
  5. Cas.  Cas is so worthy.  I’m glad that this episode served to illustrate that, both in terms of the story we see and his experience as a character.  This episode has given us so much about his development, and how he has come to deeply respect both humanity and genuine justice.  He’s given up on that Great Chain of Being bullshit.  He’s ready to fight down someone who is unjust and violent, and to take responsibility for past injustice.

    He more than deserved that beer at the end of the episode.  I’m also really hoping that Operation Drink And Find Another Way works out.  (I mean, it’s Supernatural, so there’s going to be a lot of sobbing and drinking, but…)
  6. Lily Sunder is probably one of the most sympathetic characters we’ve seen in a long while.  She’s just…it’s weird to describe her as reasonable and human and wonderful, but that’s the best way to do it.  She’s still a bit otherworldly, which makes sense given that she’s over a century old and burning out her own soul to use Enochian magic, and she’s coldly calculating about Sam’s place in things when Dean leaves to help Cas/fight Ishim, but she’s also got more humanity and conscience than we often see in similar characters.  She’s emotionally complex and dynamic.  Good, good stuff. 
  7. So many good Winchester Family Dynamics moments.  Sam third-wheeling Dean’s snit with Cas, knowing when Dean’s going to storm the cafe, the brothers sticking up for Cas, Dean’s problem with Mary jumping back into hunting v. Sam’s feeling that she’s just being who she is, Dean’s show of respect and understanding when he gives Cas a beer…  So good.  

But yeah, this ep is so good.  Just…

Absolutely Stunning

I’ve got to admit that’s probably the best thing I’ve ever watched. Nothing has made me feel so many emotions as the new Sherlock episode did. Honestly. It was amazing.

Now I know many people are mad because of Johnlock and stuff but think about it. Had they made Johnlock canon they would have upset the Sherlolly shippers and the Adlock shippers. So instead of pleasing one ship and upsetting the other two, they gave us all three.

Adlock in that text we see Sherlock send at the end.

Sherlolly in the “I love you” and Molly going to 221B Baker Street at the end as if she were going to hug him.

And Johnlock, in Mary’s speech and the fact that they’re going to always be there, in 221B Baker Street.

And as for the people that think the show is not about romance and has nothing to do with it, well I guess by giving us all three possibilities for Sherlock’s love life, they also gave us the opportunity to believe that he may never be in a romantic relationship.

It’s open for interpretation and as long as everyone interprets it in their own way we should all be happy, and hey, they maybe even gave us a little Mystrade with Sherlock asking Lestrade to make sure Mycroft is okay.

And besides from the romance, or lack of, it was a truly beautiful and emotional experience and I loved every second of it.