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i really love sana and yoused but i'm so scared that they wont be together at the end from your perspective (since youre muslim) do you think that there's still a chance for it to happen??

b r u h

let me tell u after todays clip…if they won’t be endgame…..then i dont know anymore like…what would be the purpose of all these scenes then? like all these lingering eyes…yousef is whipped for sana…sana is whipped for yousef…i hope that complications get adressed and dealt with quickly..because they’re literally in love, okay? i don’t even want to think about them not ending up together.

i mean regarding the fact that yousef doesn’t identify with islam anymore… i mean muslims really do always seek to get married to muslims. that’s why sana even allowed herself to like yousef because she thought he was muslim and so she felt safe with liking him. tbh i know muslims who dated non-muslims, it really depends on how you practice your religion and what you prioritize. 

yousef is obviously a great like…i would be wavering u feel? i think sana would be okay to be with him, because she just really likes him for who he is and the fact that he isn’t muslim didnt change her feelings (as we could see in the recent clip) 

i know muslim women who got married to non-muslims (& vice versa, although i should point out that it is more common for muslim men to marry non-muslim women but that’s a whole other story)

i think sana might be worrying more about her parents and how they would react to such a thing ( i mean her parents still think he is muslims for now (?)so i dont think that her mother would be that displeased initially, except for maybe that he drinks but come on that’s such a minor issue as long as he doesnt abuse alcohol)

i see some hope for them and i’m holding onto it until the show gives me a legit reason for it, but right now..yousef is like a lil puppy and they’re kinda lowkey flirty but still distant and yet we can literally see it in their eyes

tl;dr: i am very hopeful

So by the end of freshman year, Dex and Nursey have kind of got their acts together right? Like, they don’t actually fight. They bicker. Like an old married couple.

ANYWAYS - Nursey puts most of this towards the fact that he’s reached the acceptance stage of having a crush on the most annoying, obnoxious person he’s ever met. It’s cool. He’s dealing with it in ways other than starting unnecessary fights. For the most part.

So then summer comes, and they text a lot more than Nursey expected, even though Dex is basically working all the time, but at some point Dex invites Nursey to come up and hang out on the fishing boat for a week. Obviously, Nursey agrees, because he has zero self control and hasn’t actually seen Dex’s dumb face in like two months. 

He can handle this.


He cannot handle the boat, or the waves that splash over the side or the way his stomach churns with every swell. He cannot handle the way the life jacket feels like it’s choking him (Jesus Christ Nurse you do not need to wear a life jacket right now, what is your problem), or the way Dex’s uncle looks just like Dex, only older. And handsome. Very handsome. And he definitely cannot handle the fact that Dex spends the majority of his time in tight tank tops, with the freckles on his arms so thick it almost looks like a tan, and the bridge of his nose peeling with a sunburn. It shouldn’t be attractive but god, Nursey’s knees went weak when Dex first met him at the docks (now they’re weak because of this fucking boat but whatever).

After day 1, when the sea sickness subsides, Nursey almost wishes it was  back, because now he’s got to actually pay attention to Dex hauling lobster pots over the side of the boat and laughing when he gets splashed in the face with a wave and goading Nursey when he won’t jump off the side and go for a swim (I’ve seen Shark Week Poindexter, I know there’s great whites up here sometimes, you couldn’t pay me to get in this water). 

It’s the worst week of his life, but he’ll never forget the way Dex hugged him when he left, and he relishes in the way the smell of salt water clings to his skin for days. And then he spends the rest of the summer writing poems about hair the color of sunsets and trying to figure out how to make William Poindexter his boyfriend. 

(meanwhile, back on the lobster boat, Dex is pretending he doesn’t look at the picture he took of Nursey in his dumb ass life jacket every night before he goes to sleep. it’s whatever.)


“You need to tell your brother about the next witness at the Select Hearing. He’s lying.”
“How do you know?”

BrainDead 1.08: “look at that sky!! NOT fake. Magic hour in DC. Had to shoot this SO fast!”