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“That Was All You”: A Black Paladin Lance Meta

Alternatively Titled: Local Girl Digs Heels In So Hard She’s Laying on the Ground. “This Is My Home Now,” She Says.

Listen. Listen. No, I don’t know when to quit. Yes, I have a midterm tomorrow and am procrastinating. Shut up.

Now, since this is going to be long as hell (because I really don’t know when to quit), here’s a quick summary of my argument: 1. we’re building up to a leadership arc with Lance, 2. the pilot of the Black Lion depends not just on Black but on the team, and 3. Keith and Red still have a connection.

Blah blah blah, general disclaimer, I am probably could be wrong, lesgo:

Season 4 episode 6 sees the introduction of a new galra super weapon – a planet rigged to explode and take the whole solar system out with it. Right after destroying the galra stronghold on said planet, the team is suddenly surrounded by giant spire things and have no idea what they are.

And it’s Lance that makes the right call. He’s the one that not only says “hey let’s leave,” but also “and here’s how we’re going to do it.” He looks at this situation, sees a need to distance them from it immediately, and knows exactly who to delegate the task to. 

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anonymous asked:

you should write a meta post on why you think reyna is lesbian!! i love your metas they're so good

Hello, non! Thank you, lol. I broke out the big guns for this—capital letters and all, lmao. (Though it’s not proofread because I jumped the gun and got too excited once it was done so………………don’t judge me)

First off: I want to make it abundantly clear that I am not trying to talk people out of their interpretations of Reyna. I just…think she’s a lesbian, and think there’s a lot of textual backing to support me. My word isn’t gospel and a lot of these passages are subjective, and I am well aware that there is room for disagreement. But I figured it was about time to lay out why I feel so strongly the way I do, and what subtext I keep referring to when I’m making other points, especially after being asked!

AND A DISCLAIMER: I never read BOO. So I really am not claiming to be the ultimate authority here—this is just what I see, what I like to see, and my reasons for interpreting it the way that I do.

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So more on Dexter Grif (season 15 episode 6 spoilers)

Remember back in season 10 when Doc was giving his speech on the good stuff that happened to everyone thanks to Project Freelancer and all adventures of the Reds and Blues? The only two people he hadn’t addressed had been Caboose – who lost Church, and Grif. It might have been because Grif got the, well, Grifshot. Or maybe because he never got what he truly wanted and… After now I think about that a lot.

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I only want you

Summary: Kyungsoo’s friends seem to think he has a dirty mouth but Jongin personally loves it.


The moment Kyungsoo trudges in sluggishly into the classroom and plops down on his seat, that’s when his head nods forward and promptly falls onto the desk with a loud thud. Sehun, who watched his friend make his entrance, stares at him oddly before shrugging his shoulders and going back to texting Chanyeol about a new bubble-tea place he found somewhere near the school.

The class hasn’t even begun and yet, Kyungsoo can’t even lift his head from his desk. His eyes are too tired to open. He heaves a low sigh as his body relaxes and he falls asleep for a few short minutes because soon enough the chair beside his own is being moved back to let a body sit on it. Kyungsoo faintly recalls hearing Sehun greet the person but the elder is far too tired to open his eyes to greet them.

“Is Kyungsoo sleeping?”

Sehun shrugs his shoulders again, laughing at a picture Chanyeol sent. “I don’t know, but look at this! Chanyeol made his dog dab!” Sehun bursts into laughter, eyes scrunching up cutely, white teeth on full display.

Jongin rolls his eyes but joins in with his friend. His eyes flit over to Kyungsoo’s slumped form and frowns. “Soo?” He murmurs, closing in slowly to wrap his left arm around the elder’s waist, leaning his head on Kyungsoo’s shoulder. “What’s wrong, baby Soo?”

Kyungsoo, despite having his forehead pressed against the desk, flushed a deep red all the way up to the tips of his ear. He groans lightly, huffing and turning his head to be able to face Jongin, eyes still closed. “Long night,” he mumbled, letting Jongin lift his head up to bring him towards his chest so that he can rest his head there instead. There’s a red imprint on his forehead from being pressed against the flat surface of the desk for a little too long.

“Did you stay up watching anime again?” Jongin asks in a low voice, dragging his fingers through Kyungsoo’s brown silky hair to lightly scratch his scalp to which he receives a satisfied hum. Jongin gets a soft no and soon enough Kyungsoo’s head becomes heavy enough for him to know the elder has fallen asleep.

“Are you sure you two weren’t up messing around in his bedroom last night?” Chanyeol asks as soon as he sits down in his assigned seat next to Sehun. Both males fist bump each other before turning their heads to face Jongin and the sleeping boy on his chest. “Cause I heard soft moans coming from there yesterday night.”

Jongin narrows his eyes at the tall ball of cotton candy, quickly catching on to what he’s implying but not wanting to spill anything unless Kyungsoo ends up getting upset with him. “Kyungsoo and I weren’t together last night so I don’t know what you heard but I’m sure as hell it wasn’t him moaning. It was probably Baekhyun or something.”

“But Kyungsoo hyung doesn’t live with Baekhyun, he lives with Chanyeol and I and we both heard him moaning last night.”

This sudden information makes Jongin smile in the inside. He knows Kyungsoo is probably faking his sleep to not deal with the two balls of too much energy. Jongin is always amazed at his boyfriend’s acting. “Maybe he was in pain?”

Chanyeol snorts, shaking his head and turning around to face Sehun. Both males roll their eyes, leaving Jongin to overthink things as usual. “He was moaning your name,” Sehun says with a knowing grin on his lips. “He must have been having a wet dream about you.”

The door to the classroom opens and Baekhyun comes in with his hair now dyed a dark shade of brown. “Hey guys,” he greets cheerily, placing a bag of muffins on Sehun’s desk and a cup of coffee on Chanyeol’s desk. “What’s wrong with Kyungsoo?” He asks, coming forward to sit in front of them on a single chair he pulled out from one of the desks.

“He was moaning Jongin’s name last night.” Sehun snorts as he pops a piece of blueberry muffin into his mouth. He moans at the delicious taste, almost choking at the half-lidded look Baekhyun sends his way. “Are you satisfying your boyfriend, Jongin? I mean he was probably using a dildo cause you’re not doing your job well—”

Kyungsoo rouses from his sleep with half-lidded eyes and puffy lips. He stares straight ahead at Sehun who is still grinning, hand gripping the muffin in his hand. “Shut the hell up, Sehun. Jongin’s dick always gives me the best orgasms.”

Jongin’s entire face flushed a deep red, yet he smirks with pride when Sehun and Chanyeol start choking. Baekhyun rolls his eyes at his sleepy friend. “Leave it to Kyungsoo to say dirty things so early in the morning.”

“Huh?” Kyungsoo blinks several times as he attempts to wake up from his drowsy state. “It’s so true, though!” He whines, nuzzling his nose into Jongin’s neck like a needy kitty. “I love Jongin’s dick, it is the best I have ever had.”

“You can always try other dicks you know,” Chanyeol comments as soon as he’s breathing again, though his face is still flushed.

“I only want Jongin’s dick in my ass, now shut the fuck up and let me sleep.” With that, the brown haired male snuggles impossibly closer to his boyfriend and falls asleep again.

Jongin has no idea what just transpired in a matter of minutes but he’s not mad at whatever happened either. Baekhyun looks shellshocked, Chanyeol has spilled his coffee all over his jeans, and Sehun won’t stop grinning.

“Wow, he wasn’t even embarrassed about us knowing what he was doing last night.”

Kyungsoo’s eyes open once more and he focuses them on Chanyeol. “I wasn’t having a wet dream, stupid. I stepped on a fucking lego last night.”

“Since when do you even play with legos?” Baekhyun wonders out loud, taking a chocolate chip muffin from the bag. His question goes unanswered so he busies himself by stuffing his mouth with sweet bread.

“Well, then why were you moaning Jongin’s name last night?”

“Cause we were having phone sex,” Jongin deadpans, turning his head to meet his lips with Kyungsoo’s. Kyungsoo’s lips stretch into a lazy grin, eyes twinkling with pure love for Jongin.

All three boys scrunch their eyebrows in disgust. “Gross,” they chorused together. “Yeah, like get a fucking room.” Sehun grunts over a mouthful of muffin.

“How about you man up and fuck Baek already, Sehun? I mean you’re not that innocent either,” Kyungsoo rolls his eyes, biting his lip to hold in a moan when Jongin’s fingers trail lightly down his neck. Goosebumps appear on his flesh. “Don’t you remember what happened four days ago?”

“God, please don’t say it!”

Baekhyun jumps up from his seat, slamming his hands against Chanyeol’s desk, scaring the taller male and causing him to burn his tongue. “Oh Sehun likes me? What the actual fuck?”

“Who wouldn’t like you, though? You’re sexy as fuck, Baekhyun,” Chanyeol mumbles over his cup of coffee after recovering from burning his tongue.

“What happened four days ago?” Baekhyun looks way too eager and excited to know and Kyungsoo has always loved to make Sehun flustered. “Come on, tell me, Kyungsoo!

“I caught him—”

“Kyungsoo, no!”

“Dry humping his pillow while moaning your name.”

Jongin bursts into loud laughter, bending forward with Kyungsoo still snuggled close to him. “Wow, Sehun. And you call Kyungsoo and I gross.” He continues to laugh at a miserable Sehun who won’t stop banging his head against his desk.

“Shut up!” Sehun whines, looking like a kicked puppy as he stomps his feet on the ground. “You’re the worst Kyungsoo. I hope you choke on a dick.”

Kyungsoo offers him a smirk, his teeth showing. He winks at his friend. “I’ve already choked on Jongin’s.”

“What the fuck!”

Joonmyeon, the class president makes himself present as he sits beside Baekhyun. “Um, I hope you guys know that class has been canceled and you all have been sitting in an empty classroom for the past half hour.” He giggles behind his hand but quickly shuts up when Sehun yells, throwing the muffin wrapper at Kyungsoo.

“Jongin! Can’t you stuff your fist in Kyungsoo’s mouth to shut him up?” Sehun couldn’t stop his cheeks from flushing no matter how hard he tries because Baekhyun keeps on winking at him obnoxiously and Chanyeol won’t stop waggling his eyebrows.

“I would rather have Jongin shove his fist up my ass. I bet that would feel—” This time, though, all the other boys leave the table, as they can’t handle Kyungsoo and his responses, and quickly scurry out of the classroom to get away from the shorter male and boyfriend.

Kyungsoo and Jongin stay alone in class giggling at each other but soon enough it ends with them kissing a whole lot. “You know,” Kyungsoo murmurs as he lightly touches Jongin’s chest over his shirt, “I really wouldn’t mind having your dick up my ass right about now,” he hums, placing his lips against Jongin’s heated skin.

Jongin lets out a low groan and soon enough he’s leaving the classroom with a firm grip on Kyungsoo’s wrist. They pass by their group of friends who are standing by a tree outside in the courtyard.

“Gonna go choke on Jongin’s dick, Kyungsoo?” Sehun calls behind after the couple as they pass him, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun.

“Gonna go fuck Baek’s ass, Sehun? Probably not. I bet Chanyeol will, though!” Kyungsoo yells over his shoulder, squeaking in shock when Jongin picks him up and throws him over his shoulder, slapping his ass to shut him up.

“They’ll both fuck me!” Baekhyun yells with an excited grin stretched on his lips.

“Jongin!” Kyungsoo whines, giggling as his boyfriend starts groping his ass in public. He gives his friends a thumbs up before disappearing from view.

Sehun is left behind with a scandalized look on his face as everyone milling around the courtyard turn to face him and openly laugh. He ducks his head in embarrassment, jabbing Chanyeol in the ribs when the taller male nods his head in approval, muttering, “I’m so down for that,” and flicks up his middle finger to Kyungsoo and his boyfriend who have disappeared around the corner of the building.


As soon as they are inside of the apartment Kyungsoo shares with Chanyeol and Sehun, Jongin backs Kyungsoo against the front door and begins to kiss the breath out of him. “You’re too fucking much, Kyungsoo,” Jongin breathes hotly against his boyfriend’s lips.

Kyungsoo tugs up Jongin’s shirt to rid him of it, splaying his hands all over his boyfriend’s toned torso. “Less talking and more fucking,” he mumbles against the younger’s lips as Kyungsoo presses himself closer to Jongin, grinding his lower half against the younger’s firm thigh.

“Impatient today, huh?” Jongin muses, pushing his boyfriend back to pick him by his thighs and bring him to his bedroom where Jongin proceeds to strip his needy boyfriend and himself from their clothes. “You were so fucking sexy today, Kyungsoo. I love that dirty mouth of yours, especially when it’s around my cock,” his hot breath fans over Kyungsoo’s dusky nipple before a wet tongue makes contact with it.

“Jongin,” Kyungsoo releases a breathless moan, bucking his hips up to brush his cock over Jongin’s chest. Another moan leaves his swollen lips when Jongin wraps his mouth around his nub and sucks hard enough to leave a bright red hickey in its wake. “Jongin just,” he chokes on another moan, body writhing on his green bed sheets as Jongin leaves wet, open mouthed kisses down his heaving torso, down his soft toned stomach, scattering feathery kisses across his hip bones and pelvis, straight down to the small patch of hair surrounding his hardened arousal.

Jongin nuzzles his nose against the base of Kyungsoo’s cock, inhaling deeply to commit the smell of Kyungsoo’s natural scent to memory. He lets out a low moan, lips tugging at the corners as his fingers grip the elder’s thick thighs to spread them apart to better accommodate his body between his boyfriend’s legs. He then brings up his fingers to slide them through his boyfriend’s pubic hair, smiling when Kyungsoo whines at him to stop teasing.

“Alright, baby,” he coos in a gentle voice, bringing his hand up to wrap it around Kyungsoo’s leaking cock. “Tell me what you want me to do to you,” Jongin’s voice is breathy, filled with lust as he drags his slick tongue over the head of his boyfriend’s swollen arousal.

Kyungsoo’s mind is turning into liquid right before Jongin’s eyes. Soft wispy moans leave his mouth, red-tipped fingertips slide through Jongin’s damp locks to grip tightly. “I want…” he sighs in pleasure, thighs twitching at having Jongin’s hot mouth over his cock, swallowing around him. “I want you to fuck me hard, drag your cock in my walls, feel me clamp around you, oh,” his hips buck upwards, back arching off of the bed, “hear me moan your name, listen to me scream in pleasure, watch me choke as I come, Jongin please!”

Jongin wastes no time and hurriedly grabs the bottle of lube he keeps in Kyungsoo’s drawer, not bothering to roll on a condom knowing they are both clean. He takes his time stretching his boyfriend’s winking hole until it can fit four of his fingers.

“Might as well, fist me if you have all four of your fingers in my ass,” comes Kyungsoo’s breathless voice.

Jongin chuckles, curling his fingers upward to brush them lightly against Kyungsoo’s sensitive bundle of nerves. “I just might if you keep talking like that to me.”

Kyungsoo clenches around Jongin’s fingers, lips forming into a smirk as he lets out a wanton moan. “I would like that very much, Jongin.”

The squelching sounds surrounding his fingers, heavy breathing and low moans have Jongin going crazy with wanting to claim Kyungsoo already. “Are you ready, Soo?”

A small nod of the head and Jongin is balls deep inside of Kyungsoo’s hole, hot velvety walls clamp his dick in a vice grip. If Kyungsoo keeps holding onto him like this, he’s not going to last a minute. “Relax baby,” Jongin plants his hands beside Kyungsoo’s head, sliding his dick in and out experimentally, checking his boyfriend’s face for any discomfort but only finds pure bliss instead. At that, he sits back on his shins, gripping Kyungsoo’s thighs to bring his lower body closer so that his ass is basically on Jongin’s lap.

Kyungsoo’s heart leapt into his throat at the intense look Jongin gives him and brings his hands up to grip Jongin’s forearms as his boyfriend starts to snap his hips forward, rolling them in a way that has the tip of his cock prodding against Kyungsoo’s prostate, causing his boyfriend to let out a high pitched moan, lips opening to let out more sounds, cheeks, neck, and torso completely flushed the prettiest pink Jongin’s ever seen. “Jongin, more! Again, again!”

Jongin gives Kyungsoo what he wants, tan hands sliding down to grip the elder’s plush, firm ass, squeezing the flesh in his palms as he thrusts harder and faster, making sure to slide his cock in and out so that Kyungsoo can feel each slide, rolling his hips to hit that stop yet again. Kyungsoo’s toes curl in delight, eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks, chin tilted up towards the ceiling. Sensual, throaty groans spill through his lovely mouth, ass pushing forward to grind against Jongin’s cock, greedy hole sucking more of the cock sliding in and out of it.

A familiar burn begins to collect in the pit of his stomach that has Kyungsoo whimpering and screaming Jongin’s name loudly, thighs moving to wrap them around his boyfriend’s slick waist, hitching his body up to hide his face in Jongin’s sweaty neck. He now bounces on Jongin’s lap desperately, rolling his ass in fast circles, moaning sensually, groaning throatily against the younger’s left ear. “Jongin,” his voice is lusty and deep, sounding hoarse from the constant yelling. “You’re so good to me,” he praises his boyfriend, hands gripping Jongin’s shoulders, whimpering when his boyfriend lies flat on his back, planting his feet firmly on the mattress and begins to snap his hips up, veiny hands spreading Kyungsoo’s ass cheeks wide.

“Gonna cum deep in that sweet ass of yours, Kyungsoo,” Jongin groans, chest heaving and heart working over time to keep a steady pace. Soon enough Jongin begins to feel that familiar burn collecting in his lower belly and his hips stutter, dick twitching in Kyungsoo’s pulsing hole, spilling translucent white into his whimpering boyfriend. Kyungsoo clenches hard around him, hitching moans spilling from red lips. There is a sticky wetness now coating their chests but they’re fully satiated, completely breathless and sore.

Their muscles feel like they’re on fire.

“How was that, baby Soo?” Jongin asks a little after five minutes of trying to catch their breaths. He watches how Kyungsoo lifts his head from where it was hiding previously and smiles shyly at him. His cheeks are still flushed, lips now a pink color, sweaty brown hair clinging to his forehead.

“I love your dick, it is the best I have ever had and the only one I will ever want.”

Jongin snorts, rolling them over as he begins to soften and slips out of Kyungsoo spasming hole. He gives the elder a soft kiss on the lips, wrapping a loose arm around the smaller male to spoon him from behind. “What about me?” He chuckles, nuzzling his nose down Kyungsoo’s sweaty neck.

Kyungsoo giggles cutely, turning over so that he’s facing Jongin, lifting his thigh up to wrap it around the younger’s nude hip. He kisses his boyfriend sweetly, smiling in the kiss when Jongin holds him close to his still sweaty torso. “I only want you, Jongin.”

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Pepperony Week Day Five: Post-Civil War

Pepper had a list hidden away in a secret folder on her computer.  The title was a series of random letters and numbers achieved by closing her eyes and hitting eleven random keys.  Any hacker or burglar would write it off as junk and move on, or so she hoped.  Every couple of days she’d go into the folder and open the single file inside.

Reasons Why I Should Permanently Break Up With Tony

1: He’s completely unreliable.  He can’t shake bad habits and he can’t keep promises.

2: He’s full of himself.  Even when he’s saving people there’s this stink of arrogance like he thinks he’s owed something for it.

3: He hogs the bedsheets at night.

4: His idea of date night is making a Pepper sized suit and racing around the world.

5: David, the deputy director of R&D, is clearly interested in me and is a really sweet guy I’d be lucky to have.

6: He’s never going to stop being Ironman, which means he’s never going to stop risking his life, which means I’ll always have to fear for his life when he’s on missions.  

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I Love You, You Pay My Rent: Prologue


When Nico finds himself in need of an apartment he meets professional rich-person, Will Solace who, for long and complicated reasons Nico is sure are never actually explained to him, has found himself in need of a roommate. At first Nico is reluctant: Will seems happy-go-lucky, cheerful and positive – everything he is not. And frankly, if he hears Will’s in-the-shower cover of Don’t’ Let the Sun go Down on me one more time he’s not going to be responsible for the consequences. But Will is offering to pay Nico’s rent and Nico can’t exactly turn down an offer like that no matter how much Will’s singing and incessant cheer might annoy him…


Nico Di Angelo honestly wasn’t sure when or where he first met Will Solace. It might have been when he was working a late-shift at a bar downtown. Will (though there was a good chance it hadn’t been Will at all) had come in with a group of friends who were every bit as bubbly, attractive and incessantly cheerful as Will himself was. He vaguely remembered someone blonde and sunshine-like chattering as they ordered shots. Of course, that could also have been any other of Will’s friends. Nico would freely admit he hadn’t really been paying attention, not to the face and certainly not to the words. He tried as hard as he could not to pay attention to his any of his customers, no matter how much his complete disinterest annoyed his manager. 

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Flashdrive (Yoongi x OC)

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

Oh no I have another high school AU because I’m trash for high school AUs. I actually wrote this ages ago and I’m just now posting it because I was too lazy to actually post this earlier. I actually have like one or two other stories that are finished but I’m just lazy x.x

Summary: School group projects were the absolute worst, and I just had to be paired up with him.

Words: 4,700+
Genre: Fluff because I love fluff all day every day

> Masterlist <

“What do you mean you didn’t do anything on the project?!” I yelled, frowning at the guilty culprit. Who did he think he was?! The project is due tomorrow and we still have so much to do! We agreed that we would work on certain parts then fix it all so that it looked nice and presentable, but thanks to him, we only have half the project done, not including the editing.

“It’s no big deal,” he shrugged as I shot another glare at him, “it didn’t take you long to work on your part, so if you help me it shouldn’t take us-”

“Wait,” I stopped him, “did you think that everything would be okay because I could just do your part for you? Min Yoongi, I cannot believe you!”

He slightly glared at me, “You gave me the harder portion of the project, and I’m not as smart as you are, Miss ‘I have to get 100s on everything’.”

I stomped over to the chair he was sitting in as I made sure my shout didn’t echo throughout the classroom. While the school was mostly empty, I still didn’t want it to travel down the halls.

“It’s not my fault that I actually care… and you’re just too busy sleeping all the time!” I barked back at him, “You could get better grades if you just tried.”

Yoongi sighed and put his feet up in the chair that was across the row from his, right in my way. I frowned and kicked his feet down, pulling him up from the chair he was practically laying in.

“What?” He glared at me as I grabbed his arm, attempting to pull him to the computer lab.

“We have to go finish this project, Min Yoongi,” I spat at him, “I knew this would happen when we got paired up.”

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I’m wishing part 1 ~ Prince Ben imagine

A/N: Just like I said, here’s the first part guys! I really hope you would like it! Please, let me know what do you think or if you want part two! 

Pairing: ReaderxPrince Ben, ReaderxEvie (platonic), ReaderxDoug (platonic)

Originally posted by dcomgifs

You have never been the type of morning person. At home your mother loved got up early every single day. You didn’t know how she has so much energy and joy at such an early hours. With Doug was excatly the same. Just as you twisted to the other side on bed and were about to go to sleep, the door to your room opened wide and your friend entered inside.

“Rise and shine, snowflake!” He grinned and pulled the blanket out of your head. “Get up! We have beautiful day!” Doug unveiled the curtains and opened the window. The first rays of the sun came in and, worse, the birds’ singing. You whined loudly and covered your head with a pillow, not wanting to hear anything but silence.

“Oh no, no, no my dear” the boy put his books on your desk and sat on the bed.“Princesses should not be lazy.”

“In that case, I don’t want to be a princess” you muttered, and hit a friend with a pillow. “What was so urgent that you had to wake me up so early?

Doug corrected his glasses and then smiled gently.

“First, turn on the TV.”

You frowned and looked around the room looking for a remote control which was lying somewhere behind the bed. You moved closer to your friend and pushed the button. The beautiful Auradon landscape appeared on the screen, and then your mom stood just before the lens. Dressed in an elegant yellow dress with a bright smile, she gave the audience the latest news.

Hello Auradon! I’m really glad I can talk to you in such a wonderful day! We have beautiful weather, the temperature should not fall at least until afternoon …

“She cut her hair!” You shouted, pointing at the TV. Your mom always had short hair, but they only reached her shoulders. Now her hair didn’t even reach the ears, they were cut short, only the fringe fell on her forehead.

Living in boarding school means that you don’t often have the opportunity to see your family. Parents had the right to visit their children as often as they wanted, but your mother most of the time was in a job she could not get out of. Most often you’ve seen her on television, where she smiled at the camera, as if the smile was just for you.

Doug laughed and said:

“That’s why I wanted you to see it as one of the first.”

“Good thing she didn’t ask me for advice” you murmured, pretending indignantly.

“You probably won’t agree.”

Hopefully, we will have just as beautiful weather in a few days, where the Auradon high school will officially kick off the school year with a big welcome ball. Students prepare for another hard year. The ball is the last opportunity to finally say goodbye to summer and to start a good school year. ”

“And if we talk about the ball …” Doug leaned over and said softly, not wanting to disturb you listening “Evie is waiting for you downstairs for 10 minutes with the dresses”

“Oh my God!” You cried and hurried to the bathroom taking the first good dress from the coat hanger. Although it has been almost a month since the start of the school year, it was only in a few days to have a great ball that opened the year, as your mom said. Evie, who with the needle and thread managed to do miracles, offered to make something special for you forthis occasion.

When you ran out of the bathroom Doug turned off the TV and held all his books in his hands.

“You know you are my best friend?” You said and kissed him on the cheek, then turned around and ran out of the room when he screamed:

“You would never find better than me!”

Evie’s room was on the lower floor. Previously you two lived quite close together, but since the girl started designing and sewing she asked to move her to a larger bedroom where she can hold her clothes. You ran fast through the stairs and forgetting about the good manners, you immediately fell into the room without knocking at the door. Doug caught up with you, and now he was breathing hard and walked into the studio with you.

“Well, well, who do we have here?” Evie and Mal turned to you smiling wide. Mal stood on a wooden elevation, covered with several layers of violet material, which Evie pinned with pins in many places. “As unsettled as Cinderella and as sleepy as Sleeping Beauty. Your mother is sure that after your birth she drove to the palace with the right princess?”

You blushed and looked down. You didn’t want to feel guilty but you were. It was only a trifle, but Evie was your first true friend, not counting Doug. You never wanted to disappoint her or hurt her.

“I’m really sorry, Evie. I didn’t want to.” You kissed her cheek and simply squeezed Mal hand because you couldn’t reach her.

“Oh don’t worry about that sweetie, it’s nothing. Behind the screen you have several dresses, go to change”

Obediently you went to the end of the room to change. Doug and Evie talked about the coming ball, and then the girl turned to you.

“We’ve been watching the news for a moment! Your mom looks fantastic”

“Thank you!” you shouted, trying to button up the dress “I didn’t expect that she would change so much when I’m away.”

“No offence [Y/N], but you and your mom are not really alike.” Mal said, turning slightly around herself. “I mean, you are, you both are phenomenal, but if you look more closely…”

“… there will be a few differences, I know. "you chuckled. "People always say that I’m just like my mom just because they don’t see my dad from close space. He doesn’t often stands behind the camera. But when we’re all next to each other, you can see that I’m a daddy’s girl"You said and walked out of the screen in one of the dresses, looking at the floor to avoid tripping over the high pins.

“You’re lucky. They always say that I look exactly like my mom.”

Everyone in the room quieted and turned to the door from where the new voice came. On the threshold stood Prince Ben, lazily leaning against the door. He smiled at everyone and then went inside.

“You look beautiful [Y/N].”

You felt your cheeks burning you from the inside. You wanted to cover your legs and arms with layers of dress, but it was too short to do anything.

“Thank you.”Only that you managed to say. Ben took his eyes off of you and looked at Evie.

“You said I could pick up my suit today, but if you still need time I’ll understand.”

“It’s ready already.”Evie put one of the pins in her mouth and holding it between her teeth, went to the large closet to pull out the suit and handed it to Ben.

“Thank you! Sorry but I need to go right now, I have a couple more things to do. See you all at lunch!”

The boy waved at us all and walked out of the room. All three, Evie, Mal, and Doug looked at you expectantly.

“What?” you asked.

“Should we rather ask ‘what’?” Mal answered, smiling grimly.

“I don’t know what about you, but even I sensed that tension between you two  and I was sitting the furthest from the door,” Doug said.

“Love, you can tell us. Do you like Ben?”

“No.” You denied quickly.

“Since kindergarten.” Doug said at the same time. You gave him a scary look, and he quickly looked away.

Evie squealed, started jumping and grabbing you by the hands.

“But [Y/N] it’s wonderful! You just have to tell him!

"Evie it’s not wonderful. I can’t even walk past him and not to blush and I’m not able to squeeze a word when he’s around. He will soon be king, and I for the rest of my life would be only thedaughter of the most beautiful in the world. It’s pointless!

Evie fell silent and stopped smiling. She knew you well enough to know that shyness had killed you from the inside. The strangers scared you, those whom you knew-intimidated. She knew that she would never have the chance to change your mind. Instead, she pushed you slightly toward the screen, to make you try on another dress.

You were happy that the girl didn’t push and she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. Standing behind the screen, you didn’t see Evie and Mal looking at each other. How discreetly they glance at the book of spells that lay on the bed of the daughter of Maleficent. You didn’t know they had a plan to make you as confident as they were.

Charms and Observations 

pairing: joshua x female love interest (ib: @hansolmates for that) 

summary: in which Joshua is stressful bundle of cute + Jeonghan and Wonwoo just aren’t the right people to study with 

genre: fluff // Hogwarts au! 

word count: 1.6k 

“C’mon, you have to come with us!”.

 “Joshua you have to come!”

 The Gryffindor common room was strangely quiet at this time, the sun just beginning to break through the clouds and the embers of the night before sat idly in the grate. Joshua was squashed comically between two sofa cushions, his usually styled hair flat across his forehead. His two friends sat almost opposite, still in their pyjamas. Mingyu adorned a pair of rounded glasses (he guessed they belonged to Wonwoo) and Seungcheol had a knit scarf around his neck, seemingly something he had pulled on in the cold confines on the dormitory. Sighing heavily, he replied, “I can’t”. 

This issued a sad response from the two males, who huffed loudly. It wasn’t that Joshua didn’t want to attend Hogsmeade; he’d do anything for a hearty mug of butter beer at that moment. But exam prep was killing him, and quite honestly he feared for what would happen if he left the grounds of Hogwarts, even for a second. He could almost feel the grade’s slipping away and he swallowed the lump that formed in his throat. “We have exams,”. 

Mingyu frowned from his armchair, shuffling forward in his seat and propping up his chin in the palm of his hand. He had the kind of expression that warranted a goblet of pumpkin juice and several pastries but of course Joshua knew why. “You aren’t going to fail your O.W.Ls just because of one trip to Hogsmeade, I mean have you forgotten who you are?” Mingyu insisted, glancing at Seungcheol who was nodding in agreement. “Joshua Hong? Prefect?”

 “Give yourself a break,” Seungcheol interjects, his eyes trained on the fireplace now instead of Joshua. Despite their apparent sadness at his refusal, deep down they knew it was futile. It was the same each time they sat in the common room, begging their friend to accompany them to somewhere or persuading him to partake in hapless shenanigans. However Joshua didn’t want them to feel anything less than happy, especially when Hogsmeade promised treats and jovial fun. 

“Look, I’ll be okay,” Joshua stressed, sitting up straighter in his seat (he seemed to be sinking into a very large mound of cotton fabric), “ I’ll see if Jeonghan or Wonwoo want to catch up on some work with me or something,”. He knew that Jeonghan was usually free and Wonwoo practically lived in the library when he wasn’t mastering potions or arguing with Seungkwan. With hums of acknowledgement, the two pyjama clad boys opposite Josh sunk further into their seats, gazing pointedly at the tapestry that hung across the wall.  A low rumble of murmurs could be heard coming directly from the dorms which signalled that soon, the common room would be bursting with students on their way to breakfast in the Great Hall. 

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Dominion [1]

pairing: kazuchika okada | original character

summary: noun 1. sovereignty; control. “man’s attempt to establish dominion over something”

tags: @daintymissdevitt @baleesi @neversatisfiedgirl @ambrosegirlforever @daddy-slug @wrestlingnoob @blondekel77 @justhavingfun123469 @nickysmum1909 @kyoukohorimiya @wrestlingxbalorxrollins@motleymoose

author’s note: my headcanon is that there is a fully stocked dressing room for okada because he shall not be disappointed.

I barely get a hold of him before he collapses onto the couch; I have to guide him onto the cushion so he doesn’t miss it completely. “Hey, right here, right here,” I say as I grasp his wrist and pat the cushion in the middle of the couch. He is panting, nearly breathless, and when his eyes scan the dressing room I realize he’s looking for water. “Sit, I’ll get you some water, okay?” My hands land on his sweaty, heaving shoulders, and he allows me to carefully guide him down to the couch.

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Hogwarts house angst at school that turned into this

Alright people!! Listen up! I just got into a fight with my science class over Hogwarts houses. We’re supposed to be studying for finals, but this shit got intense. Now, what I would LOVE from you guys…Please either back me up, spread this like the plague, or tell me why I’m wrong. Whatever you think, I’m genuinely curious here.

Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. WTF PEOPLE?! I’m really really really tired of this shit. They’re not that different. They’re just not. I’m in Gryffindor, that’s what I’ve always been sorted into on random quizzes, that’s what I got on Pottermore, I just roll with it. This being said, 99% of the stuff on this website written about Slytherin’s I can hardcore relate to. Okay? I’m not being biased here at all, for either house. They’re just not that different.

The people in my science class disagree. They say that Gryffindor’s are full of people who always do the right thing, are brave beyond measure, and constantly happy, and they’re constantly moving around and is the house of jocks.

     Slytherin’s are ambitious, greedy, manipulative, lazy, and snarky. They Claim that this is the ‘bad house’ and that Slytherin is truly the worst.   

HAHA No. Here’s why,

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kuromikoneko  asked:

Lazy Sunday afternoon cuddly Cat and Kara (Carter's with his father or on a field trip or sleepover).

Lazy afternoons were not something either Cat or Kara were particularly familiar with. Cat, between her son and her company, was rarely able to spend more than a few minutes not focusing on something specific. And Kara, though she didn’t have a child or multinational company, did have her superhero duties that kept her busy. So for either of them to have a day off, let alone both of them, was something that only rarely managed to happen.

After the first time, they settled into a comfortable rhythm for the days they managed to spend more than a few uninterrupted hours in each other’s company. If Carter was with Cat that day, they would spend the day out doing something with him, or stay in and spend time playing board games to pass the time. Kara was always careful to keep him from feeling excluded, always wary of the fact that she was encroaching on a space that had been his and his alone for several years now.

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anonymous asked:

jungkook is the big scary mafia boss who has a soft spot for jimin bc of his soft dot jimin becomes a target and one day he gets kidnapped and all hell breaks loose as kook goes to save him / ps love your head canons ^^

sorry for taking so long to respond to this but i hope you enjoy ^^

• jungkook and jimin first met when jungkook FINALLY decided to not be a cave man and leave the mafia home to get some lamb skewers (yoongi was too lazy to get it for him)

• jimin was the person who cooked the skewers and served jungkook, who was instantly smitten for the shorter male

• it takes several weeks to win jimin over but jungkook manages to score a date

• though he leaves the fact that’s honestly a badass mafia boss, hoping that it wouldn’t both scare jimin off or put him in harms way

• though when one of jungkook’s enemies stalked them on their date, jungkook is forced to reveal his true nature

• jimin ignores him for 2 weeks tops and jungkook blows up his phone with numerous apologizes

• jimin finally speaks to him and they agree to meet up somewhere so jungkook can properly make it up to him

• though the meet up place is jungkook sending yoongi a limo to go pick jimin up and bring him to the mafia hideout

• jimin is both terrified and confused when he walks in, surrounded by like 6 seriously hot men

• “am i in a kdrama or some shit?”

• “nah, you’re not, kid.” that was namjoon. “this is reality.”

• jungkook explains everything to jimin, who eventually warms up to him after being so tense

• the elder male ends up visiting the hideout every day, practically living there and growing close to everyone there

• it grows obvious that jimin is jungkook’s softspot; he’s always pokerfaced and growling at everything that moves or speaks to him but when it comes to jimin, his eyes soften and he smiles so wide his cheeks hurt, and he’s always so clingy to jimin

• though when jungkook’s bday hits and jimin is arranged to attend his bday party, he never shows up

• they soon get a phone call by one of their rival gangs mocking jungkook before they put jimin on the phone, where jimin is clearly sobbing as he begs jungkook to save him

• they’ve never seen jungkook in such a rage before

• usually when jungkook is angry, he yells and throws things and breaks things

• but jungkook’s eyes are fire and he’s dead silent, glaring at the wall or anyone who dares to try to speak to him and his fists are so tight his knuckles start bleeding and they’re completely terrified of him

• when they show up to the hideout, jungkook is merciless and slays everyone sight without a beat to waste

• the rival gang leader was busy making a speech while holding jimin in front of him, saying some bullshit about how much he thinks jungkook is pathetic and weak just before jungkook shuts him up by storming over to him and grabbing his throat

• jimin should have been disturbed by witnessing his boyfriend blow someone’s brains out but he was more relieved than anything

• so he throws himself at jungkook and sobs into his shoulder, blabbering about how scared he was and how he knew that jungkook would come to save him

• and jungkook just holds him and lets him cry before picking him up smoothly and carrying him to the limo waiting outside

• once inside, jungkook shamelessly initiates a heated make-out in the back of the limo (luckily, the rest sat in the front and had closed the privacy door to give them ‘alone time’)

• he liters hickey’s all over jimin’s neck while possessively growling ‘mine’ repeatedly and feeds off of jimin’s small gasps and whimpers

• needless to say, jungkook is a badass mafia boss. jimin is his weakness. though if you even touch him, he won’t hesitate to pull the trigger

Merman/maid AUs

Hi everyone. So, if anyone cares, this is the first time I have tried this. Thanks to my excitement about “The shape of water”, I found out that a friend of mine, @chocobro-hijinks , loves merman/maid AUs. And I felt encouraged by her posts to make my very own prompts.

They are all ship based AUs. To make this easier I will say A and B, as in Member A of the couple, who is a human, and member B, who is the mermaid/merman (in most of the prompts, not all of them). I will use they/them pronouns, since anyone should have the freedom of shipping whatever they like (be it f/m, m/m, f/f or whatever). Also, when I say merman/mermaid, it is not limited to the traditional kind (Half fish-half human). It could be any kind of marine life creature. It could be a fish person like Abe Sapien from Hellboy; shark-person, dolphin- person, and even octopus-person like Ursula. Seriously, there are so many options you can explore. Have fun with that and be creative.

If anyone feels inspired by these prompts and decides to make a fic out of it, no matter how short, please let me know! I would love to see these prompts fully fleshed out. I would do some of them but I´m too lazy XP

Ok, let´s start.

-A works at the research facility in which B is being experimented on and sometimes A sneaks after working hours to get to know B (The shape of water).

-You can also replace research facility in the last one with aquarium. And A helps B escape after a while (Free Willy XD).

-A is one of the scientists that is experimenting on B. At first B doesn´t cooperate but after they get to know A they start to relax, even though they would rather get out of that place. A starts to feel guilty.

-A and B are scientists who have been working together for years. B discovers a serum and tries it on themselves without letting A know. But it goes wrong and transforms them. B is ashamed and hides, but A later finds out and tries to find a cure for B.

-A goes on vacation to the beach and likes to -walk along the shore/snorkel-. A runs/swims into B and they become friends. They try to visit each other every day at a certain hour, before the summer ends.

-A moves to a cottage in the woods. They find a clear with a lake near the house, and they visit it when they are stressed to listen to music. Little did they know that B was hiding nearby. B liked A´s music, always getting near them to hear it better. That was until one day B gets caught by A. (this one is special to me :3 )

-The typical B saves A from drowning. But I recommend to not start the fic with that one or, at least, have something established beforehand. Like, “B visited every day to see A from afar until one day A falls”. Because if not it´s just too much like The Little Mermaid XD

-The Collector is a person who captures strange or peculiar people and keeps them at their mansion for their collection. A gets captured by this Collector because they are special somehow. While exploring the mansion, as they can´t find a way out, A meets B, who is also trapped inside.

-A accidentally ends up in a community of paranormal creatures (it could be a circus, a safe house, a secret agency, whatever you like), and befriends everyone in there. Especially a certain aquatic creature named B.  

-A is a photographer/recorder of marine life that works for the Discovery channel. One day when they got home they found something weird in the background of one of their photographs/recordings (B). A decides to visit that place again, alone, to find out what it was.

-Fisher-person A captures B in their net without intending to. A has to decide if they let them go or not.

-A is a castaway from a ship wreck. They survive and start living in an island. While looking for food and resources they find B.

-Pirate A and mer-person B. I mean…it´s pretty common, I don´t know if there is need for more here, lol.

- This one is a good one. This is in a fantasy AU where A needs something, and B is a mer-person that lives in the famous Wishing Lake. Anyone can request a wish from B (or something they have/know; you can choose the prize obviously), but they will ask for something in return. Sometimes several things, like quests for you to make. The two of them get to know each other with each visit A makes for the next quest. You can even do the famous “I don´t want that anymore, I want you” line once they get their prize.

- B has been cursed and is now a mer-person (you can use the “true love breaks the curse” or some other spell breaker). They hide away from everyone else until one day A stumbles upon them.

- A has been cursed and now is a mer-person.  They hide away from everyone else until one day they swim into B, who is just like them.

- A is a professional surfer, and a very risky one at that. One day they try to surf a wave that has killed people in the past. They fail to surf it (obviously), and disappears. No one knows where they are. A wakes up in the bottom of the ocean, where they are being nurtured back to health by B. They found A almost drowning and the only way they could save their life was by turning them into a mer-person too.

- A has been dating B for a while now. But B is really secretive about their life. A has never been to B’s house, and even though A loves to swim and is part of their high school’s swim team, B always declines when A invites them to go swimming. It isn’t until one day, when A goes to practice at their school’s pool after hours that they find out why B is so secretive.

This are all that I could think of right now, but they are plenty. XD It doesn´t matter if it is for an AU, a near canon fic, or your own OCs; you can use them for anything. I hope you like them and that they inspire you! <3

Future Killers

Controlling Parents

Controlling parents are the sort of parents who practically treat their children as if they are pets, in the sense that they strive to control them from birth to adulthood even though in the case with human children, some of them want to shape their own fates and destinies. It’s not exactly catlike “independence” because this implies being in control of creating one’s future consciously and deliberately. It’s just that when it comes to children who desire to shape and plan their own futures and motivations, it’s a damned if they don’t (parents would force them to doing things they don’t really want to do) and damned if they do (parents would do anything to prevent their children from doing their own motivations or state that their own goals are going to fail). Controlling parents become like that because it’s a sign that they lack any power to control things. They are human but when they do make mistakes such as making their increasingly ambitious child do things against his/her will it’s a sign that they have absolutely little power in reality. When they do succeed in denying their child’s actual dreams, the child will either rebel and do his/her goal as intended or become a shadow of his/her former self.

Children who have stage parents often end up as highly rebellious, unpredictable types or washed up, apathetic and pathetic creatures with age. You have hot-blooded, partygoing people who do anything to defy their parents and you have the slavish, apathetic people who keep on following their parents’ dreams, even if that makes them pale in comparison to their parents. Because that’s practically ripping them off. There’s no way a child can really live up to the controlling parents’ desires without unwanted consequences arising from those choices alone. Chances are, the child becomes more indecisive and s/he can’t really make up his/her mind about what s/he wants to do because both the parent and the happenstance prevent it from happening. Bored children like myself have it worse where the boredom has reached a critical level where the bored child finally snaps out and wants to turn his/her life around for the better. S/he will begin to regret all the stupid shit s/he used to do because s/he is improving, wants to move on and even take a huge risk. But when the controlling parent gets in the way, the bored child gets trapped in a further state of boredom. Boredom becomes a pitfall where despite the child’s attempt to escape from entering the abyss any further, timing works against his/her desires and the consequence is that of a directionless child.

The directionless child is the result of having a controlling parent because at some point, the child really seeks to take a risk with his/her life but the parents wouldn’t allow it to happen because of several reasons: they feel like they have to hover around their child and dictate things for him/her even if it never happens (the parent wants to give his/her child an online education but it never happened). They are too preoccupied with one thing that they forget to actually look after their child, thus the child gets bored all the more. And timing can be too late, with what I said before parents can become very controlling often when the circumstances happen too late for them to control early on. Things like a child being doomed to a life of boredom and directionless motivations (in my case, that’s true), the child becoming all the more defiant and rebelliously ambitious and the child becoming a pale copy of either parent in any way. These are the things controlling parents don’t really want to happen but unwittingly allow it to happen through their words (scolding their child for arguing with them, even though the child actually wants to have something to do but probably meant by learning how to do things on his/her own), their actions (they aren’t that involved with their children, therefore the children become more productive) and it might be too late to undo the damage being done to them. The third and final example is how manchildren are born. We are dealing with parents who have tried to intervene with their children’s lives but it’s too late to make them independent because they have succeeded in making their children too dependent on them for life. And that those controlling parents are getting too busy, too sick and too old to even bother making their children independent.

It’s like you have a parent who insists on making his/her child to something but it turns out that the parent gets sick easily, is too preoccupied with his/her own work and is getting so old that it would be better to have a role reversal to take place than it is to deal with an ageing parent’s inability to make his/her child actually become independent. Sometimes, some people become manchildren because of the way their parents brought them up. The child who could have been independent and ambitious is now directionless, unproductive (no amount of chores and hobbies will ever genuinely keep them preoccupied) and aimless. The result of denying their children the ability to shape their own lives and futures to the point of no return. That they put too much control on their children these people who could have been daring and bold enough to shake things up have become aimless, directionless and practically lazy. I’m kind of lazy and even if I do chores, that’s got nothing on something that is actually productive or at least life-changing like selling stuff and meeting different kinds of people to keep oneself preoccupied. My father is kind of like what I described, he’s physically there but we don’t see him much and whenever I suggest to him that I want to take a big risk with my life, he would backfire.

(From a vantage point, it’s the parent and not the child, who is stubborn and unrealistic because s/he wouldn’t let his/her child take risk, become independent or even genuinely productive in any way.) This is one of the failures and mistakes of modern day parenting. Parents who fail to make their children independent at an early age are doomed to create manchildren out of them. The child is never allowed to progress or take a huge risk because the child has lost the ability to come up with a plan or goal in life. The controlling parent has prevented that from happening and the consequence of that of a painfully lazy, directionless child who can’t make his/her mind up with what s/he wants to do in life. Which is painfully my case and that’s why I have to warn people about the dangers of not letting their own children be able to take risks and genuinely think on their own if they wanted them to be independent. It has to be early on or else the child becomes so directionless that s/he loses the ability to influence people and to be able to take a huge risk that would change his/her life for the better.

A Sehun/Lu Han analysis - Overdose era & beyond

I was debating for the longest time whether I should write this monster of a post, considering how easily bored I am and how quickly I give up on… pretty much everything. It turned out to be not as long as I expected, but still long enough for me to lose my train of thoughts more than several times and end up rambling (most of this post is pure nonsense, you’ll see). It’s something I’ve been discussing with @hunhansguardian though, so I thought I’d still finish it for her, at least.

Boring disclaimers: Most of the graphic stuff are mine. Some are not. Don’t take anything away just to be safe. A big hug to those whose graphics I used instead of my own because I was too lazy to make them myself – you guys rock. Also, words are mine. I guess.

Warning: Kind of image heavy. Don’t use your phone’s browser.

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A Slow Descent: Chapter Fifteen

Summary: Falling in love with your best friend is a secret usually best left untold. Phil Lester, however, has never been good at keeping secrets.

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Start From The Beginning

Chapter Fifteen: More Than You Will Ever Know

Word Count: 1915

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Warnings: Language, Mentions of Self Harm

A/N: Thank you thank you a million times to everyone who has read this story! I really appreciate all of your kind words and encouragement. And yes, sadly this is going to be our last chapter.

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Mermaid AU - On Tentacles and Babies

A minific set in luvkurai and nameless-screamerxxx‘s mermaid au <3 Warning that…. it’s really fluffy. sorry and i don’t know if it makes that much sense </3

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Without You (ch.3)

I’m really hoping this story doesn’t go to shit so please let me know if you can see forecasts of that in advance also I love you
• Chris Evans x Reader •
//soulmate au. you wake up on your eighteenth birthday having switched bodies with your soulmate.//

|Again! If you hate cursing please read at your own risk! I care about your well being and would not!! Whatsoever!! Want you!! To get hurt!!|
Your family eventually did get over the fact that your soulmate was in fact, the Chris Evans, after around 15 minutes. It took quite a while. But that was completely understandable.
    After all, this was the man you’ve fawned over, and defended with all your might for quite some time *cough* for years *cough*, and yet here he was.
    In your home.
    In your very own body.
    Your fucking soulmate.

    Okay, so maybe no one’s gotten over that fact yet, but anyway.
After everyone’s shock and doubt subsided, your dad invited him to join everyone downstairs to have breakfast and talk a bit, get to know each other.
    “Oh wait- shit,” Chris said snapping his- your fingers, “I forgot- before that, could you please tell me where I am?”
    “W-Why do you need to know, honey?” your mom asked with a quiet shake in her voice.
    “I fucking swear if you-” Faith stepped closer to him with her fists balled.
    ‘Maybe they all witnessed a mishap with a soulmate?’ Chris thought curiously.
    “Oh no! No- God no!” Chris quickly defended, “I would never do anything like that! Never, God never. I’ve been waiting for this day ever since my 18th birthday, for years. You don’t have to worry about me making a run for it, never,” he softened the tension in the room.
    “I’m booking a plane ticket for myself, so tomorrow I can fly straight here to you know,” he explained sheepishly. “Meet my soulmate.”
    Despite how people would describe him, and the type characters he’s played, Chris was the sweet type. He was for sure, with no doubt whatsoever, a completely hopeless romantic.
    Everyone in the room aww’ed at that.
    Even your brothers. Which really wasn’t anything new, but he didn’t know that.
“Promise us you’ll book that ticket, kid,” your dad said warily, “Because you may not make a run for it, but (y/n) just might. She’s- well she’s uh- she-
    “She’s insecure. She doesn’t think good of herself,” Julia continued for him, knowing very well your dad would start to tear up. “She can’t take a compliment without fervent resistance, and even then she has to say something like ‘Oh, I’m not, but you sure are’.”
    “When she wakes up in your body,” Curtis said shaking his head, “She’s gonna feel sorry for you.”
    “Wh- Why?”
    “Because you’re doomed to have her as a soulmate, or so she would say,” the younger Chris answered. “And it’s up to you to prove her wrong Chris, it’s up to you to settle her heart.”
    “This day has been so special to us because we know how much good you’ll do and be for her,” Keara smiled sadly, hopefully.
    “I promise, I will,” Chris reassured your worried family, determined. “But before then, I need my location.”
    “Over breakfast of course,” your dad smiled at him- in your body which was still so fucking weird. “I’m sure we’re all quite hungry.”
    You’ve come close to crumpling the letter you wrote several times already. And for fuck’s sake it’s only been 2 hours since you woke up switched.
    You were scared. You were sad.
    ‘You’ll just have to accept it and live with that black hole in your heart forever, (y’n),’ enticed your anxious mind.
    For one last time you got up out of the covers you were anchored in to crumple that goddamned letter.
    But 3 loud knocks on Chris’ bedroom door saved you.
   “YO CHRISTOPHER GET YO LAZY ASS UP MOM MADE SOME BREAK FAST!” yelled a voice you knew as Chris’ younger brother, Scott.
    A small pause and a silent snicker followed by a really bad pun ensued, “And -snicker- if you don’t get the fuck up your stomach will break fast.”
Next thing you knew you were on the carpeted floor by Chris’ bed, clutching your stomach, laughing hysterically at Scott’s attempt at a break fast pun.
    “That was so bad,” you wheezed between stomach cramps as you wiped your tears.
    “Oh my fucking God,” Scott exhaled with utter shock in his eyes as he stared at you- well, technically he was staring at Chris but he just knew that he wasn’t there. “YOU GUYS NEED TO GET UP HERE RIGHT THIS SECOND PINK ALERT EVERYONE THIS IS NOT A FUCKING DRILL THIS IS NOT A FALSE ALARM PINK FUCKING ALERT GREAT THINGS ARE WORTH WAITING FOR ALERT GET YOUR LAZY ASSES UP HERE!” he yelled that so fucking loud you could swear your family could here it all the way from California. And you were in Boston.
    Not a second was wasted when you heard frantic footsteps, rushing movements, and something dropping as Chris’ family came flooding through Chris’ bedroom door and pouring onto the floor on top of one another.
    ‘They’re such a wonderful family,’ you smiled to yourself, chuckling at them. ‘They really love Chris.’
However, no one joined your laughter. They were in way too much shock.
    Scott was the first to approach you, hugging you, “First of all I just want to say I like you already thank you for laughing at my pun I hope we can exchange puns more often oh my God I finally have someone to bother Chris with oh my God I’m so excited to meet you as you holy fuck I’m so sorry if I’m rambling please tell me to stop because if you don’t I think I might not,” he finished with an sharp intake of breath as you chuckled at his reaction. “Oh my God this is so fucking weird I’m talking to Chris and hearing his laugh but not really. Can someone please take me away from her before I scare her away,” he rambled as he let go of your- Chris’ shoulders.
    You chuckled as you returned his previous hug briefly, “It’s fucking surreal, I know right?” you grinned at him. “I’m pretty sure I had it for breakfast yesterday.”
    “OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU ARE PRECIOUS!” he laughed as he gave you one last hug.
    Your laughter was abruptly interrupted when you saw Chris’ mom crying. You approached her right away, not caring if you didn’t know her, and hugged her tightly.
    You’re always at the ready when someone is in pain, it was an automated reaction. No one should be in pain alone without any comfort or refuge.
    “You worried us so much, honey. What took you so long?
she sobbed into your- Chris’ chest as she hugged you oh so tightly. She felt as though if she didn’t, you would somehow slip away.
    “Being born, I guess,” she chuckled at your lighthearted, but totally true, answer as you wiped her tear stained cheeks.
    “Thank you for finally being here,” she whispered to you as she embraced you one last time.
    You smiled sadly at her as you came to the realization that they must have gone through so much having to wait for this day to come. You felt so sorry that it’s all because of you. “I’m so sorry,” you said facing them all with an arm still around Chris’ mom for comfort as she composed herself. “For all the pain I must have caused.”
    “Oh, bullcrap,” Chris’ dad, Bob reassured you as he took his wife, Lisa from your side and held her in his own arms. “We don’t blame you, not at all. Don’t you dare feel that this is your fault,” he told you.
    “Yeah! We blame Fate. That monster, keeping you from us all this time,” Shanna half-joked as she approached you to take you up into a bone crushing hug. “It’s so wonderful that you’re here,” she grinned at you brightly.
    “Oooooooh, Gosh I can’t wait to meet you as you!” Carly squealed as she hugged you giddily. “I bet you’re fuckin’ hot.”
    The room erupted in laughter as you involuntarily blushed, “I dunno, I’m not so sure about that. I’m not even sure if you’ll get to meet me,” you muttered nervously.
    You could tell they all heard you, but thankfully they all put that aside due to their uncontrollable excitement, and began introducing themselves one by one, crushing you in their arms and peppering you with their kisses.
    They all warmly welcomed you into their quaint family, and you felt so very loved. It was incredible. I mean, they haven’t even met you yet, but here you all were.
    Bob interrupted Scott’s unfinished pun, much to his dismay, and pointed out how none of you have eaten breakfast yet.
    “Oh, right! The food must be cold by now!” Lisa urged you all out of Chris’ bedroom and into their beautiful kitchen.
    It was a silly sight. A bundle of adults still in their pajamas, sat at their kitchen island eating slightly cold, slightly warm breakfast while eagerly getting to know their family member’s soulmate. Who also happens to be in that very family member’s body. It was quite the sight.
    “Oh yeah! I’m (y/n) by the way,” you smiled sheepishly with a mouthful of food as everyone laughed at the sight.
{AYEYAY I IMPROVED IT <3 Now I’m satisfied.}


Request-  Hey there! Can I request an Allison imagine where her and the reader have been dating for a while. The reader has always been careful to get undressed around her because of their scars (from past surgeries) One day she walks in the bathroom while your getting ready and she sees your scars the first time and she gets really upset and scared that she’s going to lose you. And the reader is really scared that Allison will be mad for not showing or talking about them to her before now?

A/N- So Crystal Reed is coming back for an episode and I honestly don’t think I could be anymore excited. Next up is a Malia imagine.

You set your tray down at your lunch table, flashing Lydia a smile as you sat down. She grinned at you, but nodded behind you as another shape moved in beside you. You quickly threw up your leg, blocking the only seat left. Stiles darted forward, but he was too late to get to it before you blocked the way.
“Nope,” you told him as he practically skidded into the table.
Stiles groaned, setting down his lunch tray and throwing up his hands. “Why?! Why do you never let me sit there?”
“It’s not my fault you’re always late to lunch, Stilinski,” you told him nonchalantly.
“So is Allison!” he exclaimed. “But you always save her a seat!”
“Her class is all the way across school,” you reminded him. “Besides, she’s my girlfriend.”
“And I’m your best friend!” he cried. “Yet there’s no love for me!”
“Just grab a chair from the other table,” Lydia told him with a roll of her eyes.
Stiles huffed and stalked over to the table a few feet away, earning a few annoyed glares from the group of freshman sitting there. He rolled his eyes and tugged it over with a loud scraping sound just as a pair of slender arms wrapped around your from behind.
“Hey beautiful,” Allison said in your ear.
You brought your leg down from the seat next to you as Allison pecked you on the cheek.
“Hey,” you told her with a grin.
“Thanks for saving my seat,” she told you with a smile. “You know you don’t have to do that.”
“I don’t mind,” you told her.
“Says the person who always has a place to sit,” Stiles said spitefully as he dug into his macaroni.
You peered down the table as Lydia and Allison began to talk about homecoming dresses, not failing to notice Scott staring at you intently. You frowned and raised an eyebrow as he nodded from you to Allison, his brown eyes full of questions. You gently shook your head and looked away, peering back over at Allison just as she turned to you.
There must have been something on your face that told her something was wrong, or maybe she was just that good of a girlfriend. Her eyebrows furrowed, and her brown eyes immediately filled with concern.
“Y/n?” she asked gently. “Are you okay?”
“She’s probably just worried about the dread doctors,” Scott said pointedly.
Allison nodded and gave you a soft smile as she reached out to grab your hand. “Don’t worry. We’ll find a way to protect those kids. If we can just figure these doctors out, we’ll find a way to beat this.”
You nodded gratefully, flashing her a false smile. Maybe you were acting like you were comforted, but you were actually quite the opposite. While Allison thought you were concerned about the kids being taken by the dread doctors, she had no idea you could become one at any time.
You had never told Allison about your liver transplant, despite the fact that you had been dating for several months. You had always been self-conscious about the huge scar spreading out across your stomach, and you had never seen a reason to tell Allison about it. When you were younger and people had gotten a glimpse of it, they had shrunk away or averted their eyes, completely grossed out by the scar. Changing for gym class had been a particularly cruel hell for you, and you didn’t want to relive those experiences again.
You knew Allison cared about you, but you were always too afraid of what she would say if she saw the scar. That was why you had never told her about it before, but now you had another reason. As Scott desperately tried to catch your eye again, you ignored him. He was one of the only people who knew about your transplant, and he had been trying to persuade you to tell Allison for the past few days.
The dread doctors were turning kids who had had some kind of operation, either a transplant or a skin graft, and that made you a walking target. You and Scott both knew there was a large possibility they would be coming for you, and he had threatened to tell Allison unless you did. You knew he was right and that it was getting harder and harder to keep it from her, but you just weren’t ready.
Finally, after much talk about whether or not you should wear blue or pink to the dance, the bell rang and signaled the end of lunch. You quickly got up and dumped your tray, but Scott came right behind you.
“Y/n,” he said as he reached for your arm. “You have to tell her. You have to tell everyone.”
“I will,” you told him through slightly gritted teeth.
“I can tell when you lie,” he told you softly. “And I know that’s not true.”
You bristled and yanked your arm away from him with a frown. “It doesn’t matter.”
“It does,” he insisted. “I can’t protect you on my own. We need the others to help. If-”
“Is everything okay?” Allison asked, eyeing Scott suspiciously.
She had just gotten up from the table when she saw Scott grab your arm, and she would be lying if she said she wasn’t a little concerned. She had immediately walked over and realized something was wrong, purely from the look on her face.
“Yeah,” you told her quickly. “Scott just wanted to borrow my history notes. And I’ll give them to him later, just not right now.”
Scott sighed and nodded, realizing what your words meant. He quickly dumped his tray and left, and then Allison turned to you.
“Are you sure everything is okay?” she asked.
“Positive,” you lied. “You’re still coming over tonight, right?”
“Absolutely,” she told you with a bright smile. “I’m going to bring every action movie I own.”
You smiled at her, feeling a surge of adoration as you looked into her brown eyes. You reached out for her, wrapping an arm around her waist and tugging her into a soft kiss. She kissed you back, but she didn’t know what to think of your actions. You usually never kissed her like this, not with so much urgency and certainly not in a crowded lunchroom, but she chose to let it go.
“I love you,” you whispered when you pulled away.
“I love you too,” Allison told you as you tucked a dark curl behind her ear. “But you know you can tell me anything right?”
You nodded. “I’ll see you later.”
Allison smiled as she watched you go, but she couldn’t help but be worried. You had been so distant lately, as if your mind was constantly consumed by something else. She didn’t know what you were hiding from her, but she knew she had to find out. Luckily for her, it wouldn’t be long before she did.

“She’s so cool,” you whispered as Natasha Romanoff kicked Hawkeye’s ass on screen.
“I know,” Allison whispered as she lay back against the pillows on your bed. “Look at the way she moves.”
“Kinda reminds me of you,” you mumbled as your cheek brushed against her shoulder. “But you’re a real superhero.”
Allison scoffed, reaching out to pause the movie on your laptop. “I am not a superhero.”
“You’re my superhero,” you told her with a lazy grin.
Allison laughed. “You’re so cheesy.”
As if the mention of any food was some kind of trigger, your stomach suddenly growled. Allison smiled as she sat up on your bed. “I’ll go make the popcorn.”
“Okay,” you told her as you hopped off your bed. “I’m going to get into my pajamas.”
Allison smiled at you and rose from the bed, blowing you a playful kiss before she slipped out of your room and down the stairs. You smiled as you walked over to your dresser and pulled out a pair of shorts and a tank top. You were quick to make sure Allison was gone before you pulled off your shirt, glancing down at your stomach in the mirror on your wall.
You ran your fingers over the scar that covered your abdomen, swallowing thickly as you looked down over the faded pink. It had looked its worst right after surgery, but you still hated to look at it. You had always hated it, but now you had an even better reason to. It was the perfect indicator that you could be turned into a monster at any moment, and you quickly grabbed for your shirt, not wanting to see it.
Before you could even make it to where you had set the clothes down, your bedroom door opened.
“Hey, I couldn’t find the-”
Allison paused at your gasp, and she looked up to see your terrified expression. You looked like you were about to cry, and as Allison looked you over she finally saw the scar. She sucked in a sharp breath as she saw it, realizing that this was what you had been hiding.
“Oh, Y/n,” she said softly.
You blinked as she looked over at you, but she wasn’t recoiling in horror like you had predicted. “You’re…you’re not disgusted?”
“Disgusted?” Allison asked. “Why would I be?”
“My scar,” you told her.
“Well, I’m a little worried about the fact that you’ve had some kind of transplant and you didn’t tell me,” Allison informed you. “But that’s the only part that bothers me.”
“But…I don’t understand,” you whispered. “You’re not grossed out by it?”
“Your scar isn’t gross, Y/n. And the way I see it, it’s not really a scar,” Allison told you. “It’s just a mark that shows how much of a survivor you are. You’ve been through hell and back. You fought like hell and you won, and that scar is just proof.”
“You really don’t mind?” you asked.
“Why would I?” Allison asked you again.
“Because you’re beautiful,” you told her pitifully. “You’re gorgeous, Allison, and here I am with this ugly streak on my stomach.”
Allison laughed softly, surprising your for what felt like the hundredth time that night. She reached down to tug off her shirt, pulling it up to reveal a bright pink vertical line running down her stomach. It was fairly small, but it stood out against her pale skin.
“Y-you have a scar?” you stuttered.
Allison nodded with a smile. “You’ve just never seen me shirtless.”
“And you’ve never seen me either,” you said with a laugh.
“I have now,” she reminded you. “And I have to admit I like the view.”
She wiggled her eyebrows at you, and you rolled your eyes. “So what was it?”
“My liver,” you told her with a sigh. “It was an insanely close call. I would have died without the transplant. What was yours?”
“Remember when I told you I almost died last year?” Allison asked. “Well, I got run through with a sword.”
“A sword?” you exclaimed with wide eyes.
“It was close too,” she admitted. “Closer than I like to admit. If I had gotten to the hospital a few minutes later, I probably wouldn’t be here.”
“Well that’s definitely a better story than mine,” you told her with a laugh.
Allison frowned suddenly. “You realize this means you’re a target, right?”
You nodded slowly and Allison sighed. “You knew all along, didn’t you? That’s what Scott was talking to you about wasn’t it?”
“Yeah,” you told her.
Allison took a deep breath and reached up to brush a stray curl from her face. You could see her gently biting the inside of her cheek, something she did when she was worried.
“Hey,” you said softly, reaching out to grab her hand. “I’ll be fine.”
“What if I can’t protect you?” she whispered, looking at you with those worried brown eyes. “What if they hurt you?”
“They won’t,” you promised. “I’m going to tell the others tomorrow and they can help. Besides, no one’s going to touch me when I’ve got my badass hunter girlfriend right by my side.”
Allison smiled, reaching out to bring you into a tight hug. “I know you weren’t planning on telling me, but I’m really glad I know.”
You smiled, because even though you were terrified before, you could see how wrong you had been. You had been so used to people being freaked out by the scar that you never thought Allison would be different. You guessed you should have known, because as always, Allison continued to surprise you. You were still a little scared, but at least you didn’t have to keep anymore secrets. Maybe with Allison’s help, you just might get out of this alive.